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         Eisenstein Phyllis:     more books (75)
  1. F and SF 1978--January by Tom Reamy, Kit Reed. Contributors include Phyllis Eisenstein, 1978
  2. Born to Exile by Phyllis Eisenstein, 1978
  3. The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy : September 1988 Volume 75 No. 3 Whole Number 448 Including Venture Science Fiction by Joseph W. (Ed.); Phyllis Eisenstein, P.E. Cunningham, Russell Griffin, M Ferman, 1988
  4. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: February 1982 (Volume 62, No. 2) by Isaac Asimov, Jack C. Haldeman, et all 1982
  5. Sorcerers Son by Phyllis Eisenstein, 1989
  6. F and SF 1974--January by Harlan Ellison, Keith Roberts. Contributors include Phyllis Eisenstein, 1974
  7. The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - January 1978 by Phyllis Eisenstein, Tom Reamy, et all 1978
  8. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction March 1981 (Volume 60, number 3) by Isaac Asimov, Phyllis Eisenstein, et all 1981
  9. F and SF 1981--March by Davis Grubb, Bob Shaw. Contributors include Phyllis Eisenstein, 1981
  10. Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year Fifth Annual Collection by Hayford Peirce. P.J. Plauger, Phyllis Eisenstein, Stephen Robinett, Robert Hoskins, Liz Jufford, Clifford Simak, Joan and Vernor Vinge Poul Anderson, 1977
  11. The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: August 1971 by Roger and Phyllis Eisenstein, Ben Bova, D R Sherman, A Bertram Chandler, Patrick Meadows, William Dean Zelazny, 1971
  12. F and SF 1988--July by Phyllis Eisenstein, Harlan Ellison (Eidolons). Contributors include Ray Bradbury, 1988
  13. In the Red Lord's Reach by Phyllis Eisenstein, 1989-07-01

61. - Author: Phyllis Eisenstein
Keyword, 1 2 Next 1. Compare Prices, Cover Image, Title In the Red Lord's Reachby phyllis eisenstein ISBN 0451451058 Publisher Signet Pub. Eisenstein.html Find the Best Price on the Web
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Title: Sorcerers Son
by Phyllis Eisenstein
New American Library
Pub. Date: January, 1989
List Price: Price: Title: Spec-Lit: Speculative Fiction by Phyllis Eisenstein George R. R. Martin Alfred Bester ISBN: Publisher: Columbia College Pub. Date: October, 1998 List Price: Price: Title: Night Lives: Nine Stories of the Dark Fantastic (Five Star First Edition Speculative Fiction Series) by Phyllis Eisenstein Alex Eisenstein ISBN: Publisher: Five Star Pub. Date: March, 2003 List Price: Price: Title: Shadow of Earth by Phyllis Eisenstein ISBN: Publisher: Dell Pub Co Pub. Date: August, 1979 List Price: Price: Title: The Crystal Palace by Phyllis Eisenstein ISBN: Publisher: New American Library Pub. Date: November, 1988 List Price: Price: Title: The Book of Elementals, Vol. 3: The City in Stone by Phyllis Eisenstein ISBN: Publisher: Meisha Merlin Publishing Pub. Date:

$95.00. 24426 eisenstein, phyllis. BORN TO EXILE. Signet, Very GoodPB, 2ND, 251 pgs. $7.50. 4505 eisenstein, phyllis. BORN TO EXILE.
... perhaps you would like choose another Catalogue or Check Ordering Information for Charles McKee Books: Arkham House : 46 Books [13991] Ballard, J. G.. MEMORIES OF THE SPACE AGE. Arkham House, HC, 1ST, 1988, VG+/VG. Minor shelf/use wear, soiling to dj.. [5068] Bishop, Michael. ONE WINTER IN EDEN. Arkham House, HC, 1ST, 1984, Ex-lib in G/G. Dj laminated/taped to book, some wear. Book with labels/pocket to ffep, withdrawn stamp to title page (arrrrgh!), library note to dedication page hinge area, loose hinge at page 16, soiling to edges, shelf and page wear , lean. A reader but still presentable copy. [4499] Bishop, Michael. ONE WINTER IN EDEN. Arkham House, HC, 1ST, 1984, As New, 273 pgs. [15483] Bishop, Zealia. CURSE OF YIG, THE. Arkham House, HC, 1ST, 1953, VG+/VG-. Dj is excellent condition but for a crumples to top/bottom front spine areas, a couple of chips and tiny edge tears. Book is very nice though sporting the usual top edge dust soiling, has been well read but with general care; a nice copy. [17424] Campbell, ed. by Ramsey. NEW TALES OF THE CTHULHU MYTHOS.

63. Ditto 14
Cavin, Cokie Cavin, Rob Chilson, Catherine Crockett, Jane Dennis, Scott Dennis, HowardDeVore, Carolyn Doyle, Alex eisenstein, phyllis eisenstein, Kurt Erichsen
FanHistoriCon 11
October 12-14, 2001
Bloomington, Illinois
FanHistoricon Speaker: Jack Speer
Fanzines and fan history? Of course. The 14th edition of ditto , the friendly fanzine fans’ convention, was held in October 2001 at the Tucker Hotel in Bloomington, Ill. This year, ditto was combined with FanHistoriCon You missed discussions of fanzines, fannish history, fandom in general and the best ways to preserve them. It was great fun. Do good. Avoid evil. Pub your ish. Your hosts: Dick Smith, Leah Zeldes Smith, Wilson "Bob" Tucker, Fern Tucker, Henry Welch and Letha Welch. FanHistoriCon Speaker Jack F Speer ATTENDING MEMBERS: SUPPORTING MEMBERS: Harry Andrushak, Tom Beck, Ned Brooks, Cy Chauvin, Karen Cooper, Moshe Feder, Deb Geisler, Janice Gelb, Ben Liberman, Robert Lichtman, Bill Mallardi, Laurie Mann, Keesan Meltzer, Catherine Mintz, Michael Pins, Andrew I. Porter, Sarah Prince, Joe Siclari, Laurraine Tutihasi, Michael Waite, Bobb Waller. For more information about ditto 14, write the address above, or e-mail to

64. Null
TV Tome is your guide to phyllis eisenstein. Biography, roles and appearances,gossip and more. TV Tome, phyllis eisenstein. Links, Contribute Edit Details.
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65. Untitled
eisenstein, phyllis Alaric - Meulenhoff - 1980 - SF158 - 221 blz - - Dit is desage van Alaric, de zwervende jonge minstreel, met een bovennatuurlijke gave
Verkooplijst Auteurs E Kijk voor meer boeken bij " NIEUW " - Spectrum - 1999 - 1e druk - 384 blz - 34x130x210 mm - 500 g - Polgara de dochter van Belgarath de Tovenaar heeft 3000 jaar lang haar magische krachten uitgeleefd. Dit is haar legendarische levensverhaal... Bestelgegevens: Eddings - Vrouwe van de Strijd (normale winkelprijs Eddison, E. R. - De Worm Ouroboros - Bert Bakker - 1990 - 2 e druk - 413 blz - 36x150x230 mm - 680 g Een fantastische avonturenroman van verfijnde extravagantie, die zich afspeelt op een ver verwijderde planeet, waar het bijzonder aangenaam toeven is en die bevolkt wordt door Heren en Koningen, machtige strijders en vrouwen met ravenzwart haar... Bestelgegevens: Eddison - De Worm Ouroboros - Ehrlich, Max - De Reïncarnatie van Peter Proud - Fontein - 1977 - 218 blz - - Peter Proud wordt regelmatig overvallen door angstdromen. Dit leidt er tenslotte toe dat hij zich steeds meer details van zijn vorige leven herinnert. Hij zoekt en vindt de plaatsen die hij in zijn dromen heeft gezien en hij komt oog in oog met zijn vroegere moordenares ! Ehrlich schildert vervolgens een magistraal slot... Bestelgegevens: Ehrlich - De Reïncarnatie van Peter Proud - € 5,75** (lees-kreuken op rug)

FANTASY NOVELS BY phyllis eisenstein BORN TO EXILE Alaric the minstrel was discovered,newborn, alone on a hillside, a bloody, severed hand clutching his ankles,_Phyllis.txt
FANTASY NOVELS BY PHYLLIS EISENSTEIN BORN TO EXILE Alaric the minstrel was discovered, newborn, alone on a hillside, a bloody, severed hand clutching his ankles. Now he moves through a world of medieval superstition and cruelty, trying to hide the power that he never asked for, that would brand him a feared and hated witch and expose him to constant danger of death the ability to transport himself instantaneously to any place he has ever visited or seen. Yet, sometimes, to save himself or someone else, he must use that power. And so he can never stop wandering, never find a place where he can settle down in safety... until he meets the one-handed midwife who knows how to find his lost and immensely powerful family. (Arkham House, 202 pages, with illustrations by Stephen Fabian. Hardcover, first edition, autographed.) SORCERER'S SON Cray Ormoru is the son of the sorceress Delivev and they believe of the mysterious, wandering knight Mellor, whom Delivev nursed back to health, and who disappeared before Cray was born. Though schooled in sorcery, Cray wants to follow in his father's footsteps, and he sets off on a quest to discover his unknown heritage, not knowing that it bears no resemblance at all to his assumptions. His efforts to find his father's origins and to reunite his broken family take him through dangers both ordinary and sorcerous, and ultimately lead him to the strange and wonderful demon worlds, where creatures made of flame or cloud, ice or water, wait to be called to slavery by sorcerous masters. (British edition from Grafton Books, 379 pages. The only hardcover edition. Autographed.) THE CRYSTAL PALACE Cray Ormoru, now a full-fledged sorcerer, devises the Mirror of Heart's Desire and sees in it the image of a young woman. But when he tracks her down, he finds that she lives in a palace in the depths of the demon world of Ice, and, totally dedicated to the study of sorcery, she is as cold and unfeeling as any ice demon. In taking on the task of making her human and willing her affection, Cray exposes himself to human, sorcerous, and demon dangers, and must ultimately confront the person responsible for her existence, her passionate and psychotic sorcerer grandfather. (British edition from Grafton Books, 286 pages. The only hardcover edition. Autographed.) For more information, please send SASE to: Phyllis Eisenstein Box 59723 Chicago IL 60659

Similar pages The Search Engine of Search Engines - eisenstein, phyllis (1) phyllis eisenstein Author's own website with brief biography,sample chapters and cover art for her novels and ordering information.
Date: 9 Oct 89 03:38:52 PDT (Monday) Subject: Author Lists: Phyllis Eisenstein From: (John Wenn) To: SF-LOVERS%rutgers:EDU Nope, I haven't read any of Phyllis Eisenstein's work. Is it any good? /John arpa: somepeoplesaymyphilosophyiskindergartennihilismbutisaytheydonttrulyexist-ly Eisenstein, Phyllis (U.S.A., 2/26/1946- ) Fantasia Series Series Sorcerer's Son (1979) The Crystal Palace (1988) Series Born to Exile (1978) In the Red Lord's Reach (1989) In the Hands of Glory (1981) Shadow of Earth (1979)

68. 1999 SFWA(R) Preliminary Nebula Awards(R) Ballot
Analog, Sep98); eisenstein, phyllis The Island in the Lake (F SF, Dec98);Feeley, Gregory Animae Celestes (Asimov's, Apr98); Fintushel
1999 Preliminary Ballot
The Final Ballot was announced in March 2000.
The winners were announced at the Nebula Awards Weekend in New York City on May 20, 2000.
The detailed rules are available at Corrections or inquiries? E-mail:
Novellas Novelettes ... Scripts Novels
  • Bowes, Richard: Minions of the Moon (Tor hb Feb99; Tor pb, Feb00)
  • Butler, Octavia E.: Parable of the Talents (Seven Stories Press, Nov98; Warner Books, Jan00)
  • Donnelly, Marcos: Prophets For the End of Time (Baen pb, Nov98)
  • Gardner, James Alan: Vigilant (Avon Eos pb, Mar99)
  • The Termination Node (Del Rey hb, Jan99; Del Rey pb, Nov99)
  • Jeter, K.W.: Noir (Bantam Spectra hb, Nov98; Bantam pb, Aug99)
  • Lindskold, Jane: Changer (Avon Eos pb, Dec98)
  • Martin, George R.R. : A Clash of Kings (Bantam Spectra hb, Feb99)
  • McCarthy, Wil: Bloom (Del Rey hb, Sep98; Del Rey pb Sep99)
  • McHugh, Maureen F.: Mission Child (Avon Eos hb, Dec98; Eos pb, Nov99)
  • Nasir, Jamil: Tower of Dreams (Bantam Spectra pb, Jan99)
  • Payne, Michael H.: The Blood Jaguar (Tomorrow SF [

69. SFWA Members' Pages D-F
Greg; Elgin, Suzette Haden; Elgin, Suzette Haden; eisenstein, phyllis;Elliott, Kate; Ellis, AC; Ellison, Harlan; Emerson, Jane; Emshwiller
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70. Alex Eisenstein - Bibliography Summary
Pub Biblio Alpha Main Menu Search Short Fiction The Weather on Mars(1974) with phyllis eisenstein Altar Ego (1977) with phyllis eisenstein

Tam II) Eddings, David The Worm Ouroboros Eddison, ER GuiltEdged Ivory Egan, DorisThe Gate of Ivory Egan, Doris Crystal Palace eisenstein, phyllis Born to

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73. Sarah Meyer's Worldwide Family 33 (Family Pages)
eisenstein, phyllis b. Not Shown Middletown, CT Gender Female eisenstein, Hermaneisenstein, Mark b. Not Shown Middletown, CT Gender Male eisenstein
Sarah Meyer's Worldwide Family 33 (Family Pages)
Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Sarah Lee MeyerDr.
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Baum, Mordecai (Muttel)
b. 1869 Lvova, Ukraine
d. 11 MAY 1925 New Jersey?
Gender: Male
Parents: Father: Baum, Yosef
Mother: Baum (Married Surname), Freida
Family: Marriage: 07 OCT 1897 Lvova, Ukraine
Spouse: Edelberg, Hinda
b. 15 JAN 1877 Lvova, Ukraine
d. 09 JUL 1965 Hollywood, FL Gender: Female Parents: Father: Edelberg, Feivel Mother: , Itka Children:
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Aronson, Zale d. 31 DEC 1966 Rosario, Sante Fe, Argentina Gender: Male Family: Spouse: Edelberg, Fayge d. 07 DEC 1927 Rosario, Argentina Gender: Female Parents: Father: Edelberg, Feivel

74. Katalog - Wirtualna Polska
Serwis Katalog w Wirtualna Polska S.A. pierwszy portal w Polsce.
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75. Hazel's Picture Gallery: Eisenstein, Alex
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Alex Eisenstein
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Windycon 29 Part 7: Friday Evening (08-Nov-2002)

76. Profile Of Ed Phillips
Movies SciFi/Fantasy Comedy Personal Dramas Action Dramas. phyllis EisensteinProfile for Ed Phillips Name, Ed Phillips. Title, Top (six star) Scholar. Phillips&TopicID=4245

77. Book Review(E)
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

78. FictionDB: The Essential Fiction Book Reference - Romance Novels, Mystery, Suspe
The Essential Fiction Reference. FictionDB has over 20,000 author listings and over 90,000 titles in romance, mystery, suspense and westerns. Search the

79. DCS-‰p•Ä¬àŒ´‘è–M‘莖“TEƒTƒ“ƒvƒ‹
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
CSVŒ`Ž® TAGŒ`Ž® "‘–¼i–M‘èj","‘–¼iŒ´‘èj","ìŽÒ–¼iƒJƒij","ìŽÒ–¼iŒ´’ԁj","ìŽÒ•Ê–¼","–óŽÒ–¼","o”ŎЁi‚Ü‚½‚Í•¶ŒÉ–¼j","Š§s”N","‚»‚Ì‘¼‚̏‘ŽŽ–€","‰f‰æŠÄ“Â","‰f‰æ»ì‘","‰f‰æŒ´‘è"
"‚Æ‚Ä‚àŽ„“I‚Ȕƍß","A Very Private Enterprise","ƒAƒCƒAƒ“ƒTƒCƒhCƒGƒŠƒUƒxƒX","Ironside, Elizabeth","","¬òŠì”üŽq–ó","ƒnƒ„ƒJƒEƒ~ƒXƒeƒŠ•¶ŒÉ"
"ŽE‚µ‚Ì‚ ‚Ƃň¤‚ð","Compromising Positions","ƒAƒCƒUƒbƒNƒXCƒX[ƒUƒ“","Issacs, Susan","","^è‹`”Ž–ó","ƒTƒ“ƒŠƒI","1979","","","",""
"—d–‚‚Ì‹RŽm","Sorcerer's Son","ƒAƒCƒ[ƒ“ƒVƒ…ƒ^ƒCƒ“CƒtƒBƒŠƒX","Eisenstein, Phyllis","","ˆä’ÒŽé”ü–ó","ƒnƒ„ƒJƒ•¶ŒÉ‚e‚s","1983","","","",""
"ƒ~ƒVƒVƒbƒs[‚̉Ì","Tales of America","ƒAƒCƒuƒXCƒo[ƒ‹","Ives, Burl","","˜I–؉hŽq–ó","V‰sŽÐ","1957","","","",""
"”ÓŽ`Œã‚Ì•¨Œê","After]Dinner Story","ƒAƒCƒŠƒbƒVƒ…CƒEƒBƒŠƒAƒ€","Irish, William","ƒE[ƒ‹ƒŠƒbƒ`CƒR[ƒlƒ‹","‰F–ì—˜‘×–ó","‘nŒ³„—•¶ŒÉ","1972","‘¼‚V•Ñ@ƒAƒCƒŠƒbƒVƒ…’Z•ÒW‚P","","",""
"•‚¢ƒAƒŠƒoƒC","Black Alibi","ƒAƒCƒŠƒbƒVƒ…CƒEƒBƒŠƒAƒ€","Irish, William","ƒE[ƒ‹ƒŠƒbƒ`CƒR[ƒlƒ‹","ˆî—t–¾—Y–ó","‘nŒ³„—•¶ŒÉ","1977","","","","" _JT_‘–¼i–M‘èj
_PB_o”ŎЁi‚Ü‚½‚Í•¶ŒÉ–¼j _PY_Š§s”N _MD_‰f‰æŠÄ“ _MC_‰f‰æ»ì‘ _MT_‰f‰æŒ´‘è _JT_‚Æ‚Ä‚àŽ„“I‚È”Æß _OT_‚`@‚u‚…‚’‚™@‚o‚’‚‰‚–‚‚”‚…@‚d‚Ž‚”‚…‚’‚‚’‚‰‚“‚… _NJ_ƒAƒCƒAƒ“ƒTƒCƒhCƒGƒŠƒUƒxƒX _NF_‚h‚’‚‚Ž‚“‚‰‚„‚…C‚d‚Œ‚‰‚š‚‚‚‚…‚”‚ˆ _TR_¬òŠì”üŽq–ó _PB_ƒnƒ„ƒJƒEƒ~ƒXƒeƒŠ•¶ŒÉ _PY_‚P‚X‚W‚U _JT_ŽE‚µ‚Ì‚ ‚Ƃň¤‚ð

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