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         Emanuel Lynn:     more books (24)
  1. The Dig and Hotel Fiesta (Illinois Poetry Series) by Lynn Emanuel, 1994-10-01
  2. Noose and Hook (Pitt Poetry Series) by Lynn Emanuel, 2010-02-28
  3. Pulverizing Portraits: Lynn Emanuel's Poetry of Becoming by Camelia Elias, 2010-01-01
  4. The Dream of an Absolute Language: Emanuel Swedenborg and French Literary Culture by Lynn R. Wilkinson, 1996-07-03
  5. Then, Suddenly (Pitt Poetry Series) by Lynn Emanuel, 1999-10-15
  6. The DIG (National Poetry Series) by Lynn Emanuel, 1992-04-01
  7. Oblique Light (Slow Loris poetry series) by Lynn Emanuel, 1979-05
  8. The Pushcart Prize XIX: Best of the Small Presses (1994 - 1995) by Lynn Emanuel, David St. John, et all 1995-04
  9. Biography - Emanuel, Lynn Collins (1949-): An article from: Contemporary Authors Online by Gale Reference Team, 2007-01-01
  10. Hotel Fiesta by Lynn Emanuel, 1984-11
  11. Oblique Light by Lynn Emanuel, 1979
  12. The Technology of Love by Lynn Emanuel, 1988-12
  13. Film noir: train trip out of metropolis. (Poem): An article from: The Antioch Review by Lynn Emanuel, 1994-06-22
  14. Film noir: at the Ritz. (Poem): An article from: The Antioch Review by Lynn Emanuel, 1994-06-22

61. I0656: Robin Lynn COHEN (Private - ____)
_Chaie Neshke LASKOWITZ Robin lynn COHEN emanuel SALTZMAN.
Robin Lynn COHEN
Private -
  • BIRTH : Private
Father: Lewis X. COHEN
Mother: Pearl BECKER
Family 1 Robert BERKOVER
  • MARRIAGE : Private
  • Lewis BERKOVER
  • Sarah Jacqueline BERKOVER _Hymie COHEN _Sarah LASKOWITZ ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 11/29/02 08:39:08 PM Central Standard Time
    Private -
    • BIRTH : Private
    Father: Ira GREENSTEIN
    Mother: Virginia WHITE
    _Reb Reuben CZUSIK Ann GREENSTEIN ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 11/29/02 08:39:08 PM Central Standard Time
    Chuck HARRISON
    Private -
    • BIRTH : Private
    Family 1 Candice Fredrica SPERRY
    • MARRIAGE : Private

    HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 11/29/02 08:39:08 PM Central Standard Time
    Esther Lasko HUSBAND
    Family 1 Esther LASKO
  • Neshka ? INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 11/29/02 08:39:08 PM Central Standard Time
    Chaim Fischel LASKOWITZ
    ABT. 1861 - UNKNOWN
    • BIRTH : ABT. 1861, Wysokie Mazowieckie , Poland (Russia)
    • DEATH : UNKNOWN, ?
  • 62. Laure-Anne Bosselaar
    lynn emanuel. The White Dress. What does lynn emanuel holds a BA fromBennington College, and an MFA from the University of Iowa. She is
    Lynn Emanuel The White Dress What does it feel like to be this shroud
    on a hanger, this storm cloud hanging
    in the closet? We itch to feel it, it itches
    to be felt, it feels like an itch encrusted with beading, it's an eczema
    of sequins, rough, gullied, riven,
    puckered with stitchery, a frosted window
    against which we long to put our tongues, a vase for holding the long-stemmed
    bouquet of a woman's body.
    Or it's armor and it fits like a glove.
    The buttons run like rivets down the front. When we're in it we're machinery,
    a cutter nosing the ocean of a town. right now it's lonely locked up in the closet; while we're busy fussing at our vanity, it hangs there in the drooping waterfall of itself, a road with no one on it, bathed in moonlight, rehearsing its lines. Lynn Emanuel holds a BA from Bennington College, and an MFA from the University of Iowa. She is the author of three books of poetry, Hotel Fiesta; The Dig; and Then, Suddenly which was awarded the Eric Matthieu King Award from The Academy of American Poets. Her work has been featured in the Pushcart Prize Anthology and the Best American Poetry in 1994,1995,1998,1999, 2000. She has been a poetry editor for the Pushcart Prize Anthology , a member of the Literature Panel for the National Endowment for the Arts, and a judge for the James Laughlin Award from the Academy of American Poets. She has taught at the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, the Bennington Writers' Conference, The Warren Wilson Program in Creative Writing, and the Vermont College Creative Writing Program. Currently, she is a Professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh, Director of the Writing Program and Director of the Pittsburgh Contemporary Writers' Series.

    63. I2143: Henriette DE VRIES (4 Jul 1910 - 2 Nov 1942)
    _+ (1914 1982) _Paul Gershon MINSKER _ (1949 - ._Bessie SIDELSKY _ (1921 - 1973) Kerry lynn MINSKER (1993 emanuel Mozes STAAL.
    Henriette DE VRIES
    4 Jul 1910 - 2 Nov 1942
    • BIRTH : 4 Jul 1910, Amsterdam
    • DEATH : 2 Nov 1942, Oswiecim , Concentratiekamp
    Family 1 Cosman KORNALIJNSLIJPER
    • MARRIAGE : 18 Sep 1935, Amsterdam
  • Mirjam KORNALIJNSLIJPER INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 10/07/2001 11:40:57 AM W. Australia Standard Time
    Family 1 Eva Amelia JACKSON
  • James McDonald GRIBBLE
  • Leslie GRIBBLE
  • Cora Erica GRIBBLE ... INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 10/07/2001 11:40:57 AM W. Australia Standard Time
    George HOLLANDER
    • BIRTH
    • DEATH
    Father: Joel HOLLANDER
    Mother: Evelyn WOLFE
    Family 1 Frances DAVIS
  • Joel HOLLANDER _Anne Rosetta BERNSTEIN George HOLLANDER ... INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 10/07/2001 11:40:57 AM W. Australia Standard Time
    Gertie D. JACOBS
    • BIRTH : 1881, Birmingham UK
    Father: Simon JACOBS
    Mother: Juliet HOLLANDER
    Gertie D. JACOBS
    INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 10/07/2001 11:40:57 AM W. Australia Standard Time
    Kerry Lynn MINSKER
    5 Nov 1993 -
    • BIRTH : 5 Nov 1993
    Father: Paul Gershon MINSKER
    Mother: Fiona Marilyn ROSSEN
    Kerry Lynn MINSKER
    INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000)
    Pittsburgh Press lynn emanuel's language is truly beautiful, making the reader feelat home in sounds and cadences and figures, as Eavan Boland aptly puts it.
    Andrena Zawinski: Poetry in Review
    Then, Suddenly, by Lynn Emanuel, University of Pittsburgh Press
    L ynn Emanuel's language is truly beautiful, making the reader feel at home in sounds and cadences and figures, as Eavan Boland aptly puts it. And if what makes poetry is this ability to sing out, then every line in each poem of Emanuel's latest collection resonates with the stuff of poetry, effused in an enchantment that draws the reader into a group of poems that rise tall among the best of contemporary American poetry. Emanuel crooks her finger and pulls you right into her book. In her address to the readerher first poem, Like God , which precedes the three segments of the bookshe gives you a part to play, the one with the name of Reader. In this role you become interloper and participant at once, from the very first line: "Like God,/you hover over this page, staring down on a small town..." As you become mesmerized: "But you know this story.../is really About Your Life..." the responsibility of what happens when creative mind meets text is turned over to you: ".. you, who have/ been hovering above this page, holding/ the book in your hands, like God, reading." The poems bring home the idea that a poem does not begin to mean until it has the reader and all the reader brings to it with his or her own experience. In the first part of this trilogy, in the lead poem

    65. American Poetry
    Translate this page In this page American Poetry in Spanish Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, JasonShinder, lynn emanuel, Charles Bukowski. Mi nombre. es lynn emanuel.
    (Textos en español, o acompañados de su original en inglés) Poemas de Bukowski, Ginsberg, Kerouac, Whitman, Shinder, Emanuel, Thomas. Sé amable (por Hank Bukowski)

    siempre nos piden que entendamos el punto de vista de los otros sin importar si es anticuado necio asqueroso. a uno le piden que entienda amablemente todos los errores de los otros sus vidas desperdiciadas sobre todo si son de edad avanzada. pero su edad es lo único en lo que nos fijamos. han envejecido mal porque han vivido sin enfoque, se han negado a ver. ¿que no es culpa suya? ¿culpa de quién? ¿mía? se me pide que oculte mi opinión ante ellos por miedo a su miedo. la edad no es un crimen pero la vergüenza de una vida deliberadamente desperdiciada entre tantas vidas deliberadamente desperdiciadas sí lo es. Homenaje a Sharon Stone (por Lynn Emanuel) Es temprano en la mañana y al otro lado de la calle las ventanas de un cuarto de hotel están tapadas con las tropicales ejecuciones de una mujer desvistiéndose, dentro de The Eatery un chico, azulado por el neón, está sentado a la mesa, y mis vecinos se engancharon a sí mismos con los roles del matrimonio infeliz y como carriola ruedan sus tres mastines calle abajo.

    66. PRICEFARMER.COM: Farm-Fresh Price Comparisons Of Books
    lynn emanuel. 5 Titles Sorted by Title Alphabetically. 1. The Dig And, HotelFiesta Two Volumes of Poetry (Paperback) by lynn emanuel October 1994, Lynn

    67. Index To Emanuel Baptist Marriage Records
    Translate this page MARRIAGES - emanuel LUTHERAN CHURCH 1883-1996 Name DOB DOE Page Achtzehn, Martha1873 ng 1917 14 Anschuetz, Johann 1867 1893 5 Anschuetz, Judith lynn ng 1960
    Index To Emanuel Lutheran Church Records:
    1877-1996 Tawas City, Michigan

    Name DOB DOE Page
    Achtzehn, Martha 1873 1889 3 Alda, Erma ng 1945 23 Alstrom, Kenneth ng 1961 32 Altenburg, Florence ng 1943 23 Alva, Angel ng 1961 43 Amloy, Alonzo ng 1910 12 Anderson, Esther ng 1921 16 Anderson, Lillian Miss ng 1933 19 Andreas, Thomas Christ ng 1951 26 Anschuetz, Adella ng 1930 18 Anschuetz, Andrew ng 1921 16 Anschuetz, Anna 1865 1893 5 MARRIAGES
    Vicki Bonasse/

    68. Descendants Of Emanuel Hatfield
    15. DENNIS lynn 6 PACE (LAMBERT BUCK OSBORN 5 , GUS BRYAN 4 , SARAH EVELYN 3 RECORD,ELIZABETH 2 HATFIELD, emanuel 1 ) 247,248 was born October 16, 1940 in
    Descendants of Emanuel Hatfield Submitted by: Julie Predmore Portions by : Mary Pace Andrews Generation No. 1 EMANUEL HATFIELD was born Abt. 1815 in North Carolina Children of EMANUEL HATFIELD are: HATFIELD, b. September 20, 1835, Owensburg, IN; d. January 14, 1917, Yellville, AR. , b. 1837 ; d. August 1882, Pike Co. KY Generation No. 2 ELIZABETH HATFIELD (EMANUEL was born September 20, 1835 in Owensburg, IN , and died January 14, 1917 in Yellville, AR . She married WILLIAM WILLIS RECORD Abt. 1853 Children of ELIZABETH HATFIELD and WILLIAM RECORD are: RECORD , b. Abt. 1859, Owensburg, IN ; d. Mountain Home, AR ; m. ROBERT R. REYNOLDS , b. Abt. 1880, Owensburg, IN , b. March 18, 1883, Tennessee ; d. June 03, 1967, Okemah, OK ; m. ROSS JENKINS , 1908, Mountain Home, AR WILLIAM ANDERSON "DEVIL ANSE" HATFIELD (EMANUEL was born 1839 , and died January 09, 1921 in Logan Co, WV . He married LOUISE (UNKNOWN) Children of WILLIAM HATFIELD and LOUISE (UNKNOWN) are: HATFIELD , b. 1860 ; m. ROSEANN MCCOY , b. 1861 Generation No. 3 SARAH EVELYN RECORD (ELIZABETH HATFIELD, EMANUEL

    69. Road Maps By John Owen And Emanuel Bowen, 1720-61
    JOHN OWEN and emanuel BOWEN Britannia Depicta 1720 onwards. 107/108, Puckeridge,Cambridge,Ely, Downham, Kings lynn, . . 109/110, MERIONETHSHIRE.
    Britannia Depicta
    1720 onwards A series of early 18th century county maps and road maps. The maps are double sided.
    For the county maps available please refer to the county listings of maps.
    Maps with a reference number are in stock. A letter U after the reference number means the map is uncoloured. The other maps are coloured on both sides although sides with just a description are left uncoloured. Plate Route Ref. No.
    High Wycombe, Tetsworth, Oxford, Islip. Islip, Enston, Morton Broadway Broadway, Pershore, Worcester, Bramyard. / Bramyard Leominster, Presteign SUSSEX. Rhayader, Aberystwyth See Sussex London, Ewell, Leatherhead, Dorking / Billingshurst, Amberley NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Lodnon, Hoddesdon, Ware, Puckridge See Herts. Royston, Huntingdon Stilton/Stilton, Stamford Grantham, Newark, Tuxford / Tuxford, Bawtry, Doncaster Not in stock Wentbridge, Ferrybridge, Tadcaster, York/ York Boroughbridge, North Allerton. Not in stock Darlington, Durham, Chester le Street / Newcastle, Morpeth MIDDLESEX. Alnwick, Berwick

    70. I598: Helen DEARDORFF (____ - ____)
    _Emanual HOOVER _ _Joseph Edgar HOOVER _ _Leah WILLIAM _ emanuel Bernhart HOOVER _ _Anna lynn SHERROD.
    Father: Joseph Henry DEARDORFF
    Mother: Minnie A. FOREMAN
    _Rebecca June PREDMORE
    Helen DEARDORFF _Minnie A. FOREMAN ... INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 05/09/00 09:36:59 AM Mountain Standard Time
    Father: Alphonso Henry DEARDURFF
    Mother: Lucy LaVinnia WOOTON
    _Josephine Roselete WOLCOTT
    Alice DEARDURFF INDEX "Alphonso Henry was my father and I am the youngest of 7 children. He died
    when I was a baby and our mother coouldn't coope with us as she was very young
    and so we were placed in foster homes all the rest were placed is aunts and
    uncles homes but as I was a baby they wanted something more permanent for me
    as the aunts and uncles on my Dad's side were aging. I lived in the same
    foster home all my childhood and they kept me in touch with my real family so
    I grew up knowing my brothers and sisters and spending time with them." HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 05/09/00 09:36:59 AM Mountain Standard Time
    Inez Hildred DIERDORFF
    18 Jun 1891 - 27 Jun 1891
    • BIRTH : 18 Jun 1891, Center Point, IN.

    71. Fine Art For Sale $1000-2000 - Page 42 -
    Oil for sale. Find works by emanuel Dimitri Volakis, lynn Jaye, Moran Brown,Jeffrey Hochstedler. Silver Gelatin Photography , Reproduction
    Contemporary Art for Sale: US$1000.00 - $2000.00 (Page 42 of 411) Browse over 4894 works of contemporary art for sale in the price range US$1000.00 - $2000.00. On this page you can find works by Richard Lazzara in the following media: Calligraphy . Links to more artwork and 411 pages for works in the price range US$1000.00 - $2000.00 and further artists at the bottom of this page. To view a work by any of these contemporary artists simply click on the image or browse the artist's portfolio. Richard Lazzara
    , 1986, Calligraphy
    Richard Lazzara

    , 1986, Calligraphy
    Richard Lazzara

    , 1986, Calligraphy
    Richard Lazzara

    , 1986, Calligraphy
    Richard Lazzara

    , 1986, Calligraphy
    Richard Lazzara
    APPARENT PARADOX SOLVED , 1986, Calligraphy Richard Lazzara VAJRA YOGINI YONI , 1986, Calligraphy Richard Lazzara BOUND TOGETHER , 1986, Calligraphy Richard Lazzara ROOTED COLUMN , 1986, Calligraphy Richard Lazzara FAMILY TREE EARTH , 1986, Calligraphy Richard Lazzara AWAKENED IN SELF , 1986, Calligraphy Richard Lazzara GRADUAL EVOLUTION , 1986, Calligraphy More Last Updated: Mon Mar 24 06:16:00 2003 Indepth Arts Search: Please Select A Database By Name - Artist Portfolios Title, Description - Portfolios

    72. Profile Of Harriet Klausner
    Christopher Leppek and emanuel Isler Profile for Harriet Klausner McCallister SharynMcCrumb Victor McGlothin Tamara McKinley Joan Medlicott lynn Messina Fern Klausner&TopicID=2793

    73. I722: Melvin Ralph WENTZ
    BIRTH 10 SEP 1875, Ohio; DEATH 7 JAN 1947. Father emanuel WENTZ Mother BIRTH12 JUN 1998, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky. Father David lynn WHITE Mother
    Melvin Ralph WENTZ
    • BIRTH : 8 JAN 1899
    Father: Frank Alvin WENTZ
    Mother: Nora MYERS
    Family 1 Anna Laura HENLEY
    • MARRIAGE : 20 JUN 1928

    _Louisa GRAFF
    Melvin Ralph WENTZ _Nora MYERS INDEX
    Philip C WENTZ
    Father: Clarence Emanuel WENTZ
    Mother: Emily Gertrude SMITH
    _Louisa GRAFF
    Philip C WENTZ INDEX
    Sylvia Severna WENTZ
    • BIRTH : 10 JAN 1896, A-I, Ohio
    • DEATH : 1970, Richwood, West Virginia
    Father: Clarence Emanuel WENTZ
    Mother: Emily Gertrude SMITH
    Family 1 Albert CURRY
    • MARRIAGE : 26 JUN 1918, Battle Creek, Michigan
  • Albert CURRY
  • Rhea Donalda CURRY
  • Rachel CURRY
  • Veda CURRY ... INDEX
    Wenonah Alma WENTZ
    • BIRTH : 10 SEP 1875, Ohio
    • DEATH : 7 JAN 1947
    Father: Emanuel WENTZ
    Mother: Louisa GRAFF
    Wenonah Alma WENTZ
    _Louisa GRAFF INDEX
    Amanda Joy WHITE
    • BIRTH : 12 JUN 1998, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky
    Father: David Lynn WHITE
    Mother: Brenda Sue CURRY _Duard Lee WHITE Amanda Joy WHITE INDEX
    Claude WHITE
    • DEATH : 1967, Boggy Depot, Atoka, Oklahoma
    Father: David Atkins WHITE Family 1 Buelah LOGAN
  • Delbert Lee WHITE Claude WHITE INDEX
    David Atkins WHITE
    Family 1
  • Claude WHITE David Atkins WHITE INDEX
    David Lynn WHITE
    • BIRTH : 18 JAN 1964, Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida, McDill AFB
  • 74. International Poetry Forum - Poets & Performers
    Richard Eberhart. The Gavin Ewart Show. Aeronwy Thomas Ellis. lynn emanuel. lynnemanuel (2). lynn emanuel (3). John Engles. Jean Erdman Company. Martín Espada.
    HOME MISSION 2002-2003 SEASON HISTORY ... DIGITAL LIBRARY POETS and PERFORMERS 1966-1999 To hear streaming audio, we recommend downloading the Winamp .mp3 player.
    Dannie Abse
    Dannie Abse (2) Chinua Achebe Diane Ackerman ... Edward Albee Jane Alexander A.R. Ammons Jack Anderson Jon Anderson Dame Judith Anderson Antiqua Players Antiqua Players (2) ... Tom Atkins Carroll Arnett John Ashbery Tom Atkins W.H. Auden John Balaban Leonardo Balada Jill Balcon Sushanta Banerjee Carol Jane Bangs Gerald Barrax ... Lynn Beckstrom Charles Bell Bellefield Singers Saul Bellow Louise Bennett Daniel Berrigan Wendell Berry John Berryman Frank Bidart ... Claire Bloom Robert Bly Bodjidar Bodjilov Eavan Boland James Bonk Jorge Luis Borges Susana Bosque George C. Bradley Jr. Kamau Brathwaite ... David Budway Richard Burns Stanley Burnshaw Anne Burnham Anne Burnham (2) Ellen Burstyn Stacy Byers Zoe Caldwell Dr. Robert Cameron Olga Carlisle Morris Carnovsky Robert Carothers John Carroll Pat Carroll Hayden Carruth Charles Causley Nancy Chesney John Ciardi John Ciardi(2) The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem (2) Carole Clemmons Lucille Clifton Lucille Clifton (2) Alex Coleman Alex Coleman (2) Judy Collins The Con Spirito Quintet Demareus Cooper Jane Cooper Frank Correnti Robert W. Corrigan

    75. The Stranger: Books (02/24/00)
    lynn emanuel gets right down to brass tacks in her latest book of poetry. lynnemanuel is a poet to be dealt with, and she delineates the terms.
    Vol 9 No. 23, Feb 24 - Mar 1 2000
    Feelings Are Boring

    by Rachel Kessler
    LYNN EMANUEL gets right down to brass tacks in her latest book of poetry. She pokes the reader right in the eye, repeatedly, with her claw-like questions, probing the interdependence of writer and reader in pieces like "The Politics of Narrative: Why I Am a Poet," which does a pretty good job of characterizing the writer: "I prefer the cookbook to the actual meal. Feeling bores me. That's why I write poetry. In poetry you just give the instructions to the reader and say, 'Reader, you go on from here.' And what I like about poetry is its readers, because those are giving people. I mean, those are people you can trust to get the job done. They pull their own weight. If I had to have someone at my back in a dark alley, I'd want it to be a poetry reader." Emanuel holds no truck with the uncomfortable politics of hard-working reader, working-class subjects, and the shit they've been served with the pompous spoon of Poetry with a capital "P." The subject is swiftly dealt a blow when Emanuel stomps all over Walt Whitman (praise Jesus!) in "Walt, I Salute You!": "You, the sweat of their workers' brows! You, their hatred of poets!/You have been women! Women with white legs, women with black mustaches, /waitresses with their hands glued to their rags on the counter,/waitresses in Dacron who light up the room with their serious wattage./Yes! You are magically filling up, like milk in a glass, the white/nylon uniform, the blocky shoes with their slab of rubber sole!/Your hair is a platinum helmet. At your breast, a bouquet of rayon violets."

    76. Emanuel Swedenborg
    to the Invisible, ed. by James E. Lawrence (1995); The Dream of an Absolute LanguageEmanuel Swedenborg and French Literary Culture by lynn R. Wilkinson (1996
    Choose another writer in this calendar: by name:
    B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Emanuel von Swedenborg (1688-1772) Swedish philosopher, theologian, chemist, anatomist, and mystic, fluent in eleven languages. Swedenborg devoted the first half of his life to scientific investigations. Thereafter he turned his full attention to theology, metaphysics and started to explore mystical experience. Among Swedenborg's most popular books are Heaven and Hell and Earths in Universe . His spiritual writing influenced Emerson, Goethe, Henry James Sr., Dostoevsky, and William Blake. During his life, Swedenborg published over 50 works. His books have been translated into some thirty languages. "There are two worlds, a spiritual world where angels and spirits are, and a natural world where men are. " (from True Christian Religion Emanuel Swedenborg was born in Stockholm as the second son Jesper Svedberg (1653-1735), a Lutheran bishop and hymn writer, and Sara Behm. Both families had acquired wealth through mining business. Swedenborg's mother died in 1696 he his father married again. He was feared by royal court because of his sermons against abuse of power and loved by people who believed he had powers as an exorciser. From the age eleven to twenty-one Swedenborg studied mechanic, geography, astronomy, and mathematics at the University of Uppsala. Upon graduation he travelled to Holland, Germany and England. Because the English authorities believed that plague had broken in Sweden, his ship was obliged to wait offshore for six weeks. Swedenborg went ashore anyway, was caught and very nearly hanged. He lived in England from 1710 to 1713, and formed a lasting love for its culture. In 1716 King Charles XII of Sweden named him special assessor to the Royal College of Mines. He worked on several scientific fields from mathematics and physics to geology, and attempted twice to marry without success. Swedenborg's career also included extended service in the upper house of the Swedish national legislature. In 1716-1718 he edited the scientific magazine

    77. The Campus Chronicle
    12 February 2, 2001. Poet lynn emanuel recites to a crowded house at Ex LibrisJan. 29 Photo by Chia Chiung Chong. lynn emanuel an artist’s poet
    Volume 1, No. 12
    February 2, 2001
    Poet Lynn Emanuel recites to a crowded house at Ex Libris Jan. 29
    Photo by Chia Chiung Chong
    By Scott Boylston
    A crowded but silent roomful of people listened to poet Lynn Emanuel read her work Jan. 29 on the third floor of Ex Libris. Her words touched this audience of mostly visual artists directly, conveying ideas that were, in the words of one New York Times reviewer, "at once charmed and frightening." After the reading she signed copies of her most recent publication, "Then, Suddenly —", a dazzling and unpredictable exploration of the author-reader relationship.
    Each of the poets on the tour has much to offer the students here at SCAD, but possibly none quite so much as Emanuel. This is because she once was a visual artist herself. When she composes her poetry she said she attempts to define her language in a fashion similar to how she would approach an empty canvas. She has this to say about a poem from a previous book: "The most direct thing to say about ‘Ordinary Objects’ is that it is a still life in language. It’s an attempt to enact in language what it was I would do when I painted."
    As the daughter of a sculptor and a painter, she said, "I knew what it was to be a practitioner of art before I knew anything else. My education, my art education, art in the broad sense, was an education in practice. One went from looking at a room to making a painting or writing a poem. These things I learned almost by osmosis."

    78. I1919: George BATES (____ - ____)
    _Gertrude Marie WARD _ (1902 1989) m 1921 _Mamie POPE _+ (1880 - 1962) Nancy lynn MILLER (1965 Anthony emanuel XENAKIS.
    George BATES
    Family 1 Agnes O'HARE
    HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-FreeBSD (May 16 2000) on Tue Oct 23 01:37:08 2001 GMT
    Steven J. HARTZ
    16 May 1971 -
    • OCCUPATION : Respiratory Therapist
    • BIRTH : 16 May 1971, Pittsburgh, PA
    Father: Richard C. HARTZ
    Mother: Jean Ann MUCK
    Family 1 Jennifer LANG
    • MARRIAGE : 29 Nov 1990
  • Johnathan HARTZ Steven J. HARTZ _Joseph H. MUCK _Joseph H. MUCK ... INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-FreeBSD (May 16 2000) on Tue Oct 23 01:37:08 2001 GMT
    Carl MASNERI
    25 Apr 1896 - Oct 1956
    • BIRTH : 25 Apr 1896, Bresica, Italy
    • DEATH : Oct 1956, Pittsburgh, PA
    Father: Baptista MASNERI
    Mother: Catrina (Funasi) FUNAZZI
    Family 1 Nazzarena CANIGIANI
  • John Baptista (Masneri) MESINERE
  • Gerald (Masneri) MESINERE Carl MASNERI ... INDEX Buried Calvary Cemetery with soldiers - Section F - 3/4 up hill above
    pine tree
    PVC CO G 111 INF 28 Div - WW1 HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-FreeBSD (May 16 2000) on Tue Oct 23 01:37:08 2001 GMT
    Nancy Lynn MILLER
    24 May 1965 -
    • BIRTH : 24 May 1965, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Father: Donald William MILLER
    Mother: Jo-Anne ZUKIEWICZ
    Nancy Lynn MILLER
    _Apolina CZARNECKI INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-FreeBSD (May 16 2000)
  • 79. Amerikan Sairleri
    henry dunbar, paul laurence duncan, robert dunn, stephen eady, cornelius eberhart,richard eliot, ts eluard, paul emanuel, james emanuel, lynn emerson, ralph sairleri

    80. EBroadcast Internet Directories :: You'll Find It At The Internet Directories!
    Add to favorites Eddison, ER@ 2 Add to favorites Eliot, TS@ 33 Add to favoritesEluard, Paul@ 2 Add to favorites emanuel, lynn@ 1 Add to favorites

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