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         Euclid:     more books (100)
  1. Euclids Elements of Geometry by Euclid, 2010-03-27
  2. The Mathematicall Praeface to the Elements of Geometrie of Euclid of Megara by Dr. John Dee, 2010-05-23
  3. Euclid and His Modern Rivals by Lewis Carroll, 2010-02-16
  4. Six Books of Euclid by Werner Oechslin, 2010-05-25
  5. Geometry: Euclid and Beyond (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) by Robin Hartshorne, 2010-11-02
  6. The Elements: Books I - XIII - Complete and Unabridged by Euclid, 2006
  7. Geometry from Euclid to Knots by Saul Stahl, 2010-03-18
  8. Euclid Creek(OH)(Images of America) by Roy Larick, Bob Gibbons, et all 2005-10-03
  9. Key to Exercises in Euclid by Isaac Todhunter, 2010-08-22
  10. Euclid's Elements in Greek: Vol. I: Books 1-4 by Richard Fitzpatrick, 2005-04-16
  11. A Sequel to the First Six Books of the Elements of Euclid: Containing an Easy Introduction to Modern Geometry, With Numerous Examples (Classic Reprint) by John Casey, 2010-08-31
  12. Death Ride at Euclid Beach: And More True Tales of Crime & Disaster from Cleveland's Past by John Stark Bellamy II, 2004-04-01
  13. The First Three Books of Euclid's Elements of Geometry from the text of Dr. Robert Simson: Together with Various Useful Theorems and Problems as Geometrical Exercises on Each Book by Euclid, 2005-12-01
  14. Concurrent Euclid, the Unix* System, and Tunis (Addison-Wesley series in computer science) by R. C. Holt, 1982-11

21. ThinkQuest
Studentwritten biography focuses on the significance of euclid's Elements.

22. Euclid Systems Corp. Home Page
Specializing in instruments of corneal topography.
Euclid Systems Corporation
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23. Fire Departments,'s Fire-EMS Information Network
Presents overview of the department, personnel, and equipment. Home

Department Listings Home

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USA Departments

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Select Web Links The Internet Response Reports Personnel Stations Apparatus ... Memorial Euclid Fire Department 775 E.222 St. Euclid, OH 44123 USA Scanner : 424.275 Mhz Phone Emergencies Dial Submitted By, Last Updated : Sat Feb 22 11:08:00 2003 About The Euclid Fire Department Euclid Fire Department proudly protects 52,717 people living in an area of 10 square miles. We operate out of 4 stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a paid status. We have an ISO rating of 3. Please see NEWS section for the latest on fire station closings and decreased staffing. ***We will NEVER forget the sacrafices made on September 11, 2001*** The Euclid Fire Department was established on January 1, 1922. Our department is a 100% Union Fire Department (IAFF Local 337). Our EMS system operates under the Medical Direction of Dr. Marita Volk at Euclid Hospital.

24. EUCLID International
SUBMIT details of opportunities you have to offer! Another international informationservice for the cultural sector from euclid

25. MSN Learning & Research - System Difficulties
Encyclopedia article provides a brief introduction to the scholar and his writings.

26. City Of South Euclid Home Page
Official site providing an overview of the community, government, school, and recreation information.
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27. The Euclid Heat Treating Company
Providing metal treating services for a diverse range of industries.

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Reduced Operational Expenditures

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Corporate Executives and LOBs
... Events Calendar

29. Cleveland Neighborhood Tour
Presents neighborhood history, tour, map, census details, and community resources.

30. History Of Mathematics Home Page
Includes classic texts by Hilbert and euclid (a Java enhanced version of the Elements) a chronology, and links.
Every culture on earth has developed some mathematics. In some cases, this mathematics has spread from one culture to another. Now there is one predominant international mathematics, and this mathematics has quite a history. It has roots in ancient Egypt and Babylonia, then grew rapidly in ancient Greece. Mathematics written in ancient Greek was translated into Arabic. About the same time some mathematics of India was translated into Arabic. Later some of this mathematics was translated into Latin and became the mathematics of Western Europe. Over a period of several hundred years, it became the mathematics of the world. There are other places in the world that developed significant mathematics, such as China, southern India, and Japan, and they are interesting to study, but the mathematics of the other regions have not had much influence on current international mathematics. There is, of course, much mathematics being done these and other regions, but it is not the traditional math of the regions, but international mathematics. By far, the most significant development in mathematics was giving it firm logical foundations. This took place in ancient Greece in the centuries preceding Euclid. See

31. Project Euclid Home Page
Project euclid. A partnership of independent publishers of mathematics and statisticsjournals. Nineteen partner journals are now part of Project euclid.
Project Euclid
A partnership of independent publishers of mathematics and statistics journals.
  • Nineteen partner journals are now part of Project Euclid. See a complete list
  • Journals joining Project Euclid in 2003:
    • Abstract and Applied Analysis Bulletin of Symbolic Logic Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society Journal of Applied Mathematics Journal of Symbolic Logic Kodai Mathematical Journal Review of Modern Logic others to be announced

    2003 access terms and subscription information is available here
  • Announcing the Project Euclid Governing Board
  • Journals interested in joining Project Euclid , please contact us at
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32. Euclid Limited - Plastic Card Solutions
Providing the solution to any plastic card and ticket requirement with a range of standard product and bespoke development to requirement.
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Conceived as a working partnership in 1985, Euclid Ltd. had established itself three years later as a dedicated team of specialist development engineers with complementary skills covering electronic, mechanical and software design, and supported by their own in house production group. In a relatively short period the company has become renowned for sound, quality engineering, working closely with their clients from initial product concepts through to production and installation of complex systems. The company manufactures a diverse range of its own products based around one common item - the PLASTIC CARD; although originally founded on MAGNETIC STRIPE media, Euclid has proven its ability with all code technologies including WATERMARK and SMARTCARD. Standard products cover :
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33. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Makes wheel loaders (rigid, articulated, skid steer), tracked excavators (mini, midi, mining), tracked dozers and carriers, rigid dump trucks, rollers, tunnelers, crushers, soil and wood recyclers, aerial platforms. Was euclidHitachi. English, Nihongo. Tokyo, Japan.

28 Oct, 2002 : Hitachi Construction Machinery and Komatsu Reach Basic Agreement for Collaboration in Production and Procurement
22 Apr, 2002 : Hitachi and Sumitomo to Form a New Joint Venture Company of Construction Cranes 5 Apr, 2002 : Hitachi Construction Machinery and Komatsu to Start Discussions on Collaboration in Production and Procurement 22 Feb, 2002 : A Notice of a Revised Year-round Earnings Forecast and Year-end Dividends for Fiscal 2001 Ending March 31, 2002
28 Oct, 2002 : Hitachi Construction Machinery and Komatsu Reach Basic Agreement for Collaboration in Production and Procurement
22 Apr, 2002 : Hitachi and Sumitomo to Form a New Joint Venture Company of Construction Cranes 5 Apr, 2002 : Hitachi Construction Machinery and Komatsu to Start Discussions on Collaboration in Production and Procurement 22 Feb, 2002 : A Notice of a Revised Year-round Earnings Forecast and Year-end Dividends for Fiscal 2001 Ending March 31, 2002 ... 22 Feb, 2002 : A Notice of Revised Year-round Earnings Forecast - Ending March 31, 2002

34. EUCLID - European Association For Library And Information Education And Research
euclid European Association for Library and Information Education and Research. euclidwebsite has moved. The new URL is http//
EUCLID website has moved. The new URL is

35. Welcome To E U C O
Maker of chemicals and aggragates for the concrete industry. Free quarterly newsletter in PDF (Adobe Category Regional North America Construction and Maintenance......Thank You for visiting the euclid Chemical Company World Wide Web Site.We are a manufacturer of admixtures, concrete repair products
Thank You for visiting the Euclid Chemical Company World Wide Web Site.
We are a manufacturer of admixtures, concrete repair products,
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A world-wide leader in the concrete and masonry industry.
The Euclid Chemical Company World Wide Web Site pages require the Macromedia Shockwave Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader
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36. Euclid (ca. 325-ca. 270 BC) -- From Eric Weisstein's World Of Scientific Biograp
euclid (ca. 325ca. 270 BC), euclid also proved what is generally knownas euclid's second theorem the number of primes is infinite.

Branch of Science
Mathematicians Nationality Greek
Euclid (ca. 325-ca. 270 BC)

Greek geometer who wrote the Elements , the world's most definitive text on geometry. The book synthesized earlier knowledge about geometry, and was used for centuries in western Europe as a geometry textbook. The text began with definitions, postulates (" Euclid's postulates "), and common opinions, then proceeded to obtain results by rigorous geometric proof. Euclid also proved what is generally known as Euclid's second theorem the number of primes is infinite The beautiful proof Euclid gave of this theorem is still a gem and is generally acknowledged to be one of the "classic" proofs of all times in terms of its conciseness and clarity. In the Elements , Euclid used the method of exhaustion and reductio ad absurdum. He also discussed the so-called Euclidean algorithm for finding the greatest common divisor of two numbers, and is credited with the well-known proof of the Pythagorean theorem Neither the year nor place of his birth have been established, nor the circumstances of his death, although he is known to have lived and worked in Alexandria for much of his life. In addition, no bust which can be verified to be his likeness is known (Tietze 1965, p. 8). Elements
Additional biographies:
MacTutor (St. Andrews)

37. Perseus Update In Progress
Pages giving the full Heath text of euclid's Elements, together with the Greek text. toc

38. EAGER - European Algebraic Geometry Research Training Network
European algebraic geometry research training network.Category Science Math Geometry Algebraic Geometry Research Groups......
Your browser does not support frames! Click here for the EAGER welcome page.
Click here for the EAGER menu.

39. Euclid Public Library
Provides information on resources, programs, and services.Category Regional North America Libraries...... All throughout this year, our Bicentennial programs are sponsored by the Friendsof euclid Public Library! News Events. Reserve your video or DVD now!
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Did you know that our city is named for "Euclid" who was a mathematician in Alexandria in 325 B.C.? The long lasting nature of his book, "The Elements" must make Euclid the leading mathematics teacher of all time!
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40. Untitled
The Elements as a hypertext.Category Science Math Geometry People Historical euclid......http// window.location.replace("");

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