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         Farmer Philip Jose:     more books (100)
  1. Image of the Beast by Philip Jose Farmer, 2007-11-30
  2. Riverworld: Including To Your Scattered Bodies Go & The Fabulous Riverboat by Philip Jose Farmer, 2010-03-30
  3. Strange Relations by Philip Jose Farmer, 2008-01-29
  4. The Other Log of Phileas Fogg by Philip Jose Farmer, 1993-04-15
  5. Tongues of the Moon by Philip Jose Farmer, 1978-01-01
  6. Queen of the Deep by Philip José Farmer, 2009-03-08
  7. Image of the Beast / Blown: An Exorcism by Philip Jose Farmer, 2001-11-15
  8. The Magic Labyrinth by Philip Jose Farmer, 2010-11-09
  9. A Private Cosmos (World of Tiers, Book 3) by Philip Jose Farmer, 1984-11-01
  10. The Other in the Mirror by Philip Jose Farmer, 2009-03-31
  11. Flesh by Philip Jose Farmer, 1995-09
  12. The Dark Design (Riverworld Saga) by Philip Jose Farmer, 2010-06-08
  13. The Green Odyssey by Philip Jose Farmer, 2010-08-12
  14. Two Hawks From Earth by Philip Jose Farmer, 1985-07-01

1. Farmer Philip Jose (1918 - )
farmer philip jose (1918 ). O Philip Jose Farmer p?ese p?tat? 1952 µe t pt? t ?ßa The Lovers.

2. Farmer Philip Jose (1918 - )
farmer philip jose (1918 ). The Lovers, 1961 - Title in Greek IErastes, Publisher Ars Longa, Translated by Lili Ioanidou, 1989

3. Philip Jose Farmer
Translate this page Info1 Info2 farmer philip jose Meister der Dimensionen. Fantasy-Roman. Info1 Info2 farmer philip jose Welten wie Sand. Info1
Philip Jose Farmer
Farmer Philip Jose
Meister der Dimensionen. Fantasy- Roman.

Farmer Philip Jose
Welten wie Sand.

Farmer Philip Jose
Lord der Sterne. Fantasy- Roman.

Farmer Philip Jose
Hinter der irdischen Bühne. Fantasy- Roman.

Farmer Philip Jose
Planet der schmelzenden Berge. Fantasy- Roman.

Farmer Philip Jose Die Liebenden. Farmer Philip Jose Fleisch. Drei Romane in einem Band. Farmer Philip Jose Die Irrfahrten des Mr. Green. Sonderausgabe. Farmer Philip Jose Der Zorn des Roten Lords.

4. Buch Farmer Philip Jose - Fleisch. Drei Romane In Einem Band.
Translate this page Buch farmer philip jose - Fleisch. Drei Romane in einem Band. Info1farmer philip jose Info2 Fleisch. Drei Romane in einem Band.
Buch Farmer Philip Jose - Fleisch. Drei Romane in einem Band.
Farmer Philip Jose
Info2: Fleisch. Drei Romane in einem Band.

5. - Search For Farmer Philip Jose, To Your
Farmer, Philip Jose, TO YOUR SCATTERED BODIES GO, Berkley, 1981. Paperback.Good +. farmer philip jose. To Your Scattered Bodies Go. Philip Jose&title=To

6. - Philip Jose Farmer
Philip Jose Farmer, About Author. Born in 1918/North Terre Haute, Indiana.Currently resides in Peoria, Illinois. Email address is no email. Jose Farmer

7. Philip Jose Farmer
Philip Jose Farmer. AwardWinning Books. The Unreasoning Mask, 1981. RiverworldWar The Suppressed Fiction of Philip Jose Farmer, 1980. The Magic Labyrinth, 1980.
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Philip Jose Farmer
Award-Winning Books
To Your Scattered Bodies Go Hugo Winner
All Published Books
Title Year Nothing Burns in Hell The World of Tiers Coda More Than Fire Up The Bright River Crossing the Dark River The Caterpillar's Question (with Piers Anthony) Doc Savage: Escape from Loki Red Orc's Rage Dayworld Breakup Blown Dayworld Rebel Dayworld The Classic Philip JosŽ Farmer, 1964-1973 Gods of Riverworld River of Eternity A Barnstormer in Oz Greatheart Silver Lord of the Trees Stations of the Nightmare A Feast Unknown Father to the Stars The Cache The Unreasoning Mask Riverworld War: The Suppressed Fiction of Philip Jose Farmer The Magic Labyrinth Dark Is the Sun Jesus on Mars Riverworld and Other Stories The Lovers Two Hawks from Earth The Dark Design The Lavalite World Flight to Opar Ironcastle (with J. H. Rosny) Blown or Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind Venus on the Half-Shell Hadon of Ancient Opar The Adventure of the Peerless Peer Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life The Book of Philip JosŽ Farmer The Other Log of Phileas Fogg Timestop!

8. Philip Jose Farmer
Philip Jose Farmer. Interviewed 14/06/76 Vector, May 1977 by DavidPringle Books Reviewed The Book of Philip Jose Farmer Paperback,Philip J

9. Philip Jose Farmer
PHILIP JOSE FARMER. BORN January 26, 1918 (North Terre Haute, IN). FATHERGeorge Farmer (18841950) MOTHER Lucile Theodora Jackson (1899-2000).
BORN: January 26, 1918 (North Terre Haute, IN) FATHER: George Farmer
MOTHER: Lucile Theodora Jackson MARRIED: Bette Virginia Andre
May 10, 1941 (Peoria, IL) CHILDREN:
Philip Laird Farmer
Kristin Farmer (Josephsohn)
OCCUPATION: Science-fiction / fantasy novelist CURRENT RESIDENCE: Peoria, IL Read a list of Uncle Phil's books and unpublished stories. Uncle Phil was a letterman in football and track at Peoria High School. At various times his jobs included being the groundman for a streetcar company, working in a steel mill, and technical writing for an aerospace company in Los Angeles, CA. Went to Bradley University, where he met Aunt B. He introduced himself to the pretty redhead by throwing himself down a flight of stairs and landing at her feet. Sold his first short story in 1945. Winner of three Hugo Awards, the Academy Awards of science-fiction: first in 1953 for New Science-Fiction Author (ie, most promising new author of 1952); second in 1968 for Short Story ("Riders of the Purple Wage"he tied with Anne McCaffrey's "Weyr Search"); and third in 1972 for Novel ( To Your Scattered Bodies Go ). He was finally named a Grand Master of Science-Fiction at the Nebula Awards in Los Angeles, CA on May 7, 2001.

10. Philip Jose Farmer
Philip Jose Farmer. Search for all Philip Jose Farmer,
Philip Jose Farmer
Search for all Philip Jose Farmer A Feast Unknown The Other Log of Phileas Fogg The Gates of Creation ... The Gods of Riverworld Dont Tread On Me!
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11. The Official Philip José Farmer Home Page
Features detailed lists of all works by philip jose farmer, including fiction, nonfiction and poetry .Category Arts Literature Authors F farmer, philip jose......The Official philip José farmer Home Page The Brobdingnagian collectionof all things farmerian A short message from Phil mpg
The Official Philip José Farmer Home Page
The Brobdingnagian collection of all things Farmerian
A short message from Phil:
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12. Philip José Farmer - International Bibliography
Publication information and cover scans from international editions of novels by philip jose farmer. Also compiles bibliographical data on novels, short works and nonfiction.
Zacharias L.A. Nuninga Online since: December 22, 1998 Best seen: 1024 x 768 The publications from around the world in every language! Covered are all the books and stories published in the USA, UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Italy, Japan, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Israel. Plus many from Russia. If you have any information about the books or stories, translations, articles, or whatever else that is missing or incorrect on these pages, please let me know by sending me an e-mail.
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Ibooks publishes The Dungeon series. The first book, with ISBN 0-7434-5829-X, will be published in March 2003 and cost $7.99. The second will follow in May.

13. Kilgore Trout And Philip Jose Farmer
An excerpt from The Magic Labrynth of philip jose farmer by Edgar L. Chapman, defending farmer's use of Kilgore Trout in the novel Venus on the Half Shell.
Venus on the Half-Shell, Philip Jose Farmer and a Hostile Vonnegutia
Edgar L. Chapman
Chris' Note: I was in the library supposedly writing about Karl Barth's treatment of Kant's philosophy of religion. Instead I was combing the stacks for Vonnegut stuff. I thought to myself, "There must be someone as excited about that hack author of Venus on the Half-Shell as I am about Vonnegut." So I engaged the powers of the Duke University electronic catalog to unearth some Philip Jose Farmer criticism. I found this: Edgar Chapman's The Magic Labyrinth of Philip Jose Farmer . As I had hoped, Chapman offers a different take on the motives and personalities of Farmer and Vonnegut. The following is an engagingly different perspective of Venus (and Farmer for that matter) and is full of details to enrich Vonnegut fans. Having said that, Chapman goes too far when he questions the literary merit of Breakfast of Champions and Slapstick ! Oh well. Props to Chapman for skillfully defending the honor of Farmer and

14. The Green Odyssey By Philip Jose Farmer- 1
A fulltext edition of philip jose farmer's The Green Odyssey.
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Fiction Etexts ... The Green Odyssey

15. Philip José Farmer Bibliography
A bibliography of philip jose farmer's books and short stories, with book covers and links to related Category Arts Literature Authors F farmer, philip jose......A bibliography of philip jose farmer's books and short stories, with bookcovers and links to related authors. Books about philip jose farmer, Top.
dwAuthorName = "Philip Jose Farmer"; dwBookTitle = ""; Fantastic Fiction Authors F
... Years
Philip José Farmer
Kilgore Trout (with Kurt Vonnegut Jr ), John H Watson
Search Authors Search Books About Philip José Farmer Top
Philip José Farmer is known primarily for his Science Fiction, but has produced two Fantasy series World of Tiers and Riverworld , the latter an afterlife fantasy in the tradition of John Kendrick Bangs
Series Top Dayworld Dayworld Dayworld Rebel Dayworld Breakup Doc Caliban and Lord Grandrith A Feast Unknown Lord of the Trees The Mad Goblin Herald Childe The Image of the Beast Blown: or Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind Traitor to the Living Opar Hadon of Ancient Opar Flight to Opar World of Tiers The Maker of Universes The Gates of Creation A Private Cosmos Behind the Walls of Terra ... More Than Fire
Novels Top
The Green Odyssey
* Read the complete text on-line! * Flesh ... A Woman a Day
aka The Day of Timestop The Lovers Cache from Outer Space Fire and the Night Inside Outside Tongues of the Moon Dare The Gate of Time ... Lord Tyger Love Song The Stone God Awakens The Wind Whales of Ishmael Tarzan Alive Time's Last Gift ... The Other Log of Phileas Fogg Timestop!

16. Edgar Rice Burroughs Motes & Quotes LXV: Philip Jose Farmer
A study of works by philip jose farmer inspired by Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan series. Includes cover scans, synopsis and general biographical information.
Bill Hillman's
Volume 65

Edgar Rice Burroughs:
Motes and Quotes LXV
Compiled by Bill Hillman
PJF's Links to ERB
Compiled by Bill Hillman
His Links to Edgar Rice Burroughs

PJF Links To ERB I
Del Rey Internet Newsletter 1998: , whose five-book classic Riverworld series will return to bookstores this summer (in deluxe trade paperback editions), has turned in the manuscript for THE DARK HEART OF TIME, a brand-new Tarzan fantasy that blends the quirky Farmer style with the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs approach to adventure. Winner of the 1953 Hugo Award for the novella The Lovers . Winner of the 1968 Hugo Award for the novella Riders of the Purple Wage . Winner of the 1972 Hugo Award for the novel To Your Scattered Bodies Go . "Reading Farmer is an experience in intellect and imagination. Even his least memorable books have educational aspects which entertain as well as inform. "Farmer was unafraid of tackling taboo subjects. He was responsible for breaking the ground for alien sex in science fiction literature. He also acted as apologist for the literary mistakes or well-meaning fabrications of authors such as Edgar Rice Burroughs, L. Frank Baum, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by writing the true stories of their protagonists. "For instance, his analytical study of Tarzan takes on both academic and whimsical dimensions. In The Lord of the Trees , Farmer sets the historical record straight about the jungle hero. In A Feast Unknown, Farmer presents both a more primordial and a truly science fictional perspective. Scholars take note."

17. The Official Philip Jose Farmer Home Page THE BOOK OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER
THE BOOK OF philip JOSÉ farmer Images. Click onany image below to see the full size image.
Click on any image below to see the full size image
1973 Daw
1976 Elmfield
1st British Hardcover
1982 Berkley
1983 Grananda 1st British Paperback

18. Farmer, Philip Jose
philip jose farmer. Das echte Log des Phileas Fogg
Philip Jose Farmer
Das echte Log des Phileas Fogg
Heyne Taschenbuch 06/3980, erschienen 1976, ISBN 3-453-31016-0, Original-Titel: The other log of Phileas Fogg
Rezensent: Ernestine Gohr
Der gefakete Klassiker
2. Warum lebte er sein Leben wie ein Roboter nach genau festgesetzten Zeiten und Ritualen?
3. Warum schlugen am Ende seiner Reise alle Uhren Londons um 20:50 Uhr?
Wer noch mehr wissen will muss selbst lesen.

19. Philip José Farmer: Works About
Banks, R. Jeff, Mystery Plus, Image of the Beast . Bertin, Eddy C. philip josefarmer . Chalton, Nicola, farmer, philip jose American Science Fiction Writer .
Works about PJF ed to him or his work are included. The list would be infinitely long if every book or article with Farmer's name mentioned in it would be included. This index is in alphabetical order of the writer's name. Click on a title to go to the page with more details about the publication. You can go directly to a page by clicking on one of the page numbers. There are many cover scans included. On every page you can go to the next or previous page or back to this index. Books and pamphlets A - Z PAGE 1 Brizzi, Mary T. Chapman, Edgar L. Croteau, Michael Croteau, Michael Living Legend Reception Croteau, Michael The Lovers Knapp, Lawrence Nuninga, Zacharias L.A. Stephensen-Payne, Phil
In books, magazines and fanzines A - C PAGE 2 Alpers, Hans Joachim Anonymous Anonymous The Lovers Celebration: The 50th Anniversary Anonymous "Riverside Views" Anonymous Riverworld Flowing On Ash, Brian Asimov, Isaac Introduction to "The Alley Man" Asimov, Isaac Introduction to "Riders of the Purple Wage" Asimov, Isaac Introduction to "Sail On! Sail On!"

20. The Official Philip José Farmer Home Page
A small selection of poems.
Its Official , we have (slightly) changed our name and moved.
The Official Philip José Farmer Home Page
Can now be found at

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