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         Freeman Brian:     more books (110)
  1. In the Dark by Brian Freeman, 2009-03-31
  2. Immoral by Brian Freeman, 2006-06-27
  3. Stalked by Brian Freeman, 2008-12-30
  4. The Burying Place by Brian Freeman, 2010-04-13
  5. Stripped by Brian Freeman, 2007-07-31
  6. The Bone House by Brian Freeman, 2011-03-29
  7. Seven Stories by Brian James Freeman, 2010-07-03
  8. The Painted Darkness by Brian James Freeman, 2010-11-09
  9. What They Left Behind by Brian James Freeman, 2010-07-03
  10. The Silent Attic by Brian James Freeman, 2010-07-03
  11. Answering the Call by Brian James Freeman, 2010-07-03
  12. Immoral by Brian Freeman, 2005-10-03
  13. The Punishment Room by Brian James Freeman, 2010-07-03
  14. Immoral [Paperback] by Freeman, Brian by Brian Freeman,

1. Brian C. Freeman
Brian C. Freeman. Assistant Professor of Cell Structural Biology.BS, University of Michigan (Microbiology) Ph.D., Northwestern
Brian C. Freeman
Assistant Professor of B.S., University of Michigan (Microbiology)
Ph.D., Northwestern University (Biochemistry and Biophysics)
Postdoctorate, University of California-San Francisco Contact Information
Gene regulation; molecular chaperone action; active disassembly of nuclear protein complexes.
Our lab focuses on understanding the active and regulated disassembly of hetero-oligomeric biological complexes and the means by which disassembly factors facilitate cellular pathways. Using a broad spectrum of techniques including biochemistry, genetics, genomics (expression profiling and "ChIP on CHIP"), cell biology, molecular biology, and proteomics we are characterizing the activities of known molecular chaperones in vivo and in vitro and identifying additional proteins that disassemble hetero-oligomeric complexes. Studying the cellular actions of molecular chaperones with transcriptional regulatory complexes.
Utilizing a mouse mammary cell line that contains a glucocorticoid response element (GRE) array to visualize protein interactions at hormone-activated promoters within a cell, we have observed colocalization of both p23 and Hsp90 with the glucocorticoid receptor (GR). We are exploiting this system to determine the effects of molecular chaperones on the dynamics of GR:GRE complexes. In addition, we are investigating the dynamics of chaperones at GREs, the constituents of the disassembly complexes, the effect of chaperone mutants on promoter complex stability, the effect of coactivators on promoter dynamics, and the energy-requirements for protein turnover at an activated promoter.

2. Brian Freeman
Interview with the author.Category Arts Literature Authors Horror F Freeman, Brian......Brian Freeman. NAME Brian Freeman http// http//www.sinsofthechildren.comGENRE IN WHICH YOU PREFER TO WRITE
Brian Freeman NAME:
Brian Freeman

In 1996, Brian won a Gold and Silver Key in the Scholastic Writing Contest for his science fiction and literary writing. In 1997, he co-edited his school's newspaper while working on the yearbook staff. That same year he won the Harrisburg Patriot-News award for outstanding high school journalism. His senior year he co-edited the yearbook, and since then he's been a constant contributor to various local newspapers' editorial columns. His short story "Red #5" was recently selected for Pulp Eternities' Best of the Web 1999 anthology.
His work has appeared in such magazines and anthologies as In Darkness Eternal II, Nocturnal Lyric, S.U. magazine, Bright Beginnings, The Loop, Nuthouse, Paths of the Imagination, Mausoleum, Cedar Cliff Annual, The Story Shop VI, Lost Worlds, Outer Darkness, genrEZONE, and many others!
Brian is currently attending Shippensburg University while continuing his work on a new novel. To join his personal mailing list, send a blank e-mail to:
WHAT'S COMING UP NEXT: Brian's first novel SINS OF THE CHILDREN will be published in May of 2000 by Dark Star Publications. The official SINS OF THE CHILDREN website can be found at

3. Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman, CLU, ChFC. CA License No. 0667950. (949) 2238327. RetirementStrategies. Estate Planning. Life Insurance. Annuities. Disability Insurance.
Our Firm Associates Careers Community Involvement ... Brian Freeman , CLU, ChFC CA License No. 0667950
  • Retirement Strategies Estate Planning Life Insurance Annuities Disability Insurance
Brian specializes in life and disability insurance, as well as estate, accumulation, and retirement planning for individuals and families. Brian's commitment to continuing education and his recognized efforts in the areas of client services, have established Brian as one of the most distinguished professionals in the California financial services industry.
Brian's Professional Philosophy:
"I am in this business for the long-term and seek to help my clients in all aspects of their personal, professional, and financial lives." Home Important Disclosures Contact Us
and its subsidiaries.

4. Health Sector Advisory Council - Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman. Back to Members List. Brian Freeman is the 1st Year Representativiefor the Health Sector Management Program at Duke's Fuqua School of Business.
Brian Freeman Back to Members List Brian Freeman is the 1st Year Representativie for the Health Sector Management Program at Duke's Fuqua School of Business. As representative, he is currently working to launch a new, annual health care related conference to be hosted by Fuqua. He is also very active in Fuqua's Health Care Club, helping to organize club visits to health care technology companies in Philiadelphia, New Jersey, New York, and California.

5. Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman (415) 6262642, Civil Sex ©1999. loveand comfort and community at those margins. Brian Freeman.
Brian Freeman

Civil Sex
I like to think of my plays and performance pieces (to paraphrase the late British playwright Joe Orton) as being about the pleasure of getting away with it. I like to journey into ambivalent spaces where desire, identity, and politics collide. Spaces so difficult to visit in life yet so easy to travel to onstage. And I love to do it with humor and panache. The content of my work often explores the racial and sexual margins of our American identity, and what it means to search for love and comfort and community at those margins. Brian Freeman

6. Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman (415) 6262642 Education. 1973-1975,University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Selected Play Performances

Civil Sex
Brian Freeman
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Selected Play Performances, Readings, and Workshops
A Slight Variance, Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco, California; Diverseworks Performance Space, Houston, Texas Civil Sex, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Berkeley, California; NYSE/Public Theater, New York City, New York; Thick Description at The Marsh, San Francisco, California; Woolly Mammoth Theatre, Washington, D.C. Perfect Courage,* Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Festival 2000, San Francisco, California
Selected Publications
"Civil Sex," The Fire This Time, New Black Plays, Theatre Communications Group, New York, New York 21st Century Black Theatre, A Generational Divide, Callboard, San Francisco, California "Fierce Love," Colored Contradictions, Contemporary Black Theater, Penguin, New York, New York "Dark Fruit," Staging Gay Lives, Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado

7. Shop 9000 - Company Information - Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman Senior Manufacturing Trainer. Contact Information Phone (416) 7126904;Fax (905) 790-7921; Website; E-mail
Brian Freeman
Senior Manufacturing Trainer Contact Information Mandate
Provide clients with superior manufacturing training and provide assistance in the installation of Visual Manufacturing software. Industry History
20 years in manufacturing with experience in custom built, process, tier 1 automotive, and repetitive assembly industries. I have worked as a Plant Manager, Logistics Manager, Product Manager and Customer Service Manager. I bring a "total business" view to manufacturing issues to assist companies in achieving better efficiencies and reporting. Software and Technology
Experience with Visual both as a user and as a member of an implementation team as well as all the usual Microsoft Office products. Also have had experience with Lotus, MAPICS and various word processing packages. Education
Honours B.A. (History) from Queen's University, 1980

8. Brian Freeman - Reviews On PubCrawler
Brian Freeman Reviews on PubCrawler Other Reviews by this User. 1 Review fromBrian Freeman Beer Quality, Beer Selection, Food, Service, Overall. N/A, Awesome! Freeman
Brian Freeman - Reviews on PubCrawler
Other Reviews by this User
Monday March 24, 2003 @ 08:08 AM EDT Join Search Reviews Articles ... Top Places Review from Brian Freeman Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall N/A Awesome! Great Great Great
Summits Wayside Tavern ,Snellville,GA
The beer selection is second to none, especially if you prefer draft. The food is much better since they updated the menu earlier this year. I agree that the wait staff is very knowledgable and can recommend beers for those that usually don't stray from traditional American standbys. Monday March 24, 2003 @ 08:08 AM EDT Join Search Reviews Articles ... Top Places Please click here

9. Combined Track - Lake Placid / AMCUP 2mBob Race 1 11-23-02 / Run
5), 203.68. freeman brian, 5.97, (6), 15.56, (6), 22.30, (6), 32.17,(6), 45.35, (6), 102.02, (6), +5.68. 7, 6, USA 5), 101.55. FreemanBrian, 6, 1, ARM

10. Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman. Hardball. Grosse Pointe Blank. The Shawshank Redemption. TheShawshank Redemption. Grosse Pointe Blank. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.
Brian Freeman
Hardball Grosse Pointe Blank The Shawshank Redemption The Shawshank Redemption Grosse Pointe Blank Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves More Jumping Javascript (Java Series (Sun Microsystems Pr)) Jumping Javascript (Sunsoft Press Java Series) Advanced Atlas of Histology The Savior Is Born (Greatest Stories Ever Told) The Dynamic Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology The Old Ones - A Children's Book about the Cliff Dwellers The Old Ones : a children's book about the Anasazi Indians Phosphating and Metal Pretreatment : A Guide to Modern Processes and Practice Cliff Dwellers Coloring Book Authors: F

11. TechTV Store Powered By - Home Bonfire Of The Vanities
Bonfire of the Vanities Tom Hanks Bruce Willis Melanie Griffith Morgan freeman brian De Palma Warner, This product qualifies for Free Shipping Our

Official website for author brian freeman.Category Arts Literature Authors Horror F freeman, is devoted to bringing you current information about brian freeman,an author, editor, publicist and fulltime employee of Cemetery Dance is devoted to bringing you current information about Brian Freeman, an author, editor, publicist and full-time employee of Cemetery Dance Publications ! Over the years Brian has worked as an online publicist for bestselling author Douglas Clegg, modern rock band NOW is NOW , and a media consulting corporation in New York. Last summer he worked with multi-award winning small press Cemetery Dance Publications on a number of projects and promotions, and he recently accepted a full-time position with this highly acclaimed
publisher! Brian also writes novels and short stories in a variety of genres, along with monthly columns in Hellnotes and Jobs in Hell . He sold his first written work when he was just fourteen years old, and since then he has been published in dozens of magazines and anthologies. His new short story entitled "Walking with the Ghosts of Pier 13" recently sold to the Shivers anthology, where it appears between a story by Bentley Little and a story by Douglas Clegg!

13. *-47-*
brian freeman's Home Page You're at http// My other wackyweb site is http// Crusing on my
Come to the THEATRE NOLAN Production of BYE BYE BIRDIE! Opening weekend is: Mar 28-29!
If you can't make it that weekend, come see it: Apr 4-5! Don't miss your opportunity to see Brian dance! *snicker*
around the site: * home * * past updates * * cool stuff * * links * Your TRL Top 3!(3/12)
3. "In Da Club"-50 Cent
2. "Sing For The Moment"-Eminem
1. "The Anthem"-Good Charlotte
Cry Me A River- Justin
Disease- matchbox twenty
Up- Shania Twain
Dream On- Aerosmith It's My Life- Bon Jovi Everyday- Bon Jovi Slam- A*Teens Brian is feeling: View My Guestbook Sign My Guestbook oh my goodness! I just saw JENNY... of all people... my friend Sam's sister Hope's friend who I had not seen in 2-3 years! just riding her bike with her friends. (swhoo... calm down) anyway, I got braces yesterday, they hurt like nooooo tomorrow... and let's see, adding some stuff. I will watch TRL today so expect the top 3 in about an hour and a half. so just look around, you may find something new! p.s. sign my guest book :) pleazels!

14. Brian Freeman - A New Stephen King? Maybe!
Brief biography of the author, with an excerpt of freeman's book available.
Brian Freeman
Home Page

Cameo Appearances

Car Accident
Other Authors

Last Updated 07-Mar-2003
Brian is an excellent horror, dark fantasy and science fiction author. He has written and sold dozens of short stories in his writing career, and has received several awards for this work. Unlike a lot of authors, Brian has placed some of these stories online at various times, showing both his writing abilities, as well as his abilities as a webmaster, maintaining numerous websites. Some of his current stories online include Among Us and Red #5 Brian has shown that his authoring abilities extend further than stories, and include some excellent websites which include: Dueling Minds - This site is great! Every second month Brian chooses a picture that he finds thought provoking (read horrific), and 2 or more authors write short stories based on their interpretations of that picture. So far authors such as Owen Baillie, Matt Barnes, Everette Bell, Linda Bleser, Sandy DeLuca, Brian Freeman and many more, have included their stories for everyone to read online.
Stephen King News and Information Site
- Brian's Stephen King site. It contains lists of King's books and movies, with information about them all, as well as links to some excellent news about King.

15. Brian Freeman @ Catharton Authors
brian freeman. ? Bored? Meet people at Café Catharton Suggest or Request a room.Can't find what you want here? Try searching Google for brian freeman
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all of Catharton just Authors Catharton Authors F : Freeman, Brian Brian Freeman Bored? Meet people at Café Catharton Websites: The Official Site The Midnight Scribe Interview Message Boards: Suggest or Request a board Mailing Lists: Suggest or Request a list Chat Rooms: Suggest or Request a room Can't find what you want here? Try searching Google for Brian Freeman List of Works:
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16. Your Complete Source Of Stephen King Richard Bachman News A
Discusses forthcoming novels and King's works in progress, and offers details about film adaptations and appearances by the horror author. Best wishes . brian freeman. Webmaster Editor
Sell Your Stuff To King Fans At! Click Here To Find Out More Information! Please visit our good friends at
Your One-Stop Shop for Horror And be sure to check out all the Stephen King collectibles (including limited editions, art work, and more) at's Stephen King store! add information
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visitors since this counter was added on May 1, 2001. This site has been around since 1995, and I want tto thank to everyone who has ever stopped by!! Welcome! Welcome to the unofficial Stephen King News and Information website! Within these pages you'll find out all about Stephen King and his alter ego Richard Bachman. Feel free to browse around using the menu to your left. The news section below is updated every couple of days and the archive goes back to 1999, although this site has been on the web in some form or another since 1995/96. (I wish I still had all of those original updates!) Around that same time I started a

17. Brian Freeman
sometimes an actorto-go, sometimes a director-for-hire, in brian freeman's latest works he wears all three hats.
Sometimes solely a playwright, sometimes an actor-to-go, sometimes a director-for-hire, in Brian Freeman's latest works he wears all three hats. A social satirist who makes politically charged theatre, he writes deeply personal, epic narratives. In his recent play, Civil Sex, which focuses on the life of civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, he makes tender, tragic, antic theatre and engages the present moment. A founding member of the performance trio, The Pomo Afro Homos (1991-94), Freeman continues to grapple with the position of gay African-American men within the fabric of modern history.
"Like many artists whose work doesn't sit neatly within a particular form, my work has been seen primarily in alternative venues, performance spaces and festivals. But in the last two years I've begun working with regional theatres. The late poet Audre Lorde referenced herself as "Sister Outsider" and I sometimes feel like "Brother Outsider" as I struggle with what it means to move in from the margins. And it's the less-than-fabulous, the dark, complicated, and messy secrets of history that don't always make people heroes or saints that I find myself exploring now."
Born 1955 Boston, Massachusetts

18. Brian Freeman's Game Links!
brian freeman's Game Links! http// Todayis Activision * Click here to write to brian freeman. Last

19. Poetry Center - Freeman, Brian - 10/31/96
Reader freeman, brian. Accession Number 1351. Date 10/31/96. Length 24 minutes.Tape Quality good. Collection Poetry Center. Ethnicity African American.
Reader: Freeman, Brian
Accession Number - 1351
24 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: African American
Use Policy:
~From Staging Gay Lives: Dark Fruit. From Colored Contradictions: An Anthology of Contemporary African American Plays: Fierce Love. (Both plays have been presented by Pomo Afro Homos.)"Bubble Boy" (performance piece). Gomez, Jewelle and Gómez, Yvette (Intro.); Celis, Lydia; Gómez, Yvette; Reginato, Joseph; Zapp, Mario (Co-readers)
Comments or Questions
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