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         Gal Laszlo:     more books (44)
  1. Idvezlegy, kegyelmes Szent Laszlo keraly, Magyarorszagnak edes oltalma (Hungarian Edition) by Peter Jozsef Gal, 1999
  2. Folklore of Canada: Tall Tales, Stories, Rhymes and Jokes from Every Corner of Canada by Edith (collect and ed) Fowke, 1990

61. ICTM - A Parent Handbook To Mathematics
Math By All Means Geometry. Grades 34. Math Solutions Publications, 1994. Robertson,Joanne and gal, laszlo. Sea Witches. Dial Books for Young Readers, 1991.
Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics
A Parent Handbook to
Mathematics, Grades K-6

Compiled by Jackie L. Cox and Tom Lewis
Parent Handbook

What to Look For

Most Important Teacher

Mathematics in Your Home
Illinois Learning Standards

Mathematics Literature
Resources for Parents

Math Web Sites
The Magic of Math
Jackie L. Cox Clinical Instructor Southern Illinois University Wham 137 Mail Code 4612 Carbondale, IL Tom Lewis Fifth Grade Teacher Jane Addams 3420 53rd Street Moline, IL Mathematics Literature for Children Index: Primary - Grades K-3 Elementary - Grades 4-6 Primary - Grades K-3
Aker, Suzanne. Allen, Pamela. Who Sank the Boat ? Sandcastle Books, Putnam Publishing Group, 1989. Anno, Mitsumasa. Anno's Math Games . Philomel Books, 1987. Anno, Mitsumasa. Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar . Philomel Books, 1983. Axeiroad, Amy.

62. Ovid: Titles Display
8. gal, laszlo. Onchip cross talk - the new signal integrity challengeProceedings of the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference 1995.
Results of your search: (deep submicron and CAD).ti,ab,hw,fs,id.
Citations available:
Citations displayed:
Citations in "Titles Display" format Go to ... Help Logoff 1. Yamakoshi, K. Watanabe, T. Takei, Y. Sawada, H. Layout technique Abstract Complete Record 2. Watanabe, Takumi. Ohtomo, Yusuke. Yamakoshi, Kimihiro. Takei, Yuichiro. Effective routing methodology for Gb/s LSI using deep submicron CMOS/SIMOX technology Proceedings of the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference 1997. IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA,97Ch36005.. p 569-572 Abstract Complete Record 3. Kuh, Ernest S. Physical design: reminiscing and looking ahead Proceedings of the International Symposium on Physical Design 1997. ACM, New York, NY, USA.. p 206 Abstract Complete Record 4. Mitsuhashi, Takashi. Aoki, Takahiro. Murakata, Masami. Yoshida, Kenji. Physical design CAD in deep sub-micron era European Design Automation Conference - Proceedings 1996. IEEE, Los Alamitos, CA, USA,96CB36000.. p 350-355 Abstract Complete Record 5. Lee, M. Hot-carrier measurements and modelings for deep submicron CMOS technology Proceedings of the International Conference on Microelectronics. v 1 1995. IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA. p 189-196

63. Everyone's Portal
Simon@ 3 Gaiman, Neil@ 40 Gaines 0 Gainsborough, Thomas@ 4 Gainsbourg,Serge@ 11 Gaither, Silas@ 5 Gaitskill, Mary@ 6 gal, laszlo@ 3 galas

64. $TITLE
Rocky_Mountain Shows Spotted_Saddle_Horse Tennessee_Walking Web Rings Gaither VocalBand Taff, Russ Gaither, Silas Gaitskill, Mary gal, laszlo galactic Music
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65. Tischtennis - Weltmeisterschaften (Teil 1)
Translate this page laszlo Bellak/Magda gal - HUN. Zoltan Mechlovits/Maria Mednyanszky - HUN. SandorGlancz/Magda gal - HUN. laszlo Bellak/Marta Komaromi - HUN. 1932.
Historie Tischtennis - Weltmeisterschaften (Mixed) Tischtennis - Weltmeisterschaften Mixed Jahr Weltmeister Platz 2 Platz 3 Platz Zoltan Mechlovits /Maria Mednyanszky - HUN Daniel Pecsi - HUN/Erika Metzger - GER Charles Bull/Joan Ingram - ENG Fred Perry/Winifred Land - ENG Istvan Kelen /Anna Sipos - HUN Laszlo Bellak /Magda Gal - HUN Zoltan Mechlovits /Maria Mednyanszky - HUN Alfred Liebster/Gertrude Wildam - AUT Miklos Szabados/Maria Mednyanszky - HUN Istvan Kelen /Anna Sipos - HUN Sandor Glancz /Magda Gal - HUN Victor Barna - HUN/Ingeborg Carnatz - GER Miklos Szabados/Maria Mednyanszky - HUN Victor Barna/Anna Sipos - HUN Sandor Glancz /Magda Gal - HUN Laszlo Bellak /Marta Komaromi - HUN Victor Barna/Anna Sipos - HUN Miklos Szabados/Maria Mednyanszky - HUN Victor Barna/Anna Sipos - HUN Jaroslav Jilek - TCH/Magda Gal - HUN Istvan Kelen /Maria Mednyanszky - HUN Sandor Glancz /Magda Gal - HUN Victor Barna/Anna Sipos - HUN Nikita Madjaroglou /Annemarie Schulz - GER Miklos Szabados/Maria Mednyanszky - HUN Victor Barna/Anna Sipos - HUN Laszlo Bellak - HUN/Kathleen Berry - ENG Stanislav Kolar Marie Smidova-Masakova TCH Victor Barna/Anna Sipos - HUN Stanislav Kolar /Marie Kettnerova - TCH Miklos Szabados/Maria Mednyanszky - HUN Adrian

66. Saint Thomas Church Library
The Good Samaritan, Young people's, Goodman of Ballengiech, The, Young people's,gal, laszlo. The Gospel according to John, Bible NT commentaries, Hunter, AlanM.

67. Folktales And Fairy Tales
his due reward. This enduring story of loyalty is richly illustratedin keep lustrous colours by laszlo gal. Maloney, Margaret.
Reading Corner Kid's Home Page HPL Hom e Page ... Library Catalogue to locate and place holds.
  • Cleaver, Elizabeth. The Miraculous Hind
    The story of two brothers who set out on a hunt leading them to a new land and a new way of life was part of Hungarian oral tradition for centuries until it was written down in the late 1200's. It describes the years of wanderings of the nomadic tribe which eventually gave birth to the Hungarian nation.
    Freisen, Rhinehart. Almost An Elephant
    A Greek potter has one small lump of clay left after his day's work, which he attempts to mould into a small elephant. But the clay has a mind of its own, and by the time the piece has been fired, there is a surprising result.
  • Day, David. The Emperor's Panda
    A poor young shepherd boy, Kung, sets off to rescue his uncle from the clutches of three evil wizards. At the outset of his quest, Kung meets Lotd Beishung, the Master Panda, a benign and friendly creature who has much to tell the boy about the need for balance in the world. Sensitive black and white illustrations enhance this traditional quest story. Honourable Mention 1986 Canada Council Children's Literature Prize for Text and Illustrations.
    Haseley, Dennis.

68. Message
Gaarder, Jostein 2 Gager, Timothy 1 Gaiman, Neil@ 40 Gaitskill, Mary 6 gal,laszlo@ 3 galen, Nina 1 gallagher, Tess 2 gallico, Paul 1 galloway

69. Beowulf Reviews
laszlo gal's beautiful illustrations, which resemble shimmering tapestries,capture the heroic tone of the story perfectly. Highly
Beowulf Reviews
"Fourteen-year-old Wiglaf is a distant kinsman to the great warrior-king, Beowulf. Like all members of the Waegmunding clan, young Wiglaf has a god-given gift. And like all gifts from the Norse gods, it is also a curse. Wiglaf's gift is that 'he sees things,' but often these visions are not nice. One day, Wiglaf has a horrible vision of an old hag and a terrible monster devouring human bodies in a dark cave. Wiglaf's uncle, Aelfhere, tells the youth that he is seeing an old vision of Beowulf's famous enemies, Grendel the Troll and his evil hag mother. Wiglaf asks to know what happened and thus begins a tale about the life and death of Beowulf. At the end of the tale, Aelfhere concludes, 'You should know... that when a man looks for praise, it is often love he truly seeks.'
Although this outstanding retelling of the original Dark Age West Saxon legend stays close to the original tale, Katz adds new subthemes by having the story told through Wiglaf's eyes. Katz also works a little 20th-century psychology into the fabric as she repeatedly points out that Beowulf's selfless bravery is rooted in his own insecure need to prove himself worthy of love.
Laszlo Gal's beautiful illustrations, which resemble shimmering tapestries, capture the heroic tone of the story perfectly. Highly recommended."

70. SIG Bibliography -- Epics, Folklore, & Stories
gal, laszlo. Prince Ivan the Firebird. Buffalo, NY Firefly Books,1992. AY, EM Nice but uninspiring version of the classic tale.
Free Web site hosting -
Epics, Folklore, and Stories
von Amrum, Eichling [Jenny Chennault]. "Russian Folklore." Complete Anachronist : 34 (1989). [AY]
Slightly hard to follow, basic intro to Russian paganism. Anstruther, F. C. Old Polish Legends . New York: Hippocrene, 1991.[KS]
Legends are undocumented but some of the stories (e.g., Trumpeter of Krakow) are quasi-documented by other legends in related cultures. Balassa, Ivan and Gyula Ortutay. Hungarian Ethnography and Folklore . Translated by Maria and Kenneth Bales. Budapest: Corvina Kiado, 1984. [KA]
Massive book, full of photographs, drawings, and detailed texts. The Edificatory Prose of Kievan Rus'. Translated by William R. Veder. Introduction by William R. Veder and Anatolij A. Turilov. Harvard Library of Early Ukrainian Literature, English Translations, Vol 6. Cambridge MA: Ukrainian Research Institute of Harvard University, 1994. [OKB] Folk Tales from the Soviet Union: The Baltic Republics. Edited by Robert Babloyan and Mirlena Shumskaya. Moscow: Raduga, 1986. [AY, EM]
Contains five stories, each translated and illustrated by a different person. Ends with a brief political "sketch" of the region.

71. Lowell Elementary School AR Titles E & F
Forces of Nature) Murray, Peter 6.4 0.5 Earthquakes (Images) George, Michael 7.30.5 East of the Sun West of the Mo gal, laszlo 3.4 1.0 Easter Bunny Battle
Updated April 12, 2000 Return to AR Levels E En F ... Fr Accelerated Reader E Book Title Author Point Value E-Mail Mystery, The Keene, Carolyn 5.4 5.0
Eagle Kite, The Fox, Paula 5.1 4.0
Eagles (Bird Discovery) Stone, Lynn M. 3.7 0.5
Eagles (Zoobooks) Wexo, John Bonnett 5.2 1.0
Ear, the Eye, and the Arm, The Farmer, Nancy 7.4 16.0
Early Christmas Kalman, Bobbie 4.7 2.0
Early City Life Kalman, Bobbie 4.4 2.0
Early Farm Life Gunby, Lise 4.5 2.0
Early Pleasures and Pastimes Kalman, Bobbie 4.8 2.0
Early Schools Kalman, Bobbie 4.1 2.0
Early Settler Storybook Kalman, Bobbie 4.5 2.0 Early Stores and Markets Kalman, Bobbie 5.1 2.0 Early Travel Kalman, Bobbie 5.0 2.0 Early Village Life Kalman, Bobbie 5.1 2.0 Earrings! Viorst, Judith 2.4 0.5

72. Searchalot Directory For G
6); Gaitskill, Mary (6); gal, laszlo (3); galas, Diamanda (15); galbraith,John Kenneth (0); galecki, Johnny (3); galen, Nina (1); galieva
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73. Botschaft Von Kanada In Deutschland - Kanadische Autoren In Deutscher Übersetzu
Translate this page gal, laszlo Illustrationen zu Martin, Eva Märchen aus Kanada * Habegger,1987 Tales of the Far North Methuen Children Books, 1986.
Sprachen Kontakt Hilfe Suche ... Kanada und Deutschland
G Gadd, Ben
Rabens Ruh (Roman)
(Gwynneth u. Peter Hochsieder)
Kindler Verlag,2003
Raven's End: A Tale of the Canadian Rockies
Gagnon, Jean-Louis
Kanada - Einheit durch Vielfalt (Essay)
(Dieter Curths)
Umschau, 1976
Canada: Pictures of a Great Land
Umschau + Gage Publishing (Co-Produktion), 1976 Gal, Laszlo Illustrationen zu Martin, Eva: Habegger, 1987 Tales of the Far North Methuen Children Books, 1986 Gallant, Mavis (Eva Bornemann) Fischer tb, 1992 aus: From the Fifteenth District Macmillan of Canada, 1986 Gallant, Mavis Bernadette (Peter Kleinhempel) Verlag Volk und Welt, 1974 Bernadette Random House Inc. NY, 1964 Gallant, Mavis Blockstelle Pegnitz * (Barbara von Bechtolsheim und Helga Pfetsch) Rowohlt, 1991 The Pegnitz Junction Random House, 1978 Gallant, Mavis S. Fischer, 1997 Green water, green sky Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1959 Gallant, Mavis S. Fischer, 1996 Across the Bridge Gallant, Mavis

74. [T] RE: Gal Ferenc
Gál Ferenc irja Ugye ezt meg Lorinc laszlo sem gondolja komolyan gal Ferencerve A jelenlegi tankonyvve nyilvanitasi rendszer kizarja ezt. Ennyi.
[T] RE: Gal Ferenc
Lorinc Laszlo
Tue Apr 24 13:19:45 2001 Ugye ezt meg Lorinc Laszlo sem gondolja komolyan ... marmint, hogy Magyarorszagon barki is, politikai alapon kivanna a tori konyvekbe beleszolni? A jelenlegi tankonyvve nyilvanitasi rendszer kizarja ezt. Ennyi. Ja, hacsak ugy nem. Ezt gondolom meg Gal Ferenc sem gondolja komolyan. Mar csak azert sem, mert a jelnlegi rendszer mondjuk par hetes (legfeljebb honapos) szisztema, az elozo sem tul regi, ez tehat valtozo, es mitol mastol fuggene a valtozasa mint eppen...? Igen, bizony, a politikatol. 2002-ben nagyon kozel kerulhet az oktatasi tarcahoz azon part, mely sajtojaban Budapest hos 1945-os vedoirol szolo megemlekezesekrol tudosit megrendulten. (Hogy Bardossy glorifikalasarol mar ne is beszeljunk, mikozben Imredy perujrafelvetelet fontolgatjak.) Meg elkepzelni sem tudom, mit gondolnak akkor a galad Bajcsy-Zsilinszkyrol, Tartsayrol es a tobbiekrol, akik azert lovettek fobe vagy kinoztattak agyon magukat a hos vedokkel, mert meg akartak nyitni a frontot... "Tobb dolgok vannak foldon s egen Horatio, semmint bolcselmetek almodni kepes". S eleg sok mindent lehet ma Magyarorszagon komolyan gondolni. Lorinc Laszlo. > -Original Message- From: Lorinc Laszlo [mailto:

75. G Website Results :: Linkspider UK
Gaither, Silas@ (6); Gaitskill, Mary@ (6); gal, laszlo@ (3); galas,Diamanda@ (15); galbraith, John Kenneth@ (0); galecki, Johnny@ (3
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  • van der Goes, Hugo
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  • 76. Tour Toto Tilburg
    Deelnemers (onder voorbehoud)
    Ga na of uw deelnemerslijst juist is opgenomen in onderstaand overzicht. Zo niet, zo snel als mogelijk reageren. Renners bijgewerkt t/m 10 etappe Tour de France 2002

    77. Linux-flame 2003. Február
    replikacio Balazs gal Re Heimdal replikacio Gabor Halasz; Re Heimdal replikacioBalazs gal; ido AlsoAntal Csaba Re ido Attila.Nohl Re ido laszlo MATICS Re
    linux-flame 2003. február
    A levelek thread szerint vannak rendezve.
    [Elôzô oldal] 1. oldal (összesen: 13) [ Következô oldal
    Dátum szerint
    A többi MLF lista MLF ...

    78. Browsing Reference Biography G Category
    Link Gagliano, Marco da Gagné, Simon Gaiman, Neil Gaines Gainsborough, ThomasGainsbourg, Serge Gaither, Silas Gaitskill, Mary gal, laszlo galas, Diamanda
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    79. AR Author G-I
    Gaines, Isabel, 2.3, Be Quiet, Pooh! 2489 EN, 0.5. gal, laszlo, 4.9, East of theSun West of the Moon, 13666 EN, 1. galbraith, Kathryn, 2.8, Laura Charlotte, 6278EN, 0.5.
    Author Level Title Quiz ID Points Gackenbach, Dick Hattie Rabbit 7221 EN Gackenbach, Dick Dog for a Day 7557 EN Ga'g, Wanda Millions of Cats 6128 EN Gaines, Ernest J. Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, The 729 EN Gaines, Isabel Be Quiet, Pooh! 2489 EN Gal, Laszlo 13666 EN Galbraith, Kathryn Laura Charlotte 6278 EN Galdone, Joanna Tailypo: A Ghost Story, The 6500 EN Galdone, Paul Little Red Hen, The 6124 EN Galdone, Paul Gingerbread Boy, The 37036 EN Gallant, Roy A. Rocks 44994 EN Gambrell, Jamey Telephone 21333 EN Gammie, Janet L. Clydesdale Horses (Checkerboard) 15188 EN Gammie, Janet L. Palomino Horses (Checkerboard) 15189 EN Gammie, Janet L. Pinto Horses (Checkerboard) 15190 EN Gammie, Janet L. Shetland Ponies (Checkerboard) 15191 EN Gammie, Janet L.

    80. Gnome-1.4-list 2001-February Archive By Date
    Maciej Stachowiak; Re GNOME 1.4 Rel Eng Minutes (Feb 5, 2001) laszlo PETER; Re gnomecontrol center trouble with sawfish0.37.2 Karl Eichwalder; gal is missing
    2001-February Archive by Date
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