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         Gould Steven:     more books (79)
  1. Reflex by Steven Gould, 2005-08-02
  2. Jumper: Griffin's Story by Steven Gould, 2008-02-05
  3. Jumper: A Novel by Steven Gould, 2008-02-05
  4. Wildside by Steven Gould, 1111
  5. Helm by Steven Gould, 2010-08-25
  6. Blind Waves by Steven Gould, 2010-09-12
  7. The Richness of Life: The Essential Stephen Jay Gould by Stephen Jay Gould, 2007-05-17
  8. The Year's Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 2 by Elizabeth Bear, Ian Creasey, et all 2010-06-21
  9. Shade: A Tor.Com Original by Steven Gould, 2010-07-14
  10. Greenwar by Steven Gould, Laura J. Mixon, 1998-11
  11. Critical Essays on Wallace Stevens (Critical Essays on American Literature) by Steven Gould Axelrod, Helen Deese, 1988-09
  12. Jumper by Steven Gould, 1993
  13. Guinness Book of the 20th Century
  14. Sylvia Plath: The Wound and the Cure of Words by Steven Gould Axelrod, 1992-03-01

1. Steven Gould
Steven Gould. Last modified 31Aug-97. Contents.
Steven Gould
Last modified 31-Aug-97
  • Who is he?
  • What books has he written?
  • Reviews of his books
    Who is he?
    Alas, another author I know little about. All that his books say is that he's from Albuquerque, New Mexico. So I guess he is shrouded in mystery. :)
    What books has he written?
    • Jumper
    • Wildside
    Reviews of his books
    Jumper - no review. Mail me with one if you have read this book.
    Wildside - What if you had a gate? A gate that could take you to infinitely many different earth-like worlds , where there were no humans. Would you share this secret? That is the question Charlie was faced with. He wanted to explore these new worlds, so he had to buy equipment and hire people to help him. So he decided to bring passenger pigeons, long instinct, to sell in the normal world. However, it is hard to keep it a secret. Soon, too many people find out, and the government is very interested in this device that Charlie possesses.
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  • 2. Viable Paradise Science Fiction Writers' Workshop: Steven Gould
    Steven Gould. Computer guy, master of the martial arts, writer. Sept.1980, Analog, The Touch of Their Eyes, Short Story; June 8
    Steven Gould
    Computer guy, master of the martial arts, writer.
    • Sept. 1980, Analog , "The Touch of Their Eyes," Short Story
    • June 8, 1981, Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine , "Wind Instrument," Novelette
    • August 1981, Analog , "Gift of Fire," Novelette
    • April 1984, Analog , "Rory," Short Story
    • July 1985, Amazing , "Mental Blocks," Short Story
    • April 1986, Analog , "The No License Needed, Fun to Drive, Built Easily with Ordinary Tools, Revolutionary, Guaranteed, Lawnmower Engine Powered, Low Cost, Compact, and Dependable Mail Order Device," Short Story
    • Fall 1987, New Destinies , "Poppa Was A Catcher," Novella (also appeared in Cities In Space , edited by Jerry Pournelle and John F. Carr, Ace Books, Sept. 1991)
    • Feb. 1988, Analog , "Peaches For Mad Molly," Novelette, (also in Donald A. Wolheim's annual 1989 World's Best SF anthology, for Gardner Dozois' Best SF of 1989 , for the British anthology The Orbit Science Fiction Yearbook #2 , and for Hayakawa's Science Fiction Magazine in Japan.)

    3. Biography: Steven Jay Gould
    Steven Jay gould steven Jay Gould. Palaeontologist and writer. Codeveloperof the theory of punctuated equilibrium. Taught as the
    Steven Jay Gould
    Palaeontologist and writer. Co-developer of the theory of punctuated equilibrium. Taught as the Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology and Professor of Geology at Harvard. Full Biography Index To return to previous topic, click on your browser's 'Back' button. Email link

    4. Steven Gould
    Steven Gould.
    Steven Gould Click on a book's image or title to order from
    Reviewed November 1997 Steven Gould doesn't quite write hard science fiction - not in his first two novels, anyway - but he does take a very logical, methodical approach to his SF. Jumper is about David Rice, an 18-year-old man who grew up with an abusive father. Shortly before his 18th birthday, David learns that he can teleport, moving instantly to any place that he can clearly remember having been to or seen in person. The entire book explores what David can do - and does - with this ability over the course of a year and a half. Davy first uses this ability to escape from his father, moving from Ohio to New York City. Gould does a good job of portraying a young and relatively naive person in such a situation, ad Davy doesn't have a license or birth certificate, or any means of getting money. So what does he do to fix this? He robs a bank and gets a fake driver's license. He quickly learns that he can teleport to places he can see clearly, which allows him to jump through windows, and move quickly across stretches of land. Binoculars come in handy. He also learns that having been somewhere, distance means little to him, and he maintains residences in three different states, moving seamlessly among them. As befits the age of its protagonist

    5. Steven Jay Gould
    Steven Jay Gould is the most popular modern guardian not just of Charles Darwin'sevolutionary science, but of the quasireligious enthusiasm that closes the
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    Call the Show: 1-800-423-8255
    First Hour Listen Now email this story to a friend
    Stephen Jay Gould
    December 15th, 2000
    listen to the intro
    Post your questions for Stephen Jay Gould on our forums.... Stephen Jay Gould is the most popular modern guardian not just of Charles Darwin's evolutionary science, but of the quasi-religious enthusiasm that closes the "Origin of Speech," where Darwin wrote "there is grandeur in this view of life." Through 27 years now Steve Gould has written an unbroken series of essays in the magazine Natural History , all under the heading: "This view of life." Excitement, awe, a certain sentimentality some would say, are the mark of his scientific writing-about the beauty of fossils, about Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak or the majestic, improbable continuity of 3-and-a-half billion years of life on earth. He writes with a connected passion about his Hungarian immigrant grandparents, Grammy and Papa Joe, who landed 100 years ago in New York. Encompassing continuity and change, evolution is the "roots" story write large. Steve Gould's view of life is this hour on The Connection. Guests: Stephen Jay Gould, the influential evolutionary biologist and professor at Harvard University.

    6. SWAN /All Libraries
    Num Mark AUTHORS (18 of 8) Year gould steven 1 Blind Waves / Steven Gould. 20002 Greenwar / Steven Gould And Laura J. Mixon. 1998 4 Helm / Steven Gould.,11,872/search/aGould, Stephen Jay./agould st
    KEYWORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT All SWAN libraries Acorn Acorn Juvenile Alsip-Merrionette Park Alsip-Merrionette Park Juvenile Anderson/Oglesby Anderson/Oglesby Juvenile Bedford Park Bedford Park Juvenile Beecher Beecher Juvenile Bellwood Bellwood Juvenile Berkeley Berkeley Juvenile Berwyn Berwyn Juvenile Blue Island Blue Island Juvenile Broadview Broadview Juvenile Brookfield Zoo Brookfield Zoo Education Calumet City Calumet City Juvenile Calumet Park Calumet Park Juvenile Chicago Heights Chicago Heights Juvenile Chicago Ridge Chicago Ridge Juvenile Cicero Cicero Juvenile Cicero Branch Cicero Branch Juvenile Clarendon Hills Clarendon Hills Juvenile Crestwood Crestwood Juvenile Crete Crete Juvenile Dolton Dolton Juvenile Downers Grove Downers Grove Juvenile Eisenhower Eisenhower Juvenile Elmhurst Elmhurst Juvenile Elmwood Park Elmwood Park Juvenile Evergreen Park Evergreen Park Juvenile Flossmoor Flossmoor Juvenile Forest Park Forest Park Juvenile Frankfort Frankfort Juvenile Frankfort Bookmobile Glenwood-Lynwood Glenwood-Lynwood Juvenile Grande Prairie Grande Prairie Juvenile Harvey Harvey Juvenile Hillside Hillside Juvenile Hinsdale Hinsdale Juvenile Hodgkins Hodgkins Juvenile Homewood Homewood Juvenile Indian Prairie Indian Prairie Juvenile Justice Justice Juvenile La Grange La Grange Juvenile La Grange Park La Grange Park Juvenile Lyons Lyons Juvenile Matteson Matteson Juvenile Maywood Maywood Juvenile McClure Junior High School McClure Junior High School Audiovisual McConathy

    7. Steven Gould - Bibliography Summary
    Steven Gould Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Alpha Main Menu SearchShort Fiction The Touch of Their Eyes (1980) Gift of Fire (1981)

    8. Digital Noir
    steven gould February 2000. Enter the world of. In Paperback, Nov 1998 by stevengould and Laura J. Mixon In hardcover June 1997 In paperback November 1998.
    The primary moods of classic film noir are melancholy, alienation, bleakness, disillusionment, disenchantment, pessimism, ambiguity, moral corruption, evil, guilt and paranoia. Tim Dirks What is Binary but the One of blinding light contrasted with the Zero of suffocating darkness? Anonymous
    Burning The Ice
    Blind Waves Greenwar
    [What's New?] ... [Site Awards]
    BURNING THE ICE by Laura J. Mixon
    In hardcover August 2002
    "A brilliantly conceived and executed novel" -Brian Herbert Steven Gould
    February 2000
    Enter the world of
    by Steven Gould and Laura J. Mixon In hardcover June 1997
    In paperback November 1998
    Steve and Laura
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    9. Steven Gould - Homepage
    Authormaintained website.
    Steven Gould - homepage
    CleanUp! freeware open source software developer Country Music photographs
    * A portfolio of my writings. * Windows CleanUp! home page (Freeware). * A collection of photos of Country Music artists performing live in concert.
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    10. Gould, Steven
    steven J. gould. PROFESSOR (O). BS University of California, Los Angles,1966. Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1970. The
    STEVEN J. GOULD PROFESSOR (O) B.S. University of California, Los Angles, 1966 Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1970 The goal of Dr. Gould's research is to develop a better understanding of the organic chemistry that can occur in biological systems and, in this manner, discover new principles of organic chemistry that can be applied in the laboratory. The vehicle for this is a program studying the biosynthesis of antibiotics of unusual structure. His biosynthetic studies are aimed at determining the metabolic pathways by which microorganisms (predominantly Streptomyces) utilize the typical primary biochemical building blocks such as amino acids, Kreb's Cycle intermediates, and simple sugars to generate structurally and stereochemically complex "secondary" metabolites as typified by antibiotics. These studies use a variety of radioactive and stable isotopes, such as 14C, 3H, 13C, 2H, 15H, and 18O, for tracing out the biosynthetic pathways. Stable isotopes are the primary tools in this work. Their presence and location in the labeled antibiotics are established using state of the art NMR techniques. There is a need to synthesize most of the labeled compounds that are "fed" in order to introduce the correct "label" at the most strategic position(s). The more complex the compound, the more challenging the synthesis. As an important adjunct to these feeding experiments, the isolation and characterization of other metabolites from these antibiotic producing microorganisms is often important, since these may be structurally related to the original target.

    11. Steven C. Gould, Science Fiction Writer
    steven C. gould. Novels. gould, steven C., Jumper, Tor, New York, 1992.
    Steven C. Gould
    Gould, Steven C., Jumper, Tor, New York, 1992. ISBN: 0-312-85272-X Wildside, Tor, 1996. Gould, Steven C., and Laura J. Mixon, Greenwar, Tor/Forge, 1997.
    Original Short Fiction
    Gould, Steven, Analog
    Sources of Biographical and Bibliographical Information
    Steven Gould and Laura J. Mixon: Two by two, in Locus, #439, August, 1997. (interview)

    12. Steven Gould And Writing
    steven gould and Writing, I've been publishing fiction since 1980 whenmy first short story, The Touch of Their Eyes, came out in Analog.
    Steven Gould
    and Writing I've been publishing fiction since 1980 when my first short story, "The Touch of Their Eyes," came out in Analog . Since that time, I've published more short fiction in Analog, Amazing, Asimov's and various anthologies. I've been nominated for various awards and won one (see Wildside A Bibliography. One of my later short stories, "The Session", appears in Terri Windling's anthology, The Armless Maiden and Other Tales for Childhood's Survivors , (Tor Books, April 1995, ISBN 0-312-85234-7). This anthology deals with child abuse and fairy tales and how the two relate. Of particular worth are Windling's opening and closing essays on the subject. Highly recommended. The Books Blind Waves Helm Wildside Jumper ... Greenwar
    Blind Waves
    In hardcover, February 2000 ISBN 0-312-86445-0
    In paperback, January 2001 ISBN 0-812-57109-6 Cover art by Jim Burns
    Amazon.Com says:
    Steven Gould's Blind Waves is one of those books that makes you hold your breath a lot. This SF thriller takes place along what's left of the Texas Gulf coast after melting Antarctic ice has drowned much of the world. In New Galveston, a floating city, our plucky heroine Patricia Beeman uses her submarine to do salvage and inspection work. But when she stumbles upon a sunken ship full of freshly dead immigrants, she gets tangled in a dangerous web of politics, hatred, and corruption. Enter Commander Thomas Becket of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (now an armed force bigger than the Navy). Patricia and Thomas band together to beat the bad guys, and the adventure that follows delivers on all counts. Plenty of tense underwater action and zingy plot twists will keep thriller fans turning pages, while snappy dialogue, a delightfully budding romance, and homages to Shakespeare and Dorothy L. Sayers add literary flair.

    13. Steve Gould's Homepage Has Moved steven gould's Homepage. This site hosts a variety of things in which I am involved.
    Please update your bookmarks
    This site has been permanently moved. You should be redirected to the new site in 5 seconds. If not, you can click on

    14. Chris Adams: Library
    Gold, Jonathan (1), Counter Intelligence. gould, steven (1), Jumper. Gribbin,John R. (1), The Jupiter Effect. Grisham, John (2), The Rainmaker. The RunawayJury., James Patrick

    15. Steven Gould And Laura J. Mixon
    Laura J. Mixon. steven gould. Steve and Laura are freelance writers of science fiction and thrillers who live very near
    Laura J. Mixon Steven Gould
    Steve and Laura are freelance writers of science fiction and thrillers who live very near Albuquerque, New Mexico with their two children. (Oh, yeah. They're married to each other.) Laura's Pages Steve's Pages
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    16. Untitled
    gould, steven Jay, ed. 1992. “Critical Social Ethics.” Belmont,CA Wadsworth. gould, steven Jay, ed. 1991. “Paradigms in
    Rethinking Marxism The Critical Criminologist 2, no. 3: 3-4,12,15-16. The Critical Criminologist 2, no. 4. Analyzing Marxism Radical Review of Books no. 2: 33-36. . (Book review). Philosophy Research Archives Philosophy Research Archives Nature, Society and Thought 2, no. 4: 508-16. Theories of the State Philosophical Books 28, no. 3: 177-82. (Book review).

    17. Steven Gould : An Icon Of The Creative Universe - A Master Of Science Fiction An
    steven gould An Icon of the Creative Universe A Master of Science Fiction andFantasy Quill - Paver of Past, Present, and Future. All about steven gould
    Steven Gould : An Icon of the Creative Universe - A Master of Science Fiction and Fantasy Quill - Paver of Past, Present, and Future More about Steven Gould
    Steven Gould
    Educational Priorities


    kurt vonnegut

    arthur c clarke

    david brin
    ... All about Steven Gould
    Must Check KEY TOPICS and Something about Accounting and Financing
    INVESTMENT Cars for the Heart ... Public Laws of the 107th hold your thoughts Please note - at times desired information might not be available. Many of the links do provide interesting and valuable information. bookmark this page for easy return ... you just might think of something later. Resources many have found useful ... you might find these to be the most valuable for you! Quantum Psychology Robert Anton Wilson Quantum Psychology : How Brain Software Programs You and Your World ASIMOV's FOUNDATION TRILOGY IS A MUST Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov Foundation by Isaac Asimov Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov Foundation's Triumph (Second Foundation Trilogy) by David Brin Asimov's Chronology of the World Isaac Asimov From the world's greatest science writer, a history of the world from the Big Bang to 1945, told in irresistible short takes and highlighted by a timeline.

    18. Movies Unlimited: Product Page
    99 min. Category Comedy Director steven Paul Cast Kaye Ballard, Elliott gould,steven Paul, Stuart Paul, Michelle Pfeiffer, Herbert Rudley, Susannah York

    19. Movies Unlimited: Product Page
    Category Comedy Director steven Paul Cast Kaye Ballard, Elliott gould, stevenPaul, Stuart Paul, Michelle Pfeiffer, Herbert Rudley, Susannah York

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