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         Hammett Dashiell:     more books (99)
  1. Dashiell Hammett Complete Novels: Red Harvest, The Dain Curse, The Maltese Falcon, The Glass Key, and The Thin Man (Library of America #110) by Dashiell Hammett, 1999-08-30
  2. Dashiell HammettCollection by Dashiell Hammett, 2008-07-27
  3. The Glass Key by Dashiell Hammett, 1989-07-17
  4. Shadow Man: The Life of Dashiell Hammett by Richard Layman, 1981-12
  5. Vintage Hammett by Dashiell Hammett, 2005-01-25
  6. The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett, 1989-07-17
  7. Dashiell Hammett: Crime Stories and Other Writings (Library of America) by Dashiell Hammett, 2001-09-10
  8. Dashiell Hammett : A Life by Diane Johnson, 1987-06-12
  9. The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett, 1992-08
  10. Lost Stories (The Ace Performer Collection series) by Dashiell Hammett, 2005-09-01
  11. The Continental Op by Dashiell Hammett, 1989-07-17
  12. Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett, 1989-07-17
  13. The Big Knockover: Selected Stories and Short Novels by Dashiell Hammett, 1989-07-17
  14. The Dain Curse by Dashiell Hammett, 1989-07-17

1. Dashiell Hammett
hammett dashiell. Bird K. The Color of Truth.
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2. : Hammett Dashiell
Translate this page hammett dashiell (1894-1961) Né en 1894 à Baltimore, dans une famille pauvredu Maryland, Samuel Dashiel Hammett, précurseur du polar noir américain, a

3. RARA-AVIS: Bibliographies: Dashiell Hammett
Dashiell Hammett. Thanks to Eddie Duggan and Jiro Kimura for their help. DashiellHammett Omnibus (Knopf, 1935) Red Harvest; The Dain Curse; The Maltese Falcon.
Dashiell Hammett
Thanks to Eddie Duggan and Jiro Kimura for their help. See also The Lazy Gink's Guide to a Complete Hammett Collection
  • Red Harvest (Knopf, 1929) (Op) The Dain Curse (Knopf, 1929) (Op) The Maltese Falcon (Knopf, 1930) The Glass Key (Knopf, 1931) Creeps By Night (a.k.a. Modern Tales of Horror ) (editor) (Day, 1931)
    • "Introduction" - Dashiell Hammett "A Rose for Emily" - William Faulkner "Green Thoughts" - John Collier "The Ghost of Alexander Perks, A.B." - Robert Dean Frisbie "The House" - Andre Maurois "The Kill" - Peter Fleming "Ten O'Clock" - Philip MacDonald "The Spider" - Hanns Heinz Ewers "Breakdown" - L.A.G. Strong "The Witch's Vengeance" - W.B. Seabrook "The Rat" - S. Fowler Wright "Faith, Hope and Charity" - Irvin S. Cobb "Mr. Arcularis" - Conrad Aiken "The Music of Erich Zann" - H.P. Lovecraft "The Strange Case of Mrs. Arkwright" - Harold Dearden "The King of the Cats" - Stephen Vincent Benet "The Red Brain" - Donald Wandrei "The Phantom Bus" - W. Elwyn Backus "Beyond the Door" - Paul Suter "Perchance to Dream" - Michael Joyce "A Visitor from Egypt" - Frank Belknap Long
    The Thin Man (Knopf, 1934)

4. Rote Ernte Hammett Dashiell
Translate this page Rote Ernte hammett dashiell. hammett dashiell. Rote Ernte. BelletristikKriminalromane Amerikanische Literatur Belletristik
Rote Ernte Hammett Dashiell
Hammett Dashiell
Rote Ernte.
Belletristik Kriminalromane Amerikanische Literatur
Simenon Georges Die Großmutte...

Heine Heinrich Gedichte....

Melville Herman Moby Dick. Ro...

Chopich Erika J., Paul Marga...

5. Der Gläserne Schlüssel Hammett Dashiell
Translate this page Der gläserne Schlüssel hammett dashiell. hammett dashiell. Der gläserne Schlüssel.Belletristik Kriminalromane Amerikanische Literatur Belletristik
Der gläserne Schlüssel Hammett Dashiell
Hammett Dashiell
Der gläserne Schlüssel.
Belletristik Kriminalromane Amerikanische Literatur
Heine Heinrich Gedichte....

Melville Herman Moby Dick. Ro...

Jimenez Juan Ramon Herz, stir...

Hasenkamp Günther Leselandsch...

6. Der Dünne Mann Audiobook 2 Cassetten Hammett Dashiell
Translate this page Der dünne Mann Audiobook 2 Cassetten hammett dashiell. Titel Derdünne Mann. Audiobook. 2 Cassetten. Autor hammett dashiell.
Der dünne Mann Audiobook 2 Cassetten Hammett Dashiell
Titel: Der dünne Mann. Audiobook. 2 Cassetten.
Autor: Hammett Dashiell
Rubrik: Belletristik Kriminalromane Amerikanische Literatur Hörbuch Hörspiele
Kategorie: Belletristik Audiobooks
Dick Philip K. Träumen Androi...

Auster Paul Schlagschatten. A...

Calvino Italo Der Baron auf d...

Fredriksson Marianne Maria Ma...

7. Dashiell Hammett
hammett dashiell. Bird,K. The Color of Truth. 1998 The names below arementioned on the listed pages with the name hammett dashiell. Click
pages cited this search: 12
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8. Dashiell Hammett
Dashiell Hammett, author of hardboiled detective fiction including MalteseFalcon, Thin Man., The place for mystery since 1995.
The place for mystery since 1995. About Advertising Licensing Sponsored Ads
Mystery Time Line

Time Line


Edgar Allan Poe
Ellery Queen

Dashiell Hammett
Charlie Chan

Perry Mason

The Shadow
The Saint ... Alfred Hitchcock More on the Greats Agatha Christie Nancy Drew Alfred Hitchcock Clue Chronicles Dashiell Hammett amuel Dashiell Hammett is recognized as the first master of hard-boiled detective fiction. His lean writing style, cynical characters and complex plots brought a new energy to pulp magazines then went on to define the genre in movies, radio and television where the private eye series became an entertainment staple. Hammett wrote more than 80 short stories and five novels: "Red Harvest" (1929), "The Dain Curse" (1929), "The Maltese Falcon" (1930), "The Glass Key" (1931) and "The Thin Man" (1934). He created tough guys Sam Spade and the Continental Op as well as debonaire sleuths Nick and Nora Charles. He wrote a comic strip ("Secret Agent X-9"), an original radio series ("The Fat Man") and worked on numerous scripts, often simply to polish dialogue. Hammett's crisp, colorful language brought gangster slang into everyday speech. Born in Maryland on May 27, 1894, Sam Hammett was raised in Baltimore and Philadelphia. He never finished high school. At 14, he went to work at a series of jobs to help support his family. At 21, he was hired by the Pinkerton National Detective Agency as an "operative." He traveled across the country on assignment from 1915 to 1921 with time off to serve stateside in the Motor Ambulance Corps. in World War I. A bout with tuberculosis

9. Hennepin County Library - Online Catalog
Author, Count. Hammett, Dashiell, 2. Hammett, Dashiell, 18941961. 23. Hammett,Dashiell, 1894-1961. Maltese falcon, 1. Hammett, Dashiell, 1894-1961. Dashiell&index=AA

10. Dashiell Hammett
Dashiell Hammett. Biography. Continental Op. Red Harvist (1929);The Dain Curse (1929). The Big Knockover short stories (1962).The
Dashiell Hammett
Continental Op
  • Red Harvist
  • The Dain Curse
The Big Knockover - short stories (1962)
  • The Gutting of Couffigal (Op)
  • Fly Paper (Op)
  • The Scorched Face (Op)
  • The King Business (Op)
  • The Gatewood Caper (Op)
  • Dead Yellow Woman (Op)
  • Corkscrew (Op)
  • Tulip
  • The Big Knockover
  • $106,000 Blood Money (Op)
The Continential Op - short stories (1974)
  • The Tenth Clew
  • The Golden Horseshoe
  • The House in Turk Steet
  • The Girl with the Silver Eyes
  • The Whosis Kid
  • The Main Death
  • The Farewell Murder
Sam Spade
  • The Maltese Falcon
Ned Beaumont
  • The Glass Key
Nick Charles
  • The Thin Man
  • Watch on the Rhine (with Lillian Hellman) (1943-44)
  • City Streets (with Oliver HP Garrett and Max Marcin) (1931)
  • Mister Dynamite (with Doris Malloy and Harry Clork) (1935)
  • After the Thin Man (with Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett) (1936)
  • Another Thin Man (with Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett) (1939)
  • Watch on the Rhine (with Lillian Hellman) (1943)
  • From the Memoirs of a Private Detective (in The Samert Set Anthology) (1934)
  • Secret Agent X-9 (cartoon strip with Alex Raymond) (1934)
  • Tempo in the Novel (in Fighting Words) (1940)
  • The Battle of Aleutians (with Robert Colodny) (1944)
  • Roadhouse Nights (1930) (novel Red Harvest)
  • The Maltese Falcon (1931) (novel)
  • City Streets (1931) (story)
  • Woman in the Dark (1934) (story)
  • The Thin Man (1934) (novel)
  • The Glass Key (1935) (novel)
  • Mister Dynamite (1935) (story On the Make)
  • After the Thin Man (1936) (story)
  • Satan Met a Lady (1936) (novel The Maltese Falcon)
  • Secret Agent X-9 (1937) (comic books)

11. Dashiell Hammett
Dashiell Hammett, Education on the Internet Dashiell Hammett was born inSt. Mary's County, Maryland, on 27th May, 1894. He left school at
Dashiell Hammett
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Dashiell Hammett was born in St. Mary's Coun ty, Maryland, on 27th May, 1894. He left school at 13 and was employed in a variety of different jobs before joining the United States Army during the First World War . However, he contracted tuberculosis and spent some time in army hospitals.
After the war Hammett worked for eights years as a d etective with the Pinkerton Agency . Th ese experiences provided material for detective stories that he had published in the Black Mask Magazine . His first novel

12. Please Wait A Moment, Searching Millions Of Books
hammett dashiell The Maltese Falcon. Pan ISBN 0 330 24261 X; 1975. Paperback. HAMMETTDashiell, The Maltese Falcon, Pan 1980. Paperback reprint. Hammett

13. Il Libro Della Settimana
Translate this page hammett dashiell, Il bacio della violenza, tr. di Mengarini B., 5 ed.,1979, 291 p., Lit. hammett dashiell, Il bacio della violenza, tr.

il libro della settimana la superclassifica i consigli di lettura l'archivio
La biografia
La bibliografia

Dashiell Hammett
Una travolgente raccolta di racconti, incredibilmente inediti, di un autore che ha lasciato una traccia fortissima nella letteratura contemporanea noir.
Sebbene nel 1999, quando apparve l'edizione originale di questa raccolta di racconti giovanili, alcuni critici ne sottolinearono i limiti e, in alcuni casi, addirittura la stroncarono come un'operazione poco interessante,
In Tom, Dick o Harry
In Chi ha ucciso Bob Teal
La moglie del malvivente
Gli altri titoli della raccolta ( Il piedipiatti della casa, Spari nella notte, Labirinto di inganni, Un'ora, Morte in Pine Street, L'angelo del secondo piano Titolo originale: Nightmare Town Traduzione di Giuseppe Strazzeri 260 pag., Lit. 28.000 - Edizioni Guanda (Narratori della Fenice) ISBN 88-8246-260-9 Di Giulia Mozzato le prime pagine "Facciamo due passi" gli disse il colosso. 2001, Ugo Guanda Editore biografia dell'autore Dashiell Hammett (1894-1961) ha scritto: Continental Op, Il bacio della violenza, La chiave di vetro, Piombo e sangue.

14. Who2 Profile: Dashiell Hammett
DASHIELL HAMMETT • Author. Four Good Links, Vital Stats. DashiellHammett Fast way to get nofrills background on his life and work,
DASHIELL HAMMETT Author Hammett is often called the father of the modern American detective story. He was himself a private detective for Pinkerton's before turning to writing at age 28. Many of his subsequent stories featured the Continental Op, a nameless private detective who became the archetype for a generation of hard-boiled mystery story detectives. Among Hammett's best-known novels are The Dain Curse The Maltese Falcon (1930), and The Thin Man (1932). The hero of The Maltese Falcon, detective Sam Spade, is a famous fictional character and was played by Humphrey Bogart in the film version of the novel. Hammett had a long and feisty love relationship with author Lillian Hellman, which is sometimes blamed for his minimal writing output from 1934 until his death.
Extra credit : Hammett is often compared to and linked with hard-boiled writers Raymond Chandler and James M. Cain. Dashiell Hammett
Fast way to get no-frills background on his life and work The Continental Detective Agency
A fan's files on Hammett and his books, plus a good bio of Hellman Before "The Thin Man"
Salon Magazine recaps Hammett's writing history, razzes Lillian Hellman

15. Dashiell Hammett
Bibliography and detailed description of all his works.Category Arts Literature Mystery Authors H hammett, dashiell......A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection Home Page. dashiell hammett. Red Harvest(1927). The Figure of Incongruity / A Man Named Thin (1926 ?). dashiell hammett.
Dashiell Hammett A Typology of Hammett's Plots Fly Paper The Gatewood Caper ... A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection Home Page
Dashiell Hammett
Red Harvest (1927) The Big Knockover
  • The Gatewood Caper (1923)
  • The Scorched Face (1925)
  • Corkscrew (1925)
  • The Gutting of Couffignal (1925)
  • The Big Knockover (1927)
  • This King Business (1928)
  • Fly Paper (1929)
The Continental Op
  • The Tenth Clew (1924)
  • The House on Turk Street (1924)
  • The Golden Horseshoe (1924)
  • The Whosis Kid (1925)
  • The Main Death (1927)
  • The Farewell Murder (1930)
A Man Named Spade and Other Stories
  • Too Many Have Lived (1932)
  • They Can Only Hang You Once (1932)
  • Nightshade (1933)
The Continental Op (1946 collection)
  • Zigzags of Treachery (1924)
  • Women, Politics and Murder / Death on Pine Street (1924)
The Return of the Continental Op
  • One Hour (1924)
Hammett Homicides
  • Night Shots (1924)
  • Ruffian's Wife (1925)
  • Two Sharp Knives (1934)
Nightmare Town
  • Nightmare Town (1925)
The Creeping Siamese
  • The Man Who Killed Dan Odams (1923)
  • Tom, Dick, or Harry (1925)
A Man Named Thin
  • The Sardonic Star of Tom Doody / Wages of Crime (1923)
  • Itchy (1924)
  • The Figure of Incongruity / A Man Named Thin (1926 ?)

16. Dashiell Hammett
dashiell hammett was born in St. Mary's dir. by Seymour Burns; dashiellhammett OMNIBUS, 1935; THE COMPLETE dashiell hammett, 1942;
Choose another writer in this calendar: by name:
B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Dashiell Hammett (1894-1961) - wrote his first fiction under the pseudonym Peter Collinson American novelist who also worked as a screenwriter in Hollywood. Hammett's best known books include THE MALTESE FALCON (1930), filmed three times. It introduced detective Sam Spade who is investigating the murder of his colleague detective Archer. Spade finds himself involved with an odd assortment of characters, all searching a black statue of a bird. Among them are the gorgeous red-head Brigid O'Shaughnessy, her employer, Fat Man Casper Gutman, Joel Cairo, an agent of Gutman, and Wilmer Cook, a nervous, trigger-happy bodyguard. "Samuel Spade's jaw was long and bony, his chin a jutting V under the more flexible V of his mouth. His nostrils curved back to make another smaller V. His yellow-grey eyes were horizontal. The V motif was picked up again by thickish brows rising outward from twin creases above a hooked nose, and his pale brown hair grew down - from high flat temples - in a point on his forehead. He looked rather pleasantly like a blond satan." (from The Maltese Falcon With Raymond Chandler Hammett represented the early realistic vein in detective stories. His tough heroes confront the violence with full knowledge of its corrupting potential. In his novels Hammett painted mean picture of the American society, where greed, brutality, and treachery are the major driving forces behind human actions.

17. W's Celtic Page
Tribute to the life and works of the author of "The Maltese Falcon" focuses on the stories that feature hardboiled detective "Continental Op."

18. Dashiell Hammett
Krimis nach Regionen Krimi-Autoren Specials Crime-Time ... Top 20 Krimis Newsletter abonnieren:
Krimi-Chat Krimi-Links Krimis nach Regionen ... Hammett, Dashiell
Dashiell Hammett
Arthur Conan Dolye / Sherlock Holmes Agatha Christie / Miss Marple / Hercule Poirot , etc.) sind in Hammetts Krimis sowohl die Gesellschaft als auch seine Protagonisten verroht. Habgier, Betrug und Gewalt bestimmen das Leben, seine toughen Detektive ermitteln ohne Moral, aber mit Prinzipien. Wie seine "Helden" ist auch der Autor vom Leben hart getroffen. Der Malteser Falke verfilmt. .lft Krimis von Dashiell Hammett: (Der SPIEGEL) "Hammett: der Erzvater und Vollender des Detektivromans." (Hamburger Abendblatt) (Die Presse)
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19. Dashiell Hammett, Mystery And Suspense Writer
Creator of the HardBoiled Detective Genre. Novels. hammett, dashiell . Red Harvest, 1929.
Samuel Dashiell Hammett
Creator of the Hard-Boiled Detective Genre
Hammett, Dashiell,
Red Harvest, 1929. Character: Continental Op
The Dain Curse, Penguin, Middlesex, 1929. Characters: The Detective, Owen Fitzstephan
The Maltese Falcon,
The Glass Key,
The Thin Man,
1932. Characters: Nick Charles, Nora Charles, Asta
Woman in the Dark: A Novel of Dangerous Romance, Knopf, New York, 1933. ISBN: 0-394-57269-6 Characters: Brazil, Luise Fischer
Original Short Fiction
Hammett, Dashiell,
The American Magazine
Black Mask

Black Mask
(as Peter Collinson)
Colliers Ellery Queen Saucy Stories
Collections of Short Fiction
Hammett, Dashiell, The Continental Op Random House, New York, 1930. ISBN: 0-394-48704-4 The Big Knockover Vintage, New York, 1966. ISBN: 0-679-73359-9 The Continental Op, Vintage, New York, 1974. ISBN: 0-679-72258-0 Nightmare Town Knopf, New York, 1999. ISBN: 0-375-40111-3
Sources of Biographical and Bibliogaphical Information
Goldstone, Tony (ed.), Chapter 5. Detective and Mystery

20. The Maltese Falcon FAQ Version 3
Offers informative details about the film, the director, the actors, the novel, and the author. Includes a bibliography. According to William F. Nolan (dashiell hammett A Life at the Edge, Arthur Barker Ltd London, 1983), the prototype of
The Maltese Falcon FAQ version 3 [broken internal links repaired 3/99] This Hard-Boiled Noir site owned by ejm duggan
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This article is provided as is without any express or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this article, the author assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. The contents of this article reflect my opinions only and not necessarily those of my employer. This page has had hits (since September 1997)
From the original Maltese Falcon FAQ:
The Boring Bit
This FAQ isn't really made up of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Rather, it consists of a series of statements that might be given as answers to possible questions about The Maltese Falcon Its genesis lay in my frustrated attempts to find information on the novel/film via the wonderfully over-hyped 'internet'. There was just nothing available. So in the best 'necessity is the mother of invention' tradition, I began to write what will become, I hope, what I would have wanted to have been able to find originally. Much of the information contained herein was gleaned from the sources cited in the bibliography.

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