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         Hongo Garrett:     more books (34)
  1. Kayak 57
  2. ZYZZYVA 17: THIRD ANNIVERSARY ISSUE: The Last Word: West Coast Writers and Artists, Volume IV, Number 1, Spring 1988. by Howard, editor (Juan Felipe Herrera, Arturo Islas, Garrett Hongoand others, contributors) Junker, 1988
  3. PLOUGHSHARES Vol. 13 No. 1 by Jennifer, Editor (James Tate, Rita Dove, Stephen Dunn, Carol Frost, Jorie Graham, Seamus Heaney, Garrett Kaoru Hongo, Colette Inez, Gary Keenan, Miriam Sagan, Nancy White, Sue Owen, Robert B, Shaw, Joseph Brodsky, Askold Melnyczuk, et al) ROSE, 1987
  4. The Power of the Word Series: Ancestral Voices & Voices of Memory. 1989 PBS Video Segments 3 & 4 of the series. VHS Tape in clamshell case. (The Power of the Word, Ancestral Voices & Voices of Memory) by Bill Moyers, 1989

41. CPL Selected List: Asian American Writers
822H255b. hongo, garrett Kaoru Japanese American poet. The River of Heaven.PS3558.O48R58 1988. Edited by garrett hongo. PS591.A76O6 1993 also REF.

Asian American Writers: A Selected List
AUTHORS ANTHOLOGIES WORKS CONSULTED IN COMPILING THIS LIST Compiled by the librarians at the Harold Washington Library Center from the Literature and Language Division New novels and short story collections by a single author are shelved under that author's last name in aisles 18 - 19. Older novels and short story collections by a single author are shelved under that author's last name in aisles 41 - 88. Other circulating books are shelved by call number in aisles 25 - 39. Ask for reference books at the Literature and Language Information Center.
Ai (partly) Japanese American poet.
Cruelty: Killing Floor. PS3551.I2A6 1987 also REF
Alexander, Meena East Indian American novelist, poet.
Fault Lines: A Memoir. PR9499.3A46Z466 1992 also REF
House of a Thousand Doors: Poems and Prose Pieces.
Nampali Road.

42. Hitting Critical Mass | Take-Out Menu | Page 1
New York New Rivers Press, 1995. hongo, garrett, ed. Under Western Eyes PersonalEssays from Asian America. New York Anchor Books, 1995. hongo, garrett.
Take-Out Menu
printer-friendly version
Anthologies Asian American Voices: A Coffee House Press Sampler . Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1994. Glancy, Diane, ed. Two Worlds Walking. New York: New Rivers Press, 1995. Hongo, Garrett, ed. Under Western Eyes: Personal Essays from Asian America. New York: Anchor Books, 1995. Kudaka, Geraldine, ed. On A Bed of Rice: An Asian American Erotic Feast. New York: Anchor Books, 1995. Kwok, Munson, ed. Origins and Destinations: Forty-one Essays on Chinese America. Los Angeles: Chinese Historical Society of Southern California Book Dept. and UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 1995. Image:
Manuel Ocampo Editors' Note "To Love, Honor and Dismay": Subverting Constructions of the Feminine and of Female Desire in Ang Lee's Trilogy of Resuscitated Patriarchs
Cynthia W. Liu Activism, "Feminisms" and Americanization in Bharati Mukherjee's Wife and Jasmine
Lavina Dhingra Shankar Power in the Eye of the Beholder: A Close Reading of Lois-Ann Yamanaka's Saturday Night at the Pahala Theatre
Rosalee Shim The Making and Unmaking of Asian American Identity: Making Waves and The Forbidden Stitch
Cynthia Franklin Editorial Board
Lew, Walter K., ed.

43. Hitting Critical Mass | Bascara | Page 6
hongo, garrett. Introduction. The Open Boat Poems From Asian America. Ed.garrett hongo. New York Anchor Doubleday Books, 1993. xviilvii.
Mao #7

Zhang Hongtu Editors' Note The Politics of Posession: Negotiating Identities in American in Disguise Homebase , and Farewell to Manzanar
Patricia A. Sakurai Daddy, I don't know what you're talking
Fiona Cho Subverting Desire: Reading the Body in The 1991 Asian Pacific Islander Men's Calendar
Sau-ling Cynthia Wong "transform this nothingness": theresa hak kyung cha's dictee
juliana chang Food, Sexuality, and the Pursuit of a Little Attention
Janie C. Har Uncanny Doubles: Nationalism and Repression in Frank Chin's "Railroad Standard Time"
Jeannie Chiu Take-Out Menu Editorial Board
Notes Dedication: to Helen Jun who shares my weariness with continual self-prefacing (but persists in it anyway), and to Villasack Luangrath (as a belated birthday present). Acknowledgements: the U.C. Berkeley Asian American Cultural Studies Critical Mass, but of course, the errors are all mine. Special thanks to David Eng for his tireless reading of my many drafts and to Sharon Mizota for her being not impatient with me. 1. Or, in a similar vein, I heard up-and-coming, gay, Asian American writer, Justin Chin, preface his work at a reading in San Francisco this year by saying, "I don't want to have to come out in every damned piece!"

44. Poetry: Julia Alvarez
Back to list garrett Kaoru hongo (b. 1951) LINKS Modern American Poetry garretthongo http// The Modern
MM_preloadImages('../images/m_research_o.gif'); MM_preloadImages('../images/m_related_o.gif'); MM_preloadImages('../images/m_literary_o.gif'); MM_preloadImages('../images/m_critical_o.gif'); MM_preloadImages('../images/m_essays_o.gif'); MM_preloadImages('../images/m_poetry_o.gif'); MM_preloadImages('../images/m_drama_o.gif'); MM_preloadImages('../images/m_fiction_o.gif');
Garrett Kaoru Hongo (b. 1951)

Modern American Poetry: Garrett Hongo

The Modern American Poetry homepage provides a number of articles about Hongo, including interviews with him and commentary on his work.
Academy of American Poets: Garrett Hongo

The American Academy of Poets site features a brief biographical sketch of Hongo and links to his poems “Kubota,” “The Legend” (audio link available), and “Something Whispered in the Shakuhachi.”
Ploughshares: Garrett Hongo

45. Selected Bibliography
VOLATILE, 1999. hongo, garrett Kaoru; Lau, Alan Chong; and Inada, Lawson Fusao. hongo,garrett Kaoru The Open Boat, Poems from Asian America. The River of Heaven.
Asian American Literature
A Brief Listing - 6/8/00
Poetry Prose fiction, drama, narrative, memoir Selected Stories ANTHOLOGIES
American Born and Foreign : An Anthology of Asian American Poetry. ed. S. Lee Yung (Sunbury Press, 1979) Aiiieeee! An Anthology of Asian American Writers. ed. Frank Chin et alia. Howard University Press, 1974 Asian American Authors , ed. Kai-Yu Hsu, Houghton Mifflin, 1972 Asian American Heritage Asian American Literature : Literary Mosaic Series. ed. Shawn Wong, HarperCollins, 1994. Asian American Sexualities : Dimensionsof the gay and lesiban experience, ed. Russell Leong. Routledge, 1966. Between Worlds : Contemporary Asian American Plays. Misha Berson (ed), Theatre Communication Group, New York 1990. The Big Aiiieeeee! An Anthology of Chinese American and Japanese American Literature, Chan, Jeffery Paul et alia (eds) Meridian, 1991. Breaking Silence , An anthology of Contemporary Asian American Poets. ed. Joseph Bruchac, Greenfield Review Press, 1983. Brown River, White Ocean , Anthology of Twentieth-century Philippine Literature in English, ed. Luis H. Francia, Rutgers, 1993.

46. Volcano A Memoir Of Hawaii (Vintage Departures) By Garrett K. Hongo, Garrett Han
Buy Volcano a Memoir of Hawaii (Vintage Departures) by garrett K. hongo,garrett Hango (Paperback June 1996) here at low prices.
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Sporting Goods Store Electronics Store Electronics Store ... Toy Store NOTICE : All prices, availability, and specifications are subject to verification by their respective retailers. Privacy Policy Last Modified : 3-23-2003 Volcano a Memoir of Hawaii (Vintage Departures) Home Science Books Volcanos Volcano a Memoir of Hawaii (Vintage Departures) by Garrett K. Hongo, Garrett Hango (Paperback - June 1996) Sales Rank: 217,841 List Price: $14.00 At Amazon on 3-23-2003. Features
  • Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.00 x 8.25 x 5.25 Publisher: Vintage Books; Reprint edition (June 1996)
  • ISBN: 0679767487 Book Description Part memoir, part Japanese American family chronicle, part luminous work of natural history, Volcano tells what happened when Hongo returned to his birthplace in Hawai'i, as a young man, to reclaim its dreamlike landscape and his own elusive past. A magnificant evocation of heritage and place. Reader Reviews 10 of 11 people found the following review helpful: Mislabled as a memoir of Hawaii, it's a spiritual odyssey, August 11, 1999
  • 47. World Literature Advance Course Information-Winter 1999
    Introduction. Exclusion Acts/Memory/United States. hongo, garrett, ed. Under WesternEyes. Week 2. Dogeaters. hongo, garrett, ed. Under Western Eyes. Kogawa, Joy.
    This information effective for Winter 1999.
    Check with instructor the first day of class for any changes.
    World Literature
    Advance Course Information-
    Winter 1999
    LTWL 118-01 LTWL 119-01
    LTWL 118 (Tentative Syllabus)
    Diasporas: Literature of the Asian Diaspora
    Instructor/Facilitator: Karen Tei Yamashita Kresge 157D 459-2167 (office); 459-2781 (messages); Kresge Steno Pool (mail) Course Description: Study of Asian diasporic literature, attempting to discover and define a growing body of contemporary writing under this rubric, including immigrant/migrant histories, memories of exile and refuge as well as the fiction of imagined homelands. Examination of these writings against their historic, political, economic, geographic and social backdrops, focusing on themes and questions raised regarding gender, class, national origins, transnational identities, and aesthetics. While most material examined in class will be in English, students are encouraged to study and share material in other languages. Course Requirements: 1. Personal essays: 1 page/week

    48. SPRING 1998 - American Literature
    Week 8 Men Women (May 28, June 2) David Mura, garrett hongo, Gish Jen, LoisAnnYamanaka; hongo, garrett, ed., The Open Boat Poems from Asian America.
    This information effective as of winter 98.
    Check with instructor the first day of class for any changes.
    LTAM-104A-01 LTAM-140S-01
    LTAM 104A
    Nineteenth-Century American Poetry
    Prof. Kirsten Silva Gruesz
    Oakes 304; 9-2225
    For updated information about this course, including required texts and assignments, check the website, which should be operational by the end of February. [note: no "." after "www"]
    American Literature 140S
    Introduction to Asian American Literature
    Instructor/Facilitator: Karen Tei Yamashita
    Kresge 157D
    459-2167 (office); 459-2781 (messages); Kresge Steno Pool (mail)
    Course Description: Examination of poetry, short stories, memoirs and novels of a variety of Asian American writers from the 1950s to the present. Examination of these writings against their historic, political and social backdrops, focusing on themes and questions raised regarding gender, class, national origins, the Asian Diaspora, aesthetics and the future of the genre.
    Course Requirements:
    1. On-going correspondence with informal reactions and interpretations of readings. Creative responses such as poetry or short fiction are also welcome here. Pages from this correspondence will be reviewed periodically and returned.

    49. Asian And Pacific Islander Institute
    Sashimi by Juliet S. Kono; Who Among You Knows the Essence of Garlic? by garrettCare hongo; Bamboo Ridge Press. pages 8990. hongo, garrett Care. 1982.
    Eating Together: The Ways We Celebrate Our Lives
    Major Sections
    Name of Author Participants Goal Objectives ... References
    Name of Author
    Cathy Song
  • Asians and Pacific Islanders
  • 15-60 People
    Provide opportunities to share stories about cultural values, practices and support systems.
    By the end of the activity, participants will be able to:
  • Describe a "typical" meal and/or a "typical" gathering representative of her/his family and/or community that celebrates the cultural values of their family/community.
  • Create a poem that celebrates her/his family's cultural values.
    Instructions for Facilitating Activity/Methodology
  • The facilitator introduces the activity by reading model poems (in the following order): (1 hour)
  • "Oyako-Donburi" by Sera Nakachi
  • "Juk" by Wing Tek Lum
  • "T-Bone Steak" by Wing Tek Lum
  • "Sashimi" by Juliet S. Kono
  • "Who Among You Knows the Essence of Garlic?" by Garrett Care Hongo
  • "Eating Together" by Li-Young Lee
  • "Shrinking the Uterus" by Cathy Song
  • "Welcome, Bienvenido" by Mars Estrada (Excerpt: "Part II. A Filipino Party")
  • 50. Reading & Writing The World - Volume 17 No. 1 - Fall 2002 - Rethinking Schools O
    I start this activity by using garrett hongo's poem What For fromYellow Light. RESOURCES. hongo, garrett Karou. Yellow Light.
    Search Rethinking Schools Help Home Archives Volume 17 No. 1- Fall 2002
    The Age Poem: Building a Community of Trust By Linda Christensen Poetry is a political action undertaken for the sake of information, the faith, the exorcism, and the lyrical invention, that telling the truth makes possible. Poetry means taking control of the language of your life. Good poems can interdict a suicide, rescue a love affair, and build a revolution in which speaking and listening to somebody becomes the first and last purpose to every social encounter. I would hope that folks throughout the U.S.A. would consider the creation of poems as a foundation for true community: a fearless democratic society. June Jordan Building a community that might contribute to Jordan's "fearless democratic society" is no small accomplishment in most classrooms. Over the years I've learned that poetry helps move students to listen and care about each other while they build literacy skills. Too often community building happens in the opening days of the school year. Teachers and students engage in a series of games designed to foster group skills and bonding, but in my experience, these activities drop off after the first week - as if community is established with one or two activities. In addition, these opening strategies are frequently divorced from the content area. Creating a community of learners is not at odds with building literacy skills in a language arts classroom. We don't need to put aside words to develop a classroom where students can share their lives.

    51. Find A Poet: The All-poetry Encyclopedia. Submit A Site!: Poets : H : Garrett Ho
    Join the Everypoet Exchange Banner Network. Find a Poet the allpoetryencyclopedia. Submit a site! Poets H garrett hongo.
    Join the Everypoet Exchange Banner Network
    Find a Poet: the all-poetry encyclopedia. Submit a site!: Poets : H : Garrett Hongo
    Top Poets H : Garrett Hongo
    Search for a poet or resource More search options Pages Updated On: 12-Mar-2003 - 07:58:36
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    52. Untitled Document
    Other Authors hongo, garrett Kaoru, 1951 LCCN 94044594 ISN 0385472390 Location Baker Stacks E/184/O6/U47/1995 Author Bulosan, Carlos. - ESSAYS AND PROSE.htm
    _Literature - Essays and Prose

    53. Garre-|-|- Hongo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    garrett hongo, the Hippie View of Volcano, HI; hongo's hometown One ofhis books, Volcano hongo at a reading of his poetry garrett hongo.
    This is the webpage designed to enrich your life with a little bit of the Hongo
    "The Legend" by Garrett Hongo Information on "The Open Boat" Listing of Asian American Poets If you have any questions about "Yellow Light," go to this site ... Literature on this page by both the Hongo and Wakako Yamauchi
    And we've got pictures!
    Garrett Hongo, the Hippie
    View of Volcano, HI; Hongo's hometown
    One of his books, "Volcano"
    Hongo at a reading of his poetry
    Garrett Hongo
    If you have Real Audio, Listen to him read his poetry!
    Listen Here!
    This page hosted by Get your own Free Home Page

    54. The Open Boat (in MARION)
    Author hongo, garrett Kaoru, 1951. Published New York Doubleday, 1993. Edition1st Anchor Books ed. Subject American poetry Asian American authors.
    The open boat
    • The open boat : poems from Asian America / edited and with an introduction by Garrett Hongo.
    • Hongo, Garrett Kaoru, 1951-
    • New York : Doubleday, 1993.
    • 1st Anchor Books ed.
    • American poetry Asian American authors.
    • Asian Americans Poetry.
    • xlii, 304 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
    LC Card no:
  • ISBN:
  • Other ID no:
    • dranet::lcmarc/APW-2145/BROWN
    System ID no:
    • ABQ-6569
    Floor 2 - Non-Fiction
    • CALL NUMBER: 811.5408 Open Adult Book Available
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    55. Course Content Guide:
    hongo, garrett, ed. The Open Boat Poems from Asian America. Lai, Him Mark, GennyLim, and Judy Yung, eds. Chu, Louis. Eat a Bowl of Tea. hongo, garrett.
    Course Content and Outcome Guide
    Studies writings in English by American writers of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Pacific Islander, and other Asian ancestries. Considers the writings in their historical, cultural, political, and social contexts. Emphasizes development of attitudes, values, and identities.
    Prerequisite : Placement into WR 121. INTENDED OUTCOMES FOR THE COURSE:
    Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:
    • Recognize distinguishing characteristics of the various Asian American literatures.
    • Recognize the workings of ethnicity within the writings grouped under the "Asian American literatures" rubric.
    • Relate the writings to historical, cultural, and political contexts.
    • Recognize the tensions in the writings between assimilationist attitudes and separatist attitudes.
    • Recognize the tensions between individual and representative presentations of Asian American life.

    56. The Amherst Student Online
    of Visiting Writer. garrett hongo read for the position of WriterIn-Residence.Daniel Hall. garrett Kaoru hongo. garrett K. hongo
    Visiting-Writer Opening Draws Talented Writers, Poets For Readings
    by KATYA BALTER, Arts Editor Continuing in its search for fresh talent for the creative writing program, Amherst presented readings by Daniel Hall, Shelby Hearon and Roland Merullo, all candidates for the positions of Visiting Writer. Garrett Hongo read for the position of Writer-In-Residence. Daniel Hall Daniel Hall’s first collection of poetry, “Hermit with Landscape,” published in 1990, contains much of the hallmark conciseness and precision that would later mark him as one of the foremost experimental poets of the new generation. One of the last selections chosen for publication by James Merrill during his tenure as judge of the Yale Younger Poet series, Hall’s first volume of poetry exemplifies his simplicity and aesthetic sensibilities. In his introduction to “Hermit with Landscape,” Merrill noted that Hall’s shorter poems were comparable to classic Greek verse and were a “legacy of Symbolism” in their unity and clarity. Hall’s ability to distinguish easy sentimentality—from which his poetry is blissfully free—from true passion is best exemplified in his poem “Long.” Named after the poet’s Vietnamese lover, this poem succinctly describes the relationship on a personal, physical and emotional level without degrading into generalities and trivialities.

    57. Photo Album
    hongo, garrett , ed., The Open Boat Poems from Asian America (Anchor, 1993). hongo,garrett, ed., Under Western Eyes Personal Essays From Asian America (1995).
    Primary Texts Maxine Hong Kingston, The Woman Warrior (Picador, 1975) Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club (Minerva, 1989) Toshio Mori, Yokohama, California (1949; U of Washington P, 1989) Shawn Wong, ed., Asian American Literature: A Brief Introduction and Anthology (HarperCollins, 1996) Secondary Texts Cheung, King-Kok and Stan Yogi, Asian American Literature: An Annotated Bibliography Chin, Frank. "Come All Ye Asian American Writers of the Real and the Fake," in The Big Aiiieeeee , eds. Jeffrey Paul Chan, Frank Chin, et al. (pp. 1-92) Hongo, Garrett , ed., The Open Boat: Poems from Asian America (Anchor, 1993) Hongo, Garrett, ed., Under Western Eyes: Personal Essays From Asian America Li, David Leiwei. Imagining the Nation: Asian American Literature and Cultural Consent Lim, Shirley Geok-Lin, ed., Approaches to Teaching Kingston's 'The Woman Warrior' Lim, Shirley Geok-Lin and Amy Ling, eds. Reading the Literatures of Asian America Lim, Shirley, "Reconstructing Asian-American Poetry: A Case for Ethnopoetics", MELUS 14.2 (Summer 1987)

    garrett hongo, ed., The Open Boat Poems from Asian America (Anchor, 1993). hongo,garrett, ed., Under Western Eyes Personal Essays From Asian America (1995).
    DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE SEMESTER 2, 1999-2000 EN 3211: ASIAN AMERICAN LITERATURE Walter LIM Barnard TURNER Course description and aims Writing by Americans of Asian descent is one of the growth areas of contemporary American literature, and is particularly interesting because of the relatively high percentage of female writers of high quality. This course aims to give an overview of Asian American literature, with texts chosen from the main genres (prose, poetry and plays) and across the period of the last half-century or so (but focussing on the past two decades). Central to the course will be the outlining of the specific thematic concerns of this literature, but also the assumptions underlying the term "Asian American Literature" itself. The relationships between society, culture and text will be foregrounded, and related issues discussed, such as the divergence of viewpoints between writings of recent immigrant experience and those produced by writers born in America, and the intersections between Asian American literature and American literature as a whole. The lecture schedule for this semester is also available , with links to Dr Turner's lecture/tutorial notes.

    59. CREN ListProc-WWW: Archives For VISITINGWRITERS-L
    garrett hongo Poetry Reading Thursday, November 21, 2002. To ;Subject garrett hongo Poetry Reading - Thursday, November 21, 2002;
    If you wish to change your listproc web interface password, then click here.
    For help, please send e-mail to
    Archives for VISITINGWRITERS-L
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    Garrett Hongo Poetry Reading - Thursday, November 21, 2002
    November 18, 2002 Garrett Hongo Poetry Reading Thursday, November 21, 2002 Ferguson Auditorium Spring Garden Street UNCG The MFA Writing Program and The Greensboro Review of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro will host a poetry reading by Garrett Hongo on Thursday, November 21 st at 8 pm in the Ferguson Auditorium on Spring Garden Street Avenue. It is free and open to the public and will be followed by a reception and a book signing. His books will be available for purchase before and after the reading. Garrett Hongo is the author of two books of poetry: The River of Heaven (1988), which was the Lamont Poetry Selection of The Academy of American Poets and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, and

    60. Voices From The Gaps: Wakako Yamauchi
    New York Theatre Communications Group, 1990.128131. hongo, garrett, ed. Introduction.Songs My Mother Taught Me. New YorkThe Feminist Press, 1994.1-16.
    This page has moved to a new location. You will be automatically redirected to the new VOICES FROM THE GAPS in 10 seconds. Don't forget to update your bookmarks! If your browser doesn't move to the new site in 10 seconds, you can click this link: Wakako Yamauchi

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