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  1. The Iowa Baseball Confederacy by Kinsella Wp, 1986-01-01
  2. Confessions of a Shopaholic (Movie Tie-in Edition) (Random House Movie Tie-In Books) by Sophie Kinsella, 2008-12-30

1. W.P.Kinsella -- 14th Annual Literary Festival -- Old Dominion University -- Betw
Biography of the author.Category Arts Literature Authors Novelists Kinsella, W.P.......14th Annual Literary Festival, 14th Annual Literary Festival Old DominionUniversity October 810, 1991. WP kinsella wp Kinsella has
14th Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
October 8-10, 1991 W.P. Kinsella W.P. Kinsella has published 15 books and over 200 short stories, but he is best known for his award-winning novel Shoeless Joe, which was made into the highly praised film Field of Dreams . The New York Times has said that his work "defines a world in which magic and reality combine to make us laugh and think about the perceptions we take for granted." His life, like his fiction, seems to have an element of magic to it. Kinsella writes primarily about baseball ( The Thrill of the Grass and The Iowa Baseball Confederacy ) and Indians ( The Moccasin Telegraph and The Fencepost Chronicle ), but he is quick to point out that he is neither an Indian nor a baseball player. He grew up in Canada, an only child, in almost total isolation on a farm in Northern Alberta. He did not attend school until fifth grade, studying at home by correspondence. Having no playmates, he created fictional friends and wrote about them from age six on. He worked at a series of jobs-clerk, insurance investigator, restaurateuruntil he eventually went back to school and received a BA. in Creative Writing at age 39. Shortly before his forty-second birthday his first book, Dance Me Outside , was published. At the age of 45, with the publication of

2. Kinsella W P The Fencepost Chronicles
kinsella wp The Fencepost chronicles. Title The Fencepost chronicles Authorkinsella wp. Category not available Humphreys, Helen Leaving Earth
Kinsella W P The Fencepost chronicles
Title: The Fencepost chronicles
Author: Kinsella W. P.
Category: not available
Humphreys, Helen Leaving Earth...

Daigneault, Sylvie Bruno and t...

Jackson, Chris Edmund for Shor...

Harvor, Elisabeth Let Me Be th...
Schlüter Andreas Managementverträg...

3. Kinsella W P Brother Frank's Gospel Hour : And Other Stories
kinsella wp Brother Frank's gospel hour and other stories. Title Brother Frank'sgospel hour and other stories Author kinsella wp. Category not available
Kinsella W P Brother Frank's gospel hour : and other stories
Title: Brother Frank's gospel hour : and other stories
Author: Kinsella W. P.
Category: not available
Shea, Michael The British amba...

Bateman, Colin Of wee sweetie ...

Erskine, Barbara Distant voice...

Burton, Betty The girl now lea...
Schlüter Andreas Managementverträg...

4. W. P. Kinsella
WP Kinsella. Author/Illustrator Bio WP Kinsella is the author ofnumerous works of fiction, including the bestselling Shoeless

5. Fictionwise EBooks: W. P. Kinsella
WP Kinsella, Bio Canadian author WP Kinsella is somewhat of a latebloomer. Born in 1935 on a farm in Northern Alberta, Kinsella
Title Author Key words
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Family/Relationships General ... True Crime Browse Authors Award-Winners Bestsellers Big Bargains ... Under a Dollar Miscellany About Us Affiliate Program Author Info Buywise Club ... Tell a Friend W. P. Kinsella Alert me when new W. P. Kinsella titles are added Bio: Display: All Formats All Unowned Only Displaying 1 - 1 of 1 items in this category. Shoeless Joe [Secure Microsoft Reader/Palm Reader] by W. P. Kinsella Ray Kinsella, sitting on the porch of his Iowa farm one evening, hears the voice of a ghostly baseball announcer. It speaks to him the famous line, "If you build It, he will come." Needing no further explanation, Kinsella visualizes the ball field he is being asked to create in the middle of his field of corn. The voice will speak only two more things to Ray: "Ease his pain" and "Go the distance," and yet the dreaming, idealistic man knows just what it is he has to do. Digging up his corn to bui... more info>> Category: Sports/Entertainment NOTE: AVAILABLE ONLY IN SECURE MICROSOFT READER OR SECURE PALM READER FORMATS 2 Reader Ratings: Great Good OK Poor Regular Club You Pay: ADD TO CART Icon explanations: Discounted eBook; added within the last 7 days.

6. Shoeless Joe Kinsella WP
Shoeless Joe kinsella wp. Title Shoeless Joe Author kinsella wp.Category not available Sutcliff, Rosemary Light Beyon
Shoeless Joe Kinsella WP
Title: Shoeless Joe
Author: Kinsella W.P.
Category: not available
Sutcliff, Rosemary Light Beyon...

Sutcliff, Rosemary Road to Cam...

Garfield, James B. Follow My L...

Hutchins, Pat One-Eyed Jake...
MINIT Molekülbaukast-3527100121...

kinsella wp SHOELESS JOE. Records 1 to 2 of 2. Field of dreams videorecording/ a Gordon Company production Universal City, CA. MCA Home Video, 1989. W P SHOELESS JOE

8. W.P. Kinsella Books
WP Kinsella Books. Shoeless Joe By WP Kinsella (paperback April 1999). ShoelessJoe Jackson Comes To Iowa Stories By WP Kinsella (paperback - October 1993).
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W.P. Kinsella Books
Shoeless Joe
By W. P. Kinsella (paperback - April 1999) Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes To Iowa: Stories
By W. P. Kinsella (paperback - October 1993) The Thrill Of The Grass (penguin Short Fiction)
By W. P. Kinsella (paperback - April 1985) The Iowa Baseball Confederacy
By W.p. Kinsella Scars
By W. P. Kinsella (hardcover - November 1984) Brother Frank's Gospel Hour: Stories
By W. P. Kinsella (paperback - October 1996) Red Wolf Red Wolf
By W. P. Kinsella (hardcover - September 1990) Dance Me Outside
By W. P. Kinsella Baseball Fantastic
By W. P. Kinsella (editor) (paperback) Magic Time By W. P. Kinsella (hardcover - September 2001) Box Socials By W. P. Kinsella (paperback - April 1993) Hummers, Knucklers, And Slow Curves: Contemporary Baseball Poems By Don Johnson (editor), W. P. Kinsella (designer) (paperback - September 1991) The Alligator Report By W. P. Kinsella The Moccasin Telegraph And Other Indian Tales (nonpareil Book, No 72) By W. P. Kinsella (paperback - April 1994) Born Indian By W. P. Kinsella (paperback - September 1984)

9. Literature & Fiction Kinsella, W. P.
Literature Fiction Kinsella, WP. Author kinsella wp Subject Literature FictionTitle Baseball Fantastic Too Hot to Handle Fortune Having Faith
Author: Kinsella W. P.
Title: Baseball Fantastic
Exhibitions: Tales of Sex in the Ci...

Classic Wire-O Smooth, Lined...


Women Pirates : And the Politics of...

10. W.P. Kinsella
The ABC of Famous Canadians. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N,O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, Index. wp kinsella. has written manystories about baseball.
A B C D ... Index W.P. Kinsella has written many stories about baseball. Some of them were murder mysteries, some of them light comedy, all of them deeply entertaining. His novel "Shoeless Joe" was made into the hit Kevin Costner film " Field of Dreams" in 1989.
Shoeless Joe
Paperback Home
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11. Author Hall Of Shame Welcomes James Patterson, WP Kinsella
And now, the newest inductee, wp kinsella can EAT MY SHORTS!
Drew's Author Hall of Shame
Here it is - at long last, the first inductee to my Hall of Shame for Authors. Remember, your vote counts. So, it you have any nominees for this hall, LET ME KNOW!!
James Patterson - Several years ago, one of his nursery rhyme titles caught my eye. I read it and enjoyed it, so I read the others. I went back and read his older books, and really liked those. I think The Thomas Berryman Affair is very good, and if you can find an early hard cover edition of The Jericho Covenant , read it. He takes a good story and puts a very creative presentation.
So, why does Patterson make the Hall of Shame? Well, I noticed that a couple of his early books started showing up as paperbacks with new nursery rhyme titles. For instance, The Jericho Covenant was released as See How They Run . That was bad, but what earned him charter membership in my Hall of Shame is that he took his 1980 book Virgin , updated some of the environmental references, such as the posters on the teenager's walls are now N*SYNC instead of Duran Duran, and then has the nerve to release this so-called update as a hardcover with a new title, The Cradle Will Rock And now, the newest inductee

12. WP Kinsella
W(illiam) P(atrick) kinsella (1932 ). born in Edmonton, Alberta; educated atthe University of Victoria and the University of Iowa, Iowa Writer's Workshop;
W(illiam) P(atrick) Kinsella (1932- )
  • born in Edmonton , Alberta
  • educated at the University of Victoria and the University of Iowa, Iowa Writer's Workshop
  • professor at the University of Calgary
  • Novels:
    • Shoeless Joe (1982) made into the movie "Field of Dreams" (1989)
    • The Iowa Baseball Confederacy
    • The Further Adventures of Slugger McBatt
  • Short-Story collections:
    • Dance Me Outside (1977) made into a movie in (1994)
    • Scars
    • Born Indian
    • The Mocassin Telegraph
  • filmography
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13. W.P.Kinsella -- 14th Annual Literary Festival -- Old Dominion University -- Betw
Web sites with more information about wp kinsella. Bio Interview http//
14th Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
October 8-10, 1991 Web sites with more information about W. P. Kinsella

14. KINSELLA, W.P. - Literary Manuscripts: A Guide To The Literary Fonds At The Nati
kinsella, wp, 1935 LMS-0107. wp kinsella fonds. - 1973-1998. Biographical Sketch.wp kinsella was born in 1935, 60 miles west of Edmonton, Alberta.

Introduction to this Guide
List of the Fonds and Collections Information on the Literary Manuscript Collection Notes on Reading the Guide ... Contact Information
KINSELLA, W.P., 1935-
W.P. Kinsella fonds. - 1973-1998. - 29 m of textual record and other material.
Biographical Sketch
W.P. Kinsella was born in 1935, 60 miles west of Edmonton, Alberta. Kinsella worked in the business world for 20 years before earning his B.A. in creative writing from the University of Victoria (1974) and a M.F.A. from the University of Iowa’s Writer’s Workshop (1978). From 1978 until 1983 when he began to write full-time, Kinsella taught creative writing and modern literature at the University of Calgary. Kinsella’s novels occur in two types of settings: stories situated in the world of Native reserves in southern Alberta and baseball-inspired fictions set in the American Midwest. His best-known baseball-inspired novel is Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa (1980), which was later adapted as the film Field of Dreams (1989). Stories with Native characters are included in the collections:

15. W
W. P. kinsella edu/~ terning/ bios/ kinsella. edu/ litfest/ 14th/ kinsella. edu/~ isla/ ISLA/ webpages/ thearts/ sophlit/ kinsella. wp.html. kinsella.html
W. P. Kinsella ...

16. KINSELLA, W.P. - Les Manuscrits Littéraires : Un Guide Des Fonds Littéraires
Translate this page kinsella, wp, 1935- LMS-0107. Fonds wp-kinsella. Notice biographique. wp kinsellaest né en 1935 à 100 kilomètres à l’ouest d’Edmonton, Alberta.

Liste des fonds et des collections
Notes pour lire le Guide Pour tous renseignements
KINSELLA, W.P., 1935-
Fonds W.-P.-Kinsella. - 1973-1998. - 29 m de documents textuels et d’autres documents.
Notice biographique
Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa Field of Dreams Dance Me Outside The Thrill of the Grass (1984) et Brother Frank’s Gospel Hour Shoeless Joe , ainsi que la Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour, en 1987, pour The Fencepost Chronicles
Dance Me Outside Scars Born Indian The Moccasin Telegraph and Other Stories The Thrill of the Grass Shoeless Joe
, et The Iowa Baseball Confederacy , des critiques de livres, des articles, des cassettes audio, des coupures de presse et des souvenirs. acquis de W. P. Kinsella en quatre acquisitions. [1984-08, 1988-11, 1992-09, 1998-08] Langue : les documents du fonds sont en anglais. Restrictions : certaines restrictions en ce qui concerne la correspondance. Instrument de recherche : Avis importants

17. The Peak (22/2/1999) Arts: The Storyteller: W.P. Kinsella
Article from The Peak, Simon Fraser University's independent student newspaper.Category Arts Literature Authors Novelists kinsella, W.P....... The Storyteller wp kinsella. . john morash, the peak. At the endof last summer I attended a wedding in Prince George, BC, and had
issue 7, vol 101 February 22, 1999 this issue past issues contact search
The Storyteller: W.P. Kinsella
john morash, the peak At the end of last summer I attended a wedding in Prince George, B.C., and had the oppurtunity to meet Kinsella, the groom's father's best friend. I thought this was a great opportunity to gain some practical insight on writing from a writer who, in his words, "Can't quite play with Grisham or King, but [has] done quite well in Canada, and around the world." The second must for a fiction writer is an imagination. A writer must have an imagination mediated by the ability to "tone up the mundane and tone down the bizarre." Kinsella explains the imaginative juggling act a fiction writer must perform every day. This means studying the personalities around you and using their characters in totally different situations. Kinsella says, "I get great story ideas from reading the daily news and applying the characters I've created to those situations." Kinsella has engaged in a life-long study of people and how they act and react. This is perhaps his greatest asset as a writer, because he instantly makes connections with his readers through simple truths of human character and behavior. To make a character believable without threading paragraph after paragraph with descriptions of appearance, "you can give a character something distinctive, a mannerism, something easy to remember which allows the readers in." For example, "a person who is constantly pushing up his glasses or a woman who always flips her hair out of her eyes."

18. W. P. Kinsella
Three newspaper articles by Kerry Diotte about kinsella. One from 1998 and two from 1996. All three Category Arts Literature Authors Novelists kinsella, W.P....... By KERRY DIOTTE Edmonton Sun INSPIRING CHARACTER Edmontonborn authorWP kinsella ain't yer stereotypical highfalutin literary type.
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Sunday, April 12, 1998
Kinsella's a field of smiles
Alberta-born author is giving Hollywood another chance
By COLIN MacLEAN Edmonton Sun Back in 1989, Kevin Costner was in New York talking about his latest film - a mystical baseball yarn called Field of Dreams - when the door burst open and an excited Phil Alden Robinson burst in.
"He loved it, Kevin. He loved it," enthused Robinson, the writer-director of the movie. After much lively discussion and shaking of hands, Robinson left and I asked the star what that was all about.
"Kinsella!" said Costner. "Apparently he liked what we did with his story. It was quite important to us that we keep the spirit of the original."
Now there's something you don't hear a lot in Hollywood.
Kinsella still smiles today at the thought of Field of Dreams, which is based on his story Shoeless Joe Comes to Iowa. "Robinson kept in touch with me all through the filming," he remembers. "I didn't have much input into it. He said we'd have to telescope time - cut out all these characters because there wasn't time for them in an hour-and-forty-minute movie. Well, when I read the screenplay I had tears in my eyes. I said, 'Gosh, this is my own work that's doing this to me.' I don't see how they could have done a better job." Kinsella's experiences with the movies haven't all been so sanguine.

By CHRIS NELSON Calgary Sun IF WISHES WERE HORSES wp kinsella (HarperCollins) Suchis If Wishes Were Horses the latest offering from our own wp kinsella.
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October 6, 1996 More Showbiz headlines
Kinsella Strikes Out With His Lastest Wishes
W.P. Kinsella
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20. Baseball Fantastic; Editor: Kinsella, W. P.; Paperback
Baseball Fantastic Editor kinsella, wp Out of This World Books; Paperback QuarryPress ISBN 1550822683 Bill kinsella is not the only allstar writer in

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Baseball Fantastic
Editor: Kinsella, W. P.
Out of This World Books; Paperback
Quarry Press
ISBN: 1550822683
Bill Kinsella is not the only all-star writer in Baseball Fantastic. Gathered in this collection are baseball stories by Nebula Award winners John Kessel and George Alec Effinger, Bram Stoker Award winner Edo van Belkom, Writers of the Future winner Scott Nicholson, reknowned authors Rick Wilbur, Ron Carlson, Andrew Weiner, and Louis Phillips, as well as outstanding tales by new writersdiscovered by the editor. The book also features an introduction and two original, previously unpublished stories by Kinsella himself. Join W. P. Kinsella in the thrill of reading the world-class stories collected in Baseball Fantastic. PRODUCT CODE: 1550822683 USA/Canada: US$ 14.90 Australia/NZ: A$ 32.50 Other Countries: US$ 20.50 convert to your currency Delivery costs included if your total order exceeds US$50. We do not charge your credit card until we ship your order. Government and corporate Purchase Orders accepted without prior account application.

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