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         Kuttner Henry:     more books (106)
  1. The Last Mimzy: Stories by Henry Kuttner, 2007-02-27
  2. Robots Have No Tails (Planet Stories) by Henry Kuttner, 2009-06-24
  3. Startling Worlds of Henry Kuttner by Henry Kuttner, 1987
  4. Elak of Atlantis (Planet Stories) by Henry Kuttner, 2007-12-15
  5. Best of Henry Kuttner by Henry Kuttner, 1975-03-12
  6. Mutant by Henry Kuttner, 1979-06
  7. Terror in the House: The Early Kuttner, Volume One by Henry Kuttner, Richard Matheson, et all 2010-10-29
  8. The Dark World (Planet Stories) by Henry Kuttner, 2008-12-24
  9. Clash by Night by Henry Kuttner, 2010-07-01
  10. Best of Henry Kuttner W/Introduction By Ray Bradbur: 1st Edition, 1st Print by Henry Kuttner, 1975
  11. Reader, I Hate You! by Henry Kuttner, 2009-01-28
  12. The Dark World and Other Works by Henry Kuttner (Halcyon Classics) by Henry Kuttner, 2009-12-21
  13. The Ego Machine by Henry Kuttner, 2010-07-06
  14. The Best of Henry Kuttner With a special introduction by Ray Bradbury by Henry Kuttner, 1975

1. Kuttner Henry (1915 - 1958)
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2. Kuttner Henry (1915 - 1958)
kuttner henry (1915 1958). The Dark World (with Moore CL), 1946 - Title in GreekO Skotinos Cosmos, Publisher Orora, Translated by George Balanos, 1989.

3. Ecrivain - Kuttner Henry
Translate this page Henry Kuttner.
Henry Kuttner
Etat civil connu
Année de naissance: 1915
Année de décès: 1985
Nationalité: Américaine
Sa biblio Ses romans (Classés par années)
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4. Henry Kuttner Henry Kuttner Message Board
Return to Henry Kuttner main page BooksMessage Board - Henry Kuttner. Henry Kuttner. OtherRecent Henry Kuttner Discussions Henry Kuttner 12/6/2002 123305 PM.

5. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Henry Kuttner
Henry Kuttner. Bio Married to CL.Moore, with whom he collaborated often, sometimesunder the pseudonyms Lawrence O'Donnell and Lewis Padgett. Bibliography.,Henry.php3
Henry Kuttner
Married to C.L.Moore, with whom he collaborated often, sometimes under the pseudonyms Lawrence O'Donnell and Lewis Padgett.
Short stories. 195- w. Moore, Ballantine
Earth's Last Citadel
With C.L. Moore
February 1983, Ace Books Paperback Reissue Edition ISBN:0-441-18112-0
A Gnome There Was
Short stories, as Lewis Padgett with Moore(?)
"A Cross of Centuries"
1958, Ball Books
"The Devil We Know"
"Exit the Professor"
As Lewis Padgett. with C.L. Moore.
"Home There's No Returning"
With Moore
"Mimsy Where the Borogoves"
Short story 1943 as Lewis Padgett, w. Moore.
"Or Else"
"The Piper's Son"
1945 as Lewis Padgett, w. Moore
"Two-Handed Engine"
With Moore
"Vintage Season"
As Lawrence O'Donnell, w. C.L. Moore
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7. Henry Kuttner - Bibliography Summary
Henry Kuttner Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Alpha MainMenu Search Kuttner, Henry (USA, 1914-1958). Biographic Data

8. Henry Kuttner - Bibliography Summary
Henry Kuttner Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Chron MainMenu Search Kuttner, Henry (USA, 1914-1958). Biographic Data

Translate this page Accueil Liens Votre avis Le livre du mois Astronomie Quiz Labyrinthe Découvrezla science-fiction. kuttner henry. TITRES, Année, Collection Editeur, N°.
AUTEURS de SF A B C D ... W X Y Z Accueil Liens ... Découvrez la science-fiction KUTTNER HENRY TITRES Année Collection Editeur N° Venus et le Titan Presses Pocket Rayon fantastique Hachette Les mutants Le Masque Galaxie Bis

10. Antykwariat Literacki FENIKS - Lista Bestsellerow
4, kuttner henry, Tubelerczykom spelly fajle, PiK, Katowice. 5, KuttnerHenry, Czego ci trzeba, PiK, Katowice. 6, kuttner henry, Mutanci, PiK, Katowice.
Lista dziesiêciu najlepiej sprzedaj±cych siê towarów Antykwariacie Literackim Feniks w styczniu 2003 roku
data wygenerowania - 28 Luty 2003
Mordawski Jan, Makowski Jerzy SG. Geo1 Planeta æw. Ro¿ak, Gdañsk Mordawski Jan SG. Geo3 Geo. Polski æw. Ro¿ak, Gdañsk Rolland Romain Colas Breugnon Towarzystwo Upowszechniania Czytelnictwa, Warszawa Kuttner Henry Czego ci trzeba PiK, Katowice Kuttner Henry Tubelerczykom spe³³y fajle PiK, Katowice Kuttner Henry Mutanci PiK, Katowice Kuttner Henry Maszyna ego PiK, Katowice McCaffrey Anne Smocze werble t.6 Amber, Warszawa Kuttner Henry Niewidzialne oko PiK, Katowice Kwa¶niewski Jan Dieta optymalna/Nowa/

11. : Kuttner Henry
kuttner henry, Chercher Par titre Recherche avancée Vers la rechercheavancée. kuttner henry. Afficher 10 résultats par page.

12. - Henry Kuttner
Henry Kuttner, About Author. No details are known aboutthis author. Add details. Books, 2 books listed.

13. Henry Kuttner - Bibliography Summary
Henry Kuttner Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Alpha ChronMain Menu Search Kuttner, Henry (USA, 1914-1958). Biographic

14. SF-Bokhandeln: Henry Kuttner
Henry Kuttner. Mutant (LFP/Nova, 467) Pris 20 SF-Bokhandeln,Västerlånggatan 48, Gamla Stan, Stockholm Postadress Box
Henry Kuttner Mutant (LFP/Nova, 467) Pris: 20:-

Postadress: Box 2300, 103 17 Stockholm
E-mail: Telefon: 08/21 50 52 Fax: 08/24 77 30

15. SF-Bokhandeln: Henry Kuttner
Henry Kuttner. Fury (storpocket, 208 sidor, Orion/Gollancz, England, 45495) Pris 168 Klassiker om en tid då jorden sedan
Henry Kuttner Fury (storpocket, 208 sidor, Orion/Gollancz, England, 45495) Pris: 78:-

Postadress: Box 2300, 103 17 Stockholm
E-mail: Telefon: 08/21 50 52 Fax: 08/24 77 30

16. KUTTNER, Henry - Personal Data
Name kuttner, henry Aged 42 SS 54805-4116 CA Born April 7, 1915 Where LosAngeles, California Died February 4, 1958 Where Santa Monica, California
Return to Alphabetical Listing VITAL STATISTICS
Name: KUTTNER, Henry Aged: SS#: 548-05-4116 CA
Born: April 7, 1915 Where: Los Angeles, California
Died: February 4, 1958 Where: Santa Monica, California
Interred: Cremated. Ashes interred in Woodlawn Cemetery, in the Chapel of the Pacific.
Married: Catherine Lucille Moore When: June 7, 1940
Awarded: 1940 World's SF convention voted Kuttner the Best SF Writer in the World.
Henry Kuttner
A great Science Fiction and Fantasy writer whose shortened life would have been even more tragic had he not been so prolific and intelligent. Kuttner moved from his native California to New York in 1940 after his marriage to Catherine Moore, an established SF writer, so that both could be nearer the markets of New York City. The Kuttners were noted for collections like Line to Tomorrow, Ahead of Time , and Tomorrow and Tomorrow ; and for shorter works, at which the team excelled, "The Twonky," "Don't Look Now," "A Gnome There Was," and "Mimsy Were the Borogoves." "Since our marriage, we have collaborated on almost everything we write... It is almost impossible now to tell which of us wrote what part of any particular story."

17. Henry Kuttner @ Catharton Authors
henry kuttner and resources concerning his works. Catharton Authors K kuttner, henry. henry kuttner. 1914 1958
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18. Stories, Listed By Author
kuttner, henry (19151958); see pseudonyms Kelvin Kent, C. H. Liddell, Lawrence O'Donnell Lewis Padgett (books)
Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections: Combined Edition
Stories, Listed by Author
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19. SF > Reviews > Henry Kuttner
henry kuttner. Novels/collections Short fiction
Henry Kuttner
Novels/collections Short fiction Search Web for Henry Kuttner Google search Alta Vista search
Short fiction
Novels/Collections : reviews
Henry Kuttner. Ahead of Time
Contents (possible spoilers)
By These Presents De Profundis = > The Visitors Pile of Trouble Deadlock Camouflage Shock Ghost Year Day Or Else Home Is the Hunter
Henry Kuttner.

20. In Memoriam, Henry Kuttner, 1914-1958
In Memoriam, henry kuttner, 19141958. henry kuttner was a Funny Guy
In Memoriam, Henry Kuttner, 1914-1958
Henry Kuttner was a Funny Guy
He also wrote a good deal of heroic fantasy/swords and sorcery long before it was fashionable to do so. His character, Elak of Atlantis, may have been a forerunner of Elric of Melnibone; the two heroes have quite a bit in common. Kuttner wrote prodigiously for the pulps during the forties, under his own name and a multitude of pen names. He also managed to marry Catherine Lucille Moore, and the two often collaborated on stories. One odd thing is that stories written with Kuttner's byline paid more than those written with Moore's. Though they often collaborated, as in the book shown below, there are some stories that were completely written by Catherine, but they have Henry's name on them. However, no one now knows what the titles of those stories were. Even ten years after he was dead, cheap science fiction publishers were still sneaking his stuff back into print. Do you suppose it is just a coincidence that The Creature from Beyond Infinity

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