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         Lansdale Joe R:     more books (100)
  1. High Cotton: Selected Stories of Joe R. Lansdale by Joe R. Lansdale, 2003-07-01
  2. Sunset and Sawdust by Joe R. Lansdale, 2005-01-04
  3. The Best of Joe R. Lansdale by Joe R. Lansdale, 2010-02-15
  4. Lost Echoes by Joe R. Lansdale, 2007-02-13
  5. Leather Maiden (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) by Joe R. Lansdale, 2009-08-18
  6. Bad Chili: A Hap and Leonard Novel (4) (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) by Joe R. Lansdale, 2009-05-05
  7. Rumble Tumble: A Hap and Leonard Novel (5) (Vintage) by Joe R. Lansdale, 2009-11-10
  8. The Bottoms (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard Original) by Joe R. Lansdale, 2010-12-07
  9. Act of Love by Joe R. Lansdale, 1995-08-21
  10. Mucho Mojo: A Hap and Leonard Novel (2) (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) by Joe R. Lansdale, 2009-01-06
  11. Cataclysm in Worm Town Jonah Hex by Joe R Lansdale, 1995-01-01
  12. Vanilla Ride (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) by Joe R. Lansdale, 2010-07-27
  13. Batman in Terror on the High Skies by Joe R. Lansdale, Edward Hannigan, et all 1992-11
  14. The Shadows Kith and Kin by Joe R. Lansdale, 2007-04-25

1. Joe R. Lansdale Books From Amazon
Private Eye Action As You Like It lansdale joe r., et al / Paperback / Published1998 (Publisher Out Of Stock) Read more about this title
Books by Joe R. Lansdale
The links below allow you to purchase Joe R. Lansdale books online from Note that the quoted Amazon prices were current as of the date this page was last modified. Always consult the actual Amazon page each link connects to for the final price of each book.
Act of Love Usually ships in 24 hours
Joe R. Lansdale / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1995
Our Price: $3.96 ~ You Save: $0.99 (20%)
Average Customer Review:
Read more about this title...
Bad Chili Usually ships in 24 hours
Joe R. Lansdale, Joe Landale / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1998
Our Price: $5.20 ~ You Save: $1.30 (20%)
Average Customer Review:
Read more about this title...
Bad Chili Usually ships in 2-3 days
Joe R. Lansdale / Hardcover / Published 1997
Our Price: $15.40 ~ You Save: $6.60 (30%)
Average Customer Review:
Read more about this title...
Borderlands 2 (Borderlands Series , No 2) Usually ships in 2-3 days
Tom Monteleone(Editor), Joe R. Lansdale / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1994

2. Authors: Joe R. Lansdale
Joe R. Lansdale With more than twenty books to his creditand 200 shortstories-Joe R. Lansdale is the champion Mojo storyteller.
Interview Interview Author! Author! Article Joe R. Lansdale Website ...
Joe R. Lansdale

here does Mojo storytelling come from? How does a fella learn tospin over-the-top yarns of any sort: horror, suspense, humor, science fiction, Western, what have you? First you got to see the world, like champion Mojo storyteller Joe R. Lansdale, who has lived everywhere from Gladewater, Texas to Mount Enterprise, Texas to Nacogdoches, Texas! "Texas is so wrapped up in myth and legend, it's hard to know what the state and its people are really about," says Lansdale. "Real Texans, raised on these myths and legends, sometimes become legends themselves. The bottom line is, Texas and its people are pretty much what most people mean when they use the broader term 'America.' No state better represents the independent spirit, the can-do attitude of America, better than Texas." The second ingredient to good Mojo storytelling is learning how to take a punch. Or a kick. Or a poke in the eye. And then learning how to avoid them. Lansdale is a student of the martial arts for more than thirty years. He's a two-time inductee into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, one such honor bestowed upon him for his founding of Shen Chuan, Martial Science. He holds belts in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu, Combat Hapkido, American Combat Kempo, and Aikido, amongst others; in fact, his standard day is six hours at the typewriter, three hours at Lansdale's Self Defense Systems, the martial-arts studio which he owns and at which he teaches.

3. Critical Praise: Joe R. Lansdale
Joe R. Lansdale Rumble Tumble(Hardcover); Freezer Burn(Hardcover); RumbleTumble(Paperback (mass market)); The Bottoms(Hardcover); Freezer

Joe R. Lansdale

Rumble Tumble
(Hardcover) "A folklorist's eye for telling detail and a front-porch raconteur's sense of pace....No tricks, no stylish ennui, no somnambulant remoteness or pointless savagery are required, but a rare sort of gift is, and Joe Lansdale has his in bushel baskets." -New York Times Book Review "Like 10-alarm chili, Lansdale is pretty strong stuff....He has become a cult figure." -People "Lansdale elicits at least one good chuckle per page....Extravagant, lovable characters mix with outrageous actions to irresistible effect." -Publishers Weekly (starred review) "Lansdale is an immense talent....There's something special going on here, and it ought not to be missed." -Booklist (starred review) Freezer Burn (Hardcover) "A terrifically gifted storyteller."

4. - Search For: Lansdale Joe R, The Bottoms
Lansdale, Joe R. THE BOTTOMS, Victor Gallancz (2000). Trade paperback, as new, unread.Nice reading copy of recommended book. lansdale joe r. The Bottoms, London Joe R&title=The Bo

5. Joe R. Lansdale
Joe R. Lansdale has had many careers, as martial artist, horror writer (The Nightrunners,By Bizarre Hands), suspense novelist (The TwoBear Mambo, Bad Chili
Joe R. Lansdale has had many careers, as martial artist, horror writer (The Nightrunners, By Bizarre Hands), suspense novelist (The Two-Bear Mambo, Bad Chili) and most recently as author of dark crime hybrids, equal parts James M. Cain, Harper Lee and Flannery O'Connor, but unmistakably the product of hisownself's distinctive imagination (Freezer Burn, The Bottoms).
Subterranean Press is proud to have an ongoing relationship with Lansdale, which encompasses the release of many unpublished works in The Lost Lansdale series, through the release of regular signed first editions of his newer mainstream releases, and new work written solely for Subterranean. Some of these future projects will likely include brand new exclusive work, including original novels The Drive-in 3 and The Adventures of the Haint: a pulp novel, an original thriller novella not yet titled, as well as such Lost Lansdale titles as For a Few Stories More, a book of memoirs, and a children's omnibus volume. Works by Joe R. Lansdale published by Subterranean Press Books:
The Big Blow

The Boar

The Bottoms

Captains Outrageous
(available April 2001)
The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent

6. Lansdale Joe R. - Bad Chili
Translate this page lansdale joe r. Bad Chili. traduzione di Colitto A. 280 p., € 9,00Einaudi tascabili. Stile libero Einaudi, ISBN 88-06-16438-4
Lansdale Joe R.
Bad Chili
traduzione di Colitto A.
Einaudi tascabili. Stile libero
Einaudi, ISBN: 88-06-16438-4
(data di pubblicazione prevista: Marzo 2003)
Leonard ha dei problemi con il fidanzato Raul, che forse lo tradisce con un motociclista. Hap, durante una scampagnata, viene attaccato da uno scoiattolo che forse gli trasmette la rabbia. Ricoverato in ospedale, deve fuggire per aiutare Leonard. Il motociclista amico di Raul è stato ucciso, e lo stesso Raul è scomparso. Per usare un eufemismo, Leonard è nei guai fino al collo. Inizia così la nuova avventura di Hap Collins e Leonard Pine, già protagonisti del "Mambo degli orsi".

7. Joe R. Lansdale
Joe R. Lansdale. Joe Nelson. A trio of his stories have been adaptedfor the Darkhorse comic Joe R. Lansdale's By Bizarre Hands.
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8. Joe R. Lansdale
JOE R. LANSDALE Texas author Joe Lansdale contributed the introductionto Graphic Classics Edgar Allan Poe. He has written nearly
JOE R. LANSDALE Texas author Joe Lansdale contributed the introduction to Graphic Classics: Edgar Allan Poe . He has written nearly thirty books in the horror, western, fantasy and mystery genres. His versatility extends to comics, where he has written for series including Batman and Jonah Hex , and animation, where he has scripted episodes of the Batman and Superman TV series. As Joe declares, "I am my own genre." Two short films have been made of his stories, The Job, and Drive-In Date . A number of other books have been optioned by Hollywood, and Bubba-HoTep High Cotton (Golden Gryphon Press, 2000), a collection of his best short stories, The Bottoms (Mysterious Press, 2000), a dark mystery set in Depression-era Texas, and Zeppelins West (Subterranean Press, 2001), an outrageous
alternate history tale illustrated by Mark A. Nelson and designed by Graphic Classics art director and publisher Tom Pomplun. Joe's Bob the Dinosaur Goes to Disneyland appeared in Rosebud 23 , and Rosebud 24 will contain Bestsellers Guaranteed Graphic Classics:
Edgar Allan Poe
136 pages

9. Joe R Lansdale
Dragon's LibraryJoe R Lansdale Books by the author Joe R Lansdale. 2.Captains Outrageous by Joe R. Lansdale (Hardcover) Avg. Customer
Joe R Lansdale
Books by the author Joe R Lansdale Authors FAQ back to Dragon's Library You see the results from Look for the same at or at 1 - 10 of 63 A Fine Dark Line
by Joe R. Lansdale Hardcover
Avg. Customer Rating:
Editions: Hardcover Audio Cassette (Abridged) Audio Cassette (Unabridged) more...
Usually ships in 24 hours
List Price: Buy new The Bottoms
by Joe R. Lansdale Paperback - September 2001)
Avg. Customer Rating:
Editions: Hardcover Paperback Audio Cassette (Unabridged) Hardcover (Large Print) Digital (Microsoft Reader) more...
Usually ships in 24 hours List Price: Buy new Preacher: Gone to Texas (Vertigo) by Garth Ennis (Creator), et al Paperback - March 1996) Avg. Customer Rating: Editions: Paperback Usually ships in 24 hours List Price: Buy new Captains Outrageous by Joe R. Lansdale Paperback - January 2003) Avg. Customer Rating: Editions: Hardcover Paperback Usually ships in 24 hours List Price: Buy new Tarzan: The Lost Adventure by Edgar Rice Burroughs, et al Mass Market Paperback - June 1997) Avg. Customer Rating:

10. EBooks2Go :: Joe R. Lansdale :: Mucho Mojo
Joe R. lansdale joe r. Lansdale has written over two hundred short storiesand over a dozen novels in the suspense, Western, and horror genres.

11. Home Of Joe R. Lansdale
Official website for joe R. lansdale. Contains free stories, biography, bibliography, and latest news.Category Arts Literature Authors Horror L lansdale, joe......Welcome to The Orbit, the official drivein theatre of champion Mojo storytellerjoe R. lansdale! Hop in your car and come as you are!
Welcome to The Orbit, the official drive-in theatre of champion Mojo storyteller Joe R. Lansdale! Hop in your car and come as you are!

12. The Unofficial Joe R. Lansdale Homepage
joe R. lansdale. The greatest writer to come from Texas
The greatest writer to come from Texas
Congratulations go out to Joe as he just won another Bram Stoker award for his short story The Big Blow in the anthology REVALATIONS. This is either number 5 or 6, I can't remember, but I'm sure it's not his last. Online reading Reviews updated 8-4-97 Related Authors updated 8-4-97 Joe's Bookstore Interesting Related Sites updated 3-26-99 Articles Interviews updated 9-18-99 Joe Lansdale Chat Join the Mailing List Photo and Cover Archive Archive 2 Provided by Mark Reynolds View the Bad Chili cover You have to type this one in manually, for some strange reason I can't link to it. It's the single most comprehensive bibliography for Joe that I've ever come across About Me Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook Please be sure to sign the guestbook and let everyone know what you think of Joe. If you come across anything on the net that is Joe related, please let me know. Also, if you have an original review or article and would like it to be posted, just e-mail it to me. This is a page created by a fan who would like as much input as possible. And if you come across any errors or misspellings, let me know. The Maryland public school system sucks, what can I say. Thanks to all you guys who have written to let me know how much you like the site.

13. Joe R. Lansdale Books For Sale From Rudy's Books
joe R. lansdale Act of Love ZEBRA 3080 '90 2nd vgf.



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8041 PORT ROYALE DR. SAN DIEGO, CA 92126-3516, USA Last Update: Saturday, March 08, 2003 Joe R. Lansdale - Books For Sale PAPERBACKS - SCIENCE FICTION - FANTASY - HORROR - FICTION AUTHOR/TITLE PUBLISHER/EDITION PRICE Joe R. Lansdale Act of Love ZEBRA 3080 '90 2nd vgf. $5.00 SUS Cold in July MYSPRS 40430 '95 vg.. $3.00 SUS Freezer Burn hardcover Mucho Mojo MYSPRS 40187 '95 sold The Nightrunners CARROLL/GRAF 0289 vg.. $3.00 HOR Rumble Tumble hardcover Savage Season BANTAM 28563 '90 vg.. $7.50 SUS Tarzan, the Lost Adventure hardcover Two-Bear Mambo MYSPRS 40188 2nd vgf. $2.50 SUS Two-Bear Mambo hardcover Joe R. Lansdale - signed copies Act of Love ZEBRA 3080 '90 2nd vg. $12.50 HOR Cold in July BANTAM 28020 '89 fine $17.50 SUS The Drive-In 2 BANTAM 27905 '89 sold The Drive-In BANTAM 27481 '88 vgf $25.00 SF Nightrunners TOR 52123 '89 sold Savage Season BANTAM 28563 '90 fine $25.00 SUS Savage Season BANTAM 28563 '90 vg+ $12.50 SUS Joe R. Lansdale - anthology appearances

14. Joe R. Lansdale, Totally Free Stories
A Frogstrangler © 1997 joe R. lansdale and Roy Fish. Head on backhere Thursday, March 20, with your trunk packed full of buddies!
The Job For Pat LoBrutto Bower pulled the sun visor down and looked in the mirror there and said, "You know, hadn’t been for the travel, I’d have done all right. I could even shake my ass like him. I tell you, it drove the women wild. You should have seen ‘em." "Don’t shake it for me," Kelly said. "I don’t want to see it. Things I got to do are tough enough without having to see that." Bower pushed the visor back. The light turned green. Kelly put the gas to the car and they went up and over a hill and turned right on Melroy. "Guess maybe you do look like him," Kelly said. "During his fatter days, when he was on the drugs and the peanut butter." "Yeah, but these pocks on my cheeks messes it up some. When I was on stage I had makeup on ‘em. I looked okay then." They stopped at a stop sign and Kelly got out a cigarette and pushed in the lighter. "A nigger nearly tail-ended me here once," Kelly said. "Just come barreling down on me." He took the lighter and lit his smoke. "Scared the piss out of me. I got him out of his car and popped him some. I bet he was one careful nigger from then on." He pulled away from the stop sign and cruised. "You done one like this before? I know you’ve done it, but like this?"

15. Joe R. Lansdale : The Zero 5.0laf - The Official Website Of Andrew Vachss
Information about "The Bottoms" the Edgar awardwinning novel, and excerpts from the Hap Category Arts Literature Authors Horror L lansdale, joe......joe R. lansdale at The Zero. Information about the Edgar Award winningauthor's works and excerpts from his Hap and Leonard novels.
The Bottoms
by Joe R. Lansdale Read an excerpt from The Bottoms
Read Veil's Visit,
Read an excerpt from ... Bad Chili
Visit The Orbit , the official website of Joe R. Lansdale.

16. Veil's Visit By Joe R. Lansdale And Andrew Vachss : The Zero 5.0laf - The Offici
Read Veil's Visit, a Hap Leonard short story written by joe R. lansdale andAndrew Vachss. VEIL'S VISIT by joe R. lansdale Andrew Vachss. —1—.
Leonard eyed Veil for a long hard moment, said, "If you're a lawyer, then I can shit a perfectly round turd through a hoop at twenty paces. Blindfolded." "I am a lawyer," Veil said. "But I'll let your accomplishments speak for themselves." Veil was average height, dark hair touched with grey, one good eye. The other one roamed a little. He had a beard that could have been used as a Brillo pad, and he was dressed in an expensive suit and shiny shoes, a fancy wristwatch and ring. He was the only guy I'd ever seen with the kind of presence Leonard has. Scary. "You still don't look like any kind of lawyer to me," Leonard said. "He means that as a compliment," I said to Veil. "Leonard doesn't think real highly of your brethren at the bar." "The fuck you talking about? Lawyers are all right. They got their purpose. You never know when you might want one of them to weigh down a rock at the bottom of a lake." Leonard's tone had shifted from mildly inquisitive to that of a man who might like to perform a live dissection. "You think all lawyers are alike, right? But if I said all blacks are alike, you'd think you know something about

17. Katalog - Wirtualna Polska
A HardOn for Horror Low Budget Excitement (with a philosophical religious aside) For Russ Ansley
Poczta Czat SMS Pomoc -Katalog -Polskie www -¦wiatowe www -Wirtualna Polska -FTP/Pliki -Grupy dyskusyjne -Encyklopedia -Produkty Katalog Katalog ¦wiatowy DMOZ ... Horror > L Fakty o Katalogu Pomoc Regulamin Serwis szukaj ... Ostatnio dodane
NAWIGACJA Fakty o katalogu


Serwis Szukaj

Dodaj stronê
Katalog WP

Polskie Strony WWW

Oferta dla firm

... Wirtualna Polska

18. Joe R. Lansdale, Multi-Genre Writer
Novels. lansdale, joe R., The Magic Wagon, The Bottoms, Mysterious Press,New York, 2000. Edgar. lansdale, joe R.,. Anthology of Original Fiction Edited.
Joe R. Lansdale
2000 Winner of Stoker Award for Short Fiction from Horror Writers Association
2001 Winner of Edgar Award for Best Novel from Mystery Writers of America
Lansdale, Joe R.,
The Magic Wagon,
The Bottoms,
Mysterious Press, New York, 2000. Edgar
Original Short Fiction
Lansdale, Joe R.,

Cemetery Dance


Silver Scream
Collections of Short Fiction
Lansdale, Joe R.,
Anthology of Original Fiction Edited
Lansdale, Joe R.,
The Best of the West
Doubleday, Garden City, New York, 1986. ISBN: 0-385-23256-X

19. Dark At Heart, Edited By Karen Lansdale And Joe R. Lansdale
Dark at Heart, edited by Karen lansdale and joe R. lansdale. lansdale, joe R.,The Events Concerning a Nude FoldOut Found in a Harlequin Romance, 1992.
Dark at Heart, edited by Karen Lansdale and Joe R. Lansdale
Dark Harvest, Arlington Heights, Illinois, 1992. ISBN: 0-913165-64-6
Fiction Contents
Barrett, Neal, Jr., Hit, Crider, Bill, An Evening Out with Karl, Gallagher, Stephen, Homebodies, Gorman, Ed, The Long Silence After, Keefauver, John, Dead Voices Live, Kelly, Ronald, Beneath Black Bayou, Lansdale, Joe R., The Events Concerning a Nude Fold-Out Found in a Harlequin Romance, Lowry, Dan, Blade, Mayhar, Ardath, Aunt Dolly, Morrell, David, The Shrine, Nolan, William F., Hi, Mom! Partridge, Norman, Dead Celebs, Petitt, Robert, Schow, David J., Action, Shiner, Lewis, Dirty Work, Sullivan, Thomas, Deep Down Under, Tem, Steve Rasnic, Rat Catcher, Vachss, Andrew, Treatment, Williamson, Chet, Mushrooms, Wilson, F. Paul, The Long Way Home

20. DekkariNetti - Dekkarikirjailijoita/Mystery Authors - Joe R. Lansdale
joe R. lansdale. Elämä lansdale, joe R(ichard) on amerikkalainenkirjailija. Hän on kirjoittanut myös salanimellä Ray Slater.
D ekkari N etti Joe R. Lansdale Etusivu



Helmikuussa 2003 on ilmestyy suomeksi Lansdalelta uusi Hap Collins-Leonard Pine -dekkari
Kapteenin erikoinen
(Captains Outrageous, 2001).
HS 1.6.01
Joe R. Lansdalelle Edgar -palkinto
Joe R. Lansdalen romaani The Bottoms on valittu vuoden parhaaksi rikosromaaniksi. Lansdale palkittiin teoksestaandekkarialan arvostetuimmalla kansainvälisellä tunnustuksella Edgar -palkinnolla
Lansdalen dekkareiden suomalaisia kustantaja on Book Studio Elämä Lansdale, Joe R(ichard) on amerikkalainen kirjailija. Hän on kirjoittanut myös salanimellä Ray Slater. Hän on syntynyt Gladewaterissa Teksasissa 28.10.1951. Lansdale on opiskellut mm. Tyler Junior Collegessa, Teksasin yliopistossa Austinissa ja Stephen F. Austin State Universityssä Nacogdoches, Texas Lansdale on naimisissa ja hänellä on poika ja tyttö. Lansdale asuu tälläkin hetkellä Texasissa, Nacogdochesissa. Lansdale on työskennellyt erilaisisssa töissä, kuten esim. tehdastyöläisenä, ojan kaivajana, kirvesmiehen ja putkimiehen apulaisena, maanviljelijänä.

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