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         Lee Mary Soon:     more detail
  1. Winter Shadows & Other Tales by Mary Soon Lee, 2001-10
  2. Ebb Tides and Other Tales by Mary Soon Lee, 2002-09-02
  3. TALEBONES (15) Fifteen - May 1999: Reluctant Mercenaries; Succubus; Vigil; Zothique Mi Amore; Letters of the Alphabet Considered as Elementary Particles of Nature by Patrick; Swenson, Honna (editors) (Larry Tritten; Hugh Cook; Mary Soon Lee; David Wesley Hill; Mark Rich; Jonathan Lethem) Swenson, 1999
  4. TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED; NUMBER 20; AUGUST 1999 - APRIL 2000 by Editor Heideman Eric M., Stephen Dedman, et all 2000-01-01
  5. Tales of the Unanticipated 15, Fall / Winter 1995 / 1996 by Maureen F. McHugh, Mark W. Tiedemann, et all 1995
  6. Tales of the Unanticipated # 22: Birth, Death, & Rebirth Issue by Eleanor Arnason, Mark W. Tiedemann, et all 2001
  7. EBB TIDES AND OTHER TALES by Mary Soon Lee, 2007-01-01

1. Fictionwise EBooks: Mary Soon Lee
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Family/Relationships General ... True Crime Browse Authors Award-Winners Bestsellers Big Bargains ... Under a Dollar Miscellany About Us Affiliate Program Author Info Buywise Club ... Tell a Friend Mary Soon Lee Alert me when new Mary Soon Lee titles are added Bio: Mary Soon Lee sold her first short story in 1992, and since that time has become increasingly visible on the science fiction scene, having published over 80 stories since then. She runs a writer's workshop, has won the "Best of Soft SF" award, and is becoming a fixture in the Hartwell "Year's Best SF" anthologies, having now made it two years running. Her stories range from science fiction to fantasy and an occasional horror and dark fantasy work. Mary is definitely an author to watch. Cause and Consequence by Mary Soon Lee To Have and To Hold by Mary Soon Lee No-Name in the Long Winter by Mary Soon Lee Tranquility by Mary Soon Lee Rewind by Mary Soon Lee 1-800-CLONE-ME by Mary Soon Lee Ex Terra, Ex Astris

2. Auton Lab Personal Page - Mary Soon Lee
Mary Soon Lee Adjunct Research Scientist View my Website, EfficientAlgorithms for Minimizing Cross Validation Error Cached Sufficient

3. The SF Site: A Conversation With Mary Soon Lee
A Conversation With Mary Soon Lee. An interview with Trent Walters. February 2002.© Mary Soon Lee. Mary Soon lee mary soon Lee was born and raised in London, UK.
A Conversation With Mary Soon Lee
An interview with Trent Walters
February 2002
Mary Soon Lee
Mary Soon Lee was born and raised in London, UK. She attended Trinity Hall, Cambridge University where she earned a M.A. in mathematics and a diploma in computer science and met her husband, Andrew Moore. After two years working as a computer consultant, she returned to Cranfield University for a M.Sc. in astronautics and space engineering. In November 1990, she moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, staying for 3 years before moving to Pittsburgh. Winter Shadows and Other Tales is her first book. Mary Soon Lee Website
ISFDB Bibliography

SF Site Review:
Winter Shadows and Other Tales ...
Dark Regions Press

a poem by Mary Soon Lee I'm used to freak kids, Conceived in a test-tube, Revised in a petri dish, For parents who believe Four arms are better than two, Or that red eyes Will be fashionable Any day now. There are always people Who make poor choices. But that's no reason To withdraw my support For the 30th amendment: Free to shape Our children, as we are free

4. Mary Soon Lee
Mary Soon Lee. Pandora's Dogs . Mary SoonLee is British, but has been living in the USA for the past five years.
Mary Soon Lee
"Pandora's Dogs"
Mary Soon Lee is British, but has been living in the U.S.A. for the past five years. She has sold over 30 stories, including "Ebb Tide" in , May 95, and "The Tinkerbell Theory" in Interzone , December 95. Her story "To Have and to Hold" came second in the Best of Soft SF Contest 1995 . She also runs the Pittsburgh Worldwrights, a speculative fiction workshop. She has degrees in mathematics, computer science, and aerospace, and is a part-time consultant for Schenley Park Research, an artificial intelligence company. "'Pandora's Dogs' was the first story that I wrote after moving from Boston to Pittsburgh. I had been wondering about the creation of robot-pets, and also about possible futures in which all mammals (other than humans) were extinct. It distresses me to think how many strange and wonderful animalsfrom rhinoceroses to elephants to types of batsmay be extinct in a few decades." "Pandora's Dogs" eSCENE 1996
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6. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Mary Soon Lee
Mary Soon Lee. Other Lee links. Homepage Bibliography Afternoon Story August 1994, Vision SF 18 Assembly Line August 1995, Interzone,MaryS.php3
Mary Soon Lee
Other Lee links
"Afternoon Story"
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"Assembly Line"
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"Companion on the Road"
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"Conversation Pieces"
June/July, Beyond
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"Ebb Tide"
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October 1992, Strange Days
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"Memory's Child"
Summer 1995, On Spec
"Pandora's Dogs"
April 1995, Dream Forge
"Seeing Deeper"
March 1995, Thirteenth Moon
"Shelter Midnight"
July 1995, Journeys
April 1995, The Blind Spot
"Voices in the Wind"
November 1994, Star Tiger
"Winter Shadows"
March 1994, Just Write
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8. Mary Soon Lee - Bibliography Summary
Mary Soon Lee Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Alpha ChronMain Menu Search Lee, Mary Soon (UK;USA, -). Short Fiction

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To offer condolences to the family and friends of the Columbia's crew and to encourage carrying on their spirit of exploration, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. and its members have released the following statement of support.
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Robert A. Heinlein;
"The Green Hills of Earth"
(Used by permission)
On the morning of Saturday, February 1st, 2003, seven astronauts aboard the NASA space shuttle Columbia lost their lives as they were returning to Earth from a sixteen-day mission dedicated to the quest for scientific knowledge. They represented not only the United States of America, Israel, and India, but indeed all of humanity our greatest dreams, our most noble aspirations. The loss of the Columbia and its crew touches the lives of not just Americans, Israelis, and Indians, but in fact everyone on Earth. The exploration of space is one of the human race's oldest ambitions, one that has been reflected in our literature long before we developed the technological capability to venture forth into the cosmos. We must not allow this tragedy to bring an end to this magnificent journey, but instead let their courageous example lead us upward and outward.

11. Mary Soon Lee's Home Page
Bibliography and biography.Category Arts Literature Fantasy Authors L lee, mary soon......mary soon lee's Home Page. I have a newsgroup under SFF Net at sff.people.marysoon-lee.Please post a message to the newsgroup if you are passing by! Writing.
Mary Soon Lee's Home Page
News: On March 21, 2003, I became a naturalized U.S. citizen.... My short story "Coming of Age" is in the April 2003 issue of Analog Since 1992 I have been writing and submitting short stories, mainly in the science fiction and fantasy genres. I have had over seventy stories published, including ones in The Year's Best SF #4 and #5 , edited by David Hartwell; my story "Cause and Consequence" (Interzone #136, October 1998) won first place in the Best of Soft SF Contest I have two collections in print: a science fiction collection, Ebb Tides and Other Tales , and a fantasy collection, Winter Shadows and Other Tales . AB Word did the beautiful cover illustrations for both books. Each of the collections includes four new stories and they can be ordered from
I have a newsgroup under SFF Net at sff.people.mary-soon-lee . Please post a message to the newsgroup if you are passing by!
The drawing shown to the right is by the highly talented Chris Whitlow, and is an illustratation for my story "The Three Kingdoms," in Talebones,

12. Writing Speculative Fiction, By Mary Soon Lee
Questions and answers on a variety of topics of interest to SF/F writers from this awardwinning author.Category Arts Writers Resources Fiction Science Fiction and Fantasy......Writing Speculative Fiction, by mary soon lee. Hello and welcome. I havebeen writing home page. Last updated 2 March 2002 by mary soon lee
Writing Speculative Fiction, by Mary Soon Lee
Hello and welcome. I have been submitting short stories since 1992, and have had two collections published: and . My other credits include stories in Amazing Stories Analog Interzone Realms of Fantasy Sword and Sorceress , and the Year's Best Science Fiction #4 and #5 (edited by David Hartwell). This page contains tidbits of information that might be useful to new writers. If you would like to know more about me and my own forays into writing, visit my home page . For the curious, more than twenty of my stories are now available from Fictionwise
Questions and Answers
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I have a page with links to paying SF/F/H markets . The following publications may help in finding out about a broader range of markets. Don't forget to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you send a query.

13. Mary Soon Lee, Science Fiction Writer
mary soon lee Original Short Fiction Collections of Short Fiction Sources of Biographical and Bibliographical Information © Copyright 19982000 CyberSpace Spinner®
Mary Soon Lee
Original Short Fiction Lee, Mary Soon,
Aboriginal Science Fiction

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14. Fictionwise EBooks: Mary Soon Lee Bundle By Mary Soon Lee
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Family/Relationships General ... True Crime Browse Authors Award-Winners Bestsellers Big Bargains ... Under a Dollar Miscellany About Us Affiliate Program Author Info Buywise Club ... Tell a Friend Mary Soon Lee Bundle by Mary Soon Lee Regular Club You Pay: Category: Science Fiction Description: A convenient way for you to add many of Mary Soon Lee's works to your bookshelf at one time. [When you add a bundle to your cart, any eBooks you already own are automatically removed. You can't accidentally buy the same story twice.] First Published: Publisher:

15. SF > Reviews > Mary Soon Lee
mary soon lee. Short fiction
Mary Soon Lee
Short fiction Search Web for Mary Soon Lee Google search Alta Vista search
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Lawson, James, Gagrito, April, 1993. lee, Edward, Kalato, December, 1954. lee,mary soon, Ebb Tide, May, 1995. Universal Grammar, 550, April, 1997.
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
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The Time Watcher, #21, February, 1953. Lafferty, R. A.,
Narrow Valley, September, 1966. * Laidlaw, Marc,
The Vulture Maiden, August, 1992.
May, 1993. (novelet)
Sleep Is Where You Find It, September, 1993. (novelet)
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Dankden, October-November, 1995. (novella)
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The One Over, #349, June, 1980. Lamming, R. M., The Ink Imp, #348, May, 1980. (novelet) Landis, Geoffrey A., A Long Time Dying, August, 1991. Laboratory Procedure, October-November, 1991. Landon, Perceval, Thurnley Abbey, #1, Fall, 1949. Lane, Joel, and Chris Morgan, Feels Like Underground, #572, April, 1999. Lang, Allen Kim, Thaw and Serve, January, 1964. * Langan, John, On Skua Island, #598, August, 2001. (novelet) Mr. Gaunt, #610, September, 2002. (novella) Langford, David, Different Kinds of Darkness, #580, January, 2000. * Lanier, Sterling E., Thinking of the Unthinkable, #267, August, 1973.

17. Auton Lab Paper Learning Automated Product Recommendations
Learning Automated Product Recommendations Without Observable FeaturesAn Initial Investigation mary soon lee Andrew Moore , 1995.

18. The SF Site: Interviews Archive
mary soon lee A Conversation With mary soon lee An interview with Trent WaltersOn the trepidation of writing short short stories I think there are writers
The interviews are sorted alphabetically by authors' last name one or more pages for each letter (plus one for Mc). All but some recent interviews are listed here. Links to those interviews appear on the An Interview with... Page Feature Reviews
A Conversation With Miller Lau

An interview with John Berlyne
On growing up in Edinburgh:
"Well, I grew up in Edinburgh it's my home town. In fact, you could say I am a survivor of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting generation. I grew up at the same time, in the same housing estates he talks about in his novels. What I feel Walsh chooses to ignore is the strength and warmth of the Scots character qualities which I hope are evident in my own writing and that's sad. He chooses not to focus on our dignity and humour but rather on the grimness of growing up in that environment."
A Conversation With Ursula K. Le Guin

An interview with Nick Gevers
On Taoism:
"...but what happened to the practice and teaching of Taoism under Mao that was the initial impetus of [ The Telling ]. I was shocked to find that a 2500-year-old body of thought, belief, ritual, and art could be, had been, essentially destroyed within ten years, and shocked to find I hadn't known it, though it happened during my adult lifetime. The atrocity, and my long ignorance of it, haunted me. I had to write about it, in my own sidelong fashion."

19. Pandora's Dogs--Mary Soon Lee
Pandora's Dogs. mary soon lee. Ann lit a cigarette and slowly inhaled. Anngrinned at him, her throat too full to speak. About mary soon lee.
Pandora's Dogs
Mary Soon Lee
Ann lit a cigarette and slowly inhaled. The cheap tobacco smoke scraped her throat raw, but the kick of the nicotine unknotted her shoulder muscles. Ann leaned back in the chair, one eye on the clock. Five minutes to four, almost time to go home. Hell, if a call came through now, she'd ignore it. She took another drag on the cigarette, blew a smoke ring gently to the ceiling. The phone rang. Ann turned her back on the customer service screen, and watched the white curls of smoke instead. Two rings, three. "Priority call. Picking up automatically," the desk computer said. Shit. Ann stubbed out her cigarette. Bad enough that the computer could override her line; there was no need for it to sound smug. She forced a smile as the screen dissolved to show the customer. Her smile slipped into a grin before she managed to control it. Where had the man found that suit? It looked like a period prop for a movie, maybe even manufactured from real animal fur. Come to think of it, the man could have been a prop himself, metal-rimmed glasses pushed up onto his bald head. "Simoco Limited," she said. "How may I help you?"

20. Mary Soon Lee
Translate this page mary soon lee Si può dire che mary soon lee sia quasi una multinazionaledella fantascienza la madre è irlandese, il padre è
Mary Soon Lee Andrew Moore
Laureta in matematica e scienze informatiche lavora in una industria che si interessa di intelligenza artificiale.
Dirige un workshop per narrativa di genere (science fiction, fantasy e horror) il Pittsburgh Worldwrights
Gestisce una science-fiction list, sff.people.mary-soon-lee
Per una bibliografia completa si rimanda alla sua homepage Dell'autrice presentiamo il racconto Il giorno prima che arrivassero The Day Before They Came Interzone #133, July 1998) ristampato in The Year's Best Science Fiction #4 a cura di David Hartwell, finalista del British Science Fiction Association Awards , citato tra le opere migliori dell'anno in Year's Best Science Fiction #16 , a cura di Gardner Dozois.
Opere tradotte in Italia
  • Silent in the Cities Aboriginal Science Fiction , aut. 1996], in

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