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         Lewis Sinclair:     more books (98)
  1. Babbit by Sinclair Lewis, 2008-10-21
  2. The Works of Sinclair Lewis by Sinclair Lewis, 2009-08-06
  3. Our Mr. Wrenn; the romantic adventures of a gentle man by Sinclair Lewis, 2010-09-07
  4. Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis, 2010-05-03
  5. It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis, 2005-10-04
  6. Dodsworth (Signet classics) by Sinclair Lewis, 1967-02-01
  7. Babbitt (Dover Thrift Editions) by Sinclair Lewis, 2003-09-22
  8. Free air by Sinclair Lewis, 2010-09-04
  9. Main Street (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) (B&N Classics) by Sinclair Lewis, 2003-08-01
  10. Kingsblood Royal (Modern Library Classics) by Sinclair Lewis, 2001-04-10
  11. Elmer Gantry (Signet Classics) by Sinclair Lewis, 2007-12-04
  12. Free Air [1919] by Sinclair Lewis, 2010-01-06
  13. Bethel Merriday by Sinclair Lewis, 2010-01-01
  14. Babbitt (Literary Classics) by Sinclair Lewis, 2002-11

1. One Moment Please...
Sinclair Lewis As only his home town could know him. Get More Information OnSinclair Lewis and Your Other Favorite Artists By Using the Search Above.

2. Sinclair Lewis
Sinclair Lewis won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1930, the first givento American. His total output includes 22 novels and three plays.
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B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback (Harry) Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951) American novelist, playwright, and social critic who gained popularity with satirical novels. Sinclair Lewis won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1930, the first given to American. His total output includes 22 novels and three plays. Though Lewis criticized at times the American way of living, his basic view of the "American human comedy" was optimistic. "His central characters are the pioneer, the doctor, the scientist, the businessman, and the feminist. The appeal of his best fiction lies in the opposition between his idealistic protagonists and an array of fools, charlatans, and scoundrels - evangelists, editorialists, pseudo-artists, cultists, and boosters." (from The Quixotic Vision of Sinclair Lewis by Martin Light, 1975) In 1902 Lewis entered the Oberlin Academy, but then moved to Yale University and started to contribute the Yale Literary Magazine . On one summer vacation Lewis traveled to England on a cattle boat and in another year, dissatisfied with college, he went to Panama in search of a job on the canal. He also worked as a janitor at

3. Babbitt Lewis Sinclair
Translate this page Babbitt lewis sinclair. Titel Babbitt. Autor lewis sinclair. RubrikBelletristik Romane Erzählungen Amerikanische Literatur
Babbitt Lewis Sinclair
Titel: Babbitt.
Autor: Lewis Sinclair
Rubrik: Belletristik Romane Erzählungen Amerikanische Literatur Romane Erzählungen
Kategorie: Belletristik
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4. Books On-line: Search Results
You requested author names starting with lewis sinclair . Lewis, SinclairArrowsmith (text in Australia; NO US ACCESS); Lewis, Sinclair Babbitt sinclair&am

5. Education Planet Literature,Authors And Poets,Alphabetical Listing,Lewis Sinclai
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6. - Search For: Lewis Sinclair, Arrowsmith
Lewis, Sinclair, Arrowsmith, Signet. Softcover. Multiple copies available. Good/VGcondition with small mark on edge. Lewis, Sinclair, Arrowsmith, (Mass Market Sinclair&title=Arrows

7. Sinclair Lewis
Sinclair Lewis, Education on the Internet Sinclair Lewis, the son of adoctor, was born in Minnesota in 1885. He entered Yale University
Sinclair Lewis
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Sinclair Lewis , the son of a doctor, was born in Minnesota in 1885. He entered Yale University in 1903 but left three years later to join Englewood, the socialist colony founded by the writer Upton Sinclair
In 1908 Lewis moved to New York where he became a freelance writer. His first novel, Hike and the Aeroplane was published in 1912. This was followed by Our Mr Wrenn (1914) and The Trail of the Hawk (1915), but it was his novel Main Street (1920), that established his reputation as a great novelist.

lewis sinclair Building Services Brighton Campus Monroe Community CollegeBuilding 3, Room 175 Phone Number 585292-2594 E-Mail Address None.

9. Babbitt. Lewis Sinclair
Translate this page Babbitt. lewis sinclair. Autor lewis sinclair. Rubrik1 Belletristik, Romane, Erzählungen,Amerikanische Literatur, Romane Erzählungen Rubrik2 Belletristik
Babbitt. Lewis Sinclair
Titel: Babbitt.
Autor: Lewis Sinclair
Rubrik1: Belletristik, Romane, Erzählungen, Amerikanische Literatur, Romane Erzählungen
Rubrik2: Belletristik
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10. Lewis Sinclair Babbitt.
Translate this page lewis sinclair Babbitt. Titel Babbitt. Autor lewis sinclair. Rubrik1Belletristik, Romane, Erzählungen, Amerikanische Literatur
Lewis Sinclair Babbitt.
Titel: Babbitt.
Autor: Lewis Sinclair
Rubrik1: Belletristik, Romane, Erzählungen, Amerikanische Literatur, Romane Erzählungen
Rubrik2: Belletristik
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11. (Henry Lewis SINCLAIR - Ida May SINCLAIR )
Index of Persons Henry lewis sinclair Ida May SINCLAIR 16901 individuals,6702 families from file PARSONS.GED (5 Aug 2001). Index of Persons.
Index of Persons
Henry Lewis SINCLAIR (2 Dec 1882 - )
Henry Madison SINCLAIR
(1 Mar 1848 - )
Henry Malcolm SINCLAIR
(12 Jul 1819 - )
Henry Merrill SINCLAIR
(30 Mar 1827 - )
(30 Aug 1802 - )
Henry Stuart SINCLAIR
(ABT 1844 - 19 Oct 1872)
Henry Timons SINCLAIR
(27 Aug 1854 - )
Henry White SINCLAIR
(24 Nov 1824 - )
(8 Oct 1811 - )
(ABT 1866 - )
(29 Aug 1817 - 15 Mar 1818) Hiram Calvin SINCLAIR (19 May 1840 - ) Hiram Porter SINCLAIR (11 Dec 1805 - 13 Sep 1855) Hollis Jackson SINCLAIR (4 May 1832 - 8 Jan 1887) Holman Dexter SINCLAIR (11 Nov 1845 - ) Horatio SINCLAIR (ABT 1831 - ) Horatio Hawkins SINCLAIR (25 Jul 1856 - 25 Sep 1857) Hosea B. SINCLAIR (ABT 1817 - ) Howard SINCLAIR (ABT 1885 - ) Hugh SINCLAIR (ABT 1805 - ) Hugh SINCLAIR (ABT 1785 - ) Hugh (Earl) SINCLAIR (ABT 1463 - ) Huldah SINCLAIR (12 May 1809 - ) Ida SINCLAIR (27 Apr 1885 - 22 Nov 1901) Ida SINCLAIR (23 Jan 1880 - ) Ida SINCLAIR (26 Feb 1856 - ) Ida May SINCLAIR (ABT 1858 - ) UP (Fannie Nettie SINCLAIR - Mary Elizabeth SINCLAIR ) BACK (Helen Mar SINCLAIR - Henry L. SINCLAIR )

12. I11385: Mary (ABT 1797 - ____)
INDEX. HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5eWIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on08/05/2001 054729 . John lewis sinclair. 27 Jul 1804 - AFT 1896.
ABT 1797 -
  • BIRTH : ABT 1797
Family 1 William HURD
  • Mariette HURD Mary INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 08/05/2001 05:47:29
    William C. BADGER (III)
    ABT 1856 -
    • TITLE : III
    • BIRTH : ABT 1856
    Father: William (Col.) BADGER
    _Harriet PEARSON
    _Elizabeth THOMPSON _Elizabeth PARSONS ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 08/05/2001 05:47:29
    Lottie BARNFORD
    ABT 1872 -
    • BIRTH : ABT 1872
    Family 1 Charles Edward ROCKWELL
    • MARRIAGE : 24 Dec 1894
  • Maud Appeline ROCKWELL
  • George Daniel ROCKWELL
  • Lucy ROCKWELL Lottie BARNFORD ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 08/05/2001 05:47:29
    Thomas BRONSON
    ABT 1807 -
    • BIRTH : ABT 1807
    Family 1 Cynthia Elizabeth BARTLETT
  • Harriet Anna BRONSON Thomas BRONSON INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 08/05/2001 05:47:29
    Chester Rockwell CLARK
    31 Jul 1814 - 10 Jul 1899
    • BIRTH : 31 Jul 1814, Hartwick,Otsego,NY
    • DEATH : 10 Jul 1899, Meridean,Peru Township,Dunn,Wisconsin
    • BURIAL : Jul 1899, Rock Falls Cemet,Rock,Wisconsin
    Father: Thurston B. CLARK
  • 13. Book Search
    1. Lewis, Sinclair Kingsblood Royal. Popular Books, 1947 Soft Cover. Very Good.Paper Back. Ask our Bookseller. 25. lewis sinclair Martin Arrowsmith. lewis

    14. Sinclair Lewis - Wikipedia
    Sinclair Lewis. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. SOURCE http// Links. etexts of some of Sinclair Lewis' works
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    Sinclair Lewis
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Harry Sinclair Lewis February 7 ) was prominent for being the first American author to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in . The award reflected his ground-breaking work in the on books such as Main Street Babbitt , and Arrowsmith . He was also awarded the Pulitzer Prize for 'Arrowsmith', but declined it. He was born in Sauk Centre, Minnesota Although proud of his Midwestern heritage, he seemed to disparage it in much of his writing. He was innovative for giving strong characterization to modern working women and his concern with race. In the , he would spend time with other great artists in the Montparnasse Quarter in Paris, France where he would be photographed by

    15. The Sinclair Lewis Homepage
    Includes biographical and bibliographical information, a literary-biographical timeline, a quiz, informat Category Arts Literature Authors L lewis, sinclair......Email comments to The sinclair lewis Society. You are visitor Counterby Rapid Axcess Counter by Rapid Axcess. since 10.30.98.

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    16. Sinclair Lewis - Autobiography
    Written for acceptance of Nobel Prize in Literature 1930.Category Arts Literature Authors L lewis, sinclair......sinclair lewis – Autobiography. I hope the awkward apprenticeship withall its errors is nearly done. Biographical note on sinclair lewis.
    To recount my life for the Nobel Foundation, I would like to present it as possessing some romantic quality, some unique character, like Kipling 's early adventures in India, or Bernard Shaw
    I was born in a prairie village in that most Scandinavian part of America, Minnesota, the son of a country doctor, in 1885. Until I went East to Yale University I attended the ordinary public school, along with many Madsens, Olesons, Nelsons, Hedins, Larsons. Doubtless it was because of this that I made the hero of my second book, The Trail of the Hawk , a Norwegian, and Gustaf Sondelius, of Arrowsmith , a Swede - and to me, Dr. Sondelius is the favorite among all my characters.
    Of Carl Ericson of The Trail of the Hawk , I wrote -back in 1914, when I was working all day as editor for the George H. Doran Publishing Company, and all evening trying to write novels - as follows:
    My university days at Yale were undistinguished save for contributions to the Yale Literary Magazine. It may be interesting to say that these contributions were most of them reeking with a banal romanticism; that an author who was later to try to present ordinary pavements trod by real boots should through university days have written nearly always of Guinevere and Lancelot - of weary bitterns among sad Irish reeds - of story-book castles with troubadours vastly indulging in wine, a commodity of which the author was singularly ignorant. What the moral is, I do not know. Whether imaginary castles at nineteen lead always to the sidewalks of Main Street at thirty-five, and whether the process might be reversed, and whether either of them is desirable, I leave to psychologists.

    17. Sinclair Lewis Collection At
    18851951. Probably the greatest satirist of his era, lewis wrote novels that present a devastating picture of middleclass American life in the 1920s.
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    Sinclair Lewis Main Street (1920), a merciless satire on life in a Midwestern small town, Lewis immediately became an important literary figure. His next novel, Babbitt Columbia Encyclopedia Pronunciation: l s from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language Search:
    The novel behind the name

    18. Untitled Document
    lewis, sinclair. Authors Fiction sinclair lewis. There are dozens of young poets and fictioneersmost of them a little insane in
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    19. Literature 1930
    sinclair lewis. USA. b.1885 d.1951. The Nobel Prize in Literature 1930 PresentationSpeech sinclair lewis Autobiography Nobel Lecture Other Resources. 1929, 1931.
    The Nobel Prize in Literature 1930
    "for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit and humour, new types of characters" Sinclair Lewis USA b.1885
    d.1951 The Nobel Prize in Literature 1930
    Presentation Speech
    Sinclair Lewis
    Other Resources
    The 1930 Prize in:


    Physiology or Medicine

    Find a Laureate: Last modified June 16, 2000
    The Official Web Site of The Nobel Foundation

    20. Concordances Of Lewis, Sinclair
    Concordances lewis, sinclair. Text and Search Word Indexes of Classic Books

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