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         Lima Frank:     more books (43)
  1. Inventory (Profile Series) by Frank Lima, 1997-01-25
  2. Wounds of Love: The Mystical Marriage of Saint Rose of Lima by Frank Graziano, 2004-01-15
  3. The Nancy Book by Joe Brainard, 2008-04-30
  4. Angel: New poems by Frank Lima, 1976
  5. The Beatitudes (Lingo Book Series) by Frank Lima, 2001-12
  6. Angel; new poems. by Frank Lima, 1979
  7. The Da Lima Code: (Formerly Frank Delima's Joke Book)
  8. Biography - Lima, Frank (1939-): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2002-01-01
  9. Frank De Lima's Joke Book by Frank De Lima, 1997-01-01
  10. Frank De Lima's Joke Book by Frank de Lima, 1991-01-01
  11. Hornby Hobbies: Airfix, Hornby Railways, Meccano Ltd, Scalextric, Lima, Frank Hornby, Bassett-Lowke, Corgi Classics Limited, G
  12. Inventory: Poems by Frank Lima by Lima, Frank, 1964
  13. The Best of De Lima Too!! by Frank De Lima, 1991
  14. Da Lima Code by Frank De Lima, 2006

1. Frank Lima
Frank Lima for Poets and Writers Magazine.

portraits music covers ... index/links Frank Lima for Poets and Writers Magazine Heather Conley Photographs Brooklyn, NY Tel 718-302-2248 Email

2. Frank Lima Books
Photo. Frank Lima Books. Understanding Objects By Vincent Katz, FrankLima (introduction) (paperback). Angel New Poems By Frank Lima.
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God Bless America Singer Index Author Index Top Selling Accessories ... Photo
Frank Lima Books
Understanding Objects
By Vincent Katz, Frank Lima (introduction) (paperback) Angel : New Poems
By Frank Lima Inventory: New And Selected Poems (profile Series)
By Frank Lima, David Shapiro (editor) (paperback - September 1997) Underground With The Oriole
By Frank Lima
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3. Inventory, By Frank Lima
Published by Hard Press 413232-4690 frank lima's first collection of poetry in twenty-five years.
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Inventory by Frank Lima
Table of Contents and Excerpts

San Francisco Chronicle review by poet Tom Clark ... review by poet Richard Silberg
Frank Lima's first collection of poetry in twenty-five years. The best of his long out-of-print poetry from the 60's and 70's as well as a wealth of material from the last two decades.
More critical praise for Inventory
"One decade of Suffering City Withdrawal Pains is focused here in the few poems a young man finds in his head by Art Miracle and offers Futurity, a little free Joy from Frank Lima."
"When so much of the dross of the Sixties has fallen away, it is breathtaking to re-encounter the exemplary, tender, incandescent, incendiary, utterly authentic poems of Frank Lima...What makes that discovery all the more starteling is the more recent poetry, which shows Lima has been with us all along, continuing to write lyrical, imaginative poemas humanos. He has kept the faith; it is now our job to take in his accomplishment"
from David Shapiro's introduction, "Frank Lima: The Poetry of Everyday Life and the Tradition of American Darkness"

4. The Beatitudes, By Frank Lima
The Beatitudes by frank lima The Beatitudes (For David Shapiro) Jesus Dreams Newpoetry by frank lima. frank lima has long been one of our finest poets.
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Forthcoming: Fall 2000
The Beatitudes by Frank Lima
The Beatitudes (For David Shapiro)

Jesus Dreams

New poetry by Frank Lima. An examination of the author's relationship to his faith. Humorous, vituperative, revelatory insights into the hypocracy of modern organised Christianity and mass culture, satirically presented as biblical chapters.
Advance praise for The Beatitudes:
"Frank Lima has long been one of our finest poets. His new collection The Beatitudes is one of his strongest. Lima is not satisfied to make expressive transcriptions of experience. His language challenges itself, using wit to create reversals of expected meaning and discourse. His new religious poems may seem subversive of accepted norms, but actually they do what a living religious sensibility should do; they take seriously the idea of a personal relation with divinity, cutting through decorum to raise the tough questions that give religion its primal standing as a mode of truth beyond dogma."
"Frank Lima is a traditionalist; he likes to wrestle with God. He also fights with angels, poets and priests, and he often wins. As a teenager he wrote the most poignant poetry of the street. He didn't like being cornered there, so he conquered a hundred other tones. In his new work he draws the daily crucifixions for everyone. He is turbulent against every bad dogma, every false infinity. His iconoclastic boxing with the sacred makes him all the less profane. Frank O'Hara's true heir, he keeps up that poet's love of extraordinary liberty. Bliss, pain, and good humor of writing human poems. A national treasure largely unknown, Lima's blessings enlarge us all."

5. Frank Lima: Poet Back From The Edge By Seth Rogovoy
frank lima Poet Back from the Edge by Seth Rogovoy
Frank Lima: Poet Back from the Edge
by Seth Rogovoy (WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass., Oct. 31, 1996) Had it not been for a stint in a drug rehab clinic in a New York City hospital in his early- '20s one of many such stints for the young man up to that point Frank Lima might never have set pencil to paper and become one of the most highly regarded poets of his generation. "I was in Riverside Hospital, on an island off the Bronx, from where I could see Rikers Island [prison], where I was headed anyhow," said Lima in a recent phone interview from his New York apartment. "I was talking to a teacher I had become friendly with and he said, `Why don't you write?' I said, `I don't know anything about the English language,' and he said, `Why don't you write like you talk?' "So I wrote something, a love poem for a girl I wanted to impress, and he said he thought it was really good, and took it with him to show it to some friends who he said were poets too. Then he came back with some books, and said one of his friends sent one of his books for me to read, and his name was Robert Lowell. I had no idea who Lowell was. The other was Frank O'Hara. Another by Allen Ginsberg. I didn't know who they were. I thought they were teachers or something, like him." Lima would soon learn who these other poets were and they would soon learn about him. Some, like O'Hara and Kenneth Koch and David Shapiro, would soon become friends, when by the mid-1960s, Lima's poems were appearing alongside theirs and other poets of the New York School, including John Ashbery and James Schuyler, in prestigious poetry magazines like the Evergreen Review.

6. Frank De Lima Page
frank De lima. A master of spoofery and witty parody, frank De lima is the Delightful,Delirious musical comedian voted Hawaii's favorite entertainer.
Frank De Lima A master of spoofery and witty parody, Frank De Lima is the Delightful, Delirious musical comedian voted Hawaii's favorite entertainer. His comedy show is a fresh, witty revue using musical parodies to poke fun at today's topics, fads, attitudes and people. It has earned him the vote of "favorite entertainer" year after year. His popularity in Hawaii is due not only to the fact that he is genuinely funny, but also because he produces a completely new show every year to keep his material fresh and current. Proclaimed the Portuguese Prince of Hawaiian comedy, De Lima began his show business career before a group of his peers in a kindergarten class. It seems that young Frank was committed to entertain from the very beginning. De Lima is a quarter Portuguese, a quarter Hawaiian, with a pinch of Irish, Scottish, English, Spanish, French, and Chinese tossed into his island genealogical stew. Appearing on stage in the role of an equal opportunity insultor, De Lima shoots from the lip with a rapid fire zinging of multi-racial quips labeled by locals as "Portagee" jokes. Surprising to many people, De Lima actually began his professional career as a singer, not as a comic. But he has indeed successfully married his serious singing talent to his gift for comic satire. Adding a generous splash of genuine playfulness, De Lima's performances typically romp around on stage, slipping into a busload of different ethnic characters, bursting into unexpected song, popping out with witty parodies and often jumping out to stalk an unsuspecting audience.

SORRY THIS VIDEO OUTOF-PRINT. frank DE lima LIVE AT THE POLYNESIAN PALACE(comedy video) 1994, frank DE lima'S. Back to Hawaiian Music Island
  • FBI Warning: Officer Tom Silva
  • Opening
  • Monologue
  • News
  • Singing Sumo
  • Cardinal Francis X. Vermicelli
  • Tita Turner
  • Da Christmas Carol
Back to Hawaiian Music Island

8. Lima, Joe
Hank Williams and frank Sinatra fight for the soul of this Louisianaborn, Los Angeles-based Songster. Features lyrics, a mailing list, and links to buy a CD.
Listen/Buy CDs
The second CD is now available! This self-titled extravaganza is a little folkier than the first CD. In fact, there is nary an electric guitar or bass to be heard on it. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Drew Daniels at Sound Path Labs in North Hills, California. Every sound on this album is acoustic: upright bass, accordion, harmonica, ukulele and acoustic guitar. All percussion on this project is hand percussion: lots of sexy-as-hell Cuban and Brazilian sounds. I would go so far as to say that this is without a doubt the sexiest folk album of the year; in fact, it may be the sexiest folk record of all time. There are 15 songs on it, representing varying degrees of sexiness. Click on the icon above to hear highlights and read more. For detailed liner notes, click here
I'm proud to anounce that the first review of CD II is in! Read it at Blogmeister Scalzi's
Of course, the first CD is still available...


9. HAWAIIAN MUSIC / FRANK DE LIMA : The Best Of Frank De Lima
1989 NA HOKU HANOHANO AWARD Anthology Album of the Year. frank DE lima The Bestof frank De lima 1988 frank DE lima'S. if purchasing this plus other items
Anthology Album of the Year
"The Best of Frank De Lima"
  • Pocho Man
  • Abdullah Fataai
  • Koho Radio
  • Bruce Springroll
  • Christmas Carol
  • Imelda
  • Lucille
  • Da Blala
  • The Year of the Hawaiian
  • Tita Turner
... if purchasing this plus other items (immediate purchase of this item only Hawaiian Music Island MELE.COM

10. Frank Lima's Idobelieveidobelieveidobelieve
The reappearance of frank lima after twenty years. . . drawn out franklima's idobelieveidobelieveidobelieve. Dateline 6/1/99 The New
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Frank Lima's idobelieveidobelieveidobelieve
Dateline: 6/1/99 The New York Times heralds The Return of Poetry! for the umpteenth time in the last ten years (May 30, 1999, “ There’s a Resurgence of Poets, and They Know It ” *). This one, by Jesse McKinley in The Week in Review , is better than most, particularly because he gets some actual lines of poetry in it by Mark Strand Lord Byron Emily Dickinson , and Saul Williams A name you won’t find, but should, and will, and soon! is Frank Lima, enfant terrible in the early 60s, first of the Puerto Rican street poets to emerge, protégé of and collaborator with Frank O’Hara . His most recent book has the same title as his first

11. Web Wombat - World Directory
by frank lima Information on the new poetry collection by frank lima. frank lima Inventory - A Review by Tom Clark.

12. PRICEFARMER.COM: Farm-Fresh Price Comparisons Of Books
frank lima. 3 Alphabetically. 1. The Beatitudes Prose Poetry by frank lima(Paperback) by frank lima; Elizabeth Murry; Et Al September 2001, Frank

13. PRICEFARMER.COM: Farm-Fresh Price Comparisons Of Books
The Beatitudes Prose Poetry by frank lima (Paperback) by frank lima; ElizabethMurry; Et Al Published by Hard Press (MA), September 2001 ISBN 1889097446.

14. Arts/Literature/Authors/L/Lima,_Frank
Arts / Literature / Authors / L / lima, frank. Poetry, The Beatitudes byfrank lima Information on the new poetry collection by frank lima.,_Fra
Search: Welcome to, the comprehensive search portal dedicated to the arts. We have located some of the finest art and entertainment resources from across the Web and accumulated them into a single directory. Here you can choose from a wide variety of documents, reviews, articles, and Web sites about your favorite activities. Whether you enjoy film, Broadway shows, television, books, fine art, or travel, there is something here for you. As you peruse the directory, you will notice several categories pertaining to the arts. Feel free to navigate through these categories, from broad art-related topics to specific information on selected subjects. Our search portal also gives you the option to conduct a query using our intelligent search feature. Arts Literature Authors L Lima, Frank Poetry
The Beatitudes by Frank Lima

Information on the new poetry collection by Frank Lima.
Frank Lima: Inventory

A Review by Tom Clark.

15. Beyond Tour_Peru_Show
Itho e frank no festival lima Metal Rock, frank e Itho agitam o publicoem lima, frank conquista os fas peruanos, Festival em lima, abril

16. Inventory By Frank Lima - R A I N T A X I O N L I N E
Inventory. frank lima. Hard Press ($12.95). John Serrano. rank limafirst published in 1962, and though he dropped out of the poetry
Vol. 2 No. 4, Winter 1998/1997 (#8) Inventory Frank Lima Hard Press ($12.95) John Serrano Fall 1997 Table of Contents BACK TO TOP CURRENT ISSUE BACK ISSUES ... EMAIL

17. Daily Celebrations ~ Frank De Lima, Gravy On The Three Scoops Of Rice ~ April 18
scoops of rice, As all the rainbow colors on da kine shave ice, I'm as local asone B1 cockaroach Flying for your face in one ewa approach. ~ frank De lima
April 18 ~  Gravy on the Three Scoops of Rice Frank Delima's Joke Book I'm as l o c a l as the gravy on the three scoops of rice,
As all the r a i n b o w colors on da kine shave ice,
I'm as local as one B-1 c o c k a r o a c h
Flying for your face in one e w a approach."
~ Frank De Lima Hawaii's favorite comic, Frank De Lima knows what it means to be local in Hawaii . One of the culinary advantages to living in Paradise is a unique meal called loco-moco. My Dad would drive to Zippy's restaurant at least once a week to order loco-moco for breakfast. It's a Hawaiian standard if you're hungry for something ono (delicious). This favorite island dish was invented in 1949 in the plantation town of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. According to local legend, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Inouye, owners of a small cafe called the Lincoln Grill came up with loco-moco as something filling and affordable for hungry teens who hung out there. The Inouyes piled two scoops of rice into a saimin bowl then added a hamburger patty and fried egg. Then the piece de resistance: they topped it off with a generous serving of brown gravy over everything. The teenage customers came up with the name. Loco means crazy in Hawaiian pidgin. And moco rhymed and sounded

18. Daniel Frank Sedwick: Lima Silver
lima, PERU, 15681752. Early Pillars Type (1568-70)—rare first coinageof South America List . Item Photos. ITEM DESCRIPTION. PRICE. 213,
LIMA, PERU, 1568-1752 Early Pillars Type (1568-70)—rare first coinage of South America List # Item Photos ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE OBVERSE REVERSE ¼ real, assayer Rincón, very rare issue, with good crowned R on obverse, bold assayer R to left of crowned I on reverse, much legend, well detailed despite moderate corrosion and dark toning as from the Rimac River in Lima, where colonial-era pedestrians would throw in their small change for good luck. Once as high as $575, but now $395 and no lower (better specimens sell for $1,000 and up!) Shield Type (1572, 1577-88) OBVERSE REVERSE 2 reales, assayer Diego de la Torre, P-ii to left, oD- to right, choice broad planchet, with inner details, full legends, and crown all crisp and beautiful, nicely toned XF, holed at very edge. OBVERSE REVERSE ½ real, assayer Diego de la Torre, oD to left, P to right, above and below monogram, full inner detail (cross and monogram) and much legend with full crown, slightly doubled, attractively toned Fine with hole near edge. Pillars-and-Waves (1684-1752) OBVERSE REVERSE 8 reales, 1698H

19. Daniel Frank Sedwick: Milled Silver
England, half crown, 1745, with lima below bust of George II, S3695, design asabove, struck from silver captured from the Spanish by Commodore Anson in the
REPUBLICAN “CROWNS” (8 REALES AND PESOS) OF THE VARIOUS FORMER SPANISH COLONIES A very rich and varied field of collecting, early Latin American crowns offer a wealth of beautiful designs with many aspects (like weight and fineness and assayers) reminiscent of the Spanish Colonial system. List # Item Photos ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE OBVERSE REVERSE Potosí, Republic of Argentina, 8 reales, 1813J, KM-5, sunface on obverse, Liberty cap and clasped hands in an oval on reverse, very desirable as the first crown of Latin America, struck at the same Potosí mint that produced millions of cobs, and rare with a colonial-type “tulip” edge (as on pillar dollars), nicely toned VF+, slightly off-center. OBVERSE REVERSE Santiago, Republic of Chile, “volcano” peso, 1822FI, KM-82.2, volcano on obverse, pillar on reverse, another highly desirable, early crown of Latin America, and a better date too, attractively toned and well-struck AXF with luster, a few trivial nicks in fields. OBVERSE REVERSE Oaxaca, Republic of Mexico, 8 reales, 1869AE

20. Walter Lima Jr: Frank Capra
Translate this page os filmes, frank capra compreensão e “new deal” Walter LimaJr. Correio da Manhã, 02.09.1962 Aproxima-se o momento em que
abertura os fatos textos wlj os filmes frank capra: compreensão e “new deal”
Walter Lima Jr.
Correio da Manhã, 02.09.1962
Aproxima-se o momento em que a nova geração mais interessada no fenômeno cinematográfico travará conhecimento com um dos mais famosos cineastas de Hollywood: Frank Capra. A oportunidade terá efeito com a realização do Festival Capra-Ford na Cinemateca do MAM. Já há quem diga, no entanto, que Capra sairá ferido da luta. Convém esclarecer alguma coisa a esse respeito. Em primeiro lugar, não há disputa entre Capra e Ford. Em segundo, não poderia haver dupla mais simpática. Vale ressaltar que o cinema andou muito, depois de Frank Capra. E Ford sempre à frente. Porém, no dia em que se fizer um levantamento político-sociológico da sociedade americana em toda a sua complexidade, impossível será deixar de todo o cinema de Capra, preso a um determinado momento histórico mas personalíssimo.
Frank Capra, assim como Ford, é um dos grandes cineastas americanos que impuseram a sua capacidade criadora no decênio 1930-40. É produto típico de uma época, o “new deal” rooseveltiano. Desligá-lo desse período é eliminá-lo completamente. E seria inominável fazê-lo.
The Whole Town’s Talking, The Grapes of Wrath, Our Dally Bread, Wedding Night

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