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         Lumley Brian:     more books (100)
  1. Necroscope V: Deadspawn by Brian Lumley, 1991-09-15
  2. Necroscope 3: The Source (Necroscope Trilogy, Volume 3) by Brian Lumley, 1989-09-15
  3. Necroscope by Brian Lumley, 1992-01-15
  4. The House of Cthulhu: Tales of the Primal Land Vol. 1 by Brian Lumley, 2007-04-03
  5. Necroscope: Avengers by Brian Lumley, 2002
  6. Blood Brothers (Vampire World Trilogy) by Brian Lumley, 1993-09-15
  7. The Taint and Other Novellas: Best Mythos Tales No. 1 (Cthulhu Mythos) by Brian Lumley, 2008-11-03
  8. Bloodwars by Brian Lumley, 1995-11-15
  9. Necroscope II: Vamphyri! (Necroscope Trilogy, Volume 2) by Brian Lumley, 1989-04-15
  10. Harry Keogh: Necroscope and Other Weird Heroes! (Tom Doherty Associates Books) by Brian Lumley, 2005-09-01
  11. Bloodwars: Vampire World 3 (Roc) by Brian Lumley, 1994-09-29
  12. Necroscope: Resurgence: The Lost Years: Volume Two (The Lost Years Vol 2) by Brian Lumley, 1997-07-15
  13. Necroscope: Invaders by Brian Lumley, 2000-05-15
  14. Psychomech by Brian Lumley, 2001-08-18

1. Brian And Silky Lumley Homepage
author's official website, including biography, bibliography, multimedia, and a discussion board. "Lumley, Brian" search on
Brian and Silky Lumley
Welcome to Brian and Silky Lumley's SFF Net homepage.
Please visit:
The Undead, Undying, Unforgettable Worlds of Brian Lumley
The Official Brian Lumley Web Site. Just about everything you've wanted to know you can find here. Find out about KeoghCon, the mini-Necroscope Convention ... in Manchester, UK ... and where Brian is making any appearances. Why not come join us on the MessageBoard? That's were all the serious Lumlians are. There's a bi-monthly newsletter and on the first of each month an update with all relevant information in it. You are visitor 27

2. Ecrivain - Lumley Brian
Translate this page Brian Lumley.
Brian Lumley
Etat civil connu
Année de naissance: 1937
Nationalité: Anglaise
Sa biblio Ses romans (Classés par années)
Ses romans (Classés alphabétiquement)
Ses recueils, anthologies (Classés par années)
Ses recueils, anthologies (Classés alphabétiquement)

Site maintenu par Alain
Dernière mise à jour de cette page : 11/04/99

3. "Bibliographie De Lumley Brian"
lumley brian, LISTE DES OUVRAGES ECRITS PAR lumley brian (Angleterre, 1937 ) Récompenseet prix littéraire de Science-fiction décerné à Brian Lumley
  • British Fantasy Award : en 1989
Paul Denis
Mise à jour : 02/08/2002.

4. Lumley Brian
The summary for this Greek page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

5. BOOKS - Brian Lumley
BRIAN LUMLEY (Horror) HOME. NECROSCOPE SERIES More Series by BrianLumley. Want to buy a copy of or learn more about these books?


The Source

Dead Speak

Dead Spawn REVIEW More Series by Brian Lumley Want to buy a copy of or learn more about these books? Click on the Titles or Click Review.

6. In The Moons Of Borea Lumley Brian Pianfetti Jim Not Available
In the Moons of Borea lumley brian Pianfetti Jim not available.lumley brian Pianfetti Jim. In the Moons of Borea
In the Moons of Borea Lumley Brian Pianfetti Jim not available
Lumley Brian Pianfetti Jim
In the Moons of Borea
London, Jack The Tramp...

Twain, Mark Eve's Diary...

Twain, Mark Adams Diary...

Lesbros, Marcel Paul Reynaud :...

7. Spawn Of The Winds Lumley Brian Not Available
Spawn of the winds lumley brian not available. lumley brian. Spawn of the winds
Spawn of the winds Lumley Brian not available
Lumley Brian
Spawn of the winds
London, Jack The Scab...

London, Jack The Tramp...

Twain, Mark Eve's Diary...

Marsh, Carole Louisiana Footba...

8. LUMLEY Brian
Translate this page Accueil Biblios L Retour lumley brian Brian Lumley Grande Bretagne(1937 - ) Ancien militaire de carrière, il a longtemps écrit du
Accueil Biblios L Retour
    LUMLEY Brian Brian Lumley
    Grande Bretagne (1937 - )
  • (1974, The burrowers beneath)
  • La fureur de Cthulhu [Titus Crow - 2] (1975, The transition of Titus Crow)
  • Les abominations de Cthulhu [Titus Crow - 3] (1978, The clock of dreams)
  • (1978, Spawn of the wind)
  • (1979, In the moons of Borea)
  • (1986, Necroscope)
  • (1986, Hero of dreams)
  • (1986, Ship of dreams)
  • Elysia [Titus Crow - 6] (1986, Elysia, or the coming of Cthulhu)
  • (1987, Mad moon of dreams)
  • (1988, Necroscope II: Vamphyri!)
    Recueils, anthologies, omnibus...
  • L'avant-poste des Grands Anciens (anthologiste NOLANE Richard D.
  • Le seigneur des vers (anthologiste NOLANE Richard D.
  • Compartiment terreur (anthologiste NOLANE Richard D.
  • Nouvelles
  • Le coquillage de chypre (1968, The cyprus shell)
      in L'avant-poste des Grands Anciens
  • (1969, Cement surroudings)
      in in Huit histoires de Cthulhu in Compartiment terreur in Lovecraft - 1 , Laffont, Bouquins, 1991
  • (1969, Cement surroundings)
      in , Oriflam, coll. Nocturne (~9), 1999
  • (1969, The sister city)
      in Huit histoires de Cthulhu in Compartiment terreur in in Lovecraft - 1 , Laffont, Bouquins, 1991
  • (1969, The thing from the blasted Heath)

9. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Brian Lumley
Brian Lumley. (b.1937) Other Lumley links Brian Lumley OfficialWebsite newsalt.books.brianlumley. Bibliography Beneath,Brian.php3
Brian Lumley
Other Lumley links:
Brian Lumley Official Website news:alt.books.brian-lumley
Beneath the Moors
Blood Brothers
September 1993, Tor Books Mass Market Paperback Reprint edition ISBN:0-812-52061-0
The Burrowers Beneath
The Caller of the Black
short story collection
The Compleat Crow
sh.sts. 1987
Dragon's Bell and Other Discords
New English Library (UK)
Hero of Dreams
The Horror at Oakdeene
sh.sts. 1977
The House of Cthulhu
sh.sts. 1985
In the Moons of Borea
Khai of Ancient Khem
Maze of Worlds
Sequel to The House of Doors
Tor Hardcover ISBN:0-312-86604-6
Ship of Dreams
Spawn of the Winds
The Transition of Titus Crow
"Big 'C'"
Lovecraft's Legacy edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Robert Weinberg. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard The Gebiet What's New? Glossary

10. - Brian Lumley
Brian Lumley, About Author. Born in Hordern, County Durham (UK). The Burrowers Beneath,Vol 2, 5 out of 10, Brian Lumley's Mythos Omnibus, Vol 2, 1997, 6 out of 10,

11. BRLOH - Knihy, PC A Video Hry, èasopisy, Spoloèenské Hry, Komiks
všetky diela autora . lumley brian Zobrazujem ponuky 1 - 8 z celkovéhopoctu 8. Nekroskop VI. Svet Vampýru I. - Pokrevní

12. Hennepin County Library - Online Catalog
Previous 10 Next 10. Author, Count. Lumley, Brian, 16. Lumley, James EA, 2.Lumley, Jeannie, 2. Lumley, Joanna, 15. Lumley, Kathryn Wentzel, 1. Lumley,Robert, 2. Brian&index=AA

13. Brian Lumley Brian Lumley Message Board
Return to Brian Lumley main page BooksMessage Board - Brian Lumley.Brian Lumley. Other Recent Brian Lumley Discussions Brian Lumley.

14. Brian Lumley
Brian Lumley It’s not that there’sa gun to my head but thereis a body of loyal followers who want more more of my work.
Brian Lumley It’s not that there’s a gun to my head...but there is a body of loyal followers who want more...more of my work. I suppose it’s like asking a farmer why he keeps feeding the pigs in his sty when he has enough money in the bank not to do this anymore. But there’s a village down the road, and they just love his home-cured bacon. So now you can see why he would do it. What I’m saying is that I’m still feeding my pigs because my readers still want my home-cured bacon. And while I can cure it, I’ll keep on doing it. But the first time I deliver a rancid batch, that’ll be the end! I’ll know when to quit. I’ll know when the ideas aren’t fresh anymore. And I’ll know when writing doesn’t give ME a thrill anymore. You know, I’m heard of writers saying, Oh, I don’t want them clinging to my every word...! Well, good luck to them. I doI do want them clinging to my every word! Recommended Reading: Necroscope (series), Fruiting Bodies and Other Fungi, The Burrowers Beneath, Psychomech, The Compleat Crow, The House of Doors
Joan Aiken Clive Barker Ray Bradbury ... H. R. Giger

Translate this page lumley brian. TITRES, Année, Collection Editeur, N°. Le réveil de Cthulhu, .Albin Michel Super fiction, 19. La fureur de Cthulhu, . Albin Michel Super fiction,27.
AUTEURS de SF A B C D ... W X Y Z Accueil Liens ... Découvrez la science-fiction LUMLEY BRIAN TITRES Année Collection Editeur N° Le réveil de Cthulhu Albin Michel Super fiction La fureur de Cthulhu Albin Michel Super fiction Les Abominations de Cthulhu Albin Michel Super fiction Fleuve Noir Super Poche L'invincible Cthulhu Fleuve Noir Super Poche Le démon du vent Albin Michel Super fiction Les lunes de Borée Albin Michel Super fiction La terre des rêves 1 Le héros des rêves Presses Pocket 2 Le vaisseau des rêves Presses Pocket 3 La lune des rêves Presses Pocket L'avant poste des grands anciens Néo Le seigneur des vers Néo

lumley brian. Lumley, Brian. ( about) (47 titles); Lumley,Brian. (1 title);Lumley, Brian. Dreamlands series. (1 title); Lumley, Brian. Lost years. BRIAN

17. Brian Lumley
Brian Lumley. About Brian. Biography Home Page Necroscope series. NecroscopeVampire World Series. Bloodwars, Brian Lumley. Terms of use.
Home Search Site Map
Brian Lumley
About Brian Biography
Home Page
Necroscope series Necroscope Vampire World Series Bloodwars
Brian Lumley
Geoff Markley Last Modified Thursday, 24-May-2001 23:25:59 EST

18. Brian Lumley
Brian Lumley. Horror Author Home Brian Lumley Necroscope (NecroscopeTrilogy, Volume 1) Blood Brothers The Last Aerie Necroscope
Brian Lumley
Horror Author Home > Brian Lumley Necroscope (Necroscope Trilogy, Volume 1)
Blood Brothers

The Last Aerie

Necroscope 3: The Source (Necroscope Trilogy, Volume 3)

19. Brian Lumley
Brian Lumley Book List and Review. To learn more about Brian Lumley and his creations,you can visit him at his site Rating of 1 4.
Brian Lumley Book List and Review Brian Lumley is the multimillion-copy-selling author of the Necroscope series , which began with Necroscope and now continues in the E-Branch Trilogy: Invaders Defilers , and Avengers , due out 2001. His other novels include Maze of Worlds The House of Doors , and the Titus Crow series. Lumley has been named a Grand Master by the World Horror Convention. He has been nominated for the World Fantasy Award and has won a British Fantasy award for "Fruiting Bodies" and Fear Magazines Award for Necroscope III: The Source . He lives in Devon, England. To learn more about Brian Lumley and his creations, you can visit him at his site: Rating of 1 - 4
Don't bother reading Sedative It was okay I would definitely recommend it, a real page turner
The Caller of the Black
Top Beneath the Moors Top The Horror at Oakdeene Top Khai of Ancient Khem Top The House of Cithulhu and Others Top Ghoul Warning and Other Omens (poetry) Top Return of the Deep Ones Top Hero of Dreams Top The Ship of Dreams Top Mad Moon of Dreams Top Iced on Aran Top The Compleat Crow Top Demogorgon Top Fruiting Bodies and Other Fungi Top Dagon's Bell and Other Discords Top The Second Wish and Other Exhalations Top The House of Doors Top Maze of Worlds Top Necroscope Series The entire Necroscope series was fantastic to read from the first book Necroscope

20. Brian Home Page
The author's official website, including biography, bibliography, multimedia, and a discussion board.Category Arts Literature Fantasy Authors L lumley, brian......All Content Copyright 19982003 brian lumley - All Rights Reserved. FEBRUARY 11,2003. JANUARY 22, 2003. You can now have your brian t-shirts again!
Today is Monday, March 24 2003 FEBRUARY 11, 2003
  • There are a couple of new polls online to drop your thoughts on... Read more...
JANUARY 31, 2003
  • The latest Issue of Necroscope News is online now! Go check it out for the latest articles and news from Brian and Silky themselves as well as other columnists from the site! Also - all readers can now enjoy the past issue of the Newsletter for free! Read more...
JANUARY 22, 2003
  • You can now have your Brian t-shirts again! I know you all have been waiting for them, heh heh. Get your orders in now.... Read more...
JANUARY 16, 2003
  • There has been some interest in the Brian t-shirts and I am looking to find out how many fans would be interested in obtaining them if we started selling them again.... Read more...

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