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         Macdonald John:     more books (100)
  1. A Bullet For Cinderella by John D. MacDonald, 2009-11-02
  2. The Long Lavender Look (Travis McGee Mysteries) by John D. MacDonald, 1996-03-09
  3. Lonely Silver Rain (Travis McGee Series) by John D. MacDonald, 1996-04-20
  4. John D. MacDonald: Five Complete Travis McGee Novels by John D. MacDonald, 1991-02-10
  5. A Tan and Sandy Silence (Travis McGee Mysteries) by John D. MacDonald, 1996-03-09
  6. The Deep Blue Good-by by John D. MacDonald, 1995-05-31
  7. Bright Orange for the Shroud by John D. MacDonald, 1996-02-28
  8. Pale Gray for Guilt (Travis McGee Mysteries) by John D. MacDonald, 1995-10
  9. Nightmare in Pink (Travis McGee, No. 2) by John D. MacDonald, 1995-12-30
  10. The End of the Night by John D. MacDonald, 1960
  11. A Purple Place for Dying (Travis McGee, No. 3) by John D. MacDonald, 1995-05-27
  12. Quick Red Fox (Travis McGee, No. 4) by John D. MacDonald, 1995-06-27
  13. Cape Fear (Formerly Titled the Executioners) by John D. MacDonald, 2006-04-25
  14. A Key to the Suite by John D. MacDonald, 1991-07-09

(Catholic Encyclopedia)Category Society Religion and Spirituality M......John MacDonald. Laird of Glenaladale and Glenfinnan, philanthropist,colonizer, soldier, born in Glenaladale, Scotland, about 1742
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John MacDonald
Captain MacDonald married, first, Miss Gordon of Baldornie, aunt of Admiral Sir James Gordon; second, Marjory MacDonald of Ghernish (Morar). Many of his descendants embraced the religious life, notably his two grandsons, John Alaistir MacDonald and Allan McDonell, both of the Society of Jesus MACDONALD, Sketches of Highlanders (St. John, N. B., 1843); MACMILLAN, Early History of the Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island (Quebec, 1905); MACDONALD, A Knight of the Eighteenth Century in The Messenger (January, 1902); MACDONELL, Sketches, Glengarry in Canada (Montreal, 1893), note, 130; MACKENZIE, History of the MacDonalds and Lords of the Isles (Inverness, 1881); Records, Scots Colleges at Douai, Rome, Madrid, Valladolid, and Ratisbon (Aberdeen, 1906). A NNA S PRAGUE M AC D ONALD
Transcribed by Douglas J. Potter
Dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume IX
Nihil Obstat, October 1, 1910.
Remy Lafort, Censor

2. Index
John and Julie from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Various outbound links.
John W. MacDonald Welcome to the home page of John W. MacDonald here on I live with my wife, Julie, just south of Ottawa in Greely, Ontario. I mainly use this page to host images of things I sell on and what I am currenlty reading at the time, but also like to post information relevant to myself or my family. I am a fan of Modern Canadian Literature especially the works of Morley Callaghan, Hugh Hood, Leo Kennedy, Mordecai Richler and others. I also recently added a books for sale page. The link is below. Send me an email! My Current Recommendations: What is John W. MacDonald is currently selling on eBay now? Simple, just click here! Check often. Title: The Romantic
Author: Barbara Gowdy
Stunning photo of Canada's sexiest author! Feel Free to Browse... Various Web Links Title: The Truth About Death and Dying
Author: Rui Umezawa
War Correspondence of Ian R. MacDonald
Title: Rush Home Road
Author: Lori Lansens
Can't wait for the movie! Maxville Highland Games 2002 Sunflowers in my Garden Title: Undertow: An Inspector Stride Mystery
Author: Thomas Rendell Curran My other website dedicated to Stippling and some of my previous artwork. (Not updated)

3. MacDonald John S., Sketch
1, col. 4, 5, 6, 7, pg. 4. col. 4 5. Press Release Sketches Political LifeOf John Sandfield Macdonald. John Sandfield Macdonald was born at St.
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Feb. 8. 1998, R. R.
Press Release Sketches Political Life Of John Sandfield Macdonald On Friday, October 24th, commencing at 2:20 p.m., ceremonies in connection with the unveiling of an historical plaque to commemorate John Sandfield Macdonald, will take place near his birthplace in the village of St. Raphael, Glengarry County. This plaque is one of a series being erected throughout the province by the Archaeological and Historic Sites Board of Ontario, which functions under the jurisdiction of the Department of Travel and Publicity. The Board is composed of nine private citizens including professional historians and archaeologists, as well as other persons noted for their activity in promoting increased interest in local history. Friday's ceremony is being sponsored by the Township of Charlottenburgh, and the Rev. Father Donald A. Kerr, P.P., of St. Raphael, will act as program chairman, Among those who are expected to take part in the ceremony are: the Rev. Father J. F. McCaffrey, S.J., director of the Martyrs' Shrine in Midland, a member of the Archaeological and Historic Sites Board, the Hon. Frederick M. Cass, Q. C., Ontario's Minister of Highways; Fernand Guindon, MPP (Glengarry); Osie F. Villeneuve, MP (Glengarry-Prescott); and George Brunet, reeve of Charlottenburg. The plaque will be unveiled by Ronald Macdonald of Alexandria, a grand-nephew of Ontario's first premier. John Sandfield Macdonald was born at St. Raphael, Glengarry, a county in which that surname is by no means uncommon on December 12th, 1812. His father, Alexander Macdonald. was a farmer, but agriculture seems to have held no attraction for the son. At an early age, Sandfield engaged in commerce and, at one time, was employed in a dry-goods store in Cornwall.

4. Descendants Of Macdonald John
Press arrow for music Descendants of John Macdonald (18061872). A John Macdonald, born in Inverness in 1806, died in Inverness
Press arrow for music
Descendants of John Macdonald (1806-1872)
A : John Macdonald , born in Inverness in 1806, died in Inverness the 25 February 1872, married Margaret Groat, the 18 March 1832 in Fort Augustus (born in 1809 and died the 15 November 1887). He had 5 children : B.1 : Margaret Macdonald , married William Cross. She had 3 children : B.2 : Jane Macdonald , married James T. Mearns. She had 8 children : B.3 : Donald Macdonald , born in 1833, died in Inverness the in 1903, married Harriet Robertson, on the 22 February 1861 in Aldersier,Nairn. (Notes : Bridge Street, Inverness) He had 8 children : B.4 : Alexander Macdonald , born in inverness in 1835, died in Inverness in 1905. (Notes : un-married) B.5 : Robert Macdonald , born in Tomnahurich Street, Inverness the 15 November 1837, was christened in Inverness on the 21 November 1837, died in Planefield House Inverness the 31 October 1922, married Margaret Fraser, the 28 June 1861 in Inverness (born in 1841 and died the 13 October 1906 in Inverness). (Notes :founder of Fraser-Macdonald Building Contractors) He had 12 children : Back to home page Back to previous page Last Updated on 24 March 02
By Macdonald

5. "Bibliographie De MacDonald John"
Ma CDONAL D JOHN, LISTE DES OUVRAGES ECRITS PAR macdonald john DANN (USA,1916 1986) Pseudonymes John Wade Farrell, Peter Reed 5 ROMANS
(USA, 1916 - 1986)
Pseudonymes : John Wade Farrell, Peter Reed
Paul Denis
Mise à jour : 02/08/2002.

6. People - Canadian Heritage Gallery
Macdonald, John Sandfield. John S. macdonald john Sandfield Macdonald (18121872),first premier (1867-1871) of the newly erected Province of Ontario in 1867.
Canadian Heritage Gallery Home Page

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People Click on the thumbnail to view the image, and for information about ordering reproductions. Macdonald, John Sandfield John S. Macdonald John Sandfield Macdonald (1812-1872), first premier (1867-1871) of the newly erected Province of Ontario in 1867.
ID #20125 First Legislature Photograph of the first Legislature of Ontario, 1867, in the old parliament buildings on King Street, Toronto, Ontario, (with Premier Sandfield Macdonald behind the top hat on the table at the front).
ID #20033 MacDonald, J.E.H. J.E.H. Macdonald James E.H. Macdonald
ID #21765 J.E.H. MacDonald J.E.H. MacDonald (1874-1932), a commercial artist who worked with Tom Thomas and a founder of the Group of Seven, particularly painting in the Algoma district of Ontario.
ID #20168 Macdonell, Miles Red River Settlers Early settlers arriving at the Red River Colony, 1812, with the first governor of the colony, Miles Macdonell.
ID #10271 Mackay, A.

macdonald john. MacDonald, John. ( about) (26 titles); Macdonald, John,1915 ( about) (2 titles); Macdonald, John, 1929- ( about) (1 title); JOHN

8. SZTE Egyetemi Könyvtár -- Online Katalógus
SZTE Egyetemi Könyvtár Online Katalógus in English. A CCL kérdés FINDAUTH macdonald john A találatok száma 13. 2. Macdonald, John A II. john

9. John Elrod MacDonald
macdonald john ELROD. Japan 19511968 Vietnam 1968
Japan 1951-1968 Vietnam 1968
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10. Hennepin County Library - Online Catalog
Author, Count. MacDonald, John D., 19161986. 6. MacDonald, John D., 1916-1986.Executioners, 1. MacDonald, John D. (John Dann), 1916-1986. 31. John D.&index=AA

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13. Big Bill's John D. MacDonald Stuff!
Biography and links to other related information.Category Arts Literature Genres Mystery Authors M......john D macdonald. welcome to. Great Stories of the American West Stories by johnJakes, Elmore Leonard, john D macdonald, Marcia Muller and Many Others;
welcome to Big Bill's John D. MacDonald Stuff! (He wrote "The Executioners" that they based 'Cape Fear' on, don't you know!) ARMY DEDICATION REPRINTS TOUR DE FORCE ... TALKING BOOKS Buy John D. MacDonald Books Through My Amazon Links! U.S.A. U.K. "We run a strange kind of country in the modern world. Customs and Immigration are in a sense token services. Any plausible-looking person can find many ways to come and go unimpeded. Anything that can be flown or floated can be brought in or taken out. We are but a wide place in the road in the middle of the world, and they wander through, back and forth, marveling at the lack of restraints. It is a paradox. The openness which endangers our system is the product of the policy which says that to close our borders and enforce all our rules and back them up with guns would change the system just as completely as any alien force. Terrorism is going to pay us one fat bloody visit. But it will only be a visit. They underestimate our national resilience. Aroused by that kind of savagery, we will become a very tough kind of people." John D. MacDonald. Taken from "The Green Ripper" 1979.

14. Sir John A. Macdonald - Canadian Confederation
Literature resource sketches out the author's history, and lists films and novels featuring Travis McGee. With a list of McDonald's other work. Lew Archer novels under the name john macdonald. Next four books he issued as john Ross macdonald dropping finally the
Sir John A. Macdonald
Sir John A. Macdonald.
(January 10, 1815 - June 6, 1891)
John A. Macdonald was Canada's first prime minister, and was knighted for his efforts in bringing about Confederation. His role in creating Canada, and the realization of his dream to build a transcontinental railway, have fixed his place as a nation-builder in Canadian history. John Alexander Macdonald was born at Glasgow, Scotland, the son of Hugh Macdonald and Helen Shaw. When he was five years old, the family moved to Kingston, Upper Canada. At the age of 15, he began legal studies in Kingston, and by the age of 19 opened his own law office there. He became known as a quick-witted and ingenious trial lawyer. Later, he was named solicitor for both of Kingston's banks. He was married twice, to Isabella Clark on September 1, 1843 (d. 1857), and to Susan Agnes Bernard on February 16, 1867. Macdonald was interested in public life from a relatively early age, holding a variety of society offices before becoming an alderman for Kingston in 1843. In 1844 he entered provincial politics as a Conservative member for Kingston, acting as receiver-general. After the defeat of the government early in 1848, Macdonald spent the time in opposition working for the interests of his party. He helped form the 1854 coalition with Upper Canadian reformers and French Canadians, creating the Liberal-Conservative Party (forerunner of today's Conservative Party.) With this coalition in power, Macdonald was appointed to the office of attorney-general. Later he acted as co-premier, first with

15. MacDONALD, John D. - Personal Data
john D. macdonald vital statistics, photo, bibliography, and obituary data. VITAL STATISTICS. Name macdonald, john Dann Aged 70. Born July 24, 1916 Where Sharon, Pennsylvania
Return to Alphabetical Listing VITAL STATISTICS
Name: MacDONALD, John Dann Aged:
Born: July 24, 1916 Where: Sharon, Pennsylvania
Died: December 28, 1986 Where: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
SS#: 085-14-0277 NY Interred:
Married: Dorothy Mary Prentiss When: July 3, 1937
Awarded: 1972 Grandmaster Award from the Mystery Writers of America
John D. MacDonald
Attended the University of Pennsylvania 1934-35 but took his BS from Syracuse University in 1938. The next year MacDonald acquired an MBA from Harvard University. The approach of WWII seeming obvious, John enlisted in the US Army in 1940 and served until 1946. He was stationed primarily in Asia working out of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) where he rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel.
MacDonald was a mainstream writer who spread himself around, making more of a splash in the special genre of mystery writing than in science fiction. His short work in SF was mainly written in the 1948-53 time span with his first SF novel, Wine of the Dreamers , appearing in 1951. MacDonald's 1962 novel

16. John D. MacDonald, Mystery And Science Fiction Writer
john Dann macdonald July 24, 1916 (Sharon, Pennsylvania) December, 1986 1972 Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America Character Travis McGee (TM) macdonald, john D., The Brass Cupcake, Fawcett Gold Medal, New York, 1950.
John Dann MacDonald
July 24, 1916 (Sharon, Pennsylvania) - December, 1986
1972 Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America
Character: Travis McGee (TM)
MacDonald, John D.,
The Brass Cupcake, Fawcett Gold Medal, New York, 1950.
Wine of the Dreamers, Fawcett Gold Medal, New York, 1951. ISBN: 0-449-14193-4
Judge Me Not,
Ballroom of the Skies,
Slam the Big Door,
Mysterious Press, New York, 1960. ISBN: 0-89296-190-2
A Key to the Suite, Mysterious Press, New York, 1962. ISBN: 0-89296-393-X
The Deep-Blue Goodbye, 1964. TM (first Travis McGhee published)
Nightmare in Pink, 1964. TM
A Purple Place for Dying,
The Quick Red Fox,
1964. TM A Deadly Shade of Gold, 1965. TM Bright Orange for the Shroud, 1965. TM Darker Than Amber, 1966. TM Cinema: Darker Than Amber One Fearful Yellow Eye, 1966. TM Pale Gray for Guilt, 1968. TM The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper, 1968. TM Dress Her in Indigo, 1969. TM The Long Lavender Look, 1970. TM A Tan and Sandy Silence, 1972. TM The Scarlet Ruse, 1973. TM The Turquoise Lament, 1973. TM

17. Home Page
Principal trumpet of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra; freelance conductor biography, calendar, contact information.
Diese Seite verwendet Frames. Frames werden von Ihrem Browser aber nicht unterstützt.

18. John Macdonald Show Accordion Entertainer
Scotlands international accordion virtuoso gold album accordionist.
Visit Our
"Scotland the Brave"
Web Page
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Welcome to the official
John Macdonald Website.
Just Released his 50 th Album Gold Album Sales Throughout Australia Well Known for his Cabaret, Concert, and Television appearances in Australia and Overseas
"Accordion player and musical genius John Macdonald … his expertise on the Piano Accordion is simply magical, coupled to his rapport with the patrons." "Macdonald proved to be a highlight of the evening, displaying both technical and musical mastery of his chosen instrument. His ebullient personality endeared him to the audience." "Ace accordionist John Macdonald, demonstrated his ability brilliantly. His skilful playing and infectious good humour were a winning combination." "… he plays technically demanding pieces with great ease, and at the same time makes his accordion sound very pleasant for the listener."
Latest 50th Album Release Listen to Sample Tracks of this CD and All Albums Click Here...

19. Fashion Photographer: Editorial Catalog And Advertising Photography In US And Eu
Fashion and commercial photographer available for bookings everywhere.Extensive experience in European location work.Various portfolios shown.
John MacDonald photographer 
Ni h-eihneas gan Chlainn Domhnaill..." It is no joy without Clan Donald This site features some of my photographs. I am no advertising banners and best of all 100% free. More portfolios to come. I hope you enjoy what you see. John MacDonald For further information please phone, e mail or fill in my bespoke order form.

20. Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute
Sir john A. macdonald Collegiate Institute 2300 Pharmacy Avenue Agincourt, Ontario Canada M1W 1H8 Office (416) 3966793 School Hotline (416) 350-2396 Welcome to MAC! Welcome to the Sir john A. macdonald Collegiate Institute website, where you
Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute
2300 Pharmacy Avenue
Agincourt, Ontario
Canada M1W 1H8
Office : (416) 396-6793
School Hotline : (416) 350-2396
Welcome to MAC!
Welcome to the Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute website, where you can find the most up to date information on the happenings and events in our school throughout the year. Email us at
About The School
Mac is a secondary school in the Scarborough Region of the Toronto District School Board. It is located in the northwest corner of the former City of Scarborough, which comprises the eastern third of the new Megacity of Toronto

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