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         Mandelstam Osip:     more books (100)
  1. Mozart & Salieri: An Essay on Osip Mandelstam & the Poetic Process by Nadezhda Mandelstam, 1994-10
  2. Osip Mandelstam by Osip] McDuff, David, tranaslator [Mandelstam, 1975
  3. Biography - Mandelstam, Osip (Emilievich) (1891-1943): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2003-01-01
  4. The prose of Osip Mandelstam: The noise of time, Theodosia, The Egyptian stamp by Osip Mandelshtam, 1965
  5. Osip Mandelstam: Poems by Osip Mandelstam, 1977
  6. Osip Mandelstam and his Age: A Commentary on the Themes of War and Revolution in His Poetry by Stephen Broyde, 1975
  7. Russians of Polish Descent: Dmitri Shostakovich, Osip Mandelstam, Yulian Vasilievich Sokhotski, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Victor Serge
  8. Russian Literary Critics: Vladimir Nabokov, Osip Mandelstam, Mikhail Bakhtin, Vissarion Belinsky, Serge Poltoratzky, Korney Chukovsky
  9. Soviet Jews: Leon Trotsky, Osip Mandelstam, Marc Chagall, Grigory Zinoviev, Lev Kamenev, Yelena Shushunova, Isaak Babel, El Lissitzky
  10. Russian Critics: Russian Literary Critics, Vladimir Nabokov, Osip Mandelstam, Mikhail Bakhtin, Vissarion Belinsky, Serge Poltoratzky
  11. THE PROSE OF OSIP MANDELSTAM: The Noise of Time, Theodosia, the Egyptian Stamp by Clarence, ed. Brown, 1965-01-01
  12. Three Poems of Osip Mandelstam, Op. 23: Soprano and Piano (Library of Russian-Soviet Music =)
  13. Osip Mandelstam - Poems by Bernard Meares, 1977

61. Osip Mandelstam. Tristia (tranlsation By Ilya Shambat)
ÂÉÂÌÉÏÔÅËÁ ÍÁËÓÉÍÁ ÍÏÛËÏ×Á. OsipMandelstam. Tristia (tranlsation by Ilya Shambat).
Osip Mandelstam. Tristia (tranlsation by Ilya Shambat)
Origin: "Kamen. Tristia" - It's so my own and so familiar. What should I do with this God-given flesh and blood? For joys so quiet as to live and breathe, Who will receive my gratitude for these? I'm both the gardener and flower one, In this world's dungeons I am not alone. On the glass of the eternal one can see The traces of my breath and of the warmth of me. Henceforth it bears a pattern which is mine Even to me unknown from recent times. Let it be drained, the turmoil of the day - The lovely pattern won't be crossed away.
She has not taken her first sigh - She is the word and music both - And thus of all that lives and grows A timeless and unbroken tie. Placidly breathe the breasts of sea The day is bright, as if gone mad, The sea foam's pallid lilacs stand In vase of lapis lazuli. O, would my lips accept the lure Of muteness prime, now so remote, Reminding of a crystal notes That are innately truly pure. Be foam, O Venus, stay as mists, And words to music do return And heart, at heart's own shame do burn, Fused with the core of what exists!
x x x
An inexpressible sorrow Two giant pupils opened wide, A vase of flowers rose beside And into air her crystals threw The room was filled three meters deep With dreaminess - hello sweet balm! That such a liliputian realm Could have consumed so much of sleep. A bit of wine a bit of cake - A bit of sunny May despite - And thinnest fingers snowy white, Alive at last, have stretched awake.

62. Osip Mandelstam
Speaking In Tongues Guided by Voices. osip mandelstam. Translatedby Konstantin Rusanov. * * *. I was given a body what am I to do
Speaking In Tongues
Guided by Voices
Osip Mandelstam
Translated by Konstantin Rusanov
I was given a body what am I to do With the gift so singular and mine too?
For the quiet joy to breathe and live, Tell me, whom should my thanks I give?
Both the gardener and the flower I am, In the world's dungeon not lonely I am.
Upon eternity's crystalline breadth Have already fallen my warmth and breath.
Upon it a pattern will imprint itself, Such that will correspond to a single self.
The dross shall settle and the moment be clear One cannot cross out a pattern so dear.

63. Osip Emilyevich Mandelstam
The summary for this Korean page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

64. Terijoki - Osip Mandelstam About Terijoki
Terijoki The forgotten history History Interesting things Photogalleries MapsLinks Guestbook Forum Russian version osip mandelstam about Terijoki.

65. ‘Only To Read Childrens’ Books’ 3 ‘On The Pale-blue
A new English translation by AS Kline.Category Arts Literature Authors M mandelstam, osip Poetry...... from the reed, to draw a whole note’s richness. Note The metre of Homeric poetryis quantitative, based on vowel length (mandelstam calls this ‘tonic’).

Twenty-four Poems A.S.Kline
‘Only to read childrens’ books’ ‘On the pale-blue enamel’ ‘What shall I do with this body they gave me,’ ‘A speechless sadness’ ... Index by First Line
‘Only to read childrens’ books’
Only to read childrens’ books,
only to love childish things, throwing away adult things, rising from saddest looks. I am wearied to death with life. There’s nothing it has that I want, but I celebrate my naked earth, there’s no other world to descant. A plain swing of wood; the dark, of the high fir-tree, in the far-off garden, swinging; remembered by feverish blood.
‘On the pale-blue enamel’
On the pale-blue enamel, that April can bring, birch branches’ imperceptible sway, slipped towards evening. A network of finely etched lines, is the pattern’s finished state, the carefully-made design, like that on a porcelain plate, the thoughtful artist set, on the glazed firmament, oblivious to sad death, knowing ephemeral strength.
‘What shall I do with this body they gave me,’
What shall I do with this body they gave me,
so much my own, so intimate with me?

66. Osip Mandelstam -- 50 Poems -- Bernard Meares Joseph Brodsky
osip mandelstam. 50 Poems. Price $11.95. Coop Discount 10%.
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67. Magical Realism : Osip Mandelstam Selected Poems By W.S. Merwin
osip mandelstam Selected Poems. by WS Merwin.osip mandelstam Selected Poems.
Magical Realism Home What is Magical Realism? Authors ... News
Osip Mandelstam Selected Poems
by W.S. Merwin Add this book to your Reading List Buy Rate It ... Comment on It
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  • 68. Des_sami_lr
    Desky s tiskem. mandelstam, osip 1. ledna 1924 / osip mandelstam. Olomouc. 20 cm. - Mekka vazba. Tiskem in osip mandelstam Prozy, Praha, Odeon 1992..
    H - K S - Z Samizdatove publikace L-R / Samizdat publications L-R / Samizdat-Publikationen L-R
    LANDOVSKY, Pavel

    Sanitarni noc : Divadelni podivana o dvou castech zacatku, prestavce
    a konci / Pavel Landovsky ; Obalka [Hana Hamplova]. - [Praha] :
    Krameriova expedice, [1978]. - 125 s. : 1 fot. ; 21 cm. - Signovano
    autorem. - Na patitulu znacka edice KE.78. - Na titulnim liste
    uveden vznik: prosinec 1976 a poznamka: odehrava se v prvni polovine
    let osmdesatych.
    [Div. hra. Tiskem: P. Landovsky: Jine komedie a Sanitarni noc.
    Toronto, 68 Publishers 1982 a Praha, Dilia 1990.] LANDOVSKY, Pavel
    Chudobinec aneb Pripad pro vesnickeho policajta ; Supermanka / Pavel Landovsky. - [Praha] : Edice Expedice, 1976. - [1], 111, 59 s. ; 21 cm. - ; (Sv. 7). - Signoval Vaclav Havel. - Desky s tiskem. [Div. hry] LANDOVSKY, Pavel Hry / Pavel Landovsky. - B.m.n., 1978. - 205 s. ; 21 cm. - (EP ; 044). - Obsahuje: Chudobinec aneb Pripad pro vesnickeho policajta (1965), (s. 1-118); Supermanka (1973), (s. 119-204). - Signovano autorem. - V.z.d.o.r.

    69. Bibliographical Header
    About the electronic version Tristia mandelstam, osip Emilievich Creation of machinereadableversion Bruce A. McClelland Creation of digital images Bruce A
    Bibliographical Header
    About the electronic version

    Mandelstam, Osip Emilievich

    Creation of machine-readable version: Bruce A. McClelland
    Creation of digital images: Bruce A. McClelland, Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia
    Conversion to TEI2-conformant markup: University of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center
    University of Virginia Library
    Charlottesville, Va.

    Note: Illustrations have been included from the print version. About the print version
    Osip Emilievich Mandelstam Editor Bruce McClelland Translator Bruce McClelland Third Edition; First Electronic Edition Station Hill Barrytown, NY The images exist as archived TIFF images, one or more JPEG versions for general use, and thumbnail GIFs. Transliteration scheme based on that developed by George Fowler, Indiana University Keywords in the header are a local Electronic Text Center scheme to aid in establishing analytical groupings May 1996 corrector Bruce A. McClelland, Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia

    70. :: Osip Mandelstam: Fifty Poems
    You are here Memoirs Educators osip mandelstam Fifty Poems. Search (books). osip mandelstam Fifty Poems. 100% Recommended by our customers.
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    Osip Mandelstam: Fifty Poems
    100% Recommended by our customers.
    Catalog: Book
    Manufacturer: Persea Books
    Authors: Osip Mandelstam, Bernard Meares, Joseph Brodsky Release Date: May, 2000 Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours List Price: Our Price: Used Price: ThirdPartyNewPrice Price: More Details from Amazon international Enlarge image Product Reviews: Great Poet Reading these poems will make you understand why Mandelstam is so highly regarded. All 50 are well-translated works of genius. It has the best version of his (suicidal) lampoon of Stalin that I have read in translation. Reading these will make you hungry for more of his work. as good as it gets It should be said right at the beginning: Mandelstam is perhaps the best 20th century poet. Joseph Brodsky maybe share his place, but Brodsky is also co-author of this book - he wrote great preface for it. This anthology of Mandelstam's poems is not perfect only because it is not a collection of his complete works. However, this is a book which contains some of his best poems. Both Mandelstam and Brodsky are great examples of how true are the verses by Marina Tzvetvaeva: "In this most Christian of all worlds/ All poets are Jews." The perfection of this poetry is an evidence of the fact how great poetry once was - not a long time ago. Unfortunately, today the world have very little poets even close to Mandelstam.

    71. Berlin Fair Catalogue
    Translate this page 65. Author mandelstam, osip Title Kamen'. Publisher/Date St. 66. Authormandelstam, osip Title Almanach 'Dom Iskusstv Num. I' (House of Arts).
    Visit WorldPrintDealers Welcome to WorldBookDealers Sign in Register You have 0 items in your Shopping Basket Your Wishes Your Account Dealer For more information on Lame Duck Books, click here Berlin Fair Catalogue Item Description Price Options Author: KANT, Immanuel
    Title: Prolegomena zu einer Jeden Kunftigen Metaphysik die als Wissenschaft wird Auftreten Konnen.
    Publisher/Date: Riga: Harttnoch, 1783.
    Dealer: Lame Duck Books
    View Item
    Author: KIERKEGAARD, Soren
    Title: Om Begrebet Ironi med stadigt Hensyn til Socrates.
    Publisher/Date: Copenhagen: P.G. Philipsens Forlag, 1841.
    Dealer: Lame Duck Books
    View Item
    Author: KIERKEGAARD, Soren
    Title: Afsluttende unvidenskabelig Efterskrift.
    Publisher/Date: Copenhagen: C.A. Reitzel, 1846. Dealer: Lame Duck Books View Item Author: KLEIST, Heinrich von Title: Der zerbrochne Krug. Publisher/Date: Berlin: Realschulbuchhandlung, 1811. Dealer: Lame Duck Books View Item Author: KRAUS, Karl Title: Die demolirte Literatur. Publisher/Date: Vienna: Verlag von A. Bauer, 1897. Dealer: Lame Duck Books View Item Author: KRAUS, Karl

    72. Sito Web Italiano Per La Filosofia-OSIP MANDELSTAM
    Translate this page osip mandelstam. L'Unita'-17 APRILE 2000 Reale o virtuale l'apparenzainganna C'era una volta la Terra uccisa dalla cibernetica sostiene

  • Reale o virtuale l'apparenza inganna
    C'era una volta la Terra uccisa dalla cibernetica sostiene Virilio nel libro "La bomba informatica". Ma forse ha torto di FRANCO FARINELLI
  • 73. Hope Against Hope : A Memoir By Nadezhda Mandelstam
    And Nadezhda mandelstam, wife of osip mandelstam, one of the greatest Russian poetsof the 20th century, is aptly named, for it is hope alone that seems to
    Hope Against Hope : A Memoir by Nadezhda Mandelstam
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    74. Literary Criticism, Mandelshtam Osip , 1891-1938, Criticism And Interpretation,
    interpretation, Russian Poetry, Literature Classics / Criticism, Poetry, Russian Former Soviet Union, Mandel'shtam osip Pollak Nancy mandelstam the Reader
    Title: Mandelstam the Reader (Parallax : Re-Visions of Culture and Society) Author: Pollak Nancy
    Kolodziej Edward A., Kanet R...

    Marranca Bonnie Plays for the...

    Marranca Bonnie Plays for the...

    Ingraham Patricia Wallace The...

    75. Osip 1
    Translate this page La Jornada Semanal, 27 de agosto del 2000 Tres poemas osip mandelstamTres fechas en la poesía de mandelstam mayo de 1931, noviembre
    La Jornada Semanal, 27 de agosto del 2000 Tres poemas Osip Mandelstam
    hacer? De las vigorosas visiones dantescas. No puedo separarme de la vida: Aunque ella mate y acaricie, Se posa la tristeza florentina. No coloques, por favor, no coloques Laurel amoroso en el whisky, En trozos de sonidos azules. Y cuando muera, este servidor, Amigo en vida de todos los vivos, Un eco celeste en el pecho.
    9-19 de marzo de 1937 Nuestras palabras se esfuman a diez pasos, Sus gruesos dedos son grasos, cual gusanos, Y sus palabras, pesadas, son ciertas, Las cucarachas se mofan de sus ojos Lo rodea una chusma de jefes catrines, Juega y se sirve de gente mediocre. gimotea, Como un capataz da una orden tras otra Ya sea en la ingle, en la frente, en las cejas, en los ojos. Noviembre de 1933
      Guarda siempre mi palabra tras un dejo de desgracia y humo,
    Tras la resina de la paciencia circular, tras la brea vergonzosa del trabajo... Como el agua que en los pozos de Novgorod debe ser negra y dulce, Para que en la Navidad se refleje en ella la estrella de siete alas. Soy un hermano bastardo, un renegado del pueblo

    76. DINO - Language: Englisch - Arts - Literature - Authors - M - Mandelstam, Osip
    M mandelstam, osip mandelstam, osip, Sprache/Language. Categories,
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    77. Nadezhda Mandelstam
    It is simply one of the best biographies ever written. Nadezhda mandelstamwas the wife of one of Russia’s greatest poets, osip mandelstam.
    Hope Against Hope By Nadezhda Mandelstam It is simply one of the best biographies ever written. Nadezhda Mandelstam was the wife of one of Russia’s greatest poets, Osip Mandelstam. Her biography is based on the period of her life from the moment of Osip’s first arrest by the Stalin regime until the time of his death. It is such an intensely intimate portrait of a poetic genius. Nadezhda stands by her husband as he struggles to withstand the creative stifling being pushed upon him by the Stalin era. First he is banished from the artistic circles he had come to dominate in St. Petersburg, surrounded by the greats such as Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak and Vladimir Mayakovsky. He lives for a time in the small provincial town of Vorozneh. They survive on doing translation work and odd jobs. Later Osip is ultimately arrested and died and one of Stalin’s infamous prison camps. Nadezhda travels to southern Russia in order to not only escape the ravages of World War II, but also to escape the oppression of Stalin’s forces so as she can survive to share her husband’s story. It is utterly amazing how she memorized all of Osip’s works. She knew keeping the manuscripts would put her in danger of arrest by the authorities as many of them were critical of the regime. She exercised a daily routine of reciting his poems so as not to forget them. Such efforts attest to her deep love and devotion to her husband and his art. She is truly inspiring beyond words. Her first hand account of the tragedies suffered under the Stalinist era are raw and full of her own personal bewilderment of how they could see a timid, mild mannered poet such as her husband in such a threatening light.

    78. Osip Mandelstam
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    79. Persea Books - Complete Catalog - Poetry Listing
    89255212-3, paper, $12.95. mandelstam, osip osip mandelstam 50 Poems,0-89255-006-6, paper, $11.95. Moss, Thylias Rainbow Remnants
    Abse, Dannie
    Remembrance of Crimes Past , ISBN 0-89255-176-3, paper, $9.95
    White Coat, Purple Coat , ISBN 0-89255-177-1, paper, $12.95 Blackburn, Paul
    The Selected Poems of Paul Blackburn , ISBN 0-89255-123-2, paper, $14.95 Celan, Paul
    Poems of Paul Celan
    (a bilingual edition, translated by Michael Hamburger), ISBN 0-89255-276-X, paper, $ 18.95 Cruz, Victor Hernandez; Quitana, Leroy; and Suarez, Virgil (Eds.)
    Paper Dance: 55 Latino Poets , ISBN 0-89255-201-8, paper, $13.95 Dent, Tory
    What Silence Equals , ISBN 0-89255-196-8, paper, $9.95 Hikmet, Nazim
    Human Landscapes from My Country
    , ISBN 0-89255-273-5 , cloth, $39.95
    Poems of Nazim Hikmet
    , ISBN 0-89255-274-3, paper, $17.95 Howe, Marie
    The Good Thief , ISBN 0-89255-127-5, paper, $11.95 Johnson, Kimberly
    Leviathan with a Hook
    , ISBN 0-89255-282-4, cloth, $23.00 Klein, Michael (Ed.) Poets for Life: Seventy-Six Poets Respond to AIDS , ISBN 0-89255-170-4, paper, $12.95 Klein, Michael and McCann (Eds.) Things Shaped in Passing: More "Poets for Life" Writing from the AIDS Pandemic , ISBN 0-89255-217-4, paper, 13.95

    80. Persea Books - Complete Catalog - Author Listing
    mandelstam, osip osip mandelstam 50 Poems, 089255-006-6, paper,$11.95. Mazer, Anne The Oxboy, ISBN 0-89255-240-9, paper, $6.95.
    Abse, Dannie
    Remembrance of Crimes Past , ISBN 0-89255-176-3, paper, $9.95
    White Coat, Purple Coat , ISBN 0-89255-177-1, paper, $12.95 Anonymous
    Madeleine , ISBN 0-89255-108-9, paper, $9.95 Blackburn, Paul
    The Selected Poems of Paul Blackburn , ISBN 0-89255-123-2, paper, $14.95 Bloomfield, Judy and McGrail, Sanders
    Too Darn Hot: Writing About Sex Since Kinsey , ISBN 0-89255-233-6, paper, $ 15.00 Brown, Wesley and Ling, Amy (Eds.)
    Imagining America: Stories from the Promised Land
    , ISBN 0-89255-277-8, paper, $ 13.95
    Visions of America: Personal Narratives from the Promised land , ISBN 0-89255-173-9, $13.95; cloth, ISBN 0-89255-173-9, $29.95 Celan, Paul
    Poems of Paul Celan
    (a bilingual edition, translated by Michael Hamburger), ISBN 0-89255-276-X, paper, $ 18.95 Chalfen, Israel
    Paul Celan: A Biography of His Youth , ISBN 0-89255-162-3, cloth, $24.95 Connolly, Cyril
    The Rock Pool , ISBN 0-89255-159-7, paper, $9.95 The Unquiet Grave , ISBN 0-89255-058-9, paper, $12.50 Cookson, William A Guide to the Cantos of Ezra Pound , (Revised Edition, 2001), ISBN 0-89255-246-8 paper, $17.95

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