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         Marti Jose:     more books (102)
  1. Los zapaticos de Rosa by Jose Marti, 2009-10-26
  2. Selected Writings (Penguin Classics) by Jose Marti, 2002-04-30
  3. Nuestra América (Spanish Edition) by José Martí, 2008-10-01
  4. Versos Sencillos: Simple Verses (Recovering the Us Hispanic Literary Heritage) by Jose Marti, Manuel A. Tellechea, 1997-11-30
  5. La Edad de Oro (Spanish Edition) by José Martí, 2009-01-20
  6. La edad de oro (Clasicos Cubanos Series) by Jose Marti, 2001
  7. Jose Marti's ""Our America"": From National to Hemispheric Cultural Studies (New Americanists)
  8. The Myth of José Martí: Conflicting Nationalisms in Early Twentieth-Century Cuba (Envisioning Cuba) by Lillian Guerra, 2005-03-21
  9. Jose Marti (Spanish Edition) by Cristina Noble, 2007-01-01
  10. On Art and Literature: Critical Writings by José Martí
  11. Ismaelillo: versos libres, versos sencillos by Jose Marti, 2001
  12. Ser Y Esencia De Marti/Being and Essence of Marti (Coleccion Formacion Martiana) (Spanish Edition) by Octavio R. Costa, 2000-04
  13. Jose Marti Reader: Writings on the Americas by Jose Marti, 2006-10-01
  14. Jose Marti: Mentor of the Cuban Nation (A University of South Florida book) by John M. Kirk, 1983-12-28

1. Jose Marti
A biographical essay by Carlos Ripoll. Page also includes some of Marti's poetry in Spanish and in Category Society History By Region Caribbean Cuba Marti, José......Jose Marti. By Carlos Ripoll Jose Marti was born in Havana in 1853.At seventeen he was cultivate a white rose. Jose Marti Thoughts.
Jose Marti
By Carlos Ripoll Jose Marti is considered one of the great writers of the Hispanic world. His significance for the American Reader, however, stems from the universality and timelessness of his thought. Marti devoted his life to ending colonial rule in Cuba and to preventing the island from falling under the control of any country (including the United States) whose political ideologies were inimical to the principles he held. With those goals, and with the conviction that the freedom of the Caribbean was crucial to Latin American security and to the balance of power in the world, he devoted his talents to the forging of a nation. Thus, the scope of his work: he was a revolutionary, a guide, and more importantly, a mentor. His vast experience and education enabled him to move comfortably in the most diverse fields, which is what makes his teachings so rich to us indeed. Insofar as Marti believed that freedom and justice should be the cornerstones of any government, one has only to read his work and learn of the struggle that he took up freely. He could never accept the curtailment of the natural expansiveness of the human spirit, for truly he believed that man's redemption would come through love and unfettered reason. Therefore, his doctrines are, and must be, at odds with the totalitarian dogma that has existed in Cuba since its unfortunate demise. All of Marti's teachings contradict that political system which never fails to demonstrate its intolerance towards individual freedom and it's love of its own materialistic empowerment. His writings condemn all despotic regimes and the abridgment of human rights. Furthermore, he goes on to denounce the lack of spirituality and type of arrogance that we find in the current dictatorship. For this reason, the publication of Marti's thoughts, in all its force, is of the greatest importance today. His beliefs, which can guide democracies and if heeded, offer them greater security, speak more eloquently against the Cuban apostasy than all the accusations that others might make. .

2. Jose Marti Middle School
Hialeah area school offers an administration directory, outline of departments and bell schedules. José Marti Middle School. 5701 West 24th Avenue
5701 West 24th Avenue
Hialeah, Fl 33016
Principal's Message Departments Support Personnel ... Students
Author and Poet
Havana, Cuba

M-DCPS Home Page

3. José Martí Y El Nuevo Milenio
El hombre de La Edad de Oro Tratados sobre la formaci³n del hombre, modelo alternativo del desarrollo social, sobre los Estados Unidos y la necesidad del arte.
El hombre de La Edad de Oro Concepción sobre la formación del hombre Un modelo alternativo del desarrollo social Martí sobre los Estados Unidos ... La necesidad del arte "Quien se levanta hoy por Cuba se levanta para todos los tiempos."

4. Search Results For Jose Marti
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( 150 liens en date du 31/01/2000 ) Jose Marti Jose Marti. By Carlos Ripoll. Jose Marti was born in Havana in 1853. At seventeen he was exiled to Spain for his opposition to colonial rule. There...
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La Pagina de Jose Marti. Su vida y obra.
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JOSE MARTI - Cuba's Greatest Hero
Links to Jose Marti sites on the web.
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5. Marti
Jose Julian Marti y Perez. (18531895) By Joel Mathias. Marti, Jose Julian, Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia 1993-1997. Microsoft Corp.
Jose Julian Marti y Perez By Joel Mathias Click here for a link to the Marti Birthplace Memorial GENERAL: Toward the end of the 1800's, the concept of Revolution dominated the minds of the Cuban people. At this time, Spain controlled the Cuban nation. Many would stand up to Spain, but few would have any influence on the predicament Cuba was facing. Of these few, the most influential character that would help Cuba eventually achieve independence was Jose Marti. The genius of his writings, the power of his speech, and his tenacious spirit inspired lead the Cuban people in its quest of independence BIOGRAPHY: Jose Marti was born in Havana on January 28 1853 and spent his early years in Spain with his parents, Mariano and Lenor Marti. Upon his eventual return to Cuba, he was shocked by the way black slaves were treated and voiced his reaction. The beginning of the "Ten Year's War" led Marti to articulate his opinions in a more influential and dramatic manner, resulting in his imprisonment and a harsh leg injury. This would all begin when, in January 1869, a Cuban student was slain when he wouldn't get out of a Spanish officer's path. By coincidence, the next day Marti's first poem premiered, when it was published with the help of a friend, Fermin Valdes Dominguez. The poem promoted dying for one's country. Because of this poem, Marti was arrested, imprisoned for four months and then exiled to Spain. Dominguez was also arrested. When the police searched Domiguez's house, they found a letter written by Marti and Dominguez that was addressed to one of their fellow classmates. It called the student a traitor because he joined the Spanish army. This letter was brought in as evidence against the men when they were charged with insurrection. When the judge questioned Marti and Dominguez, Marti gave a speech proclaiming Cuba's right to independence. Consequently, Dominguez spent six months in jail and Jose Marti was sentenced to six years.

6. Jose Marti
Jose Marti. RUHUMUN OGLU Ey ruhumun oglu! Eksik olsun zarif ellerin güzelligiVe güzel kokulari onlarin! Jose Marti. ANASAYFA / HOME PAGE. Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter!
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7. CUBA MEGALINKSThe Cuba MegaLinks Center
Translate this page BACK TO LINK'S INDEX. LITERATURE - ART - JOSE MARTI. LITERATURE. Cartasde Jose marti jose Miro Argenter (Campamento Hato, 7 de mayo de 1895),
the most comprehensive Cuban links site in the WWW
The Reynaldo Arenas Papers Cubanos en la Red: un libro Habana Elegante: Revista Electrónica Trimestral de Literatura Cubana Nexos, Literatura Cubana Digital Freedom Network Censored Material: Cuba (Escribo de Memoria por Raul Rivero) Poetry Planting Tres Sonetos y una Idea: Luis Valdespino The Vietnam War Poetry of Mario Carasa
Pintura de Osvaldo Valladares Viredo: un pintor cubano exiliado Xavier Cortada: Paintings Contemporary Cuban Artists Tonel: Artista Cubano Contemporaneo Jose Martinez-Cañas 's Elite Fine Art
Manuel Acuña por José Martí Jose Marti: Abdala "Para Cuba que Sufre..."Discurso en el Liceo Cubano de Tampa (Discursos de J. Marti) "Los Pobres de la Tierra". Patria, 24 de Octubre de 1894. (Articulo de J. Marti) "Nuestra America". La Revista Ilustrada de Nueva York, 10 de enero de 1891 (Articulo de J. Marti) "El Presidio Político en Cuba" "Diario de Campaña de Jose Marti" (9 de abril a 19 de Mayo de 1895) "Ultimos Dias de Jose Marti" "Manifiesto de Montecristi" (25 de Marzo de 1895) "Vindicacion de Cuba"(Carta de J. Marti al The Evening Post)

8. Cersan Mystical Organization Site Web Page Jose Marti
htm. Jose Marti. Martí, José , 1853–95, Cuban essayist, poet,and patriot, leader of the Cuban struggle for independence. One Jose.htmL
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Saint John of the Cross, in the darkness of your worst moments, when you were alone and persecuted, you found God. Help me to have faith that God is there especially in the times when God seems absent and far away. Amen . . My Guide


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9. A Brief Description Of Jose Marti
Jose Marti. by Jim Mellen The key figure in the organization of the1895 rebellion was Jose Marti. Born in Cuba, and arrested
Jose Marti by Jim Mellen The key figure in the organization of the 1895 rebellion was Jose Marti.  Born in Cuba, and arrested in 1869 at the age of 16 for subversive beliefs in Cuban independence, he dedicated his life to the independence of Cuba.  He organized Cuban emigre groups in the United States and raised money for the cause from workers from the Florida Keys to New York.  He melded the various rebel factions into one cohesive group that could legitimately challenge Spain for control of the island. He also defined the cause and brought it to a level above mere independence for the country.   As he wrote to Maximo Gomez (who became chief of the revolutionary forces in 1895), he had a “determination not to contribute one iota—through blind love of an idea affecting my entire life—to bringing my country a government of personal despotism more shameful and regrettable than the political despotism it now endures.” Jose Marti, called the Apostle of Cuba's freedom, was killed in a skirmish soon after the war he had worked so long to bring about had begun. Go back to main page

10. Search Results For Jose Marti
Found by AltaVista http// 31. Marti, Jose,71%. 40. VERS LIBRES ANTHOLOGIE POETIQUE DE marti jose CHEZ L'HARMATTAN, 69%.
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( 201 links to date 31/01/2000 ) Jose Marti Jose Marti. By Carlos Ripoll. Jose Marti was born in Havana in 1853. At seventeen he was exiled to Spain for his opposition to colonial rule. There...
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La Pagina de Jose Marti. Su vida y obra.
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Marti Foto's. ·marti jose. ·marti jose Dichter Revolutionair.·marti jose - Vader des Vaderlands. ·Marti José Julian. ·Castro
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Cuba, tot 1960 een vakantieparadijs voor Amerikanen en mafiosi, bijna een kolonie van Washington. Fidel en Che brachten hierin verandering. De Varkensbaai volgde, een handelsembargo. Een volk werd in armoede gedompeld, maar bleef koppig voortleven en zingen en dansen. Het vrije Cuba leeft nu vooral dankzij westerse toeristen, arm en vrij, en levert de wereld de prachtigste ritmen, samen met rum en sigaren.
Algemene Info Wereld Landen Info Wereld Mappen Cuban Heritage Caraiben van A tot Z ... zoek...
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12. José Martí
Biographical notes and a list of literary works by marti.Category Society History By Region Caribbean Cuba marti, José...... the Cuban Nation by John M. Kirk (1983); José marti Revolutionary Democrat 1935;DIARIO, 1938; THE AMERICAN jose MARTÍ SELECTED WRITINGS, 1953; OBRAS ESCOGIDAS
Choose another writer in this calendar: by name:
B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Cuban poet, essayist and journalist, who became symbol of Cuba's struggle for independence from Spain and who promoted better understanding among American nations. "No man has any special right because he belongs to any specific race; just by saying the word man, we have already said all the rights." Ismaelillo Versos sencillos (1891), and Versos libres
donde en silencio divino
hablo con ellos: de noche!
entre las filas: las manos
de piedra les beso: abren
los ojos de piedra: mueven
los labios de piedra: tiemblan
la espada de piedra: lloran:
Mudo, les beso la mano.
El Diablo Cojuelo and La Patria Libre El presidio de Cuba in 1871. Between 1874 and his death, Martí was three times in Cuba; once under a false name. "The truth is, Fermin, that I no longer live except for my land," he wrote to his friend Fermín Valdés, "but a thousand times I hold back what love for her demands to that it does not seem that I do it out of self-interest or to win renown." In 1875 Martí moved to Mexico and wrote for Revista Universal . He then taught literature and philosophy at the University of Guatemala and returned to Cuba where he worked in a law office. In 1879 he was again deported to Spain. Sun El Partido Liberal El Economista Americano , and Versos sencillos (1891), was born during a particularly difficult period in his life. He had lived for years apart from his wife, Carmen Zayas Bazán, and his son José. The couple separated after Carmen visited briefly New York in 1890. Since 1880 Martí had been romantically entangled with Carmen Mantilla, a married woman. Carmita's daughter María is the protagonist of several "versos sencillos." His crisis is reflected among others from the poem 23: "Yo quiero salir del mundo / por la puerta natural: // en un carro de hojas verdes / a morir me han de llevar. // No me pongan en lo oscuro a morir como un traidor: // yo soy bueno, y como bueno / moriré de cara al sol."

La Pagina de jose marti. Su vida y obra. La Página de JOSÉ MARTÍ. Su Vida y Obra
Comienzo Introducción Dedicatoria FAQ's ... Colaboradores
La Página de JOSÉ MARTÍ
Su Vida y Obra Lee algunas opiniones de nuestros lectores Nuevo Lee el Boletín de La Página de José Martí Evalúa nuestro trabajo¡ José Martí: 1853-2003 150 años del natalicio del Apóstol. Necesitamos tu ayuda Por favor, ¡Contribuye! Nuevo " Artículo del Mes " por los Lic. José Francisco Vales Bermúdez y Susana Hernández Rodríguez: La Presencia de Goethe en la Obra y en el Ideario Martianos Recordatorio
P or favor leer antes de someter preguntas a los editores JOSÉ MARTÍ: SELECCIÓN DE CUENTOS Y POESÍAS , 2 CD's.
Narrativa de la obra más popular del Apóstol,
por el Grupo CAÑAVERAL ®, Inc. Ver el libro acompañante:

por Hilda Luisa Díaz-Perera Nueva sección Calendario y Noticias -Envíanos tus eventos relacionados con José Martí Nueva sección "Escríbenos" Nueva sección de arte:
"Mucho, señora, daría..."

14. Jose Marti Martin Luther King Jr Brothers In Thought
An essay arguing that marti and King share a common theological tradition.Category Society History By Region Caribbean Cuba marti, José......jose marti martin Luther King Jr Brothers in Thought. jose marti We must foreverconduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.
Anyone who offends the sacred freedom of our adversaries is reprehensible, and more so if he or she does it in the name of freedom.
Jose Marti
We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.
Martin Luther King Jr.
There is no forgiveness for acts of hatred. Daggers thrust in the name of liberty are thrust into liberty's heart.
Jose Marti
In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Jose Marti and Martin Luther King Jr. both are rooted in the same theological non-ideological tradition. This tradition is found in the teachings found in the Gospel's of the New Testament. This is not a foreign ideology, but is at the heart of the Cuban national soul. Father Felix Varela whose teachings were at the root of the movements to abolish slavery and seek independence in Cuba forged this system of thought into our national soul. It is when we have forgotten these teachings that we have damaged our nation, and lost our freedom. "Now more than ever we need temples of love and humanity that free everything that is generous in man and bind everything that is crude and low in him." Fidel Castro has created and maintains a system which derives it's strength from hatred, betrayal, fear, and a mythology of invulnerability. He has imprisoned tens of thousands and executed as many. Until the totalitarian system is destroyed we will never have a full accounting of those who were executed, dissappeared, or imprisoned.

15. Obras De Jose Marti
Poes­as completas, cartas y discursos y ºltimos escritos del poeta cubano.

16. José Martí, Apostle Of Cuban Independence
A biography of jose marti, writer, poet, father, revolutionary, visionary, and the Apostle of Cuban Independence.
- Fidel Castro "You take your rights, you do not beg for them; you do not buy them with tears but with blood."

Apostle of Cuban Independence - Part
by Jerry A. Sierra - Part A printable version of this article: with pictures no pictures

... Early History Struggle for
Independence BEFORE
The Revolution AFTER
The Revolution The Eighties
And Beyond

17. ThinkQuest
Site on Cuba's national hero features a biography and photos of marti as well as his poetry and famous quotations by him.
We're sorry. The website you are trying to access is currently unavailable. If you are the owner or creator of this site, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at Thank You.

18. JOSE MARTI - Cuba's Greatest Hero
Links to jose marti sites on the web.Category Society History By Region Caribbean Cuba marti, José......WELCOME! Click on the picture of jose Martí to connect to our Home Page NOWWITH MORE THAN 155,000* VISITORS from OVER 90 countries worldwide!!
WELCOME! Click on the picture of Jose Martí to connect to our Home Page NOW WITH MORE THAN * VISITORS from OVER countries worldwide!! Numbers of Visitors to this Site: Visitors accidently erased on March 1, 1999 This site UPDATED: May, 2002 Nedstat-España NEDSTAT -ESPAÑA

19. The Yoga Solution - Homepage
Vinyasa style of Hatha Yoga. Private lessons, public classes in Mountain View, Santa Clara, San jose, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Los Gatos, onsite classes available for local corporations. Retreats and workshops. Teacher biography, online shopping.
The goal of The Yoga Solution is to share yoga methodologies with the public in order to assist them in reaching balanced health and personal well-being. Welcome Student Testimonials F.A.Q.'s Important Announcements: Yoga by candlelight will not be held this
Friday, March 21st and April 4th
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Find out more about this and how to help.
Marti will be a workshop leader at the 2nd Annual Body-Mind-Spirit Educational Conference and Exhibition, whose intention is to provide an inspiring educational experience for Yoga teachers and dedicated students. Find out more. Yoga can be the solution that heals. Marti Foster and company provide a wide array of services that work to bring yoga into all walks of life. From the busy executive to the pregnant woman, any interested individual can become a part of The Yoga Solution. Welcome: Here you are.

20. JOSE MARTI - Cuba's Greatest Hero
(18531895). Cuba's Greatest Hero, Poet, Statesman.
Cuba's Greatest Hero, Poet, Statesman

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