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         Mathews Harry:     more books (100)
  1. The Conversions (American Literature (Dalkey Archive)) by Harry Mathews, 1997-10
  2. Immeasurable Distances: The Collected Essays by Harry Mathews, 1991-09
  3. Tlooth (American Literature (Dalkey Archive)) by Harry Mathews, 1998-10
  4. Singular Pleasures by Harry Mathews, 2000-03
  5. Cigarettes (American Literature (Dalkey Archive)) by Harry Mathews, 1998-10-28
  6. The Sinking of the Odradek Stadium by Harry Mathews, 1975-01-01
  7. Harry Mathews (Twayne's United States Authors Series) by Warren Leamon, 1993-09
  8. Oulipo Laboratory: Texts from the Bibliotheque Oulipienne (Anti-Classics of Dada.) by Italo Calvino, Paul Fournel, et all 1996-02
  9. The Human Country: New and Collected Stories (American Literature (Dalkey Archive)) by Harry Mathews, 2002-09
  10. 20 Lines a Day (American Literature (Dalkey Archive)) by Harry Mathews, 1997-10
  11. The Journalist: A Novel (American Literature (Dalkey Archive)) by Harry Mathews, 1997-10
  12. Armenian Papers: Poems, 1954-1984 (Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets) by Harry Mathews, 1987-05
  13. Charting The Here Of There by Guy Bennett, Beatrice Mousli, et all 2003-02-02
  14. The Review of Contemporary Fiction -- Fall 1987 -- Harry Mathews Number

1. Harry Mathews
Short biography of the American poet and novelist (*1930).Category Arts Literature Authors M Mathews, Harry......Harry Mathews. Born in New York City in 1930, Harry Mathews has spentmuch of his adult life in Europe, chiefly in France. He now

2. Rpy - Fehler mathews harry. (M). Arts Literature Authors M Mathews, Harry (12)
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3. Dalkey Archive Press Harry Mathews
Presentation of books by Harry Mathews.Category Arts Literature Authors M Mathews, Harry......Harry Mathews. Titles Available. What one can emphatically say is that Cigarettesis a brilliant display of Harry Mathews's ingenuity and deadly playfulness.

4. The Human Country -- New And Collected Stories -- Harry Mathews
by Harry Mathews. Dalkey Archive Press. Due Praise for Harry mathews harry Mathews's Tlooth fits no category I can think of. . . . In
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5. Harry Mathews
Harry Mathews Interminate Spaces. ink on paper 28 x 26 1994. view detail.Steven Polack. perfume Written/Spoken/Drawn. Beverly Semmes.

6. Harry Mathews
Harry Mathews. a web guide to Harry Mathews from http// interview with Harry Mathews in Rain Taxi, Vol.

7. Harry Mathews
Harry Mathews. Shakespeare'in bir konusu üzerine 35 çesitleme.(Kaynak metin Olmak ya da olmamak iste bütün mesele bu). 01

8. Harry McKinley Mathews
Harry M Mathews. Harry McKinley Mathews born December 5, 1899, Wapello County, IA.He married on September 15, 1943 to Ruth DeFee Sweeney in Raton, New Mexico.

9. Harbourfront Reading Series Bio Harry Mathews
Harry Mathews (USA), Harry Mathews, a writer whom the San FransiscoChronicle praises as “one of the most remarkable prose stylists

10. Harry Mathews
HARRY MATHEWS ODWIEDZA UMCS. Uprzejmie iz satysfakcja informujemy,ze w dniu 19 pazdziernika 1998 (poniedzialek) odwiedzi Instytut
Uprzejmie i z satysfakcj¹ informujemy, ¿e w dniu 19 paŸdziernika 1998 (poniedzia³ek) odwiedzi Instytut Anglistyki UMCS HARRY MATHEWS - poeta i powieœciopisarz, czo³owy przedstawiciel amerykañskiej awangardy literackiej, zwi¹zany z krêgiem poetów tzw. szko³y nowojorskiej lat 50-tych, cz³onek miêdzynarodowej grupy literackiej OULIPO. Jego powieœæ "Przemiany" (drugie wydanie) uka¿e siê w po³owie paŸdziernika w warszawskim PIW-ie. Najnowszy numer miesiêcznika "Literatura na œwiecie" w ca³oœci poœwiêcony jest Jego twórczoœci, a fragmenty jednej z powieœci H. Mathewsa zamieszczone w tym numerze t³umaczy³ mgr Pawe³ Frelik z Instytutu Anglistyki UMCS. Chcemy dodaæ, ¿e jest to ju¿ druga wizyta amerykañskiego Autora w UMCS. Zapraszamy wszystkich zainteresowanych na spotkanie z Harry Mathewsem, które odbêdzie siê w dniu 19 bm. o godz. 11.30 w Bibliotece Instytutu Anglistyki - Wydzia³ Humanistyczny UMCS, Pl. Marii Curie Sk³odowskiej 4. Przygotowa³a: mgr El¿bieta Mulawa-Pacho³ Powrót do notatek prasowych.

11. Oulipo Compendium Mathews Harry Brotchie Alastair
Oulipo Compendium mathews harry Brotchie Alastair. Title Oulipo CompendiumAuthor mathews harry Brotchie Alastair. Subject
Oulipo Compendium Mathews Harry Brotchie Alastair
Title: Oulipo Compendium
Author: Mathews Harry Brotchie Alastair
Subject: Literary Criticism Literature And Science French Literature Fiction - General Fiction Anthologies (multiple authors) Poetry
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12. Harry Mathews
Short biography of the American poet and novelist (*1930).
Harry Mathews
Born in New York City in 1930, Harry Mathews has spent much of his adult life in Europe, chiefly in France. He now divides his time between France and Key West, Florida.
Mathews began publishing his poetry in 1956. He soon afterwards became associated with the so-called New York School of poets, and particularly with John Ashbery, with whom he has remained a close friend. In 1962 he published the first of five novels, The Conversions (the most recent, The Journalist , appeared in 1994; he is currently working on a new book tentatively entitled My Life in CIA ). He has published several volumes of poems, translations, and criticism.
In 1970 Mathews met the French writer Georges Perec; there began a period of literary collaboration and friendship that only ended with the Frenchman’s death in 1982. Perec introduced Mathews to the Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle (the Oulipo), a group of mathematicians and writers devoted to the investigation of constrictive forms and procedures. (The Oulipo, co-founded by Raymond Queneau, has counted Marcel Duchamp, Italo Calvino, and Jacques Roubaud among its members.)
In 1978 Mathews began teaching in the United States. His subjects have included French literature, comparative literature, and writing.

13. Harry Mathews At The Complete Review
 .  . harry mathews.  . Rue de Rochechouart
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Harry Mathews
at the complete review
bibliography quotes pros/cons ... links Biographical Name: Harry MATHEWS Nationality: USA Born: 14 February 1930 Awards: NEA grant in fiction writing, 1982 National Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters
fiction writing award, 1991
  • Attended Princeton, graduated from Harvard (in music)
  • Only American member of the Oulipo
  • Tlooth and The Sinking of the Odradek Stadium translated into French by Georges Perec
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14. Dalkey Archive Press: An Interview With Harry Mathews
An Interview with harry mathews. By John Ashbery
An Interview with Harry Mathews By John Ashbery
John Ashbery: One is supposed to ask questions about a writer's work, but I thought I would ask you about your life, which I know very little about. As so often with one's nearest and dearests, their biographies have enormous lacunae in them. I don't know, for instance, very much about why you went to Harvard when you did, or why you left it. I don't know why you studied music. I don't know why you went to Majorca. If I knew, I've forgotten all these things. Harry Mathews: I think it's very kind of you to assume why I did any of these things. I went to Harvard because I disliked Princeton so muchI spent a year and a half there. I didn't leave Harvard early; I actually finished. I think I did two years in a year and a half, or something like that. And I finished college because I thought how much it would upset my parents if I didn't. It was a last gesture to JA: I see, I didn't even know that you'd finished college, I thought you'd left. HM: I left Princeton, but I graduated Harvard, in 1952.

15. Dalkey Archive Press: Harry Mathews
Presentation of books by harry mathews.
Harry Mathews Titles Available Odradek Stadium Click on the links below for:
An essay by John Beer on "Reading Harry Mathews"

An interview with Harry Mathews by John Ashbery

An interview with Harry Mathews by John Ash

Oulipo Compendium Website
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... local bookstores Cigarettes Cigarettes is a novel about the rich and powerful, tracing their complicated relationships from the 1930s to the 1960s, from New York City to Upper New York State. As we have come to expect from a Harry Mathews novel, nothing is as simple as it might appear to be, but we could describe this as a story about Allen, who is married to Maud but having an affair with Elizabeth, who lives with Maud. Or say it is a story about fraud in the art world, horse racing, and sexual intrigues. Or, as one critic pointed out, compare it to a Jane Austen creation, or to an Aldous Huxley noveland be right and wrong on both counts. What one can emphatically say is that Cigarettes is a brilliant display of Harry Mathews's ingenuity and deadly playfulness.

16. An Interview With Harry Mathews
By Alexander Laurence.Category Arts Literature Authors M mathews, harry......An Interview with harry mathews by Alexander Laurence. harry mathews I donot think that I expected to become anything else besides an American.

17. Book Review; Cigarettes By Harry Mathews
By Alexander Laurence.Category Arts Literature Authors M mathews, harry......Cigarettes by harry mathews book review by Alexander Laurence. Cigarettesby harry mathews Weidenfeld Nicolson, $17.95. Cigarettes

18. Relikte
Gedichte von harry mathews (*1930) in deutscher œbersetzung.
Einige Gedichte von Harry Mathews Aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Johannes Beilharz Die Relikte Der treu ergebene Spion Wo sind die Messinginseln?
Da sind die Messinginseln.
Ihr gelber Weizen beugt sich nicht, und ihre Gipfel
Klingen stumpf. Ihre Messinghäfen
Am hellen Tag bringt in diesem Mattgold
Sogar fast gelber Kupferschrott süße Erleichterung.
Die Straßen sind steif vom Blinken und Klimpern
Oder drahtverbundenen Lidern, ein taubes Klappern
Von Messingfüssen, die auf Messing trommeln,
Messingzähne, Messingtränen,
Messingbrüste! In einer dieser Städte Fand ich einen Mop aus roten Lumpen, Ging aber nach Abschluß meiner Geschäfte. An die Farbe Wilder Mohn salzt den Ernteweizen Wie Gedenkbänder, rot unter Tubas. Die Schlacht Die Sonne ging rot wie Petersilie auf, Und mehrere schlecht genähte Trommeln Stießen Fischwolken durch das Gras aus, Dessen Nüstern wilden Rauch einsogen.

19. Jacket 3 - Harry Mathews - Chronogram For 1998
An exclusive evolutionary vortex of world excursions.Category Arts Literature Authors M mathews, harry...... harry mathews An exclusive evolutionary vortex of world excursions the Chronogramfor 1998 NOTE The rule of the chronogram is that when all letters

20. Book Review; Cigarettes By Harry Mathews
By Alexander Laurence.
Cigarettes by Harry Mathews
book review by Alexander Laurence
by Harry Mathews
Cigarettes appears to be Harry Mathews' most conventional novel. That is only because Mathews' experimental devices and his far off, imaginary locations are not a part of this work. Surely this work is nothing like the previous work, but it is as artistic as the others. This is the literature of the salon, of Marcel Proust and, shall I dare say it, Jane Austen? And if one does not read the name on the cover, it does seem to be the work of a woman writer, say Djuna Barnes or Jane Bowles, and of course Two Serious Ladies is mentioned and read in Mathews' book. Two Serious Ladies may be used as a way into this complex, labyrinthine work. Even though this novel may have some realistic qualities, (usually when we're dealing with Mathews, Realism is never a consideration, and language is of a main concern), it is a labyrinth of relationships of a group of people living in artistic New York in the 1950s and the 1960s. As opposed to Mathews' first novels, The Conversions and Tlooth where the imagination rules, the characters of

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