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         Maugham W Somerset:     more books (99)
  1. Theatre by W. Somerset Maugham, 2001-03-13
  2. The Razor's Edge by W. Somerset Maugham, 2003-09-09
  3. Collected Stories (Everyman's Library) by W. Somerset Maugham, 2004-07-06
  4. The Land of The Blessed Virgin; Sketches and Impressions in Andalusia by W. Somerset (William Somerset) Maugham, 2010-07-06
  5. A Writer's Notebook (Vintage International) by W. Somerset Maugham, 2009-12-01
  6. Cakes and Ale by W. Somerset Maugham, 2000-12-05
  7. The Moon & Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham, 1993-02
  8. The Complete Short Stories of W. Somerset Maugham by W. Somerset Maugham, 1953
  9. Collected Short Stories: Volume 4 (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) by W. SomersetMaugham, 1993-03-01
  10. The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham, 2006-11-14
  11. Up at the Villa by W. Somerset Maugham, Somerset Maugham, 2000-04-04
  12. Works of W. Somerset Maugham. Of Human Bondage, Liza of Lambeth, Moon and Sixpence, The Magician, The Explorer and more (mobi) by W. Somerset Maugham, 2009-10-21
  13. The Hero by W. Somerset (William Somerset) Maugham, 2010-07-06
  14. Tellers of Tales 1ST Edition by W Somerset Maugham, 1939

1. The Escape And Other Short Stories Maugham W Somerset (William Somerset) Barrie
The Escape and other short stories maugham w somerset (William Somerset) BarrieWilliam B. Auteur maugham w somerset (William Somerset) Barrie William B.
The Escape and other short stories Maugham W Somerset (William Somerset) Barrie William B
Auteur: Maugham W Somerset (William Somerset) Barrie William B
Titre: The Escape and other short stories
Rubriques: Poche
Rubriques 2: Anglais (Langue) - Lectures et morceaux choisis Anglais (Langue) - Manuels pour francophones
Rubriques 3: Poches
Mourad Kenizé De la part de l...

Colette Sidonie-Gabrielle L'E...

Christie Agatha Allô, Hercule...


2. Die Halbe Wahrheit Keine Autobiographie Maugham W Somerset
Translate this page Die halbe Wahrheit Keine Autobiographie maugham w somerset. maugham w somerset.Die halbe Wahrheit. Keine Autobiographie. Literaturwissenschaft
Die halbe Wahrheit Keine Autobiographie Maugham W Somerset
Maugham W Somerset
Die halbe Wahrheit. Keine Autobiographie.
Literaturwissenschaft Englische Amerikanische Erinnerungen Literatur Maugham William Somerset
Bradbury Ray Geisterfahrt....

Francis Dick Winkelzüge. Drei...

Hedaya Yael Liebe pur....

Guzman, Rotterdam Conservatory...

3. Silbermond Und Kupfermünze Roman Maugham W Somerset
Translate this page Silbermond und Kupfermünze Roman maugham w somerset. maugham w somerset.Silbermond und Kupfermünze. Roman. Belletristik Romane
Silbermond und Kupfermünze Roman Maugham W Somerset
Maugham W Somerset
Silbermond und Kupfermünze. Roman.
Belletristik Romane Erzählungen Englische Literatur Romane Erzählungen
Fitzgerald F. Scott Der große...

Lawrence David Herbert Der pr...

Lawrence David Herbert Englan...

Rilke Rainer Maria Briefe....

4. Maugham W Somerset @
Explores the various aspects of the writings of W. Somerset Maugham, especiallyhis novel. maugham w somerset. Invite Friends! 0 registered members.
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Maugham W Somerset
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One of the greatest books of fiction ever written, and the one that had the most profound effect on me personally, is THE RAZOR'S EDGE by British playwright and author W. Somerset Maugham. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the novel, which was published in 1944, the story is set between WWI and WWII and follows a young American Maugham calls Larry Darrell as he embarks on a spiritual journey in search of God and the Absolute. High in the mountains of India, after meeting a venerated Maharshi, he experiences Enlightenment. There is an excellent review of the book written by a professor of English Literature from San Mateo College with lots of Maugham and Razor's Edge related links including an easily accessable link that discusses what happened to Darrell post-novel, etc., at THE RAZOR'S EDGE
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5. Quotations From W Somerset Maugham
Quotations from W Somerset Maugham Find W Somerset Maugham items at the QuotegeekStore. Quotegeek Literature and Personalities maugham w somerset.
Quotations from W Somerset Maugham
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    6. Somerset Maugham
    A biography and list of works.Category Arts Literature Authors M maugham, W somerset...... September 1997 marked the 100th anniversary of the publication of W.somerset maugham's first novel, Liza of Lambeth. Written during
    Somerset Maugham —
    World Traveler, Famed Storyteller
    By Craig Showalter
    Caxtonian , September 1997 September 1997 marked the 100th anniversary of the publication of W. Somerset Maugham's first novel, Liza of Lambeth . Written during his final year of medical school, the realistic novel draws upon his experiences in treating patients from the Lambeth slums of London. The book achieved modest public acclaim—even notoriety—sufficient, in fact, for Maugham to abandon his medical career to become a full-time writer. A year after his publishing debut, he left London for Capri in Italy, beginning a lifelong pattern of travel and story-telling that became the Maugham persona for millions of readers. Over the next 60 years, he became one of the most successful writers of all time. When Maugham was born—in the British Embassy in Paris in 1874—he was destined to become a lawyer. His father and grandfather had been prominent attorneys, and his oldest brother went on to become England's Lord Chancellor. However, Maugham had a severe stammer, which left him afraid to speak; so there were no plans for him to following the family tradition. Furthermore, he was orphaned by the age of 10 and was sent to England to be raised by an uncle, a clergyman. These circumstances led the young Maugham to be shy and withdrawn; consequently he became an observer rather than an active participant, but he was able to turn this to his advantage as a writer. The unhappiness and anxiety of his early life were recounted in his autobiographical novel

    7. W. Somerset Maugham
    W. somerset maugham was born in Paris as the sixth and youngest son of the solicitorto the British embassy. He learned French as his native tongue.
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    B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback W(illiam) Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) British novelist, playwright, short-story writer, highest paid author in the world in the 1930s. Despite his popularity, Maugham did not gain serious recognition. This was expressed in his autobiography THE SUMMING UP (1938), that he stood 'in the very first row of the second-raters'. Maugham's skill in handling plot has been compared by critics in the manner of Guy de Maupassant . In many novels the surroundings are international and the stories are told in clear, economical style with cynical or resigned undertone. "I have never pretended to be anything but a story teller. It has amused me to tell stories and I have told a great many. It is a misfortune for me that the telling of a story just for the sake of the story is not an activity that is in favor with the intelligentsia. In endeavor to bear my misfortunes with fortitude." (from Creatures of Circumstance W. Somerset Maugham was born in Paris as the sixth and youngest son of the solicitor to the British embassy. He learned French as his native tongue. At the age of 10 Maugham was orphaned and sent to England to live with his uncle, the vicar of Whitstable. Educated at King's School, Canterbury, and Heidelberg University, Maugham then studied six years medicine in London. He qualified in 1897 as doctor from St. Thomas' medical school but abandoned medicine after the success of his first novels and plays.

    8. Who2 Profile: W. Somerset Maugham
    W. somerset maugham Author / Playwright
    W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM Author / Playwright Name at birth: William Somerset Maugham Maugham trained to be a doctor and his experiences as an intern in the London slums led him to write Liza of Lambeth (1897). The novel was a success and Maugham quickly traded the surgeon's knife for the writer's pen. He became one of the most successful writers of the early 20th century; in 1908 he had four plays running simultaneously in London. His semi-autobiographical novel Of Human Bondage was published in 1915 and remains his most famous book. In later years Maugham became known as a master of the short story. He travelled extensively and based many of his tales in exotic locales, particularly the South Seas.
    Maugham appears with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in our loop on Doctors Who Write ... Other British writers of Maugham's era include George Bernard Shaw H.G. Wells Agatha Christie and Robert Graves
    W. Somerset Maugham

    Bio from a Finnish 'Authors Calendar' page World Traveller, Famed Storyteller
    Cheery 1997 recap of Maugham's life and work Listen to Your Maugham
    Lengthy critique of Maugham and his style EducETH
    Links and discussion of Maugham's work Birth:
    25 January 1874 Birthplace:
    Paris, France

    9. Maugham, W. Somerset - University Of Maryland
    maugham, W. somerset The Moon and Sixpence University Libraries, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 207427011 (301)405-0800 Please send comments and suggestions to the Libraries' Webmaster.
    Maugham, W. Somerset
    The Moon and Sixpence

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    10. Knitting Circle Somerset Maugham
    Summary biography and bibliography from the Lesbian and Gay Staff Association of South Bank University.
    The Knitting Circle: Literature
    Biography work bibliography
    W(illiam) Somerset Maugham
    Born 25th. January, 1874, in Paris, France; died 16th. December, 1965, in Nice.
    British novelist and playwright. Born in the British Embassy in Paris. He spoke French until he was orphaned at the age of eleven. He went to King's School Canterbury, England. He read philosophy and literature at Heidelberg, Germany. He is said to have had his first homosexual experience there with the aesthete John Ellingham Brooks. Somerset Maugham did not speak of his own homosexuality. The Oscar Wilde trials would have affected him like similar men of the age. He qualified as a surgeon at St Thomas's Hospital, London, and had a year's medical practice in the London slums. On 26th. October, 1907 his comedy play Lady Frederick opened in London. By 1908 he had four of his plays running simultaneously in London. In 1914 he first served with the Red Cross in France. He fell in love with Gerald Haxton (1892-1944), a twenty-two-year old from San Francisco who was serving in the same ambulance unit in Flanders. Somerset Maugham's character Tony Paxton in Our Betters (1917) represents Gerald Haxton.

    11. W. Somerset Maugham Club
    Detailed analysis of the plot, theme, setting and characters of his books, plus links to similar books. Sign up to be a maugham scholar on the site.
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    "Maugham's The Hour before the Dawn is too preposterous to be taken seriously. It still is well written, prose/style wise; but the depiction of the Fifth Column operating in England is ridiculous, as well as characters committing suicide out of "honor." This book tries to be serious, and ends up being good beach reading; it has got Maugham's name on the cover, but not Maugham's brilliance inside."
    ashok karra, Resident W. Somerset Maugham Scholar Want your W. Somerset Maugham thoughts to appear here? Click here to enter a review and become an AllReaders Scholar! Reviews Message Board Christmas Holiday Of Human Bondage The Moon and Sixpence The Razor's Edge ... W. Somerset Maugham

    12. Somerset Maugham
    A brief biography with links to related historical information.
    Somerset Maugham
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    William Somerset Maugham w as born in the British Embassy in Paris on 25th January, 1874. William's father, Robert Ormond Maugham, a wealthy solicitor, worked for the Embassy in France. By the time he was ten, both William's parents were dead and he was sent to live with his uncle, the Rev. Henry Maugham, in Whitstable, Kent.
    After an education at King's School Canterbury, and Heildelberg University in Germany, Maugham became a medical student at St. Thomas Hospital, London. While training to be a doctor Maugham worked as an obstetric clerk in the slums of Lambeth. He used these experiences to help him write his first novel, Liza of Lambeth
    The book sold well and he decided to abandon medicine and become a full-time writer. Maugham achieved fame with his play

    13. EducETH: Maugham, W. Somerset
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    14. William Somerset Maugham
    Leben, Werke, Bedeutung. Links zu Rezensionen.
    William Somerset Maugham
    Leben Werke Bedeutung Rezensionen Links Zitate Brief Romane

    Essays, Memoiren
    vom 12.1.1962
    * 25.1.1874 Paris; Sohn wohlhabender Eltern, lebte in Paris zehn Jahre. Nach dem Tod seiner Eltern zog er nach England und besuchte The King's School, Canterbury, und studierte in Oxford, Heidelberg und London Medizin. Erste Berufsjahre am St.Thomas's Hospital, London. Der Erfolg seines ersten Buches Liza of Lambeth
    1898 Reise nach Capri
    Lady Frederick
    1917 erste Reise in den Pazifik und den Fernen Osten, weitere folgten
    1927 Umzug an die Cote d'Azur
    1930 Landsitz La Mauresque, Villefranche bei Nizza
    Beim Einmarsch der deutschen Truppen im 2.Weltkrieg flieht Maugham nach USA und blieb dort bis 1947
    .+ 16.12.1965 Cote d'Azur Anfang
    Erstausgaben Klappentexte und deutsche Ausgaben englische Ausgaben bei amazon nachschauen Romane Anfang Unwin 1897 Rezension Penguin 1992 The Making of a Saint. Page 1898 The Hero.

    15. W. Somerset Maugham

    16. EducETH: Maugham, W. Somerset
    This book has to do with the strange compelling destiny of a man wherein W SomersetMaugham potrays beutifully the mans powerlessness to control his own
    EducETH Info Kontakt Suchen ... Grammar Maugham, W. Somerset: 1874 - 1965 Reading List Overview Author Information Requests ...
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    Information about the Book
    Review by Edward Tanguay
    Strickland on "Tradition and the Individual Talent" : Student paper, Vanderbilt University
    Listen to the beginning of the novel read by Richard Green (RealPlayer)
    Listen to an introduction and the beginning of the novel (Media Player 43:37 min)
    Background Information
    Paul Gauguin : Biography from the WebMuseum, Paris, with many pictures

    W. somerset maugham.

    18. W. Somerset Maugham , W. Somerset Maugham Quotations, W. Somerset Maugham Saying
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    W. somerset maugham.

    20. OBEAH: Afro-Caribbean Shamanism
    An occultist's compilation of views on Jamaican Obeah, stressing magical aspects and minimizing religious ones, with extracts from W. somerset maugham and Azoth Kalafou.
    NOTE: The article below on Obeah and Obeahmanism, following my lead-in paragraphs , is perhaps the best all around written account I have been able to locate on the web. It is well worth reading. Please read my brief introduction paragraphs, then continue to the article on:

    ...the Wanderling.

    About twenty years ago or so I was apprenticed under a Jamaican man of spells called an Obeah. I learned that in the scheme of things all things must return to a balance. If you create any movement in the normal flow of things somehow somewhere there must be a return to the equalibrium. That is to say, if you are a medium between the person wanting a spell given and the person receiving the spell, the person wanting the spell is responsible for the consequences. If, on the otherhand, you are the perpetrator of the spell for your own reasons on your own behalf, then YOU must accept and bear the consequences. Nothing is free, there is always a payoff somewhere. It is worth considering when you start casting about spells. Spoken from experience.
    Justice is not postponed. A perfect equity adjusts its balance in all parts of life.

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