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         Mcclure Michael:     more books (100)
  1. Scratching the Beat Surface: Essays on New Vision from Blake to Kerouac by Michael McClure, 1994-11-01
  2. Rare Angel by Michael McClure, 1975-01-01
  3. Scratching the Beat Surface by Michael McClure, 1998-12-31
  4. Mysteriosos and Other Poems by Michael McClure, 2010-04-23
  5. Crosley: Two Brothers and a Business Empire That Transformed the Nation by Rusty McClure, David Stern, et all 2008-06-28
  6. "Forest Beatniks" and "Urban Thoreaus": Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac, Lew Welch, and Michael McClure by Rod Phillips, Gary Snyder, et all 2001-02-01
  7. The Mad Club by Michael McClure, 1970
  8. Of Indigo and Saffron: New and Selected Poems by Michael McClure, 2011-01-15
  9. Michael McClure (Boise State University Western Writers Series) by Rod Phillips, 2003-06
  10. Huge Dreams: San Francisco and Beat Poems (Poets, Penguin) by Michael McClure, 1999-05-01
  11. September Blackberries (New Directions Books) by Michael McClure, 1974-12-01
  12. The Beard and Vktms: Two Plays by Michael McClure by Michael McClure, 1985-06
  13. Touching the Edge by Michael McClure, 1999-04-06
  14. Freewheelin Frank: Secretary of the Angels As Told To Michael McClure by Frank Reynolds. by Frank. Reynolds, 1067

1. L'Arengario. Beat Generation: Michael McClure
mcclure michael, Meat Science Essays, San Francisco, City Lights Books, 1963; 18 5x12 4 cm., brossura, pp. 82 (2),
( Marysville, Kansas 1932 ) Bibliografia
Peyote Poem
For Artaud
Hymns to St. Geryon and Other Poems
The New Book / A Book of Torture
The Feast
Dark Brown
Meat Science Essays Grahhr Sheet Two for Bruce Conner Ghost Tantras Love Lion, Lioness 13 Mad Sonnets The Blossom: Or Billy The Kid Poisoned Wheat
"Ne 1955 si stabilì a San Francisco, dove divebtò figura centrale della rinascenza poetica degli anni Cinquanta; nel 1956 aiutò a organizzare e prese parte al reading famoso. Nel 1957 fece le prima esperienze col peyote e per primo si provò a scrivere sotto gli effetti della sostanza" (Pivano 1978: pp. 356 - 357). Michael McClure (1959) Fotografia di Frank McDarrah Opere di Michael McClure McCLURE Michael Hymns to St. Geryon and Other Poems , San Francisco, The Auerhahn Press, 1959; 25,4x18 cm., brossura, pp. (10) 54 (8), copertina illustrata dell'autore. Poesie. Impaginazione e design di Dave L. Haselwood. Prima edizione (Pivano 1978: pag. 357). McCLURE Michael The New Book / A Book of Torture , New York, Grove Press, 1961; 20,2x13,6 cm., brossura, pp. 64, copertina illustrata a due colori di Roy Kuhlmann. Poesie. Prima edizione (Pivano 1978: pag. 357).

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Michael McClure
Michael McClure Homepage (from Light and Dust)
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4. Michael McClure & Ray Manzarek Official Website
mcclure michael. Goines D. The Free Speech Movement.
Michael McClure Ray Manzarek collaboration shop ...
captures a dynamic 70-minute live performance Find out more here
In Memory
Stan Brakhage
In memory of Stan Brakhage, we have published an interview
Gary Snyder

Michael McClure
documentary film
In Memory
Freewheelin Frank
We invite you to read Michael McClure's memorial for Frank , and to visit Larry Keenan's gallery of Freewheelin Frank photos.
Poems by Friends
Les Americains by Diane di Prima by Gary Gach Guest Poet Gallery: Jack Foley
News about Julia Butterfly Hill
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5. Michael McClure
Michael McClure's books (including poetry, plays, essays), biography,and homepage. Michael McClure. About. Michael McClure Biography
Michael McClure Ray Manzarek collaboration shop ... home
Michael McClure
You'll find a brief biography of poet, playwright, and essayist Michael McClure here
The Literary Homepage for Michael McClure The Beard . You'll also find essays, excerpts from a symposium on his work, interviews by such luminaries as Robert Creeley, Francis Crick, and Stan Brakhage, and "Further Considerations," an ongoing continuation of the symposium. Those interested in exploring Michael McClure's work should begin here.
Please visit this page to learn about Michael McClure's books and where to find them. Or click here to find out where to read Michael McClure's work on the web. booking agent newsletter translate site links ... Quanta Webdesign , specialist in websites for the arts.

6. Keine Angst McClure Michael
Translate this page Keine Angst mcclure michael. Titel Keine Angst. Autor mcclure michael.Rubrik Belletristik Lyrik Dramatik Essays Amerikanische
Keine Angst McClure Michael
Titel: Keine Angst.
Autor: McClure Michael
Rubrik: Belletristik Lyrik Dramatik Essays Amerikanische Literatur
Kategorie: Belletristik
Vossloh Martin Modellgestützt...

Harig Ludwig Hundert Gedichte...

Perucho Joan Der Nachtkauz....

Brodsky Joseph Flucht aus Byz...

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  • 8. MCCLURE Michael - Playwrights And Their Plays
    mcclure michael. Nationality email address. website. Title Apple Glove FirstProduced 1970 First Published Genre Male Female
    The Database for Playwrights and their Plays To view plays in print or purchase new / secondhand books by MCCLURE Michael please click on one of the following bookstores who support this site Internet Theatre Bookshop
    MCCLURE Michael
    Nationality : email address website
    Title Apple Glove
    First Produced :
    First Published :
    Genre : Male : Female : Other :
    Notes :
    Synopsis :
    Authentic Radio Life Of Bruce Conner And Snoutburbler
    First Produced :
    First Published :
    Genre : Male : Female : Other : Notes : Synopsis : Title
    Beard, The First Produced : 1965 San Francisco First Published : 1965 Privately Printed Genre : Male : Female : Other : Notes : Synopsis : Title Billy The Kid First Produced : First Published : Genre : Male : Female : Other : Notes : Synopsis : Title Blossom, The; Or, Billy The Kid First Produced : 1964 New York First Published : 1967 Great Lakes Books, Milwaukee Genre : Male : Female : Other : Notes : Synopsis : Title Bow First Produced : First Published : Genre : Male : Female : Other : Notes : Synopsis : Title Brutal Brontosaurus First Produced : First Published : Genre : Male : Female : Other : Notes : Synopsis : Title Button First Produced : First Published : Genre : Male : Female : Other : Notes : Synopsis : Title Charbroiled Chinchilla, The: The Pansy, The Meatball, Spider Rabbit

    9. McClure Michael
    mcclure michael. Title Huge Dreams San Francisco and Beat Poems(Penguin Poets). Subject Poetry, San Francisco (Calif.), Beat
    McClure Michael
    Title: Huge Dreams : San Francisco and Beat Poems (Penguin Poets)
    Subject: Poetry, San Francisco (Calif.), Beat generation, Bohemianism, American
    Author: McClure Michael
    Tisdall Caroline, Bozzolla A...

    Dixon Roger, Muthesius Stefa...

    Potterman Homan The National ...

    Murray Linda The High Renaiss...

    10. Michael McClure
    Michael McClure. Jack Kerouac probably isn't So what do we learn aboutMichael McClure from these quotes ? Probably not a lot; in
    Michael McClure Jack Kerouac probably isn't the funniest writer, but in Big Sur he gives this introduction to McClures pseudonym Pat McLear:
    McLear exhibits another strange facet of his handsome but faintly "decadent" Rimbaud-type personality at his summer camp by coming out in the livingroom with a goddamn HAWK on his shoulder - It's his pet hawk, of all things, the hawk is black as night and sits there on his shoulder pecking nastily at a clunk of hamburg he holds up to it - In fact the sight of that is so rarely poetic, McLear whose poetry is really like a black hawk, he's always writing about darkness, and writes all that in beautiful long lines that go across the page irregularly and aptly somehow - Handsome McLear, in fact I suddenly yell out "Now I know your real name! it's M'Lear! M'Lear the Scotch Highland moorhunter with his hawk about to go mad and tear his white hair in a tempest" and
    Pat and I are in a serious talkative mood and I feel that lonely shiver in my chest which always warns me: you actually love people and you're glad Pat is there.
    Pat is one if not THE most handsome man I've ever seen - Strange that he's announced in a preface to his poems that his heroes, his Trimvirate, are Jean Harlow, Rimbaud and Billy the Kid because he himself is handsome enough to play Billy the Kid in the movies, that same darkhaired handsome slightly sliteyed look you expect from the myth appearance of Billy the Kid (I suppose not the actual real life William Bonnie who's said to've been a pimply cretin monster).

    11. The Beat Page - Michal McClure
    Brief biography and small collection of poems.Category Arts Literature Authors M McClure, Michael......Michael McClure was born October 20, 1932 in Marysville, Kansas. Hespent his earliest years in Seattle, Washington, where his avid

    Point Lobos: Animism

    February Morning

    Elephant Head:

    Opener of Doorways
    Other Writers: Richard Brautigan Charles Bukowski William S. Burroughs Neal Cassady Gregory Corso Robert Creeley Diane di Prima Robert Duncan William Everson Lawrence Ferlinghetti Allen Ginsberg John Clellon Holmes LeRoi Jones Bob Kaufman Jack Kerouac Ken Kesey Philip Lamantia Denise Levertov Frank O'Hara Peter Orlovsky Kenneth Patchen Kenneth Rexroth Gary Snyder Anne Waldman Lew Welch Philip Whalen William Carlos Williams PHOTO GALLERY Michael McClure was born October 20, 1932 in Marysville, Kansas. He spent his earliest years in Seattle, Washington, where his avid interest in nature and wildlife fed an early aspiration to become a natural scientist. Eventually, McClure travelled to San Francisco and participated in a poetry workshop with Robert Duncan , his earliest experience within the genesis of San Francisco's evolving literary and social movement known as the Beat period. He joined Philip Lamantia

    12. Michael McClure
    Michael McClure. Michael McClure's characters in Kerouac books were Ike O'Shayin Dharma Bums, and Patrick McLear in Desolation Angels and Big Sur. Links.
    Michael McClure
    Photo credit: Larry Keenan And grim intensityclose within myself. No longer
    a cloud
    but flesh real as a rock. Herakles
    of primordial substance and vitality...
    from "Peyote Poem"
    Born: October 20, 1932, Marysville, Kansas McClure was born in Marysville, Kansas and raised in Seattle. Like many other West Coast poets of that time, he was in the San Francisco scene, writing poetry (he moved to SF in 1954). He also worked with Snyder, Whalen, Lamantia, and Ginsberg at his first poetry reading, at the Six Gallery. McClure is well-known for his nature poetry, and for incorporating animal (and other biological) themes into his poetry. Like Gary Snyder, his writing suffuses the natural surroundings and philosophy (Buddhism). His book Touching the Edge , for instance, contains Buddhist devotions about nature, expressed in a poetic style that goes down the page (and plays with capitalization and centering and linebreaks). In 1956, McClure published his first book, Passage , and later published an autobiography and more poetry. Some of his other books are:

    13. Keine Angst. McClure Michael
    Translate this page Keine Angst. mcclure michael. Autor mcclure michael. Rubrik1 Belletristik,Lyrik, Dramatik, Essays, Amerikanische Literatur Rubrik2 Belletristik
    Keine Angst. McClure Michael
    Titel: Keine Angst.
    Autor: McClure Michael
    Rubrik1: Belletristik, Lyrik, Dramatik, Essays, Amerikanische Literatur
    Rubrik2: Belletristik
    Beneszewicz W Melanchthoniana...

    Wlassak Moriz Konfessio in Ju...

    Pfeiffer Rudolf Die neuen Die...

    Pfeilschifter Georg Friedrich...

    14. Michael McClure
    Michael McClure. mcclure_carmel_beach_12x16_oil He presently operates MichaelMcClure Fine Art Murals, a studio/art gallery near Willow Springs. He
    Michael McClure Carmel Beach 12" x 16" oil sold "It sometimes feels like I have taken the long way to being a professional painter. First I tried everything else connected with art to make a living. Eventually, the real me won out. I would
    rather have a brush than a mouse in my hand. I consider myself a 'plein air' painter. I prefer to paint from life, whether it is a portrait, still life or a landscape. There is some of the energy
    and excitement of a place in a painting done on location, plus it feeds my habit of being out in nature. I want to share the joy and beauty I find in the natural world."
    McClure graduated with a fine arts degree from Stanford University in 1972. He pursued a graphic design career, operating his own professional design studio in Denver until 1980. At that time he began to take classes in water media, and realized his direction was heading back to his roots in painting. "I have drawn and painted ever since I could lift a pencil. It's as
    natural as breathing for me. It gives me a way to respond to my environment, and to communicate my view of things to others. I especially enjoy teaching and working with young people who are looking for some creative support."
    Over the years since 1981, McClure studied with top artists including Frank Webb, Robert E. Wood, Millard Sheets, Zoltan Szabo, Carole Barnes, Harley Brown (pastel), and Matt Smith (oils). In 1983, after having several one-man and group shows in the Denver area, he moved to Willow Springs in the Southern Missouri Ozarks. Since then he has continued to work in water media, pastel and oils. He presently operates Michael McClure Fine Art & Murals, a studio/art gallery near Willow Springs. He divides his time between fine art painting and murals. "I spend part of each year doing residencies in communities in Missouri, where I work with students on a mural. These projects give me an opportunity to interact with all levels of the community, as well as provide young artists with a model of a working artist in action. I try to put educational content into the murals, so that they go beyond being decorative and can have a beneficial impact on the public."

    15. Mcclure
    MICHAEL McCLURE Nothing makes good sense The tables, chairs, dishes wall white red colors .Links for MicHael McClure
    MICHAEL McCLURE... BACK Michael McClure was born October 20th, 1932 in Marysville, Kansas. He is a poet/author and playwright and has written over 40 books. ". ..I smile to myself. I know all that there is to know. I see all that there is to feel. I am friendly with the ache in my belly. The answer to love is my voice..." M.McClure- From 'Peyote Poem' In the mid fifties McClure moved to San Francisco and enrolled in some courses at San Francisco State College. He later took part in the poet Robert Duncan's writing workshop and was involved in a reading of Duncan's play Faust Foutu at the Six Gallery (an art gallery with a bohemian audience). Soon after this McClure made his first poetry reading with other readers, including Gary Snyder, Allen Ginsberg, Philip Lamantia and Philip Whalen. McClure later wrote about the famous poetry reading event in his book Scratching the Beat Surface. McClure wrote his autobiography, The Mad Club, in the style of Kerouacs 'spontaneous prose', and changed the names of real people in his life to fictional ones(his wife Joanna was renamed Cathy). The book recalls McClures teenage life in Kansas and his time as literary apprentice in San Francisco before beginning his successful poet and playwright career. It also details the production of his Obie-award winning plays The Beard and Josephine: The Mouse Singer.

    16. RE/MAX® Associate Profile Of Michael J. McClure
    Michael J. McClure. Personal highlights Language(s) English. Primary Specialtyis Commercial. Office service areas are Scottsdale; Phoenix; Mesa; Tempe.
    Michael J. McClure
    Personal highlights:
    Language(s): English
    Primary Specialty
    is Commercial.
    • Office service areas are: Scottsdale; Phoenix; Mesa; Tempe
    • First licensed in 1997
    • Joined RE/MAX® in 1999
    • Currently holds the title of Sales Associate
    The office is *RE/MAX COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT located at 6424 E Greenway Pkwy
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    * Each RE/MAX® Office Independently Owned and Operated.
  • 17. Michael McClure
    Michael McClure (1 Items Found). Author Dieter Koepplin / Michael McClure ArtistFRANCESCO CLEMENTE Publisher Gagosian Gallery, Rizzoli, NY, Date 1991.

    18. February Morning - Michael McClure
    Michael McClure february morning LARRY, A SONG SPARROW WARBLES BRIGHTLYin the silver morning after the storm. We enjoy the form
    Michael McClure

    19. Michael McClure
    EPC/Michael McClure AuthorPage Michael mcclure michael McClure Homepage(from Light and Dust) Online Works Poems from Ghost Tantras from

    Celebrity List
    Celebrity News Celebrity Products Celebrity Reviews ... Home Page
    Michael McClure

    20. Michael McClure Home Page
    Home page for michael mcclure, including selections of his poetry and essays,and extensive commentery on his work by a wide range of critics.
    MICHAEL McCLURE HOME PAGE Curated by John Jacob Assisted by Michael McClure and Karl Young Poems by Michael McClure Selections from Ghost Tantras An Anthology of the Poetry of Michael McClure, as selected by the author. Contains poems from all his books of poetry up to 1999, and an excerpt from his play, The Beard Essays by Michael McClure "A Mammal Gallery" from Scratching the Beat Surface Considerations of Michael McClure The first tier of this gathering appeared in "A Symposium on Michael McClure," guest edited by John Jacob as part of my Margins Symposium Series in 1975. Jacob extended the second tier to include commentery on McClure written since the 1975 gathering, as a means of expanding and updating the discussion. McClure has proved himself a durable and versatile poet. An important figure of the Beat Movement in its heyday, his work now reaches a generation born since the 1975 gathering, as it had attracted young people in the period between the Beat flowering of the 1950s and the Margins Symposium and not just poets in the Beat lineage, but covering a broad swath of the literary spectrum. A measure of McClure's ability to extend his range is the interest in his work expresed by Francis Crick, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, one of the most important scientists of the century. I'm not in any way dissing poets (myself, John Jacob, and Michael McClure included) when I insist that poetry should not be resrtricted to poets and critics, its fans should include a full spectrum of society, in McClure's case, from Hell's Angels to Nobel Prize winning scientists.

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