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         Meacham Beth:     more books (15)
  1. A Reader's Guide to Fantasy by Beth Meacham, Michael Franklin, et all 1982-10
  2. Terry's Universe by Beth Meacham, 1989-03-15
  3. A Reader's Guide to Science Fiction by Baird Searles, Martin Last, et all 1980-08
  5. The Serpent Dreamer (Hardcover, 2005) by Cecelia Holland, 2005
  6. Nightshade: Magic and Madness (Weird Heroes, Vol. 4) by Tappan King, Beth Meacham, 1976-10-01
  7. Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials by Wayne Douglas Barlowe, Beth Meacham, et all 1987-10
  8. Terry's Universe:A Benefit Anthology in Memory of Terry Carr [comprises original short stories by Gregory Benford, Harlan Ellison, Ursula K. Le Guin, R. A. Lafferty, Fritz Leiber, Kim Stanley Robinson, Carter Scholz, Robert Silverberg, Michael Swanwick, Gene Wolfe, and Roger Zelazny] by Fritz Leiber, Roger Zelazny, et all 1987
  9. Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials by Wayne Barlow & Ian Summers & Beth Meacham, 1987-01-01
  10. TERRY'S UNIVERSE: House of Bones; Kore 87; Slack Lankhmar Afternoon Featuring Hi by Beth (editor) (Robert Silverberg; Ursula K. Le Guin; Fritz Leiber; Kate Meacham, 1989-01-01
  11. TERRY'S UNIVERSE: House of Bones; Kore 87; Slack Lankhmar Afternoon Featuring Hisvet; Isosceles; Transients; The Dragon Line; Le Hot Sport; The Lunatics; Deadboy Donner and the Filstone Cup; Lukora; Dance of the Changer and Three; At the Double Solstice by Beth (editor) (Robert Silverberg; Ursula K. Le Guin; Fritz Leiber; Kate Wilhelm; Carter Scholz; Michal Swanwick; R. A. Lafferty; Kim Stanley Robinson; Roger Zelazny; Gene Wolfe; Terry Carr; Gregory Benford; Harlan Ellison) Meacham, 1988
  12. NIGHTSHADE: Magic and Madness - Weird Heroes Volume (4) Four by Tappan; Meacham, Beth (edited by Byron Preiss) (introduction by Walter B. King, 1976-01-01
  13. There Is No Darkness by Joe; Haldeman II, Jack C. (re: Spider Robinson and Beth Meacham) Haldeman, 1981-01-01
  14. Nightshade Book One: Terror, Inc. (Weird Heroes, Vol. 4) by Tappan King, Beth Meacham, 1976

1. The Bookstore
McAllister Bruce DREAM BABY. meacham beth, ed. TERRY'S UNIVERSE
Selected books edited by Beth Meacham (1981-1996)
  • Anthony, Piers DRAGON'S GOLD
  • Anthony, Piers SERPENT'S SILVER
  • Anthony, Piers CHIMERA'S COPPER
  • Anthony, Piers ORC'S OPAL
  • Anthony, Piers MOUVAR'S MAGIC
  • Anthony, Piers GHOST
  • Anthony, Piers THE SHADE OF THE TREE
  • Anthony, Piers ALIEN PLOT
  • Anthony, Piers LETTERS TO JENNY
  • Anthony, Piers ANTHONOLOGY
  • Anthony, Piers DEMONS DON'T DREAM
  • Anthony, Piers HARPY THYME
  • Anthony, Piers GEIS OF THE GARGOYLE
  • Anthony, Piers ROC AND A HARD PLACE
  • Anthony, Piers YON ILL WIND
  • Anthony, Piers ISLE OF WOMAN
  • Anthony, Piers SHAME OF MAN
  • Anthony, Piers HOPE OF EARTH
  • Barnes, Steve STREETLETHAL
  • Barnes, Steve GORGON CHILD
  • Barnes, Steven FIREDANCE
  • Barnes, Steven BLOOD BROTHERS

meacham beth. Records 1 to 1 of 1. A reader's guide to fantasy / Baird Searles,Beth Meacham, and Michael Franklin ; with a foreword by Poul Anderson. BETH

3. Meacham Beth Terry's Universe
meacham beth Terry's Universe. Title Terry's Universe Author meacham beth.Category Science Fiction Fantasy Somtow, SP The Shattered Hor
Meacham Beth Terry's Universe
Title: Terry's Universe
Author: Meacham Beth
Somtow, S.P. The Shattered Hor...
Wolfe, Gene Soldier of the Mis...

Card, Orson Scott Speaker for ...

Tiptree Jr., James The Starry ...
Kepler Johannes Astronomia Nova (B...

4. Beth Meacham
Beth Meacham. Books Reviewed A Reader's Guide to Fantasy with BairdSearles Michael Franklin Vector, Feb 1983 by Mary Gentle Terry's,Beth

5. Beth Meacham - Bibliography Summary
Beth Meacham Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Alpha Chron MainMenu Search Editing Awards Sc = SF Chronicle Award 1990

6. Beth Meacham Books
Beth Meacham Books. Barlowe's 1987). Terry's Universe By Beth Meacham(editor). Reader's Guide To Fantasy By Michael Franklin, Et Al.
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Beth Meacham Books
Barlowe's Guide To Extraterrestrials/great Aliens From Science Fiction Literature
By Wayne Douglas Barlowe, Et Al (paperback - November 1987) Terry's Universe
By Beth Meacham (editor) Reader's Guide To Fantasy
By Michael Franklin, Et Al A Reader's Guide To Science Fiction
By Baird Searles, Et Al
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7. Beth Meacham's Web Page
Authormaintained websiteCategory Arts Literature Authors M meacham, beth...... This page changes periodically. Drop me a line at copyright ©1997,1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 by beth meacham updated May 25, 2002.
It’s been a very long time since I updated this site But Spring has come again to the desert, and with it new beginnings. I’d like you all to meet Pluto Castella, a purebred Lipizzan colt, born on May 17 th This photo was taken when Cai was three days old. For more pictures and info on Cai The Office is about my work I'm a book editor, doing sf and fantasy for Tor Books. The Backyard is where the horses live. Come visit them The Desert is where Tucson, Arizona is located, and where I live. This page changes periodically. Drop me a line at
updated May 25, 2002

8. Beth Meacham's Home Page
Take some time to visit Tucson, Arizona, see beth's horses, and learn about her work as a book editor and the desert around her.
Welcome to Arizona. Come on in!

9. HotWired: Club Wired - Beth Meacham
beth meacham. beth meacham is considered to be among the most influential editorsin the world of scifi/fantasy publishing. beth meacham I thank you.
Search: Wired News Webmonkey Animation Express HotWired Archives Wired Magazine The Web -> HotBot for 6 August 1996
Beth Meacham
Beth Meacham is considered to be among the most influential editors in the world of sci-fi/fantasy publishing. After spending her earlier years with Ace Books, she's now a leading force at Tor Books , where she serves as executive editor and works on the latest from Orson Scott Card, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Pat Murphy. Meacham also co-authored A Reader's Guide to Science Fiction and A Reader's Guide to Fantasy with William Last, Michael Franklin, and the late Baird Searles. In addition, she writes sci-fi/fantasy of her own, including the recent stories, "Glamour Profession" and "A Spark in the Darkness." Join guest host Angus MacDonald in Head Space on Tuesday, 6 August at 6 p.m. PDT (Wednesday 01:00 GMT), as Meacham shares her thoughts on sci-fi/fantasy publishing of the past, the present, and the future.
lethem: Okay, folks... welcome to another edition of HEAADD SPAAACE! (insert echoey sound effect here). Our guest tonight is esteemed science fiction editor BETH MEACHAM. Angus MacDonald: Hurray!

10. SF > Reviews > Beth Meacham
Susan Stepney's Home Page SF reviews index beth meacham. • About SF Search Web for beth meacham • Google search • Alta Vista search. About SF.
Beth Meacham
About SF Search Web for Beth Meacham Google search Alta Vista search
About SF

11. Beth Meacham's Home Page
beth meacham. A Brief Biography. I was born in Newark, Ohio, on November14, 1951. I attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio
Beth Meacham A Brief Biography I was born in Newark, Ohio, on November 14, 1951. I attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where I studied Communications and met my husband, Tappan King. We were married in 1978. In 1976 Tappan and I collaborated on a novel, Nightshade, which was published in the Weird Heros series from Pyramid. We were also regular reviewers for the SF Review Monthly, published by Baird Searles and Martin Last. In 1978 I went to work for the Science Fiction Shop in New York City. I also freelanced to the sf publishing world as a first reader, copywriter and editor, and worked with Ian Summers on the art books he was packaging at that time. I wrote Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials and DiFate's Catalog of Science Fiction Hardware, as well as working with the artists on research and design. In 1980 Tappan and I bought a house on Staten Island, which we rehabbed over the next eight years. I learned to do carpentry, plumbing, plastering, wiring and woodwork refinishing. Our neighbors included Lucius Shepard, Maureen McHugh, Terri Windling, Mark Arnold, Craig Spector, and Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden. In 1981 I was offered the job of editorial assistant to Susan Allison and Terri Windling at Ace, and took it. Within a year I was promoted to Editor, and when Ace was bought by Berkley, I continued editing the Ace sf list while Terri handled the fantasy.

12. SF > Reviews > Author Index
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Lewis Padgett Gerald W. Page

13. 1
Ringmasters Message by Bruce Pelz. 4. beth meacham, Editor GoH by Noel Wolfman

14. A Reader's Guide To Fantasy (in MARION)
A reader's guide to fantasy. Title A reader's guide to fantasy / Baird Searles,beth meacham, and Michael Franklin ; with a foreword by Poul Anderson.

15. - Books By Author
Search. Title. Please log in. Books by beth meacham. Here is a list of our booksby beth meacham . There are 2 books by this author in our collection.

16. Usenet Alternate History List, Part 4
meacham, beth, A Dream Can Make a Difference , in BAOF What if Marilyn Monroesurvived her suicide attempt and went into politics, running against Reagan for
Meacham, Beth, "A Dream Can Make a Difference" , in BAOF
    What if: Marilyn Monroe survived her suicide attempt and went into politics, running against Reagan for governor of California.
    Story: After Hinckley assassinates Pres. Monroe in 1981, a female news producer recalls the path Monroe followed to the White House.
Meacham, Beth, "One by One" , in AW
    What if: Tecumseh turned the tide at the Battle of the Thames (Detroit) and the Northwest Territories only became a US state decades later.
    Story: In the 20th century, conflict between whites and reds in "Indiana" constantly simmers with acts of terrorism and retaliation.
Meacham, Beth, "A Spark in the Darkness" , in AO
    What if: Hellen Keller learned to pick locks.
    Story: The narrative of a safe-cracker.
Menard, Pierre, 1938: La distruzione di Parigi (Frasinelli 1984)
    What if: Petain led a successful French coup in 1934.
    Story: ...
Mendini, Douglas, "What If..." , in Entertainment Weekly 7 Aug 1992
    What if: Marilyn Monroe's stomach was pumped in time to prevent her death from a drug overdose.
    Story: A series of short news blurbs about Marilyn's career through 1989.

17. Author Details
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18. Links To Authors
Louise Martin, Thomas Martino, Joseph Marusek, David McCarthy, Wil McDonald, StevenMcGarry, Terry McIntyre, Vonda N. meacham, beth editor meacham, beth
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19. Untitled
com Archivename sf/alt_history/part4 Rec-arts-sf-written-archive-name alt_history/part4Version 26 Posting-Frequency Quarterly meacham, beth, A Dream
From: (Robert B. Schmunk) Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.written soc.history.what-if alt.history.what-if rec.answers ...

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