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         Monteleone Thomas F:     more books (100)
  1. Fearful Symmetries by Thomas F. Monteleone, 2004-12-30
  2. The Resurrectionist by Thomas F. Monteleone, 1997-01-01
  3. Dark Voices Volume 1: Thomas F. Monteleone's Horn Of Plenty by Thomas F. Monteleone, 2007-03-28
  4. Dark stars and other illuminations (Doubleday science fiction) by Thomas F Monteleone, 1981
  5. Seeds of Change (Laser #00) by Thomas F. Monteleone, 1975-05-01
  6. Serpentine by Thomas F. Monteleone, 2007-11-07
  7. The secret sea by Thomas F. Monteleone, Clyde Caldwell, 1979
  8. The Reckoning by Thomas F. Monteleone, 2001-02-15
  9. Night things by Thomas F. Monteleone, 1980
  10. Borderlands
  11. The Magnificent Gallery by Thomas F. Monteleone, 1987-06
  12. Ozymandias by Thomas F. Monteleone, 1981-11
  13. Night of Broken Souls by Thomas F. Monteleone, 1998-10-01
  14. Das Blut des Lammes by Thomas F. Monteleone, 2006-09-30

1. The SF Site: Thomas F. Monteleone: Literary Lion
Thomas F. Monteleone Literary Lion. An interview with Thomas Myer. July1999. Thomas F. monteleone thomas f. Monteleone was born in 1946.
Thomas F. Monteleone: Literary Lion
An interview with Thomas Myer
July 1999
Thomas F. Monteleone
Thomas F. Monteleone was born in 1946. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Olivia. He's been a professional writer since 1972, publishing more than 90 short stories, editing at least 6 anthologies and some 20 novels. His column of opinion, "The Mothers And Fathers Italian Association," appears in Cemetery Dance magazine. In 1993, his novel, The Blood of the Lamb , won a Bram Stoker Award. His TV credits include Tales From the Darkside and PBS television. ISFDB Bibliography
Other SF Site Interviews F. Paul Wilson
Tim Powers

Michael Marshall Smith

Thomas F. Monteleone
P.D. Cacek

David Morrell
Chet Williamson Ed Bryant ... 999 Table of Contents
Nothing at all can prepare you for a conversation with Thomas Monteleone. His writing is dramatic, visceral, controversial, and hard to put down. He has won various prestigious awards and is constantly being nominated for others. His ground-breaking work (along with wife Elizabeth) on the Borderlands anthology series is comparable to what Harlan Ellison did with Dangerous Visions On the phone, he is easy-going, wry, and enjoys intellectually stimulating conversation. Although it is pretty late at night and he's just returned from a grueling conference, he gives the impression that nothing matters in the world except his conversation with you.

2. The SF Site: 999 Edited By Al Sarrantonio
Thomas F. monteleone thomas f. Monteleone Literary Lion An interview with ThomasMyer On starting out After college, I just started writing stories.
edited by Al Sarrantonio
Avon, 666 pages
Amy Halperin Avon's 999 Website Table of Contents
William Peter Blatty
Edward Bryant
Styx and Bones
P.D. Cacek
The Grave
Ramsey Campbell
The Entertainment
Nancy A. Collins
Catfish Gal Blues
Thomas M. Disch
The Owl and the Pussycat
Neil Gaiman
Keepsakes and Treasures: A Love Story
Ed Gorman
Rick Hautala
Stephen King
The Road Virus Heads North
T.E.D. Klein
Growing Things
Joe R. Lansdale
Mad Dog Summer
Edward Lee
Thomas Ligotti
The Shadow, The Darkness
Bentley Little
The Theater
Eric Van Lustbader
An Exaltation of Termagants
Dennis L. McKiernan
Thomas F. Monteleone
David Morrell
Rio Grande Gothic
Kim Newman
Amerikanski Dead at the Moscow Morgue
Joyce Carol Oates
The Ruins of Contracoeur
Tim Powers
Al Sarrantonio
The Ropy Thing
Peter Schneider
Des Saucisses, Sans Doute
Michael Marshall Smith
The Book of Irrational Numbers
Steven Spruill
Chet Williamson
Excerpts from the Records of the New Zodiac and the Diaries of Henry Watson Fairfax
F. Paul Wilson

3. Autori SF
Translate this page Miyazaki Hayao Mocchi Marco Monina Michele. monteleone thomas f. Monti AlessandroMoorcock Michael Murphy Pat indietro. n. indietro. o. Orwell George.
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4. Thomas F. Monteleone - Bibliography Summary
Thomas F. Monteleone Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio AlphaMain Menu Search Novels The Time-Swept City (1977) - Fix-up

5. Thomas F. Monteleone - Publication Bibliography
Thomas F. Monteleone Publication Bibliography. Novels The Time-SweptCity (1977) Serials Dragonstar (Part 4 of 4) (1981) Analog

monteleone thomas f. Records 1 to 4 of 4. Monteleone, Thomas F. The blood ofthe lamb / Thomas F. Monteleone. New York T. Doherty Associates, 1992. THOMAS F

7. - Used Books For Sale - Thomas F Monteleone
Thomas F. Monteleone. Bibliography Used Books for Sale. ConditionLN=Like New; VG=Very Good; G=Good; F=Fair; RC=Reading Copy. All
Home Used Books Services About ... FAQs
Thomas F. Monteleone
Condition: LN=Like New; VG=Very Good; G=Good; F=Fair; RC=Reading Copy All books are paperback unless otherwise noted. Due To The Limited # of these books, PayPal payment is preferred. View cart button at bottom of page (a quick way to reach the end of the page is to hold the "ctrl" key while hitting the "end" key). Any questions or want more details about the books listed below? Scanned images available upon request.
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Science Fiction - Horror
Title Publisher Item # Cond. Price Add To Cart Info Crooked House
Written with John DeChancie
(1st printing, 1987) Tor VG+ Info The Magnificent Gallery
(1st printing, 1987) Tor VG+ Info Seeds of Change
(1st printing, 1975) Laser VG- Info The Time Connection
(1st Thus, 1976) Popular
Library G Info The Time-Swept City
(1st printing, 1976)

8. Bouquins
Michael 1991 The elementals Toplin McDOWELL Michael 858687 Toplin Graal MICHAELSPhilip 1982 Grail Horreur du metro ( L' ) monteleone thomas f. 1984 Night
MA BIBLIOTHEQUE FANTASTIQUE Non french people : Please don't go ! The original book title is noticed after the year of the book.Just scroll Titre / Title Auteur/Author Année/Year Original title TOTAL : 264 Last Update: 24/08/97 RETOUR A LA PAGE PRINCIPALE DES LYRICS / RETURN TO THE MAIN LYRICS PAGE RETOUR A MA HOMEPAGE / RETURN TO MY HOMEPAGE

9. Thomas F. Monteleone
Thomas F. Monteleone. The Reckoning. The Blood of the Lamb. The secretsea. Night things. Guardian. Borderlands. The Resurrectionist. The
Thomas F. Monteleone
The Reckoning
The Blood of the Lamb
The secret sea
Night things
The Resurrectionist
The Arts and Beyond : Visions of Man's Aesthetic Future
Night of Broken Souls
Ozymandias Science Fiction Book Writers

10. Thomas F. Monteleone - Bibliography Summary
Thomas F. Monteleone Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Alpha ChronMain Menu Search Monteleone, Thomas Francis (USA, 1946-).

11. Thomas F. Monteleone
Thomas F. Monteleone. Books Reviewed Microworlds Tales of the ComputerAge (Edited) Paperback Inferno, Jun 1986 by Graham Andrews,Thom

12. Thomas F. Monteleone, Science Fiction And Horror Writer And Editor
monteleone, thomas F., Seeds of Change, Laser, 1975. monteleone, thomas F., AnalogChrysalis Fantastic Stories F SF Omni SF Age Shadows.
Thomas Francis Monteleone
April 14, 1946 -
Monteleone, Thomas F.,
Seeds of Change, Laser, 1975.
The Time Connection, Popular Library, 1976.
The Time-Swept City, Popular Library, 1977. *
The Secret Sea, Popular Library, 1979.
Guardian, Doubleday, Garden City, New York, 1980.
Night Things, Fawcett, New York, 1980.
Ozymandias, Doubleday, Garden City, New York, 1981. ISBN: 0-385-15768-1
Day of the Dragonstar, Berkley, New York, 1983. (with David F. Bischoff in Analog,
Night Train,
Pocket Books, New York, 1984.
Night of the Dragonstar, Berkley, New York, 1985. (with David F. Bischoff) Crooked House, Tor, New York, 1987. (with John DeChancie) Lyrica, Berkley, New York, 1987. The Magnificent Gallery, Tor, New York, 1987. Fantasma, Tor, New York, 1989. Dragonstar Destiny, Berkley, New York, 1989. (with David F. Bischoff) The Apocalypse Man, The Blood of the Lamb, Tor, New York, 1992. Bram Stoker Award The Resurrectionist, Warner, New York, 1995. ISBN: 0-446-51906-5
Original Short Fiction
Monteleone, Thomas F., Analog Chrysalis Fantastic Stories Omni SF Age Shadows
Collection of Short Fiction
Monteleone, Thomas F.

13. Dark Stars, By Thomas F. Monteleone
Dark Stars and Other Illuminations, by thomas F. monteleone. Fiction Contents.monteleone, thomas F., The StarFilled Sea Is Smooth Tonight, 1980.
Dark Stars and Other Illuminations, by Thomas F. Monteleone
Doubleday, Garden City, New York, 1981. ISBN: 0-385-15769-X
Fiction Contents
Monteleone, Thomas F.,
The Star-Filled Sea Is Smooth Tonight, Chrysalis 6,
The Curandeiro, Chrysalis 1,
Present Perfect, Fantastic Stories, September, 1974.)
Just in the Niche of Time, Chrysalis 2,
Mister Magister,
Mister Magister,
1978. (A Play in One Act, produced 1978.)
Camera Obscura, Cosmos, July, 1977.)
Where All the Songs Are Sad, Shadows 1,
The Dancer in the Darkness, New Voices II,
Taking the Night Train, Night Voyages, Spring, 1981.)

14. Thomas F. Monteleone
Presents thomas F. monteleone. thomas F. monteleone has been a professional writer since 1972.
Presents: Thomas F. Monteleone
Thomas F. Monteleone has been a professional writer since 1972. He has published more than 80 short stories in numerous magazines and anthologies.
His notorious column of opinion and entertainment, The Mothers and Fathers Italian Association , currently appears in Mystery Scene Magazine
He is the editor of three anthologies, of which Borderlands is the most recent. Of his eighteen novels, the most recent titles include The Apocalypse Man Fantasma Crooked House Lyrica , and The Magnificent Gallery . His two collections of selected short fiction are Dark Stars and Other Illuminations and Fearful Symmetries
He likes baseball, computers, British ales and stouts, women who laugh at his jokes, comic books, all kinds of music, driving his Prelude at high speeds on country roads, and getting lots of mail every day.
He lives in Baltimore with his wife Linda and son Brandon. He is forty-four years old and is still dashingly handsome.

15. Thomas F Monteleone Bibliography
A bibliography of thomas F monteleone's books and short stories, with bookcovers and links to related authors. thomas F monteleone USA (1946 ).
dwAuthorName = "Thomas F Monteleone"; dwBookTitle = ""; Fantastic Fiction Authors M
... Years
Thomas F Monteleone
Search Authors Search Books Series Top Dragonstar (with David F Bischoff 1. Dragonstar Day of the Dragonstar Night of the Dragonstar Dragonstar Destiny
Novels Top
Seeds of Change
The Time Connection The Time-Swept City ... The Crooked House (with John de Chancie) Fantasma Lyrica: A Novel of Horror and Desire The Magnificent Gallery The Blood of the Lamb ... Eyes of the Virgin
Collections Top
Dark Stars: And Other Illuminations

Anthologies edited Top
Random Access Messages of the Computer Age
Microworlds Borderlands 1 ... Borderlands 4 (with Elizabeth Monteleone)
Non fiction Top
The Arts and Beyond: Visions of Man's Aesthetic Future
(see Thomas F Monteleone Anthologies containing stories by Thomas F Monteleone Top Nebula Winners 12 One Hundred Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories Shadows ... Dancing with the Dark Short stories Top Present Perfect Breath's a Ware That Will Not Keep Nebula (nominee) Camera Obscura Nebula (nominee) Where All the Songs Are Sad Taking the Night Train The Greatest Game Group Phenomena The Night is Freezing Fast Rehearsals The Pleasure of Her Company The White Man The Roadside Scalpel Please Stand By Triptych di Amore Looking for Mr Flip Bram Stoker (nominee) Time Enough to Sleep Get It Out Talkin' Them Marble Orchard Blues Awards Top Nebula Best Short story nominee : Breath's a Ware That Will Not Keep Nebula Best Short story nominee : Camera Obscura Bram Stoker Best Novel winner : The Blood of the Lamb Bram Stoker Best Novellette nominee

16. Thomas F. Monteleone [a0044210] (Autor)
monteleone, thomas F. BIBLIOGRAFÍA GENERAL Novelas Año 1980 Night things (novela).

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Monteleone, Thomas F.
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Monteleone, Thomas F.
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18. The Blood Of The Lamb By Thomas F Monteleone
FantasticFiction Authors M thomas F monteleone The Blood of the Lamb. TheBlood of the Lamb (1992). A novel by thomas F monteleone Awards Bram Stoker,
dwAuthorName = "Thomas F Monteleone"; dwBookTitle = "The Blood of the Lamb"; Fantastic Fiction Authors M Thomas F Monteleone ... Years
US Price Check Paperback $4.50 Powells
The Blood of the Lamb
A novel by
Thomas F Monteleone

Bram Stoker

A highly engrossing, wildly surprising thriller with a stunning premise that thoroughly grabbed me.
David Morrell

Inspired by prophecies contained in the Bible and the writings of Nostradamus, Jesuit-educated Monteleone delives a forceful novel of the politics of power and the power of belief. A young priest suddenly develops frightening, miraculous powers, leading to an apocalyptic battle between good and evil. A New York Times Editor's Choice.
November 1999 : Mass Market Paperback Top
Title: The Blood of the Lamb Author(s): Thomas F. Monteleone ISBN: Publisher: Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC Availability: Powells $4.50 November 1993 : Paperback Top Title: Blood of the Lamb Author(s): Thomas F. Monteleone ISBN: May 1992 : Hardback Top Title: The Blood of the Lamb : A Novel of the Second Coming Author(s): Thomas F. Monteleone

19. Authors: Thomas F. Monteleone
Critical Praise. thomas F. monteleone homas F. monteleone is the author of twentyacclaimed novels and editor of the awardwinning Borderlands anthology series.
Critical Praise
Thomas F. Monteleone

homas F. Monteleone is the author of twenty acclaimed novels and editor of the award-winning Borderlands anthology series. Mr. Monteleone and his family live in Grantham, New Hampshire.

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20. The Books: Night Of Broken Souls By Thomas F. Monteleone
ASPECT. Also Available Paperback (mass market), thomas F. monteleoneCritical Praise. Night of Broken Souls by thomas F. monteleone. s
ISBN: 0446520489
Hardcover $21.00/U.S.
400 pages
6 x 9
WARNER ASPECT Also Available:
Paperback (mass market)

Thomas F. Monteleone Critical Praise

Night of Broken Souls
by Thomas F. Monteleone s the Millennium turns grim, innocents are being slaughtered not because of who they are, but because of what they dream... Author of the acclaimed thrillers The Resurrectionist and The Blood of the Lamb, award-winner Thomas F. Monteleone returns to his astonishing, unique vision of the Third Millennium's coming wonders and horrors. Now ethnic terrorism and high-tech stealth merge with uncanny powers of miracle, myth, nameless forces, and unparalleled evils in the... Night of Broken Souls Psychiatrist J. Michael Keating is at work in his plush Manhattan office when a young stranger, Allison Enders, bursts wild-eyed into the room, ready to kill herself rather than endure her recurring nightmares. Keating saves his unexpected "patient" and soon discovers that the Enders case is not unique. Around the world, all kinds of people cabbies, homemakers, even a CIA agent are suffering from blackouts and nearly identical, vivid nightmares. All their dreams feature concentration camps and the same sadistic psychopath: a man known only as Der Klein Engel, The Little Angel. Keating is appalled, and determined to find the nightmares' terrifying connection to the Holocaust. Keating is even more shocked when an FBI agent tells him that the dreamers are being systematically, horribly murdered. Together with an Orthodox rabbi and agent Brad Stevenson, Keating plunges into the mystery.

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