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         Ovid:     more books (100)
  1. Ovid's Metamorphoses Books 1-5 (Latin Edition) (Bks 1-5) by Ovid, 1998-01
  2. Ovid III: Metamorphoses, Books I-VIII (Loeb Classical Library, No. 42) (Bks.1-8, v. 3) by Ovid, 1984
  3. Practice! Practice!: A Latin Via Ovid Workbook by Norma Goldman, Michael Rossi, 1995-07
  4. Ovid IV: Metamorphoses, Books IX-XV (Loeb Classical Library, No. 43) by Ovid, 1916-01-01
  5. The Metamorphoses of Ovid
  6. Ovid: The Art of Love and Other Poems (Loeb Classical Library No. 232) by Ovid, 1929-01-01
  7. Ovid: Metamorphoses III (Ovid - Metamorphoses) (Bk. 3) by Ovid, 2003-01-07
  8. Ovid's Metamorphoses Books 6-10 (Bks 6-10) by Ovid, 2000-05
  9. Ovid's Metamorphoses (Oxford Approaches to Classical Literature) by Elaine Fantham, 2004-07-15
  10. Ovid's Metamorphoses : The Arthur Golding Translation of 1567 by John Nims, John Frederick Nims, 2000-03
  11. The Cambridge Companion to Ovid (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
  12. The Love Poems (Oxford World's Classics) by Ovid, 2008-07-15
  13. Love and Transformation: An Ovid Reader (English and Latin Edition) by Richard A. Lafleur, Ovid, 1999-01
  14. Selections from Ovid's Metamorphoses: Baucis and Philemon/Acis, Galatea, and Polyphemus/Narcissus and Echo/Pentheus (Longman Latin Readers) (Latin Edition) by Ovid, 1987-12

21. Ulrich Schmitzers Bibliographie Zu Ovid
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22. Arachnion, N. 2.1, May 1996 - Schmitzer: Gallus Im Elysium
Gallus im Elysium. Ein Versuch ¼ber ovids Trauerelegie auf den toten Papagei Corinnas (am. 2,6).
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Arachnion n. 2.1, May 1996
Gallus im Elysium.
auf den toten Papagei Corinnas ( am
di ULRICH SCHMITZER (Erlangen) "In der Nacht vom 29. bis zum 30. November d.J. entschlief, um zu einem bessern Dasein zu erwachen, mein teurer geliebter Zögling, der Kater Murr, im vierten Jahre seines hoffnungsvollen Lebens. Wer den verewigten Jüngling kannte, wer ihn wandeln sah auf der Bahn der Tugend und des Rechts, mißt meinen Schmerz und ehrt ihn mit Schweigen." Mit dieser Traueranzeige gab E.T.A. Hoffmann am 1. Dezember 1821 seinen Freunden kund, daß der Titelheld der "Lebensansichten des Katers Murr" verstorben war, während sein Besitzer am (dann Fragment gebliebenen) vierten Teil der fiktiven Autobiographie seines Katers arbeitete. Daß Hofmanns Trauer um sein wie (oder gar: mehr als) einen menschlichen Freund geschätztes Tier echt ist, wird kaum jemand bezweifeln. Für den Philologen von besonderem Interesse ist jedoch das Zusammentreffen von tiefem persönlichem Schmerz und einer poetischer Tradition, die bis weit in die Ahnengalerie der Weltliteratur zurückreicht. carm.

23. DUMCL - Ovid Tutorial
ovid Tutorial. Revised November 2000. Permission has been granted by ovid Technologies,Inc. to use Web pages, screen shots, and icons from the ovid Web Gateway.
Ovid Tutorial
Revised November 2000
This interactive Ovid Tutorial is designed to show you step-by-step the basic components of a MEDLINE database search using the Ovid Web Gateway (version 4.2).
After completing the tutorial, you should have a better understanding of how to:
  • formulate a search strategy
  • conduct a basic MEDLINE search in Ovid
  • print or save the citations retrieved
The best way to use this tutorial is to follow the logical steps in the development and execution of a MEDLINE search. Click on the " next " button at the bottom of the page to start this tutorial.
  • Instructions for using this tutorial
  • Developing your search strategy
  • 24. Welcome To Ovid
    Welcome to ovid, Help. To start a session with ovid Enter your userID and password below; Click the Start ovid button once. ID, Password,
    Welcome to Ovid
    To start a session with Ovid:
    • Enter your user ID and password below
    • Click the "Start Ovid" button once
    ID Password Ovid Technologies, Inc.
    Version: 7.8 Millenium source ID 1.3932.1.156, Revision: 1.303

    25. Welcome To Ovid
    Welcome to ovid, Help. To start a session with ovid Enter your user ID and passwordbelow; Choose a user mode (Basic or Advanced); Click the Start ovid button.
    Welcome to Ovid
    To start a session with Ovid:
    • Enter your user ID and password below
    • Choose a user mode (Basic or Advanced)
    • Click the "Start Ovid" button
    ID Password Mode: Basic Advanced
    Ovid Technologies, Inc.

    26. Welcome To Ovid-Elsie Area Schools
    This Web publication contains frames, but this browser doesn't support frames. Please click here to view without frames.

    27. Fac De Médecine Pitié-Salpêtrière - Biblothèque - Recherches Sur Medline
    Guide d©taill©, facult© de m©decine de la Piti©Salpªtri¨re.
    Fax : 01 45 83 90 01
    medline :
    manuel d'utilisation d'ovid

    28. Ovid
    P. ovidI NASONIS OPERA Metamorphoses, Amores, Heroides. Ars Amatoria, RemediaAmoris, Ibis. Tristia, ex Ponto, Fasti. ovid, The Latin Library, The ClassicsHomepage.
    Amores Heroides Ars Amatoria ... The Classics Homepage

    29. Ovid And Others
    Eighteen key poems.
    HOME DOWNLOAD Contents
    ‘N’est ce pas qu’il est doux’ ‘Il aimait à la voir’ Incompatibility The Albatross ... Index by First Line
    ‘N’est ce pas qu’il est doux’
    Is it not pleasant, now we are tired,
    and tarnished, like other men, to search for those fires in the furthest East, where, again, we might see morning’s new dawn, and, in mad history, hear the echoes, that vanish behind us, the sighs of the young loves, God gives, at the start of our lives?
    ‘Il aimait à la voir’
    It was in her white skirts that he loved to see her run straight through the branches and leaves, gracefully, but still gauche, and hiding her leg from the light, when she tore her dress, on the briars, in her flight.
    Higher there, higher, far from the ways,
    from the farms and the valleys, beyond the trees, beyond the hills and the grasses’ haze, far from the herd-trampled tapestries, you discover a sombre pool in the deep that a few bare snow-covered mountains form. The lake, in light’s, and night’s, sublime sleep, is never disturbed in its silent storm. In that mournful waste, to the unsure ear

    30. The Internet Classics Archive | Works By Ovid
    Works by ovid Metamorphoses Written 1 ACE Translated by Sir Samuel Garth,John Dryden, et al Read discussion 40 comments © 19942000



    Buy Books and


    Works by Ovid

    Written 1 A.C.E.
    Translated by Sir Samuel Garth, John Dryden, et al
    Read discussion

    31. [ WOES Radio 91.3 FM ]
    FM Radio 91.3 High School

    32. Ovid Web Search Guide
    Medical College of Georgia.
    Ovid Web Search Guide
    Entering your Subject
    The Ovid system defaults to a subject search unless another search command is selected. The buttons at the top of the screen allow a change to search by author, title words or journal title. The databases available through the Ovid system, are indexed using controlled vocabulary. This means that the people who assign the subject terms to each citation may only choose from a list of official terms.
    So that users of the system do not have to know each of the terms, and its exact wording, the system provides help. For example, if a user types in a search for, breast cancer, the system would use its mapping function to bring up a ranked list of relevant terms. Note : Mapping is useful, but not full proof. Be sure to try other terms if the results seem unrelated. You may then choose one of the terms, or if none of the listed terms are applicable you may choose the last option, BREAST CANCER (Search as Keyword) which will look for that phrase in the titles and abstracts.
    Exploding a search term retrieves the citations indexed with the term as well as any indexed with any of the more narrow terms located under the term in the hierarchy. To view the tree hierarchy for a term, click on the term (see example below). For example, an exploded search for breast neoplasms would also retrieve articles indexed under the three narrower terms listed below it .

    33. BMA - Bma Main Site
    national offices. local offices. library. medline. events. links. contactus. home. login here forgotten your password? join the bma new user?
    login here forgotten your password? join the bma new user? ...
    more press releases...
    features... - gms contract online now bma members: register here for a user name and password for access to the bma members website ... guest users: ...

    34. Metamorphoses On Broadway
    Mary Zimmerman directs this contemporary reworking of ovid's classic Roman myths. Gods and goddesses, sorrow and despair, come to heartbreaking, frequently humourous life at Broadway's Circle In The Square Theater. Mailing list, performers and schedule provided.
    You will now be redirected to metamorphoses
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    if your browser does not redirect in three seconds.
    This site is optimized for Internet Explorer 5.0+ and Communicator 5.0+.
    Click here
    to email the Metamorphoses webmaster.

    35. Welcome To Ovid
    Welcome to ovid, Help. To start a session with ovid Enter your userID and password below; Choose a user mode (Basic or Advanced);
    Welcome to Ovid
    To start a session with Ovid:
    • Enter your user ID and password below
    • Choose a user mode (Basic or Advanced)
    • Click the "Start Ovid" button once
    ID Password Mode: Basic Advanced Ovid Technologies, Inc.
    Version: rel5.2.0, SourceID 1.6922.1.83

    36. Pybliographer - News
    A tool for managing bibliographic databases. It currently supports BibTeX, ISI, Medline, ovid and Refer formats. It can be used for searching, editing, reformatting, etc.
    Latest version:



    Pybliographer is a tool for managing bibliographic databases. It currently supports the following formats (reading and writing):
    • BibTeX ISI Medline Ovid Refer
    Pybliographer can be used for searching, editing, reformatting, etc. In fact, it's a simple framework that provides easy to use python classes and functions, and therefore can be extended to many uses (generating HTML pages according to bibliographic searches, etc). In addition to the scripting environment, a graphical GNOME interface is available. It provides powerful editing capabilities, a nice hierarchical search mechanism, direct insertion of references into LyX (version 1.0.x), and more. The project is also partially hosted on SourceForge
    What's new ?
    Moritz Moeller-Herrmann has built RPMs especially for SuSE 8.1 users. The packages are available on Sourceforge
    We are currently in the process of defining how bibliographic data should be structured in the internals of pybliographer. This design is expected to allow many new interesting features
    The development page now contains some documents that describe the design study of the future pybliographer. For feedback, don't hesitate to subscribe to the mailing-list.

    37. Ovid: Jumpstart Error
    Click on the help button for more information. Copyright (c) 20002003ovid Technologies, Inc. Version rel5.2.0, SourceID 1.6922.1.83.

    38. Laboratory For Cognitive Neuropsychology
    Founded in 1997 by ovid Tzeng and Daisy Hung, the laboratory at the National YangMing University is devoted to basic research in the cognitive science.

    39. SMU - El Portal Médico Del Uruguay
    Informaci³n gremial, sociocultural y cient­fica para m©dicos. Actualizaci³n diaria. Revista M©dica del Uruguay a texto completo. ovid s³lo para socios.
    seccion('/htdocs/frontpage/websmu/relleno.html'); Inicio El SMU Gremiales EMC ... Red Médica Montevideo, El SMU se opone al IVA a la Salud NOVEDADES CASA DE GALICIA
    Declaración de Cargos en Conflicto

    Comité Ejecutivo, 18-03-2003
    La Columna del Presidente

    Por el Dr. Barrett Díaz
    Sindicato Médico del Uruguay

    setiembre de 2002
    Sindicato Médico del Uruguay
    mayo - junio de 2002 The Lancet . A riesgo de que la ciudadanía se niegue a creer semejante disparate, el Sindicato Médico del Uruguay tiene el penoso deber de informar a la población que, desde el Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas, ha surgido y ha sido enviado al Parlamento el engendro de un nuevo impuesto a la Salud. más DESTACADOS Ubique el cursor en el cuadro para detener el movimiento Hay 2 elementos en cartelera. Ver todos los elementos wholemessageM='Barrett Díaz anunció contacto del SMU con Médicos Sin Fronteras: "Bush es parecido a Hitler en su aspecto tragicómico"[La República - 23/03/03][36 lecturas]IMAEs deberán cumplir con estándares de alta calidad; FNR y MSP definen requisitos de acreditación para cada servicio[El País - 23/03/03][31 lecturas]Luis Carbajal, Departamento de Educación Médica: "El cambio votado el 26 de diciembre es regresivo para el ciclo básico"[El Observador en Mercurio - 22/03/03][30 lecturas]Superpoblación médica en agenda del MSP: "No es solo asunto de Facultad, también SMU propone limitación", dijo Bonilla[El Observador en Mercurio - 23/03/03][29 lecturas]Boicot a plan de compras de fármacos del MSP; laboratorios ofertaron ocho medicamentos de 805 que se licitaban[El País - 24/03/03][23 lecturas]Día Mundial de la Tuberculosis: Número de casos se mantiene incambiado desde el 2000; 632 enfermos, 54 portadores de HIV[La República - 24/03/03][20 lecturas]'

    40. Start OVID Abstracts Tutorial
    Tutorial for learning. ovid Abstracts. ©2000 by Chris Niemeyer, Universityof MissouriSt. Louis. No parts of the text, coding, or
    Tutorial for learning
    OVID Abstracts
    Chris Niemeyer , University of Missouri-St. Louis.
    No parts of the text, coding, or appearance of this tutorial may be copied or modified
    without the express permission of Chris Niemeyer.
    To begin the tutorial please click start

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