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  1. The Metamorphoses of Ovid by Ovid, 1994-04-01
  2. Ovid and the Politics of Emotion in Elizabethan England by Cora Fox, 2009-11-15
  3. The Myth of Apollo and Daphne from Ovid to Quevedo: Love, Agon, and the Grotesque (Duke Monographs in Medieval and Renaissance Studies) by Mary E. Barnard, 1987-01-01
  4. Another Reality: Metamorphosis and the Imagination in the Poetry of Ovid, Petrarch, and Ronsard (American University Studies Series XVII, Classical) by Kathleen A. Perry, 1990-05
  5. Ovid's Changing Worlds: English Metamorphoses 1567-1632 by Raphael Lyne, 2001-12-13
  6. Universal Health Care Problems In The United States Of America by C. Ovid Trouth, M. Wagner, et all 2010-09-23
  7. Ovid (Blackwell Introductions to the Classical World) by Katharina Volk, 2010-10-12
  8. Ovid Legamus Transitional Reader (The Legamus Reader Series) (Latin Edition) by Caroline Perkins, Denise Davis-Henry, 2008-01-01
  9. Ovid's Fasti: Roman Holidays by Ovid, 1995-03-01
  10. Ovid Metamorphosed
  11. Ovid in English (Penguin Classics) by Ovid, 1999-02-01
  12. Heroides by Ovid, 2004-11-25
  13. Ovid (Felony & Mayhem Mysteries) (Marcus Corvinus Mysteries) by David Wishart, 2006-08-15
  14. Ovid: Heroides: Select Epistles (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics) by Ovid, 1996-01-26

81. Object, View And Interaction Design
ovid (Objects, Views, and Interaction Design) is a formal methodology for designingthe user experience based on the analysis of users' goals and tasks.
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All Ease of Use Design Stories Downloads Services Conference
OVID (Objects, Views, and Interaction Design) is a formal methodology for designing the user experience based on the analysis of users' goals and tasks. Drawn from the disciplines of engineering, it is ideally suited to interface and component-based development. The method is applied after user goals, tasks and objects have been identified, through other means. The output of the method is an abstract diagram that describes the architecture of the desired design, from the users' point of view. The diagram is used in conjunction with the visual specifications to enable implementation of the final diagram.
The value of OVID is that it is a structured approach which supports a thorough application of desired features and behaviors throughout the design, it produces a design plan which is repeatable in subsequent projects, its thoroughness and level of clarity makes implementation more efficient, and it represents a user model of the design that is understandable to and usable by programmers.
Download OVID Tutorial Materials Mastering the Complexity of Creating Highly Satisfying User Experiences
OVID: an overview
A methodology for object-oriented user interface design developed by our ease-of-use experts.

82. Home
ovid Online Statistics. Help. Please enter your ovid Online Fixed FeeAdministrator User ID and password. Dec 4, 2000 Click here
Ovid Online Statistics Help Please enter your Ovid Online Fixed Fee Administrator User ID and password. Dec 4, 2000
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83. Ovid, Michigan
ovid Michigan, information and links about ovid businesses recreation golfparks weather festivals and events, ovid, ovid Mich, ovid MI, ovid Mich. Category Regional North America Michigan Localities O ovid
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God Bless our great country
May Freedom ever ring!
Ovid, Michigan

County Information

Ovid is located on the northeast border of Clinton County along M-21. It functions mainly as a commuter town to several larger metro areas, including Lansing, Saginaw and Owosso, strategically located in the middle of them all.
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84. Island Of Freedom - Ovid
ovid. Age, ovid, the name by which Publius ovidius Naso is commonly known, specializedin the witty and sophisticated treatment of love in all its permutations.
43 B.C.-17 A.D.
Ovid: Metamorphoses
The Ovid Project

Some information on Publius Ovidius Naso (Ovid)

Recent Ovidian Bibliography

Ovid's poetry falls into three divisions: the works of his youth, of his middle age, and of his years in exile. In the first period, Ovid continued the elegiac tradition of Roman poets Sextus Propertius and Albius Tibullus, both of whom he knew and admired. Ovid's Amores are erotic poems centered on Corinna, but they display little real feeling and are characterized by artificiality and cleverness. Other works of his are didactic poems, including Medicamina Faciei Femineae , a fragment of writing on cosmetics; and Remedia Amoris , a kind of recantation of the Ars Amatoria . Ovid's Medea , a tragedy highly praised by ancient critics, has not been preserved. His interest in mythology is reflected in his Heroides , or Epistulae Heroidum , 21 fictional love letters, mostly from mythological heroines to their lovers.
In his middle period Ovid wrote the Metamorphoses (8 A.D.), his greatest poetic achievement. Using Greco-Roman mythology as the material of his 15 books and change as his theme, he particularly isolates love as the agent of change, love now seen in its more profound ethical dimensions. Among readers of the late Middle Ages, the

85. Welcome To Ovid
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86. Journals@Ovid
ovid The Health Sciences Library licenses access to 50 journals from ovid. HSL haslicensed a limited number of connections (10 concurrent users) to ovid.
Ovid The Health Sciences Library licenses access to 50 journals from Ovid.
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87. Ovid - Use Perl User
ovid's Latest 24 of 132 Comments. ReRhetoric, 2003.03.16 1712, Replies1,Score2. attached to Journal Discussion Peace Rally. ReIt's
search use Perl
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Ovid (2709)
Ovid's Latest 24 of 133 Comments Re:But... Replies:1 Score:3, Interesting attached to Journal Discussion: Keeping silent Re:Rhetoric Replies:2 Score:3, Insightful attached to Journal Discussion: Peace Rally Re:It's actually not that bad Score:2 attached to Journal Discussion: Ungrokking C Please, please, please ... Replies:1 Score:2 attached to Journal Discussion: Seating Assignments in Hell Re:Take 'me for all you can get Replies:3 Score:2 attached to Journal Discussion: How not to start a morning Re:Non-granularity Score:2 attached to Journal Discussion: Satisfaction Font Score:2 attached to Journal Discussion: Quick poll: Terminal fonts Re:Umm Score:4, Insightful attached to Journal Discussion: perl2exe - no more secrets BYOB Wedding Score:2 attached to Journal Discussion: Wedding and new career Innovation Replies:1 Score:4, Insightful

88. Ovid: The Art Of Love
Study Guide for ovid The Art of Love. Using this Guide. Publius ovidus Naso(ovid) The Loves (2516 BCE?). Read the introduction to this translation.
Study Guide for Ovid: The Art of Love
Using this Guide List of other study guides Notes for the translation by Rolfe Humphries of selections from the Amores and the Ars Amatoria. Publius Ovidus Naso (Ovid): The Loves (25-16 BCE?) Metamorphoses , by far the most important source for Greco-Roman mythology for later Europeans. His Tristia recount his lonely banishment away from Rome at the end of his life. It is sometimes suggested that the puritanical Emperor Augustus exiled him because he was offended by Ovid's love poetry, but this is uncertain. Book I: Elegy I Ovid's contemporary Virgil had begun his most famous poem, the Aeneid, with the line "Arms and the man I sing." These elegies are written in lines shorter by one foot than the hexameters that are used for more solemn epic works like the Aeneid. Minerva (Greek Athena) is the goddess of wisdom, not normally mixed up with the love-goddess Venus. Ceres is the grain-goddess, Diana the huntress of the forests. Apollo is the god of peaceful arts like poetry and music, Mars the god of war.

89. The Works Of Ovid
The Works of ovid. The Love Books of ovid An English translation of the Amores,Ars Amatoria, Remedia Amoris and Medicamina Faciei Femineae by J. Lewis May.
Sacred-texts Classical Paganism
The Works of Ovid
The Metamorphoses translated into English verse under the direction of Sir Samuel Garth by John Dryden, Alexander Pope, Joseph Addison, William Congreve and other eminent hands. English and Latin The Love Books of Ovid An English translation of the Amores, Ars Amatoria, Remedia Amoris and Medicamina Faciei Femineae by J. Lewis May. English and Latin

90. Åwªï¥úÁ{ Databases@Ovid¡I
Databases@ovid!, ? TEL(02)27377784;FAX(02)2737-7839. You are the th visitors (since 01/01/2002 0900EAT).
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  • 91. Ovid At USC
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    92. Domovská Stránka Systému OVID
    Domovská stránka systému ovid Online prístup do systému ovid Informace okonzorciu NLK Uživatelská dokumentace Konzorcium IKEM 19992001 Statistiky
    Domovská stránka systému OVID
    Online pøístup do systému OVID
    Informace o konzorciu NLK

    Uživatelská dokumentace

    Konzorcium IKEM 1999-2001
    Archiv roèníkù CBC

    (platí pro organizace, které nejsou èleny konzorcia NLK
    Zmìna hesla

    (pouze pro pøístup do archivu CBC)
    Poèet pøístupù od 1.1.1999
    Správce systému: Josef Nechvíl, tel.: 261 362 448, e-mail:

    93. Ovid Web Gateway User Guide
    The following is a user guide to the basic commands needed for the databases that use the ovid Web Gateway software. Madison Health Sciences Libraries, University of WisconsinMadison.

    94. RICHMOND: Ovid In Exile
    CLASSICS IRELAND. 1995 Volume 2 University College Dublin, Ireland. The LatterDays of a Love Poet ovid in Exile. John Richmond. ovid's Mental Health.
    1995 Volume 2
    University College Dublin, Ireland
    The Latter Days of a Love Poet
    Ovid in Exile
    John Richmond
    University College
    There survive from antiquity five books of Ovid's Tristia , (or Poems of Sadness ), his Ibis , and four books of his Ex Ponto , (or Letters from the Black Sea ). These works purport to have been written when Ovid was in banishment at the town of Tomis (modern Constantza) from AD 9, when he arrived there, to AD 16, the latest date that can be assigned to one of his poems. The probable date of Ovid's death is AD 17.(1) Some modern scholars have advanced the view that the poems are an elaborate pretence and were in fact written in Rome.(2) I disagree with them, but it will not be possible for me to discuss the question in this paper. My main purpose will be to try to establish as clear a picture as possible of what life was like for Ovid during that period. As Edward Gibbon, the great historian of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire , said, The nine Books of Pontical Epistles, which Ovid composed during the seven first years of his melancholy exile, possess, besides the merit of elegance, a double value. They exhibit a picture of the human mind under very singular circumstances; and they contain many curious observations, which no Roman, except Ovid, could have had an opportunity of making (Vol. ii 216 Bury).

    95. Concordances Of Ovid
    Concordances ovid. Send this site to a friend! (click here) Choose a book andclick the 'Search Selected Book!' button below. Metamorphosis - ovid - tr.

    96. Curtis' Vanity Page
    Your browser does not support frames. Go to my older 'Noframes site' to view my web page.

    97. Ovid
    ovid, ov'id Pronunciation Key. ovid (Publius ovidius Naso), 43 BC–AD18, Latin poet, b. Sulmo (presentday Sulmona), in the Apennines.

    Trace your family history with

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    You've got info! Help Site Map Visit related sites from: Family Education Network Encyclopedia Ovid Pronunciation Key Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso), 43 B.C. A.D. 18, Latin poet, b. Sulmo (present-day Sulmona), in the Apennines. Although trained for the law, he preferred the company of the literary coterie at Rome. He enjoyed early and widespread fame as a poet and was known to the emperor Augustus. In A.D. Metamorphoses and a fragment ( Halieutica ) is in elegiacs, which are of unmatched perfection. The love poems include Amores [loves], 49 short poems, many of which extol the charms of the poet's mistress Corinna, probably a synthesis of several women; Epistulae heroidum [letters from heroines], an imaginary series written by ancient heroines to their absent lovers; Ars amatoria [art of love], didactic, in three books, with complete instructions on how to acquire and keep a lover. In the mythological category is the

    98. ICM-Akademicki Serwer Baz Bibliograficznych
    Witamy na serwerze. W systemie ovidNET dostepne sa bazy MEDLINE, INSPEC, ovidBiomedical Collections Core, II i III. Zapytania i uwagi do admin@ovid.
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    Uniwersytety: Bia³ystok, Gdañsk ¦l±ski UJ UJ-BJ ... UMK
    UW: fuw chem BUW psych ... ZielonaGóra
    Instytuty i O¶rodki Badawcze: WIML Centr.Onkol. I.Hematologii Inne: A.Morska AWF-Kraków AWF-Bia³aP Je¶li nie posiadasz jeszcze konta, zapoznaj siê z warunkami , jakie musisz spe³niaæ, ¿eby je otrzymaæ. Reorganizacja kont Dla pocz±tkuj±cych: wprowadzenie do OvidNET (na przyk³adzie MEDLINE). Zapytania i uwagi do: admin@OVID Ostatnia zmiana

    99. How To Use CINAHL Via OVID - Contents
    Subject Guides Search Glossary Index. How to use CINAHL via ovid Contents. Summary.Print out this tutorial Core pages only All pages ovid Quick Reference Card.
    How to use CINAHL via OVID
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  • 100. Ovid: Choose A Database
    Database Field Guide HealthSTAR/ovid HealthSTAR 1975 to present. Database Field GuideCANCERLIT 1975 to present. Copyright (c) 20002003 ovid Technologies, Inc.
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