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         Plautus:     more books (100)
  1. The Pot of Gold and Other Plays (Classics) by Plautus, 1965-09-30
  2. The Rope and Other Plays by Plautus, 1964-05-30
  3. Plautus: Pseudolus (Bristol Latin Texts Series) by M Willcock, 2009-09-30
  4. Four Comedies: The Braggart Soldier; The Brothers Menaechmus; The Haunted House; The Pot of Gold (Oxford World's Classics) by Plautus, 2008-06-15
  5. The Mostellaria by Titus Maccius Plautus, 2009-12-24
  6. Roman Laughter: The Comedy of Plautus by Erich Segal, 1987-05-21
  7. The Theater of Plautus: Playing to the Audience by Timothy J. Moore, 1998
  8. The Early Latin Verb System: Archaic Forms in Plautus, Terence, and Beyond (Oxford Classical Monographs) by Wolfgang David Cirilo de Melo, 2007-12-07
  9. Plautus in Performance: The Theatre of the Mind (Greek and Roman Theatre Archive, Volume 2) by Niall W. Slater, 2000-06-01
  10. Plautus: The Comedies - Volume II (Complete Roman Drama in Translation) (Volume 2)
  11. Plautus' Curculio (Oklahoma Series in Classical Culture) by Titus Maccius Plautus, John Wright, 1993-10
  12. Plautus, Volume 2 by Titus Maccius Plautus, Paul Nixon, 2010-04-20
  13. Syntax Of Plautus by W. M Lindsay, 2009-11-23
  14. Plautus: The Comedies (Complete Roman Drama in Translation) (Volume 1)

1. Titus Maccius Plautus (c. 254 - C. 184 B.C.)
Biography of Roman playwright plautus, plus links to all of his works currently in print.Category Arts Literature Ancient Roman plautus, Titus Maccius......Brief biography of Titus Maccius plautus, ancient Rome's bestknown playwrightpluslinks to all of his works currently in print. Titus Maccius plautus.
Titus Maccius Plautus Sometime around 254 B.C., in the tiny mountain village of Sarsina high in the Apennines of Umbria, ancient Rome's best-known playwright was bornTitus Maccius Plautus. Born "Plautus" or "splay-foot", he apparently managed to escape his backwoods village at a young ageperhaps by joining one of the itinerant theatrical troupes which commonly traveled from village to village performing short boisterous farces. We know, however, that at some point the young Plautus gave up his acting career to become a Roman soldier, and this is probably when he was exposed to the delights of the Greek stage, specifically Greek New Comedy and the plays of Menander . Sometime later, he tried his hand as a merchant, but rashly trusted his wares to the sea and at the age of 45, he found himself penniless and reduced to a wandering miller, trudging through the streets with a hand-mill, grinding corn for householders. Meanwhile, translations of Greek New Comedy had come into vogue and Plautuswho remembered the comedies of Menander from his days as a soldier in Southern Italydecided to try his hand at writing for the stage. His earliest plays

2. Writings And Career Of Plautus
Biography of ancient Roman dramatist Titus Maccius plautus, and analysis of his poetic qualities.
WRITINGS AND CAREER OF PLAUTUS This document was originally published in The Drama: Its History, Literature and Influence on Civilization, vol. 2 . ed. Alfred Bates. London: Historical Publishing Company, 1906. pp. 159-165. Purchase Plays by Plautus Titus Maccius Plautus was esteemed by the Romans as their greatest dramatist, and still holds a high rank among the comic writers of the world. Twenty of his plays are extant, and though a few of them are incomplete, they have reached us, in the main, as they were written. The maturity which comedy attained in a single generation affords remarkable contrast to the slow process by which other literature was developed in Rome. This is probably due to the dramatic and musical medleys, which, in their allusions to current events and their spirit of banter, must have had a close affinity with the dialogue of Plautus, and also to the use of the Latin language as the organ of business among urban communities. More, however, was due to the genius and command of language possessed by the two oldest creators of Roman literature, and Plautus.

3. Plautus, Titus Maccius (c. 254-184 B.C.)
A biography of the Roman playwright Titus Maccius plautus; includes a list of related links.Category Arts Literature Ancient Roman plautus, Titus Maccius...... TITUS MACCIUS plautus (c. 254184 BC). plautus, the single name by which modernwriters refer to this writer of Roman comedy, was merely a nickname
Home Ancient Theatre Medieval Theatre 16th Century ... Email Us TITUS MACCIUS PLAUTUS (c. 254-184 B.C.) " P LAUTUS," the single name by which modern writers refer to this writer of Roman comedy, was merely a nickname which in exact Umbrian dialect meant "flatfoot." It is exactly as though, today, we were to say, "John Jones, Beanpole." It is doubtful whether Plautus ever achieved Roman citizenship. He is supposed to have made money working around the Roman stages as carpenter or mechanic; to have set himself up in some sort of business where he promptly lost his entire savings; finally to have been reduced to turning a handmill for a baker. It is during this period, according to tradition, that he probably sold his first plays to the managers of the public games and thus began the playwriting career that lasted for nearly forty years. The plays of Plautus, as was the custom, had Greek characters, Greek names, and Greek scenery, but the manners and flavor were distinctly Roman. Most of his plots Plautus adopted whole from Greek originals of the "

4. Plautus!
to the World of plautus! Welcome to our web page. In this page, weMatt Grebow, Alison Green, and Sara Hutchinsonhave compiled some fun and interesting facts about plautus and Roman theater.
to the World of Plautus!
Welcome to our web page. In this page, weMatt Grebow, Alison Green, and Sara Hutchinsonhave compiled some fun and interesting facts about Plautus and Roman theater. Plautus (254 B.C.-184 B.C.) was a Roman comedic playwright. The focus of our research is on Roman theater and its history, and how it applies to Plautusin particular, his plays Captivi (The Prisoners) and Miles Gloriosus (The Swaggering Soldier) . Maybe you will learn something new.
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5. Titus Maccius Plautus: Plays, Other Books
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6. Plautus
Latin Library provides several of the existent works of the Roman dramatist in the original Latin.
T. MACCIVS PLAVTVS Amphitruo Asinaria Aulularia Bacchides ... The Classics Homepage

7. Plautus Index
ARTICLES. Writings and Career of plautus Biography of the Roman dramatist plautusand analysis of his poetic qualities. Find more articles on plautus
Home Ancient Theatre Roman : Plautus ARTICLES Find more articles on PLAUTUS: Home Theatre Links Script Archive Bookstore ... Email

8. Plautus
T. MACCIVS PLAVTVS Amphitruo, Asinaria, Aulularia, Bacchides, Captivi, Casina,Cistellaria. Curculio, Epidicus, Menaechmi, Mercator, Miles Gloriosus, Mostellaria,Persa.

9. - Great Books -
Titus Maccius plautus, comic playwright of the Roman Republic; the years of his life are uncertain, but his plays were
Plautus (c. 254 BC-184 BC)
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10. Plautus Menaechmi

11. Reputation Of Plautus
A brief examination of plautus' reputation among his contemporaries.
REPUTATION OF PLAUTUS This document was originally published in The Drama: Its History, Literature and Influence on Civilization, vol. 2 . ed. Alfred Bates. London: Historical Publishing Company, 1906. pp. 165-167. By the Romans themselves various judgements have been passed on Plautus . Varro says if the Muses were to speak Latin they would borrow his language. Quintilian and Aulus Gellius speak of him with the highest praise; but Horace, whose judgement should have great weight, is not so favorable, as this criticism shows: "But our forefathers were taken with the jokes and numbers of Plautus, and admired them with too much indulgence, not to call it stupidity, if it be true that either you or I can distinguish a genteel from a clownish expression, and have ears fine enough to judge of the harmony and beauty of versification." It appears that Horace was not alone in this opinion, and that the court of Augustus had no greater liking than he, either for the versification or the pleasantries of Plautus. As to his verses, it is certain that he was far from being exact. Nor is it less certain that he has flat, low and often extravagant pleasantries, but at the same time he has such as are fine and delicate. Cicero, for this reason, who was no bad judge of what the ancients called urbanity, proposes him as a model for raillery. The faults of Plautus, therefore, do not mar his excellence as a poet; they are very happily atoned for by many fine qualities, inasmuch that, in the judgment of some critics, he disputes the prize even with

12. Plautus: Casina
Hanc graece scripsit, postid rursum denuo. Latine plautus cum latranti nomine.
Conseruam uxorem duo conserui expetunt.
Alium senex allegat, alium filius. Senem adiuuat sors: uerum decipitur dolis. Ita ei subicitur pro puella seruolus Nequam, qui dominum mulcat atque uilicum. Adulescens ducit ciuem Casinam cognitam. PROLOGVS Saluere iubeo spectatores optumos, Fidem qui facitis maxumi et uos Fides. Si uerum dixi, signum clarum date mihi, Vt uos mi esse aequos iam inde a principio sciam. Qui utuntur uino uetere sapientis puto Et qui lubenter ueteres spectant fabulas. Antiqua opera et uerba quom uobis placent, Aequomst placere ante alias ueteres fabulas. Nam nunc nouae quae prodeunt comoediae Multo sunt nequiores quam nummi noui. Nos postquam populi rumore intelleximus Studiose expetere uos Plautinas fabulas, Antiquam eius edimus comoediam, Quam uos probastis qui estis in senioribus: Nam iuniorum qui sunt, non norunt, scio, Verum ut cognoscant dabimus operam sedulo.

13. Plautus's Life: A Short History
A Short Biography of plautus. Very little is known about plautus'slife, and even less was recorded by ancient biographers. Much
A Short Biography of Plautus
Very little is known about Plautus's life, and even less was recorded by ancient biographers. Much of what modern historians have written of Plautus is inferred from these small clippings which survive to us today. The two major sources of information are Cicero and Aulus Gellius. Gellius, to make matters worse, speaks about Plautus only in the context of Varro's inscriptions. Therefore, one should be cautious when reviewing piecings of the playwright's life. What is presented here is an account held in general agreement by historians.
254 BCETitus Maccius Plautus is born in Sarsina, a town of three thousand in the Northern Apennines.
When he was young, Plautus worked as a handyman in the theater. Some of his chores would have consisted of helping to erect the large temporary stage and assisting in securing the curtain which was unfurled at the beginning of a performance and drawn up at the end.
From here Plautus became an actor in plays. While we do not know much about how audiences received him, we can deduce that he was fairly popular with spectators since he earned enough money to save.
After his career in acting, Plautus went on to become a merchant, which in ancient times referred to an owner or a charterer of a ship. It is assumed that during his overseas adventures the playwright met many different types of people, some of whom most likely served as models for the characters in his later plays.

14. Plautus, Terence, And Cicero By Sanderson Beck
BECK index. plautus, Terence, and Cicero. This chapter is part of thebook ANCIENT WISDOM AND FOLLY, which has now been published. plautus.

15. Titus Maccius Plautus: Monologues
An index of monologues by Titus Maccius plautus.Category Arts Literature Ancient Roman plautus, Titus Maccius......Click Here. MONOLOGUES BY TITUS MACCIUS plautus Casina comic monologuefor a man. Find more articles on plautus MONOLOGUE INDEX.
MONOLOGUES BY TITUS MACCIUS PLAUTUS: RELATED LINKS: Find more articles on PLAUTUS: MONOLOGUE INDEX Comic Monologues for Men Comic Monologues for Women Dramatic Monologues for Men Dramatic Monologues for Women ... Monologues for Children BROWSE MONOLOGUES BY PLAYWRIGHT: A B C D ... Email Us

16. Plautus
encyclopediaEncyclopedia plautus, plô'tus Pronunciation Key. plautus (TitusMaccius plautus), c. 254–184 BC, Roman writer of comedies, b. Umbria.

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17. Plautus
Translate this page plautus. 0. Bibliographia JP Hughes, A Bibliography of Scholarship on plautus,Amsterdam 1975. D. Fogazza, Plauto 1935-1975, in Lustrum XIX (1976), pp.
laatste bijwerking/last update 13.09.01 PLAUTUS #Bibliographia #Editiones #Comoediae omnes #Comoediae singulae ...

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J. Hemelrijk, transl., 10 voll., Hilversum-Antwerpen 1964-1969 (1 vol., Baarn 1992). W. Binder -W. Ludwig, Plautus und Terenz, 2 voll., transl., Darmstadt 1973. C. Questa, Cantica, ed., apparatu metrico instruxit, Urbino 1995. #Editiones #Comoediae singulae Amphitryo L. Havet, c. comm., Paris 1895. E. Paratore, c. transl., Firenze 1958.

18. Plautus
The Emperor is a huge fan of plautus, he even knows Captivi by heart. The Task. Produceand perform a classical stylized play in the format utilized by plautus.
A WebQuest for
Secondary Students of:
Latin, Theater, English, or World History Latin Theater English World History Designed by
Ms. P. Nolan
Ms. K. Wilson Mr. Jim Long
Task ... Teacher Page
Introduction Salvete discipuli ( Greetings Students! )! Welcome to the great city of ancient Rome. The Via Appia is lined with citizens awaiting your much acclaimed production of a Plautine play. Your performance will be attended by none other than the Emperor himself (a.k.a. your Magister/Magistra ( teacher) ); therefore, your performance must be spectacular. The Emperor is a huge fan of Plautus, he even knows Captivi by heart. Last year the entire acting company was killed for forgetting to include a senex (old man) in the cast. Don't let their fate be yours! Be sure your production is a classical production of a Plautus comedy, complete with: realistic costumes, "believable" plots, colorful masks, stylized acting, "decorative" scenery, and of course who could forget the Happily ever after . . .

19. - Great Books -
plautus (c. 254 BC184 BC), Titus Maccius plautus, comic playwrightof the Roman Republic; the years of his life are uncertain, but

20. Aulu.main.html

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