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         Porges Arthur:     more books (116)
  1. The Calabash of Coral Island and Other Early Stories by Arthur Porges, 2008-04-12
  2. Revenge by Arthur Porges, 2010-07-06
  3. The Miracle of the Bread and Other Stories by Arthur Porges, 2008-08-14
  4. Return from the grave by Hugh (editor), W.L. George, H.R. Wakefield, Arthur Porges, R. Murray Gilchrist, Alice Perrin, August Derleth, A.C. Benson, R.H. Benson, Rosemary Timperley, Oswell Blakeston, L.A. Lewis, Maurice Level, Frederick Cowles, Ramsey Campbell, Eddy Ber Lamb, 1977
  5. YET MORE PENGUIN SCIENCE FICTION:The Wall Around the World; Before Eden; Protected Species; the Rescuer; I Made You; The Country of the Kind; MS Found in a Chinese Fortune Cookie; The Cage; Eastward Ho; The Windows of Heaven; Common Time; Fulfilment by Brian (editor) (Theodore Cogswell; Arthur C. Clarke; H. B. Fyfe; Arthur Porges; Walter M. Miller Jr.; Damon Knight; C. M. Kornbluth; A. Bertram Chandler; William Tenn; John Brunner; James Blish; A. E. van Vogt) Aldiss, 1964
  6. Alfred Hitchcock's Coffin Break
  7. The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey by Arthur Porges, 2009-11-25
  8. MURDERERS' ROW: Nice Guy; The Bridge in Briganza; Thicker than Water; The Artificial Liar; For Money Received; The Compleat Secretary; The Hypothetical Arsonist; Who Will Miss Arthur; Arbiter of Uncertainties; Slow Motion Murder; Never Marry a Witch by Alfred (editor) (Richard Deming; Frank Sisk; Henry Slesar; William Brittain; Fletcher Flora; Theodore Mathieson; Rog Phillips; Ed Lacy; Edward Hoch; Richard Hardwick; C. B. Gilford; David A. Heller; Richard O. Lewis; Arthur Porges) Hitchcock, 1975
  9. Three Porges parodies and a pastiche by Arthur Porges, 1988
  10. The Mirror and Other Strange Reflections by Arthur Porges, 2002-11
  11. Fantastic Stories of Imagination, August 1962 (Volume 11, No. 8) by P. Schuyler Miller, Rosel George Brown, et all 1962-08-01
  12. Amazing Stories, July 1963 (Volume 37, No. 7) by Jack Sharkey, Neal Barrett, et all 1963-07-01
  13. Fantastic - October 1968 - Vol. 18, No. 1 by J. Allen; Hansen, L. Taylor; Cummings, Ray; Rocklynne, Ross; O'Donnell, K. M. (Malzberg, Barry); Porges, Arthur; Leiber, Frtitz; Paul, Frank R; Jones, Jeff St. John, 1968
  14. Fear - May 1960 - Vol. 1, No. 1 by John; Ellson, Hal; Porges, Arthur Jakes, 1960

1. Porges Arthur (1915 -)
The summary for this Greek page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

2. PORGES Arthur
porges arthur. Arthur Porges. USA (1915 ). Professeur de mathématiques, il débuta dans la SF au début des années
Accueil Biblios P Retour
    PORGES Arthur Arthur Porges
    USA (1915 - )
    Nouvelliste de SF, de fantastique et de policier.
  • Les rats (1950, The rats)
  • La mouche (1952, The fly)
      in in
  • L'auteur qui en savait trop (1953, Story conference)
  • (1953, The liberator)
      in in Histoires fausses
  • Le Ruum (1953, The Ruum)
      in in Univers de la science-fiction in Histoires de machines in
  • 1 dollar 98
      in in La dimension fantastique - 3
  • (1954, Story conference)
  • Simon Flagg et le diable (1954, The devil and Simon Flagg)
  • Le grom (1954, The grom)
      in in Vampire story
  • L'homme est un loup... (1954, The tidings)
  • Journal d'un parasite (1955, By a fluke)
  • On demande cobaye... (1955, The logic of Rufus Weir)
  • (1956, Emergency operation)
  • (1960, A specimen for the queen)
  • (1965, Turning point)
  • Le Croque-mitaine (1987, The Oddmedod)
  • (?, The unwilling professor)
      Hors genres
    • L'alcool tue [Nouvelle]
    • [Nouvelle]

3. Porges Arthur (1915 -)
porges arthur (1915 ). The Rescuer, 1962 - Title in Greek O Sotiras,Magazine Nova, Issue 1, April 1978, Translated by Aggelos

4. Arthur Porges
Arthur Porges. Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION.The Emerald Forest. Emerald Forest. How the Scots Invented the
Arthur Porges
The Emerald Forest Emerald Forest How the Scots Invented the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe's Poorest Nation Created Our World and Everything in It On Politics and the Art of Acting Le Morte D'Arthur Authors: P

5. Arthur Porges
Arthur Porges. De beste SFverhalen. Bill Brown De Stereenden;; Henry KutnnerNu niet kijken. Arthur Porges De ratten. Alan Bloch Mensen zijn anders.
Boekrecensies Informatief Literatuur Roman ... Strip Laatst bijgewerkt: 10 december 2002
Arthur Porges
De beste SF-verhalen. Verzameld door Edmund Crispin: De Ruum
Best SF, Science Fiction Stories
Bruna - 1964 - Zwarte Beertjes 694/695
Science Fiction
De stenen bloedzuiger en andere mysterieuze toekomstverhalen. Verzameld en ingeleid door Sybren Polet: De vlieg
Bakker/Daamen - 1957 - 1e druk - augustus 1957 - Ooievaar 60
Science Fiction
Verbinding met Morgen - Schrik in plastic. Science-fiction verhalen: De ratten
De Bezige Bij - 1957 - 1 e druk -
Science Fiction Inleiding door Manuel van Loggen
  • Bill Brown De Stereenden;
  • Henry Kutnner Nu niet kijken.
  • Arthur Porges De ratten.
  • Alan Bloch Mensen zijn anders.
  • Ray Bradbury De vos in het woud
  • Mack Reynolds/Frederic Brown Donker tussenspel.
  • Lewis Padgett Verbinding met morgen.
  • J.C. Furnas Het Laocoon complex
  • C.M. Kornbluth De woorden van Guru.
  • Will F. Jenkins De uitgestelde Dag des Oordeels.
  • John Collier Beezly bestaat niet.

6. P
Translate this page 1952, Una gardenia per il boia, Death wears a white Gardenia, -, 155/1952, -, -,-, -, 155/1952. porges arthur. 1965, Compleanni mortali, -, Racconto, Vedi Kane–836/1965.
da Phaon Phaon Jerrold Fiori gialli per Teresa The Buzzing Racconto Vedi: Rifkin– Caro, vecchio Alvin The Long Ride Racconto Vedi: Delman– Il gioco delle parti The Final Game Plan Racconto Vedi: Dudley Edwards– Phillips E. m. 3.2.1946 Phillips Gary Violent Spring Perdition USA Bad Night is Falling Phillips Mike Blood Rights The Late Candidate Phillpotts Eden Mount Aboo, India 1862-1960.
Ha aiutato e incoraggiato Agatha Christie ai suoi esordi
«…uno dei più abili maneggiatori di intrighi» secondo J.L. Borges
Scrive pure con lo pseudonimo di Harrington Hext
* Pietra miliare del giallo secondo Howard Haycraft e Ellery Queen
The Farmer's Wife La moglie del fattore , di Alfred Hitchcock
La camera grigia The Grey Room Newton
N/1995 Jig-Saw Phipps Helen Juarez Amanti in fuga Running Lovers Racconto Vedi: Penn Piazzano Luis Kabul Kabul Segretissimo
S/1137/1989 Pick John Il pericolo corre sul filo Racconto Vedi: Marric Pickard Nancy Un uomo in casa A Man Around the House Racconto Vedi: Boileau-Narcejac Pidgin Charles Felton m. 1923

7. Arthur Porges - Bibliography Summary
Arthur Porges Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Alpha ChronMain Menu Search Porges, Arthur (USA, 1915-). (Pseudonyms

8. The Arthur Porges Fan Site
Additional webpage added to The arthur porges Fan Site A new page has been addedto the website, featuring plot summaries of various stories by porges.
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites The Arthur Porges Fan Site Story Checklist Arthur Porges: Dreamer Mystery Fiction Poetry ... Links Please click here to read my review of The Mirror and Other Strange Reflections , the new collection of Arthur Porges' stories. Arthur Porges is an author whose literary creations have impressed readers for five decades now. An accomplished mystery and science fiction writer, Arthur Porges has specialised in the short-story form throughout his varied career. A regular contributor to the science fiction & mystery magazines of the 1950s & '60s, his best known story is probably "The Ruum", a much-reprinted tale with a style that typifies the majority of his unusual work. And what stories! "Dusty Answer", "Dr. Blackadder's Clients", "A Specimen for the Queen", "Priceless Possession", "Aunt Rutabaga", "Movie Show", "A Touch of Sun", "A Puzzle in Sand", "The Dragons of Tesla", "By A Fluke",......and many, many more.
Arthur Porges, author and poet.

9. Arthur Porges, Mystery, Suspense, And Science Fiction Writer
Skinner Grey, Ulysses Price Middlebie, Joel Hoffman, Julian Morse Trowbridge. porges, arthur . Alfred Hitchcock
Arthur Porges
Original Short Fiction
Characters: Cyriack Skinner Grey, Ulysses Price Middlebie, Joel Hoffman, Julian Morse Trowbridge
Porges, Arthur,
Alfred Hitchcock

Amazing Stories


Ellery Queen


Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine
Terror Detective Story
Collections of Short Fiction
Porges, Arthur

10. Arthur Porges @ Catharton Authors
arthur porges and resources concerning his works. Catharton Authors P porges, arthur. arthur porges. 1915
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all of Catharton just Authors Catharton Authors P : Porges, Arthur Arthur Porges Bored? Meet people at Café Catharton Websites: Arthur Porges [] Porges families: Arthur Porges Arthur Porges [] Message Boards: Suggest or Request a board Mailing Lists: Suggest or Request a list Chat Rooms: Suggest or Request a room Can't find what you want here? Try searching Google for Arthur Porges List of Works:

this list of works ... if you need help, peruse this site's Frequently Asked Questions

11. Porges Bibliography
Title / Publisher / Library / Abstract. porges, arthur. More on arthur porges at his fan site http//
References: A.I.U.
Universelle Paris
Centre de Documentation
Juive Contemporaine, Paris L.B.I.
Center for Jewish History,
Leo Baeck Institute J.T.S
Jewish Theological Seminary N.Y.P.L
New York Public Library Porges authors Encyclopedias and documents containing Porges biographies Porges authors (Click on author's name) Porges, Arthur Porges, Fred (1932 Prague) Porges, Friedrich ...
(pseud. Ernst Rosmer ) (1866-1949)
Author Title / Publisher / Library / Abstract Porges, Arthur More on Arthur Porges at his "fan site" : Baboukine
Editions Aux Portes de France, 1946

12. Arthur Porges [a0052040] (Autor)
porges, arthur. BIBLIOGRAFÍA GENERAL. Cuentos

13. Arthur Porges: Dreamer
arthur porges Dreamer. A guide to the science fiction fantasy shortstories of arthur porges. by Richard Simms. What is known of
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites The Arthur Porges Fan Site Story Checklist Arthur Porges: Dreamer Mystery Fiction Poetry ... Links Arthur Porges: Dreamer by Richard Simms What is known of Porges in terms of personal information is scarce indeed. It is established that he was born in Chicago, Illinois, on the 20th August, 1915, and that after completing his B.A and Masters degrees in Mathematics he was drafted into the army in WW11 and served as an instructor in California for the duration of the war. He was a teacher of mathematics at college level before retiring to become a full-time writer in 1957. After living in Los Angeles for many years he moved north, eventually settling in Pacific Grove. He has written many essays and non-fiction articles down the years, and has been a frequent contributor of poetry, letters, and various articles for The Monterey Herald , in addition to numerous other periodicals. Porges's literary influences are as diverse as his stories. He read widely as a young man and loved the works of such authors as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Saki, O. Henry, T.H. Huxley, Samuel Johnson, G.K. Chesterton, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, R.L. Stevenson, Charles Dickens, and Edgar Wallace. Porges has also been a lover of classical music throughout his life and this passion manifests itself in the stories " Words and Music " (1960), "

14. If Science Fiction: Fiction Index, Pa-
(novella) also see Williamson, Jack, and Frederik Pohl. porges, arthur, Wordsand Music, September, 1960. Proulx, EA, The Customs Lounge, September, 1963.
Worlds of If Science Fiction: Fiction Index, Pa-
Aa Ba Ca Da ... Za Palmer, Ray, The Hell Ship, #1, March, 1952. (novelette) Panshin, Alexei, Down to the Worlds of Men, July, 1963. (novelette) Pease, M. C., Generals Help Themselves, November, 1952. Peck, Richard E., The Guardians, #150, September-October, 1970. A Slight Detour, #152, January-February, 1971. Perri, Leslie, In the Forrest, September, 1953. Phillips, Rog, (Roger Phillips Graham) The Old Martians, #1, March, 1952. Ye of Little Faith, January, 1953. (short novel) Game Preserve, October, 1957. Piserchia, Doris, Last Train from Earth, #161, July-August, 1972. Empty Eden, #163, November-December, 1972. Plachta, Dannie, Alien Artifact, September, 1965. The Man from When, #104, July, 1966. Pohl, Frederik, The Martian in the Attic, July, 1960. * Father of the Stars, November, 1964. * Under Two Moons, September, 1965. (novelette) The Merchants of Venus, #161, July-August, 1972. (novella) also see Williamson, Jack, and Frederik Pohl Porges, Arthur, Words and Music, September, 1960.

15. Porges A.
, (porges, arthur) (. 20 1915, , Chicago, Illinois) -.
Contents ABC of Authors Authors P ... Thesaurus Ïîðäæåñ, Àðòóð (Porges, Arthur) (ð. 20 àâãóñòà 1915, ×èêàãî, Èëëèíîéñ [Chicago, Illinois]) - àìåðèêàíñêèé ïèñàòåëü-ôàíòàñò. Ïðåïîäàâàòåëü ìàòåìàòèêè. Ïðåïîäàâàë â Èëëèíîéñêîì òåõíîëîãè÷åñêîì èíñòèòóòå (Illinois Institute of Technology), êîòîðûé îêîí÷èë, Çàïàäíîé âîåííîé àêàäåìèè (Western Military Academy) è Óíèâåðñèòåòå ÄåÏîë (DePaul University). Ïîñëå îêîí÷àíèÿ èíñòèòóòà áûë ïðèçâàí â àðìèþ è ñëóæèë âî âðåìÿ Âòîðîé ìèðîâîé âîéíû â Êàëèôîðíèè ïðåïîäàâàòåëåì. Ñòàë ïðîôåññèîíàëüíûì ïèñàòåëåì â 1957. Âûøåë íà ïåíñèþ â 1975. Æèë â Ëîñ Àíäæåëåñå, Ïàñèôèê ðóâ (Pacific Grove). The Monterey Herald .  ñîàâòîðñòâå ñ íèì íàïèñàí ïî êðàéíåé ìåðå îäèí ðàññêàç - "Ïðèêîñíîâåíèå ñîëíöà" (A Touch of Sun, 1959). Ïåðâàÿ ÍÔ ïóáëèêàöèÿ - ðàññêàç "Êðûñû" (The Rats, 1951). Âîçìîæíî, ýòî áûë ðàññêàç "Âûïîëíåíî â ãëèíå" (Modeled in Clay, 1950), îäíàêî ãîä ïóáëèêàöèè ïîä ñîìíåíèåì. Ðàññêàç "Ñàéìîí Ôëýãã è äüÿâîë" (The Devil and Simon Flagg, 1954, ðóñ. 1965) ýêðàíèçèðîâàí â Ñîâåòñêîì Ñîþçå ïîä íàçàíèåì "Ìàòåìàòèê è ÷åðò" (1973). Ðîëü Äüÿâîëà â ôèëüìå ñûãðàë À. Êàéäàíîâñêèé.

16. Catharton: Authors: P:
Pollack, Rachel Pollotta, Nick Pomidor, Bill Ponge, Francis Pool, Maria LouisePope, Alexander Pope, Dudley Popescu, Petru porges, arthur Porter, Donald
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all of Catharton just Authors Catharton Authors : P: Pacheco , José Emilio
, Abigail ... , Thomas Nelson
Paige , Richard - see Koontz , Dean
, Chuck ... , Sara
Pargeter , Edith - see Peters , Ellis
, Paul ... , Kenneth Patrick , Ann - see Kay , Patricia Patrick , Vincent ... , Barbara Paul , Susan - see Spencer , Mary Paul , Susan Spencer - see Spencer , Mary Pausewang , Gudrun ... , Fernando Peters , Elizabeth - see Mertz , Barbara G. Peters , Ellis ... , Francesco Petrarch - see Petrarca , Francesco Petrick , Neila ... , Rodman Philbrick , W.R. - see Philbrick , Rodman Philip , M. NourbeSe Philips , Judson - see Pentecost , Hugh Philips , Katherine ... , Arthur Porter , Donald Clayton - see Zachary , Hugh Porter , Jane ... , Jerome Prentiss , Charlotte - see Platt , Charles Prescott , Michael ... , E. Hoffmann Price , Ellen - see Wood , Mrs. Henry Price , Reynolds ... , J.H. Ptacek , Kathryn - see Grant , Kathryn Pullman , Philip ... , Thomas on the author's name to see more about them...

17. The Arthur Porges Fan Site
arthur porges. The name says it all.

18. Stories, Listed By Author
Fiction, ed. Richard L. Loughlin Lilian M. Popp, Globe, 1961. porges,arthur (1915 ) The Devil and Simon Flagg, (ss) F SF Aug '54
Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections: Combined Edition
Stories, Listed by Author
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POLLACK, RICHARD A. (1945- ); also as Rachel Pollack

19. Index Stories, Listed By Author, Part 10
ALEXANDER (16881744); POPE, CARL; POPP, LILIAN M. porges, arthur (1915-); porges, PAUL PETER; PORTER, PETER (1929- ); PORTER, WILLIAM
Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections: Combined Edition
Index: Stories, Listed by Author, Part 10
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20. Stories, Listed By Author
Richard L. Loughlin Lilian M. Popp, Globe 1961. porges, arthur (1915) (chron.) * The Devil and Simon Flagg, (ss) F SF Aug 1954
Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections
Stories, Listed by Author
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