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         Ragen Naomi:     more books (42)
  1. Israeli Women Writers: Leah Goldberg, Naomi Ragen, Netiva Ben-Yehuda, Shira Gorshman, Zelda, Ida Fink, Tamar Geller, Shifra Horn
  2. SOTAH : SOUP�ON D'ADULT�RE by NAOMI RAGEN, 2009-10-19
  3. The Covenant by Naomi Ragen, 2004-11-01
  4. Sotah by Naomi Ragen, 1993
  5. SOTAH by Naomi Ragen, 1111-01-01
  6. The Covenant --2005 publication by Naomi Ragen (Author), 2005
  7. The Covenant --2006 publication. by Naomi Ragen, 2006-01-01
  8. Sotah --2003 publication. by Naomi Ragen, 2003-01-01
  9. The Covenant by Naomi Ragen, 2004
  10. A Woman Under Suspicion by Naomi Ragen, 1993-09-27
  11. The Sacrifice of Tamar [SACRIFICE OF TAMAR TO/E] by Naomi(Author) Ragen, 2002-01-31
  12. Reader's Digest Condensed Books, Volume 2, 1993 (Driving Force, Sotah, The Doll's House, The Bears and I) by Dick Francis, Naomi Ragen, et all 1993-01-01
  13. Selected Papers on the Environment in Israel / No. 6 by Naomi (Ed.) Ragen, 1978
  14. The Ghost of Hannah Mendes: Reading Group Guide by Naomi Ragen, 1998-08

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Author site of the author of "The Ghost of Hannah Mendes" "Sotah" "Jephte's Daughter" and "The Sacrifice of Tamar." Site includes excerpts from her novels and her columns from The Jerusalem Post.

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23. Emails From Naomi Ragen
Emails From naomi ragen The Bali difference 15 October 2002 Jerusalem,Jerusalem Type Summary Here Cowards! 16 July 2002 Israelis
var TlxPgNm='id34'; Emails From Naomi Ragen The Bali difference 15 October 2002 Jerusalem, Jerusalem Type Summary Here Cowards! 16 July 2002 Israelis continue to innovate 15 July 2002 One man's response to terror: Kindness 15 July 2002 Music 12 July 2002 The Jew-hating BBC and terrorist Reuters 1 June 2002 It's NOT about land! 30 May 2002 The Uniqueness of Palestinian Terrorism 29 May 2002 "Memo to NPR: My Wallet Stays Closed" 28 May 2002 What you support, bright-eyed girl in the kafeeyah 10 May 2002 A SOLDIER OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE 10 May 2002 Walter and Rosemary: Tea, Sympathy and Terrorism 10 May 2002 EU cash 'funded' suicide bombers 8 May 2002 CNN Decides Israeli Children Are Extreme Right Wingers 8 May 2002 Excerpts from a friend in Israel 5 May 2002 Jenin: From the eyes of an Israeli soldier 5 May 2002 Naomi Ragen: Passover 28 April 2002 Naomi Ragen update 25 April 2002 Never Prouder 25 April 2002
Stories home Emails From Naomi Ragen With permission, these are email updates from Naomi Ragen.
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24. Naomi Ragen
About the Author naomi ragen is the author of four international bestsellersJephte’s Daughter, Sotah, The Sacrifice of Tamar, and The Ghost of Hannah
About the Author NAOMI RAGEN is the author of four international best-sellers: , and The Ghost of Hannah Mendes The Jerusalem Post . Ragen's first play, Chains Around the Grass
ISBN: Pages: US$ 26.95
Large Type Hardcover:
ISBN: Pages: US$ 24.95
Publication date: February 2003
Jephte's Daughter
ISBN: Pages: US$ 14.95
Large Type Hardcover:
ISBN: Pages: US$ 24.95
Publication date: February 2003
Paperback: ISBN: Pages: US$ 14.95
The Sacrifice of Tamar Large Type Hardcover:
ISBN: Pages: US$ 24.95 Publication date: February 2003 Paperback: ISBN: Pages: US$ 14.95

25. RRPL Reading Room - Author List View
Books written by ragen, naomi Narrow Search 2 Books written by ragen, naomi.

26. Naomi Ragen Sics Congress On NPR - Let's Help Her!
naomi ragen sics congress on NPR let's help her! Dear Friends Myreader, Seth Corey, sent me the following message Our concerns _Naomi Ragen sics
Joel Orr's Radio Weblog
One category is for long stories that I want to blog on Others are open for exploration. Home
The Truth about Israel

Naomi Ragen sics congress on NPR - let's help her! Dear Friends: My reader, Seth Corey, sent me the following message: Our concerns about tax-supported NPR's bias against Israel are finally finding favor among our friends, colleagues, NPR underwriters, and Congress! NPR has hired a PR firm and JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) ran a story two days ago about NPR trying to change its image among Jews. It is not image, it is NPR content that we object to. Jeffrey Dvorkin will be speaking to the Hadassah Convention about NPR. He will try to undo the damage caused by your complaining of bias. Not everyone knows about this, so please insist that Hadassah also invite a spokesman of NPR bias against Israel to speak at the same time.(Note: I suggest Andrea Levin of CAMERA who was involved in producing a whole booklet documenting NPR bias-Can Hadassah members out there contact their organization and make sure Jeffrey doesn't get away with it?-N.R.) Congressman Brad Sherman from Los Angeles has taken a lead. Please read his press release. Thank him. Please tell your congressmen about tax-supported NPR's bias against Israel. After all if NPR has a lobbyist in Washington, shouldn't we?

27. Authors: Naomi Ragen
home, books, authors, contests, enewsletters, excerpts, browse. NaomiRagen, Jephte's Daughter (Paperback (mass market)). Home About Us

Naomi Ragen

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28. The Books: Jephte's Daughter By Naomi Ragen
$5.00/US $6.00/CAN 35/8 x 4-3/4 WARNER BOOKS. Jephte's Daughter by naomi ragen.tumultuous saga of a young woman torn between her heritage and her heart.
ISBN: 0446358622
Paperback (mass market) $5.00/U.S.
3-5/8 x 4-3/4
Jephte's Daughter
by Naomi Ragen
tumultuous saga of a young woman torn between her heritage...and her heart Brilliant, luminously beautiful, Batsheva Ha-Levi could have said no to a prestigious marriage arranged by her wealthy religious father. For a modern California girl, used to shopping on Rodeo Drive and swimming in a backyard pool, agreeing to such a proposal was shocking, but irresistibly exciting. It would send her halfway around the world to a handsome Israeli, an exotic, mysterious Jerusalem communityand to a marriage that soon made her a prisoner of ancient ways and beliefs. Trapped in a city of holiness and temptation, Batsheva would feel her life tearing in two. If she stayed, she would lose her dreams. If she escaped, she would have to choose between the faith of her fathers and her own turbulent needs...and among three men ready to battle for her body, her soul, and her love. Jephte's Daughter A Book-of-the-Month Club Featured Alternate Jephte's Daughter is terrific!" -Jacqueline Briskin, author of

29. Sotah Discussion
naomi ragen Sotah naomi ragen Resident Scholar Profiles TOP SCHOLAR Julie L. SCHOLARSWould you like to be a scholar? Click here to submit a review! Sotah.
Choose from hundreds of plot, theme, character, and setting options to find precisely what you're looking for!
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Mystery/Thriller ... History
Naomi Ragen - Sotah
Other books by Naomi Ragen (click here)
Sotah Message Board New book search (click here)
Naomi Ragen Resident Scholar Profiles
Julie L.
SCHOLARS: Would you like to be a scholar? Click here to submit a review! Sotah
Review Summary "Dinah is growing up as part of an ultra-religious Jewish community. She is married to Judah in an arranged marriage and feels some disdain for him because he is only a carpenter. When her mother passes away, her longings get the better of her and she embarks on a hidden and deeply guilty semi-affair with another man. She is found out by the religious 'morality patrol' and ordered to leave the only world she knows in Jerusalem for New York. She lives as a maid with a Jewish family there and learns more about the real world then she ever wanted to know. This helps her to make a decision to get her old life back through a strength she never knew she had."
Julie L., Resident Naomi Ragen Scholar

30. MidEastTruth - Naomi Ragen
Mr. Powell's Haste. By naomi ragen June 26, 2002 Well, President Bush madehis speech. And he actually naomi ragen's Archive

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Mr. Powell's Haste
By Naomi Ragen
June 26, 2002 Well, President Bush made his speech. And he actually said that terrorism is intolerable (hurray!). However, Mr. Powell talked later about how they wanted to set up a Palestinian State as ìswiftly as possibleî for the Palestinian people. Whatís wrong with this scenario? The Palestinian people themselves. In a recent survey by an Islamic think tank, 60% of Palestinians said they are in favor of suicide bombings. Over 60% support Hamas and Fatah terror organizations. There is no way we are going to see ìfree electionsî among these people ìswiftly" produce a viable, peaceful state. After World War II, the Allies understood that to rehabilitate the German people, they needed to be de-Nazified. They understood that years of Hitler youth group poison, and a warped educational system needed to be undone. Until then, the German nation had heavy restrictions laid down concerning re-armament.

31. The People I Live Amongst - By Naomi Ragen - OU.ORG
protect Israel and take care of one another until the end, because weare in this together. The People I Live Amongst By naomi ragen
We'd like to dedicate this effort to the many young heroes living in Israel. The following is the story of one young man who gave his life in a noble effort to protect his Yeshiva. He knew he couldn't defeat four armed terrorists, but he continued trying in order to protect his friends and family. No matter the amount of letters we collect and no matter the response of Congress, we will continue our efforts to protect Israel and take care of one another until the end, because we are in this together. The People I Live Amongst
By Naomi Ragen It Could Have Been Me
ownload Flyer PDF
S ee Sample Letters
T alking Points SOON
ress Release
What Your Letter Should Include

I once lived in what shall remain an unnamed city in the Western world, In which one of the most prominent organizations was called: Parents of Murdered Children. In this place, the kidnapping and molestation and murder of children was endemic, so much so that I wouldn't let my children go out of the house alone. Ever.
In this city, a woman's car once broke down on the highway. Within ten minutes, a car picked her up, and she was subsequently raped and murdered. And I wondered: What kind of people live in this place that within a ten minute period a rapist-murderer would be passing by?

32. Naomi Ragen : Never Prouder To Be An Israeli And A Jew
naomi ragen's Letter from Jerusalem Never Prouder to be an Israeli anda Jew. Never Prouder to be an Israeli and a Jew naomi ragen.
Naomi Ragen's Letter from Jerusalem
Never Prouder to be an Israeli and a Jew
Never Prouder to be an Israeli and a Jew
Naomi Ragen I was walking down the street in Jerusalem the other day when it suddenly occurred to me in the way those obvious thoughts just pop into one's head out of nowhere, that never, in all my life, have I felt more proud to be an Israeli and to be a Jew. This might sound ironic coming at such a time; a time when the world is frothing at the mouth, flinging every vile name at the Jewish people and the land of Israel, accusing us of crimes they perfected sixty years ago, and terminology that they-those wise, cultured Europeans invented because no
terms existed in the history of mankind for the barbarity they inflicted on the Jewish people. Holocaust. Concentration Camps. Mass Murder. Nazis. And now, they think they can somehow wipe off their guilt by throwing those terms at the survivors of their brutality and their children. I was walking down the street, and I thought about the Church of the Nativity, and the old priest who was holding the sheet painted in red with the words :"Help Us" on it. And the way our soldiers took him out and put their arms around him. And the way this old priest faced the cameras and
said, with tears in his eyes: "Thank you. They've stolen everything. Our crosses. Everything. Thank you for helping me."

33. Naomi Ragen Jane, Yasser, Shoshana, And Mitzna
Home My Turn naomi ragen Jane, Yasser, Shoshana, and Mitzna. - - By naomi ragen/Jewsweek Magazine.

34. Open Letter Of Naomi Ragen On BBC Program About Sharon
Open Letter to the BBC for its Documentary on Arik Sharon. By naomi ragen.Jerusalem. Sirs naomi ragen. .[]=401&voir[]=4590

35. Naomi Ragen's Op Against BBC On Sharon
Translate this page Par naomi ragen. Jérusalem, 21 juin 2001-06-21. Original anglais. Nous attendonscette émission avec intérêt. naomi ragen. -.[]=402&voir[]=3361

36. SciFan: Writer: Naomi Ragen (bibliography, Books, Series, Web Links)
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search by writer, book or series: writers series A B ... Writers : Naomi Ragen Bibliography Get pricing and availability through our links to online stores, or click on a title to get more information and buying options. Ghost of Hannah Mendes, The Amazon Alibris
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37. Naomi Ragen - Israel Politics - Judaism - Education
Sometimes. naomi ragen. Friends,. Happy Passover. naomi ragen. Copyright ©2002 Smolanim, Inc. Email to TH E WRITIN G ON TH E WALL.
Naomi Ragen
Friends, I was watching CNN the other day, and they had on a bunch of Palestinian Human Rights activists ( right, there really is such a thing...) And what were the fellows discussing? Refreshingly, they were talking about the fact that Palestinians are being lynched and executed by firing squads by their fellow Palestinians. Now, what did these human rights activists have to say about the lynching and murders of their own people? That the "street demands it." And the CNN interviewer sagely nodded. Huh? Let's see. That means that Palestinians are allowed to act like animals, but get dispensation because after all they have good reason. Better reasons than the rest of us, so we can't judge them. It's the same tune we've been hearing about "Palestinian desperation." Right. Holocaust survivors denied entry to every country inthe world, finally find a haven, are subjected to countless wars and terror attacks...but they aren't desperate. Only Palestinians are desperate. I don't expect anything from the average Muslim, who, after all is fed evil with his mother's milk, taught to honor death and be contemptuous of life; taught that hatred brings glory, and love is reserved for those exactly like himself. But what is happening to Westerners? Like the Nazi-era, we see the thin veneer of civilized norms slowly eaten away by those willing to accommodate any atrocity as long as it is committed by the "right" (ie. not Jewish) side of the conflict.

38. From Jerusalem: A Letter From Naomi Ragen
From Jerusalem, With Solidarity BY naomi ragen. naomi ragen. Excerpts froma friend in Israel .thought you would find this of interest
2 March 2003 Dear Friends, Ilan means tree. Before he died, Ilan Ramon sent the following message back to earth: "I call upon every Jew in the world to plant a tree in the land of Israel during the coming year. I would like to see at least 13 or 14 million new trees planted in Israel exactly one year from now, on the anniversary of the launching." Upon hearing Mr. Ramon's statement, Jewish National Fund Chief executive Officer Russell Robinson said, "It is so meaningful that the first Israeli astronaut calls out from space, to Jewish people everywhere on earth, to have a direct connection to the land of Israel by literally planting roots in its soil." In Israel, Jewish National Fund officials immediately took up the challenge last week by planting the first 13 trees in the Ben Shemen Forest in honor of Ilan Ramon and the Columbia team. As JNF World Chairman Yehiel Leket said, "On the Colombia's next orbit around the earth, Mr. Ramon will already be able to see the first 13 trees that JNF planted as a response to his request." Mr. Leket had already planted a tree in Mr. Ramon's honor in the new Bible Forest on Tu B'Shevat, where he noted that the Israeli astronaut's first name, Ilan, literally means "tree." With the tragic deaths of Ilan and his fellow astronauts, Ilan's wish to see the land of Israel blooming with millions of new trees, forests so thick that one could see them from space, takes on new meaning.

39. FictionDB: The Essential Fiction Book Reference - Romance Novels, Mystery, Suspe
For New Subscribers AND Renewals. ragen, naomi. Add all books to BookshelfAdd all books to Wish List Add all books to Archive Cover Gallery.

40. DINO - Language: Englisch - Arts - Literature - Authors - R - Ragen, Naomi
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Websites Naomi Ragen - Author site of the author of "The Ghost of Hannah Mendes", "Sotah", "Jephte's Daughter", and "The Sacrifice of Tamar." Site includes excerpts from her novels and her columns from The Jerusalem Post.
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