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         Ransome Arthur:     more books (100)
  1. Winter Holiday (Godine Storyteller) by Arthur Ransome, 1989-03-01
  2. We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea (Godine Storyteller) by Arthur Ransome, 1994-06-01
  3. The Big Six: A Novel (Swallows and Amazons Series) by Arthur Ransome, 2000-04-01
  4. Swallowdale by Arthur Ransome, 2009-01-01
  5. Missee Lee: The Swallows and Amazons in the China Seas (Godine Storyteller) by Arthur Ransome, 2001-11-01
  6. Coot Club (Godine Storyteller) by Arthur Ransome, 1990-06-01
  7. Peter Duck: A Treasure Hunt in the Caribbees by Arthur Ransome, 2010-10
  8. Swallows and Amazons (Godine Storyteller) by Arthur Ransome, 2010-07-16
  9. Pigeon Post (Godine Storyteller) by Arthur Ransome, 1992-04-01
  10. Missee Lee (Swallows and Amazons) by Arthur Ransome, 2001
  11. In Search of Swallows and Amazons: Arthur Ransome's Lakeland by Roger Wardale, 2006-06-12
  12. Secret Water (Swallows and Amazons, No 8) by Arthur Ransome, 1996-02-01
  13. The Picts & the Martyrs: Or Not Welcome at All (Godine Storyteller) by Arthur Ransome, 2003-04-01
  14. Peter Duck by Arthur Ransome, 1933

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ransome arthur, Pigeon Post, London Jonathan Cape, 1977. Good/Poor. Reprint. RansomeArthur, Pigeon Post, (Mass Market Paperback) 1st puffin pb. b/w illus. Arthur&title=Pigeon

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3. WIEM Ransome Arthur Mitchell
ransome arthur Mitchell (18841967), angielski pisarz. Pracowal jakodziennikarz. ransome arthur Mitchell (1884-1967), angielski pisarz.

4. Old Peter's Russian Tales Ransome Arthur
Old Peter's Russian tales ransome arthur.ransome arthur. Old Peter's Russian tales
Old Peter's Russian tales Ransome Arthur
Ransome Arthur
Old Peter's Russian tales
Barrow, Reginald H. Athenian D...

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5. References
?Ransome, Arthur, Swallows and Amazons. p.40 (Cape, 1930); ransome arthur, Winter Holiday.p.166 (Cape, 1933);
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  • ­—‚ÌŠGFGreenaway, Kate, The Pied Piper of Hamelin. p.50‚æ‚è•”•ª (Roudledge and Sons, 1888) from Author's collection
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  • Roger‚̊ŔFWardale, Roger, Nancy Blackett. Under sail with Arthur Ransome. p.248 (Cape, 1991)
  • Nancy Blackett. Under sail with Arthur Ransome. p.251 (Cape, 1991)
  • ƒnƒ[‚ÆŒ¾‚Á‚½‚çFRansome, Arthur (edited, with an introduction and notes, by Hugh Brogan) Coots in the North and other stories. p.124 (Cape, 1988)

6. Arthur Ransome
Arthur Ransome, Education Arthur Ransome, the son of Cyril Ransome andEdith Boulton, was born in Leeds on 18th January, 1884. Educated
Arthur Ransome
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Arthur Ransome, the son of Cyril Ransome and Edith Boulton, was born in Leeds on 18th January, 1884. Educated at Rugby , Ransome was a reluctant student. He studied science at Yorkshire College (later to become Leeds University ) but left before taking his degree.
Ransome moved to London where he scraped a living writing stories and articles for various literary journals. In the summer of 1913 he was commissioned to write an English guide on St. Petersburg. While in Russia he began work on Old Peter's Russian Tales With the outbreak of the First World War , Ransom was recruited by the Daily News to report on the Eastern Front . Later he was also employed by J. L. Garvin

7. Arthur Ransome
Arthur Ransome forum, biography, portrait, pictures, lesson plans andonline books including The Crisis in Russia, Russia in 1919.
Classical Authors Directory: R Authors: Arthur Ransome
Categories R Authors Arthur Ransome Biography
The biography of Arthur Ransome.
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The lesson plans for Arthur Ransome.

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The online books of Arthur Ransome: The Crisis in Russia, Russia in 1919.
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The portrait and pictures of Arthur Ransome. Results 1 - 1 of atleast 1 Arthur Ransome - biography, portrait, pictures, editor reviewed directory searches and Arthur Ransome books online - extensively enhanced with annotations linked from the Encyclopedia of Self-Knowledge . The online book or books with annotations helping advance Emotional Literacy Education and Self-Knowledge include: The Crisis in Russia, Russia in 1919. URL: Search the World! Please Add Your URL only under the following subcategories located at the end of each Author's Category: Biography, Lesson Plans, Miscellaneous, Online Books or Portrait and Pictures. Thank you.

8. Bojkovice.NET - Knihovna - Seznam Knih Podle Autora - R, Ø
Dušan, Lesné rastliny vo fotografii, 1981 Rannamaa Silvia, Kadri a labute, 1979Rannap Jaan, Morská plavba s medvedem, 1981 ransome arthur, Boj o ostrov
Knihovna - Seznam knih podle autora - R, Ø Domácí stránka > Knihovna - Seznam knih podle autora - R, Ø N ezávislý E lektronický T isk HOME ÈLÁNKY DISKUZE INFORMACE ... Mapa stránek DOPORUÈUJEME
DDM Bojkovice

MÌSTSKÁ KNIHOVNA Vyhledávání knih (lze zadat více slov oddìlených mezerou)
Seznam knih podle autora

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ZAJÍMAVÉ ODKAZY U¾iteèné odkazy Plavání Zlín Dopravní informace Zajímavé èlánky na Internetu
Seznam knih podle autora - R
Raabe Wilhelm , Èerná galéra, 1981 Raabe Wilhelm , Kronika vrabèí ulièky. Husy z Butzowa, 1981 Raban Pøemysl , Státní podnik. Poslání, práva, povinnosti, 1988 Rab¹teinek Otomar , Co jste v lese nevidìli, 1964 Rab¹teinek Otomar , Lesní rostliny ve fotografii, 1983 Rab¹teinek Otomar , Li¹ejníky, mechorosty a kapraïorosty ve fotografii, 1988 Rab¹teinek Otomar , Skrytá krása rostlin, 1970 Rackwitz Erich , Zmizelé svìty a tajemné dálky, 1968 Raèuk Igor , Fenomén sovìtského filmu, 1987 Rada Vlastimil , Bohatýrská trilogie. Vzpoura na parníku "Primátor Dittrich." Dobrodru¾ství ¹esti trampù. Nové povìsti èeské. Z tajností ¾i¾kovského podsvìtí, 1959

9. Arthur Ransome
Arthur Ransome From the publisher's note on Russia p On August 27, 1914, inLondon, I made this note in a memorandum book Met Arthur Ransome at_'s

10. Arthur Ransome
Arthur Ransome. Arthur Ransome was born in Leeds in 1884. Arthur Ransomedied in 1967 and was buried in the corner of Rusland churchyard.
Arthur Ransome Arthur Ransome was born in Leeds in 1884. He attended a prep school in Windermere and spent his summer holidays as a child with his family in the Coniston area. He continued to visit the Lakes as he grew up and following his marriage to his second wife, Evgenia Petrovna Shelepina, moved to the Lake District and bought a house at Low Ludderburn, at the head of the Cartmel Valley . The couple went on to rent or own several other houses in the Lakes, the last being Hill Top, at Finsthwaite, near Haverthwaite, from 1963 to 1965. Arthur Ransome is famous for writing the Swallows and Amazons series of books, the first of which, Swallows and Amazons, was published in 1930. The books are based on the countryside around Windermere and Coniston and although the names have been changed in the books, some of the places, such as Horseshoe Cove, Trout tarn and Wildcat Island can be located with some imagination and detective work. The Windermere Steamboat Museum, however, is the inspiration for Captain Flint's house boat, Esperance Arthur Ransome died in 1967 and was buried in the corner of Rusland churchyard.

11. Arthur Ransome
Arthur Ransome. The Arthur Ransome Society Abbott Hall, Kendal,Cumbria LA9 5AL, UK. or visit the Arthur Ransome web page.
Arthur Ransome
The Arthur Ransome Society Abbott Hall,
Cumbria LA9 5AL,
UK or visit the Arthur Ransome web page.

12. TAKAHASHI Makoto's Black Swan Inn: Room Of Arthur Ransome
Black Swan Inn List of books by arthur ransome published in Japan with impression history. Also a section on walking the Lake District for ransomeites.
Black Swan Inn
Bank Ground Farm from Lake Coniston(August 1994)
This page has had visitors since 1998/7/23. ©1998/4/21,2000/7/7 TAKAHASHI Makoto This is pub Black Swan Inn in Lake District. Pirates have parties here.
Title Access Key Contents Last Updated Details of Books by Arthur Ransome v A list of books by Arthur Ransome published in Japan with impression history How to walk Lake District for Ransomite l Lake District Information for Ransomite How to walk Lake Windermere for Ransomite w Winderemere Information for Ransomite How to walk Lake Coniston for Ransomite c Coniston Information for Ransomite Signalling to Mars m Pages about Arthur Ransome Home(x)

13. Arthur Ransome (1884-1967)
Biographer of arthur ransome, author/ illustrator of children's books and reteller of folktales. Many broken links.
Arthur Ransome (1884-1967)
Welcome to the Internet School Library Media Center Arthur Ransome page. You will find biography, bibliography, e-texts and lesson plans here. The ISLMC is a preview site for teachers, librarians, parents and students. You can search this site, use an index or sitemap
Biographical Sketch
Biography Links Bibliography ... E-texts
Arthur Ransome Biographical Sketch
Arthur Ransome was born in Leeds , Yorkshire, England on January 18, 1884. His father Cyric was a history professor and a great lover of nature. As a child, Arthur spent much of his vacation in sailing, camping and exploring the countryside in England's Lake Country near Lake Coniston and Lake Windermere . You'll find some wonderful pictures at Arthur Ransome Picture File . This beautiful countryside influenced many other famous English writers, such as William Wordsworth. Arthur and his father shared a great love of fishing. He later used these wonderful settings from nature in his children's books. You can read more about this aspect of his life at Arthur Ransome . Like many upper class English children, Arthur was educated at Rugby where he actually lived in Lewis Carroll's study room (1). His poor vision, lack of athletic skills and poor academic performance left him with some unhappy memories of his school experiences (2).

14. Arthur Ransome (1884-1967)
A brief biography of arthur ransome, and his connections with the Lake District, Cumbria. 'arthur ransome'. arthur ransome was born in Leeds on 18th Jan 1884.
'Arthur Ransome'
Arthur Ransome was born in Leeds on 18th Jan 1884. As a small boy he had holidays around Coniston , and attended preparatory school in Windermere, which gave Ransome an early taste for Lakeland. After completing his education, he worked in London, coming North whenever he could. He became a friend of W.G. Collingwood , writer artist and secretary to John Ruskin . Collingwood lived at Lanehead, beside Coniston Water, and it was here that Ransome learned to sail. Ransome's favourite childhood book was W.G. Collingwood's Thorstein of the Mere , which was set around Coniston. After an unsuccessful marriage, he went to Russia, where he met his future wife Evgenia Petrovna Shelepina, who had been Trotsky's secretary. In 1924, he gained a divorce, and was able to marry Evgenia and come back to The Lake District, living first in the Winster Valley. Apart from two periods when he went South, he lived in Cumbria for the rest of his life, finding inspiration and settings for Swallows and Amazons . His last house was Hill Top at Haverthwaite. Arthur Ransome based his book 'Swallows and Amazons' on Coniston Water , and much fun may be had trying to discover the locations of the stories. There are special interest cruises on the

15. The Arthur Ransome Site
The arthur ransome Site arthur ransome's Swallows and Amazons series of books,and other works, are known all over the world. arthur ransome Home Videos.
Sponsored by: The Arthur Ransome Site
Arthur Ransome's "Swallows and Amazons" series of books, and other works, are known all over the world. This Website aims to provide information on Arthur Ransome's books, his life, the locations and identities featured in his writings, and other Ransome-related information.
Societies The Arthur Ransome Society (TARS), founded in England in 1990 Arthur Ransome Club (ARC), founded in Japan in 1987 The Nancy Blackett Trust , founded in England in
Resources Biography of Arthur Ransome Arthur Ransome
on Video
Literary Pages : Background, reviews and criticism Arthur Ransome related Links
Arthur Ransome Calendar TARS Stall: Books, videos, tapes, flags... Frequently

Quizzes ... Dick's Pocket Book : Miscellaneous contributed links
Discussion Forums Centreboard , a discussion forum for young Arthur Ransome readers Tarboard , an electronic discussion forum on Arthur Ransome topics ARboard , ARC's Japanese-language Arthur Ransome discussion forum This site is kindly sponsored by Janson Media Television and Video Authorised North American distributor of Arthur Ransome Home Videos Television program distributors and home-videocassette publishers, Harrington Park, NJ, USA

16. Krajem A. Ransoma
Lake District v severoz¡padn­ Anglii, kraj kn­Å¾ek Arthura Ransoma. Cestov¡n­, trasy, kempy, muzea.
Krajem Arthura Ransoma Úvodní stránka Cestování Trajekt Automobil ... Tento server Tyto stránky jsou urèeny podobným šílencùm jako jsem já, kteøí v dìtství èetli knížky Artura Ransoma a dodnes se k nim rádi vrací.
Pøed nedávnou dobou jsem na èeském Internetu našel adresu vìnovanou dílu A. Ransoma (nyní již nefunkèní) a to mne koneènì donutilo ke spáchání stránek, jež by mohly pomoci a poradit pøípadným cestovatelùm, kteøí se do Lake District v severozápadní Anglii chtìjí podívat. Když jsem byl malý, nemìl jsem tušení, že to, co se v knížkách popisuje, by vùbec mohlo existovat. Jak šel èas, zjistil jsem, že v hrabství Cumbria opravdu existuje národní park Lake District a v nìm jsou jezera Coniston a Windermere , tvoøící základ pro ono vymyšlené jezero z knížek Boj o ostrov, Troseèníci z Vlaštovky, Zamrzlá loï kapitána Flinta, Holubí pošta a Piktové a muèedníci. No a v roce 1997 jsem si splnil svùj klukovský sen a k tìmto jezerùm jsem se podíval.
Z Ransomových knížek, z rùzných filmù a fotografií si èlovìk udìlá nìjakou pøedstavu, jak by to tam mìlo vypadat. Jenže poøád jsem si øíkal, že tu pøedstavu mám utvoøenou podle knížek starých sedmdesát let,a pøipravoval jsem se na veliké zklamání až tam pøijedu a uvidím realitu.

17. Ransome, Arthur - University Of Maryland
ransome, arthur The Crisis in Russia Russia in 1919 University Libraries, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 207427011 (301)405-0800 Please send comments and suggestions to the Libraries' Webmaster.
Ransome, Arthur
The Crisis in Russia
Russia in 1919

University Libraries
University of Maryland , College Park, MD 20742-7011 (301)405-0800
Please send comments and suggestions to the Libraries' Webmaster
Content questions should be directed to Information Provider
Last Revised: September 2001

18. The Arthur Ransome Club (of Japan)
Founded 1987 in Japan as the world's first arthur ransome club.
The Arthur Ransome Club (of Japan),
the world's first Arthur Ransome club
Japanese version.

The Arthur Ransome Club (of Japan), ARC

Taicoon Chang (Mr Arata Kobayashi), Missee Lee (Ms Tamami Nakayama) and a ferocious Tiger (Mr Shigeyuki Sugawara) at an ARC tea party.
Missee Lee, Tiger and a Beatiful Chinese Lady (Ms Mayumi Ohyama) To the main page.

19. Swallows And Amazons, Norfolk Broads Coot Club, Arthur Ransome - The Big Six And
A guide to the real locations of arthur ransome's Norfolk Broads, which featured in his books 'The Coot Club' and 'The Big Six'.
Arthur Ransome's Norfolk Broads
Arthur Ransome's East Anglia
Important Note:
To [ How it Started Coot Club The Big Six Tour by car ... Slideshow
The story of "Swallows and Amazons" began with Arthur Ransome's holiday at Coniston as a child and grew out of the happy summer of 1928 when he and Ernest Altounyan bought two 13-foot dinghies for the young Altounyans to learn to sail. When they had returned to Syria and he was sailing the Swallow on Lake Windermere, Arthur set to work on a story which was to remind them of their holiday. He remembered his own childhood holidays and put the Altounyans into the story with their boats and their "Uncle Arthur", thinly disguised as Captain Flint.
Arthur made his first visit to the Broads in 1919 and having spent part of the summer in England, he went fishing in Norfolk. Ernest Altounyan, who had met Arthur around 1903, claimed to have taught him to sail tacking along the rivers of the Broads. Ernest was a great Broads enthusiast and he almost certainly introduced Arthur to the area before he took his family out to Aleppo in 1919. Right, the yacht "Winsome"

20. The Arthur Ransome Society
The arthur ransome Society (TARS). The arthur ransome Society Ltd. Registeredin England Wales No. 3386251. The arthur ransome Society Ltd.
The Arthur Ransome Society (TARS) The Arthur Ransome Society Ltd. Registered Office: Abbot Hall, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 5AL The Arthur Ransome Society, established in June 1990, is based at the Abbot Hall Museum of Lakeland Life and History in Kendal, England. This venue was chosen because a Ransome Room was already there, the contents of which had been given to the Museum by Evgenia Ransome on the death of her husband. Here can be seen much Ransome memorabilia of interest: his desk, typewriter and some of his many pipes; a selection of favourite books, and first editions of his novels in many d ifferent languages - and much else besides. The purpose of the Society is to celebrate the life, promote the works, and diffuse the ideas of Arthur Ransome, author of the world-famous 'Swallows and Amazons' series of books for children. The Society seeks in particular to:
  • encourage children and others to engage, with due regard to safety, in adventurous pursuits; educate the public generally about Ransome and his work; sponsor research in relevant areas;

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