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  1. Bronze Dragon by Sharon L. Reddy, Ziefert, 1999-03

1. Pentad By Sharon L Spinner Reddy
Sharon L Spinner Reddy. Book Reviews. Pentad. Pentad by Sharon L SpinnerReddy Submit Book Review Submitted by Amy Tasker (21.

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Sharon L Spinner Reddy
Book Reviews
by Sharon L Spinner Reddy Submit Book Review
Submitted by Amy Tasker (21. Aug 1999)
This is an electronic book available from Crossroads Publishing. Nearly three times the length of most books in print, incredibly fast-paced, and written in a very modern style that pulls you right into the story, it's understandable why this author chose e-publishing. She calls her books "Space opera for women." She definitely pleased this one.
Five men, all drawn to the one world on which they could escape their pasts. Brought together by duty, love blossomed from friendship. Stolen away from their children and their friends, they find themselves in an unusual situation. Married to two hundred and twenty women, and the Fathers of a new clan of the Tookalook.
A secret is revealed, and suddenly the realisation hits, the five most important men in human space are together. Identities hidden by necessity, pasts developed for support, these five men become the defenders of all that is good.
Joined by their children, they work to spread love, happiness and knowledge to all, fighting those who would profit from cruelty and greed.

2. Sharon L. Reddy
Sharon L. Reddy. I Dare (Liaden Universe Novel Series). Destiny BookThree of the Blending Enthroned. Authors R.
Sharon L. Reddy
I Dare (Liaden Universe Novel Series) Destiny : Book Three of the Blending Enthroned Authors: R

3. CYBLING: Sharon L. Reddy - Chat Guest
Baryon Hi Bear, join us in our Chat with sharon reddy of Crossroads DaveKuz Thosemight be small, but they have to compete with several others that might be

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Sharon L. Reddy
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How To Chat Reddy's Award Winning Book ... 26 JAN 01 - LOG
My bio reads like a training program to be an SF writer. I majored in 'everything' in the several times I went to college and I changed jobs with great frequency. After I'd learned the job, reorganized it to make sense, and integrated the output into the system more efficiently, I NEEDED to do something else. Kelly Services liked me and I stayed with them longer than any other employer. I managed to 'postpone the inevitable' several decades by reading every SF book available. Right up until there were suddenly a huge number of them, and none of them satisfied me intellectually. Fan fiction 'saved my life.' It was rife with fresh ideas. Since that was what I was starving for, above average writing skill was dessert, very nice when you got it WITH sustenance. At that time we were in Juneau. I knew exactly what was going on in the publishing industry because I was living with the cause. It was daily political debate in the capital of Alaska, in the Elks Lodge, in the Moose Lodge, the VFW... cheap paper would be gone at the end of the century. The EPA would grant no more extensions on the process that was poisoning the sea around pulp mills. The Forest Service wasn't going to renew clearcut permits. When I wrote my first volume of fan fiction, I learned I was too good to play in that league. That didn't mean I was good enough to be a pro. Raw talent and very good basic skills are what I had to begin my training. I wrote all day everyday for almost seven years. That's when I expected e-publishing to have some stable good businesses. I wrote for e-publication. I write "romantic brain candy," fast-paced adventures to engage the minds of all the other 'smart girls' I hang out with at cons.

4. Web Review: Talespinner...Sci-fi Author Sharon L. Reddy; Review By C. Hope Clark
writers, editors, word weaving, elements, writing Scifi author sharon L. reddy. sharon L. reddy is an author definitely defined in herself.
Web Wrap: A web site review by C. Hope Clark
Sci-fi author Sharon L. Reddy
Sharon L. Reddy is an author definitely defined in herself. This lady knows what she likes and knows what she writes best. Talespinner is her personal site that one doesn't visit one experiences. ( Ms. Reddy has original music scores with her main pages composed specifically for her to compliment her stories and books. While the download time is extended a little due to the sound affiliated with the site, the wait is worthwhile. PARADOX EQUATION is this author's brainchild that she offers in a 10 novel series. A visitor can sample a chapter of each book to learn her style. Sample "Bit" a short story. Taste "Bluegrass" her novella. Both can be read in their entirety. Ms. Reddy also has a women's haven where the list of her books appears endless as the scroll continues on and on. A word to the wisE here, however. The reader of these works will definitely savor a bit of erotica. The art is masterful, the music entrancing, and the reading intriguing. The only thing left to say is visit the site and spend a while. Ms. Reddy knows how to set a mood. If her books are anything like her site's atmosphere, prepare to surround yourself in a new experience.

5. Under The Covers: True Sons Of Their Fathers By Reddy
A Talespinner's Web The science fiction of sharon L reddy, samples and links to published books.
Third book of Paradox Equation
Crossroads August 1999; $3.50 460 pp
Very Highly Recommended
The Gallant Saga continues with the sons and grandsons of the great Gallant. Their first mission together is to cleanse a sector of space that is infected with drugs and slavery. Under the cover of circus performers, this troupe of Galactic Knights and unusual felines display amazing super-human talents as they travel through time and space to battle with the forces of evil and darkness that would destroy the moral foundations, for ages into the future, of the worlds they invade. But not all is battle. Ms. Reddy'’s characters are rich with humor, compassion and energy. They are bound by their super-human gifts, their love for one another, for all of life, and by their choice to battle evil. Ms. Reddy has expertly woven a tapestry of time and space that pulls the reader into worlds filled with wonder and fantastic imaginings. I wholeheartedly recommend TRUE SONS OF THEIR FATHERS to anyone who has ever gazed into the star-lit heavens and dared to wonder, “what i. I give TRUE SONS OF THEIR FATHERS a rating of 5.

6. Raven's Reviews: Sharon L. Reddy
Reviews of the books of sharon L. reddy, witha general introduction to her work.
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites R Heroes Need a Captain (x,v,b), Pentad (x,v), "Paradox Equation" (v,x?), "Starvan" (v,x)
Reddy writes distant-future sci-fi with a heavy emphasis on romance, relationships, and psychology. Since her material is published only in electronic format, she has a unique, fast-paced style that lacks most of the usual descriptions that slow readers down in traditional books. The dialogue contains the information you need to know who is speaking and what the action is, somewhat like a radio show with occassional moments of narration. This allows one to read almost as fast as one can think; it also lets Reddy pack the plot action and character development of a trilogy into the space of one long book. To get accustomed to her style, read the short story "Bit" from her homepage, A Talespinner's Web Yes, these books are romantic brain-candy, but they're fun. If you like almost any kind of men at all, you'll like hers- they're all gorgeous, as well as sensitive, brooding, boyish, powerful, passionate, and charming. Male authors have long had a monopoly on portraying gender relations in space, creating myths of the gallant future knight who clearly seperates his fighting from his women. Reddy doesn't hold with that. She also doesn't hold with timid women who wait to be rescued. Her heroines are in keeping with the modern world- protectors of those they care about no matter what it takes.

7. Raven's Reviews: Ebooks
sharon L. reddy Heroes Need a Captain (Does one woman have enoughlove for four men? Contains slash and poly elements mostly off
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites
"Don't get technical with me." - C-3P0
Isn't it fitting that Science Fiction should be published electronically before anything else? Though romance probably got here first, Sci-Fi and Fantasy are making headway. Your wallet will appreciate the change. And no, you won't strain your eyes.
  • Charlotte Boyett-Compo
    • Bloodwind (A dark romance between a bloodthirsty yet controlled alien killer and a human doctor.)
    • Nightwind (An incubus falls in love with a human woman.)
    • Windfall (A historical fantasy about star-crossed lovers braving everything- including each other.)
  • Sharon L. Reddy
    • Heroes Need a Captain (Does one woman have enough love for four men? Contains slash and poly elements mostly off-screen.)
    • Pentad (5 men are destined to father a new race)
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9. Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror Book Reviews
Wen Spencer. Alien Taste. Jerry Spinelli. Stargirl. sharon L Spinner reddy.Pentad. Michael A. Stackpole. Talion Revenant. A Hero Born. Michael Stackpole.

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sharon L reddy, Hero to Knights Three **** sharon L reddy, And Battleis Joined **** sharon L reddy, True Sons of Their Fathers *** !

11. Paradox Equation
Paradox Equation. by. sharon L reddy. Pricing and Technical Data Order NowOrderNow! sharon L reddy has built a universe filled with adventure and heroes.
Paradox Equation
Sharon L Reddy
Pricing and Technical Data Order Now! Product Number 20028 Paradox Equation is more than a science fiction series. It is a ten novel, 1.14 million word, triumph of logic and storytelling. Sharon L Reddy has built a universe filled with adventure and heroes. Join the Knights Gallant and their loved companions the bondcats as they choose their destiny and learn they must create themselves through the paradoxes inherent in time travel. Each novel of this fast paced, high action, series brings them a step closer to solving the equation and insuring their existence. Paradox Equation was written specifically for publication on the internet and for those who use it. Because of the nature of this work, the entire series is being presented in its first publication by Hyperbooks and the first book, Hero to Knights Three , is available for download in Adobe Acrobat (3.0), and will be available in HTML and ASCII very soon. The entire series will be availble for sale by the end of January.
Hero to Knights Three
The densk had taken his world, his name and every voice that had spoken it. She came to him in fevered dreams, named him Gallant and promised to lead him to free them all. She would also lead him to the three who bore her name, Athena, and would bear him sons. They too would choose to defend the life of a universe.

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    Publishers and Authors
    This is the home page of the webring established for those who have brought professional book publishing and writing to this, the communication medium of the third millennia. Membership in this webring is limited to publishers of book length work in electronic format, e-books, who review, select and invest in that work and to the writers whose work they have published. This criteria includes both full professional editing and providing cover art, at no cost to the author. It is intended to aid readers in the search for excellence and professional writing skill in books available on-line. It is also intended to aid writers in selecting publishers to which to submit their work. Both the submission process and standard contract are examined before membership in this ring is granted to a publisher. Membership is not limited to writers whose work is published by them, but the publisher of that work will be reviewed by the ring master before membership is approved. If that publisher meets the criteria for this webring, the writer's site will be added and the publisher will be invited to join. The ring code will be sent immediately upon application. Please e-mail the ringmaster when the ring logo is in place on the web site.

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Reade, Charles. Reardon, Lisa. Reaves, Michael. Rechy, John. reddy, sharon L. Redmann,JM. Reed, Henry. Reed, John. Reed, Philip. Reid, Elwood. Remarque, Erich Maria.
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15. Dream Realm Awards 2000
Kate Saundby (CrossroadsPub.Com) 'Til the Fat Lady Sings by MD Benoit (Pulsar Books)Heroes Need a Captain by sharon L reddy (CrossroadsPub.Com) THE CATEGORY


The Fiction Works

We proudly announce the
in the Categories of
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Anthology,
Experimental, Children's Books and Cover Art
in Electronically Published Books
Golden Silence by Kate Saundby (CrossroadsPub.Com) 'Til the Fat Lady Sings by M. D. Benoit (Pulsar Books) Heroes Need a Captain by Sharon L Reddy (CrossroadsPub.Com) THE CATEGORY WINNER IS HEROES NEED A CAPTAIN ~~FANTASY~~ Guardian of the Continuum by Joey Hill (Dark Star Publications) The Spirit Dogs of Sirius by Kate Saundby (Starlight Writers Publications) Children of Rhatlan by Jonathan Fesmire (CrossroadsPub.Com) Alaric Swifthand by Steve Lazarowitz (CrossroadsPub.Com) New Life Incognita by Gracie C. McKeever (Dreams Unlimited) THE CATEGORY WINNER IS GUARDIAN OF THE CONTINUUM ~~HORROR~~ Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary) by Jeff Strand (Wordbeams) NightWind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo (Dark Star Publications) Dark Changeling by Margaret L Carter (Hard Shell Word Factory) Incubus by Charlotte Dobson (Hard Shell Word Factory) Butterfly House by T. K. Sheils (LTD Books)

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reddy, sharon L. http// (Date 1Feb-1999,Hits 137, Rating 0, Votes 0) Rate this site Writer's homepage.
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Radford, Irene
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This page is for anyone who has ever been touched by a Dragon. Irene Radford.
Rawn, Melanie
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Exiles: The official site for Melanie Rawn. Fans of her Sunrunner series won't want to miss this site!
Reddy, Sharon L.
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Writer's homepage. Several stories online, plus a great section on getting published in webzines. A fun place to visit for SF fans and writers a like! (Note: stories carry adultNOT eroticthemes and would most likely not be appreciated by younger visitors).
Rice, Anne
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The queen of Vampire novels: Anne Rice's official homepage. This site is a lot more commercial than most author other words, its mostly stuff for sale!

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