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         Robinson Kim Stanley:     more books (100)
  1. Sixty Days and Counting by Kim Stanley Robinson, 2007-10-30
  2. The Best of Kim Stanley Robinson by Kim Stanley Robinson, 2010-07-27
  3. Antarctica by Kim Stanley Robinson, 1999-07-06
  4. Galileo's Dream by Kim Stanley Robinson, 2009-12-29
  5. Forty Signs of Rain by Kim Stanley Robinson, 2005-07-26
  6. The Gold Coast: Three Californias by Kim Stanley Robinson, 1995-05-15
  7. A Short, Sharp Shock by Kim Stanley Robinson, 1996-02-01
  8. Red Mars (Mars Trilogy) by Kim Stanley Robinson, 1993-10-01
  9. Blue Mars (Mars Trilogy) by Kim Stanley Robinson, 1997-06-02
  10. Icehenge by Kim Stanley Robinson, 1998-05-15
  11. The Martians by Kim Stanley Robinson, 2000-10-03
  12. Green Mars (Mars Trilogy, Book 2) by Kim Stanley Robinson, 1995-05-01
  13. The Wild Shore: Three Californias by Kim Stanley Robinson, 1995-03-15
  14. Liftport - The Space Elevator: Opening Space to Everyone

1. Interview: Kim Stanley Robinson
Kim Stanley Robinson answers your questions im Stanley Robinson has had a remarkable career since he published his first novel, The Wild Shore , 12 years ago.
Kim Stanley Robinson answers your questions
im Stanley Robinson has had a remarkable career since he published his first novel, The Wild Shore , 12 years ago. Since then he has averaged slightly less than a book a year (not counting short story collections), and nearly every one has defined its own niche in the science fiction genre. But with the conclusion of his Mars trilogy, Robinson has created what might be one of the grandest literary science fiction epics to date. Together the three novels Red Mars Green Mars and Blue Mars (see our review, this issue) chronicle the colonization and terraformation of Mars over hundreds of years and through dozens of viewpoints. Last week Robinson sat down with Science Fiction Weekly the Mars trilogy to dystopian science fiction. Here's what he had to say:
1) What inspired you to write the Mars trilogy?
Ian Watts, Many of the things I'm most interested in can be talked about in a new and interesting way by putting them on Mars. I like mountains above tree line, desolate coastlines, deserts, and wilderness generally, and Mars gives you a lot of that. The pictures returned from the Mariner and Viking missions gave us an entirely new wilderness planet, with many stupendous features, and all of it as rocky and bare as I like it. So it was a good landscape, and relatively untouched, in that the earlier Mars science fiction had to work with very little information about the landscape, some of that wrong. Also, the process of terraformation, which Mars is a great candidate for, brings up all the issues of ecology and environmental management that are most pressing for us right now here on Earth. Mars functions as a mesocosm experiment in planetary control, in that it's bigger than a lab but smaller than the Earth's complex biosphere.

2. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Kim Stanley Robinson
Kim Stanley Robinson. Other Robinson links Mars Trilogy Concordance The UnofficialWeb Site for KSR's Mars Trilogy Science Fiction Weekly Interview Bio,KS.php3
Kim Stanley Robinson
Other Robinson links:
Mars Trilogy Concordance: The Unofficial Web Site for KSR's Mars Trilogy
Science Fiction Weekly Interview
Hugo (1994, best novel), Nebula award winner, resident of Davis, CA.
August 1998, Bantam Books hardcover ISBN:0-553-10063-7
The Blind Geometer
Blue Mars
Third of the Mars Trilogy
March 1996, HarperCollins UK hardcover.
June 1996, Bantam Spectra hardcover.
July 1997, Bantam Books paperback ISBN:0-553-57335-7
Escape From Kathmandu
1989, ISBN:0-312-93196-4
1991, ISBN:0-312-89006-0
Future Primitive : The New Ecotopias
Short story anthology, Editor.
July 1997, Tor Books paperback ISBN:0-312-86350-0
The Gold Coast
1988, Tor
1995, Tor/Orb trade paperback, ISBN:0-312-89037-0. Cover by Tony Roberts
1995, HarperCollins UK paperback, ISBN:0-00-648020-9. Cover by Peter Elson.
Second of the California trilogy
Green Mars
1993 HarperCollins UK.
1994 Bantam hardcover
1995 Bantam Spectra paperback ISBN: 0-553-57239-3, Library of Congress CCN: 93-39516, Cover by Don Dixon.
Nearly a generation has passed since the first pioneers landed, but the transformation of Mars to an Earthlike planet has just begun. The plan is opposed by those determined to preserve the planets hostile, barren beauty. Led by rebels like Peter Clayborne, these young people are the first generation of children born on Mars. They will be joined by original settlers Maya Toitovna, Simon Fraiser, and Sax Russell.

3. Robinson Kim Stanley (1952 - )
robinson kim stanley (1952 ). Gee t? 1952 ?a?pt?d?µ?s?e?se µe ta dµata Coming

4. Robinson Kim Stanley (1952 - )
robinson kim stanley (1952 ). The Gold Coast, 1988 - Title in Greek ChrisiAkti, Publisher Akti / OXI / Proxima, Translated by Spiros Vretos, 1988.

5. - Search For: Robinson Kim Stanley, Red Mars
ROBINSON, KIM STANLEY, RED robinson kim stanley, Red Mars, Grafton. 1993. 500 pages.The story of the first turbulent years of colonisation of Mars. Classic SF. Kim Stanley&title=

6. - Search For: Robinson Kim Stanley, Green Mars
robinson kim stanley, Green Mars, (Paperback, SciFi,) Bantam, 10th, 1995. RobinsonKim Stanley, Green Mars, (Paperback, Sci-Fi,) Bantam, Reprint, 1995. Kim Stanley&title=

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1. Years of Rice and Salt, The Robinson, Kim Stanley In stock, usually dispatchedwithin 24 hours Paperback - Published 3 February 2003 publisher

8. Kim Stanley Robinson Buecher
Translate this page Info1 Info2 robinson kim stanley Roter Mars. 1. Roman des Mars- Trilogie.Info1 Info2 robinson kim stanley Grüner Mars.
Kim Stanley Robinson Buecher
Robinson Kim Stanley
Roter Mars. 1. Roman des Mars- Trilogie

Robinson Kim Stanley
Grüner Mars. Zweiter Roman der Mars- Trilogie.

Robinson Kim Stanley
Blauer Mars. 3. Roman des Mars- Zyklus.

Robinson Kim Stanley
Red Mars

9. Kim Stanley Robinson
Kim Stanley Robinson – science fiction author. Click for largerimage, creativity and inspiration for me is not a matter of
science fiction author " ...creativity and inspiration for me is not a matter of one big moment of vision (though sometimes that can happen) but more a ceaseless application of effort to matters of detail. " How were you motivated to choose your particular field? What can you share about your creative process? Stories begin for me as images or ideas, often quite vague or fragmentary. Translating those beginnings into finished works of art is a matter of hard work over the long haul. Because I work with words and sentences, I must always focus on that level; not so much the big picture, as making a particular sentence spark an image in the reader's mind. So I often begin before I am ready to begin, and write in ignorance, doing my best sentence by sentence, and then when I've gone through the story once I go back and revise, time after time, and only late in the process does the vision I am trying to convey come into focus. So I would say that creativity and inspiration for me is not a matter of one big moment of vision (though sometimes that can happen) but more a ceaseless application of effort to matters of detail. That too is creativity. What ideas do you have for a future human community on Mars?

10. Ecrivain - Robinson Kim Stanley
Translate this page Kim Stanley Robinson.
Kim Stanley Robinson
Etat civil connu
Année de naissance: 1952
Nationalité: Américaine
Sa biblio Ses romans (Classés par années)
Ses romans (Classés alphabétiquement)
Ses nouvelles (Classés par années)
Site maintenu par Alain
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11. Kim Stanley Robinson - An Infinity Plus Profile
Kim Stanley robinson kim stanley Robinson was born in 1952. Elsewhere on the wwwKim Stanley Robinson at Amazon (US) and at the Internet Bookshop (UK).
Kim Stanley Robinson Kim Stanley Robinson was born in 1952. After travelling and working around the world, he settled in his beloved California. He is widely considered to be among the finest science fiction writers working today, noted as much for the verisimilitude of his characters as the meticulously researched hard science basis of his work. He has won just about every major sf award there is to win and is the author of the massively successful and lavishly praised Mars series. Elsewhere in infinity plus Elsewhere on the www:
Let us know what you think of infinity plus - e-mail us at:

12. ThinkQuest Library Of Entries
Kim Stanley Robinson Ever since Possibly the true 'Bible' of Mars isKim Stanley Robinson's seminal Red Mars trilogy. Composed of

13. ROBINSON Kim Stanley
Translate this page Accueil Biblios R Retour robinson kim stanley KimStanley Robinson USA (Illinois 1952 - ) Références Romans=12
Accueil Biblios R Retour
    ROBINSON Kim Stanley Kim Stanley Robinson
    USA (Illinois 1952 - )
  • Les menhirs de glace (1984, Icehenge)
  • (1984, The wild shore)
  • (1985, The memory of whiteness)
  • (1988, The gold coast)
  • Mars la rouge [La trilogie Martienne - 1] (1993, Red Mars)
      France Loisir, 199.
  • Mars la verte [La trilogie Martienne - 2] (1993, Green Mars)
      France Loisir, 199.
  • Mars la bleue [La trilogie Martienne - 3] (1996, Blue Mars)
      France Loisir, 199.
  • Les martiens (1999, The Martians)
  • S.O.S. Antartica (?, Antartica Inc.)
    Recueils, anthologies, omnibus...
  • (1986, The planet on the table)
  • (?, The blind geometer)
  • (1976, Coming Back to Dixieland)
  • (1977, The Disguise)
  • Venise engloutie (1980, Venice drowned)
      in Une histoire de la science-fiction - 4 (1982-2000, le renouveau) in in
  • L'air noir (1983, Black Air)
  • Les oeufs de pierre (1983, Stone Eggs)
  • (1984, Ridge running)
  • (1984, Ridge Running)
  • Le "Lucky strike" (1984, The Lucky Strike)
  • Mercuriale (1985, Mercurial)
  • Intersection (1986, A transect)
  • (1986, Down and out in the year 2000)

14. - Kim Stanley Robinson
Kim Stanley Robinson, About Author. Kim Stanley Robinson is the author of the Nebulaand Hugo Awardwinning Mars trilogy. Currently resides in Davis, California. Stanley&surname=Robinson

15. Kim Stanley Robinson - Wikipedia
Kim Stanley Robinson. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kim StanleyRobinson (born March 23, 1952) is a writer initially identified
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Kim Stanley Robinson
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kim Stanley Robinson (born March 23 ) is a writer initially identified as a leading member of the "humanist", or literary, camp of science fiction authors in the , but whose Mars trilogy is a solid example of hard science fiction . His fiction frequently delves into ecological and utopian themes with a political sophistication and point of view rarely seen elsewhere in the field. Robinson's utopias are strikingly different in that the society portrayed is dynamic and subject to flaws and outside pressures, rather than the static perfection displayed in more classic utopias, in which literary values take a back seat to the political argument. His utopian novels include the Three Californias trilogy, which is comprised of the post-disaster novel

16. SF-Bokhandeln: Kim Stanley Robinson
Kim Stanley Robinson. Antarctica (1997, Bantam, USA, 32379)Pris 83 Robinson gillar kalla platser - Icehenge tilldrar
Kim Stanley Robinson Antarctica (1997, Bantam, USA, 32379) Pris: 83:-
Robinson gillar kalla platser - Icehenge Antarctica
(1984, Harper Collins, England, 30971) Pris: 102:-
The Martians
(1999, novellsamling, 434 sidor, Bantam, USA, 40399) Pris: 83:-

Red Mars Green Mars och Blue Mars
Nebula Awards Showcase 2002
(2002, antologi, storpocket, Nal Signet/Roc, USA, 6184) Pris: 178:-
The Pacific Edge
(1990, storpocket, St Martin's/Tor, USA, 22058) Pris: 78:-
Remaking History
(1991, novellsamling, storpocket, St Martin's/Tor, USA, 11756) Pris: 178:-

Red Mars . Storpocketformat.
A Short, Sharp Shock
(1990, Harper Collins, England, 45025) Pris: 102:-
Vinland the Dream
(2002, novellsamling, 410 sidor, Harper Collins, England, 3987) Pris: 119:- The Years of Rice and Salt (2002, 772 sidor, Harper Collins, England, 39986) Pris: 119:-
Mars: Red Mars (1992, Bantam, USA, 16933) Pris: 86:- Red Mars (1992, Harper Collins, England, 16267) Pris: 119:- Green Mars (1993, Bantam, USA, 21984) Pris: 98:-

17. Kim Stanley Robinson
Kim Stanley Robinson. The 1997 Hugo winner for best novel, Kim StanleyRobinson is one of the new breed of Science Fiction authors.
Kim Stanley Robinson
The 1997 Hugo winner for best novel, Kim Stanley Robinson is one of the "new breed" of Science Fiction authors. He blends hard science with complex and intricate characters to build a rich and complete story about the future history of humankind on Mars. His Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars novels (the last two being Hugo winners) depict in extrodinary detail a potential future on our nearest habitable neighbor. Visit our companion web site for the Mars Trilogy, the Mars Trilogy Concordance Interviewing KSR after the Hugo Ceremony. I interviewed Kim immedately after the Hugo award ceremony. The cameraman is a fellow fan who works for CNN and who graciously brought his BetaCAM hardware to record this year's winners. (Our Fox affiliate cameraman, Dirk Hardy, assisted in the interviews and provided the awesome BetaCAM hardware our thanks again!) KSR backstage at the Hugo Awards.

18. Kim Stanley Robinson
Kim Stanley Robinson. Shortlist 1987 The Memory of Whiteness. RunnerUp 1993Red Mars. Shortlist 1997 Blue Mars. Shortlist 2003 The Years of Rice and Salt.
Kim Stanley Robinson Shortlist: 1987 The Memory of Whiteness Runner-Up: 1993 Red Mars Shortlist: 1997 Blue Mars Shortlist: 2003 The Years of Rice and Salt Click on the title for an article on the book. A website about him is here. back to home page

19. Author's Summer Reading List - Kim Stanley Robinson
Kim Stanley Robinson is the author of the Nebula and Hugo Award—winning Mars trilogyRed Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars, as well as The Martians, Antarctica
-select- Kim Stanley Robinson Red Mars Green Mars , and Blue Mars , as well as The Martians Antarctica The Wild Shore The Gold Coast Pacific Edge A Short, Sharp Shock , and other novels. He lives in Davis, California.
The Years of Rice And Salt
Kim Stanley Robinson's Summer Reading List
The Soul Theif

by Celilia Holland
I've been reading Holland's novels since 1968 and they are always deeply satisfying. This new one is about an Irish brother and sister wandering the Viking world after an attack by Vikings destroys their home. I've started it already, and it is filled with Holland's usual intensely exciting and realistic adventure scenes. This time they ballast a fantasy element of far-seeing, a power belonging to a few women in the book. Wonderful.
The Human Front
by Ken MacLeod
Ken MacLeod is one of the new stars of British science fiction. All his novels published in the US by Tor are greatbursting with a unique mix of adventure and political speculation. The Human Front is a shorter work, published by a small press, PS Press, in 2001. It appears to be an alternative history in which Stalin lived well into the Sixties and everything changes, while remaining eerily familiar. Looks good.
Six Records of a Floating Life

by Shen Fu

20. The SF Site: Kim Stanley Robinson Reading List
kim stanley robinson reading listCategory Arts Literature Authors R robinson, kim stanley......Previous Page Search Home Site Map kim stanley robinson was born in1952. A native Californian, robinson travelled and worked in
Kim Stanley Robinson was born in 1952. A native Californian, Robinson travelled and worked in different parts of the world (including Washington, DC and some time in Switzerland with his wife, Lisa, an environmental chemist). He has settled in California. His work has garnered many awards including the Nebula Award ("The Blind Geometer" and Red Mars ), the Asimov, John W.Campbell, Locus, and World Fantasy Awards ("Black Air") and the Hugo Award ( Green Mars ). As well, he was nominated for both the Hugo Award and Nebula Award for his novel The Wild Shore
Kim Stanley Robinson Links
SF Site Review:
SF Site Review:
Future Primitive: The New Ecotopias ...
Mark/Space: Kim Stanley Robinson

The Wild Shore (1984)
In 2047, it has been sixty years since America was quarantined after a devastating nuclear attack. Henry, at 17, wants to help make America like it was before all the bombs went off. But, for the people of Onofre Valley, on the coast of California, just surviving is enough of a challenge. Living simply on what the sea and land can provide, they strive to preserve what knowledge and skills they can in a society without mass communications. Then one day Henry meets two men who say they represent the new American resistance.
The Gold Coast (1988)
Ace/Tor 21st century Orange County, CA is full of designer drugs, freeways that glide and soar. It's a mass-culture, video-saturated world for Jim McPherson who is adrift in society. He lives his life through dreams of the past. Dennis, his dad, is an aerospace engineer involved in military research, a fact that Jim ignores until he becomes a minor urban terrorist out of boredom. Father and son, separate for so long, are finally on a collision course.

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