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         Ross Sinclair:     more books (90)
  1. As for Me and My House (New Canadian Library) by Sinclair Ross, 2008-01-08
  2. Ross Sinclair Real Life and How to Live It by Sinclair Ross, 2000-03
  3. Sinclair Ross: A reader's guide by Ken Mitchell, 1981
  4. Sinclair Ross's "As for Me and My House": Five Decades of Criticism
  5. Sinclair Ross and Ernest Buckler#(Studies in Canadian Literature Series) by Robert D Chambers, 1976-04
  6. As for Me and My Body: A Memoir of Sinclair Ross by Keath Fraser, 1997-03-01
  7. Ross Sinclair: Real Life by Liam Gillick, Donnie O'Rourke, 1997-04
  8. As For Sinclair Ross by David Stouck, 2005-05-16
  9. The Lamp at Noon and Other Stories (New Canadian Library) by Sinclair Ross, 2010-01-26
  10. The Well (cuRRents) by Sinclair Ross, 2001-12-01
  11. Whir of Gold (cuRRents) by Sinclair Ross, 2001-12-01
  12. Sawbones Memorial (cuRRents) by Sinclair Ross, 2001-12-01
  13. If I Ruled the World by Ross Sinclair, 2000-12
  14. Race and Other Stories (Canadian Short Story Library) by Ross, Sinclair Ross, 1997-10

1. ROSS SINCLAIR SELECTED REAL LIFE Im Badischen Kunstverein |
Translate this page ross sinclair SELECTED REAL LIFE im Badischen Kunstverein Vom 24.11.01 bis 06.01.02präsentiert der Badische Kunstverein eine Ausstellung mit Werken des 1966
Meldung Titel Der kostenlose Newsletter erscheint monatlich in Zusammenarbeit mit der Redaktion von art in berlin und liefert Ihnen die wichtigsten Kunstnachrichten und Kunsttermine
Eingabedatum: 2001-11-24
Vom 24.11.01 bis 06.01.02 präsentiert der Badische Kunstverein eine Ausstellung mit Werken des 1966 in Glasgow geborenen Künstlers Ross Sinclair.
In der Presseerklärung heißt es: "Ross Sinclairs REAL LIFE Projekte funktionieren wie Fenster, durch die das Publikum diese anderen Räume betreten kann, Orte, an denen man sich für eine Weile einbildet, wie unsere Lebensweisen auch anders sein könnten. Es geht dabei-wie Ross Sinclair sagt-"um uns selbst, allein gegenüber der Welt." Gezeigt werden Installationen, Wandmalereien, Fotografien, Plakate, Videos, Neonarbeiten.
Badischer Kunstverein
Waldstr. 3 /76133 Karlsruhe
Di-Fr 11-19, Sa/So/feiertags 11-17 Uhr
Kunstverein Hannover: Luc Tuymans (9.3.-27.4.03)

Kunstverein Freiburg: Daniele Buetti (14.2. – 30.3.03)
Westfälischer Kunstverein Münster: Michel François (15.2.-13.4.03) "deutsche malerei zweitausenddrei" im Frankfurter Kunstverein (15.1.-13.4.03) ... New Heimat (Okt. 2001)
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2. Exibart
appuntamento è per lunedì 25 giugno alle ore 18 con ross sinclair. Nato a Glasgow nel 1966, l'artista, che dal
artcommunity dal 1996 home onpaper inaugurazioni forum ... commenti edizione del 25/03/03 eventi in corso speednews archivi fotografici wap ... pubblicità attualmente sono in linea 1 utenti di cui 9 registrati
ancona bologna firenze ... napoli roma sardegna sicilia siena torino ... progetti e iniziative TALK SHOW: l'arte contemporanea raccontata dai suoi protagonisti - LE VOSTRE DOMANDE A YINKA SHONIBARE mercoledì 28 novembre 2001
Talkshow è una serie di incontri che punta i riflettori sui protagonisti dell’arte contemporanea. Per due ore, rispondendo alle domande del pubblico, artisti internazionali dell’ultima generazione raccontano il loro lavoro attraverso immagini, suoni, video, performance. Un incontro al mese, organizzato da Lorenzo Benedetti, Cecilia Casorati, Cristiana Perrella e Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, per sapere dell’arte tutto quello che avreste sempre voluto.
Talk Show è prodotta da Incontri Internazionali d’Arte in collaborazione con il Comune di Roma,
Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali, Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Per informazioni: Incontri Internazionali d’Arte tel. 06-68804009

3. VoiceOver Artists: Ross Sinclair
ross sinclair, Dead Church/Real Life 1998, ross sinclair was born inGlasgow in 1966. He attended Glasgow School of Art (Environmental
Ross Sinclair
Dead Church/Real Life

Tacita Dean
Jeremy Deller

Stan Douglas
Bethan Huws

ROSS SINCLAIR was born in Glasgow in 1966. He attended Glasgow School of Art (Environmental Art Department) between 1984 and 1990, and completed his Masters in Fine Arts there in 1992; he also attended California Institute of the Arts in 1992. Fan Club at the Stills Gallery, Edinburgh, in 1991 was his first solo exhibition and he has continued to exhibit regularly. In 1996 the CCA, Glasgow, mounted Real Life Rocky Mountain, and in 1997 he had a solo show at Mercer Union, Toronto. He has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in Europe and America, notably Glasgow at the Kunsthalle Bern in 1997. Since 1995 Sinclair has been a part-time lecturer at Glasgow School of Art (Environmental Art Department). He lives and works in Glasgow.
Sketch for Dead Church/Real Life,
Sketch for Dead Church/Real Life, 1998, detail Home Venues Artists Works Anthology

4. VoiceOver Works: Ross Sinclair
ross sinclair, Dead Church/Real Life 1998 Installation, The artist, Dead Church/RealLife1998, excerpt (some lack of continuity may be experienced as the sound
Ross Sinclair
Dead Church/Real Life
Installation, The artist
Dead Church/Real Life 1998, excerpt
(some lack of continuity may be experienced as the sound downloads) Tacita Dean
Jeremy Deller

Stan Douglas

William Furlong
Bethan Huws

Dead Church/Real Life plays upon the interdependence of personal and communal qualities in the voice. A bright red church-shaped structure lies on its side in the corner of the gallery. Inside this structure a monitor plays a video of Sinclair singing hymns. As usual, Sinclair sings with his back to the camera, stripped to the waist in order to show the tattooed words, 'Real Life', across his back.
See Anthology: Chambers: Voice Sing Celant Furlong Dead Church/Real Life Installation shot, Bristol Home Venues Artists Works Anthology

5. Gravitàzero: Ross Sinclair
ross sinclair Interview by Massimiliano Gioni. Massimiliano GioniThe first time I saw a reproduction of your work, I think it was
Ross Sinclair Interview by Massimiliano Gioni Massimiliano Gioni : The first time I saw a reproduction of your work, I think it was in some magazine or in a catalogue. There was a picture of you, with the giant REAL LIFE tattoo on your back: it made me think of De Niro in Cape Fear. Strange enough, something that was claiming to be Real Life immediately evoked an image of fiction. So, the first question is rather obvious: what is real life for you? Ross Sinclair : Since I had the words REAL LIFE tattooed on my back in 1994 my project has been an extended investigation/celebration/commiseration of the paradigm of the real, from the inside out: Where is the real? – for each of us individually, and as a collective society... What is our relationship, our contract with this society which makes us who we are? – locally and globally, personally and politically... Over the past seven years my Real Life projects have been realised in a wide variety of countries and contexts, public and private, institutional and autonomous. Always they are asking, where is real life? Is it in our everyday lives, our work, our jobs, the day to day minutiae of living? foward ->
Or is it the mediated lifestyle we see in films and TV, in Hollywood, in mediated channels of global advertising and communication? We have become so familiar with these images we are no longer able to tell whether they are real and true, inspirational or simply ridiculous caricatures of spectacular life. Or could real life be somewhere else hidden inside our heads? Could it be another way to live? Could it be someplace where the true desires and potential of every individual could be realised? Somewhere in between these polarities of modern living lies real life. Over the years my

6. Gravitàzero: Ross Sinclair
Translate this page ross sinclair - intervista di Massimiliano Gioni Massimiliano GioniLa prima volta in cui ho visto una tua opera, credo che fosse
Ross Sinclair - intervista di Massimiliano Gioni Massimiliano Gioni
Ross Sinclair
avanti ->

<- indietro
avanti ->
<- indietro
... avanti ->
CON OGNI MEZZO NECESSARIO - MASSIMALISMO. Hai una ricetta per capire meglio la mia vita reale?

7. Mercer Union Main Gallery: Ross Sinclair
ross sinclair The Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds Main Gallery and WindowNovember 6 December 20, 1997. Musings on Real Life and ross sinclair
Ross Sinclair
The Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds Main Gallery and Window
November 6 - December 20, 1997
Musings on Real Life and Ross Sinclair A rtist Ross Sinclair wrote an engaging essay entitled, Scotland - A Brief and Fractured Introduction to the History of the Period 1983-2083 ,. In this text, Glasgow-born Sinclair weaves a tale of a semi-fictitious Scotland of the future in which the people have voted for independent them park status. The history of the theme park development is outlined in the paper, which cites events such as the Stirling Bridge Referendum of 2061, when Scotland seceded from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, followed in 2062 with the opening of "Scotia-The Living History of a Small Nation." In Scotia, each area of the country would adopt and enact the look and lifestyle of a certain epoch in Scottish history. Sinclair writes that "the Scottish people appeared to be quite happy in their new occupation as Real Life extras in this simulated version of history. Scotland became very successful and prosperous and everyone agreed that re-inventing itself as a theme park had been a really great idea. Everything was free for the Scottish people, although tourists paid frankly outrageous prices just to breathe the same air as the Scots. From the outside it might have seemed like a bit of an odd situation: the Scottish people were basically providing a service for these tourists while achieving just about the same standard of living as them. But the Scots were tied to this way of life in the theme park. They could never go home to somewhere real or do a normal job-it was twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week."

8. Kenny Hunter Art (Sculpture) Ross Sinclair
Kenny Hunter Art (Sculpture) ross sinclair. Subject Art (Sculpture) TitleKenny Hunter Author ross sinclair. Penelope Carew Hunt Christmas
Kenny Hunter Art (Sculpture) Ross Sinclair
Subject: Art (Sculpture)
Title: Kenny Hunter
Author: Ross Sinclair
Penelope Carew- Hunt Christmas...
Peter Gurney Shepherd Lore...

George Edward Dartnell Wiltshi...

Benjamin Spreadbury Farmer's B...
Die Sprache der Chem-38260118...

9. Fogless: Exhibitions: Ross Sinclair [ƒtƒHƒOƒŒƒXF“W——‰ïFƒƒXE
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
Ross Sinclair, Fortress Real Life (Peckham)
Sinclair‚̐¢ŠEŠÏ‚͔ތl‚ÌŒ»ŽÀ¢reality£‚Å‚ ‚èA”Þ‚Ì¢real life£‚ÆŒ¾‚¤ŠT”O‚ÌŠî”Õ‚Æ‚È‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚éB‚µ‚©‚µAŒ»ŽÀ‚Æ‚Í–œl‹¤’Ê‚Å‚Í‚È‚­A‚‚©‚Ý‚Ç‚±‚ë‚Ì‚È‚¢‚à‚Ì‚Å‚à‚ ‚éB”Þ‚Ì¢Real Life Project£‚́A‚±‚ÌŒ¶‚ÌŒ»ŽÀ‚Ì’Ç‹A–”‚́A“²‚ê‚Æ‚µ‚Ä—‰ð‚·‚邱‚Æ‚ªo—ˆ‚éB ‚±‚ÌŒŠ‘q‚̃lƒIƒ“‚É‚Í¢Hamnavoe Free State£‚Ə‘‚©‚ꂽƒTƒCƒ“‚ª‚©‚©‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚éBHamnavoe‚Ƃ́AƒXƒRƒbƒgƒ‰ƒ“ƒh‚Ì–k‚̃I[ƒNƒj[”“‡‚É‚ ‚éStromness‚Æ‚¢‚¤’¬‚̃oƒCƒLƒ“ƒOŽž‘ã‚Ì–¼Ì‚Å‚ ‚éB‘å˜a‚̍‘‚Æ“¯‚¶‚­A‚Ù‚Ú“`à‚Ì’†‚Ì’n–¼‚Å‚ ‚èA“¯‚¶‚­ˆêŽí‚Ì—‘z‚֑΂µ‚Ä‚Ì“²‚ê‚ðŠ´‚¶‚³‚¹‚éŒÄ‚Ñ–¼‚Å‚à‚ ‚éB‚Ù‚Ú–Y‚ê‚ç‚ꂽ’n–¼‚ª—^‚¦‚ç‚ꂽ‰Ë‹ó‚ÌFree State‚́ASinclair‚ÌŽ©‘‚Ì—ðŽj‚Æ•¶‰»‚ɑ΂·‚éƒmƒXƒ^ƒ‹ƒWƒA‚̂悤‚ÉŠ´‚¶‚ç‚ê‚È‚­‚à‚È‚¢B‰p‘‚©‚ç‚Ì“Æ—§•´‘ˆ‚Å’Ô‚ç‚ê‚éƒXƒRƒbƒgƒ‰ƒ“ƒh‚Ì—ðŽj‚ªA”Þ‚ÌFree State‚ªƒQƒŠƒ‰ƒAƒWƒg‚ð^Ž—‚½‚à‚Ì‚Å‚ ‚é‚Ì‚Æ“¯Žž‚ɁA”Þ‚É‚Æ‚Á‚Ä‚ÍŒ»ŽÀ‚Å‚ ‚é”ނ̌̋½‚Ì—ðŽj‚Ö‚Ì‹½D‚Å‚ ‚邱‚Æ‚ª‚í‚©‚Á‚Ä‚­‚éB
Ross Sinclair, Fortress Real Life (Peckham)
Toyoko Ito, 2001”N7ŒŽ

10. Untitled
Translate this page Bleibe / ross sinclair, Andrea Wolfensberger Anja Wiese Jaan Toomik AponlonijaSustersic Beat Streuli Nele Stecher Jan Peter ER Sonntag
Bleibe / Ross Sinclair
Andrea Wolfensberger

Anja Wiese

Jaan Toomik

Aponlonija Sustersic
Jan Peter E.R. Sonntag

Ross Sinclair
Bojan Sarcevic

Judith Samen


Ueli Michel
... weiter zu Galerie 2

11. Sinclair
Translate this page ross sinclair. Künstler, *1966, lebt in Glasgow. hartware 2002 noone ever dies there, no one has a head ross sinclair, REAL LIFE
Ross Sinclair h art ware
no one ever dies there, no one has a head

Ross Sinclair, REAL LIFE....and how to live with it, 2001
Neonarbeit, Rauminstallation
Courtesy: The Agency Gallery, London
Ross Sinclair, der sich in großen Lettern die Worte "REAL LIFE" auf den Rücken tätowieren ließ, beschäftigt sich seit 1994 mit Problemen der Wahrnehmung, Verortung und Verschiebung des "Realen". In diversen Projekten platzierte er an öffentlichen, privaten oder institutionellen Orten den Schriftzug REAL LIFE, geformt aus roten Neonröhren. Ist bereits die Neonröhre, die in den 60er Jahren im großen Stil als urbanes Design in Mode kam, ein Verweis auf die artifizielle Überformung des Alltags, so geht es Sinclair häufig darum, gerade im Künstlichen und Fiktiven das Reale zu proklamieren.
"REAL LIFE....and how to live with it GEOGRAPHY" ist eine großformatige Neonarbeit und Rauminstallation, die in verschiedenen – aggressiv-blitzartig aufscheinenden – Imperativen wie "Burn your passport", "Renounce Citizenship" oder "Annihilate Nations" die radikale Abschaffung des Staatsbügers und Citoyens fordert.

12. Noone
Translate this page 44143 Dortmund english version Rudolf Bonvie, Heather Burnett, Volker Eichelmann/ Roland Rust / Johannes Schweiger, Douglas Gordon, ross sinclair, Annis Joslin
31. Mai - 14. Juli 2002
Di - Fr: 16 - 22 h, Sa + So + Feiertage: 13 - 22h
english version

Rudolf Bonvie
Heather Burnett Volker Eichelmann ... Jamie Wagg
"This is the Mighty B-52! Now you have experienced the terrible rain of death and destruction its bombs have caused. These planes come swiftly, strongly speaking as the voice of the government of Vietnam proclaiming its determination to eliminate the VC threat to peace. Your area will be struck again and again, but you will not know when or where. The planes fly too high to be heard or seen. They will rain death upon you again without warning..."
Planet Claire has pink air
All the trees are red
No one ever dies there
No one has a head

Auszug aus dem "B-52's" Song "Planet Claire"
Links Die amerikanische Band "The B-52's", nicht nach dem Bomber, sondern nach einer auf extreme Weise – bombenfest? – toupierten Haartracht benannt, ist in den 80er Jahren vom Outfit bis zum Plattencover mit einem schrägen retro-futuristischen Stil angetreten, der die Pop- und Partykultur der 60er Jahre – bekanntlich auch ein Produkt des Kalten Krieges – in überzeichneter Form imitiert. Der ebenso affirmative wie konterkarierende Partykult der B-52's dreht sich allen voran um den Glanz und Glitter extraterrestrischer Welten. Der B-52 Bomber "Stratofortress" (!) ist zwar den Sternen nicht wirklich nah, erreicht aber immerhin ein Flughöhe von 15.000 Metern.

13. The Agency Contemporary
ross sinclair, selected shows. archive. ross sinclair b1966, Glasgow, Scotlandlives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Aggressive Utopian , Sinclair/The_Agency_arti
ross sinclair selected shows archive Ross Sinclair b1966, Glasgow, Scotland lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland "Aggressive Utopian"

14. The Agency Contemporary
ross sinclair. PRESS RELEASE. The Agency presents an installation of sculptures andneon pieces as well as recent and new photographic works by ross sinclair. Sinclair/Archpage_ross_2
Ross Sinclair new and recent works 17 March - 28 April PRESS RELEASE Ross Sinclair has always suceeded at recognising the manifestations of resistance in society which he expressed by reiterating posters and banners in his earlier practice. In continuing his intraventions and documenting them he does not only politicise his surroundings but stands as a reminder that the artist as a self-elected representative of the people is always politicised. This is the reality he chooses to remind of in his work within his immediate surroundings as well as in more highly charged places such as Austria during his recent exhibition in the Kunstverein Bregenz. In his ongoing series of REAL LIFE installations, Ross Sinclair frequently makes reference to symbols representative of State, Church and Law. Ross Sinclair is currently exhibiting in a group show in the ZKM Karlsruhe. Forthcoming projects include a group show at Casey Kaplan, New York in March and in June a solo exhibition at the South London Gallery as well as the participation in Zero Gravity at the Fondation Adriano Olivetti in Rome. He will represent the Agency at Statements in the Art Basel 32 from June 14-19 2001.

15. SWO - Ross Sinclair Im BKV Karlsruhe
Translate this page ross sinclair im Badischen Kunstverein. ross sinclair bietet eine alternative Sichtan ?REAL LIFE“ kann irgendwo anders sein, versteckt in unseren Köpfen.
Die Virtuelle Kulturregion
Ross Sinclair im Badischen Kunstverein
BKV Karlsruhe
Ross Sinclair
Gezeigt werden Installationen, Wandmalereien, Fotografien, Plakate, Videos, Neonarbeiten...
Der Katalog zur Ausstellung wird im Anschluss erscheinen.
Seite weiter empfehlen Akademien und Stiftungen
Städtische Galerien

Kunstvereine und BBK

Private Galerien
... TeraSystems GmbH

16. KunstNET Österreich - Knoll Galerie Wien
ross sinclair. Neue Bilder, November 2000, 19.00 Uhr. ross sinclair´s work pointsto his interest in the contrasting nature of the outside and inside of things.
Ausstellungsliste nach Galerien
Ross Sinclair
work points to his interest in the contrasting nature of the outside and inside of things. Within his structures the audience finds themselves outside the traditional site for art and, paradoxically, inside the work itself. The great dualities in his work, at times harmonious and at times schizophrenic, but always honest about the intimacy of opposites, are: the real and the spectacular, the public and the private, the content and the context, the object and the event. Auf Ihr Kommen freut sich Ihr Hans Knoll. HINWEIS gallerynight am 15.11.2000, ab ca. 18.00- 22.00 in den Galerien:
Mezzanin und Sehsaal mit abschliessender Party im Club Osmosis im
Palmenhaus im Burggarten.

17. For Art
13 ross sinclair «Nietzsche, the Beastie Boys and Masturbating asan art form» in New Art in Scotland (1994). 2425. 14 Published
Notes Artists' statement, Artists' Flag for Scotland (Stirling, 1997) Artists' Flag for Scotland (Stirling, 1997) For a discussion of the connection between art and the national projects in the European periphery at the turn of the century, see my thesis Abramtsevo-kretsen og Elena Polenova, en studie av forestillingen om det nasjonale i russisk kunst 1880 - 1900, University of Oslo 1995. For the Scottish case, see Christopher Harvie: 1707-1994 (1. ed. London 1977, reprinted New York 1995),p. 20-21 Alan Crawford: Charles Rennie Mackintosh, (Thames and Hudson, London 1995), p. 16-17 vol. 3 (1987), p. 65-76 Keith Hartley: Scottish art since 1900 (1989), p. 42 Catalogue: Girls High- Artists celebrate ten years of environmental art in Glasgow (1996), p. 32 Cassiro Berdetti, Gianni Piacentini Catalogue: Windfall (Glasgow, 199 1), p. 45 (no. 5, 1995),p. 46-50 Global Culture, London: Sage New Art in Scotland Ross Sinclair, ed. by Nicola White (1997) p. 36- 37 Ibid. Sinclair Exert from a fax interview with David Perreau, June 95, quoted in Yankees - Roderick Buchanan

18. For Art
Claire Barclay, Christine Borland, Martin Boyce, Roderick Buchanan, Nathan Coley,Louise Hopkins, Victoria Morton, Julie Roberts, ross sinclair, Beáta Vesceley
Preface This essay presents the art scene in Glasgow at the end of this millennium. The young British artists in Glasgow in the 90's are successfully attempting to define new trends in contemporary art in Scotland, Britain and internationally. The names and works of Douglas Gordon, Christine Borland and Julie Roberts might be well known to students and critics of contemporary British art. But few know that these three belong to the same generation of artists, educated at the Glasgow School of Art in the late 80's and early 90's. And they are not alone. The Glasgow art scene in the 90's comprises a wide variety of interesting artists. Stirling/Oslo 1997

19. Ross Sinclair
ross sinclair. Real Life vs. Nature at greenwards, Aberdeenshire, September/October 1997. Real Life vs. ross sinclair text by Duncan McLaren.
Ross Sinclair Real Life vs. Nature
at greenwards, Aberdeenshire, September /October 1997 Real Life vs. Nature involved the construction of indoor and outdoor wooden structures. Indoors the structure is too small to get into and is in a confined space meanwhile the outdoor structure is high on tall legs and can be climbed into to get a great view of the surrounding countryside. Ross Sinclair text by Duncan McLaren

20. Ross Sinclair Text
Real life vs Nature ross sinclair. ross sinclair, trousers rolledup to the knees, standing in the shallows looking out to sea. text.html
Real life vs Nature : Ross Sinclair I'm in a farmhouse in Aberdeenshire. Greenwards By Hatton, Peterhead, to be specific. Lured here - it's a two-hour drive from my parents, place - by a paragraph and a photo in The List. 'What's On in Glasgow and Edinburgh', indeed.
But the room I',m standing in is a white cube all right, and the single piece of work installed is of the sort that I'd only associate with an urban contemporary art space. A wooden shed that's too small to enter, raised on legs, with four pencil-shaped wooden posts penetrating and protruding from its sides; a cassette player held aloft - by rope tied to the pencil posts - playing traditional Scottish music backwards; the words 'I', and 'MESSIAH AM JAlLER', marked on adjacent gallery walls.
On the room's window ledge is documentation relating to the gallery. A copy of Flash Art reviews an earlier show here at Iain Irving Projects. The review is written by Judith Findlay, Iain's partner in this remote rural spot, but there is no mention of these facts in the review. 'By all accounts there are some interesting things happening in...err... Greenwards By Hatton,' says a reader in Milan or Paris or Berlin. Diaries are extracted, windows found and an intention pencilled in. In one sense the review is a joke that only a few art insiders will appreciate. Quite funny, though.
Iain enters and we chat. He is open and friendly, as I'd expected - it was his telephone manner that finally persuaded me to make this morning's long drive. In his view, the journey to the space is an important element of the experience here. And his next show would seem to acknowledge this: 'A Fast Moving Car' relates to that moment, particularly when driving, when you are looking at something but are thinking about something completely different, says a leaflet handed to me.

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