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  1. The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology by Mark Antony Rossi, 2005-02-01

1. Mark Antony Rossi
Mark Antony Rossi's short fiction about a creative guy trying to get a script produced while holding Category Arts Literature Authors R Rossi, Mark Antony......Mark antony rossi. Rain or Shine Do you ever feel trapped in a situationlike a lobster in a wooden cage set by a toothless freak
Mark antony rossi
Rain or Shine
Do you ever feel trapped in a situation like a lobster in a wooden cage set by a toothless freak who beats his wife at the drop a multi-syllable? Me neither. But the other day I came pretty damn close. It happened rather innocently at a large department store.
"Foolish swine, thoust are tardy." I used to really admire how he found such creative outlets for a Master's Degree in Something No One Gives Two Shits About. Now I just want to jam his jugular with a fountain pen until excuses my human error and admits his own.
S & M is not a kinky place regardless how weird the name sounds. I even mentioned the implications to the store owner one afternoon. He laughed and commented, "heh, I'll wait 'till the day they find out my janitor saves stuff he finds cleaning the ladies room. It costs a lot of money to change the paperwork." This revelation is no revelation at all. The owner knows his customers. The janitor, God Bless him, obviously does too. I just wish he didn't declare dentistry the work of the devil.
As long as you're polite to customers; keep the heat on in the winteryou can't go wrong. Besides, if you take your job too seriously, you might wind up becoming too good at it, then some snot-nose rips out the Peter Principle, and before you can scream "BULLSHIT," you're stuck in the muck. They couldn't give a fuck. And you are suddenly wedded to an order catalog outlining fabric wear made in a country where children are bought and sold like Gummi Bears.

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Problem Kid # 1
by Victor Farrell “Two years in the Boy’s Industrial Home”, said the slight, grey-haired, middle-aged man sitting at .. Share with a friend Add To My Library Mark Antony Rossi " "When Science becomes God, man is just another beast in the jungle."" Background Information Italian/Spanish, born/raised Hoboken/Jersey City, New Jersey, Served active duty USAF (1984-1990), B.S. Political Science, Interests: Ethics, Policy, Technology, History, Literature. Influences: Huxley, Orwell, Wells, Bonhoeffer, Tillich, Baldwin, Camus Birth Place Hoboken, NJ US

3. Mark Antony Lyric
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4. Mark Antony Rossi
Mark Antony Rossi. The Psychobiology of Gene Expression Neuroscience and Neurogenesisin Hypnosis and the Healing Arts. The Architecture of the City.
Mark Antony Rossi
The Psychobiology of Gene Expression : Neuroscience and Neurogenesis in Hypnosis and the Healing Arts The Architecture of the City Evaluation : A Systematic Approach Authors: R

5. Index
The Host Mark Antony rossi mark antony Rossi, USAF Cold War Veteran, Author ofBioethics Ebooks, Future Science Writer, Frequent Radio Guest, Lecturer on
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Home Page
About Page Photo Page ... Favorite Links B I O S T O R M Welcome To The Future!
Human Cloning. Genetic Manipulation. Stem Cells. BioWeapons. Organized Organ Theft. Xenotransplantation. Nanotechnology.
50 years ago none existed. In another 50 years, humanity may be obsolete if we are not vigilant about protecting ourselves from our scientific ambitions. Here lies...the BIOSTORM... BioStorm: The Webstream Radio Show
We are using the latest in technology to expose to the darkest technology threatening our lives in ways you never dreamt possible. Listen to each exciting show on
Every Friday night 11PM EST, starting 14 Jun 02.
The Host: Mark Antony Rossi
Mark Antony Rossi, USAF Cold War Veteran, Author of Bioethics Ebooks, Future Science Writer, Frequent Radio Guest, Lecturer on Technology. The Present: The Road Is Paved
A Federal Law banning human cloning has yet to pass in the United States. An Italian scientist has impregnated three women with cloned embryos. A science cult in Canada is planning to impregnate hundreds of volunteers with cloned embryos. The road to disaster is being we sleep. The Ebook: Mother Of All Machines
This short ebook is the perfect bioethics primer about human cloning, reproductive manipulations and other controversial subject matter currently happening in the world. It also includes a lengthy interview with the author about the state of humanity and science.

6. Mark Antony Rossi's Science And Other Writings
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An Outline of Future Science, mark antony rossi and the Dark Side of Technology Side of Technology" by future science writer mark antony rossi. rossi explores diverse subject matter, human cloning,
What is future science?
Future science consists of predictions based on scientific dicoveries or technologies of the present day. Its true goals have less to do with grand prophecy and more to do with practice advice and preparation. Future science is the preventative maintenance necessary for free-thinking individuals to keep aware of the good and bad outcomes of scientific and societal progress.
That is the sole purpose of the explosive electronic book "The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology" by future science writer Mark Antony Rossi. Rossi explores diverse subject matter, human cloning, pharmaceutical fascism, organized organ theft, anti-depressant mind control and dozens others in this provocative and powerful book.
If you are also believe the science and technology is outpacing ethical or moral consideration-buy this book now!!! It is available
through downloads to Windows, Mac, Glassbook, Rocketbook and Palm Pilot.
Never again will you receive a peek into your future for such a bargain.
The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology
"Where machines are too good for your own good."

mark rossi Writer. How did you become involved with Grins of Divinity?
MARK ANTONY ROSSI SELECTED WRITINGS ARCHIVE The 1999 Writer's on the Web Survey You are cordially invited to join my efforts in determining what writers think and feel about writing on the web. The sites below are active partners helping to gather the data we, as writers, are curious about. (Eclectic Mileage) (Mind Wanderings) (Portugese Literature) (Satire) You can contact Mark Antony Rossi at THANKS AND GOD BLESS.
Amrita Poetry Pages
Black EggsJapanese Poetry
Quotes (from Book Review)
Black Pancreas Enzymes
Collection: Palette for Latter-Day Picasso's
Dream Space
Collection: Static and Other Poems
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The Poet's Haven
Thunder Sandwich
The Writer's Home Page
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Drama Biography
Poems for Guitarist Andres Delgado

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9. Mark Antony Rossi's Bioethics & Other Writings
Listen to Sightings w/Jeff Rense Radio Interview of mark antony rossi(RealPlayer) Sightings Radio Interview. * Listen to Across

Sample chapter "Moneyed Science: Bad Medicine?"
Sample Chapter Radio Interview - Stem Cells w/Kyle Warren Intruder Bulletins Radio Interview Sightings Radio Interview Radio Interview - Human Cloning w/Kyle Warren
The Intruder Bulletins: Evils of Cloning Buy Microsoft Reader or Palm Pilot Version The Intruder Bulletins
Mother Of All Machines: A Bioethics Primer Buy Microsoft Reader Dowload or Compact Disc Mother Of All Machines: A Bioethics Primer

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    The Luxembourg Sessions (1986)
    Ten poems by Mark Antony Rossi written in Luxembourg during the year 1986. GenX-Watch: Guarding the Gifts of Tomorrow "The official fanclub page of visionary thinker, writer, poet & playwright Mark Antony Rossi." The official multiple award-winning homepage for contemporary American Generation X poet, essayist, critic and playwright Mark Antony Rossi. Static and Other Poems A major collection of poems by Mark Antony Rossi. A short collection of poems of creation by Mark Antony Rossi. The Writer in the Material World Mark Antony Rossi's literary essay about the mystical power of writing. I Have a Future, Earth Moving, Tsunami Three Mark Antony Rossi poems archived at the Poet's Haven website.
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    Angry Sandals A short philosophical poem by mark antony rossi. Courtesy of the Serpentine site.
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    Search through: Entire site Rossi, Mark Antony DIRECTORY Entertainment Literature Authors ... Angry Sandals - A short philosophical poem by Mark Antony Rossi. Courtesy of the Serpentine site. Beauty and the Burden - An essay on his short play "Stolen Good." Blood of Alchemy, Familiar Spirits - Two poems using mystical terms to describe matters of art. Courtesy of Amrita Poetry Pages. Foreword Magazine: Review of The Intruder Bulletins Future Science Writer: Mark Antony Rossi - This site explains future science writer Mark Antony Rossi's theories about the definition of future science. Includes links to his book "The Intruder Bulletins" and other fascinating places. Grins of Divinity - Sample flight into futuristic fantasy. Grins of Divinity Comic Strips Series - The comic strip series based on the writings of sci-fi novella author Mark Antony Rossi In Our Own Words: Gen X Poetry - Rossi's poem "Tempting Heaven" and other gen x poets featured in the softback edition of the book In Our Own Words. Iron Man Ebooks - This site was created by Sy Albright as an educational primer for ebooks in general and the works of author and playwright Mark Antony Rossi.

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    rossi. rossi, mark antony (Hits 44) An Archive Link Site listingpast present play productions, drama bio and play postings.

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    rossi, mark antony (Hits 30) A brief biography of generation X poet,essayist, fiction writer, critic and playwright mark antony rossi.

    16. Calls For Papers: CFP: Mark Antony Rossi (Spring '00; Collectio
    CFP mark antony rossi (Spring '00; collection). From paul seward( Date Fri Aug 27 1999 162802 EDT
    CFP: Mark Antony Rossi (Spring '00; collection)
    From: paul seward (
    Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 16:28:02 EDT I am a Paul Seward, an editor at Open Directory Project.
    I edit the Mark Antony Rossi category which currently has 40 listings of
    numberous poems, articles, essays, reviews and plays by Mark Antony Rossi.
    I and a few others have undertaken the effort to write papers, article or
    essay-reviews on Mr. Rossi's poetry or other writings for inclusion
    at a university's poetry center/manuscript collections where he will be
    evaluated next spring.
    Please consider adding something to this collection by either writing
    about his work or making someone else aware of this effort. There are no
    length requirements. We are shooting for spring 2000 as final dateline for papers.

    17. Calls For Papers: CFP: Multi-Ethnic Literatures And The Idea Of
    Next message paul seward CFP mark antony rossi (Spring '00; collection) ; Previousmessage Annette Magid CFP Technology in Turn of the Century Lit.
    CFP: Multi-Ethnic Literatures and the Idea of Social Justice (10/15; MELUS, 3/9-3/12)
    From: gaurav (
    Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 16:05:50 EDT Dear Colleagues,
    I would like to invite you all to participate in the MELUS 2000
    conference that we are hosting in New Orleans on March 9-12, 2000. The
    topic of the conference is Multiethnic Literatures and the Idea of
    Social Justice. A Call for Papers and other conference information is
    available at
    The deadline for submissions is October 15th. We look forward to
    your paper and panel proposals!
    Gaurav Desai From the Literary Calls for Papers Mailing List Full Information at or write Erika Lin:

    18. The Antigonish Review Mark Antony Rossi
    The Antigonish Review 106. mark antony rossi. Black Eggs, Poems by KuriharaSadako, Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Richard

    19. Scribble International : Mark Antony Rossi :United States Of America :
    Includes several poems.Category Arts Literature Authors R rossi, mark antony...... (C) Copyright 1999 mark antony rossi All Rights Reserved.
    Days of Grace in the fellowship of honourable men
    i commit my dust
    that they may know
    the deeds of my heart
    were pure
    and the days of my past
    and all my deepest love
    with the woman
    who made my eyes see the grace of God. NETPOETS INDEX MORE POEMS BY MARK ANTONY ROSSI Mark Antony Rossi

    20. Scribble Resources: Mark Antony Rossi: Genesis Of A Poetic Conscience.
    Six essays on poetry.Category Arts Literature Authors R rossi, mark antony......Genesis of a Poetic Conscience (19842000) mark antony rossi (C) CopyrightWinter, 2000 mark antony rossi All Rights Reserved scribble Resources.
    Genesis of a Poetic Conscience (1984-2000)
    Mark Antony Rossi
    The Poetic Conscience Essay Series began as individual essays often published in small literary magazines, most outside of the United States. My slant towards international submittance was hastened when I naively began submitting these essays to American academic literary publications in the foolish belief that their commitment to academic freedom and anti-censorship was the same as my own. It was not. I received nasty rejection letters from editors ridiculing me for attempting to broaden the scope of poetic inclusion in academic literary journals. They were at odds with my criticisms of "big-name" poets like Ginsberg who did nothing but promote himself and his political leanings. No one wanted to hear the truth that such poets glory days were behind them and they were doing next-to-nothing for poetry in general or poetry for the next generation. These towering literary figures were saints to be canonized. Untouchable angels latching themselves to institutions and the establishment who once scorned them but three decades earlier. They cashed in for honorary degrees, writing seminars and mainstream book deals. I never used the term "sell-out" in any of my essays. I deeply regret that oversight. After the litany of rejections came a form of blacklisting. Publications that once published my poetry rejected it so quickly I could tell by the postmark and condition that it was not even read. These were still the days before the internet revolution where writers, especially poets, were at the mercy of temperamental editors wilfully unholding more than literary standards to discriminate against writers of a certain ilk. Generally if you were not a suburban Anglo writing about other writers or mythicizing about ancient Greece-your work was in danger of being unread or marked up with a blue pen. Most urban writers of my generation, the ones born between 1965 and 1975, used to call these ignorant markings "blue blood graffiti."

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