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         Roy Gabrielle:     more books (100)
  1. The Tin Flute (New Canadian Library) by Gabrielle Roy, 1989-10-01
  2. Bonheur d'occasion [nouvelle �dition] by Gabrielle Roy, 2009-08-19
  3. Bonheur d'occasion;: Roman (French Edition) by Gabrielle Roy, 1970-09-04
  4. Fragile Lights of Earth: Articles and Memories, 1942-1970 by Gabrielle Roy, 1982
  5. Windflower (New Canadian Library) by Gabrielle Roy, 2008-01-29
  6. Street of Riches by Gabrielle Roy, 1993-11-01
  7. Ces Enfants De Ma Vie (French Edition) by Gabrielle Roy, 1993
  8. The Road Past Altamont (New Canadian Library) by Gabrielle Roy, 2010-01-05
  9. Enchantment and Sorrow: The Autobiography of Gabrielle Roy
  10. Gabrielle Roy et Margaret Laurence: Deux chemins, une recherche (Collection Soleil) (French Edition) by Terrance Ryan Hughes, 1983
  11. Un Pays, une voix, Gabrielle Roy: Colloque des 13 et 14 mai 1987 (Publication de la M.S.H.A) (French Edition)
  12. The Literary Vision of Gabrielle Roy: An Analysis of Her Works by Paula Gilbert Lewis, 1984-12
  13. Le temps qui m'a manque: Suite inedite de La detresse et l'enchantement (Cahiers Gabrielle Roy) (French Edition) by Gabrielle Roy, 1997
  14. Visages de Gabrielle Roy, l'euvre et l'ecrivain (French Edition) by Marc Gagne, 1973

1. Gabrielle Roy
Biography and list of works.Category Arts Literature Authors Novelists Roy, Gabrielle......Gabrielle Roy (19091983 ). born in St. Boniface, Manitoba; educatedin St. Boniface and at the Norman School in Winnipeg; taught in
Gabrielle Roy (1909-1983 )
  • born in St. Boniface , Manitoba
  • educated in St. Boniface and at the Norman School in Winnipeg
  • taught in rural schools in Manitoba for several years
  • in 1939 went to study drama in London and Paris
  • married in 1947, moved to Quebec City
  • Novels:
    • Bonheur d'Occasion (1945), translated as The Tin Flute (1947), a realistic portrayal of life in a Montreal slum, received the Prix Femina in France and the Governor-General's award
    • La Petite Poule D'Eau (1950) translated as Where Nests the Water Hen
    • Alexandre Chenevert (1954) translated as The Cashier
    • La Monttagne Secrete (1961) translated as The Hidden Mountain
    • La Route D'Altamont (1966) translated as The Road Past Altamont
    • Windflower (1970) novella translated from the collection La Riviere sans Repos
  • Collections of Shorter Works
    • Rue Deschambault (1955) translated as Street of Riches (1957), won the Governor-General's award
    • Cet Ete qui Chantait (1972) translated as Enchanted Summer
    • Un Jardin au bout du Monde (1975) translated as Garden in the Wind
    • Ces Enfants de Ma Vie (1977) translated as Children of My Heart
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2. Gabrielle Roy
Biography of the author.Category Arts Literature Authors Novelists Roy, Gabrielle......Gabrielle Roy Seeking Reconciliation. Born in St. Boniface, Manitoba, on March22, 1909, Gabrielle Roy trained as a teacher at the Winnipeg Normal School.
Gabrielle Roy
Seeking Reconciliation Born in St. Boniface, Manitoba, on March 22, 1909, Gabrielle Roy trained as a teacher at the Winnipeg Normal School. Her Manitoba teaching experiences between 1929 to 1937 left her with poignant memories to which she would later give a literary form in La Petite poule d'eau , 1950 (translated as Where Nests the Water Hen Rue Deschambault ,1955 (translated as Streets of Riches Cet été qui chantait , 1972 (translated as Enchanted Summer Ces Enfants de ma vie , 1977 (translated as Children of My Heart ). With much emotion, she recalled these memories in her 1984 autobiography, La Détresse et l'enchantement (translated as Enchantment and Sorrow in 1987). A winner of Canada's Governor General's Award in 1947, 1957, and 1977, Gabrielle Roy, the youngest of eight children of a francophone family from St. Boniface, Manitoba, won international recognition for her first novel, Bonheur d'occasion (1945), receiving the Prix Fémina in Paris and New York's Literary Guild Award. Rendered into English as The Tin Flute, this brilliant first novel has been translated into 15 languages. In 1947, she became the first woman elected into the Royal Society of Canada. [Photo, courtesy The Toronto Star] While in Europe, Gabrielle Roy had worked occasionally as a freelance journalist; back in Canada, she thought it best to continue in the same vein, at least for the moment. It is not as a journalist, however, but as a novelist that she made her dazzling entry onto the Canadian literary scene. She established her stature as a leading Canadian writer when she received the prestigious Prix Fémina in 1947 for

3. Gabrielle Roy
Gabrielle Roy. Photo Annette and / et Basil Zarov.
Gabrielle Roy
Photo : Annette and / et Basil Zarov.
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4. Gabrielle Roy
Gabrielle Roy. Photo Annette and / et Basil Zarov.
Gabrielle Roy
Photo : Annette and / et Basil Zarov.
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5. LACF - Le Libraire Du Livre Ancien Et
Translate this page L.A.B.A. LIVRES FRANCAIS XXe PAR AUTEUR O-P-Q-R-S roy gabrielle, L.A.B.A. LIVRES FRANCAIS XXe PAR AUTEUR O-P-Q-R-S roy gabrielle

6. Die Straße Nach Altamont Roy Gabrielle
Translate this page Die Straße nach Altamont roy gabrielle. Titel Die Straße nach Altamont Autorroy gabrielle. Rubrik Kategorie Hindermann Federico Italienis
Die Straße nach Altamont Roy Gabrielle
Titel: Die Straße nach Altamont
Autor: Roy Gabrielle
Hindermann Federico Italienis...

Hindermann Federico Italienis...

Weder Heinz Reise durch die S...

Engel. Texte aus der Welt...

7. Gabrielle Roy
Gabrielle Roy 19091983. The Gabrielle Roy was born in Saint-Boniface,Manitoba, March 22, 1909, the youngest of 11 children. Her
Gabrielle Roy 1909-1983 The Arts
Canadian women have a long tradition of contributing to the arts in Canada as writers, visual artists and musicians. Frances Brooke's novel The History of Emily Montague , set in Quebec and published in 1769, is widely regarded as the first Canadian novel. By the 20th century careers in many fields were opening up to more women, and artists such as Gabrielle Roy and Portia White are part of an important tradition in Canadian life. Gabrielle Roy 1909-1983
While living in Paris and London, Gabrielle Roy began her career as a writer. When she returned to Canada in 1939 she settled in Montreal, against the wishes of her mother. Until 1945 she supported herself through the publication of articles and short stories in Canadian magazines. In 1943 she wrote a series of articles on the poor in Montreal which formed the basis for her first novel, Bonheur d'occasion The Tin Flute ), published in 1945. The novel told the story of the impact of World War II on the lives of a poor family living in the Saint-Henri district in Montreal, and it was an instant hit. The Tin Flute was eventually translated into 15 languages and won the Prix Femina in Paris and the Literary Guild of America Award in New York. In 1947 she was the first woman admitted to the Royal Society of Canada and won her first Governor General's Award for the English translation.

8. Roy Gabrielle Children's 4-8, Juvenile Fiction, General, Fiction, Cows
roy gabrielle Children's 48, Juvenile Fiction, General, Fiction, Cows. Title MyCow Bossie. roy gabrielle, Brown Alan Th Marlyn John Under the Ribs of
Roy Gabrielle Children's 4-8, Juvenile Fiction, General, Fiction, Cows
Title: My Cow Bossie
Subject: Children's 4-8, Juvenile Fiction, General, Fiction, Cows
Subject2 Children's Books
Author: Roy Gabrielle
Wiseman Adele Crackpot...

Roy Where Nests the Water Hen...

Roy Cashier...

Roy Road Past Altamont...

9. Street Of Riches Roy Gabrielle
Street of Riches roy gabrielle. Title Street of Riches. Subject Fiction,Fiction General, Literary Subject2 Literature Fiction
Street of Riches Roy Gabrielle
Title: Street of Riches
Subject: Fiction, Fiction - General, Literary
Author: Roy Gabrielle
Mullner Ross, Jewell Mark A ...

Gathercole Patricia M. The De...

Selvam Solomon Caste and Clas...

Thatcher Nicole A Literary An...

10. Gabrielle Roy - Wikipedia
Gabrielle Roy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gabrielle Roywas a Canadian author (19091983). Born on March 22, 1909 in
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Gabrielle Roy
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gabrielle Roy March 22 July 13 ) was a Canadian author. Born in Saint Boniface (now part of Winnipeg Manitoba With her savings she was able to spend time years in Europe , but was forced to return to Canada in 1939 at the outbreak of World War II . She returned with some of her works near completion but settled in Quebec to earn a living as a journalist while continuing to write novels. Published in 1945, her first novel, Bonheur d'occasion , gave a starkly realistic portrait of the lives of people in Saint-Henri, a working-class neighbourhood of Montreal . The novel caused many Quebecois to take a hard look at themselves and her writing is regarded as the novel that helped lay the foundation for Quebec’s Quiet Revolution of the . Published in English as The Tin Flute , the book won the 1947 Governor General's Award for fiction as well as the Royal Society of Canada’s Lorne Pierce Medal. Distributed in the

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e.g. Roy, Gabrielle, 1909-1983. Bonheur d'occasion.

12. Gabrielle Roy Home Page
Biography, bibliography, articles, awards, and finding aid. From the National Library of Canada.
Gabrielle Roy
Biography Photo:

About the Fonds

Finding Aid

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13. L'ILE | écrivains | Gabrielle Roy
(SaintBoniface, Manitoba, le 22 mars 1909 - 1983) Romancière, gabrielle roy obtient un brevet d'enseignement à l'école normale de Winnipeg.

14. Northwest Passages - Author Profile: Gabrielle Roy
Biography and selected bibliography.
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    Gabrielle Roy
    Gabrielle Roy was born in March 1909 in Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, the youngest of eleven children. Her mother and father, then, were relatively old at the time of her birth 42 and 59 respectively. Like Christine's father in Rue Deschambault Street of Riches ), Léon Roy worked as a colonisation officer for the Department of Immigration, a position he held between 1897 and 1915. His politically motivated dismissal occurred six months before his retirement, thus leaving Roy with no pension to support his family. The family's financial predicament during Gabrielle's youth precluded any chance of her attending university, despite having earned stellar marks throughout high school which put her as one of the top students in the entire province. In 1927, after graduating from grade twelve, she enrolled at the Winnipeg Normal Institute where she completed her teacher training. After teaching in the rural communities of Marchand and Cardinal, where she taught for a year, Roy returned to Saint-Boniface. There she accepted a teaching job at the Académie Provencher boy's school, a position she held from 1930-37. During this period, Roy began actively pursuing her interest in acting and joined the Cercle Molière theatre troupe. Her experiences as an actor inspired her to leave her teaching position and travel to Europe to study drama. Spending between 1937 and 1939 in Britain and France, the fluently bilingual Roy studied acting for six months before concluding that she did not desire to pursue a career in the theatre. In the meantime, she had also begun to write articles about Canada for newspapers in Paris and pieces on Europe for newspapers in Manitoba and came to realize that writing could be her vocation.
  • 15. Gabrielle Roy: Enchantment And Sorrow
    Biography, selected bibliography, and an excerpt from the English translation of 'Bonheur d'occasion'.
    Enchantment and Sorrow
    A PENNILESS FREELANCE JOURNALIST selling articles here and there in 1941, Gabrielle Roy lived a marginal existence in a rooming house on Dorchester Street, near Greene Avenue. "For human warmth," she told Donald Cameron many years later,"I used to roam the streets, walk and walk and walk." "I used to choose as the goal of my walks," she said elsewhere, "the pretty avenues of Westmount and the slope of the mountain. One day, by pure chance, by caprice if you will, I instead went south on rue Saint-Ambroise and found myself before I knew it in the very heart of Saint-Henri. What can I say? How can I give you the deep impression I suddenly received? It was like the lightning that strikes lovers; it was a revelation, an illumination." Gabrielle Roy (1909-83) was so convinced that a novel set in the working class world of Saint-Henri was crying out to be written that she feared someone else would get there before her. Though Bonheur d'occasion (later translated as The Tin Flute ) would not be published until 1945, Roy began immediately to bring the district to life in a series of articles for one of her freelance markets, the

    16. CM Magazine: Gabrielle Roy: Creation And Memory
    Review of the biography, 'gabrielle roy Creation and Memory'.
    CM . . . . Volume III Number 16 . . . . April 11, 1997 Gabrielle Roy: Creation and Memory. Linda M. Clemente and William A. Clemente.
    Toronto, ON: ECW Press, 1997.
    202pp., paper, $14.95.
    ISBN 1-55022-287-2. Grades 10 and up / Ages 16 and up.
    Review by Carol Harvey. excerpt:
    And it happened, following a script right out of the movies: she arrived one afternoon at Lady Frances's and there he sat, a stranger across a crowded room, his dark eyes drawing her closer as Lady Wells shepherded her to his table, coincidentally intent on her meeting this someone really special. Surprised, undone, astonished, afraid it was all a dream, they remained speechless, gazing at each other, wonder-struck, magnetized, energized. Once on their own, the door of Lady Frances's home closed behind them, they walked fingers enlaced, in no particular direction. Romantic love, with all its irrational fears, anxieties, and joys, suddenly crowded everything else out of Gabrielle Roy's life. The above is not an excerpt from a romantic novel, as one might imagine, but from Linda and Bill Clemente's biography of Gabrielle Roy [1909-1983]. Unlike the major six hundred page biography published last year in French by Francois Ricard, which is noteworthy for its sober, objective tone, the Clementes present an emotional and sometimes romantic account of Roy's life. Gabrielle Roy is a famous Canadian author, whose first novel, Bonheur d'occasion [1945, translated into English as The Tin Flute], was an immediate success. It was followed by a dozen other books, including her autobiography and three children's books. She has been called "the English Canadians' favourite French Canadian," and is one of the few authors able to cross the gulf between the two solitudes. Her novels may be urban or rural; some are set in Montreal, others in the Prairies of her youth, and one book is set in the Canadian North. Another positive aspect is that her writing reflects the multicultural reality of Canada, with stories about Blacks, Italians, Chinese, Doukhobors, Ukrainians, etc. Given the scope of her writing, it is not surprising that Roy's novels and short stories are frequently included in high school curricula, either in the original French or in English translation.

    A look at Francois Ricard's 'gabrielle roy A Life'.
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    Sunday, May 23, 1999 More Showbiz headlines
    Rewriting Roy
    By PAT ST. GERMAIN Winnipeg Sun
    Francois Ricard
    A few years back, the cranky protagonist of Mordecai Richler's novel Barney's Version decided to beat a malicious biographer to the punch by writing his own autobiography.
    St. Boniface's literary golden child Gabrielle Roy might have had the same idea when she penned her life story Enchantment And Sorrow shortly before her death in 1983. After all, Roy's sister Adele had been obsessed for years with publishing a scathing poison-pen attack on the award-winning writer, and Roy may have counted on having the famous last word.
    Not that Ricard, who was promoting the book in Winnipeg last week, did not admire the woman he befriended as a young man in the '70s. It's just that Roy's autobiography did not paint a complete portrait of the artist's life.

    18. Gabrielle Roy Home Page
    This site contains a biography of gabrielle roy, information about the Fonds gabrielleroy,a list of awards, articles, a bibliography and related links.
    Gabrielle Roy
    Biography Photo:

    About the Fonds

    Finding Aid

    Related Links
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    19. G2R2
    G2R2 GROUPE DE RECHERCHE SUR gabrielle roy Université McGill Département de Langue et Littérature françaises 3460, rue McTavish Tél. (514) 398-2204
    Université McGill - Département de Langue et Littérature françaises 3460, rue McTavish Montréal (Québec) Tél.: (514) 398-2204 courriel:
    Le «Groupe de recherche sur Gabrielle Roy» (G R ) est une équipe de professeurs et d'étudiants du département de Langue et Littérature françaises de l'Université McGill qui se consacre à l'étude et à l'édition de l'oeuvre de Gabrielle Roy, en particulier des inédits laissés par la romancière. Il est dirigé par François Ricard Jane Everett , Nathalie Cooke et Sophie Marcotte et bénéficie de subventions du Conseil de recherche en sciences humaines du Canada (2002-2005) et du Fonds FCAR du Gouvernement du Québec (2000-2004).
    Ce site est consacré à la description des activités et des projets du Groupe, et rassemble une série de renseignements et de documents relatifs à Gabrielle Roy provenant des recherches en cours.
    NOUVEAU! Concours pour l'obtention d'une indemnité de recherche pour étudiants de maîtrise et de doctorat
    Accès à l'index de la correspondance de Gabrielle Roy


    20. Home Of Gabrielle Roy's House
    Biography and a history of the house, made famous in the novel, 'Rue Deschambault'.
    to this site
    dedicated to
    Gabrielle Roy You will find here information about the author , her birthplace, the house on Rue Deschambault , in the heart of Saint-Boniface, Manitoba. You will learn also about la corporation who is working on saving this historic house.
    Please, feel free to browse this Web site and leave us your comments.

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