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         Rucker Rudy:     more books (103)
  1. The Ware Tetralogy by Rudy Rucker, 2010-06-01
  2. The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul: What Gnarly Computation Taught Me About Ultimate Reality, the Meaning of Life, and How to Be Happy by Rudy Rucker, 2006-09-28
  3. The Sex Sphere by Rudy Rucker, 2008-11-10
  4. Software by Rudy Rucker, 1987-10-01
  5. Infinity and the Mind: The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite (Princeton Science Library) by Rudy Rucker, 2004-11-01
  6. Wetware by Rudy V. B. Rucker, 1997-04
  7. Postsingular by Rudy Rucker, 2009-02-03
  8. Hylozoic by Rudy Rucker, 2010-06-08
  9. The Hollow Earth by Rudy Rucker, 2006-12-25
  10. The Hacker and the Ants: Version 2.0 by Rudy Rucker, 2003
  11. Mathematicians in Love by Rudy Rucker, 2008-07-08
  12. The Secret of Life by Rudy Rucker, 1985-06
  13. Jack and the Aktuals, or, Physical Applications of Transfinite Set Theory: A Tor.Com Original by Rudy Rucker, 2010-07-14
  14. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. A Novel of Peter Bruegel by Rudy Rucker, 2002-01-01

1. Rudy Rucker's Home Page
Rudy Rucker's Home Page
Rudy Rucker's Home Page Home Page Biography Works Online ... Email Last modified:
March 5, 2003
Page started
September 1, 1999.
This website was designed with the help of
Georgia Rucker.
Software Downloads New Books Interviews:
By Giulio Prisco for the
By Tom Georgoulias in Online Java Game:
Asteroids Alive
Novel-writing advice:
A Writer's Toolkit
Classic Science Fiction: The Hacker and the Ants, Release 2.0 (Four Walls Eight Windows, January, 2003) Newly upgraded for the 21st Century! The Hacker and the Ants page. Historical Novel: As Above, So Below: A Novel of Peter Bruegel (Tor Books November, 2002). The Bruegel page, with author's notes. Textbook: Software Engineering and Computer Games (Addison-Wesley, November, 2002). Link includes the Pop Framework for Game Development. The Pop Framework Hall of Fame , Screenshots and downloads of games built by students with the Pop framework. Science Fiction: Spaceland, A Novel of the Fourth Dimension

2. Rudy Rucker Fan Site: All Is One
Rudy Rucker bk1amazon
‚·‚ׂĂ͂ЂƂFRudy Rucker ƒtƒ@ƒ“ƒTƒCƒg
@‚¨‹‚ß‚Í‚¢‚Ü‚·‚®‚¨‹ß‚­‚̏‘“X‚Ü‚½‚Í amazon ‚ŁB
@‚²ˆÓŒ©‚²Šó–]‚²ŽuŠè‚²Žw“E‚́A VE‘åX‚È‚ñ‚Å‚à“`Œ¾” ‚Ì‚Ù‚¤‚É‚Ç‚¤‚¼Bƒ‰ƒbƒJ[‚Æ‚ÍŠÖŒW‚È‚¢˜b‘è‚Å•´‹Š‚µ‚Ä‚½‚è‚·‚邱‚Æ‚à‚ ‚é‚Å‚µ‚傤‚ªA‹C‚É‚µ‚È‚­‚Ä‚¢‚¢‚Å‚·B
‘åX –]
œRudy Rucker‚̃vƒƒtƒB[ƒ‹
@Å‹ß‚́AwRealwarex‚ŁsƒEƒFƒAtƒVƒŠ[ƒY‚ðŠ®Œ‹‚³‚¹‚½‚ ‚ƁAƒuƒŠƒ…[ƒQƒ‹•ƒ‚ªŽålŒö‚Ì—ðŽj¬à‚É’§í‚·‚é‚ȂǁA‚à‚Á‚ς玷•MŠˆ“®‚ɐê”O‚µ‚Ä‚¢‚é–Í—lBÚ×‚Í ’˜ŽÒŽ©•M‚̃vƒƒtƒB[ƒ‹E‹ß‹µ ‚ðŽQÆB
bk1‚Ń‹[ƒfƒBEƒ‰ƒbƒJ[‚ðŒŸõi‘S18Œj‚ÅRudy Rucker‚ðŒŸõi—m‘j‚ÅRudy Rucker‚ðŒŸõi˜a‘j œ‚q‚qŠÖ˜AŒ´eƒA[ƒJƒCƒu …‹Ê壔Vå~‘åX–]w•Ó‹«‚Ì“d”]‚½‚¿xvol.01wƒEƒFƒbƒgƒEƒFƒAx•Ñ (wTheBASICx1997”N2ŒŽ†ŒfÚ) wƒEƒFƒbƒgƒEƒFƒAx•¶ŒÉ‰ðà wƒZƒbƒNƒXEƒXƒtƒBƒAx–óŽÒ‚ ‚Æ‚ª‚« 1992”N‚UŒŽ ƒ‹[ƒfƒBEƒ‰ƒbƒJ[“ÁW‰ðà wŽž‹ó‚ÌŽx”zŽÒx•¶ŒÉ‰ðà wƒnƒbƒJ[‚Æ‹ax–óŽÒ‚ ‚Æ‚ª‚« 1996”N‚XŒŽ u˜f—ƒ`ƒLƒ“‚̌ߌãvì•i‰ðà wŽž‹óƒh[ƒiƒcx–óŽÒ‚ ‚Æ‚ª‚« wƒtƒŠ[ƒEƒFƒAx–óŽÒ‚ ‚Æ‚ª‚« œ‚q‚qƒCƒ“ƒ^ƒrƒ…[ ƒCƒ“ƒ^ƒrƒ…[s•ó“‡tƒo[ƒWƒ‡ƒ“ i1990”N5ŒŽAuƒTƒCƒo[ƒXƒy[ƒXF‰¼‘zŒ»ŽÀ‚Ì‘n‘¢vƒpƒlƒ‹—ˆ“úŽžj ƒCƒ“ƒ^ƒrƒ…[s‚d‚ctƒo[ƒWƒ‡ƒ“ (1993”N8ŒŽAulH¶–½‚Ì”üŠwv“W—ˆ“úŽž) i1994”Nj œƒ‹[ƒfƒBEƒ‰ƒbƒJ[‚̐”Šw‚r‚e‚ð‚ß‚®‚éÀ’k‰ï uƒqƒ‹ƒxƒ‹ƒg‹óŠÔ•Ö‚èv yƒ‹[ƒfƒBEƒ‰ƒbƒJ[ì•iƒŠƒXƒgz White Light,or, What is Cantor's Continuum Problem? (1980)@wƒzƒƒCƒgEƒ‰ƒCƒgx•ŠÛ®–ó^ƒnƒ„ƒJƒ•¶ŒÉ‚r‚e

3. Rucker Rudy
The summary for this Greek page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

4. - Search For: Rucker Rudy, Software
RUCKER, RUDY, SOFTWARE, AVON, 1987. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. ISBN0380-70177-4.VERY LIGHT WEAR ALONG THE EDGES. rucker rudy, Software, Avon. . Rudy&title=Software

5. Ecrivain - Rucker Rudy
Translate this page Rudy Rucker.
Rudy Rucker
Etat civil connu
Année de naissance: 1946
Nationalité: Américaine
Sa biblio Ses romans (Classés par années)
Ses romans (Classés alphabétiquement)

Site maintenu par Alain
Dernière mise à jour de cette page : 11/04/99

6. "Bibliographie De Rucker Rudy"
LISTE DES OUVRAGES ECRITS PAR RUCKER RUDOLF VON BITTER (USA, 1946 ) Récompenseset prix littéraires de Science-fiction décernés à Rudy Rucker
(USA, 1946 - )
  • Philip K.Dick Award : en 1982 et 1988
Paul Denis
Mise à jour : 02/08/2002.

7. DBLP: Rudy Rucker
Rudy Rucker. 1, EE, Aaron Marcus, Donald A. Norman, Rudy Rucker, Bruce Sterling, VernorVinge Scifi at CHI Cyberpunk novelists predict future user interfaces.
Rudy Rucker
List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server FAQ Ask others: ACM CiteSeer CSB Google ... Donald A. Norman , Rudy Rucker, Bruce Sterling Vernor Vinge : Sci-fi at CHI: Cyberpunk novelists predict future user interfaces. CHI 1992 DBLP: [ Home Author Title Conferences ... Michael Ley ( Mon Mar 24 16:26:07 2003

8. RUCKER Rudy
Translate this page Accueil Biblios R Retour rucker rudy Rudy Rucker Pseudonymede Rudolf von Bitter Rucker. USA (1946 - ) Mathématicien
Accueil Biblios R Retour
    RUCKER Rudy Rudy Rucker
    Pseudonyme de Rudolf von Bitter Rucker
    USA (1946 - )
  • Software (1982, Software)
  • (1984, Master of space and time)
  • Le secret de la vie (1985, The secret of life)
  • (1981, Tales of Houdini)
      in Mozart en verres miroirs in Mozart en verres miroirs
  • (1982, The man who ate himself)
  • Ad vitam aeternam (1986, Soft death)
  • (1988, Instability) (avec DI FILIPPO Paul
      in in Pages perdues , J'ai Lu, Science-fiction, 2002

9. Rucker Rudy : Avis De Consommateurs, Comparateur De Prix Et Achat En Ligne
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Avis de dernière minute sur Rucker Rudy La quatrième dimension sur votre table de chevet
Evaluation du produit Quatrième dimension (La) par carachupa Voila un livre qui traite de mathématique s sans endormir le non-mathémat icien. L'intérêt de ce bo...

10. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Rudy Rucker
Rudy Rucker. Bio Resident of California. Bibliography The Fourth Dimension A Guided Tour of the Higher Universes September 1985, Houghton Mifflin Co.,Rudy.php3
Rudy Rucker
Born in Louisville, Kentucky. Majored in Mathematics at Swarthmore College in 1967 and went on to earn his Masters and PhD in Mathematics from Rutgers University. Currently teaches Comupter Science and Mathematics at San Jose State University in California.
All the Visions
1991, Ocean View Books
As Above, So Below: A Novel of Peter Bruegel
Historical novel
2002, Tor
The Fifty-Seventh Franz Kafka
Short story collection
1983, Ace Books
The Fourth Dimension: A Guided Tour of the Higher Universes
September 1985, Houghton Mifflin Co. Paperback Reprint Edition ISBN: 0395393884
May 1997, Hardcover Avon Books ISBN:0-380-97509-2
May 1997, Avon Books Paperback ISBN:0-380-79278-8
March 1998, Eos Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-380-78159-X
Short story collection
April 2000, Four Walls Eight Windows Hardcover ISBN:1-568-58159-9
April 2000, Four Walls Eight Windows Trade Paperback ISBN:-1568-58158-0

Translate this page Accueil Liens Votre avis Le livre du mois Astronomie Quiz Labyrinthe Découvrezla science-fiction. rucker rudy. TITRES, Année, Collection Editeur, N°.
AUTEURS de SF A B C D ... W X Y Z Accueil Liens ... Découvrez la science-fiction RUCKER RUDY TITRES Année Collection Editeur N° Maître de l'espace et du temps Denoël Le secret de la vie Denoël Software Galaxie Bis

12. Rudy Rucker
Rudy Rucker. A leading mathmetician, computer scientist, and CyberPunkpioneer, Rudy Rucker writes novels that surprise and delight

13. SEEK! By Rudy Rucker
Rudy Rucker Seek! Freeranging mind is a description that only beginsto touch on Rudy Rucker's brain. More books by RUDY RUCKER
Rudy Rucker
"Free-ranging mind" is a description that only begins to touch on Rudy Rucker's brain. A Flower Child with a degree in advanced mathematics, Rucker, often labeled the father of cyberpunk, looks at the real world — or what passes for it — in Seek! Unlike any other chronicler of the computer age, Rucker is both a professional programmer and a professional writer. His name is synonymous with the best in science fiction. In this, the companion volume to Gnarl!, the collection of Rucker short stories coming out from Four Walls Eight Windows in spring 2000, Rucker lets his slightly zonked gaze rove on both sides of the computer screen. A computer scientist and industrial-strength programmer, Rucker is articulate, engaged, and deeply funny. He is the ideal participant-observer and the most genial of guides. Alphabetically Seek! -ing, these are some of Rucker's topics: artificial life, beatniks, Big Bang, Peter Brueghel, cellular automata, chaos, chip fabrication, Church of the SubGenius, computers, cosmology, cyberpunk, cyberspace, Philip K. Dick, dogs, film, Japan, jugendstil, God, hackers, live sex, magic wishes, marijuana, mathematics, myticism, nanotechnology, Portugal, science fiction, sobriety, transrealism, TV evangelism, Van Gogh, virtual reality, writing, and Yosemite. Rudy Rucker is professor of computer science at San Jose State University. He has lived in Silicon Valley since 1986. Born in 1946, he earned his Ph.D. at Rutgers. He has won two Philip K. Dick Awards for best paperback novel of the year, for

Rudy Rucker The Hacker and the Ants Version 2.0. A humorous thriller …Estimable. —New York Times Book Review. More books by RUDY RUCKER
Rudy Rucker
The Hacker and the Ants
Version 2.0
"[A] humorous thriller … Estimable." — New York Times Book Review "A professor of mathematics with a penchant for the unusual, if not for the downright weird … Rucker's writing is filled with cunning comic twists." — Austin American-Statesman Jerzy Rugby is a hacker, not the sensationalized, criminal type who crypts codes and breaks into computer systems, but a legitimate programmer gainfully employed by the GoMotion Corporation, helping One day Jerzy finds a virus in his computer. A seemingly harmless, digitized ant romping through the circuits and wires of his machine. But, inexplicably, "ants" spread into Studly, his personal robot. The ants rapidly multiply until they infect television broadcasts, temporarily disabling viewing pleasure for millions of TV junkies. Is it Jerzy's fault? The police think so, pointing to a dead dog, a cut cable wire, and an infected, bloody robot crammed into the trunk of Jerzy's car as evidence. Or is Jerzy part of a larger conspiracy, one involving corporate heads and freaked-out crypts? Jerzy must find the source of the virus soon, before the virtual plague contaminates his already tenuous grip on reality. Rudy Rucker is a two-time winner of the Philip K. Dick Award and a professor of computer science at San Jose State University.

15. - Rudy Rucker
Rudy Rucker, About Author. This author has been recommended by 9 other readers.Edit Author. Books, 3 books listed. Misc. Realware, 2000, 9 out of 10,

16. Book Review Of Rudy Rucker
Rudy Rucker INFINITY AND THE MIND (Birkhauser, 1982) (Copyright ©2000 Piero Scaruffi Legal restrictions Termini d'uso ) This
Rudy Rucker:
INFINITY AND THE MIND (Birkhauser, 1982)

Piero Scaruffi
Legal restrictions - Termini d'uso This book offers a monumental excursion in the topic of infinite: history of the concept, transfinite numbers, Goedel's theorem, self-reference, etc. Many paradoxes highlight the main discussion.
But the mathematician Rudy Rucker also deals with the nature of mind. Rucker asks: "Is what you thought yesterday still part of your mind?" Rucker believes in a world of ideas separate from the mental and the physical. Consciousness explores this "mindscape" that contains all possible thoughts, just like the body explores the universe. We all share the same mindscape, just like we all share the same universe.
One chapter is devoted to "Robots and Souls". Rucker believes that conscious machines could be built, following an observation of Godel himself, that we cannot build a machine that has our mathematical intuition but such a machine can exist and can be discovered by humans. If such a machine exists, humans cannot understand its functioning. Such a machine cannot be built by humans, but could be built by darwinian evolutionary steps starting from a man-made machine. If a machine can be built that exhibits a behavior completely similar to that of humans, then a machine can be built that is as conscious as humans. What Godel's theorem asserts is that "the human mind is not capable of formulating all of its mathematical intuitions" (quoting Godel himself). Permission is granted to download/print out/redistribute this file provided it is unaltered, including credits.

17. SWAN /All Libraries
1998 1 Rucker Mark 6 Rucker Michael P 1996 1 Rucker Patrick Michael 1974 2002 1Rucker Rudolf VB 1946 See rucker rudy VB Rudy Von Bitter 1946 1 Rucker,1913,1915/search/aRucker, Mark./arucker mark
KEYWORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT All SWAN libraries Acorn Acorn Juvenile Alsip-Merrionette Park Alsip-Merrionette Park Juvenile Anderson/Oglesby Anderson/Oglesby Juvenile Bedford Park Bedford Park Juvenile Beecher Beecher Juvenile Bellwood Bellwood Juvenile Berkeley Berkeley Juvenile Berwyn Berwyn Juvenile Blue Island Blue Island Juvenile Broadview Broadview Juvenile Brookfield Zoo Brookfield Zoo Education Calumet City Calumet City Juvenile Calumet Park Calumet Park Juvenile Chicago Heights Chicago Heights Juvenile Chicago Ridge Chicago Ridge Juvenile Cicero Cicero Juvenile Cicero Branch Cicero Branch Juvenile Clarendon Hills Clarendon Hills Juvenile Crestwood Crestwood Juvenile Crete Crete Juvenile Dolton Dolton Juvenile Downers Grove Downers Grove Juvenile Eisenhower Eisenhower Juvenile Elmhurst Elmhurst Juvenile Elmwood Park Elmwood Park Juvenile Evergreen Park Evergreen Park Juvenile Flossmoor Flossmoor Juvenile Forest Park Forest Park Juvenile Frankfort Frankfort Juvenile Frankfort Bookmobile Glenwood-Lynwood Glenwood-Lynwood Juvenile Grande Prairie Grande Prairie Juvenile Harvey Harvey Juvenile Hillside Hillside Juvenile Hinsdale Hinsdale Juvenile Hodgkins Hodgkins Juvenile Homewood Homewood Juvenile Indian Prairie Indian Prairie Juvenile Justice Justice Juvenile La Grange La Grange Juvenile La Grange Park La Grange Park Juvenile Lyons Lyons Juvenile Matteson Matteson Juvenile Maywood Maywood Juvenile McClure Junior High School McClure Junior High School Audiovisual McConathy

18. Cellular Automata Laboratory
Authors provide an introduction to this research topic, downloadable programs, and documentation for their software. Most of the programs in the rudy rucker Cellular Automata Lab (CelLab) are twodimensional cellular automata.
by Rudy Rucker and John Walker
Introduction (from the User Guide
Cellular automata are self-generating computer graphics movies. The most important near-term application of cellular automata will be to commercial computer graphics; in five years you won't be able to watch television for an hour without seeing some kind of CA. Three other key applications of cellular automata will be to simulation of biological systems (artificial life), to simulation of physical phenomena (heat-flow and turbulence), and to the design of massively parallel computers. Most of the programs in the Rudy Rucker Cellular Automata Lab (CelLab) are two-dimensional cellular automata. In these programs the computer screen is divided up into "cells" which are colored rectangles or dots. Each cell is repeatedly "updated" by changing its old color to a new color. The net effect of the individual updates is that you see an ever-evolving sequence of screens. A graphics program of this nature is specifically called a cellular automaton when it is 1) parallel, 2) local, and 3) homogeneous. Parallelism means that the individual cell updates are performed independently of each other. That is, we think of all of the updates being done at once.

19. Link To Rudy Rucker's Home Page
Biography, list of works, online stories, class information and contact information.Category Arts Literature Authors R rucker, rudy......The correct address for rudy rucker's Home Pageis.
The correct address for Rudy Rucker's Home Page is

20. Rudy Rucker, Science Fiction Writer And Mathematician
rudy rucker. Philip K. Dick Award Winner. Novels. rucker, rudy . Software, Avon, New York, 1982.
Rudy Rucker
Philip K. Dick Award Winner
Rucker, Rudy,
Software, Avon, New York, 1982. ISBN: 0-380-70177-4
Wetware, Avon, New York, 1988. ISBN: 0-380-70178-2
Freeware, Avon, New York, 1997. ISBN: 0-380-78159-X
Original Short Fiction
Rucker, Rudy,
Rucker, Rudy,
Geometry, Relativity, and the Fourth Dimension, Dover, New York, 1977.
The Fourth Dimension: Toward a Geometry of Higher Reality, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1984. ISBN: 0-395-34420-4

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