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         Sappho:     more books (99)
  1. If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho by Sappho, 2003-08-12
  2. The Complete Poems of Sappho
  3. Sappho; And the Virgil of Venus by Sappho, 2010-10-14
  4. The Sappho Companion by Sappho, 2002-06-30
  5. Sappho's Leap: A Novel by Erica Jong, 2004-05
  6. Poems and Fragments by Sappho, 2002-03-01
  7. Sweetbitter Love: Poems of Sappho
  8. Stung with Love: Poems and Fragments (Penguin Classics) by Sappho, 2009-10-27
  9. Greek Lyric: Sappho and Alcaeus (Loeb Classical Library No. 142) by Sappho, Alcaeus, 1982-01-01
  10. The Girls: Sappho Goes to Hollywood by Diana McLellan, 1900-09-30
  11. Sappho's Lyre: Archaic Lyric and Women Poets of Ancient Greece by Diane Rayor, 1991-10-04
  12. Sappho and Alcaeus: An Introduction to the Study of Ancient Lesbian Poetry by Sir Denys Page, 1979-10-25
  13. The New Sappho on Old Age: Textual and Philosophical Issues (Hellenic Studies)
  14. Sappho by the Sea: An Illustrated Guide to the Hamptons by J. Frederick Smith, 1976

1. Mythography | The Greek Poet Sappho
learn about the Greek poet sappho and how her poems relate to Greek mythology

greek poets Sappho
The Greek Poet Sappho

Sappho was an ancient Greek poet who infused her works with intense emotions - especially love, desire, longing, and their companion, suffering. She crafted her poems primarily as a tribute to the private world of women, something from which we are generally excluded in Greek literature. Therefore the poems provide us with a valuable and remarkable glimpse into the lives and aspirations of Greek girls. In some respects, they could be termed "romantic", but Sappho transcends her subject with such a moving, insightful, and poignant power that the poems are still highly relevant even today. Simply stated, she created some of the most vibrant love poetry ever composed. Naturally, someone as intimately concerned with love as Sappho would be drawn to the irresistible realm of the goddess of love. And indeed, Aphrodite plays a significant role in many of Sappho's poems. It is to this goddess that Sappho addresses several of her works. In some cases, it seems as if the poet were a supplicant, begging Aphrodite for mercy from the ravages of unrequited love; in others, Sappho sings joyfully of the beautiful deity, and the poems are like graceful gifts to this golden goddess:
"Leave Krete and come to this holy temple
where the graceful grove of apple trees
circles an altar smoking with frankincense.

2. Isle Of Lesbos: Historical Poetry, Classical Art, And Vintage Images For Lesbian
From the Isle of Lesbos comes this crisp and clean compilation with such poets as Gertrude Stein and Category Society Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Creativity and Culture......Welcome to the Isle of Lesbos, a place of art, culture, and learningdedicated to lesbian and bisexual women. On this site you will
Welcome to the Isle of Lesbos, a place of art, culture, and learning dedicated to lesbian and bisexual women. On this site you will find a wealth of historical literary material and images celebrating romantic love between women as well as the joys of sisterhood. Brew up a cup of your favorite tea, take off your shoes, and get comfortable. Then click a section heading in the top menu bar and begin your journey into a kind and gentle space that honors the enduring bonds between women. Enjoy!
A place of art, culture, and learning dedicated to lesbian and bisexual women. Poetry Classical Art Vintage Images Quotations ... Alix North
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3. Euro-Sappho Mailing List
list for sapphic discussion on topics that are mainly of interest to European dykes.Category Society Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Lesbian Mailing Lists......Eurosappho. Euro-sappho is a list for sapphic discussion on topics that aremainly of interest to European dykes. Try

Euro-Sappho is a list for sapphic discussion on topics that are mainly of interest to European dykes. While any woman can join, we expect subscribers to keep the international/European nature of the list in mind. There is a very comprehensive information package which answers all questions (and more!) about Euro-Sappho. Please read the Euro-Sappho FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)! The list welcome information is also available in: deutsch Currently, the list has about 340 subscribers from many countries, including (information from April, 2000): Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA
In need of help with your questions about Euro-Sappho or using the Internet? Try Look here how to subscribe This site has received recognition , by the way!
Eurosapphic home pages: Euro-Sappho picture archive
Saga of Amazonia

Euro-Sappho logo

The lesbian Internet
Living with Lesbian Lists
, some personal views
, European lesbian studies
, European lesbian writers
, Eurosapphic Mamas Lista Lesbica Italiana Finnish Sapfo-list Sapfo Norden Frauenliebe ... Euro-queer Mainly European sapphic spaces: A Dyke's World by Indina Beuche A site for German ladies and those who want them AmaZone , Norway (in Norwegian) Corky's nyhetsbrev (in Swedish) Pagine lesbiche , Italian lesbian homepage

4. Sappho Page
This page is devoted to understanding the poetry of sappho, designed and organized by Robin MitchellBoya Category Arts Classical Studies Greek sappho......sappho. This page is devoted to understanding the poetry of sappho. Imagesof sappho. sappho reading sappho and Alcaeus Information about sappho.
This page is devoted to understanding the poetry of Sappho. While anyone interested in Sappho will find this information useful, it has been designed primarily for students and teachers of Intellectual Heritage 51, a Core Humanities course at Temple University.
This page is designed and organized by Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Associate Professor of Greek and Roman Classics at Temple University. He can be reached at ROBINM@VM.TEMPLE.EDU. Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Images of Sappho
Sappho reading
Sappho and Alcaeus
Information about Sappho
Overview with links (taken from Perseus)
Information about poetry during Sappho's era

Bibliography of scholarship on Sappho

Historical background on social and political conditions during Sappho's era
Picture of Lesbos
Since the goddess Aphrodite is a central figure in Sappho's poetry, you will find it useful to know more about her.
Overview (with links from Perseus)

The myth of the birth of Aphrodite

The myth of Aphrodite and the mortal Anchises

The potential wrath of Aphrodite, as seen in the opening lines of Euripides' tragedy,
... Go to Classics Home Page

5. Sappho
Read six poems written by this poet from Ancient Greece. Includes "Tonight I Watched" and "It Was You, Atthis " both translated by Mary Barnard. sappho (625 B.C.E.)
Sappho (625 B.C.E.)
BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME Because you love me Stand with me face to face And unveil the softness in your eyes... (translated by D. W. Myatt) BLAME APHRODITE It's no use Mother dear, I can't finish my weaving You may blame Aphrodite soft as she is she has almost killed me with love for that boy (translated by Mary Barnard) CLEIS Sleep, darling I have a small daughter called Cleis, who is like a golden flower I wouldn't take all Croesus' kingdom with love thrown in, for her Don't ask me what to wear I have no embroidered headband from Sardis to give you, Cleis, such as I wore and my mother always said that in her day a purple ribbon looped in the hair was thought to be high style indeed but we were dark: a girl whose hair is yellower than torchlight should wear no headdress but fresh flowers (translated by Mary Barnard) IT WAS YOU, ATTHIS It was you, Atthis, who said "Sappho, if you will not get up and let us look at you I shall never love you again! "Get up, unleash your suppleness, lift off your Chian nightdress and, like a lily leaning into "a spring, bathe in the water. Cleis is bringing your best purple frock and the yellow "tunic down from the clothes chest; you will have a cloak thrown over you and flowers crowning your hair... "Praxinoa, my child, will you please roast nuts for our breakfast? One of the gods is being good to us: "today we are going at last into Mitylene, our favorite city, with Sappho, loveliest "of its women; she will walk among us like a mother with all her daughters around her "when she comes home from exile..." But you forget everything

6. Women's Voices
`Who now am I to persuade to your love, who, sappho, has done you wrong?

7. E-Sappho
Lesbian lifestyle site, events calendar, health, humour, art, poetry, literature, reviews, news items and special profiles in English, French and Flemish.

8. The Divine Sappho
Life, works of famous Greek poetess, sappho. Includes H.T. Wharton's Life of sappho, poems in translation, other classical references.
Fragments Life Also here Links
Fragments in translation
First line index.
Miscellaneous fragments (121-170)
are not indexed. Sappho fragments from H.T. Wharton's 1895 Sappho.
The famous Wharton collection includes 170 fragments, some with many translations by such fine writers as J.H. Merivale, Swinburne and J.A. Symonds. Wharton with Unicode Greek.
H. T. Wharton's Life of Sappho
Family and times
Sappho and Phaon

Sappho's girlfriends (Victorian view)

Sappho's beauty and the ancients
Later views
(includes Swinburne on translating Sappho
Portrayals in comedy and drama

Works and meters

Some favorites: Immortal Aphrodite of the broidered throne ... Uni That man seems to me peer of gods ... Uni ... Uni
Also here at The Divine Sappho
Ovid's Heroides XV, Sappho to Phaon Pope's verse translation. The Latin text is at George Mason U. Classics. The Spectator, Nov. 15, 1711 (complete) Joseph Addison on Sappho, with the first published English translation of Sappho's "Hymn to Aphrodite," by Ambrose Philips. The Spectator Nov. 22, 1711 (complete) Addison fulfils his promise to further explore Sappho, and includes a translation of fr. 2 by Philips. On the Sublime, Book 10, featuring Sappho

9. The Sappho Mailing List Home Page
Group produces exhibits which honor the Greek poet's artistic achievements. View an author bio, photos, gifts for sale, and contact details. What is the sappho Project? The sappho Project is a nonprofit organization consisting of highly qualified artists and

10. Http://
Relatiebemiddelingsbureau biedt vrouwen de mogelijkheid om een vrouwelijke partner of vriendin te ontmoeten.
Deze domeinnaam is geregistreerd bij :

11. Isle Of Lesbos
An extensive selection of lesbian poetry by various authors, beginning with sappho up to more contemporar Category Arts Literature Cultural Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual......Isle of Lesbos Poetry. Lesbian Poetry. Welcome to the Lesbian Poetrypages. Here you will find Historical Poetry selected works
Isle of Lesbos : Poetry
Lesbian Poetry
Welcome to the Lesbian Poetry pages. Here you will find: Historical Poetry - selected works and biographies of poets (of various orientations) who have written about affection between women. Contemporary Poetry - mini biographies of popular modern-day lesbian poets. Resources for Poets and Readers - where to find more biographical information, poetic anthologies, and web sites on this topic. Lesbian Poetry FAQ - answers to many commonly-asked questions about this section. Poetry Classical Art Vintage Images Quotations ... Alix North
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12. Tufts Hellenic Society Sappho
An introduction to the poets life, including a translation of fr.1LP, as part of an article about Category Arts Classical Studies Greek sappho......sappho THE ERESSIA c. 613 BC c.570 BC. Some sources claim that Cercylaswas her husband and died when sappho was about thirty-five.

13. Sappho Travel
Services of this travel agency specialised on Lesvos. Information about the island, transport, excursions and accommodations.

14. Sappho's Online
Overview and newsletter information from the NorthCentral Indiana lesbian network.
Sappho's Network is a lesbian network in north-central Indiana that was started in 1993. At our monthly gatherings we have pitch-ins at various locations, socialize, and share other activities such as watching lesbian-related videos, playing games, and softball. Sappho's produces a bi-monthly newsletter Network News. Subscriptions to Network News, as well as more information on Sappho's Network, can be obtained by writing to the address below:
Sappho's Network
P.O.Box 118
Kewanna, IN 46939
Sappho (650-590 BC), Greek poet, whose poetry was so renowned that Plato referred to her two centuries after her death as the tenth muse. She was born on the island of Lésvos, probably in Mitylene. Although the details of her life are lacking, it appears that she was of good family and was a contemporary of the lyric poets Alcaeus and Stesichorus. According to tradition, Alcaeus was her lover. Another legend holds that because of unrequited love for the young boatman Phaon she leaped to her death from a steep rock on the island of Levkás. She had a daughter named Cleïs and two brothers. The fragmentary remains of Sappho's poems indicate that she taught her art to a group of maidens, to whom she was devotedly attached and whose bridal odes she composed when they left her to be married. Later writers of antiquity, commenting upon the group, accused Sappho of immorality and vice, from which arose the modern terms for female homosexuality, “lesbianism” and “sapphism.”

15. Franz Grillparzer: Sappho

Kino Musik Bestseller ... Gutenberg-DE
Autoren A - Z
Startseite Info CD-ROM ... Druckversion
Franz Grillparzer
Dem Herrn Carl August West widmet diesen
seinen zweiten dramatischen Versuch,
als Zeichen
Dankbarkeit und Freundschaft, der Verfasser.
und Melitta , Dienerinnen Sapphos
Rhamnes , Sklave Ein Landmann Dienerinnen, Knechte und Landleute 1. Aufzug 2. Aufzug 3. Aufzug 4. Aufzug ... Druckversion PANORAMA KULTUR WISSENSCHAFT Home Politik ... Mediadaten document.AutorenPulldown.Auswahl.options[0].selected = true;

Publisher of books and journals.

17. Sappho Cottage
Offers bed and breakfast. Contains pictures of the accommodation, tariff, booking information, and testimonials.
The Automobile Association

18. Sappho And Lesbian Poetry
A short study of several poems, with text in translation, by William Harris PhD, Prof.em. Middlebury College.
A much more detailed Study on Sappho has the Greek of Frag. I, with art background. in .pdf 90 pages.
When we speak of Sappho, the poet from the island of Lesbos, and her poetry, we are thinking of something very special, a transcendental kind of poetry which is somehow purer, fairer, lovelier than anything else in the Western world. Considering how little we know about the poet herself, and how little we have of the remains of her poetry, we might well ask ourselves if we are not participating in a literary myth, creating a poet-figure of such great talent with so little verse, that one can only admire from a vast distance. It is hard to believe that in early Byzantine times whole books of her poetry were there to read, even if the Aeolic special language was largely unintelligible to most readers. But her fame was large and it seems somehow unthinkable that her gems were simply not copies, perhaps even destroyed by orders. Odd books have survived, Lucretius whom no one could really understand in the ninth century, Catullus who could be shocking, and so with the churchly Byzantines too one would expect. I have thought that male homosexuality may have been less threatening to a growing Christian church council than the homosexuality of females, which if developed could hamper childbearing. But this is unknown, no attitudes about same-sex relationships have been so harsh and unrelenting as those of these last two centuries, and it is useless to pry further back on such a personal and secret topic.

19. Isle Of Lesbos
We're sorry; the page you've tried to reach is no longer on this site. The page may have been moved to another location, or it may be part of a section that was removed. You can use the navigation bar above to jump to a specific section of the Isle
We're sorry; the page you've tried to reach is no longer on this site. The page may have been moved to another location, or it may be part of a section that was removed. You can use the navigation bar above to jump to a specific section of the Isle of Lesbos, or return to our home page Poetry Classical Art Vintage Images ... Alix North
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20. The Sappho Project Home Page
The sappho Project is a nonprofit organization that have produced two exhibits which reveal the life Category Arts Classical Studies Greek sappho......The sappho Project is a nonprofit organization that have produced two exhibitswhich reveal the life and creative work of sappho.These exhibits are.
THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SAPPHO OF MYTILENE (LESBOS) This site is best view with frames. If your browser doesn't support frames click here For more information Email us at

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