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         Silliman Ron:     more books (76)
  1. The New Sentence by Ron Silliman, 1987-01-01
  2. What by Ron Silliman, 1988-05
  3. The Alphabet (Modern & Contemporary Poetics) by Ron Silliman, 2008-08-28
  4. Tjanting (Salt Modern Poets) by Ron Silliman, 2002-09-20
  5. The Age of Huts (compleat) (New California Poetry) by Ron Silliman, 2007-04-09
  6. Under Albany (Salt Modern Lives) by Ron Silliman, 2004-11-15
  7. The Grand Piano: Part 9 by Ron Silliman, Lyn Hejinian, et all 2009-11-03
  8. Demo to Ink by Ron Silliman, 1992-01-01
  9. Thinking Poetics: Essays on George Oppen (Modern & Contemporary Poetics)
  10. Ketjak. by Ron. SILLIMAN, 1978-01-01
  11. N/O by Ron Silliman, 1994-01-01
  12. Xing by Ron Silliman, 2004-01-01
  13. Lit by Ron Silliman, 1987-12
  14. Toner by Ron Silliman, 1992-11

1. A 1982 Interview With Ron Silliman
http// silliman ron Silliman's author page at the EPC contains a bio, poems, his criticism,
A 1982 Interview with Ron Silliman Sinda Gregory: I suspect some readers have a difficult time placing your work within a tradition, fiction or poetry or journalism or prose poetry or whatever. What do you consider your work to be? Ron Silliman: I consider what I write to be prose poems but not fiction, partly for formal reasons and partly because I'm not interested in "making things up." And although most readers aren't familiar with it, there is a tradition of the prose poem, extending back 160 years to the work of Aloysius Bertrand, which is seldom incorporated into the teaching of creative writing in the academy. Creative prose is subsumed under the term fiction, with the result that works that don't fit the category are ignored. But subsuming prose under the term fiction is like subsuming all of what can occur in a text under the rubric of character , or narrative. For example, the work of Baudelaire in prose is extraordinarily interesting. He was the first person capable of using prose as a closed, stanzaic form. Traditional modes of defining literary categories don't account for the way in which even expository prose is marked by the devices of literature. I often use Theodor Adomo's

2. Kvasir: Silliman Ron
Annonsører Er domenet silliman ron ledig? Søk på Silliman i Bokkilden. Kvasirsilliman ron Annonsører Er domenet silliman ron ledig? Ron

3. Kvasir: Simonhjell Nora
dokumentstørrelse198.5 kB; Kvasir silliman ron Simenon, GeorgesSimon, Claude Simonhjell, Nora Simonnæs, Harald skrift Simenon Nora

4. Ron Silliman
Ron Silliman (1946 ). About Ron Silliman On Ketjak On SunsetDebris On The Chinese Notebook Silliman, Wild Form A
Ron Silliman (1946- ) About Ron Silliman On Ketjak On "Sunset Debris" ... Online Poems Prepared and Compiled by Cary Nelson Return to Modern American Poetry Home Return to Poets Index

5. Silliman
Ron Silliman. Manifest. La Laguna Zasterle Press, 1990. Tom Raworth, Kit Robinson,Jerome Rothenberg, Leslie Scalapino, Spencer Selby, Ron Silliman, Jack Spicer.
Ron Silliman Manifest La Laguna: Zasterle Press, 1990.
Amid the greys of a burned-out wood, seek a new reduction for beauty. Casuality poses formalism
against structure. What a mailman calls flats. Cylinder filled with sand seeks ash Cover by Juan M.
Cabrera ISBN 84-87467-01-6
Home Page
Bruce Andrews Dennis Barone Tom Beckett ... Other Links

6. Ron Silliman
Ron Silliman (1946 ). a web guide to Ron Silliman from
Ron Silliman (1946 - ) a web guide to Ron Silliman from main page 20th century authors General Articles An introduction to Ron Silliman, plus excerpts of reputable critical discussions of some poems, from the Modern American Poetry Site (Univ. of Illinois). Ron Silliman's author page at the EPC contains a bio, poems, his criticism, and criticism on him. Article by George Hartley, originally published in Temblor 7 (1988), responds to Silliman's The New Sentence. New York: Roof, 1987. Ron Silliman writes about and reacts to Bob Perelman's The Marginalization of Poetry. Originally published in The Impercipient Lecture Series Vol. 1 No. 4 May 1997. "Language Poetry And The Lyric Subject: Ron Silliman's Albany, Susan Howe's Buffalo," by Marjorie Perloff.

7. Ron Silliman
Ron Silliman General Resources Ron Silliman (ElectronicPoetry Center, SUNY Buffalo). Silliman21.htm 10/05/98.
Ron Silliman
  • General Resources

Ron Silliman. excerpt from UNDER. for Krishna Evans Perhaps you thinkthe pen cuts the page, which bleeds, leaving scars of ink. The
Ron Silliman
excerpt from UNDER
for Krishna Evans
Perhaps you think the pen cuts the page, which bleeds, leaving scars of ink. The weight of your body beside me organizes my sleep. Picking little translucent bones from the salmon. A man is sleeping in the planter box out side the abandoned restaurant, his body pushed as tightly against the building as he can get. Dust on my windshield turns to constellations as I drive directly into the setting sun. I'm standing on the freeway exchanging insurance information with Ms. Pam Rhoe of Concord, waiting for the tow truck to arrive, sun still rising, around us the steady onrush of commute traffic, the view of Oakland rooftops curiously serene when I realize I'm not wearing my glasses, which flew off at the point of impact. A couple comes to the door with the collar of a cat they found crushed in the street and dying, which they rushed to the vet anyway, returning to search for its owner. The way a distant train's horn threads the morning air. Is it poetry or is it ComputerLand? "Body shop," says the voice answering the phone. Roast pig as an edible sculpture. The green of the radiator fluid washes over the freeway. Staring out a sixth floor window, Lee Harvey Oswald inaugurates postmodernism one, two, three times (stunt double on the grassy knoll).

9. Small Press Traffic > Ron Silliman
Ron Silliman lived in the Bay Area from 1947 until 1995, including 17 years inSan Francisco spent variously in the Mission, Bernal Heights, the Haight
events new writing book reviews author biographies ... links Ron Silliman lived in the Bay Area from 1947 until 1995, including 17 years in San Francisco spent variously
in the Mission, Bernal Heights, the Haight, Potrero Hill and "Baja Pacific Heights." He's now living in an oak wood twenty miles west of Philadelphia, but he always finds his way back to the Bay Area, just as swallows are said to return to Capistrano and salmon to swim upstream. The University of Alabama Press will publish his poem, The Alphabet , in its entirety if he ever finishes writing it. Silliman is currently a Pew Fellow in the Arts. Quarry West is devoting an issue to his writing sometime in the near future.
October 30, 1998

10. Ron Silliman
Ron Silliman, EPC Silliman Page; Modern American Poetry; Silliman onRadical Poetics; On Bob Perelman; Silence of the Looms ; The Nose
Ron Silliman Sites on Language Poetry Related Sites

11. Silliman Ron Demo To Ink
silliman ron Demo to Ink. Title Demo to Ink Author silliman ron. CategoryLiterature Fiction Carter, Billy,Carter, Syb Bill
Silliman Ron Demo to Ink
Title: Demo to Ink
Author: Silliman Ron
Carter, Billy,Carter, Syb Bill...
Clifford, J. Stephen Cocaine A...

Carter, Billy,Carter, Syb Bill...

Wallace, John Alcoholism : New...
Borzello Frances Ihre eigene Welt....

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13. White Lines
find out. Tjanting by Ron silliman ron Silliman kills me StevenWright as a morose dumpy hairy leftist computer worker. He's
W h i t e L i n e s a Poetry Year in Review
Poems for the Millenium
When you try to read anthologies, don't you keep hearing Thumper say "Ha ha ha ha, that's not a flower"? Or is it just me? Here we are at another boring loud smokey crowded party whose tongue-tied guests might make excellent company in more intimate surroundings. In this one, the usual suspects are all as usual, but as for the introductions and the collection of creation myths oh, fertility symbol help me, what can I say? Jerome Rothenberg Sha-Ma-Na
Most Hilarious Ad
Speaking of Sha-Ma-Na, how about Clayton "Encino Man" Eshleman 's offer to show well-heeled spirit-questers around those tres chic cave paintings in France? Count me in if Sister Wendy is part of the deal. You have to wonder what'll happen if these guys ever discover Bo Diddley or E. C. Segar.
Second Most Hilarious Ad
A friend of mine who went to get a Creative Writing M.A. around the same time that I went to get a haircut showed me an issue of his Creative Writing Grad Student Alumni Magazine. I forget what it's called, probably something like "The Quotidian." Anyway, it included an ad for an expensive European vacation and the headline was "BE AN EXPATRIATE WRITER FOR TWO WEEKS."
Frame Structures and The Birth-mark by Susan Howe
Howe is the only poet I know who doesn't seem to be impassioned just because it's cheaper than drugs. A couple years back, a vilely careerist Bay Area poet who's since become a vilely careerist New York poet told me (well, she told the carload of poets I was with she wouldn't be caught dead talking to me) that she thought Susan Howe was probably insane. Which reminded me of when I first realized how the canon is managed, when I was a teenager and read some guy in an

RON SILLIMAN, Mohawk (Doones Press, Bowling Green, Ohio 1973) Mimeographed'Language' poems. RON SILLIMAN, Nox (Burning Deck, Providence
RON SILLIMAN, Mohawk (Doones Press, Bowling Green, Ohio 1973)
Mimeographed 'Language' poems.
RON SILLIMAN, Nox (Burning Deck, Providence, R.I. 1974)
words in quadrants, beautifully printed, like all the Burning Deck pamphlets. Nr. 210 of an edition of 300.
RONALD SILLIMAN, Crow (Ithica House, New York 1971)
Is Ronald Ron? Probably, for the style is similar and this is indeed his first book. Handwritten notes in an unknown hand on inside last endpaper.

15. Ron Silliman
Ron Silliman. “Silliman has a preference for eccentric forms ofhis own invention.” “In writing what he calls the new sentece
Ron Silliman “Silliman has a preference for eccentric forms of his own invention.” “In writing what he calls the new sentece , Silliman frustrates the convention of the poetic line, as well as its political implication of closure.” I haven’t read his poetry yet, but these basic quotes about his poetry kindof tick me off. What would posses anyone to say that a line of poetry has a political implication of closure? From Tjanting I fucking hate poetry based on gimmicks. I mean, that I’ve read good gimmick based poetry and bad gimmick based poetry, but the basic idea of basing a poem on a gimmick seems counterintuitive. I like the idea that the poem will call for its own form... I mean we had gimmicks in the past also. For example, things such as sonnets, iambic pentameter poetry, etc. But then in an attempt to escape from these trappings Silliman (and many others) simply build their own new cage and then call it freedom. Jesus Christ, why can’t he just write without any hang-ups. This poetry looks very long, ugly, and boring. The only part I like is his random “misspelling” of words to try and catch the rhythm of natural speech.

16. Ron Silliman
Ron Silliman. From “Tjanting”. Another language poem. I didn’t likethis poem very much; I got tired of reading it about halfway through.
Ron Silliman From “Tjanting” Another language poem. I didn’t like this poem very much; I got tired of reading it about halfway through. Although I didn’t like the poem itself too much, I thought that the concept be hind it was really neat. This concept gave me an idea: every number equals some word or sentence, then start counting. Actually on second thought, that sounds like a stupid idea…I think I may try it anyway. I’m curious as to the meaning of the title in this poem, “Tjanting.” Is that suppose to have some symbolic or emotional meaning that I am not picking up on, or is it a sound? I liked some of the stylistic things that Silliman did in this poem. He abbreviates words like “wld,” “spilld,” and “wch.” These abbreviations look like misspellings or as shorthand in notes. Either way, this technique gives the work a very unfinished look. It makes it seems like he just sat down and wrote I tin one sitting without bothering to correct it. This feelings is enhanced by sentences like, “Wld it be different with a different pen?” and “It wld’ve been new with a blue pen.” It seems like he is putting his thoughts directly onto paper in a stream of consciousness manner, however, we can see that there was a lot of thought put into each sentence.

17. Gleebooks Review Of Slant
Seamus Heaney. POETRY Title In The American Tree Subtitle Corrected and Redesigned,With New Afterword Author silliman ron Publisher Wesleyan Uni.
POETRY Title: Slant Subtitle: Author: QUAN ANDY Publisher: NIGHTWOOD ED. Binding: Paperback ISBN: exGST: incGST: Andy Quan was born in 1969 in Vancouver, British Columbia, a third-generation Chinese-Canadian and fifth-generation Chinese-American with roots in the villages of Canton. Sharp, accessible and witty, Slant offers a fresh exploration of issues of race, sexuality, and life in the global village. The collection alternates between three main themes of childhood and family in the Chinese diaspora; gay sexuality, community and rites-of-passages; and voyages literal and metaphorical. Slant asks how do we belong? and answers in a voice that is compelling and unique. POETRY Title: From Wood To Ridge Subtitle: O Choille Gu Bearradh Author: Publisher: Carcanet Binding: Paperback ISBN: exGST: incGST: Sorley MacLean's Collected Poems, presented here with his own translations facing the Scots Gaelic originals, are at the heart of the Gaelic Renaissance, as in MacLean himself. This new paperback edition is fully revised and corrected. When we come to live with his poetry's unique rigours and bonuses we can only assent to Ezra Pound's salutary distinction that 'three are works of art which are beautiful objects and works of art which are keys or passwords admitting one to a deeper knowledge, to a finer perception,' in the grateful knowledge that Sorley MacLean's are of the latter sort. Seamus Heaney. POETRY Title: In The American Tree Subtitle: Corrected and Redesigned, With New Afterword

18. Ron Silliman
Bibliography, poems, writings, review, and links.
Ron Silliman Bio/List Linebreak Ron Silliman's Blog Online Works Send a Comment Search Home Electronic Poetry Center (

19. Silliman, "On Political Poets"
ron silliman has written "Progressive poets who identify as members of groups that have been the subject of historymany
Ron Silliman: On Political Poets
Last modified: Wednesday, 30-Dec-1998 17:20:36 EST

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Silliman (Ron) Disappearance of the word, appearance of the world
Ron Silliman. Disappearance of the word, appearance of the world, 1976 Collection number:
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