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         Smith Cordwainer:     more books (102)
  1. The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith by Cordwainer Smith, 1993-06-01
  2. The Game of Rat and Dragon by CORDWAINER SMITH, 2009-08-05
  3. We the Underpeople by Cordwainer Smith, 2008-07-29
  4. Norstrilia by Cordwainer Smith, 1994-12
  5. You Will Never Be the Same by Cordwainer Smith, 1970-09-01
  6. When the People Fell by Cordwainer Smith, 2007-09-04
  7. The Best of Cordwainer Smith by Cordwainer Smith, 1975
  8. The Planet Buyer by Cordwainer Smith, 1976
  9. Concordance to Cordwainer Smith by Anthony R. Lewis, 2000-09-01
  10. The Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith by Karen L. Hellekson, 2001-09
  11. Space Lords by Smith Cordwainer, 1984-07-01
  12. The Rediscovery of Man (S.F. Masterworks) by Cordwainer Smith, 1999-05-13
  13. Scanners Live in Vain by Cordwainer Smith, 2009-01-23
  14. The underpeople (Pyramid science fiction) by Cordwainer Smith, 1968

1. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Cordwainer Smith
Smith's life and work as detailed in the vast "Alpha Ralpha Boulevard" set of author pages.Category Arts Literature Authors S Smith, Cordwainer......Cordwainer Smith. Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger (b.1913d.1966) Bookcover,Best of Cordwainer Smith. Other Smith links Potlach,Cordwainer.php3
Cordwainer Smith
Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger (b.1913-d.1966) Bookcover, Best of Cordwainer Smith.
Other Smith links:
Potlach 12
The Remarkable Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith

Arlington National Cemetery Web Site: Linebarger

Christianity In the Science Fiction of "Cordwainer Smith"
Japanese Page with CS info(?)
(It's not available in english-but if anyone want's to translate for me...there's a 'cute' cartoon of C'Mell, too)
Spacelight: Paul Linebarger Smith
Potlach 12 will feature The Rediscovery of Man as it's Book of Honor. Pseudonyms : Felix C. Forrest, Carmichael Smith
Spy thriller, as Carmichael Smith
The Best of Cordwainer Smith
sh.sts. Ed. J.J. Pierce
nsf 1949, as Felix C. Forrest
The China of Chiang Kaishek: A political study
1941, Boston
Far Eastern Goverments and Politics: China and Japan
nf. 1954
The Good Friends
1963 Galaxy Publishing Corporation ISBN 0-345-27716-3
The Gospel of Chung Shan according to Paul Linebarger
1932, Paris

2. The Templeton Gate - Authors - Cordwainer Smith
Cordwainer Smith's author page at The Templeton Gate, with an essay about all his work.
Profiled by Galen Strickland Cordwainer Smith - the most frequently used pseudonym of Dr. Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger (1913-1966). The son of a U. S. diplomat, he was born in Milwaukee - his father wanted to be sure he would be eligible for the presidency - but spent most of his youth in China. He was god-son to Sun Yat-sen, who gave him the name Lin Bah Loh (Forest of Incandescent Bliss). He was educated in China, Japan, and Europe, and became expert in psychoanalysis and "brainwashing" techniques. In 1948 he wrote Psychological Warfare , still considered the definitive text on the subject. Serving with the Army Intelligence Corps during World War 2, he played an active role in propping up the regime of Chiang Kai-shek before the communist takeover. Photo Courtesy of
Rosana (Linebarger) Hart,
daughter of Cordwainer
Smith, and Webmaster of
Later he served as a military advisor in Korea and Malaya - but not Vietnam, as he was opposed to U. S. involvement there - and was also an advisor to President Kennedy. His proudest accomplishment in Korea was the orchestration of the surrender of Chinese troops who normally felt it dishonorable to give up their weapons. Through leaflets air-dropped behind their lines the Chinese were persuaded to come forward, their arms over their heads, chanting the phrases "honor," "duty," and "humanity," which recited in the proper order sounded like "I surrender" in English. His first SF tale, "War No. 81-Q," was written at the age of 15 for a high school journal. In the late '40s he wrote two non-SF novels under the pseudonym Felix C. Forrest and one as Carmichael Smith. After 1950 he would write SF exclusively, all under the name of Cordwainer Smith. Almost all of his SF, including his first story, is part of a series known collectively as the "Instrumentality of Mankind," which covers several millenia of man's future both on Earth and in the exploration of space. The style of the stories ranged from darkly serious to highly satiric and some incorporated intricate Chinese narrative techniques. As in

3. Ex Libris Archives: Cordwainer Smith
Cordwainer Smith's author page and very short reviews at Ex Libris.
Home Ex Libris Authors : Cordwainer Smith
Cordwainer Smith
rediscovery of man Have you seen our weblog or our monthly book review? Cordwainer Smith is not as well known as Isaac Asimov or Robert A. Heinlein , and that's a sad thing. Smith had a weird, quirky imagination, and a unique voice. With one exception he wrote only short stories, and the flavor of them is unmistakable. Some are well known, "Scanners Live In Vain" and "The Ballad of Lost C'mell" being the most familiar. Even the titles are unmistakeable: consider "No, No, Not Rogov", "The Dead Lady of Clown Town", "Golden The Ship Was, Oh, Oh, Oh", and "The Crime and Glory of Commander Suzdal". "Cordwainer Smith" is, of course, a pseudonym; the man was actually named Paul Linebarger, and he was as fascinating as his work. Raised in China (Sun-Yat Sen was his godfather), he became an expert on the country; he also wrote what long was the standard text on psychological warfare. One's reaction on hearing that term today is decidedly negative, but we shouldn't do Smith a disservice. His love for his fellow men shines out in every story he wrote; it's one of the things that makes him memorable. Smith's daughter, Rosana Hart, has established a web page to her father's memory:

4. M-a-c: Sf: Writers: Cordwainer Smith
Cordwainer Smith's page at the MAC site.
Cordwainer Smith
(cover art by Michael Herring)
The Instrumentality of Man
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5. Xzn - Fehler smith cordwainer. (S). Englisch (6). Cordwainer Smith SF Personality - Einführung, Biographie und
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6. Smith Cordwainer(1913 - 1966)
smith cordwainer(1913 1966). ?a? t? ?e?d?µ? t PaulMyron Anthony Linebarger O Cordwainer Smith (t? p?a?µat?

7. Smith Cordwainer(1913 - 1966)
smith cordwainer(1913 1966). Scanners Live in Vain, 1950 - Title in Greek MateosZoun I Sarotes, Publisher Apopira, Translated by Giannis Andreou, 1992.

8. TYhe Visionary Science Fiction Of Cordwainer Smith
Cordwainer Smith. A long, long time ago, I read the one oft collected storyof Cordwainer Smith, Scanners Live In Vain . CORDWAINER SMITH BOOKS!
Cordwainer Smith
A long, long time ago, I read the one oft collected story of Cordwainer Smith, "Scanners Live In Vain". It is a really jarring work; utterly strange in an implied, vague way that hints at a Weird Universe all around it, just at the edge of the reader's vision. Bizarre post-human biological technology, a Space that is a place of pain and madness, and a humankind transformed into a somehow fascistic hybrid species that is more than a step away from Us. The story whispers at the price, and the glory, of transcending our normal evolution, and casts the future as a place of both power and terror. And I sort of knew that Smith's work was metafictional, cohesively spanning a Universe known as The Instrumentality of Mankind, but it was awhile before I got my hands on an extended collection of his work and fully explored this place. I will never be the same.
The Instrumentality Universe could be called a fix-up universe, a loosely organized set of sub stories that somehow come together to form a whole. Smith's very strange spaceflight tropes, in which space is a place that the unshielded human cannot go without suffering unbearable pain and terrifying madness, clearly have metaphorical implications that sit quietly underneath the narrative. Space itself has an almost Ptolemaic structure, a fitting place for Smith's often archetypical storytelling. Some of his stories partake of classical Chinese narrative devices; Smith grew up in China Before Mao, an old China hand. And he was a spook. His book

9. A Psychologist Investigates Cordwainer Smith Cordwainer Smith, Alpha Ralpha Boul
Articles Page. A Psychologist Investigates Cordwainer Smith. AlanC. Elms. Author's 2002 note Well over a decade ago, a Japanese

10. Ecrivain - Smith Cordwainer
Translate this page Cordwainer Smith.
Cordwainer Smith
Etat civil connu
Année de naissance: 1913
Année de décès: 1966
Nationalité: Américaine
Sa biblio Ses nouvelles (Classés par années)
Site maintenu par Alain
Dernière mise à jour de cette page : 11/04/99

11. .
Translate this page page précédente smith cordwainer - (1913-1966), page suivante Cordwainer Smith Le site officiel de Cordwainer Smith .

12. Paul Linebarger, Aka Cordwainer Smith
Cordwainer smith cordwainer Smith. This page quantifies my old obsessionwith the works of Paul Linebarger, writing as Cordwainer Smith.
Cordwainer Smith
Cordwainer Smith
Anthony Bearden
Carmichael Smith
Felix C. Forrest
Karloman Jungahr pseudonyms for: Dr. Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger (1913-1966) This page quantifies my old obsession with the works of Paul Linebarger, writing as Cordwainer Smith. Email me if you have questions or more info. Overview and Biography Sites (Where the real heavy lifting has already been done.) NEW! Paul Linebarger's daughter Rosana's site at includes pictures, reminisences about her dad, and her commentary on the Arlington National Cemetery's biography of Linebarger . You may purchase the NESFA Press editions of Norstrilia and The Rediscovery of Man from her NEW! Mike Bennett's site has photos and a downloadable version of his Cordwainer Smith checklist. A couple of bibliographies from the Internet Speculative Fiction Database and the Locus Index Espana N. Sheriff's Cordwainer Smith page (from a self-described "Cordwainer Smith slut") and a set of other author pages Christianity in the Fiction of Cordwainer Smith captures one view of the symbolism and allegory in Smith's works. Anime version of C'Mell
Japanese book covers of Smith's works
as two volumes containing all of Smith's published science fiction, and. You can purchase them from

13. Cordwainer Smith - Wikipedia
Other languages Deutsch. Cordwainer Smith. From Wikipedia, the freeencyclopedia. Cordwainer Smith pronounced Cordiner Smith was
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Other languages: Deutsch
Cordwainer Smith
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cordwainer Smith pronounced Cordiner Smith was the pen-name used by the American author Dr. Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger July 11 August 6 ) for his science fiction works. His non-fiction book Psychological Warfare was published under his own name. Linebarger was the son of an American diplomat, and spent a considerable part of his childhood in the Far East; Sun Yat-sen was his godfather. This was the origin for another pen-name that he used for some stories, "Felix. C. Forrest" - the ideograms in Chinese for "Linebarger" translate roughly as "Forest of Incandescent Bliss" His stories were strange even by the standards of science fiction, sometimes written in narrative styles closer to traditional Chinese stories than to most English-language fiction. The bulk of his stories were set on Earth, some 14000 years in the future, after the Rediscovery of Man, when the rulers of Earth, the Instrumentality, are attempting to revive old cultures and languages to try and bring vitality back to society. Stories featured such strange cultures as Norstrilia, a semi-arid planet where an immortality drug is harvested from gigantic (100-ton+) virus-infected sheep, and the punishment world of Shayol, where criminals suffer the repeated growth and harvesting for transplant of new organs.

14. - Cordwainer Smith
Cordwainer Smith, About Author. This author has been recommendedby 4 other readers. Edit Author. Books, 1 books listed. SF.

Translate this page smith cordwainer. TITRES, Année, Collection Editeur, N°. Les seigneurs del'instrumentalité. Tu seras un autre, . Presses Pocket, 5265. Livre de poche,7056.
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16. Liste Presses Pocket 1 De 5200 à 5399
Translate this page Ursula K. LeGuin Fritz Leiber Frank Herbert Cordwainer smith cordwainer smith cordwainersmith cordwainer smith cordwainer smith cordwainer Smith Jack Vance
du numéro 5200 (1985) au numéro 5399 (1991)
liste de 5000 à 5199 accés direct au 5300 liste à partir de 5400
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17. Arts/Literature/Authors/S/Smith,_Cordwainer
URL http// cordwainer.php3 Cordwainer Smith andhis Science Fiction Selections from Cordwainer Smith's stories biography,_Co
Search: Category Description:
Information on the life and works of Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger, aka science fiction writer Cordwainer Smith. Arts Literature Authors S Smith, Cordwainer Christianity in the Works of Cordwainer Smith
A discussion of Christian symbolism in Smith's work
Cordwainer Smith

Smith's life and work as detailed in the vast "Alpha Ralpha Boulevard" set of author pages.
URL: Cordwainer.php3
Cordwainer Smith and his Science Fiction

Selections from Cordwainer Smith's stories biography links forum photos books and other items for sale in a site maintained by his daughter.
Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger Jr. Colonel United States Army
Biography and photos of the gravestone from the Arlington National Cemetery. URL: Paul Linebarger aka Cordwainer Smith Short page on Cordwainer Smith his works and life. URL:

18. Cordwainer Smith
Cordwainer Smith. Search for all Cordwainer Smith,
Cordwainer Smith
Search for all Cordwainer Smith Norstrilia The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith Dont Tread On Me!
This site last fiddled with: Monday, December 31, 2001
Larry Smith
- technomage-in-training

19. SF-Bokhandeln: Cordwainer Smith
Cordwainer Smith. Norstrilia (storpocket nämnare. Visionärt och storslaget. Read this. Cordwainer Smith is timeless. Terry Pratchett. SF
Cordwainer Smith Norstrilia (storpocket, Orion/Gollancz, England, 9856) Pris: 168:-
The Rediscovery of Man
(novellsamling, 379 sidor, Millennium, England, 9858) Pris: 119:-

The Rediscovery of Man

Postadress: Box 2300, 103 17 Stockholm
E-mail: Telefon: 08/21 50 52 Fax: 08/24 77 30

20. Epilog - Cordwainer Smith - SF Personality
Einf¼hrung, Biographie und Beschreibung s¤mtlicher Werke.
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SF Personality 11
Cordwainer Smith
und die Instrumentalität der Menschheit
Science Fiction SF Personality Cordwainer Smith Biographie ... Down To A Sunless Sea, 1963 (Hinab in den sonnenlosen See)
Die Romane
Rückkehr nach Mizzer Quest of Three Worlds Norstrilia Der Planetenkäufer The Planet Buyer Die Untermenschen The Underpeople
Andere Geschichten
Western Science Is So Wonderful, 1958 (Westliche Wissenschaft ist so wundervoll) The Nancy Routine, 1959 (Nancy) The Fife Of Bodidharma, 1959 (Bodidharmas Querpfeife) Angerhelm, 1959 (Angerhelm) ... Chronologische deutsche Bibliographie Siehe auch:
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