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         Steakley John:     more detail
  1. Armor (Daw science fiction) by John Steakley, 1984-12-04
  2. Vampires by John Steakley, 2008-09-02
  3. Vampire$ (Playaway Adult Fiction) by John Steakley, 2010-05
  4. Vampires by John Steakley, 1998-04-30
  5. Armor: What Price Impregnable Armor Against an Impregnable Foe? by John Steakley, 1984
  6. Vampires by John Steakley, 1992
  7. Friends of the Horseclans II (Horseclans)
  8. People From Johnson County, Texas: David Mcwilliams, Willie Lewis, John Steakley, Wingo Anderson, Jack Welch
  9. Two-In-One: Of Mice and Men and Cannery Row by John Steakley, 1947
  10. AMAZING SCIENCE FICTION - Volume 27, number 11 - March Mar 1981: The Cold Green Eye; Amazing Interview; UFO's They Aren't What They Used To Be; The State of the Artless; Communications Satellites: Making a Small Small World; The Bluenose Limit by Elinor (editor) (Jack Williamson; Darrell Schweitzer; Steven Dimeo; Park Godwin; Howard Roller; Walter B. Hendrickson Jr.; John Steakley; David R. Bunch; Wayne Wightman; Shari Prange; Timothy Zahn; Kendall Evans; Michael Kube-McDowell; Marvin Kaye) Mavor, 1975
  11. Vampires Film Tie in Mini Poster by John Steakley,
  12. Vampires Film Tie in Quad Poster by John Steakley,
  13. Vampiros (Spanish Edition) by John Steakley, 1999-10-05

1. Steakley, John
Steakley, John. Author steakley john Subject Science Fiction Fantasy TitleArmor SwordBreaker Stone of Farewell Stronghold Blood Trail
Steakley, John
Author: Steakley John
Title: Armor
Blood Pact...

To Green Angel Tower...

To Green Angel Tower (Part 2)...

Winds of Fury...

2. Steakley, John
Steakley, John. Author steakley john Subject Science Fiction Fantasy TitleVampire$ Queen of the Darkness (Bishop, Anne Island in the Sea of Time
Steakley, John
Author: Steakley John
Title: Vampire$
The Last Legion : Book One...

Firemask (The Last Legion, Book 2)...

Storm Force...

The Witches of Eileanan...

3. - John Steakley
John Steakley, About Author. No details are known about this author. Add details.Books, 1 books listed. Misc. Armor, 1984, 9 out of 10, Add a book. Related Sites.

4. Hennepin County Library - Online Catalog
Previous 10 Next 10. Author, Count. Steakley, John, 2. Steal the sky (Motion picture),1. Stealers Wheel (Musical group), 3. Steam (Musical group), 4. Steamboat Press,1. John&index=AA

5. SF-Bokhandeln: John Steakley
John Steakley. Science Fiction Armor (Daw, USA, 5126) Pris 98.Skräck Vampires (1990, Nal Signet/Roc, USA, 9793) Pris 83-
John Steakley Science Fiction
(Daw, USA, 5126) Pris: 98:-
(1990, Nal Signet/Roc, USA, 9793) Pris: 83:-


Postadress: Box 2300, 103 17 Stockholm
E-mail: Telefon: 08/21 50 52 Fax: 08/24 77 30

6. Y Fo Lire ! : Livres De S-F : Les Auteurs
Translate this page STANWICK Michael, 1, oeuvres. STAPLEDON Olaf W. 4, oeuvres. STATTEN Vargo, 20,oeuvres. steakley john, 1, oeuvres. STEIBER Ellen, 4, oeuvres. STEINER Kurt,11, oeuvres.

7. Steakley, John
Steakley, John. Author steakley john Subject Science Fiction FantasyTitle Armor FailSafe Investing Lifelong Fina Four Mothers
Steakley, John
Author: Steakley John
Title: Armor
Fail-Safe Investing : Lifelong Fina...

Four Mothers...

The Furthest Horizon : Sf Adventure...

Run Like an Antelope : On the Road ...

8. Bibliographies De L'imaginaire (initiale S)
STARR Mark, STARRET Vincent, STARZL RF. STASSER Todd, STATTEN Vargo,steakley john. STEARNS Charles, STEARNS Stephanie, STECHER LJ Jr. STEELE
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9. John Steakley
John Steakley. Armor. Vampire$. Science FictionBook Writers.
John Steakley
Vampire$ Science Fiction Book Writers

10. John Steakley Fan Appreciation Site!
Interviews, short stories, contact information, FAQ, profile, and links.Category Arts Literature Authors S steakley, john......A fan page for the excellent Science Fiction and Horror author john steakley

11. John Steakley Fan Appreciation Page!
NEWSFLASH! john will once again be at CONDFW in February. Welcome! My name is Dave,and I run this place. john has written 2 books, and 4 short stories.
Well. CONDFW has come and gone again. 5 regulars from this site were in attendance. Some pictures are now available Welcome! My name is Dave , and I run this place. John has written 2 books, and 4 short stories. A while back, Vampire$ was released in theaters as John Carpenters Vampires. John has been known to stop in now and then and leave messages on the bulletin board or chat in the chat room with fans (see the Interview link below for transcripts). Other features below include information on John's short stories (including instructions on how to get a copy of The Bluenose Limit), John's first published piece of fiction, information on how to order John's books (and other books that fans have recommened), email addresses for me and the man himself, a chat room (usually empty), and a bulletin board system (often very active). This page has been viewed times.

12. Steampunk: Authors : S : John Steakley
General information and links.

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Unofficial Sites Fan Page Contact Info Interviews Interview from an AOL chat room Second Interview from an AOL chat room Movies John Carpenter's Vampires Reviews Armor - Review from Postviews by Paul-Michel Agapow. Comments/Suggestions Welcome

13. John Steakley
Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Reviews Books written by john steakley. john steakley Armor. I first ran into this book on a coffee table at a friends house
Books written by John Steakley
John Steakley : Armor
I first ran into this book on a coffee table at a friends house 15 years ago... got into the first chapter or so and had to leave it behind (he was still reading it). He loaned it to a different friend who loaned.. Loaned. Loaned it again. I spent the next 5+ weeks seeking out that book with the funny cover about the man in the armor on that desperate planet. I had to know what happened to him. I finally found it and devoured it. I became a lump on the couch for a day and a half; stopping only to eat and sleep, so engrossed was I with this masterful tale of war and survival. In the years since I have read Armor, I have not stopped recommending it, and I do so again here.
"Armor" is a glimpse into the horror of war, the despair of the soldier, and the unconscious willingness of the human spirit to survive. The action is intense and believable, pulling you into the character of Felix and "The Machine". Time and time again he is put in situations that mean certain death but somehow his skills allow him to survive. I was really interested in how he described his mind when it came time to fight, how the "Machine" took over and how his true personality was just an observer.
This book is a great read for any one who's ever wondered about what it would be like to be soldier in a complex web of politics in and off the battle field. It very well may be the most real portrayal of a soldier driven to battle yet written. "Armor" achieved something that few novels ever do. It put me in touch with physical sensations. I can feel the fear and dread that main character Felix and his fellows experience when they encounter the harsh planet where the enemy waits. There is also a painful sense of being woefully outnumbered and too slow to defend against the mass attack of ant-like creatures. My heart pounded. . . I felt short of breath when I read the battle scenes in this book. "Armor" is the best action-oriented science fiction I have ever read. I often find myself checking the aisles of the bookstores for a sequel.

14. Vampires John Steakley - LOWEST PRICE On The Net - Guaranteed
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Related Writers: John Steakley Vampires
John Steakley
Mass Market Paperback / October 1998 / 0451451538
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Vampires - Similar Books Vampires
John Steakley
Paperback / October 1990 / 0451450337
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Vampires - Similar Books
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15. Steakley, John Wiley
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Search in WP-ORG AOG USMA USMA.ARMY.MIL Search Tips 20592 Steakley, John Wiley

16. John Steakley Fan Appreciation Site!
A fan page for the excellent Science Fiction and Horror author john steakley john has written 2 books, and 4 short stories. in theaters as john Carpenters Vampires. john has been known below include information on john's short stories (including instructions

17. Doug's Library -- John Steakley
Next Page (Wallace Stegner) // Previous Page (Christopher Stasheff).steakley, john. Armor (7 r) A classic about a soldier who battles
Next Page (Wallace Stegner) Previous Page (Christopher Stasheff)
Steakley, John
  • Armor (7 r)
    • A classic about a soldier who battles insect-like aliens in a suit of incredibly powerful armor. Very reminiscent of Starship Troopers, but this story is sufficiently independent and good that it defintely deserves a read.
  • Vampire$
    • Action-packed story about a group of modern-day vampire hunters. I can't recommend this one enough, and I've even written a gushing full-length review of it for, if you are interested in reading more.
    Return to the Author Index. Return to the Welcome Page of Doug's Library.

18. John Steakley
john steakley. Page 1 of 12,+John

19. Untitled
looming. %A steakley, john %T Vampire$ %I NAL Roc Fantasy %C New York%D November 1990 %G ISBM 0451-45033-7 %P 357 pp. %O large

20. Vampire$/Steakley, John/PNP100786
steakley, john. Vampire$. Published by Signet. (Paperback ã 1997)
Steakley, John Vampire$ Published by Signet
Click here to visit our bookshop where you can buy this book.

Vampire hunters. Suppose there really were vampires. Dark. Stalking. Destroying. They'd have to be killed, wouldn't they? Of course they would. But what kind of fools would try to make a living at it? Category: Horror Fiction ISBN 0451455622 Order Code: PNP100786

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