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         Tate James:     more books (100)
  1. Lost River: A Chapbook (Quarternote Chapbook Series) by James Tate, 2003-04-01
  2. An introduction to the principal Greek tragic and comic metres: In scansion, structure and ictus, with an appendix on syllabic quantity in Homer and Aristophanes by James Tate, 1829-01-01
  3. An Introduction to the Principal Greek Tragic and Comic Metres: In Scansion, Structure and Ictus by James Tate, 2009-04-10
  4. Row With Your Hair. by JAMES (POEMS) AND MEL FOWLER (DRAWINGS). TATE, 1969-01-01
  5. Foundry practice; a treatise on molding and casting in their various details by James Murray Tate, Melvin Oscar Stone, 2010-08-23
  6. Readings in Planning (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Representation and Reasoning) by James Allen, James Hendler, 1990-06
  7. Absences by James Tate, 1990-06
  8. Building a model of the Flying Cloud by James Tate, 1929
  9. Paralytic lagophthalmos: gold-weight implantation.(FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY CLINIC): An article from: Ear, Nose and Throat Journal by James R. Tate, J. David Kriet, et all 2006-09-01
  10. Police Story by James Tate, 1999
  11. The Immortals by James Tate, 1970
  12. American Military on the Frontier, The
  13. Foundry practice; a treatise on moulding and casting in their various details by James Murray Tate, Melvin Oscar Stone, 2010-09-09
  14. Lucky Darryl by Bill Knott, James Tate, 1977-06

61. Arts/Literature/Authors/T/Tate,_James
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"The Academy of American Poets presents a biography photograph and selected poems."
Electronic Poetry Anthology: James Tate

Site features poetry short bio photos and links to other Tate webpages.

62. Jacket 19 - James Tate: Intruders
james tate. Intruders. This material is copyright © james tate and Jacket magazine2002 The URL address of this page is http//
Homepage Catalog
This issue of Jacket is a collaboration with Verse magazine
James Tate
just felt it. It was a cloudy night, no stars
shone through. Every now and then a bit of the
moon would peek through. I walked around, shining
my flashlight up and down the yard. Frogs croaked
at intervals, and other night creatures scurried
over the leaves. I knew something else was present
nearby. Finally, my flashlight caught the face of
a man standing on the far edge of my property.
I think I frightened him more than he frightened
to go. I live down the street in the trailer. security guard. You can have it. Go ahead, shoot sense her sneaking up on us. Whether she, too, was armed or coming to reconcile, I had no idea. Contents page Jacket catalog about Jacket top ... internet design The URL address of this page is

63. The New York Review Of Books: James Tate
Bibliography of books and articles by james tate, from The New York Reviewof Books. The New York Review of Books Home james tate. February
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James Tate
February 13, 2003 STATEMENT FOR PEACE

Your account Current issue ... NYR Books with any questions about this site. The cover date of the next issue of The New York Review of Books will be May 1, 2003.

64. The New York Review Of Books: Authors: T
Oliver Tarassuk, Leonid Tarcov, Nathan Tarski, Alfred Tart, Charles T. Taruskin,Richard F. Tashman, Bob Tatarian, Roger tate, Allen tate, james Tauber, Kurt P

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You are here: DINO Language Englisch Arts ... T Tate, James Tate, James Sprache/Language
Websites Book Buzz - Several poems by James Tate.
[Verwandte Websites] Electronic Poetry Anthology: James Tate - Site features poetry, short biography, photos and links to other Tate webpages.
[Verwandte Websites] James Tate - "The Academy of American Poets presents a biography, photograph, and selected poems."
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66. B-24 Best Web - Credit
I. J. K. *Lance B. Kuhn L. Hal Lake. *james A. Leddy. Lenny Lindgren. *Robert Livingstone.Luc Lucas M. Ray W. Smeltzer T. Joe Taddonio. Kelly tate. *Robert Tupa U. V. W.
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67. EBroadcast Internet Directories You'll Find It At The Internet
eTopic Arts Literature Authors T tate, james (3) Add to favorites.the Book Buzz Add to favorites Several poems by james tate. url

68. Statement Of Dr. James Tate, Jr., Science Advisor, Department Of The Interior, B
Statement of Dr. james tate, Jr., Science Advisor, Department of the Interior, beforethe Subcommittee on National Parks, Recreation and Public Lands, House
June 19, 2001
Mr. Chairman, my name is Jim Tate, and I am the Science Advisor at the Department of the Interior. I am accompanied today by Gina Ramos, Senior Weed Specialist, Bureau of Land Management; Michael Ielmini, Refuge Program Specialist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; and Gary Johnston, Invasive Species Specialist, National Park Service. I thank you for the opportunity to appear before your Committee to present the views of the Department of the Interior on H.R. 1462, the Harmful Nonnative Weed Control Act of 2001. The Department commends Congress for bringing attention to this important issue that has significant impacts on both public and private landowners and managers across the country. Invasive plant species are estimated to cause more than $20 billion per year in economic damage and affect millions of acres of private and public lands. We concur with the basic principles embodied in the legislation; specifically, the recognition that a concerted and coordinated effort by the public and private sectors with requisite accountability is critical to the successful prevention, control, and management of invasive species. However, we need to identify more clearly the possible costs of this proposal and how it would be funded within the context of a balanced budget. We view this legislation as an important step toward greater engagement between Federal and non-Federal partners to counter the harmful impacts of invasive species.

69. I388: James TATE (ABT 1849 - )
james tate. BIRTH ABT 1849, Lumpkin Co.,GA. Father William tate MotherSarah _William tate _
James TATE
  • BIRTH : ABT 1849, Lumpkin Co.,GA
Father: William TATE
Mother: Sarah
James TATE
Birthdate: Age 1 in 1850 Census (Lumpkin Co., GA, p. 96), and age 11 in 1860 Census (Lumpkin Co., GA, p.98). Return to Randy Wilson's Genealogy

70. Hercules (1997): Tate Donovan, James Woods, Susan Egan, Ron Clements, John Muske
HERCULES OVERVIEW, CAST CREW tate Donovan, james Woods, Susan EganDirected by Ron Clements, John Musker more SYNOPSIS A rollicking

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71. Dreams Of A Robot Dancing Bee By James Tate - R A I N T A X I O N L I N E
Dreams of a Robot Dancing Bee. james tate. Verse Press ($23). by MelissaMaerz. eep The word worries the electrical engineer. Lately
Fall 2002 Dreams of a Robot Dancing Bee James Tate Verse Press ($23) by Melissa Maerz eep: The word worries the electrical engineer. Lately, whenever he greets his coworker Skip, the latter man greets him with the onomatopoeic outburst. Never how are you? or good morning or even just a nice little hello . It's beep -or sometimes zow , or when things are really bad, mutti-mutti-mutti-mutt-mutt . The two men will be sitting together, drinking beers, relaxing, playing croquet, or talking about Skip's kids, when a Tourretic yawp spontaneously erupts from his lips. These moments make the engineer think too much. Are the children beepers, too? Do miniscule insect-angels prattle about in Skip's head? And if so, why can't the engineer hear them? Such thoughts trouble him. "These are dangerous times," he thinks. And then, as if this is not a satisfactory explanation, he himself lets out a honk Honk : The word exhilarates James Tate, author of the short story "Beep." For Tate, honk is the reveille of our times, a signifier of modern life's complete disconnect. In his collection Dreams of a Robot Dancing Bee To a certain degree, Tate, too, has broken down the hermeneutic apparatus he's established for himself. Best known for his numerous books of surreal poetry-including

72. Shroud Of The Gnome By James Tate - R A I N T A X I O N L I N E
Shroud Of The Gnome. james tate. Ecco Press ($23). Kelly Everding.aution Shroud of the Gnome may induce temporary aphasia brought
Vol. 2 No. 4, Winter 1998/1997 (#8) Shroud Of The Gnome James Tate Ecco Press ($23) Kelly Everding aution: Shroud of the Gnome may induce temporary aphasia brought on by profound cognitive dissonance. James Tate wrestles with reality, combining the bizarre and the sublime, the ridiculous and the wistful, hesitant despair and bone-crushing absurdity. The unsettling situations which arise achieve a level of profundity beyond the enjoyment derived from their imaginative expanse and wit. Yet however one may try to dissect a poem from this collection, it is liable to lift off and slip away from the examining table. The devious and playful quality of Tate's poetry may resist exegesis, but layers of meaning reside, tucked between "felisberto" and "mergotroid." For all the zaniness, a fragile sensibility emerges in these poems. In the fantastic "Dream On," the speaker muses that "Some people go their whole lives / without ever writing a single poem." After enumerating the many banal moments in a life lived without poetry, the language becomes suspended within a moment of reverie: all day, all night meditation, knot of hope

73. James Tate & Mary Elizabeth Rivers
Family Group Sheet. Name, james tate. Birth, Aug 18, 1850, Arkansas. Notes forjames tate. Notes for james tate JH Rivers give birthdate as 16 Aug 1850.
Family Group Sheet
Name James Tate Birth Aug 18, 1850, Arkansas Death Jan 14, 1876 Alias/AKA Jimmy /Tate/ Father ? Tate Mother Eliza Edmondson Marriage Dec 9, 1869, Sevier County, Arkansas Spouse Mary Elizabeth Rivers Birth Dec 9, 1851, Alabama Death Jun 13, 1933, Howard County, Arkansas Burial Bissell Chapel Cemetery, Howard County, Arkansas Father Richard James Rivers Mother Martha "Patsy" Cagle Other spouses Robert J. Sharp Children 1 F Eliza Ellen Tate Birth Sep 10, 1870, Arkansas Death Apr 9, 1946, Paducah, Cottle County, Texas Burial Garden of Memories Cemetery, Paducah, Cottle County, Texas Spouse Rufus Johnson Burt 2 F Martha Jane Tate Birth Aug 3, 1871, Honey Grove, Texas Death Aug 13, 1948, Rush Springs, Grady County, Oklahoma Burial Bissell Chapel Cemetery, Howard County, Arkansas Spouse James Henry Sharp 3 F Sarah Elizabeth Tate Birth Oct 14, 1875, Texas Death Oct 29, 1948 Burial Bissell Chapel Cemetery, Howard County, Arkansas Alias/AKA Lizzie /Tate/ Spouse James Henry Chandler Notes for James Tate Notes for James Tate:
J. H. Rivers give birthdate as 16 Aug 1850.
Death date according to J. H. Rivers.

74. I423: James TATE ( - )
Individuals. 7997 individuals, 2742 families from file OBLEVINS.GED (12 FEB1997). james tate. KY. james tate INDEX.
7997 individuals, 2742 families from file OBLEVINS.GED (12 FEB 1997)
James TATE
Family 1 Nannie T. BLEVINS
  • MARRIAGE : 22 OCT 1903, Madison Co. KY

James TATE
Elizabeth "Betsy" TAYLOR
Family 1 Christopher Hamlin STARR
  • Abigail T. STARR Elizabeth "Betsy" TAYLOR INDEX
    Alexander TANNER
    Father: William TANNER
    Mother: Mary Jane TIBBS
    _William TANNER
    Alexander TANNER INDEX
    Alexander TAYLOR
    Family 1
  • Nancy TAYLOR Alexander TAYLOR INDEX
    Martha Foster TANNER
    • BIRTH : 14 NOV 1845, Gallia Co. OH
    • DEATH : 16 NOV 1926, Sullivan Co. IN
    Father: William TANNER
    Mother: Mary Jane TIBBS
    Family 1 Jacob Alexander PROSE
    • MARRIAGE : 25 JUL 1861, Gallia Co. OH?
  • Laura Annis PROSE
  • Mary Elizabeth PROSE
  • William Tecumseh PROSE
  • Charles N. PROSE ... INDEX
    Orvil TATE
    Family 1 Bertha JOHNSON
  • Edna TATE
  • Orvil TATE
  • Juana TATE ... INDEX
    Joseph TAYLOR
    Family 1 Mary
  • John David TAYLOR Joseph TAYLOR INDEX
    Elizabeth TANNER
    Family 1 David CALDWELL
    Elizabeth TANNER
    Dempsey TAYLOR
    Family 1 Mary "Polly" UTLEY
    • MARRIAGE : 7 DEC 1790, Wake Co. NC
    Dempsey TAYLOR INDEX
    William TANNER
    • BIRTH : East VA
    • DEATH : OH
    Family 1 Mary Jane TIBBS
  • Nathan TANNER
  • Alexander TANNER
  • James TANNER ... INDEX
    Juana TATE
    • DEATH : Evansville, Vanderburgh Co. IN
  • 75. Valley Advocate: Talking Poetry With James Tate
    25Year Archives 25th Anniversary Main Index Talking Poetry With james tate.By Stanley Wiater. 4, 1984. Land of Little Sticks, 1945. by james tate.
    25-Year Archives 25th Anniversary Main Index
    Talking Poetry With James Tate
    By Stanley Wiater
    originally published on Jan. 4, 1984
    Land of Little Sticks, 1945
    by James Tate
    Where the wife is scouring the frying pan
    and the husband is leaning up against the barn.
    Where the boychild is pumping water into a bucket
    and the girl is chasing a spotted dog.
    And the sky churns on the horizon.
    A town by the name of Pleasantville has disappeared.
    And now the horses begin to shift and whinny,
    and the chickens roost, keep looking this way and that.
    At this moment something is not quite right.
    The boy trundles through the kitchen, spilling water. His mother removes several pies from the oven, shouts at him. The girlchild sits down by the fence to stare at the horses. And the man is just as he was, eyes closed, forehead against his forearm, leaning up against the barn.
    "It's an art form, but it has many technical aspects. Even if one isn't writing in fixed-forms, one strives for the highest degree of compression, charged language; every single word must be considered from every possible angle, their derivations, how it reacts to the word next to it. Then there's the consideration of the overall pacing and the movement in the poem, and the delivery and emphasis which must take place. So the overall shape of the poem, as well as each and every individual word and line, is important. There is a shapeliness and timing and placing of emphasis that is not something that very many people can excel at without a great deal of experience, and a great deal of reading and awareness of tradition, and what's gone before."

    76. James Tate -- 5th Annual Literary Festival -- Old Dominion University -- Oct 4-7
    5th Annual Literary Festival, 5th Annual Literary Festival Old DominionUniversity October 47, 1982. james tate. james tate is the
    5th Annual Literary Festival
    Old Dominion University
    October 4-7, 1982 James Tate 5th Annual Literary Festival
    Books Available
    Web Sites

    77. CMU Press: James Tate's The Oblivion Ha-Ha
    james tate The Oblivion HaHa (1998) ISBN 0-88748-190-6 $12.95 paper, The OblivionHa-Ha, james tate's second collection of poems, was originally published in
    James Tate
    The Oblivion Ha-Ha

    (1998) ISBN 0-88748-190-6
    $12.95 paper
    The Oblivion Ha-Ha, James Tate's second collection of poems, was originally published in 1970 by Atlantic-Little, Brown. His other books include The Lost Pilot (winner of the Yale Series of Younger Poets Award in 1967), Absences, Viper Jazz and Distance from Loved Ones. His Selected Poems, published in 1991, received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and the William Carlos Williams Award. In 1994 Mr. Tate received The National Book Award for Worshipful Company of Fletchers. He lives in Amherst, and teaches at the University of Massachusetts.

    78. Suzanne Tate And James Melvin
    About the Illustrator james Melvin brings joyful life to Suzanne tate's characterswith his charming illustrations. james resides on the Outer Banks of North
    About Nags Head Art About the Author and Illustrator Nature Series
    Teaching Guides
    ... Home About the Author
    and Illustrator:
    About the Author
    Suzanne Tate presents fun and facts in a Nature Series which is enjoyed by young and old. She has been a resident of North Carolina's Outer Banks for over 30 years and has gathered much information from fishing trips with her husband and family.
    SUZANNE TATE'S NATURE SERIES is used extensively in schools, libraries and education departments at science centers and aquariums. Suzanne is a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a degree in anthropology/biology.
    About the Illustrator
    James Melvin

    Email the Author

    Published by:
    Nags Head Art Inc. P.O. Drawer 1809, Nags Head, NC 27959 For information Call 1-800-541-CRAB Fax

    79. WAG: James Tate's Memoir Of The Hawk
    In Memoir of the Hawk, james tate offers a collection of poems driven, intriguingly,by the logic of dreams. Memoir of the Hawk james tate Ecco Press 722 pp.
    September Table of Contents Archives FAQ e-Mail Us
    Salvador Dali, meet Mickey Spillane
    James Tate's
    Memoir of the Hawk by Arthur Alexander Parker
    In Memoir of the Hawk , James Tate offers a collection of poems driven, intriguingly, by the logic of dreams. W hen we were kids, my sister Margaret and I went to a funhouse that was part of a country fair one county over from where we lived in Virginia's Northern Neck. We crept up a flight of stairs and found ourselves in a long hallway. It was an old farmhouse the volunteer firefighters had fixed up for a fund-raiser. All the doors were closed. Tumbling goblins, chattering artificial bats, skirt-raising fans and eye-patched pirates swinging plastic axes beckoned behind those doors, but Margaret and I didn't know this. "Should we go in here?" my sister asked, pointing to the first door. "I don't think we're supposed to," I said.

    80. James A. Tate Page
    Publications by and about james A. tate in Restoration Movement Texts, at Dr. HansRollmann's Restoration Movement Pages Texts, Pictures, Studies about the

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