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         Terris Susan:     more books (94)
  1. Contrariwise by Susan Terris, 2007-12-15
  2. Latchkey Kids by Susan Terris, 1986-01
  3. On Fire. by Susan. Terris, 1972-01
  4. Tucker and the Horse Thief by Susan Terris, 1979
  5. Runes: A Review of Poetry: Mystery
  6. No Scarlet Ribbons by Susan Terris, 1983-02
  7. Curved Space (National Poetry Book Series, 1998) by Susan Terris, 1998-01
  8. Two P's in a Pod by Susan Terris, 1977-09
  9. Stage Brat by Susan Terris, 1980
  10. Octopus Pie by Susan Terris, 1983-05
  11. The chicken pox papers by Susan Terris, 1976
  12. The Backwards Boots by Susan Terris, 1971-04
  13. Baby Snatcher by Susan Terris, 1986-09
  14. BABY-SNATCHER by Susan Terris, 1984-01-01

21. Compare Prices On Fire Is Favorable To The Dreamer By Susan Terris At
Book title Fire is Favorable to the Dreamer . . . . Author susan terris . . . . Number of sellers 2 . . . . Price range $10.00 $16.00 . . . . Last updated Mar 17, 2003 . . . . ()

22. Poetry Magazine, Susan Terris,  February 2002
Poetry by susan terris, Immortality Of Culture, Shadow Of A Falling Bird, Monday Is An Abstract Concept susan terris. USA.
Susan Terris USA Editor with CB Follett of "RUNES, A Review Of Poetry ". Immortality Of Culture In the dream, I was wheezing as if shrink-wrapped
and wild to fill my lungs with air.
A daytime dream staccato with ravens
in branches of winter trees,
their cries tearing holes
in the thin blue fabric of the sky.
In the photos, my friend is in China
with cormorants, India with a live boa,
and there's a revolving door
and her voice mouthing my name,
yet when I awaken, only the ravens are there. Do you ever have that feeling, a child asked me, where the truth is coming, but you don't want to know the truth? Or the inevitability, I tell myself, like sailors know a storm is close when all their knots have drawn tight. O, the brain is tightly-grooved, its mysteries found only after death. But ravens are crying. Earth is spinning, and cells in Petri dishes keep replicating — immortality of culture. No code. The spin is

23. Catharton: Authors: T:
Tom Teasdale, Sara Telep, Peter W. Tem, Melanie Tem, Steve Rasnic Temple, Lou JaneTennant, Emma Tennyson, Alfred Lord Tepper, Sheri terris, susan Tertz, Abram
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24. Susan Terris
susan terris'S susan terris' new collection of poetry FIRE IS FAVORABLETO THE DREAMER will be published by Cedar Hill Publications in 2002.
Two Poems by Susan Terris
click book
Conditions for an Agreement
All right, I said,
as petals sheared from the peony in the glass vase,
but I wasn't the one that started this.
Under the leaf a green worm
eats his way toward the fringed heart,
until the damage has been done.
All right, I said,
gathering scallops of cast-off color, but I am still afraid of promises. Where the stem is cut the sap seals and pinches brown, its loss an ache, an absence, a terror of mourning. All right, I said, sailing petals one by one from the balcony into the darkened shaft of evening. When afterimage is as real as image, when the canker no longer bites, and stem has forgotten the weight of the flower, only then, I said, will it be all right to cast my rings into the void and come there to meet you. Spell Against Leaving The bezoar, tourmaline formed by the waste of wild lynx, a golden anvil, mayfly nymph with vestigial wing: I release them all now that I am roused and sliding from the angle of repose.

25. Web Wombat World Directory
susan terris Poetry This is the website of poet and writer susan terris.
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  • Susan Terris Poetry - This is the website of poet and writer Susan Terris. This site includes poems, a biography, and information about ordering books by Susan Terris.
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26. STerris2
How Many Bees Are There in a Day? by susan terris. susan terris' new book FIREIS FAVORABLE TO THE DREAMER will be published in 2003 by Arctos Press.
How Many Bees Are There in a Day? by Susan Terris
In the air, a tinge of honey and buzz of morning,
cherry, pear, redbud skirling the rim of her glance
as she stepped from the arboretum and shook her arms
until leaves began to fall away from her body.
Lighter, stronger, less green, she inhaled sky,
its blue defaced only by dust motes, and then earth,
a place of dazzle without pain: the pond water
unclouded to match the sky, the fish uncounted.
She was naked now and pliable, dropping to knees
then to belly in spears of fat-bladed grass. The sun ardent on her back, she stretched toward the storied hives, an innocent, not yet alert to swarm and fury or to the sure promise of sting and sting and sting. Susan Terris' new book FIRE IS FAVORABLE TO THE DREAMER will be published in 2003 by Arctos Press. In 2004, Gary Metras at Adastra Press will publish a letterpress edition of her chapbook Poetic License and Marsh Hawk Press will publish her book An Unmeasured Life . Click here to read more about Susan Terris.

27. Poetry Magazine, Featured Poet: Susan Terris,  July-August 2001
Poetry by susan terris, Rock Water Iron Flesh, Reunion, Twelve Rough and Unsugared,Thirteen The Iron Handle of Innesfree, Fourteen Bedtime Story, Fifteen
Susan Terris USA
Susan Terris won the Literal Latte Poetry Award for "Letter & Package Bomb Indicators" for which she received $1000 and publication in the Fall 2000 Issue of Literal Latte. The editors were the judges. The annual prize is given for an unpublished poem.
Ms. Terris has had poetry published (partial listing) in many magazines and journals including: The Antioch Review, The Midwest Quarterly, Painted Bride Quarterly, Southern California Anthology, Nimrod, and The Southern Poetry Review.
On-line she has had work (partial listing) in Recursive Angel, Conspire, Web De Sol, Perihelion, Poetry Daily, New Works Review, The Blue Penny Quarterly, Blue Moon Review, In Vivo, Switched-on Guttenberg, Kudzu, Highbeams, Thunder Sandwich, Ariga:Visions, Zero City, Wise Women's Web, and Zuzu's Petals. ROCK, WATER, IRON, FLESH

28. Arts/Literature/Authors/T/Terris,_Susan
feature. / Arts / Literature / Authors / T / terris, susan. susan terrisPoetry This is the website of poet and writer susan terris.,_S
Search: Welcome to, the comprehensive search portal dedicated to the arts. We have located some of the finest art and entertainment resources from across the Web and accumulated them into a single directory. Here you can choose from a wide variety of documents, reviews, articles, and Web sites about your favorite activities. Whether you enjoy film, Broadway shows, television, books, fine art, or travel, there is something here for you. As you peruse the directory, you will notice several categories pertaining to the arts. Feel free to navigate through these categories, from broad art-related topics to specific information on selected subjects. Our search portal also gives you the option to conduct a query using our intelligent search feature. Arts Literature Authors T Terris, Susan Susan Terris Poetry
This is the website of poet and writer Susan Terris. This site includes poems a biography and information about ordering books by Susan Terris.

29. Climate Controlled :: Susan Terris
Boundary Waters. susan terris. _. susan terris's new book, Fire is Favorableto the Dreamer, will be published in 2003 by Arctos Press.
Boundary Waters Susan Terris Table of Contents
Editor's Note



I was guiding a trip where a young boy drowned.
Near Ely, he knifed into yellow-green,
stroked past humped boulders and never came up. Then a second boy donned goggles and angled
himself deep where schools of dark fish finned.
I watched, held my breath, waited, saying, This is taking too long. Goggles bobbed up,
but not his head, and he was lost to me, also. I told myself, This is not true, only a dream, and so I undrowned him, summoned him back to balance on gunwales, a delicate, sinewy form, skin stretched taut over ribcage. As I watched, he dove and swam, rising again and again from a bottomless lake. Then I summoned the first boy until, water dribbling from hair and shoulders, he stood before me, gave me a zippered pouch. In it, crimped bills and fragments of cold rock crystal. Turning away from boundary waters, I mounted a horse, pulled one boy to the saddle

30. Recursive Angel - Susan Terris - Genetic Memory
Genetic Memory by susan terris While I skirt fuchsia, my sandal snags grass. To solicitadditional work from this author please contact susan terris directly.
Genetic Memory
by Susan Terris While I skirt fuchsia, my sandal snags grass. A yellow-dark horde throbs transforming me to a torso of veined wings. I rake my chest, but bees cling as if I'm honey waxed on heartwood. Whited domes welt skin, and I thrash, struggling to escape the hum. Anesthesized, I know stings but pain seems suspended, until from above I observe documentary of a hive. Subcutaneous blood constricts neck and arms. Something other, I shrink from my ugliness. When Samaritans do arrive, they do not try to soothe flesh. Instead, eyes averted, they back off. As bees whine, my terror rises, and I fold in upon myself. I am past help now. Desertion is a form of genetic memory. The queen is dying. All is lost. Flee. To solicit additional work from this author please contact Susan Terris directly
Art Credit by Rene Magritte

31. Conspire- Poetry- Susan Terris
Life Bytes by susan terris 1. Girl When she fell through cannot touch himor the moon. Copyright © 1999 susan terris All Rights Reserved.
Life Bytes
by Susan Terris 1. Girl
When she fell through ice on the pond, she said
it was an accident, but she did it on purpose,
denying chill or fear, so she could walk on water.
When she climbed out the window, scrabbled
over loose clay tiles, she told herself it was
safe to spring from the roof because she could fly.
When she night-prowled through the old sawmill,
she believed herself invisible, strong enough to
walk through walls, tall enough to touch the moon. And when she paddled the Flambeau, needled canoes down through its high, unrunnable rapids, she knew she'd survive because she was immortal. 2. Woman When he said he loved her and would do so forever, she said yes, because she walked through walls and on water. Then, taking flight, she hung the moon. Now when the moon waxes and wanes, she ponders old wounds and fresh crime, aware magic ebbs, trails grow faint until he is distant and hard to track.

32. Conspire- Poetry- Susan Terris
Dark of the Moon by susan terris, Sandwich, ArigaVisions, Zero City.Also by susan terris Fugitives. Life Bytes. Living In Curved Space.
Dark of the Moon
by Susan Terris Hear It Read By The Author In the garden, girl in a white gown
barefoots among fireflies and night-moths.
Under crooks of Douglas fir, she hears
an owl ruff his feathers and mourning doves
refold their wings.
The earth is cooling, shrinking, drying.
Rotted tomatoes, red-black sacs, droop
from stems. A pumpkin yellows
on its spined umbilical, and marigold dust
warps skin inside her nose. Strung tree to tree, paper lanterns ghost the air. As she stretches toward their warmth, shadows stir, chords shiver her ears. Apparitions vapor from the soil and wind around her. She reaches out. "Dance," she commands them, "you must dance." Responsive, they sheer toward music and lantern light. She watches them beckon. Then she joins in, eager to mimic their ease. Feet skip over dirt, leaf, stone. Her enchanters

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Websites Susan Terris Poetry - This is the website of poet and writer Susan Terris. This site includes poems, a biography, and information about ordering books by Susan Terris.
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34. Night Skye Magazine / Poetry / Susan Terris / Poems
by susan terris. BACK. susan terris' new collection of poetry FIRE IS FAVORABLETO THE DREAMER will be published by Cedar Hill Publications in 2002.
Poetry Prose NIGHT SKYE M.a.g.a.z.i.n.e Home Articles Email us:
... Mythmaker Poetry Photography Links The Morrigan DailyPoetry by Susan Terris BACK Susan Terris ' new collection of poetry FIRE IS FAVORABLE TO THE DREAMER will be published by Cedar Hill Publications in 2002. Other recent books include CURVED SPACE (La Jolla Poets Press); EYE OF THE HOLOCAUST (Arctos Press);
California Anthology*, and *Rattapallax*.
Editor with CB Follett of *RUNES, A Review Of Poetry *. Premier issue, December 2001, features poems by Jane Hirschfield, David St. John, Richard Wilbur, Ronald Wallace, Eleanor Wilner, Stephen Corey and many others. TOMATOES
Seeds of change sprout in the dark
of the moon, magic at night
in my head. Vivid and surreal,
they burgeon, swelling to
lush tomatoes earliana, brandywine,
brimmer, oxheart lolling on vines
or to Inca rainbow maize, amaranth bowed with wind, fields of sunflowers drawn toward light. And I dance amid them singing like the immortal child I once was, pagan who sported shamelessly, who — god unto

35. Midnight Mind - People AND People!
Sturgis, susanna J. Suarez, Virgil Sullivan, Sean Susman, Maxine Swanberg, ChristineSwanberg, Jeffrey D. Tanzer, Ben Tebo, Cindy terris, susan Thompson, John
Adams, Leigh
Ament, Sue

Anderson, Ken

Angers, Renee
Lasalle, Peter

Lasser, Scott
Lassetter, Denise

Lawson, Helen

Levi, September

Levy, Eric
... Schneberg, Willa Schuessler, Jim Schwarz, Alissa Schwass, Henry Searle, Judith Seltzer, Joanne ... Yelon, Lisa

36. Sidereality Forums :: Volume 1, Issue 3 :: "July" - Susan Terris
Caubrey Offline 112 posts Administrator Managing Editor Reply, July susan terris ( 021123 WedOct 9 2002 ), Interact.

37. Sidereality Forums :: Volume 1, Issue 2 :: "Fait Divers" - Susan Terris
GregC Offline 150 posts Administrator Mechanic Reply, Fait Divers susan terris ( 092701 TueOct 8 2002 ), Interact.

Jeremy Thornton. BARE SOLES. Snow along grape vines white fingers fromgnarled fists as snap of live oak leaves marks footfall of wild cat.
BARE SOLES Snow along grape vines: white fingers
from gnarled fists
as snap of live oak leaves
marks footfall of wild cat.
Outlines of your bare soles
head north toward the arbor,
a ghost house,
its ghost cat prowling
a floor of river stones
and breaching transparent walls.

39. The Kerlan Collection ~ Author Illustrator Checklists, Links
terris, susan ED. Roxburgh, Stephen. terris, susan. author! author! New York Farrar,Straus, Giroux, Inc., 1990, Manuscript. terris, susan ED. Roxburgh, Stephen.

The Kerlan Collection

Coming Events Exhibits ... Resources for Teachers
Kerlan Collection Manuscripts and Illustrations Checklist Volume II
Author's last name, first name; IL = Illustrator last name, first name; ED = Editor last name, first name
Title (in bold); Subjects
Manuscripts and/or Illustrations Please click on a link below to access other letters of this checklist. Checklists are organized by the author's last name:
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Taber, Gladys
IL. Miller, Grambs
Flower arranging for the American home Flower arrangement Philadelphi: Macrae-Smith-Company, 1947 Illustration Tangvald, Christine Harder IL. Fiammenghi, Gioia Leif likes to count Elgin, IL: Chariot Books, 1986 Illustration Tangvald, Christine Harder IL. Fiammenghi, Gioia Leif cleans his room Elgin, IL: Chariot Books, 1986 Illustration Tangvald, Christine Harder IL. Fiammenghi, Gioia Leif likes to play Elgin, IL: Chariot Books, 1986 Illustration Tangvald, Christine Harder IL. Fiammenghi, Gioia Leif takes a bath Elgin, IL: Chariot Books, 1986 Illustration Tapio, Pat Decker

40. PerihelionPerihelion - Poetry By Susan Terris
Slick as death yet purposeful . susan recommends. Gaia. WiseWomens' Web. Contact. Ms. susan terris. susan terris BlindFish Cave.
"the gator is behind me again. Slick as death yet purposeful..."
Susan recommends Gaia Wise Womens' Web
Contact Ms. Susan Terris Susan Terris Blind-Fish Cave Somewhere on the transparent mountain:
a cave with a shallow lake inside,
and, at night, I come upon it again and again. Bamboo poles wait there in darkness, propped,
their safety pin hooks unbaited,
yet I lift them, fish with the empty hooks, catch spineless albino trout to fry over cool fire.
As I chew and swallow, soft flesh-bones
disintegrating between my teeth, earthworms tunnel beneath me, moles dig
sightlessly, and moonlight leaks through
the trees. Beyond the cave, a world where birds fly right-side up, and the sun arcs behind them in the east. There's a path, torrid and rock-strewn, with miles to traverse facing prowl of boar and puma. Will I seek danger? Blistered feet or raked back? No, I'll hunker in the cave. Call this selective hibernation: food, shelter, fire, exhalation of bat and snake, and echoes within echoes of a reality too edgy to control.

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