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         Trent Gayle:     more detail
  1. Dead Pan by Gayle Trent, 2009-11-01
  2. Murder Takes The Cake by Gayle Trent, 2008-09-30
  3. Blessings of Mossy Creek by Debra Dixon, Martha Shields, et all 2004-06
  4. Between A Clutch And A Hard Place by Gayle Trent, 2004-10-31
  5. Murder Takes the Cake: A Daphne Martin Cake Mystery by Gayle Trent, 2011-03-29
  6. Anything For A Buck by Gayle Trent, 2001-08-24
  7. Laughing and Learning: Adventures in Parenting by Gayle Trent, 2003-11
  8. Trent's Murder Takes (Murder Takes The Cake by Gayle Trent (Paperback - Sep 30, 2008) by Gayle Trent, 2008
  9. by Gayle Trent Murder Takes the Cake (Thorndike Press Large Print Clean Reads) [LARGE PRINT Lrg edition
  10. When Good Bras Go Bad by Gayle Trent, 2006-08-01
  11. Photo Finish by Gayle Trent, 1999-08-01
  12. Mama Liked Blue by Gayle Trent, 2001-01-12

41. Webshots Community - Crystal Gayle
Crystal gayle 10/7/01. Newsboys. CCM Artists Me. Country Artists Me. Clay Crosse.Angel's strange hair pix. Natalie Grant, Tammy trent, Avalon 8/10/01. Sophie.

42. Webshots Community - Crystal Gayle 10/7/01
Point of Grace 5/25/02 Pt 2. Crystal gayle. Crystal gayle 10/7/01. Newsboys. Angel'sstrange hair pix. Natalie Grant, Tammy trent, Avalon 8/10/01. Sophie.
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angelpog's albums: Point Of Grace Rebecca St. James Jaci Velasquez Katy Hudson ... Entertainment Crystal Gayle 10/7/01
Crystal Gayle at Isle of Capri, Biloxi
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43. Days Downunder - June 2001 Week 2 Day 2
Travis/trent looks satisfied. Jennifer is unconscious. Now to carry out the restof his plan. Go Home. Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved gayle Howard.
Gayle I just LOVE your summaries of the DOOL that I missed because I had to work! I missed several years' worth, and only within the past year got back into it. It's so helpful to learn how some of today's characters got into the situations they're in now! And to see the rapid-aging of the children ... Wow! Thanks for having this website! Connie Please note: Australian spelling applies in Days DownUnder.Therefore spelling of words such as realise (realize),
colour (color),
recognise (recognize),
defence (defense)
and so on, are not
typing or spelling
errors as we
adopt European
English spelling
in Australia. AUSTRALIAN READERS PLEASE NOTE: The wrap up you see now is CURRENT for MELBOURNE. NSW is 3 days ahead of us, Perth in Western Australia is about 18 months behind, regional Western Australia is ahead by 2 days. South Australia- previously behind, then
3 weeks ahead are now about 7 days ahead!

44. Trent/Saunders Family - Index A-C
February 2, 1784) Archer, John trent Archer, Judith Archer, Katie (Katie Archer Michal(Michal Archer Robertson) Archer, Michaux Archer, Mona gayle (Mona gayle
A aron, Henry Osborne (December 18, 1923 - )
A aron, John Bland(August 20, 1919 - )
A aron, John Henry
A barbanel, Steven
A bbitt, William Jones
A bbot, Charles Cortez III
A bbot, Charles Cortez, Jr.
A bbott, Dale Marie (Dale Marie Abbott Whitten) (June 13, 1963 - )
A bbott, John Ryan (March 6, 1989 - ) A bbott, Josiah Bartlett A bbott, Kenneth Mays (October 28, 1928 - ) A bbott, Kenneth Steven (December 7, 1959 - ) A bbott, Lawrence B. A bbott, Michael Shawn (February 1, 1974 - ) A bbott, Ossie Mae (Ossie Mae Abbott DeWitt) A bbott, Ruth Vance (Ruth Vance Abbott Trent) A bbott, Troy David (July 25, 1972 - ) A bbott, William Thomas David A bell, Addison S. A bell, Addison Slye April 21, 1844 - ) A bell, Adela T. A bell, Cecil Thompson A bell, Edward Cabell (December 4, 1841 - ) A bell, Elizabeth J. A bell, Ellen (Ellen Abell Bloom) ( - August 5, 1856) A bell, Harriet J. (Harriet J. Abell Wyatt) (February 10, 1848 - ) A bell, Harriet M. A bell, John A bell, Pamela Davis (Pamela Davis Abell Couch) (July 2, 1851 - ) A bell, Peter T. (July 26, 1813 - )

45. Trent/Saunders Family - Index A-C
AF Grishaw Carwile) (1841 ) Grissett, Magdaline (Magdaline Grissett trent) Griswold,Ida (Ida 17, 1881 - April 26, 1964) Grubbs, Cynthia gayle Grubbs, Jessie


Gaafar, Daniel Sherief
Gaafar, Gail Magda
Gaafar, Joseph Omar
Gaafar, Sayed M.
Gaafar, Wayne Samir
Gagelman, Frieda C. (Frieda C. Gagelman Button) (July 14, 1905 - November 18, 1979) Gagnor, Jennifer Lynn Gagnor, Louis F., Jr. Gagnor, Louis F., Sr. Gagnor, Walter Holmes Robertson Gaines, Charles Owen Gaines, Martha (Martha Gaines Farrar) Gaither, Virginia (Virginia Gaither Bolling) Gale, Fannie (Abt. 1854 - ) Gale, Lelia R. Gale, Mary (Abt. 1857 - ) Gale, Robert Gallaher, H. Louis Galliart, Elsie (Elsie Galliart Bird) Galliger, Sandra (Sandra Galliger Franklin) Gallus, Gregory Peter (June 26, 1961 - ) Gallus, Gregory Peter (February 1, 1990 - ) Gallus, Julie Christine (May 18, 1992 - ) Galt, Alexander Bolling (July 21, 1890 - ) Galt, Alexander Hunter (December 5, 1860 - ) Galt, Eleanor Sweeting (Eleanor Sweeting Galt Lutz) Galt, Matthew W. Galt, Norman (April 30, 1866 - January 28, 1908) Galt, Thomas Jefferson

46. Listings Of The World Arts Literature Authors T
3) Tingle, Mike (2) Tishy, Cecelia (2) Toomer, Jean (2) Torres Bodet, Jaime (2)Trakl, Georg (3) Tranter, John (9), Traven, B. (5) trent, gayle (3) Trillin

47. New Page 1
Written By gayle trent. Reviewed By H. Dale Hagood. Mama Liked Blue isa story that has needed writing for a long time. Written By gayle trent.
Young Adult and Children's Book Reviews
Aftershocks Written by: Kristi Davitt (a.k.a. Elaine Hopper) Reviewed by: Cathy Gladstone How would you feel if your father walked out the door never to return again? Kristi Davitt has written a realistic story built around this contemporary problem using a fictional background. Davitt shows us her skill at creating strong, vivid images and three-dimensional characters.
A Ballplayer's Choice

Written By: Reed Lengel Baseball for the young or young at heart
The Calico Buffalo

Written By: EJ Stapleton A lovely child's tale of love and acceptance Camp Cheer
Written By: Betty Jo Schuler A wonderful pick a path mystery for young adults Chaos Scroll
Written By: Larraine Stacy Fantasy Adventure for the young and young at heart Cliff Hanger
Glen Ebisch Lou Dunlap, teenaged detective goes on a vacation with Jessie, his partner, whom he is hoping to romance. But life gets complicated when she finds her cousin's dead body at the bottom of a cliff.
Dream Stalker

Written By:
Mari Baily New York is a wonderful place for a young girl fresh out of high school to spend one full glorious week sightseeing with maybe a little romance thrown in. Or is it?

48. New Page 1
Mama Liked Blue. Written By gayle trent. In Mama Liked Blue, gayle trentwrites a touching story around the allimportant theme, racial prejudice.
Mama Liked Blue Written By: Gayle Trent Reviewed By: Cathy Gladstone Genre: Children Publisher: Kudlicka Publisher’s Web Site: Publishing Formatand Price: $7.00 (USD) Download or $9.00 (USD) CD Author’s Web site: Author’s E-mail: “In Mama Liked Blue," Gayle Trent writes a touching story around the all-important theme, racial prejudice. She uses her main character, little Devon, to show us how it feels to be chocolate colored and not pure white or black. The story opens with Devon preparing to attend his first day at Kindergarten. He's all excited what with his new clothes and a new adventure ahead of him. So why is his Nanny upset? She and Grandpa have been so loving and caring towards him, taking the place of his dead parents. But Nanny knows how mean children can be to little folks who are from a black father and white mother like Devon. His grandmother has worried about this day for a long time; for now, it will be increasingly difficult to protect Devon from the prejudices that exist in the outside world. However, Devon reassures her that everything is fine on his way home from school that first day. He describes how he made new friends with Fred and Crystal. But his Nanny is still worried. His mother's favorite color was blue and Devon tells Nanny how Crystal's favorite color is blue. He's pretty sure it's a good sign, a sign form his mother in heaven.

49. I72878: Garlen P ALLEN ( - )
_Carl Ephraim CLONINGER _ _Tony Lee CLONINGER _ _Edna Elizabeth LYNCH _ Darin trent CLONINGER _ gayle PITZER.
Garlen P ALLEN
Family 1 Suzan EASTER
Garlen P ALLEN
!NAME: DESCENDANTS OF MARTIN LEONHARDT, PG 26. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Fri Jan 03 19:30:30 2003.
Helen Beatrice BOWMAN
  • BIRTH : 4 MAR 1892, York,York,Pennsylvania
  • CHRISTENING : 2 APR 1982, York,York,Pennsylvania
  • DEATH : 26 AUG 1985, Zelienople,Butler,Pennsylvania
  • BURIAL : Hanover Jct,York,Pennsylvania
Family 1 Harry Albert BAILEY
  • MARRIAGE : 22 SEP 1920, Baltimore,Baltimore,Maryland

  • Helen Lucille BAILEY
  • David Lewis BAILEY
  • Donald Albert BAILEY Helen Beatrice BOWMAN ... INDEX
    EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Fri Jan 03 19:30:30 2003.
    Robert BRENNER
    Family 1 Priscilla Ann SHADE
  • Robert Royle BRENNER
  • Mary Frances BRENNER Robert BRENNER ... INDEX
    !NAME: FORREST SHADE, FDSHADE@AOL.COM. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Fri Jan 03 19:30:30 2003.
    Darin Trent CLONINGER
    Father: Tony Lee CLONINGER
    Darin Trent CLONINGER
    INDEX This person is presumed living. EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Fri Jan 03 19:30:30 2003.
    Henry C COCKLEY
    Father: Noah COCKLEY
    Mother: Sarah BOMBERGER
    _Noah COCKLEY
    Henry C COCKLEY _Sarah ERB ... INDEX
  • 50. Gayle Trent - Writer Profile From The WritersNet Published Writers And Authors D
    gayle trent. Bristol, 47, United States Email Homepage http// Writers - Published Writers - Unpublished Literary Agents Editors Publishers Resources Log in Join WritersNet browse by location browse by topic ... faqs
    Gayle Trent
    Bristol, 47, United States Email: Home page:
    The idea for ANYTHING FOR A BUCK was born when I was traveling on a four-lane in Washington County, Virginia. It's not uncommon to see deer lying by the wayside there, but I came upon one that was still kicking. I swerved onto the side of the road but knew there was really nothing I could do. Crying, I drove up the road until I spotted a State Trooper. He was pulled over giving someone other than me a ticket. I interrupted the citation process to tell the Trooper of the deer's plight. He offered to send an animal control officer to shoot it. When I shouted "no" and started into a Lucy Ricardo wail, he promised to see if there was anything else that could be done.
    I continue to write and try to save injured wildlife. One caveat: Mama Robins will swoop down on your head if you try to save their hatchlings from the cat, so you might want to leave those alone. Trust me on this one.
    I'm currently trying to sell my first book in a mystery series. The book is currently titled THE PERFECT WOMAN and is about a group of ad execs who try to find "the perfect woman" in order to save their flagging ad agency. They interview a select group of women, and of course, the women start turning up dead. (It wouldn't be a mystery if they didn't, would it?)

    51. Spontaneouscombustion_melinda
    gayle trent’s newest romance will make you dream about superheros fallingin love and being able to face danger without sweating a brow.
    Meet Beryl Madison, aka The Flame , is a woman of her own freewill. She could do anything and whatever she wanted, until she became the sole guardian to Duncan and Dominic, her nephews. Years of always being compared to her sister, Beryl must do the one thing The Flame has never done before. She must be an aunt and mother to Duncan and Dominic, and she must fight her attraction to their elementary teacher, Terry Goodson. As if fighting evil men threatening her job was not enough!
    Terry meets Beryl by chance, yet that one meeting has turned his perspective towards life completely. Long gone are the bachelor days he once knew, now he is seeing a certain flame haired woman in his dreams, life and in his heart. The only problem is The Flame is not falling for his charms, unless he takes the whole package: her and her nephews. Knowing that is the only way he could have her, he must do what no man has ever done for The Flame . He must fight evil and battle his way to her heart.
    Gayle Trent’s newest romance will make you dream about superheros falling in love and being able to face danger without sweating a brow. She matches up a person who has never had any responsibility before, and a man with no sense of being committed to someone or something. Together these two people start a Spontaneous Combustion when just one kiss set them both up in flames, and create second doubts about the lives they led so far.

    52. Inscriptions - Issue 31 - September 18, 2002
    Paying Markets ~Link of the Week ~Book Shelf ~Book Reviews ~The Hook ~LiteraryBirthdays ~Instructor Profile gayle trent ( ~Fast Five

    53. Hutchinson Recreation Commission
    gayle Swenson Receptionist 17 E 1st Hutchinson, KS 67501 620/663-6179,Marc trent - Athletics Superintendent 17 E 1st Hutchinson, KS 67501
    Hutchinson Recreation
    Recreate! Educate! Celebrate! 17 E 1st Ave Hutchinson KS 67501 (620)663-6179 FAX(620)663-5111 Home Dillon Nature Center Pioneer Senior Center Special Populations ... HRC staff directory View current issue of the Recreator Register online or just browse all the activities offered.
    Additional processing fees will apply to all online registrations. Staff Directory (click name)
    Administration Tom Cook - Director Betty Zeka - Assistant Director Bo Frondorf - Business Manager Gayle Swenson - ... Receptionist Athletics Marc Trent - Athletics Superintendent Amy Humphrey - Program Coordinator - Athletics Aquatics/Youth Programs Ted Nelson Aquatics/Youth Programs Superintendent Dillon Nature Center Jim Smith - DNC Superintendent Mary Clark - DNC Naturalist Steve Kinser - DNC Natural Resource Manager Tina Frees - DNC Receptionist ... Betty Robinson - DNC Receptionist Leisure Arts Susan Allam - Leisure Arts Superintendent Pioneer Activity Center Pat Starr - PAC Superintendent Glenda Forbes - PAC Recreation Aide Special Populations Toyla Frondorf - Special Populations Superintendent Wellness Megan Gottschalk - Wellness Superintendent Lisa Akins -ECC Receptionist Tom Cook - Director
    17 E 1st Hutchinson, KS 67501

    54. Literature/Authors/T - Fractured Atlas Links Directory
    Torres Bodet, Jaime (1). Trakl, Georg (2). Tranter, John (9). Traven, B. (4). trent,gayle (2). Trillin, Calvin (1). Trollope, Anthony (11). Troncoso, Sergio (12).
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    55. T
    John; Traven, B. trent, gayle; Trillin, Calvin; Trollope, Anthony; Troncoso,Sergio; Trueman, Terry; Tsvetaeva, Marina; Turner, James Houston;
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    56. 9th Match: England V West Indies At Nottingham, 20 Jul 2000
    ODI 1618 NatWest Series, 2000, 9th Match England v West Indies trent Bridge,Nottingham 20 July 2000 (50over match). Man of the Match CH gayle.

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    ECB navigator Homepage News Index of all Tours Domestic Counties Women Scorebook Leagues Archive Players Grounds Play the Game TV and Radio Polls Wallpaper Help/Feedback
    ODI # 1618
    NatWest Series, 2000, 9th Match
    England v West Indies
    Trent Bridge, Nottingham
    20 July 2000 (50-over match) Result: West Indies won by 3 runs
    Points: West Indies 2, England Toss: England
    Umpires: MJ Kitchen and B Leadbeater
    TV Umpire: GI Burgess
    Match Referee: RS Madugalle (SL) ODI Debuts: PJ Franks (Eng); RR Sarwan (WI). Man of the Match: CH Gayle
    • West Indies 50 in 16 overs
    • West Indies 100 in 29.3 overs
    • AJ Stewart 50 in 86 balls, 6x4
    • England 100 in 29,5 overs
    • AJ Stewart 100 off 146 balls in 211 mins, 11x4
    Ball-by-ball Commentary Match Reports Run-Rate Comparison Over Graphs ... Tournament Index Team Pages: England West Indies Ground Page: Trent Bridge, Nottingham West Indies Player Pages: SL Campbell CH Gayle WW Hinds JC Adams ... RD King England Player Pages: ME Trescothick AJ Stewart A Flintoff GA Hick ... AD Mullally Match Officials' Pages: MJ Kitchen B Leadbeater GI Burgess RS Madugalle Contributed by The Management (

    57. West Indies Go Out With Honour, Stewart Stranded
    with honour by recording a thrilling threerun victory over England at trent Bridge. lastthree wickets fall in the final over, bowled by Chris gayle, for just

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    West Indies go out with honour, Stewart stranded
    John Ward - 20 July 2000 Alec Stewart stranded on second century as West Indies win
    Photo © AllSport Trent Bridge, close of play: West Indies 195 for nine; England 192 all out West Indies, eliminated from the final, nevertheless finished with honour by recording a thrilling three-run victory over England at Trent Bridge. After fine English bowling and fielding had reduced the tourists to 195 for nine in their allotted 50 overs, England enjoyed a confident opening partnership of 46. Then three quick wickets to Reon King, helped by a fine run-out, brought about a collapse. However Stewart, with useful contributions from the all-rounders, kept England in the hunt until the end. But a flurry of nerves and wickets saw the last three wickets fall in the final over, bowled by Chris Gayle, for just one run, with Stewart stranded at the bowler's end on exactly 100 not out.

    58. Trent Valley Archives
    D2. Guide Book - trent Canal. Friends of the trent-Severn Waterway. 20.00. D-3. M-5.Forest to Farm - Early Days in Otonobee. Excellent/HC. D. gayle Nelson. 25.00. M-6.
    567 Carnegie Ave, Peterborough, Ontario, K9L 1N1 Home What's New Heritage Gazette Trent Valley Archives ... Map to TVA Items may be ordered by email or snail mail. Shipping costs for hardcover books averages $7.00, paperbacks $5.00, digital publications and pamphlets $2.50 in Canada. U.S and overseas shipping is approximately 40% higher. All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Items will be shipped when payment by cash, money order or cheque has been received and cleared. Please indicate order# as well as Title. Floppy disk PDF publications may be emailed to you at half price. Buyer pays actual shipping costs. NEW BOOKS FOR SALE order # Title Author Price Abridged Atlas Peterborough County, paperback A.O.C. Cole ed. Along the Gravel Road Sherrill Branton Leetooze Asphodel: A Tale of a Township Jean Lancaster Graham Bridgenorth: Centre of the Universe Smith Township Sherrill Branton Leetooze Chemong Park Story, paperback

    59. Photo Finish
    A summary of the novel by gayle trent.

    60. Chris Gayle: The Laughing Cavalier -
    Jimmy Adams, with the last over of the NatWest Series match at trent Bridge. PaulFranks was run out and gayle, calmly sending down flat, fulllength off-spin

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