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         Trillin Calvin:     more books (101)
  1. George W. Bushisms V: New Ways to Harm Our Country by Jacob Weisberg, 2005-09-27
  2. Third Helpings by Calvin Trillin, 1984-08-07
  3. Regards: The Selected Nonfiction of John Gregory Dunne by John Gregory Dunne, 2005-11-30
  4. American Stories by Calvin Trillin, 1991
  5. U.S. Journal by Calvin Trillin, 1971
  6. The Studs Terkel Reader: My American Century by Studs Terkel, 2007-05-01
  7. A Heckuva Job: More of the Bush Administration in Rhyme by Calvin Trillin, 2006-05-30
  8. If You Cant Say Something Nice by Calvin Trillin, 1990-01-16
  9. An Education in Georgia: Charlayne Hunter, Hamilton Holmes, and the Integration of the University of Georgia by Calvin Trillin, 1992-01-01
  10. Deadline Poet: My Life As a Doggerelist by Calvin Trillin, 1995-06
  11. Piece by Piece [With Headphones] (Playaway Adult Nonfiction) by Calvin Trillin, 2009-02
  12. Colette's Japanese Cuisine by Colette Rossant, 1988-11
  13. About Alice by Calvin Trillin, 2006
  14. Calvin Trillin, Piece by Piece by Calvin Trillin, 1996-02-01

41. Famous Quotes - Calvin Trillin - I Never Did Very Well...
Quote calvin trillin, Get great jokes and fun in your email! First Name,Last Name. Email Address. calvin trillin Send this quote to a friend!
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God Created Eve
Dust to Dust ... Redneck Etiquette I never did very well in math - I could never seem to persuade the teacher that I hadn't meant my answers literally. Calvin Trillin Send this quote to a friend! Related Information: Author: Calvin Trillin Topic: Imagination Type: Writer Year of Birth: Find on Amazon: Calvin Trillin More Quotes by Calvin Trillin: As far as I'm concerned... Even today, well-brought-up English... Following the Jewish tradition... Following the Rumanian tradition... ... When it comes to Chinese... Jokes Jokes Jokes Heaven's Gate Act of Charity Blonde Behaviors Brain Transplant ... Terms

42. Authors: Calvin Trillin
home, books, authors, contests, enewsletters, excerpts, browse. calvin trillin,Deadline Poet (Paperback (trade)); Remembering Denny (Paperback (trade));

Calvin Trillin

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43. The Books: Too Soon To Tell By Calvin Trillin
Too Soon To Tell by calvin trillin. y the bestselling author of Deadline Poet andRemembering Denny. Here is calvin trillin at his barbed and irrepressible best.
ISBN: 0446672300
Paperback (trade) $11.00/U.S.
304 pages
5-1/4 x 8
Too Soon To Tell
by Calvin Trillin
y the bestselling author of Deadline Poet and Remembering Denny Here is Calvin Trillin at his barbed and irrepressible best. Sorting through four years of writing, he has selected his favorite columns-some of which, according to New York Newsday, are "funny enough to embarrass you if you happen to be reading them in a public place by making you laugh out loud." Among the short, fast jabs are his whimsical columns on dog seat belts, China's claim to have invented golf, and the prospect of the Queen being audited. Grappling with tougher issues, he discusses whether Michael Milken's lecturing at the UCLA School of Business means that its religion department will soon be employing Jim Bakker ("Church Management 101: Imaginative Ideas in Religious Fund-Raising"). In the field of politics, he muses on a president who would be "tough enough" (Mel Gibson as he appeared in Lethal Weapon 2). And, noting that some companies give campaign contributions to both political parties, he proposes a question for a national high school civics exam:"Explain this practice without using the word 'bribery.'" With some ninety topical essays to choose from

44. Thomas A. Goldwasser Rare Books: Third Helpings. By Trillin, Calvin.
trillin, calvin. Third Helpings. New Haven/New York Ticknor Cloth backed boards.Fine in dust jacket. First edition. Volume three of trillin's food essays.
Author: Trillin, Calvin.
Title: Third Helpings. Cloth backed boards. Fine in dust jacket. First edition. Volume three of Trillin's food essays. Price: $35.00 buy now contact us mailing list shopping cart ...

45. Calvin Trillin
A regular contributor to The New Yorker since 1963, calvin trillin is widely knownfor his books on eating, which are among the classics of food writing, as
Revelle Forum Home Event Registration About Revelle Forum Directions ... Contact Us May 28, 2003 5:30-7:15 p.m.
Revelle Forum Home
Event Registration About Revelle Forum Directions ... Contact Us
A regular contributor to The New Yorker since 1963, Calvin Trillin is widely known for his books on eating, which are among the classics of food writing, as well as for his more serious non-fiction and his humorous commentary and comic novels. Trillin visits the Revelle Forum to discuss Feeding a Yen , a collection of pieces that initiates us into his wonderfully idiosyncratic world of eccentric/authentic cuisine. Never a champion of continental cuisine palaces that he refers to as "La Maison de la Casa House" nor of their successors, the trendy spots he calls "sleepy-time restaurants, where everything is served on a bed of something else," what he treasures is the superb local specialty, from Cajun boudin in Louisiana to pimientos de Padrón in northern Spain, favorite dishes that somehow never left their place of origin. The result is this book of antic eating adventures, by a writer described as being "to food writing what Chaplin is to film acting." Advance registration strongly advised. Registration fee is $35. When registering, use section ID number 040144.

46. Revelle Forum
calvin trillin, calvin trillin Wednesday, May 28, 2003 530715 pm A regular contributorto The New Yorker since 1963, humorist, novelist, and distinguished
Revelle Forum Home Event Registration About Revelle Forum Directions ...
Dava Sobel

Tuesday, May 13, 2003
5:30-7:15 p.m.
RESCHEDULED - The celebrated author of international bestsellers Galileo’s Daughter and Longitude offers dramatic insights into Galileo and his world-shaking scientific discoveries. Sobel spins her story from the perspective of Galileo’s remarkable daughter, Virginia, a cloistered nun whose lively correspondence Sobel has translated in Letters to Father . Registration fee is $35. When registering, use section ID number 038299. Richard Rodriguez
Wednesday, April 30, 2003
5:30-7:15 p.m.
Join this renowned author and essayist as he offers his observations on race and American culture from his latest book, Brown: The Last Discovery of America . A Catholic, gay, Mexican American, Rodriguez has examined his own experience as it intersects with public issues of class and ethnicity. Registration fee is $35. When registering, use section ID number 040143. Calvin Trillin
Wednesday, May 28, 2003
5:30-7:15 p.m.

47. Calvin Trillin, Piece By Piece
calvin trillin, Piece by Piece.
Calvin Trillin, Piece by Piece
Home Audiobooks General
by Calvin Trillin
See More Details

HighBridge Company; ISBN: 1565111427 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.78 x 7.04 x 4.40
NEW YORKER columnist Calvin Trillin, a Kansas City native, now lives in Greenwich Village ("where people from the suburbs come on Saturday nights to test their car alarms"). In this, his first effort at recording his own pieces, his droll reading makes his sharp wit even more hilarious. These short pieces cover a wide range of topicsÐAmerican first names to Kansas City landmarks, food fads and even the proper attire for a guru. The author reads his own short essays and after this sampling you'll find yourself wishing there were more "pieces" in the package. S.I.R. ©AudioFile, Portland, Maine Publishers Weekly , May 6, 1996
Trillin...makes his [HighBridge] audio recording debut with this collection of short pieces. It's an affably craggy lot, showcasing the personality behind the barb-tongued prose. For material, Trillin draws on his Midwestern past and New York present. Later entries draw on Trillin's introduction to blue-blood society as a Yale undergrad and his continued observances of the moneyed and their milieu....Three hours is a long time to listen to a writer read from columns alonebut Trillin's broad mix of subjects and tactical approaches keeps the tape rolling along. Booklist , Nov. 1, 1996

48. Author, Humorist Calvin Trillin To Speak At UNC March 19
Author, humorist calvin trillin to speak at UNC March 19. CHAPEL HILL calvintrillin, the acclaimed writer, humorist and commentator on American.
210 Pittsboro Street, Campus Box 6210
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-6210
(919) 962-2091 FAX: (919) 962-2279
NEWS For immediate use Feb. 4, 2003 No. 65 Photo Note : To download a photo of Trillin, see end of release. Author, humorist Calvin Trillin to speak at UNC March 19 By DEE REID
UNC College of Arts and Sciences CHAPEL HILL Calvin Trillin, the acclaimed writer, humorist and commentator on American culture and cuisine, will be the Morgan Writer-in-Residence at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in mid-March. Trillin will discuss his work in a free public reading March 19 at 7:30 p.m. in the Carroll Hall auditorium. He also will meet with creative writing and English classes and with local high school students. Trillin, whose essays and columns have appeared in Time magazine, the New Yorker and The Nation, has written many books. His latest, the novel "Tepper Isn’t Going Out" (Random House, 2002), is a humorous tale of the urban quest for an open parking space.

49. Calvin Trillin, One Of America's Great Commentators And Among The Funniest Regul
International Performing Arts and Lecture Series. calvin trillin. 800pm, Friday, September 20, 2002. It was 15 years ago that calvin
International Performing Arts and Lecture Series Calvin Trillin 8:00 p.m., Friday, September 20, 2002 It was 15 years ago that Calvin Trillin, renowned as a classic American humorist, delivered a memorable commencement address at Beloit College titled Too Soon To Tell . Now he returns to reflect on that commentary with his unadorned point of view that is deeply rooted in a Mid-western upbringing. For 40 years, in The New Yorker and The Nation on subjects ranging from crime to cuisine, in prose and poetry, and in dozens of bookshe has established himself as one of America’s great commentators and among the funniest regular columnists in journalism. That 1987 commencement theme has inspired a theme for the College’s first year students who will ponder whether or not it is really "Too Soon To Tell." This lecture, made possible by the Bink Noll Cultural Affairs Fund, is free and open to the public. Book Review from Booklist: Donna Seaman This text refers to the hardcover edition of Too Soon To Tell His most current book

50. Author Calvin Trillin To Inquire If It Is "Too Soon To Tell" In Free Lecture At
Ron Nief (608) 3632625. AUTHOR calvin trillin TO INQUIRE IF IT IS TOO SOONTO TELL IN FREE LECTURE AT BELOIT COLLEGE, SEPT. 20. calvin trillin.
Related site-links below.
Ron Nief
Fifteen years ago Ronald Reagan was still president, the Cold War was cooling down, and author and journalist Calvin Trillin proposed to the Beloit College class of 1987 at Commencement that they adopt the motto "Too Soon to Tell." Calvin Trillin On September 20 to initiate Beloit's 2002 Family Weekend and the 2002-03 International Performing Arts and Lectures Series humorist, essayist and commentator Calvin Trillin will return to Beloit to see if his proposal actually made a difference. "Too Soon to Tell" has been adopted this year as the theme for Beloit's First Year Initiatives (FYI) program, which is designed to bring Beloit's new students together and integrate each into the community and immerse them in the academic program. FYI has been called "a combination safety net and trampoline." According to Keefer Professor of the Humanities and FYI director Tom McBride, the TSTT theme "suggests the difficulty of predicting the future but the frequent necessity of trying to do so ... the word 'tell' also entails trying to imagine the future narrative, to envision an apparently unforeseeable world, and even working to make that world possible." Mr. Trillin will surely apply his wit and distinctive analytical style to the question of whether it is still

51. Interviews - Calvin Trillin
He reminded me a lot of his father — but I only know Abe trillin throughCalvin's books, so what to make of that resemblance I'm really not sure.
Technical Books Kids' Books eBooks more search options ... Staff Picks Around Town Award Winners Book Clubs From the Author Front Window ... Win Free Books! March 18, 2003 Archived Editions
American Rivers
The Atlantic Monthly ...
Dave Weich
Why has it taken so long for literature to produce a great novel about parking in New York City? You can't talk five minutes to a New Yorker without the subject of parking coming up. Of the approximately six gazillion published fictions set in New York, wouldn't you figure there'd have been at least one canonical work before now? "There may be a long tradition in Serbo-Croatia where every young writer takes his crack at a parking novel," Calvin Trillin acknowledges, "but I don't think so. In English, at least, we think it's the first." A staff writer at The New Yorker since 1963 — also a long-time contributor to The Nation and Time — Trillin has published twenty-one books in all. His nonfiction includes a series of books about food ( The Tummy Trilogy ); a brilliant collection of essays about murder and other grim deaths (

52. Southampton College Press Release: Humorist Calvin Trillin Will Address The Clas
May 3, 2002 Humorist calvin trillin Will Address the Class of 2002at Southampton College. Contact Patricia Conway (PR@southampton
May 3, 2002
Humorist Calvin Trillin Will Address the Class of 2002 at Southampton College Contact:
Patricia Conway (
Fax: (631) 283 4081
Humorist Calvin Trillin will deliver the commencement address at Southampton College of Long Island University on Sunday, May 19 at 2:00 p.m. Trillin began his career as a writer for Time before joining the staff of The New Yorker, where he wrote a series of highly praised articles called U.S. Journal. He went on to write a column for The Nation that became syndicated. In 1996, he returned to Time as a weekly columnist. His many columns have produced five collections of works. Trillin's writing is deeply rooted in a Midwestern upbringing. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, he has never stopped writing about his hometown. His work is full of fresh, wry observations delivered in an ironic style. He is known to make people look at American culture in whole new ways. Trillin has been acclaimed in fields of writing that are remarkably diverse. His books include the best-selling family memoir, Messages From My Father and his latest Family Man. His work also includes two comic novels, a collection of short stories, a travel book, an account of desegregation at The University of Georgia, and three antic books on eating - American Fried, Alice- Lets Eat, and Third Helpings, - which have been compiled into a single volume called "The Tummy Trilogy." Trillin has appeared often as a guest on such television programs as "The Today Show" and "Late Night with David Letterman". His antic commentary on the American scene and his books chronicling his adventures as a "happy eater" have earned him renown as "a classic American humorist".

53. AllPolitics - Calvin Trillin On Pennies For Newt --> - April 21, 1997
Passing The Hat For Newt. By calvin trillin. (TIME, April 21) Thisis the time of year when we all feel a bit strapped for cash.
Time's 25 Most Influential Americans Political Donations: An Investment With Great Returns Calvin Trillin On Pennies For Newt Taming The E-Mail Monster ... Notebook: True Political Colors
More political coverage from TIME magazine.
Tap into AllPolitics' archive of TIME articles from the days before the internet.
Passing The Hat For Newt
By Calvin Trillin (TIME, April 21) This is the time of year when we all feel a bit strapped for cash. So you can understand my lack of enthusiasm when a reporter I'll call Jeffrey showed up at my office to suggest that if Newt Gingrich can't think of any other way to pay his $300,000 penalty to the House Ethics Committee, maybe members of the press ought to take up a collection. "You kind of caught me at a bad time, Jeffrey," I said. "I just sent the IRS a check as my contribution toward one of those fancy new F-22 jet fighters that's going to keep us technologically way ahead of potential enemies like Iraq and Afghanistan, at least until we start selling them to Iraq and Afghanistan." "I'm talking enlightened self-interest here," Jeffrey told me. "This guy's great copy, even when he goes to China to hide out. We can't afford to let him go back to Georgia. Think of what would have happened if we really hadn't had Nixon to kick around anymore after his defeat in California in 1962. Think of the book advances lost. Think of the depleted lecture fees."

54. AllPolitics - Calvin Trillin On Sex In The Military - June 16, 1997
calvin trillin On Sex In The Military. Military Ardor. (TIME, June16) I don't know how far back the military intends to go in
Troubles For Thompson's Show Calvin Trillin On Sex In The Military The Peril Of Prosecutorial Passion Military Kiss And Tell ... Notebook: The Scoop
More political coverage from TIME magazine.
Tap into AllPolitics' archive of TIME articles from the days before the internet.
Calvin Trillin On Sex In The Military
Military Ardor
(TIME, June 16) I don't know how far back the military intends to go in its investigation of illicit lovemaking, but I've thought about gathering material on the sexual activity of the guys in my Army outfit in 1959, just in case. Sadly, if I were called on to provide a frank summary of my recollections, letting the chips fall where they may, I'd have to say that we didn't get the opportunity to commit as much adultery as we'd been hoping for. I can't remember any sexual escapades that had any impact on what the Army calls "good order and discipline," something we regularly tried and failed to undermine in other ways with such lame schemes as attempting to drive Lieut. Sweeney mad by saluting him lefthanded. Lieut. Sweeney, a stickler for good order and discipline, demanded a crisp salute from enlisted men. Whenever he approached a group of us, we would assign one person in the group to salute lefthanded. A thicket of arms would snap up in the regulation manner, accompanied by an enthusiastic chorus of "Good morning, SIR!" Sometimes, Lieut. Sweeney would pause after he passed us, look puzzled for a moment and then shake his head and move on. But the notion that we could have an impact on his mental health was wishful thinking.

55. Printed Matter -- Calvin Trillin -- Page
Today's entry features a book I've read and loved and I was happy to use thisas an excuse to reread Travels With Alice (1989) by calvin trillin.
"Travels With Alice" still better than the Grand Tour
Feb. 11, 1996
Elisabeth Sherwin gizmo@ I have one of those 1996 calendars that features a different book and sometimes several books for every day of the year. Today's entry features a book I've read and loved and I was happy to use this as an excuse to reread "Travels With Alice" (1989) by Calvin Trillin (Even though I promised I wouldn't write about cats anymore this year I do think readers will be interested in knowing that I once had an orange cat who I named Alice in homage to Trillin's wife. Alice ran away, something I don't think Trillin's wife has done.) "Travels With Alice" is nominally a travel book but it's really about Trillin's favorite pastime, which is eating. He has lots to say about food in these 15 essays. Some of his comments are acerbic ("Anyone who is under the impression that an ancient culture guarantees a great cuisine has never tasted Navajo fry-bread") but in the main he's a big fan. When it comes to eating new and exotic foods, his daughters, Abigail and Sarah, bring him back to earth. Their favorite gourmet meal is grilled chicken and French fries. His wife's favorite meal, at least while she's in Italy, is gelato. In an effort to broaden his daughters' education, Trillin planned a family vacation some years ago in the South of France. This was not going to be the Grand Tour of Europe, Trillin decided. No visits to seven countries in seven weeks, counting off trips to churches and museums like dreary tasks accomplished. Trillin had seen too many "children who sat in formal hotel dining rooms doodling on the tablecloth with their butter knives, looking as if they were wondering whether there was any reason to hold out hope that they might be spared the second of tomorrow's scheduled cathedrals by a sudden downpour or perhaps a nuclear attack."

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57. Compare Prices At NexTag - Calvin Trillin Books - Buy - Review - Price - Reviews
calvin trillin Books The NexTag shopping guide has prices, reviewsfrom stores all over the web. Search Results for calvin trillin.
Popular Books All Categories Books All Search Results for 'calvin trillin' Books
Messages from My Father $2 to $8 Compare Prices
at 6 Sellers
document.write(''); Travels with Alice $5 to $9 Compare Prices
at 5 Sellers
document.write(''); A Family Man ... buy.com_ $4 to $9 Compare Prices
at 2 Sellers
document.write(''); The Tummy Trilogy $3 to $9 Compare Prices
at 3 Sellers
document.write(''); Recipes from Home $17 to $22 Compare Prices
at 3 Sellers
document.write(''); Great British Cooking: A Well Kept Secret $10 to $11 Compare Prices
at 2 Sellers
document.write(''); Remembering Denny $5 to $9 Compare Prices
at 2 Sellers
document.write(''); Tales from the Tummy Trilogy: Selections from American Fried; Alice, Let's Eat; Third Helpings $11 to $13 Compare Prices
at 2 Sellers
document.write(''); Tepper Isn't Going Out: A Novel $8 to $14 Compare Prices
at 2 Sellers
document.write(''); Calvin Trillin, Piece by Piece $10 to $12 Compare Prices at 2 Sellers document.write(''); Too Soon to Tell $6 to $10 Compare Prices at 2 Sellers document.write('');

58. Calvin Trillin - US Journalist, Writer
calvin trillin Learn More About calvin trillin Health food makes me sick.If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all, creep.
Calvin Trillin
Learn More About
Calvin Trillin

Health food makes me sick.
If you can't say anything nice,
don't say anything at all, creep.
If law school is so hard to get through...
how come there are so many lawyers?
Everything was blamed on Castro.
Mudslides in California. The fact that
you can't buy a decent tomato anymore. Was there an exceptionally high pollen count in Massapequa, Long Island, one day? It was Castro, exporting sneezes The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for 30 years she served nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found. The price of purity is purists. As far as I'm concerned, "whom" is a word that was invented to make everyone sound like a butler. Even today, well-brought-up English girls are taught by their mothers to boil all veggies for at least a month and a half, just in case one of the dinner guests turns up without his teeth. I didn't do very well in math I could never seem to persuade the teacher that I hadn't meant my answers literally. It happens to be a matter of record that I was first in print with the discovery that the tastelessness of the food offered in American clubs varies in direct proportion to the exclusiveness of the club.

59. Margaret Rossiter, Calvin Trillin To Give Assembly Series Lectures Next Week
Margaret Rossiter, calvin trillin to give Assembly Series lectures nextweek. History of science educator Margaret Rossiter and acclaimed
Margaret Rossiter, Calvin Trillin to give Assembly Series lectures next week
History of science educator Margaret Rossiter and acclaimed writer Calvin Trillin will deliver Assembly Series lectures next week. Rossiter will deliver the Arthur Holly Compton Memorial Lecture at 4 p.m. Tuesday, March 19. Her lecture, titled "American Women Scientists: Historical Patterns," will take place in Room 215 Rebstock Hall. At 11 a.m. Wednesday, March 20, Trillin will give the Omicron Delta Kappa Honors Lecture in Graham Chapel. His lecture, titled "Calvin Trillin's America," will be followed by an hourlong discussion beginning at 2 p.m. in Lambert Lounge, Room 303 Mallinckrodt Center. All of these events are free and open to the public. Rossiter, who has been the Marie Underhill Noll Professor in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Cornell University since 1993, is the author of three books, the most recent being "Women Scientists in America: Before Affirmative Action, 1940-1972," which was published in 1995. "Women Scientists in America: Struggles and Strategies to 1940" was published in 1982, and "The Emergence of Agricultural Science: Justus Liebig and the Americans, 1840-1880" was published in 1975. Rossiter, who received a doctorate in 1971 from Yale University, has garnered many honors, including a 1979 Silver Medal from Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany; the Wilbur Cross Medal in 1984 from the Yale University Graduate School; and a Hoopes Teaching Award in 1984 from Harvard University.

60. Calvin Trillin - St. Louis On The Air
St. Louis on the Air Archives January 23, 2003 - calvin trillin. A discussionwith calvin trillin about his career and his latest book.
home programs st. louis on the air St. Louis on the Air - Archives
January 23, 2003
Calvin Trillin A discussion with Calvin Trillin about his career and his latest book. listen email to a friend
(Requires Windows Media Player Guests
Calvin Trillin
Author of "Tepper Isn't Going Out"
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