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         Welsh Irvine:     more books (100)
  1. Reheated Cabbage: Tales of Chemical Degeneration by Irvine Welsh, 2009-09-14
  2. If You Liked School, You'll Love Work by Irvine Welsh, 2007-09-04
  3. Crime: A Novel by Irvine Welsh, 2009-05-26
  4. Glue by Irvine Welsh, 2001-05
  5. Marabou Stork Nightmares by Irvine Welsh, 1997-01-17
  6. Filth by Irvine Welsh, 1998-09-17
  7. Porno by Irvine Welsh, 2003-06
  8. The Acid House by Irvine Welsh, 1995-04-17
  9. Ecstasy by Irvine Welsh, 1996-08-17
  10. Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh, 2002-10-01
  11. The Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs: A Novel by Irvine Welsh, 2006-08-07
  12. Crimespotting: An Edinburgh Crime Collection by Irvine Welsh, Ian Rankin, et all 2010-06-15
  13. Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting: A Reader's Guide (Continuum Contemporaries) by Robert Morace, 2001-09-01
  14. The Edinburgh Companion to Irvine Welsh (Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Literature)

1. Irvine Welsh
a review of EcstasyCategory Arts Literature Authors W Welsh, Irvine......Irvine Welsh Ecstasy (Jonathan Cape/Random House). Irvine Welsh's Havingsaid all that, it's hard not to like Irvine Welsh. His writing
Irvine Welsh
(Jonathan Cape/Random House)
Irvine Welsh's name doesn't seem to be on exactly everybody's lips these days, but chances are if you hang around the trendy places and the self-professed hip for approximately three minutes, you'll likely hear the name of this deeply unpleasant Scottish man. His four books are selling like clappers, his first novel, Trainspotting, has become an international best-selling film, appealing to the kids hungry for another Pulp Fiction. And he's making records with Primal Scream, although chances are they've just found some cheap exoneration of their sickly, drug-addled lifestyles in each other. Welsh's popularity on the North American continent has been a source of perplexity for three years now. His work is so riddled with deep Midlothian accents that, even as a Scot, one could find it laborious at times. At the same time, his work has been panned with malice aforethought by hacks the length and breadth of this continent, whom obviously became incensed and frustrated at their lack of understanding of foreign accents. Having said all that, it's hard not to like Irvine Welsh. His writing is documentary in style, a gritty, low-light photo of a generation of losers who've not a clue where they're going except that it's higher. Ecstasy, is his tip to the rave generation, which he is most certainly not a part of, for he's far too old, and those tight skimpy T-shirts simply were not made for big lads like him. If he was absent from the raves however, he must surely have sat at home and tinkered with the pills, for he takes great pains to describe (and thus glorify) the highs achieved therein. If he was guilty of making heroin highs sound a bit too tasty in Trainspotting, he's really gone over the top with the fashion drug Ecstasy in this book. His drawn out, often chapter-long recountings of the super-euphoric love-thy-neighbour effects of E make it sound like something we should all be having a bash at.

2. ArtandCulture
Irvine Welsh was born in 1958 in Leith, an area that had been incorporated intoEdinburgh in much the same way that Scotland itself had been colonized by

3. Quotations From Irvine Welsh
Quotations from Irvine Welsh Irvine Welsh (1958 ). Find Irvine Welsh items at theQuotegeek Store. Quotegeek Literature and Personalities welsh irvine.
Quotations from Irvine Welsh
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    Irvine Welsh
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    Trainspotting (the novel)
    Irvine Welsh
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    6. : Welsh Irvine
    Chargement de la page welsh irvine
    Chargement de la page : Welsh Irvine

    7. Il Libro Della Settimana
    Translate this page welsh irvine, Acid House, tr. di Bocchiola M., 2001, 205 p., Lit. WelshIrvine, Acid house, tr. di Bocchiola M., 1998, 204 p., Lit.

    il libro della settimana la superclassifica i consigli di lettura l'archivio
    La biografia
    La bibliografia

    Irvine Welsh
    Tolleranza zero
    Welsh ancora una volta non delude chi cerca nei suoi libri quell'intensa e crudele critica sociale, densa di ironia, che ha reso famoso Trainspotting. dissolvenze continue, come in un film "d'effetto" a costruire la storia in quel mondo che cerca di trascinarlo "dentro" lui non vuole rientrare
    Roy lotta contro il risveglio, contro la vita. Vuole rimanere a fondo e proseguire nelle sue allucinate visioni
    Tolleranza zero di Irvine Welsh
    Titolo originale dell'opera: Marabou Stork Nightmares
    Traduzione di Massimo Bocchiola Pag. 294, Lire 28.000 - Edizioni Guanda (Narratori della Fenice) ISBN 88-7746-996-X Di Giulia Mozzato le prime pagine Ancora un impero perduto 2001, Ugo Guanda Editore biografia dell'autore Irvine Welsh Il Lercio bibliografia I titoli sono tratti da Alice CD il catalogo su CD-ROM dei libri italiani pubblicato da Informazioni Editoriali Welsh Irvine, Acid House tr. di Bocchiola M., 2001, 205 p., Lit. 14000, "I tascabili della Fenice" n. 25, Guanda (ISBN: 88-8246-314-1)

    8. Welsh Irvine - Porno
    Translate this page welsh irvine. Porno. traduzione di Bocchiola M. 560 p., € 16,00 Narratori dellaFenice Guanda, ISBN 88-8246-566-7 (data di pubblicazione prevista Marzo 2003)
    Welsh Irvine
    traduzione di Bocchiola M.
    Narratori della Fenice
    Guanda, ISBN: 88-8246-566-7
    (data di pubblicazione prevista: Marzo 2003)
    Dopo dieci anni passati a Londra, ormai agli sgoccioli della sua giovinezza, Sick Boy decide di tornare a Edimburgo. Dopo aver clamorosamente fallito come truffatore, sfruttatore di prostitute, marito, padre e uomo d'affari, ecco affacciarsi quella che sembra essere, finalmente, la grande occasione, quella che gli cambierà la vita: l'industria dei film porno. Ma per gettarsi nell'impresa ha bisogno di compagni. E chi meglio di Renton, Spud e Begbie? Eccoli allora riuniti, i protagonisti di "Trainspotting": Renton, il più mite; Begbie, se possibile ancora più psicopatico e sbandato; Spud, stramaledettamente perso nella droga.

    9. Irvine Welsh Fan List
    These are the users who have irvine welsh listed as one of their favourites (632members have irvine welsh listed, and the 150 most recently updated profiles Welsh

    10. WELSH Irvine - Playwrights And Their Plays
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    WELSH Irvine
    Nationality : email address website
    Title Headstate
    First Produced :
    First Published :
    1996 Minerva Press
    Genre : Male : Female : Other :
    Notes :
    with The Boilerhouse Theatre Company"
    Synopsis :

    11. Irvine Welsh
    Catharton, Authors, Catharton Authors Fora Powered by YaBB « Irvine Welsh», Welcome, Guest. Catharton Authors Fora Authors W Irvine Welsh.

    12. Welsh Irvine Trainspotting
    Translate this page welsh irvine Trainspotting. Belletristik Romane Erzählungen EnglischeLiteratur Romane Erzählungen Trainspotting. welsh irvine.
    Welsh Irvine Trainspotting
    Belletristik Romane Erzählungen Englische Literatur Romane Erzählungen
    Welsh Irvine
    Taschenbuch Paperback
    Rice Anne Memnoch der Teufel....

    Ridpath Michael Der Marktmach...

    Crombie Deborah Böses Erwache...

    Crombie Deborah Von fremder H...

    13. Irvine Welsh Bio - Link To Short Story 'A Fault On The Line'
    Biography and a rough guide of his works.
    Home THE BARCELONA REVIEW IRVINE WELSH A Fault on the Line (Short Story by Irvine Welsh) I rvine Welsh lives in London. His first book Trainspotting (1993) reached the last top ten for the Booker prize and was turned into a successful film and stage play. His other books are The Acid House , a collection of short stories published in 1994, a second novel, Marabou Stork Nightmares (1995), and most recently Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance , published in 1996. He is currently working on a third novel, Filth , due for U.K publication in Autumn 1998. He made a hit single (No. 17 in the UK) with Primal Scream and is working on a 'disco' album with DJ Kris Needs. Four stories from The Acid House are currently being made for television by Channel 4. His books have been translated into eleven languages around the world. UPDATE : Check out review of 'Filth' from issue 9 A Very Rough Guide to Irvine Welsh rainspotting 1993.The first book and the best known thanks to the film but it was already doing well before the hype and the movie release. Practically flawless and easily one of the most important and influential books to come out of Britain in the last 30 years or so and will certainly have its place in the history of British literature. Essential to any book collection. There is also a stage version.

    14. IRV.NET
    The Official Web site of irvine welsh

    15. Irvine Welsh @ Catharton Authors
    Provides a bibliography, message boards, mailing lists and chat forum for discussion of the author's works.
    US sales in
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    all of Catharton just Authors Catharton Authors W : Welsh, Irvine Irvine Welsh Bored? Meet people at Café Catharton Websites: The Official Site The Agony And The Ecstasy You'll Have Had Your Theatre ... Queerspotting Message Boards: Irvine Welsh Forum Mailing Lists: irvinewelsh Irvine Welsh's Parlour Trainspotting Chat Rooms: irvinewelsh Irvine Welsh's Parlour Trainspotting Can't find what you want here? Try searching Google for Irvine Welsh List of Works:

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    The Acid House (1994) (short stories)
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    Marabou Stork Nightmares find in US find in UK find in Canada find second hand Ecstasy (1996) (short stories) find in US find in UK find in Canada find second hand Filth find in US find in UK find in Canada find second hand Headstate (1998) (play) find in US find in UK find in Canada find second hand You'll Have Had Your Hole (1998) (play) find in US find in UK find in Canada find second hand Glue find in US find in UK find in Canada find second hand Porno find in US find in UK find in Canada find second hand ... Correct this list of works ... if you need help, peruse this site's

    16. Irvine Welsh: Alan Warner: Queerspotting: Homosexuality In Contemporary Scottish
    Discussion in the context of the works of Alan Warner and irvine welsh.

    splinters (daily weblog)
    interviews features new writing ... contact spike Search Spike magazine
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    Zoë Strachan drags Irvine Welsh's
    and Alan Warner's writing from
    out of the closet...
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    C hoose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television. Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electric tin openers. Choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on a Sunday morning. But whatever you do, don’t choose homosexuality. Traditionally, this has been the general feeling in Scottish fiction over the years. More recently, we have become familiar with the dull, thudding masculinity of Kelman, Sharp, McIlvanney, Gunn. Even these days, as Chris Whyte has highlighted, ‘to be gay and to be Scottish, it would seem, are still mutually exclusive conditions." (Whyte, Gendering The Nation Perhaps we need not wait that long. Perhaps the picture is not as bleak as an unreconstructed (or should that be undeconstructed?) kailyard in winter. At the end of the nineteenth century the "kailyard" (literally, cabbage patch) was all the rage amongst Scottish writers such as J.M. Barrie, F.R. Crockett and Ian MacLaren. Kailyard literature painted a sentimental, highly romanticised picture of rural and small town life in Scotland, full of the local colour of the Scots tongue. The only problem was, it bore little resemblance to the often harsh reality of the time. The realisation that all in the garden wasn’t quite so lovely didn’t come until 1901, and the publication of

    17. Irvine Welsh: You'll Have Had Your Hole
    Analysis of irvine welsh's stage play by Dr. W. T. Maley for

    splinters (daily weblog)
    interviews features new writing ... contact spike Search Spike magazine
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    You'll Have Had
    Your Theatre Dr Willy Maley applauds the theatrical
    assault of Irvine Welsh's stage play
    You'll Have Had Your Hole
    email Dr Maley at:
    Got an opinion or a question about this article?
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    B recht once remarked that he'd like to see the kind of people who attended football matches at his plays. Scotland has not had a particularly distinguished record in the field of football, but in recent years, blessed with writers who can play in any position, it has begun to enjoy success on another stage. The country has gone from Celtic fringe to cultish frontier. Where it hitherto proved fertile ground for English and European theatre, Scotland is now growing its own, and exporting it too. One of the advantages of being a colonized culture is that you can break more easily with established forms and norms. In Scotland the traditional divide between two kinds of theatre, high brow and low-brow, was crossed by 7:84 (Scotland) and a new theatre of commitment. This shift was reflected in the founding of Mayfest in the early 1980s, a Glasgow arts festival backed by the trade unions whose mission was to 'celebrate not only May Day but also Scottish working class theatre and popular political theatre from other countries'. A key player in successive Mayfests and in touring community venues was Wildcat Theatre Company. Today, with Mayfest on ice and Wildcat's claws pared by cuts in funding, polemical theatre has reached an impasse. On one level this can be read alongside the failure of traditional institutions such as political parties and trade unions to effect change. With subsidised theatre on its uppers and old-style political theatre on a downer, the time was ripe for the kind of high jinks among low lives offered by Irvine Welsh and others.

    18. Irvine Welsh:
    Suggestions for irvine welshrelated and broken links can be sent to spike'seditor Chris Mitchell. Thanks Mr W irvine welsh books Porno,
    hand picked links from around the Web is a website is produced by . Suggestions for Irvine Welsh-related and broken links can be sent to spike's editor Chris Mitchell . Please don't send mail asking for Welsh's contact details - I don't have them. Last updated 19th October 2002. This website is completely unofficial and not associated with Irvine Welsh in any way, although he does say this site is "a good mixture of interesting stuff and rubbish". Thanks Mr W... Irvine Welsh books
    Buy it:

    The Weekenders
    includes Welsh's novella, "Contamination " Buy it: Trainspotting: A Reader's Guide Buy it: Trainspotting: British Film Institute Film Guide Buy it: Glue Buy it:

    19. Scotched
    Interview with James Kelman, irvine welsh and Duncan McLean. From the Boston Phoenix.
    May 15 - 22, 1 9 9 7
    These three men have fought to overcome cultural stereotypes and reclaim their literary tradition first as underground writers and now, with the success of Trainspotting , as bestselling authors. But along with all the celebrity comes a lot of senseless hype. On a recent visit to Boston, the `Great Scots' say they've had enough.
    by Chris Wright
    "They wanted me to tour America last year when Trainspotting came out, but I couldn't be bothered," says Irvine Welsh wearily, contemplating the portobello-mushroom sandwich before him. "I couldn't be bothered with this one either. I'm kind of sick of it, but . . . " But Welsh is here nonetheless, in Boston, at the Audubon Circle restaurant on Beacon Street touring. Along with fellow Scottish authors James Kelman and Duncan McLean, Welsh makes up one-third of the so-called "Great Scots" trio visiting five cities in the US at the behest of their publisher, W.W. Norton. Welsh's apathy, though, is infinitely preferable to what I'd been getting minutes earlier. Ordering from the menu, I'd noticed that Welsh was looking at me not just looking at me, but looking at me. Was he thinking about hitting me? Irvine Welsh has a shaven head, a crinkly line of a mouth, and a pair of small, watery eyes that seem to peer out of the center of a bulbous, intensely serious face. He looks hard.

    20. Guardian Unlimited Books | Authors | Welsh, Irvine
    irvine welsh (1958). It might just be the rest are back. And guesswho's in jail irvine welsh gets back to his roots with Porno.,5917,-168,00.html
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    "It might just be because I'm fucking lazy or whatever, but I've no fucking respect for the writer's craft. It's a lot of fucking nonsense. It's all application. It's nothing to fucking do with skill." Birthplace

    Leith, Scotland
    Masters in Business Administration; "He was a super member of the class," remembers his supervisor.
    Other jobs
    TV repairman, singer/guitarist (bands included Pubic Lice and Stairway 13), training officer in equal opportunities for the council; property speculator ("I didn't invent capitalism").
    Did you know?

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