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         Wilbur Richard:     more books (100)
  1. Collected Poems 1943-2004 by Richard Wilbur, 2006-04-03
  2. Anterooms: New Poems and Translations by Richard Wilbur, 2010-11-12
  3. New and Collected Poems (Harvest Book) by Richard Wilbur, 1989-09-18
  4. The Pig in the Spigot by Richard Wilbur, 2004-10-01
  5. Opposites, More Opposites, and a Few Differences by Richard Wilbur, 2006-10-01
  6. Mayflies: New Poems and Translations by Richard Wilbur, 2000-04-04
  7. The School for Wives and The Learned Ladies, by Moliere: Two comedies in an acclaimed translation. by Jean-Baptiste Moliere, 1991-11-15
  8. The Misanthrope and Tartuffe by Moliere, 1965-10-20
  9. Conversations with Richard Wilbur (Literary Conversations Series)
  10. Tartuffe: A Comedy in Five Acts (English and French Edition) by Moliere, 1997-03-01
  11. Responses: Prose Pieces 1953-1976 by Richard Wilbur, 1976-01-01
  12. Phaedra, by Racine by Richard Wilbur, 1987-09-04
  13. Don Juan by Moliere, 2001-01-25
  14. The Ancient Tradition of Geometric Problems by Wilbur Richard Knorr, 1985-01-01

1. Richard Wilbur
Richard Wilbur (1921 ) Biography and General Commentary On "A Baroque Wall Fountain in the Villa Sciarra" About the Villa Sciarra and the Fountains at St. Peters On "Love Calls Us to the Things of This World" On "Advice to a Prophet"
Richard Wilbur (1921 - ) Biography and General Commentary On "A Baroque Wall Fountain in the Villa Sciarra" About the Villa Sciarra and the Fountains at St. Peters ... External Links Prepared and Compiled by Edward Brunner and Cary Nelson Return to Modern American Poetry Home Return to Poets Index

2. WIEM: Wilbur Richard
wilbur richard Purdy (1921), poeta amerykaski Absolwent Amherst College i Harvardu. Prowadzi wykady z literatury na kilku amerykaskich napisz do nas losuj: has³a multimedia Literatura, Stany Zjednoczone
Wilbur Richard widok strony
znajd¼ podobne

poka¿ powi±zane
Wilbur Richard Purdy (1921-), poeta amerykañski Absolwent Amherst College i Harvardu. Prowadzi³ wyk³ady z literatury na kilku amerykañskich uniwersytetach. Walczy³ podczas II wojny ¶wiatowej. Reakcj± na wojenny zamêt by³ zbiorek wierszy The Beautiful Changes (1947), który uznano za typowy przyk³ad pr±du formalistycznego w powojennej poezji amerykañskiej. Zarówno pierwszy tomik, jak i nastêpne, Ceremony Things of This World Advice to a Prophet Walking to Sleep The Mind-Reader New and Collected Poems (1988), zaliczono do tego nurtu, a samemu poecie przyznano tytu³ jego najbardziej konsekwentnego reprezentanta. Wilbur chêtnie pos³ugiwa³ siê kunsztown±, tradycyjn± form±, która przywo³ywa³a angielskich poetów metafizycznych z XVII w., ale stanowi³a tak¿e reakcjê na zanik podstawowych warto¶ci w powojennym ¶wiecie, by³a prób± przezwyciê¿enia trudno¶ci artystycznego wyrazu. Silnie zintelektualizowane, ironiczne, medytacyjne wiersze Wilbura wyra¿aj± afirmacjê ¿ycia. Twórczo¶æ poety, która niezmiennie utrzymana by³a w poetyce formalistycznej, spotka³a siê z krytyk± autorów uprawiaj±cych wiersz otwarty, konfesyjny, ekspresjonistyczny (np. R. Bly

3. Memorial Resolution For Wilbur Knorr
MEMORIAL RESOLUTION SenD 4772 = wilbur richard Knorr (19451997)wilbur richard Knorr died on March 18th 1997, of cancer (melanoma), at the
MEMORIAL RESOLUTION SenD#4772 =================== Wilbur Richard Knorr

4. WILBUR Richard - Playwrights And Their Plays
wilbur richard. Nationality email address. website. Title AmphitryonFirst Produced First Published 1995 Harcourt Brace
The Database for Playwrights and their Plays To view plays in print or purchase new / secondhand books by WILBUR Richard please click on one of the following bookstores who support this site Internet Theatre Bookshop
WILBUR Richard
Nationality : email address website
Title Amphitryon
First Produced :
First Published :
1995 Harcourt Brace
Genre : Translated into verse Male : Female : Other :
Notes :
comedy by Moliere
Synopsis : Considering the damage that has been done to the marriage of Amphitryon and Alcmena, the "happy ending" leaves them with an ironic hope for the future.

5. I246: Kerstina BENGTSSON (____ - 4 Feb 1770)
on 07/28/99 123811 . wilbur richard HUGHES. NI013 25 Dec 14Aug 1944. wilbur richard HUGHES
- 4 Feb 1770
  • DEATH : 4 Feb 1770, Torup, Halland, Sweden
Father: Bengt GUNNESSON
Mother: Pernilla JONSSON
Family 1 Ambjorn NILSSON
  • MARRIAGE : 13 Oct 1717, Torup, Halland, Sweden

Kerstina BENGTSSON INDEX Click HERE to return to my home page HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95-UNREGISTERED (Sep 26 1998) on 07/28/99 12:38:11
Father: John BROOKS
Mother: Hannah CLARKE
INDEX Click HERE to return to my home page HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95-UNREGISTERED (Sep 26 1998) on 07/28/99 12:38:11
ABT. 1759 -
  • BIRTH : ABT. 1759, Terslev, Soro, Denmark
Father: Hans HANSEN
Mother: Kristin JACOBSEN
Family 1 Peder JENSEN
Karen HANSEN _Jacob SORENSEN ... Click HERE to return to my home page HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95-UNREGISTERED (Sep 26 1998) on 07/28/99 12:38:11
Wilbur Richard HUGHES
25 Dec - 14 Aug 1944
  • BIRTH : 25 Dec, Ontario, Canada or East Jordan, MI
  • DEATH : 14 Aug 1944, Pueblo, CO
Family 1 Edna Neal GARDNER
  • MARRIAGE : Maybe Pueblo
  • Carl Bruce HUGHES
  • Harold Roscoe HUGHES
  • Pearl Dorothy HUGHES
  • Thelma Ida HUGHES ... Click HERE to return to my home page HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95-UNREGISTERED (Sep 26 1998)
  • 6. Richard Wilbur
    Richard Wilbur's life and career New York childhood, Amherst and Harvard education,wartime experience, The Beautiful Changes, work as translator of Molière
    Richard Wilbur's life and career - New York childhood, Amherst and Harvard education, wartime experience, The Beautiful Changes
    Interviews with Poets
    BTL talks to Richard Wilbur about his life and work
    A Note on Richard Wilbur Richard Wilbur was born in New York City in 1921, and educated at Amherst College and Harvard. He served in the US army from 1943 until 1945. Wilbur's first book, The Beautiful Changes and Other Poems was published in 1947. Since then he has published several volumes of poetry, of which the most recent was New and Collected Poems (Faber, 1989). Another of our interviewees, Anthony Hecht, has this to say in an essay on Wilbur that first appeared in the TLS: "Let me try to list some of the virtues that distinguish the poetry of Richard Wilbur. First of all, a superb ear (unequalled, I think, in the work of any poet now writing in English) for stately measure, cadences of a slow, processional grandeur, and rich, ceremonial orchestration. His 'musicianship' is of so fine and conspicuous a kind that it has often been ignored, and sometimes even mocked by those who are militantly tone-deaf. Next, a philosophical bent and a religious temper, which are by no means the same thing, but which here consort comfortably together. Wit, polish, a formal elegance that is never haughty or condescending … And an unfeigned gusto, a naturally happy and grateful response to the physical beauty of the world, of women, of works of art, landscapes, weather, and the perceiving, constructing mind that tries to know them."

    7. Dana Gioia Online - Richard Wilbur
    Richard Wilbur A Critical Survey of His Career. Richard Purdy Wilbur was bornon March 1, 1921 in New York City. (Richard Wilbur’s Creation, 111).
    Essays Index Reviews and Author's Notes American Poetry Poetry in California Poetry and Business Writing Fine Press Printing and Manuscripts Richard Wilbur:
    A Critical Survey of His Career Wilbur had an odd but idyllic childhood. In 1923 his family moved to North Caldwell, New Jersey where they rented a pre-Revolutionary stone house on a four-hundred acre estate owned by a charming but eccentric English millionaire. Few other children lived nearby, so the poet and his younger brother Lawrence amused themselves by wandering the farm and countryside. This pleasant rural boyhood surely helped form the imagination that later created such memorable nature poems as "Hamlen Brook" and "The Beautiful Changes."

    8. Burr And Metzler Family Genealogy
    HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5eWIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 04/29/2001 032202. wilbur richard LODWICK. Living Individual, details withheld - .
    Burr and Metzler Family Genealogy
    is now located at

    9. Opposites Wilbur Richard
    Opposites wilbur richard. Title Opposites Author wilbur richard. Category notavailable McKay, Claude Selected Poems o Eliot, TS,Kermode, Fra Sele
    Opposites Wilbur Richard
    Title: Opposites
    Author: Wilbur Richard
    Category: not available
    McKay, Claude Selected Poems o...

    Eliot, T. S.,Kermode, Fra Sele...

    Dragnich, Alex N. Serbs and Cr...

    Cummings, E. E. E.E.Cummings :...
    Down to Business. Wi-3190194742...

    10. Wilbur
    Richard Wilbur (1921 ). a web guide to Richard Wilbur from
    Richard Wilbur (1921 - ) a web guide to Richard Wilbur from main page 20th century outline authors, alphabetical 19th century authors General Articles An introduction to Wilbur, plus excerpts of reputable critical discussions of some poems, from the Modern American Poetry Site (Univ. of Illinois). An introduction to Richard Wilbur from the Academy of American Poets. An introductory essay about Wilbur from poet and critic Dana Gioia. The Richard Wilbur Society published its newsletter online, with some informative articles. An interview with Wilbur in The Atlantic Online, September 9, 1999, with Peter Davidson. An interview with Richard Wilbur from Between the Lines, interviewed by Peter Dale. main page 20th century outline authors, alphabetical

    11. Richard Wilbur
    Richard Wilbur, ``A World Without Objects Is a Sensible Emptiness''. Love Calls Usto the Things of This World. The Pardon. Playboy. home Last updated 2001.11.7.
    Richard Wilbur
    ``A World Without Objects Is a Sensible Emptiness''

    Love Calls Us to the Things of This World

    The Pardon


    Last updated: 2001.11.7.

    12. I107255: Joyce Deborah BARTON (Living Individual, Details Withheld - ____)
    INDEX. HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5eWIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 07/01/2002 024643. wilbur richard LING. Living Individual, details withheld - .
    Joyce Deborah BARTON
    Living Individual, details withheld -
    • BIRTH : Living Individual, details withheld
    Family 1 George Samuel EHRHART
  • Shannon Troy EHRHART
  • Michael Todd EHRHART
  • Nicholas Chad EHRHART ... INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 07/01/2002 02:46:43
    Johnathan GEIGER
    19 Apr 1836 - 20 Feb 1856
    • BIRTH : 19 Apr 1836, Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA
    • DEATH : 20 Feb 1856, Larimer Twp., Somerset Co., PA
    • BURIAL : White Oak Luth. Ch. Cem., Larimer Twp., Somerset Co., PA
    Father: Richard J. GEIGER
    Mother: Mary (Ukwn) GEIGER
    _Richard J. GEIGER
    Johnathan GEIGER INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 07/01/2002 02:46:43
    Freemont HILDEBRAND
    • BIRTH
    Father: David Thomas HILDEBRAND
    Mother: Matilda BYERS
    _Samuel HILDEBRAND , Sr._
    _Jane BEATTY Freemont HILDEBRAND ... INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 07/01/2002 02:46:43
    Harriet F. HINER
    Dec 1851 -
    • BIRTH : Dec 1851
    Father: John George HINER
    Mother: Susan SHUNK
    _Jacob HINER , Sr._
    Harriet F. HINER _William SHUNK ... INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95 (Sep 26 1998)
  • 13. Richard Wilbur - The Academy Of American Poets
    The Academy of American Poets presents a biography, photograph, and selected poems.
    poetry awards poetry month poetry exhibits about the academy Search Larger Type Find a Poet Find a Poem Listening Booth ... Add to a Notebook Richard Wilbur Richard Wilbur was born in New York City in 1921. His books of poetry include New and Collected Poems (1988), which won the Pulitzer Prize; The Mind-Reader: New Poems Walking to Sleep: New Poems and Translations Advice to a Prophet and Other Poems Things of This World (1956), for which he received the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award; Ceremony and Other Poems (1950); and The Beautiful Changes and Other Poems (1947). He has also published numerous translations of French plays, two books for children, and a collection of prose pieces, and has edited such books as Poems of Shakespeare (1966) and The Complete Poems of Poe (1959). His The Catbird's Song: Prose Pieces is due this spring from Harcourt Brace. Among his honors are the Aiken Taylor Award for Modern American Poetry, the Frost Medal, the Gold Medal for Poetry from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Bollingen Prize, the T. S. Eliot Award, a Ford Foundation Award, two Guggenheim Fellowships, the Edna St. Vincent Millay Memorial Award, the Harriet Monroe Poetry Award, the National Arts Club medal of honor for literature, two PEN translation awards, the Prix de Rome Fellowship, and the Shelley Memorial Award. He was elected a chevalier of the Ordre des Palmes Académiques and is a former Poet Laureate of the United States. A Chancellor Emeritus of The Academy of American Poets, he lives in Cummington, Massachusetts.

    14. Richard Wilbur: Biography And General Commentary
    richard wilbur Biography and General Commentary richard wilbur was born in New York City on March 1, 1921. He graduated with a B.A. from Amherst, where he was editor of the college newspaper, in 1942. Youthful engagements with leftist causes caught
    Richard Wilbur: Biography and General Commentary In the postwar years, when poets born between 1920 and 1935 often underwent dramatic changes in their writing styles, Wilbur remained someone who mastered a style early and continued to work within it. It is a style in a direct line of descent from Wallace Stevens : unabashedly rich in its diction, urbane in its metrical sophistication, and remarkably light-hearted and playful. His first and second books, The Beautiful Changes (1947) and Ceremony (1950), were influential volumes, and Wilbur was widely regarded in the 1950s as a poet no less important than Robert Lowell. His third collection, Things of This World (1956), was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. Advice to a Prophet (1961) was followed by Walking to Sleep (1969), which was awarded the Bollingen Prize. The Mind-Reader was published in 1976, and a New and Collected Poems in 1987 (with twenty-four new poems). "The typical ghastly poem of the fifties was a Wilbur poem not written by Wilbur," wrote Donald Hall in 1961, "a poem with tired wit and obvious comparisons and nothing to keep the mind or the ear occupied." Hall added presciently: "It wasn’t Wilbur’s fault, though I expect he will be asked to suffer for it." Wilbur’s poetry has not, as Hall predicted, retained the high value it had accrued in the postwar years. Although his fame as a translator has continued to grow – his blank verse rhymed-couplet versions of several plays by Moliere have received wide praise – his poetry is often cited as an example of the formalism and the apolitical timidity that is associated with the 1950s. "Wilbur is still admired," Robert von Hallberg notes in his contribution to the

    15. Richard Wilbur: Extracts From The Conversation With Peter Dale
    Extracts from a long interview about richard wilbur's life, work and influences.
    Wilbur speaks of his rural childhood, education at Amherst, early poetic enthusiasms, and wartime experience; he then answers questions about his latest collection, Mayflies, owning up to some 'outrageous experimentation'.
    Interviews with Poets
    BTL talks to Richard Wilbur about his life and poetry
    Richard Wilbur: extracts from the conversation with Peter Dale
  • "Making something of solitude"
    "If I catch you overthrowing the government, out you go"

    Mayflies, chipmunks, moucherons
  • Home ... Site Map On other pages Richard Wilbur in conversation with Peter Dale
    A note on Richard Wilbur

    To order online, please enable Javascript.
    1. "Making something of solitude" [Dale] You have given many interviews - at least a sizeable book full, edited by William Butts in 1990 - so that it will be difficult to avoid overlaps here. Let's get the inevitable preliminaries over and try to find some newer angles as we go. Can you tell us something about your childhood and upbringing - in a fairly rural setting, I believe? [Wilbur] Though born in New York City, I spent my childhood in a New Jersey country town called North Caldwell which was twenty miles from New York and has now been wiped out by spreading suburbs. In 1922 or so, my artist father was introduced on the golf course to Joshua Dickinson Armitage, a British textile manufacturer who had greatly prospered in America. Mr Armitage took a liking to him, and offered him at low rental a pre-Revolutionary stone house on the grounds of a 450-acre gentleman's farm which he had constructed in rural New Jersey. That's how we got there.

    16. Candide - A Musical By Lillian Hellman, Richard Wilbur, And Leonard Bernstein
    A brief history and synopsis of the musical by Lillian Hellman, richard wilbur, Leonard Bernstein, Hugh Wheeler, and Stephen Sondheim, plus links to purchase cast albums and sheet music.
    Home Theatre Links Advertise Here Email Us Candide Book: Lillian Hellman (revised by Hugh Wheeler) Lyrics: Richard Wilbur (revised by Stephen Sondheim) Music: Leonard Bernstein B ASED on Voltaire 's satirical masterpiece, CANDIDE tells the story a young man, Candide, who is determined to follow his instructor's creed of mindless optimism. Even after being banished from his homeland, captured by Bulgarians, beaten and left for dead by the Spanish Inquisition, robbed of everything he owns, and torn repeatedly from the woman he loves, Candide still clings to the philosophy that everything is for the best in this, "the best of all possible worlds." He and his friends eventually find themselves in a cave in Turkestan, seeking guidance from the Wisest Man in the Worlda ghost from their past who has a surprising revelation for them! CANDIDE

    17. Richard Wilbur - The Academy Of American Poets
    richard wilbur The Academy of American Poets presents biographies, photographs,selected poems, and links as part of its online poetry exhibits.

    18. Richard Wilbur - The Academy Of American Poets
    richard wilbur The Writer. The Academy of American Poets presents Addto a Notebook The Writer richard wilbur. In her room at the prow

    19. Richard Wilbur
    richard wilbur. A returned New Brunswick native.
    Richard Wilbur
    A returned New Brunswick native. Academic drop-out from tenured History positions (UNB, Concordia); since 1981 a freelancer specializing in commercial fisheries (weekly column since 1982) and until 1997 - a sessional History lecturer - UNB - Saint John. Selected Publications: "New Brunswick" in Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs - 1964-1998.
    Silver Harvest (co author), Goose Lane Editions, 1996.
    Rise of French New Brunswick , Formac, 1989.
    Voices of the Bay (co author), NB Conservation Council, 1992. Awards: Best Specialty Column, Atlantic Weekly Newspaper Association, 1991 and 1998.
    Regional History Certificate of Merita - CHA, for Silver Harvest

    20. Richard Wilbur - Cover Page
    richard wilbur. Introduction. Hamlen Brook. A Fable. A Storm in April. Boyat the Window. The Ride. Advice to a Prophet. The Prisoner of Zenda. The Writer.
    Richard Wilbur Introduction Hamlen Brook A Fable A Storm in April ... On Having Misidentified a Wild Flower Select Bibliography Biography Return to the Internet Poetry Archive Cover Page

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