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         Williamson Jack:     more books (60)
  1. Three from the Legion: The Legion of Space; The Cometeers; One Against the Legion - with Nowhere Near by Jack Williamson, 1979-12-01
  2. Terraforming Earth by Jack Williamson, 2003-02-17
  3. Dragon's Island: A science fiction novel (Popular library #447) by Jack Williamson, 1952
  4. Firechild by Jack Williamson, 1987-08
  5. Wolves of Darkness, The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Two (Williamson, Jack, Short Stories, V. 2.) by Jack Williamson, 1999-11-05
  6. Darker Than You Think by Jack Williamson, 2005-04
  7. The Humanoids: A Novel by Jack Williamson, 1996-01-15
  8. Golden Blood by Jack Williamson, 1964
  9. The Crucible of Power, The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Five by Jack Williamson, 2006-03-22
  10. Gateway to Paradise, The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Six by Jack Williamson, 2008-07-31
  11. The Worlds of Jack Williamson: A Centennial Tribute (1908-2008) by Jack Williamson, 2008-04-11
  12. Cometeers by Jack williamson, 1978-04-01
  13. Five Science Fiction Stories by Jack Williamson (Halcyon Classics) by Jack Williamson, 2009-08-24
  14. The Work of Jack Williamson: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide by Jack Williamson, 1998-08-01

1. The Infinite Matrix | John Clute On Jack Williamson
Article on the life and works of Jack Williamson by critic John Clute.Category Arts Literature Fantasy Authors W Williamson, Jack......Jack Williamson has given us 70 years of visionary fiction. John Clute is keepingscore. Like Jack Williamson, who is not yet 100, he is still alive.
yore is us
"The twentieth century was a train," sings Jack Hardy, one of the great singer-songwriters of the last century, who rode it. The line is from a song called "The 20th Century," which appears in The Passing ), his last album but one. He is not yet 60. Like Jack Williamson, who is not yet 100, he is still alive. They have both scored lives of accomplishment during the century they just left. They both scored high. The song evokes a train, of course, the very train John Barrymore took from Chicago to New York in Twentieth Century ), dir Howard Hawks. It also evokes the wind-blurred abyss of the past, it evokes the 20th century itself, which was like a train, or a Ship of Fools filled to the gunwales with the humans of the West. The 20th Century was a progress; a great noisy locomotive of history we all thought we were in the van of, we readers and writers of science fiction, like Jack Williamson. And now that we have passed into a different dark, how fortunate it is to have Dr Williamson still here, so that, by trying to gain some measure of the man, we may obtain at the same time some measure of the extent of the passage from then to now. The first three volumes of The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson The Metal Man and Others (coll ), Vol 2:

2. Auchandirect Librairie
Translate this page LA LEGION DE L'ESPACE Jack , williamson jack - J'ai lu, Prixéditeur 4.50 € Notre prix 4.28 € Soit 28.07 Frs,

Aldiss, Brian Wilson
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3. Ecrivain - Williamson Jack
Translate this page Jack Williamson.
Jack Williamson
Etat civil connu
Année de naissance: 1908
Nationalité: Américaine
Sa biblio Ses romans (Classés par années)
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Ses recueils, anthologies (Classés alphabétiquement)
... Ses nouvelles (Classés par années)
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4. Williamson Jack
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5. : Williamson Jack
Translate this page williamson jack (1908-…) Jack Williamson (né en 1908) est un despionniers de la science-fiction américaine. Ses premiers textes

6. Jack Williamson
Translate this page Jack Williamson. Info1 Info2 williamson jack Wing 4.
Jack Williamson
Williamson Jack
Wing 4.

7. WIEM: Williamson Jack
( World Polska Leksykon Encyklopedia W......williamson jack (1908), pisarz amerykanski, autor utworów fantastyczno-naukowych.Debiutowal w 1928 na lamach Amazing Stories opowiadaniem The napisz do nas losuj: has³a multimedia Literatura, Stany Zjednoczone
Williamson Jack widok strony
znajd¼ podobne

poka¿ powi±zane
Williamson Jack (1908-), pisarz amerykañski, autor utworów fantastyczno-naukowych. Debiutowa³ w 1928 na ³amach Amazing Stories opowiadaniem The Metal Man . Sukces pierwszej powie¶ci The Legion of Space (1934) sk³oni³ go do napisania dalszych pozycji tego samego cyklu z gatunku space opera . Od 1951 pisze pod pseudonimem Will Steward. Autor ok. 30 powie¶ci, zbiorów opowiadañ oraz komiksów. Zobacz równie¿ Science fiction Powi±zania Space opera wiêcej zobacz wszystkie serwisy do góry Encyklopedia zosta³a opracowana na podstawie Popularnej Encyklopedii Powszechnej Wydawnictwa Fogra

Translate this page Accueil Biblios W Retour williamson jack John Stewart WilliamsonUSA (Arizona 29 avril 1908 - ) Il a aussi signé Will Stewart.
Accueil Biblios W Retour
    WILLIAMSON Jack John Stewart Williamson
    USA (Arizona 29 avril 1908 - )
    Will Stewart

  • (1932, The moon era + Born of the sun)
  • (1934, The legion of space)
      Hachette/Gallimard, Rayon Fantastique (~52), 1958
  • (1934, The legion of space)
  • (1936, The cometeers)
  • Plus noir que vous ne pensez (1940, Darker than you think)
  • (1948, And searching mind / The humanoids)
      Stock, Coll. Evasion, 1971 Edito-Service, Les chefs-d'oeuvre de la SF (~1), 1974
  • Les dents du dragon (1951, Dragon's island)
      Hachette/Gallimard, Rayon Fantastique (~39), 1956
  • La nef d'Antim (1951, Seetee ship)
  • (1951, Star bridge)
  • (1962, The trial of Terra)
  • (1963, The reefs of space) (avec POHL Frederik
  • (1963, The reefs of space) (avec POHL Frederik
  • (1963, The reefs of space) (avec POHL Frederik
  • (1963, The reefs of space) (avec POHL Frederik
  • (1964, Golden blood)
  • (1965, Starchild) (avec POHL Frederik
  • (1965, Starchild) (avec POHL Frederik
  • (1965, Starchild) (avec POHL Frederik
  • (1966, Starchild) (avec POHL Frederik
  • (1969, Rogue star) (avec POHL Frederik
  • Les enfants de la lune (1972, The moon children)

9. Land's End Pohl Frederik Williamson Jack
Land's End Pohl Frederik williamson jack. Title Land's End Author PohlFrederik williamson jack. Subject Science Fiction Fantasy
Land's End Pohl Frederik Williamson Jack
Title: Land's End
Author: Pohl Frederik Williamson Jack
McConnor, Vincent The Man Who ...
Bova, Ben Orion in the Dying T...



10. Jack Williamson Jack Williamson Message Board
Return to Jack Williamson main page BooksMessage Board - Jack Williamson.Jack Williamson. Other Recent Jack Williamson Discussions Jack Williamson.

11. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Jack Williamson
Jack Williamson. (b.1908) Other Williamson links Eastern New Mexico UniversityJack Williamson Science Fiction Library Bio Grand Master Nebula 1975.,Jack.php3
Jack Williamson
Other Williamson links:
Eastern New Mexico University: Jack Williamson Science Fiction Library
Grand Master Nebula 1975. Bram Stoker Award (1998, Lifetime Achievement)
After Worlds End
Tor ISBN:0-812-51308-8
Bright New Universe
The Cometeers
Second in the Legion of Space series
Darker than You Think
1940, reworked and rereleased in 1948
Dragon's Island
1951, (re-released 1965 as "The Not-Men")
Golden Blood
The Humanoids
The Ice Gods
The Legion of Space
First of the Legion of Space series.
The Moon Children
One Against the Legion
Third in the Legion of Space series
The Pandora Effect
Short story collection
People Machines
Short story collection
The Power of Blackness
The Queen of the Legion
The Reefs of Space
with Fredrich Poul. Starchild #1
The Reign of Wizardry
1984, ISBN:0-932-09601-8
Rouge Star
Starchild #3. With Fredrich Poul.
Seetee Ship
Seetee #1
1989, ISBN:1-557-85110-7
Seetee Shock
Seetee #2
1989, ISBN:1-557-85115-8

Translate this page williamson jack (STEWART WILL). TITRES, Année, Collection Editeur, N°.Plus noir que vous ne pensez 1, . Denoël, 151. Rayon fantastique Hachette,77.
AUTEURS de SF A B C D ... W X Y Z Accueil Liens ... Découvrez la science-fiction WILLIAMSON JACK (STEWART WILL) TITRES Année Collection Editeur N° Plus noir que vous ne pensez 1 Denoël Rayon fantastique Hachette Presses Pocket Plus noir que vous ne pensez 2 Denoël Les enfant de la lune Albin Michel Super fiction Le pouvoir noir Albin Michel Super fiction Légion de l'espace Albin Michel Science-fiction J'ai Lu Rayon fantastique Hachette Les cométaires Albin Michel Science-fiction Rayon fantastique Hachette Les cométaires Rayon fantastique Hachette Seul contre la légion Albin Michel Science-fiction Frères de démons , frères de dieux Albin Michel Hors Série Le pont sur les étoiles Le Masque Les planètes en sursis Le Masque Les dents du dragon Rayon fantastique Hachette Néo Millions de soleils Presses Pocket Les humanoïdes Livre de poche

13. Jack Williamson - Bibliography Summary
Jack Williamson Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Alpha Main MenuSearch Achievment Awards Ne = Nebula Award 1975 Series

14. Jack Williamson
Jack Williamson. John Stewart Williamson. (born 29. 4. 1908). JackWilliamson has possibly the longest career in scifi. He has been
Jack Williamson John Stewart Williamson
(born 29. 4. 1908)
Jack Williamson has possibly the longest career in sci-fi. He has been writing and commenting on science fiction for 70 years. Born and raised on isolated ranches in the American Southwest, he still lives on the family ranch near Portales, New Mexico. He is author of " The Humanoids Three From the Legion " (one of the best written space operas of the golden age), " Darker Than You Think SeeTee The Best of Jack Williamson " etc., etc... Jack Williamson was named a Grand Master at the 1976 Nebula awards and given the Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Fantasy Convention in 1994.
Jack Williamson's extremely important work " The Legion of Time " (first published as a magazine serial in 1938) was a competent adventure novel in the sci-fi tradition that became the first really scientific concept of branching parallel worlds - later known as Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. As a book it has been also published by Sphere, London 1977.
a quotation from The Moon Era
Vaguely I recalled magazine articles that I had read, upon the nature of space and time. A lecture. The subject had fascinated me, though I had only layman's knowledge of it.

JACK WILLIAMSON, About Author. This author has been recommended by 18 otherreaders. Edit Author. Books, 2 books listed. Misc. LIFEBURST, 4 out of 10,

16. Jack Williamson
Jack Williamson. School of Art Design Lecturer. Areas of Focus Art DesignHistorian. 2084 Art + Architecture Bldg. 734.936.0681
Jack Williamson
Lecturer Areas of Focus:
2084 Art + Architecture Bldg.
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17. Jack Williamson
Jack Williamson. Books Reviewed Bright New Universe Vector, Sum 1969by Roy Mortimer The Cometeers Paperback Parlour, Jun 1977 by,Jack

18. Plan B - Jack Williamson
Jack Williamson. Jack spent his whole life in New Braunfels honingthose great blues and jazz guitar grooves that being raised in
Jack Williamson Jack spent his whole life in New Braunfels honing those great blues and jazz guitar grooves that being raised in an accordion and tuba kind of town can really teach you to treasure. Eschewing the ooom-pah music that surrounded him, and virtually any other kind of traditional music or any form of music that requires practice or discipline, he has chosen rather to become the consummate "closet musician". He listens to the music of others he loves: Robben Ford; Pat Metheny; Eric Johnson; Duane Allman; and modern troubadour, David Wilcox. But you should note the "closet musician" is a rare breed that generally only performs for an empty room behind a closed door. So, if you come out to see Plan B, you could get the chance to observe a rare appearance of this clandestine beast in the wild. Home Schedule Don Jemela Bruce Weldy ... Earl Leaverton

19. Contributor: Jack Williamson
Jack Williamson's first story, The Metal Man, appeared in 1928; the Science Fictionand Fantasy Writers of America named him a Grand Master in 1975; after
Contributor: Jack Williamson
Artemis Magazine On-Line Reviews
Other News
... About LRC Publications

Jack Williamson's first story, "The Metal Man," appeared in 1928; the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America named him a Grand Master in 1975; after more than 70 years, he continues to tell wonderful stories. Artemis Magazine appearances:
  • "What Wonder Was to Me" (feature essay) Spring 2000, page 6
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20. The SF Site: A Conversation With Jack Williamson
A Conversation With Jack Williamson. January 1999. Jack williamson jackWilliamson was born on April 29, 1908, in Bisbee, Arizona Territory.
A Conversation With Jack Williamson
An interview with Jayme Lynn Blaschke
January 1999
Jack Williamson
Jack Williamson was born on April 29, 1908, in Bisbee, Arizona Territory. His first publication was "The Metal Man" which appeared in Amazing , November 1928, and his first novel, The Legion of Space , published by Fantasy Press in 1947 (which, in turn was a reprint of the serial from Astounding , August-September 1934.) Jack Williamson's awards include a Hugo for Wonder's Child , the Best Non-Fiction Book in 1985; a Nebula Award Grand Master in 1976; and a World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1994. He served as SFWA President in 1977-1978. Jack Williamson was first to produce a story about anti-matter ("Collision Orbit," Astounding , July 1941). ISFDB Bibliography
SF Site Review:
The Silicon Dagger
SF Site Review:
... The Black Sun
Few writers can approach the stature of Jack Williamson, a man who's career spans eight decades. A contemporary of John W. Campbell, Jr., and Robert Heinlein, Williamson has set the standard for the genre with such works as The Humanoids Brother to Demons, Brother to Gods

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