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         Womack Jack:     more books (44)
  1. Random Acts of Senseless Violence (Jack Womack) by Jack Womack, 1995-09-01
  2. Ambient (Jack Womack) by Jack Womack, 1997-01-07
  3. Elvissey: A Novel of Elvis Past & Elvis Future by Jack Womack, 1993-08-01
  4. Going, Going, Gone by Jack Womack, 2001-04-27
  5. Terraplane by Jack Womack, 1998-04-13
  6. Heathern (Jack Womack) by Jack Womack, 1998-04-01
  7. Jack Womack - Heathern by William Gibson, 1991
  8. Let's Put the Future Behind Us (Jack Womack) by Jack Womack, 1997-03-21
  9. Blind Uprovosert Vold by Jack Womack, 1993
  10. Novels by Jack Womack (Study Guide): Going, Going, Gone, Elvissey, Terraplane, Random Acts of Senseless Violence
  11. Biography - Womack, Jack (1956-): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2002-01-01
  12. Worcester City F.c. Managers: Roy Paul, Richard Dryden, Wilf Grant, Danny Mclennan, George Armstrong, Frank Womack, Jack Russell
  13. Totkv Mocvse/New Fire: Creek Folktales by Earnest Gouge, 2004-04
  14. F and SF 1998--June by Jack McDevitt, Stanley Schmidt, Jack Womack. Contributors include Barry N. Malzberg, 1998

1. - Search For: Womack Jack, Elvissey
Womack, Jack, Elvissey Der Tag, an dem Elvis Presley entführt wurde - um eineandere Welt zu retten. Bergisch Gladbach Bastei, 1994. Womack, Jack, Elvissey . Jack&title=Elvissey

2. Ecrivain - Womack Jack
Translate this page Jack Womack.
Jack Womack
Etat civil connu
Année de naissance: 1956
Nationalité: Américaine
Sa biblio Ses romans (Classés par années)
Ses romans (Classés alphabétiquement)

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3. BRLOH - Knihy : Womack Jack - Ambient
Autor womack jack Dalšie knihy tohoto autora, Vydal LCA Levice, ŽánerScience fiction. Ambient. Cena 255 , Sk, Pocet objednaných kusov

4. Jack Womack
Translate this page Jack Womack. Info1 Info2 womack jack Zufällige Akte sinnloser Gewalt.
Jack Womack
Womack Jack
Zufällige Akte sinnloser Gewalt.

5. WOMACK Jack
Translate this page Accueil Biblios W Retour womack jack Jack Womack USA (Kentucky1956 - ) Des romans chocs, menés à cent à l'heure, dans un futur proche et
Accueil Biblios W Retour
    WOMACK Jack Jack Womack
    USA (Kentucky 1956 - )
  • Terraplane (1988, Terraplane)
  • (1993, Elvissey)
  • Journal de nuit (1993, Random acts of senseless violence)

6. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Jack Womack
Jack Womack. (b.1956) Other Womack links HotWired Transcript BioBorn in Lexington, Kentucky. Bibliography Ambient Elvissey 1993,Jack.php3
Jack Womack
Other Womack links:
HotWired Transcript
Born in Lexington, Kentucky.
1993, London: HarperCollins
1993, Tor
1993, Harper-Collins paperback ISBN 0-586-21301-5
Random Acts Of Senseless Violence
1994, HarperCollins, (London) UK
Audio Version
Terraplane: A Novel
1988, London: Wiedenfield and Nicolson.
Glossary Alpha Ralpha Boulevard The Gebiet

7. Ecrivain - Womack Jack
Bibliographie de Jack Womack Jack Womack. Bibliographie. Etat civil connu
Jack Womack
Etat civil connu
Année de naissance: 1956
Nationalité: Américaine
Sa biblio Ses romans (Classés par années)
Ses romans (Classés alphabétiquement)

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Translate this page Accueil Liens Votre avis Le livre du mois Astronomie Quiz Labyrinthe Découvrezla science-fiction. womack jack. TITRES, Année, Collection Editeur, N°.
AUTEURS de SF A B C D ... W X Y Z Accueil Liens ... Découvrez la science-fiction WOMACK JACK TITRES Année Collection Editeur N° Terraplane Denoël L'elvissée Denoël Le journal de la nuit Denoël

9. About Jack Womack
Jack Womack. Our guest tonight will be Jack Womack. What followsis John Clute's article on him from the Encyclopedia of Science
Jack Womack
Our guest tonight will be Jack Womack. What follows is John Clute's article on him from the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (available in paperback and CD-ROM). Jack Womack (1956- ) US writer whose first 5 novels are stylish and potent exercises in a post-cyberpunk urban idiom, and comprise the first instalments in a loose ongoing series about the near-future state of the USA. The sequence, reminiscent at points of the baroque New York detective fictions of Jerry Oster (1943- ), is projected to stop after 5 vols. Ambient (1987), set in the complexly desolated warzone which New York has become in the early 21st century, evokes comparisons with James Joyce (1882-1941) and Anthony Burgess in its sensuous, choked, eloquent, linguistically foregrounded presentation of the victims of a radioactive accident who populate the fringes of the fragmented city, and who so hypnotically manifest the Goyaesque horrors of the scene that volunteer "normals" mutilate themselves and join the ranks of the sinking. In the story itself, however, JW exhibits a certain lack of plotting imagination, and neither tycoon Thatcher Dryden nor the megacorporation, Dryco, which he runs nearly singlehanded are particularly convincing when set against the mise en scene. Out of that venue, the protagonists of Terraplane (1988) hurtle pastwards into an alternate-world version of late-1930s New York, an apartheid-ridden dystopia the oppressed lives of Black Americans are described with haunting intimacy whose vileness may, or may not, be seen as worse than the radiation-corrupted, corporation-dominated nightmarishness of our own new era.

10. Jack Womack
Jack Womack Let's Put the Future Behind Us (Atlantic Grove Monthly).Our hero is Maxim Alexeich Borodin, an entrepreneur in Russia's
Jack Womack
Let's Put the Future Behind Us
(Atlantic Grove Monthly)
Our hero is Maxim Alexeich Borodin, an entrepreneur in Russia's fledgling capitalist economy, where anything is permissble for a price. Borodin's booming business is the Universal Manufacturing Company, which specializes in the production of forged documents. Business is good but Borodin must contend with rival mafias, government corruption, and the general greed of Russia's new capitalist class. While Womack made his name in science fiction with Elvissy, there's little speculation in Let's Put the Future Behind Us, excepting a few brief musings on the flexible nature of reality at the Universal Manufacturing Company ("We can prove that John Kennedy shot himself," Borodin proclaims, "providing we're paid in advance.") Womack chooses, instead, to expend his efforts on observing the human machine Womack shows the new Russia as a hardscrabble immitator of early American capitalism. In this comparison,Let's Put the Future Behind Us serves as a sly slap to not only the modern Russian experience, but also to western idealogues who see the future of capitalism in a return to the cut throat ehtics of yore. A quick moving plot, and a central character Max Borodin, who is any corrupt, bribing businessman of early American capitalism, but built for lovin', makes Let's Put the Future Behind Us a fun romp, in places, evoking the same pleasure as Stranger in a Strange Land did the first time round.

11. Jack Womack
Jack Womack Science Fiction author, but they never put his stuff inthe science fiction section. I got this one by accident. I bought
Jack Womack
Science Fiction author, but they never put his stuff in the science fiction section.
I got this one by accident. I bought Elvissey at a second hand store and found that it had already been autographed. This book was a selecion of the Barnes and Nobel Sci-Fi Reading Group.

12. Wonder Not Worry Not
Jack Womack Links. Worry Jack Womack BioAnachron City Années SF/Jackwomack jack Womack Interview Jim McClellan.thirtyeight. HotWired
Jack Womack Links
Worry Not Wonder Not
Mark/Space: Anachron City: Library: Book...
Jack Womack Bio Anachron City
Années SF/Jack Womack
Jack Womack Interview Jim McClellan.thirtyeight.
HotWired: Club Wired - Jack Womack Transcript
Jack Womack Lysator Entry
Jack Womack - a Cyberpunk Page
Womack in Vector, Aug/Sep 1988

Vector Article On Jack Womack
Vector, Aug/Sep 1989
Author List: W
Catch 22 (Spanish SF WebSite)
State of the Union A multi-artist CD set. Womack reads from Ambient. CLICK HERE for the Elvis Symptoms Click HERE for the Jerome Caja Reliquarium Click HERE for the Utopia/Dystopia Links Click HERE for Chaos. Click HERE for Hysteria and Paranoia Click HERE for the Internet Exercise Click HERE for the Joanna Russ Links Click HERE for a true story Click HERE for Internet Exercise 2 Click HERE for the News Not Fit to Hyperlink

13. Womack, Jack Literature & Fiction
Womack, Jack Literature Fiction. Author womack jack Subject Literature FictionTitle Random Acts of Senseless Violence World Hunger Twelve Myths
Author: Womack Jack
Title: Random Acts of Senseless Violence
The Public Burning...

Dancing at the Edge of the World : ...

Moon Tiger...

Fool on the Hill : A Novel...

14. "Random Acts Of Senseless Violence" By Jack Womack
Jack Womack, Random Acts of Senseless Violence. Author Jack WomackTitle Random Acts of Senseless Violence Place London Publisher
Jack Womack, Random Acts of Senseless Violence
Author: Jack Womack
Title: Random Acts of Senseless Violence
Place: London
Publisher: HarperCollins Science Fiction and Fantasy
Date: 1994
Description: 255p, 18cm, paperback
ISBN: 0586213201
Why did I read this book?
Because of 11/09/01. Back to list Back home

15. BRLOH - Knihy, PC A Video Hry, èasopisy, Spoloèenské Hry, Komiks
womack jack Zobrazujem ponuky 1 1 z celkového poctu 1. Ambient womack jack (LCALevice) žáner Science fiction cena 299,- Sk objednat viac info »».

16. SF-Bokhandeln: Jack Womack
Jack Womack. Going, Going, Gone (2000, 218 sidor, Harper Collins, England, 45024) Pris 119 Walter Bullitt frilansar åt USAs regering.
Jack Womack Going, Going, Gone (2000, 218 sidor, Harper Collins, England, 45024) Pris: 119:-

Postadress: Box 2300, 103 17 Stockholm
E-mail: Telefon: 08/21 50 52 Fax: 08/24 77 30

17. Out Of Print Music .Com Online Catalog
Section WM
Out of Print Music .Com Online Catalog Section WM

18. Jack Womack - Bibliography Summary
Jack Womack Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Alpha Chron MainMenu Search Womack, Jack (USA, 1956-). Awards Pk = Philip

19. Mark/Space: Anachron City: Library: Biographs: Jack Womack
Fanmaintained website ( Arts Literature Authors W womack, jack......
Jack Womack
author, science fiction cyberpunk slipstream
Born 1956 in Lexington, Kentucky, United States.
Parents: Ann Truitt Karrenbrock and Jack Womack, Sr. "Jack Womack was born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1956, of poor, because honest, forebears. His childhood, best left to an imagination other than his own, could be called Kafkaesque would it not be a disservice to Kafka. Emerging unscathed from the effects of a haphazard education he moved to New York, which city he finds less inhospitable than the rest of the United States. In Womack's novels, New York is strange and unsettling, a city of joy and pain, horror and transcendence. "Having worked in bookshops for twelve years, Mr Womack harbours no illusions as to the more practical concerns of his art. The only influences upon his writing to whom he will admit are Shirley Jackson and Charles Fort. "'Weird compared to what?' is the precept by which Mr Womack has always found himself living. When not writing he occupies himself smoking, shopping, hanging around with women, smoking, reading, drinking and smoking. One day he intends to quit smoking. He feels a sinner in the paws of an unstable God". [publisher's bumpf] Winner of the 1994 Philip K.Dick Memorial Award for his novel

20. Jack Womack's Strange Book Of The Month 1.2
Review and synopsis of R. Ren's book, Nasa Mooned America.
Jack Womack's
Strange Book of the Month Club
NASA Mooned America!
  • by R. Ren, ( self-published, 1995, $25
  • (send check to: R.Ren, 31 Burgess Place, Passaic, NJ 07055) A book in the grand tradition of William Kaysing's We Never Went to the Moon . Expelled Mensa member Ren pulls no punches, spills all beans, and proves that the Apollo flights were hoaxes perpetrated solely to increase government funding for NASA. (We shall hereafter use the derisive term astro-nots when speaking of the NASA actors who lied about going to the moon.) Ren (call him, affectionately, Astro-Nut ) makes a point of citing only secondary sources (books written by astronots, newspaper articles, backs of cereal boxes) for information - "not having a suicidal urge, I refrained from blandly traipsing in the government archives." As well he should: Ren puts the likes of less inventive conspiratologists to shame when he uncovers that NASA, as an agency, exists solely to rub out its own employees - astronots and secretaries alike - if they threaten to reveal too much of the real story.
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