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         Accounting Activities Teach:     more detail

61. Members In Education
based evaluations; guidance on how to teach the new activities of the AICPA Academicand Career Development change in business and accounting education to
April 2, 2003 About the AICPA Accounting Standards Accreditations Advertising ... Taxation Search Advanced Search Join AICPA Member Benefits Become a CPA ... CPA Letter Supplements Members in Education
CPA Letter supplement is encouraged and permitted if source acknowledgement is made and a copy of the reproduction is sent to the editor. Opinions expressed in this supplement do not necessarily reflect policy of the AICPA. Elizabeth Koch, supplement editor
e-mail: Ellen J. Goldstein, CPA Letter editor
e-mail: ARTICLES AICPA Helps Educators Teach New Fraud Audit Standard Special Committee on Assurance Services Publishes Report on AICPA Web site Activities of the AICPA Academic and Career Development Executive Committee Innovations ... Obtaining Other Supplements OTHER SUPPLEMENTS AICPA Helps Educators Teach New Fraud Audit Standard Materials have been developed by the AICPA to assist educators in teaching the newly issued Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 82, Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit.

classroom if teachers are to effectively teach mathematics in difficulty that hasemerged in accounting and will require more nonroutine activities from their
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The Increasingly Complex Role of the Professional Accountant
For nearly 100 years accountants, educators, and government regulators have deliberated on the exact nature of the activities and responsibilities of accountants. Are accountants bookkeepers or consultants? Are their skills technical or judgmental? Are they engineers or artists? What is the extent of their liability in collecting and reporting financial information? Understanding the jobs of accountants is further complicated both by wildly differing public perceptions of their roles and by changing technologies and service markets that have had profound effects on what accountants are able to do and what is expected of them. Given a "plethora of civil liability and criminal lawsuits against CPA firms" that emerged as a result of accountants' often conflicting roles, the accounting community has been quick to realize that their duties entail more than technical financial reporting (Olson, 1982, p. 15). The public, often vacillating between over- and underestimating the depth and breadth of a profession whose services only begin with financial reporting, created a dubious role for the auditor.

63. Faculty Page
either taught in the past or have been approved to teach. of articles working as ateam with two PhD’s in accounting. Representative Professional activities
Department of Philosophy and Liberal Studies

Teaching Interests

Research Interests

Educational Background

Thomas (Danny) Arnold
Adjunct Faculty
Office: Stabler Hall, Room 407
Phone: 501-569-3312
Email: INTRODUCTION A native Arkansawyer from Sheridan, I began teaching at UALR in 1991. This makes me one of the older familiar faces around the department of Philosophy and Liberal Studies. I am commonly called Danny instead of Thomas. Currently single, I have one son – Clayton. I have worked a variety of jobs over the years and have lived and studied in quite a few different environments in the United States. TEACHING INTERESTS Given a choice of the various classes that I have taught over the years, I would choose to teach Logic and Critical Thinking The foundational skills on which all other thinking takes its base are the core ingredients in these courses. I also teach Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics on a regular basis. Upper level Logic and Business Ethics are also a part of the curriculum I occasionally teach. Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, and Philosophy of Science

64. Business Course Listings And Descriptions
The activities and objectives of marketing management studies the management, finance,accounting and marketing or individual faculty decide to teach a course
Business Course Listings All of our business courses are listed below. Each course is linked to its description, which also can be found in the current College Catalog. Business Course Listings Index
Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Intermediate Accounting I Intermediate Accounting II ... Independent Study in Business
Financial Accounting An introduction to the basic methods and principles involved in processing financial data into accounting statements and an understanding of the purposes of these statements. Return to Business Course Listings Index Managerial Accounting The interpretation and use of accounting information within the organization for planning and controlling activities and making decisions. Financial Accounting is a prerequisite. Return to Business Course Listings Index Intermediate Accounting I The theory of asset valuation and income measurement using generally accepted accounting principles and pronouncements underlying published financial statements. Principles of Accounting II is a prerequisite. Return to Business Course Listings Index Intermediate Accounting II Generally accepted accounting principles relating to liability recognition, capital structures, cash flows and financial statement analysis. Intermediate Accounting I is a prerequisite.

65. BSU Alumnus Magazine, March 2001, Alumni Association
Included in those activities were kickoff receptions in several cities in Scholarshipshonor accounting chair Parkison's Decision To teach Makes A
Return to March 2001 Issue Features: Letting The Ink Dry The Learning Community Shooting For A Goal Departments: Across Campus Alumni Connection Class Notes Comment ... Sidelines Extra! Alumni Association Cardinal Corner Faculty Spotlight NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL
Key Volunteers Provide Thrust For
BSU To Reach Above And Beyond
istorically, alumni volunteers have played an important role in advancing Ball State. Often, they are called upon to be part of an organized group that represents an academic discipline, geographic area, or special interest. One volunteer unit, the National Development Council, provides direction for the university's major gift efforts.
"The National Development Council is a major leadership group," says Ball State President Blaine Brownell. "They are people of influence with some connection to Ball State who have been asked [to serve] in a voluntary capacity to generate private giving from around the country."
Charles "Chip" Jaggers, associate executive director of University Development, explains that council members specifically are helping to open doors and garner support for Ball State's Above and Beyond capital campaign.

66. The Humberview Course Calendar - Grades 11, 12 And OAC
in creative activities that teach them to listen repertoire, complete detailed creativeactivities, and analyze Introduction to Financial accounting, Grade 11,.
Grades 9 – 12
Course Calendar
Dramatic Arts

Visual Arts


Business Education
Technological Education
Dramatic Arts
Dramatic Arts, Grade 9, (Open) This course emphasizes the active exploration of dramatic forms and techniques, using material from a wide range of authors, genres, and cultures. Students will construct, discuss, perform, and analyze drama, and then reflect on the experiences to develop an understanding of themselves, the art form, and the world around them. Dramatic Arts, Grade 10, Open This course requires students to actively explore dramatic forms and techniques, using their own ideas and concerns as well as sources selected from a wide range of authors, genres, and cultures. Student learning will include identifying and using the principles of space, time, voice, and movement in creating, sustaining, and communicating authentic roles within a drama. Students will assume responsibility for decisions made in the creation and presentation of the drama, and will analyse and reflect on the experience. Dramatic Arts, Grade 11, University/College Preparation

67. The Wits Pre-University Accounting School
participation in sporting and social activities is encouraged basic concepts of theaccounting conceptual framework; teach you how to analyse transactions; teach

68. Student Life
for networking in the Chicago accounting Professional Organization events and at otherschool activities as the dancers to learn, choreograph, teach and perform
competing in the National
Cross Country Championships
in Overland Park, Kansas STUDENT ACTIVITIES OFFICE The mission of the Student Activities Office is to provide co-curricular programs and services to enhance the college experience for all students. Working with other campus offices, the Student Activities Office provides the opportunity for development of interpersonal and leadership skills and encourages students to become actively involved in the campus and community. It also enhances the educational opportunities offered by academic programs and provides social and cultural activities. Besides meeting the educational needs of students, the College also provides a wide range of extracurricular activities open to all students. These include student clubs and organizations , the student newspaper , as well as cultural, social and entertainment events. These activities and programs are funded by student activity fees collected each semester from all registered students, distributed by the Board of Student Affairs (BSA), and implemented by the Student Activities Office.

69. Duke University - The Fuqua School Of Business - Accounting Activities
Faculty and Research Home accounting Area accounting Faculty accounting activities accounting Ph.D. Program accounting Courses accounting Course Schedule Research Databases Luca Pacioli (1445-1517) Luca Bartolomeo Pacioli was born
Faculty and Research -Home Accounting Area Accounting Faculty Accounting Activities ... Research Databases Luca Pacioli (1445-1517) Luca Bartolomeo Pacioli was born around 1445 at Borgo San Sepulcro in Tuscany. He was an accomplished mathematician who became a Franciscan friar in 1482. In 1494 Pacioli wrote his fifth book, Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita Everything About Arithmetic, Geometry and Proportion ), a digest and guide to existing mathematical knowledge. Its 36 chapters on double-entry bookkeeping constituted one of five topics covered and were included, in part, to "give the trader without delay information as to his assets and liabilities." The Summa's publication on November 10, 1494 made Pacioli instantly famous, becoming the most widely read mathematical work in Italy and one of the first books published on the Gutenberg press (named for the German printer Johann Gutenberg , the inventor of movable type). After the Summa's publication, Pacioli was invited to Milan to teach mathematics where one of his pupils was Leonardo da Vinci, to whom he taught perspective and proportionality. This knowledge allowed da Vinci to create one of his greatest masterpieces, and the most famous painting of the fifteenth century, a mural on the north wall of the Santa Maria de Gracia Dominican cloister known as "The Last Supper."

70. Accounting Dictionary-Accounting Glossary-Accounting Term
accounting dictionary financial dictionary of accounting terms. Find what a financial term means and how it may affect you or your business. accounting DICTIONARY - accounting GLOSSARY - accounting TERMS In addition to general accounting work, CPAs are also outputs consumption or demand for activities. For example, a
ACCOUNTING DICTIONARY - ACCOUNTING GLOSSARY - ACCOUNTING TERMS A B C D ... Z Select a letter from above to jump to the appropriate financial glossary section. For financial terms starting with a digit or symbol, choose the '#' link. Other financial terms you require the meaning of? Click on Contact. WANT FREE COMPANY AND INDUSTRY RATIOS ANALYSIS? Click to go "WHERE EVERYONE HAS AN MBA" - A - is an acronym for Administrative and Personnel. ABA (Accredited Business Accountant or Accredited Business Advisor), in the US, is a national credential conferred by Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation to professionals who specialize in supporting the financial needs of individuals and small to medium sized businesses. ABA is the only nationally recognized alternative to the CPA. Most accredited individuals do not perform audits. Generally, they are small business owners themselves. In addition to general accounting work, CPAs are also heavily schooled in performing audits; however, only a small fraction of America's businesses require an audit. In general, a CPA has majored in accounting, passed the CPA examination and is licensed to perform audits. An ABA has majored in accounting, passed the ABA comprehensive examination and in most states is not licensed to perform audits.

71. Shareholder's Report: College Of Business Administration
to train new accountants and teach them the is a former Director of the AccountingAlumni Association campus recruiting events and other activities sponsored by

72. Evaluation Of Accounting Faculty Members
faculty are expected to teach courses in is enhanced by their research and developmentactivities. These fields are financial accounting, managerial accounting
Utah State University School of Accountancy
Self Evaluation Report
June 1, 1997
A-IN.2: The evaluation of the accounting faculty will rely heavily on assessments of teaching effectiveness and other instruction-related activities.
Many of the processes for teaching effectiveness have been explained in previous sections of this report. Section A-C.1.c (Ongoing processes to ensure a current curriculum) is particularly pertinent to this section because it explains some of the unique processes that help assure that course content is relevant for career preparation. The processes described also address instructional methods to enhance learning and develop skills necessary for professional accountancy and related business careers. Assessments of teaching and other instruction-related activities are considered essential to the continuous improvement process in accomplishing our mission to "provide high quality accounting preparation for professional careers." The Assessment Plan implemented by the SOA is outlined in Appendix A-M.5.1 (School of Accountancy Assessment Plan). Discussion of specific assessment activities is found in Section C.2.2 (Monitoring of Programs for Effectiveness) and Section A-C.1.c (Ongoing processes to ensure a current curriculum). Most of these assessments relate to the effectiveness of instruction. Results from all assessment activities will be available for the review team. The following is a discussion of some of our assessment activities.

73. Teach Online: Course Requests By Date
I teach this class online, If you want to join more students to join so the activitiesI planned accounting fundamentals (5 replies), accounting, 1/28/2002, FREE,
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Wednesday, April 2, 2003 You Are Here: Home Course Requests by Date View Requests by: Subject Department Date - Fee Type Post Request Categories Accounting
Alternative Medicine


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Course Catalog
Global Search
My To Do's Create a Class Join/Remove a Class My Settings Change Password Edit My Profile Edit My Resume Help ... LogOff The following is a list of course requests posted by potential students ordered by Date . If you are looking for a class to take and have not been able to find a suitable match in our course catalog , then try posting a request for the course. Page 39 of 44 Subject Department Request Date Fee ... Front Page (4 replies) Educational Administration FREE Online Class CGI Programming Making the Forms Work... ... addiction counsellor (2 replies) Addictions Online Class all there is to now to become an addiction counsellor.... Medical Filing ... nursing cna (12 replies) Nursing FREE Online Class cna nursing course... ... secretarial (2 replies) Administrative and Secretarial Services Online Class word, excel, grammar, punctuation,letters,...

74. Reach Out - April/May 2002
or using job shadowing to teach students first the Chicago Public Schools) and AccountingCareers Days provide volunteers for a variety of outreach activities.
Columns Index Printable Version Moneys Worth
Want to Lend a Hand?
Reach Out
Student outreach could be the key to the future of the CPA profession. As most members of the accounting profession are aware, accounting student enrollments have declined dramatically in recent years. Encouraging students to pursue an accounting career is critical to fulfilling the profession’s long-term staffing needs, which is why the Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS) has implemented a Student Outreach Program that focuses on strengthening the image of the profession, increasing future college enrollments, and providing accounting career materials and activities for accounting teachers. Society initiatives include: Student Outreach Volunteer Program During the school year, ICPAS receives requests from Illinois educators, guidance counselors and student accounting organizations in need of CPA speakers, job-shadowing opportunities, representation at accounting career fairs and other programs relevant to careers in accounting. ICPAS therefore has established a volunteer program that matches CPAs with schools to assist with student-related activities. Accounting Scholarship Program This program offers scholarships to students who need additional financial support, while undertaking their fifth-year of coursework to complete the educational requirements of the CPA examination. The CPA Endowment Fund of Illinois-sponsored scholarship program awards up to $4,000 per recipient toward tuition, providing support to those outstanding students who show significant potential to become CPAs, and who demonstrate academic achievement as well as financial need. A copy of the scholarship guidelines and application can be downloaded at ICPAS’s student website

75. OAR
in, for example, the way we teach and practice for joint research between UIUC accountingfaculty and at institutions abroad to complement activities of the
Research Centers/
Programs Center for Intl Education and Research in Accounting KPMG-UIUC Research Program Office of Accounting Research Office of Accounting Research
Paul Beck, Director Background Information The Office of Accounting Research (OAR) was established in 1983 as the research arm of the Department of Accountancy. Its purpose is to promote and support basic and applied research in accountancy and related fields and to encourage linkages of research findings to improving accounting practice and education. OAR was founded in honor of Professors Norton M. Bedford and Robert K. Mautz, two of the leading accounting educators and scholars of this century, and is supported entirely by competitive grants and private contributions. In the business world, leading-edge companies are known for their research and development of innovative products. Likewise in education, the leading schools conduct research which leads to new developments in the classroom and in practice. During the past 20 years, accountancy has matured as a scientific discipline, and quality research has yielded significant improvements in, for example, the way we teach and practice auditing. If we at Illinois are to play a major leadership role in accounting education as we enter the 21st century, our faculty and students must be involved in state-of-the-art research and in translating that research into new approaches to teaching and practice. It is quite reasonable to conclude that an investment in today's research is an investment in tomorrow's curriculum and practice.

76. Financial Systems Services: School And Area Business Consultants, Community Supp
include the following range of activities Data collection central offices (the Controller'sAccounting Office, for SAP Reporting BCs teach this course on
Alphabetic Listing by Organizational Area Listing by Business Consultant Community Support Services

Community Support Services
provided by
School and Area Business Consultants
The school and area Business Consultants serve as liaisons between MIT's academic community and its central offices to foster and help maintain strong communication channels, to help cultivate cross-functional collaboration, and to provide a wide reach of services to help the MIT community become proficient users of SAP and other financial management systems. On-Site Consulting in Departments, Labs, and Centers School and area Business Consultants (BCs) provide on-site support to administrative and support staff for SAP processes and reports, standard and customized Data Warehouse reports, authorizations, and advise administrators on changes to release strategies and fund center hierarchies as needed. This support can also include but is not limited to the following range of activities:
  • New employee orientation to financial tools at MIT On-site demos for new users on how to create and approve requisitions, create journal vouchers, use the web interface to the Roles Database

77. Peace Corp
for rural school children, and teach Paraguayan men in educational programs and activitiesrelated to in the areas of management, accounting, marketing, savings Corp.htm
Peace Corp A. PROGRAM OVERVIEW The government of Paraguay and the Peace Corps signed a joint agreement on November 4, 1966. The first Peace Corps Volunteers, who arrived in early 1967, were agricultural extension agents. Over 30 years later, with an average of 100 Volunteers arriving annually, Peace Corps/Paraguay is not only working in Agriculture, but in Small Business Development, Health, Education, Environment, Urban Youth and Municipal Services Development. The program is one of the largest in the world. Volunteers have been warmly welcomed throughout Paraguay. Contributing to this receptivity are the efforts which Peace Corps Paraguay has made to foster cultural sensitivity in its Volunteers, to place them at the community level, and to teach them the indigenous language, Guaraní, as well as Spanish. B. CURRENT SECTORS AND PROJECTS Note: Peace Corps uses a nomenclature whereby all activities in a general technical area are referred to a being part of a Sector. Each Sector may have several "projects" for which there are specific training and work objectives. Agriculture Sector: The focus of Peace Corps/Paraguay’s Agriculture Sector is to increase farm productivity and crop diversification of small-scale farmers and ensure sustained food crop availability for families in rural areas of Paraguay. Peace Corps Paraguay Agricultural Volunteers work in two projects, Crop Extension and Beekeeping. Crop Extension Volunteers assist small-scale farmers in implementing new agricultural practices related to vegetable production, soil conservation, pest management, small animal husbandry and the marketing of new products. Beekeeping Volunteers

78. Saucon Valley High School Business Department
made aware of various career paths related to accounting. This course will teachstudents the practical skills activities focused on resume and letter writing

Saucon Valley High School
Business Department
Faculty Members Business Department Foundation Courses Business Pathways ... Required and Recommended Courses
Faculty Members:
  • Mrs. Stacy Lueders
  • Mr. Chad Shirk
  • Mr. Richard Simononis
  • Mrs. Edna Santo, Department Chair

Top of Page
Business Department Two computer courses are required to complete graduation requirements. Computer Skills is required of all ninth graders, and Computer Applications is required of all tenth graders. Career Exploration is a .5 credit course highly recommended for all ninth graders. Top of Page

Business Pathways:
Accounting Computer Technology Office Technology Top of Page
Accounting Pathway Career Options Professional Careers Technical Skilled Careers Entry Level Careers Accountant
Certified Public Accountant
Financial Consultant Underwriter Bank Executive Stockbroker Accounting Clerk Bank and Financial Services Assistant Budget Analyst Cost Estimator Account Information Clerk Bank Teller Billing Clerk Bookkeeper Cashier Payroll Clerk Collection Clerk Stock Clerk
Back to Pathways Top of Page Accounting Pathway Courses: Required Pathway Courses Recommended Elective Courses Accounting I Accounting II Advanced Computer Applications Business Communications Intro to Business/Consumerism Intro to Business/Money Management Career Exploration Business Law Desktop Publishing

79. The Teachers
Classes I teach American Government A and B A and B Professional Associations andActivities National Student Minors in Economics and accounting/USU Special
Debbie Woodard Richard Pattee Dave Sanders Marge Prestwich ... Debbie Woodard Classes I Teach:
Advanced Placement United States History
United States History A and B
Sophomore World History - "As The World Turns"
Professional Associations and Activities:
Idaho Education Association
State of Idaho representative to the National Council For History Education
Educational Background:
B.A./1976/Idaho State University
Major in History
Minors in French and English Richard Pattee Classes I Teach: American History A and B Economics Professional Associations and Activities: National Education Association National Council For History Education Educational Background: B.A./Idaho State University Independent classes Dave Sanders Classes I Teach: U.S. History A - 1865 to 1930 U.S. History B - 1930 to Present Study Skills Professional Associations and Activities: IEA - Idaho Education Association NRA - National Rifle Association APS - Antique Phonograph Associations IEMT - Idaho Emergency Medical Technician Educational Background: B.A./1978/Idaho State University

80. Cedarville University - Employment - Faculty Positions
accounting Primarily teaching managerial, cost, and auditing with opportunity toteach in other of faith/learning, advising, and scholarly activities.
Printable E-mail this page Cedarville University Faculty Openings
Last Updated Tuesday 01-Apr-2003 14:26:58 EST CEDARVILLE UNIVERSITY , a nationally recognized leader in campus networking, is a comprehensive, primarily undergraduate, Baptist university of arts, sciences, and professional programs with an enrollment of over 3000. It combines a balanced liberal arts focus with an evangelical, non-charismatic, theological position. Faculty, who must be born-again Christians , must agree with the doctrinal statement and abide by lifestyle standards. In addition to teaching excellence, expectations include Biblical integration of faith/learning, student advising, scholarly pursuits, service activities, collegiality, and church involvement. (These are all faculty openings. Click here if you are looking for staff position openings.)
To request a Cedarville University faculty application, please contact our Academic Vice President's office, , to request a faculty application. You can also apply online by filling out our Online Faculty Application ACCOUNTING Primarily teaching managerial, cost, and auditing with opportunity to teach in other areas of expertise. Expectations include Biblical integration of faith/learning, advising, and scholarly activities. Appropriate masters with a C.P.A. required. Doctorate or nearing completion desired.

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