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         Accounting Lesson Plans:     more books (20)
  1. Glencoe Accounting - Lesson Plans First Year Course - McGraw-Hill by McGraw-Hill, 2004
  2. Glencoe Accounting - Lesson Plans Advanced Course - McGraw-Hill by McGraw-Hill, 2004
  3. Lesson plans in accounting by Donald Lee Musselman, 1978
  4. Lesson Plans in Accounting by Vernon Musselman, 1978-06
  5. Quicken as a farm accounting system: A lesson plan on cash basis recordkeeping with accrual-adjusted financial statements (Economic Research Institute study paper) by Larry K Bond, 1996
  6. Glencoe Accounting Advanced Course Lesson Plans by McGraw-Hill, 2003-07-01
  7. Glencoe Accounting First-Year Course Lesson Plans. (Paperback) by Glencoe McGraw Hill, 2000
  8. Glencoe Accounting First Year Course Lesson Plans by McGraw-Hill, 2003-06-01
  9. Glencoe: Accounting - Real-World Applications & Connections - Lesson Plans - First-Year Course - 4th Edition by Unknown, 1999
  10. Glencoe Accounting Real World Applications & Connections: Lesson Plans by Glencoe McGraw Hill, 2000
  11. A lesson plan for teaching accounting for the home using quichen 8.0 (Economic Research Institute study paper) by Larry K Bond, 1996
  12. Glencoe Accounting Advanced Course, Student Edition by Glencoe McGraw-Hill, 2006-06-02
  13. Glencoe Accounting: First Year Course, Student Edition by Glencoe McGraw-Hill, 2006-01-03

81. Lesson: Sole Proprietorship
In accounting, most textbooks begin with the study of sole proprietorships In an effortto refine and improve the lesson plans that were written as part of the
La. Challenge Activities for the K-12 Classroom
Sole Proprietorship
by Christine D. Louis
Subject Area(s): Business Accounting
Grade Level(s):
Business Ownership; Sole Proprietorship Purpose(s) of Lesson: In Accounting, most textbooks begin with the study of sole proprietorships. This lesson is designed to help students better understand the features of a sole proprietorship and the process of starting a business. Objectives:
  • List and explain the features of a sole proprietorship.
    Identify the advantages and disadvantages of a sole proprietorship.
    List guidelines that should be considered before starting a business.
    Search the Internet for assigned topics.
  • Materials Needed: Time Required: 2 - 3 days Procedure
  • Introduce the concept of business ownership. Briefly go over the definition of a sole proprietorship. Ask students to identify businesses in their community organized as sole proprietorships.
    Move to the computer. Search the Internet to locate various Web sites to assist in finding answers to the questions below, which are also on the
  • 82. Lesson Plans For Accounting II
    SouthWestern Century 21 accounting, Multicolumn Journal Textbook.South-Western Century 21 accounting, Multicolumn Journal Workbook. Plans/lvettori/Accounting II.htm

    83. Computer Training
    construction technology lesson plans online graduate degrees online college nursingeducation distant learning setup distance learning accounting business

    84. CURF: Klinck Memorial Library
    Includes lesson plans for accounting, Business Law, Business Math/Economics, Business/OfficeTechnology, Career Prep, Computer Concepts, Computer Applications
    Home Page Library Course Guides Education
    Lesson Plans
    Use Search Engines and Subject directories to identify potential Internet sites.
    Elmhurst College
    Internet Search
    University of Albany
    another University of Albany site
    Use terms such as lesson plans, curriculum and your area of interest such as geography, physical education, etc. General - (Site covers more than 1 subject.) Physical Education Art Mathematics Business Education ... Technology General American Montessori Consulting.
    Multicultural lesson plans. AskERIC.
    Awesome Library.

    Lesson plans for a variety of subjects. Busy Teachers Web Site: K-12: Table of Contents.
    Direct links to sites covering the following disciplines and subject areas:
    Archaeology, Art, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Technology, Ecology / Environment, Elementary School, English, Geology, HS Guidance and Counseling, History, Interactive Web Projects, Mathematics, Paleontology, Physics, Recess, Sciences (Other), and Social Studies. Collaborative Lesson Archive.
    From the University of Illinois. Collaborative Lesson Archive
    From the University of Illinois.

    85. Classroom Activities
    classroom activities Texas Instruments math activities accounting classroom activitiesThe mathematics of knots Math Science lesson plans and classroom
    Classroom Activities
    The teacher's complete resource for classroom activities. We've done the research for you! Bookmark this site and come back often for updates on how to make your classroom experience more enjoyable. QUICK MAP: software resources lesson plans internet activities ... other
    Software Crossword and Word Search Puzzle Makers. Make crossword puzzles or word search puzzles easily with these software programs. Try the free demos to see for yourself to see just how easy it is! Make sure to mention you are a teacher when you are ordering to get a 25% discount!
    Teaching Tips/Resources Website for teaching tips resources
    Troll Activities Search
    Lesson Plans 500 Free Lesson Plans
    Computer Courseware and Lesson Plans

    PBS Lesson Plans and classroom activities

    Smithsonian lesson plans
    Classroom activities
    Internet Activities Integrating technology into the classroom
    Teaching about space

    Online science classroom activities

    Interactive classroom resources
    ... Internet based K-12 activities Teaching History Classroom Activity sheets for US History Teaching aids using documents from the national archives of the US Abraham Lincoln The Trial of Adolph Eichman ... Ancient History (many topics) QUICK MAP: software resources lesson plans internet activities ... other Save hours of work! Most teachers have made their own

    86. All Free Teacher Resources, Teacher Freebies And Free Stuff On The Net For Educa
    Teacher’s Helping Teachers – Ideas for Language Arts Ask ERIC lesson plans. Getyour Associate or Bachelor's Degree in accounting, Business, or Criminal
    All the Best Free Teacher Resources - Teacher Freebies and Free Stuff for Teachers This site was designed with the teacher in mind. It has many free and freebie teacher resources on the net that can be helpful from the beginning teacher to the most experienced teacher. The page can also be used as a resource for home schooling. It is an organized collection of all the best freebie resources bookmarked over the past year. Teacher Resources Language Resources Coloring Pages Holiday Resources ... Home Page Subscribe to Good Thoughts for Today, a free daily (Monday-Friday) newsletter with an inspirational thought for the day and a recipe of the day. Powered by Teacher Freebies on the Net
    LessonPlans Page -
    Over 1,500 FREE Lesson Plans
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    Encarta Lesson Plans
    - detailed lesson plans in all subject areas
    Eisenhower Clearing House

    Critical Thinking Lesson Plans

    K-12 Lesson Plans

    Core Knowledge Lesson Plans
    K-8 Interactive Educational Portal
    NY Times Daily Lesson Plan

    McGraw Hill Teaching resources
    (Grades 3-8) Curriculum Archive Internet School Library Media Center - Math Resources (K-12) CNN Lesson Plans L ots of Lesson Plans compiled by Elizabeth B. Miller

    87. The Official Web Site Of The American Accounting Association
    Research in accounting accounting Research. CALL FOR PAPERS. Papers are invited for a special research forum on "The Use of Stock and Stock Options in Employee Incentive plans
    Search About AAA Membership Sections / Regions ... Faculty Development Teaching Research Practice Service Awards Placement Marketplace
    Frequently Asked Questions
    ... AAA Discussion Forum AAA Web Site Destinations Academic Partners AAA Assessment Web Site International Accounting Issues Fin. Acc. Stds. Comm. Comment Letters Student Superlinks Click Here for 2003 Annual Meeting Information Check the Status of Your Annual Meeting Submission For the Week of March 30, 2003... 2003 Annual Meeting
    Online preregistration for the 2003 Annual Meeting is now in progress for AAA members. The deadline for preregistration is June 23, 2003. 2003 Annual Meeting
    Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting

    Third XBRL Conference at Bryant College

    April 15, 2003. AAA Online Meeting Registration
    The American Accounting Association has launched a new online meeting registration system to expedite the processing of secure registration transactions. The new password-protected system will provide real-time meeting registration for upcoming AAA Section and Regional Meetings, as well as Directory Search capability, and other member-related services. Front Page News Archive Items on our front page that cannot be found elsewhere on our site will be kept in a news archive.

    88. Lesson Plans (page 3)
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    Page Three Lesson Plans
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    89. 1.11 Perform Accounting Functions
    1.11 Perform accounting functions CMS Products 03004P Ohio AgriscienceLesson plans Computer Disks (Macintosh); 03005P Ohio Agriscience
    1.11 Perform accounting functions
    CMS Products
  • 03004P Ohio Agriscience Lesson Plans - Computer Disks (Macintosh)
  • 03005P Ohio Agriscience Lesson Plans - Computer Disks (IBM)
  • Ohio Agriscience Lesson Plans
    These lesson plans are specifically designed for individuals wanting to teach Agriscience. They provide students with the necessary foundation in agriculture-related science competencies and the basic occupational skills necessary for success in further agricultural education programs. The lesson plans focus on demonstration of practical teaching strategies with classroom-ready curriculum materials. Includes 51 lesson plans designed to demonstrate the latest in teaching methodology. (1998) OH CMS
    800 pages. Lesson plans . . . . . . . . . . . . . $200.00
    Key Indicators
  • 1.11.1 Prepare inventories
  • 1.11.2 Maintain inventories
  • 1.11.3 Develop depreciation schedules
  • 1.11.4 Develop budgets
  • 1.11.5 Apply accounting concepts, principles, and procedures
  • 1.11.6 Prepare cost and revenue analyses
  • 1.11.7 Summarize financial reports
  • 1.11.8 Calculate simple and compound interest
  • 90. Indiana Web Academy
    button. Here we've collected the best links to lesson plans from aroundthe web. Check out these links to sites just for you! Click Links&cat=Busines

    91. NIE WORLD - Especially For Teachers (Stetson Lesson Plans)
    Objective Students of the fourth grade will use The NewsJournal to demonstrateaccounting and advertising proficiency with 100% accuracy.
    NIE Index:
    Students ...
    Pay Day

    "Business Entrepreneurs" Objective: Students of the fourth grade will use The News-Journal to demonstrate accounting and advertising proficiency with 100% accuracy. Materials: The News-Journal, Pencils, Paper, Creativity I think this is an effective activity because it involves integrating the News Journal into the interdisciplinary curriculum. There are several different subject areas covered in this activity including math, social studies, and economics. Students will enjoy participating in this activity because it is interactive and engaging. Each group member has a specific task that is important to the group's success, and that will keep each student's motivation level high. Sunshine State Standards ESOL Newsletter Activity Supplement: Math - MA.A.1.2; MA.A.2.2; MA.A.4.2. Writing - LA.B.1.2; LA.B.2.2. Listening, Viewing, and Speaking - LA.C.1.2. Language - LA.D.1.2. Economics - SS.D.1.2. Civics and Government - SS.D.2.2 By Brooke Davidian, Stetson University

    92. KY Technical Education Sponsors! Department
    View lesson plans.
    Department for Technical Education
    Cabinet for Workforce Development
    Equal Education and Employment
    Opportunities M/F/D Technical Education Lesson Plan - Main Page Home View Curriculum View Lesson Plans
    Academic Expectations/Core Content

    View Lesson Plans Topic - (Course) Adult CPR for the Healthcare Professional-(CPR for Healthcare Professionals) Alternating Current Circuits-(Alternating Current Circuits) Applying and Interviewing-(Workplace Principles) Background Color and Hyperlinks in HTML-(Webpage Design) Bacteriology-(Cosmetology I, 4-1) Basic automotive electricity-(Basic Automotive Electricity) Basic Tubing and Piping Tools-(Refrigeration Fundamentals) Careers-(Fundamentals of Culinary Arts) Careers-(Fundamentals of Culinary Arts Profession) Color Coded Cutting Boards HACCP-(Sanitation) Computer Hardware and Windows Based Operating Systems-(Computer Aided Drafting) Computer Hardware and Windows Based Operating Systems-(Computer Aided Drafting I) Creating an Informative and Attractive PowerPoint Presentation-(Introduction to Computers) Creating and Editing Tables-(Word Processing) Creating Charts in MS Excel-(Spreadsheet and Database Management) Cutting Processes-(Cutting Processes) Designing a Student Home Page-(Webpage Design) DETERMINE PHYSICAL AND ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF CAPACITOR AND INDUCTOR.-(Alternating Current Circuits)

    93. Catalog
    We offer almost 500 video titles, over 500 book titles, as well as learning instruments,CDROMs, Self-study programs, trainer kits, lesson plans, and pre
    Welcome to Our Online Catalog
    The following are the Departments in our Catalog. If you click on the Department Title, you will see a listing of every product that we have available in that Department. If you are looking for a particular medium (i.e., a book or a video), then just click on the appropriate link. NOTE: Due to our arrangements with most of our suppliers, we can not sell most of our products outside of the USA. If you are outside of the USA, please do not place an order through our Online Catalog. Please use the our feedback form to contact us to see if the products you are interested in can be shipped to you in your country. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express! Resource Development Systems, LLC is a proud Supplier to the Corporate Discount Club. If you are a member then please indicate by including your code in the comments section of our order form to receive your discount. Specials - New or special priced products, or products we thought you needed to know about Books Videos Profiles Online Courses ... Diversity Books Profiles Videos Self Study Lesson Plans and other Training Activities ... Education Resources Books Profiles Videos Lesson Plans and other Training Activities Employee Development Books Profiles ... Videos Self Study Lesson Plans and other Training Activities Leadership Books Profiles ... Books Self Study Personal Development Books Profiles Videos ... Safety Books Videos Lesson Plans and other Training Activities Sales Books Profiles Videos ... Books Profiles

    94. InContexT: Classroom - Catalogue
    KS2, Changing materials Teacher's Notes; Pupil Sheets. lesson plans. KS4, AccountingTeacher's Notes; Student Sheets. Internet Activities Teacher Student.
    Background material
    Primary Secondary Resource A : ICT in the Curriculum Parts 1 - 5 Parts 1 - 5 Resource B : Different Types of ICT Parts 1 - 7 Parts 1 - 7 Resource C : Preparing for the Use of ICT in the Classroom Parts 1 - 4 Parts 1 - 4 Resource D : Lesson Planning Parts 1 - 6 Parts 1 - 6 Resource E : Classroom Organisation Parts 1 - 4 Parts 1 - 4 Resource F : Assessment Parts 1 - 6 Parts 1 - 6 Glossary Glossary
    Classroom material
    Early Years
    Classroom Kits Communication, Language and Literacy The Three Little Pigs
    • Teacher's Notes
    In the park
    • Teacher's Notes
    Mathematical Development Match up
    • Teacher's Notes
    Classroom Kits Extension Material Introductory NA Introduction to
    Lesson Plans NA Introduction to
    Lesson Plans Art and Design NA Lesson Plans NA Lesson Plans Design and Technology NA Lesson Plans NA Lesson Plans Geography NA Lesson Plans NA Lesson Plans History NA Lesson Plans NA Lesson Plans Literacy And then
    • Teacher's Notes
    • Pupil Sheets
    Lesson Plans Sherlock
    • Teacher's Notes
    Florence Nightingale
    • Teacher's Notes
    • Pupil Sheets
    Poetry frames
    • Teacher's Notes
    • Pupil Sheets
    Labels and captions
    • Teacher's Notes
    • Pupil Sheets
    Scrambled eggs
    • Teacher's Notes
    • Pupil Sheets
    Lesson Plans The water cycle
    • Teacher's Notes
    • Pupil Sheets
    Late home
    • Teacher's Notes
    • Pupil Sheets
    The Wreckers
    • Teacher's Notes
    • Pupil Sheets
    • Teacher's Notes
    • Teacher's Notes
    • Pupil Sheets
    Music NA Lesson Plans NA Lesson Plans Numeracy Early fractions
    • Teacher's Notes
    Lesson Plans Target number
    • Teacher's Notes
    Easy does it
    • Teacher's Notes
    Spike Logo
    • Teacher's Notes
    • Teacher's Notes
    • Pupil Sheets
    Counting Machine
    • Teacher's Notes

    95. American Accounting Association - We've Reorganized
    On April 3, 1998 the American accounting Association launched a brand new web site. Follow this link to our new home page http// Don't forget to set a new bookmark when you get there.

    96. Teacher Resource Center
    Web Resources in Business Education. Title Great Ideas for Teaching accountingAnnotation Compilation of ideas and techniques for teaching accounting.

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